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i agree, isn't it said that a mother can care for

Posted By: () on 2009-06-13
In Reply to: Nah, my dad was teaching me a lesson. You know one of those types. - I guess that is why I am an MT now.

10 children, but 10 children cannot care for 1 mother. And, if one relies on others, one is already deserted.

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I am a divorced mother. I thought that was a single mother.
and I unfortunately always pay my own way. From the time I was a kid I paid rent in my parent's house, and no man ever gave me anything. Does that count?
I was never a single mother but a divorced mother
Does that count? Oh, forgot, single mothers are the ones who apparently want others to give to them because they are single mothers. When divorced mother, I not only had 1 job but had several and I bought my own home, bought my own cars, took nice vacations to exotic places, paid my bills so your situation probably falling under the category of I cant work outside the home, I have a child. Well, now what? Seems like you donít have much of a job if no work there. Do you continue to wait or do you try to provide for the child or just sit at home waiting?
Dont care if you agree
It doesn't matter if you agree with me or not. Or if you buy into my claims. I am not making any claims. Just stating my opinion. Thank you.
Agree that most companies don't care - sm
about your problems, they just look at the bottom line and if the work is getting done or not. I had a similar experience with a different national. Mom was ill too, I was already PT but was not meeting quota, partly due to traveling to help out my dad and to see my mom, also due to no work when I logged on. I did talk to them about my situation and despite being told they understood and were fine with it, they canned me about 2 months into my mom's illness since I was not producing enough. So much for being understanding. I was doing the best I could in the circumstances. I understand their position, but don't say that it is okay and then fire you because you are not meeting quota (after they said it was okay not to). They were not shorthanded so it was not a question of keeping up with TAT, they had too many people and we were all fighting over the scraps as it was. I was not heart-broken to leave, it was their loss and I am glad to be away from all their crazy rules. I just went on to work more for my backup job in the long run.(I always work 2 to cover my butt).
Agree also. Take care of the people sm
who are already with you before taking care of brand new people.
While I agree with most of your post and honestly could care less,
by being the one posting what you do - posting your business - well, that's what brought the whole subject of you up!!  No one is sitting around here wondering what Busy MTing is doing!!  And, yes, you picked 2 companies who are in direct competition with each other - big time! I can't tell from your post cause I think you made a typo - I believe you're saying that MQ is not aware either, though I'm not sure.  Having worked for both at one time as well - BEEN THERE DONE THAT - literally, I assure you that both would be interested to know, though MQ might not act on it! Again, no threat, no worrying, and you already stated you don't care. But not one of us would have mentioned one single syllable about "your business" had you NOT been the one to post it!! Get it?
I agree, but it is what it is.....the companies don't care about anything but TAT and lines, line
Unfortunately, it all boils down to the bottom line, money.

I believe a "thank you" is warranted in many cases, but don't hold your breath for one.

It is sad, very sad.
I agree. Acute care weekend work is different.
Acute care usually hires employees, pretty much, from what I can tell.  They'll need coverage for weekends.  If an IC or employee stipulates no weekends, and they are hired with that in mind, then why send work their way?  This is the fault of the employer or client sending the work, not at all the MT.  I kind of get tired of hearing how people get abused in this profession simply because they want a day off.  We need days off just like everyone else, and someone who particularly wants to work those days will surely cover if there is an urgent report to be typed, but THIS PAYS MUCH MORE!  STAT reports and weekend coverage should pay primo rate, in my opinion, and none of these MTSO's I have seen, so far, has come even close to the compensation I would look for to be at their beck and call.  Enough said, I guess.  
I am a mother and I want my
face lift paid by insurance. That is for my mental well being. Surely the insurance should cover me, right?
Not your mother
We are not your mother...if you can't feed your family it is your responsibility to find a job that will help you support your family, not whine about it.  After you got off work at 7 a.m. did you try to find a job or did you just feel sorry for yourself?  There are better jobs out there but you have to look for them.
Maybe she is a single mother.......
I agree...I would go part time with someone...that's what I plan on doing just to supplement. BTW....anyone who has a problem with that...I have a disabled child,although he does not drink formula....everything else is expensive and most of his treatments not covered by insurance.  Maybe this person is in a similar boat..............geez.............I say work as much as you want and make as much as you can doing it......
Usually the week after Mother's Day. Don't know for sure. nm
Are you really mother to 6 children?
Oh, good grief, where is your mother? lol
Grow up. Must be terribly frustrating, being so infantile.

I have no more empathy with a single mother
than I would anyone else. I feel if you have children, then you should be able to afford to take care of them. I had a husband, disabled, and I worked and supported everyone so I just think saying oh, single mom, is a pure cop-out. I think entirely overplayed.
My mother used to say oh for heaven sakes....
Even though a company does not offshore does not mean they won't tomorrow, so applying to another company will not solve this dilemma (if you want to call it that).  I don't think everyone should quit DRC or whatever the new name is now.  I think you all should be just fine!  This is not the end of the world.  Who knows?  This could mean better benefits.  I wish you all the best, but I wouldn't jump ship if I were you unless things start to go downhill.  If you like the company and know your accounts, why should you?  The glass is half full, not half empty, that's what I always try to say!       Stay strong.....   
I can't believe anyone would fall for this. Didn't your mother (sm)
tell you if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?
They went to that great mother board in the sky.
No, but have a sup who acts like a neurotic mother.
The games that are played by this person are so obvious. Especially the silent treatment. Then comes the drop in income as she punishes us because of some unknown offense.
If you equate the importance of being a mother
with the importance of being an MT, your priorities are really skewed. No use trying to explaining it. It's like the old saying, never try to teach a pig to sing; you'll never succeed and it only annoys the pig.
I'm afraid its a plan only a mother could love.

Hasn't your mother taught you any manners?
What is wrong with you to judge? Do you think every MT has to be just like you. Every business has the high achievers and the ones who struggle, possibly to find they have chosen the wrong field, or the wrong company, specialty expander.

Your ladies who toss off your smart a$$ comments at every chance are part of the reason MTs are considered difficult.

If you are like this 24 hours a day, I have a feeling you spend a good deal of time MTing because there is no one else in the house with you. Who'd want to spend time with a person who could cough up a post such as yours? A masochist possibly.

Find yourself a sense of humor and until then, cease posting in representation of medical transcriptions. We have more class than that where I am in this business.

On the old typewriters, my mother could type over 100 WPM with 100% accuracy -
She was always very proud of the fact that she never had to use correction fluid or paper or ribbon or whatever they used back then. She had been typing so long and was such a perfectionist. I am not quite as accurate since I have the computer to do so much correcting for me, but I am still pretty darn fast, and then my daughter won every speed/accuracy keyboard competition the whole time she was in middle school.

It definitely can be done...
You are the one who is incorrect. The owner of Zylomed would sell his mother for a dollar if he
They most certainly DO outsource offshore.  Perhaps you're not as IN THE KNOW as you thought!
I'll bet you'd be in a snit if you didn't get a Mother's Day card, though, amirite?
Same principle...

Would you feel slighted if your children didn't give you a mother's day card? How about a birthday card? Anniversary card? I mean, after all, you shouldn't NEED a mother's day card to feel appreciated, right?

I mean, if you're going to cast your self-righteous stones at those of us who DO appreciate being acknowledged ONCE A YEAR, then please remember this the next time someone fails to acknowledge YOU on YOUR *special day*.

I'm so tired of you judgmental people who can't just NOT post but instead squeal with delight at putting others down. Must suck to be you....

/end rant
Can anyone tell me the insurance cost for Amphion per month or pay period? I am a single mother
with 2 children under age 10.  I know you can't give me the exact amount, but anything you can tell me would be great!  I have asked the recruiter but have not heard back as of yet and weighing my options.  TIA!!
Didnt think of it cause I dont care. Wouldnt care if
Of course they care. They care you make just a tad bit
this way they don't have to shell out the sign ons, the full-time benefits. Oh, they keep watch on how you are doing and their budget. THey will use you til you drop and try to tell you that it is your lack of skills or speed keeping you from the full time pay which a person can't even pay bills with to begin with. Imagine that.. Use your skills, work hard, try your best, do well on QA, but make short of full time so no benefits, no extras, and no paying bills. This adds up to you broke, them rich, and a no-win situation... for the MT that is...
They don't care (sm)

They know they can replace us in about a minute or just send the stuff to India.

And we'll never get a union, there are still people who will defend these horrible companies who cut our pay, etc., so that we cannot do anything.

There are a few MTSOs complaining they cannot find good people, probably because they pay so poorly that nobody will work for them.

I know you probably don't care now,
something happened. You knowÖthings happen in this life that we cannot control. Maybe it was her intention to call you right back and then she was unable to. Maybe if you got down off your high horse for a minute and realized she was only a human, you could have given her a call and gotten a great opportunity. But that's just my take, I'm not trying to flame at you or anything, but when persuing a job, I would think you might have given her another call if you were really interested.
I care too and I do believe that just because
a person works for a company that offshores, it does not mean they are going to lose their jobs. Yes, it would be a surprise that they send ALL their work offshore. Have you seen some of that work?

Well, many of us have to work companies that do a little offshore as a necessity to put food in our mouths so no, it does not generally matter that they offshore as that is a fact of life. All the US MTs losing their jobs however is a surprise and the QA too and THAT is something we should all care about.

I hope all the companies out there open their doors to this circumstance and take a stand against this kind of treatment of our own workforce.

It is totally bizarre.
They could care less.
They don't care. sm

They have a whole new audience in India, Pakistan, et al. When AMERICAN MTs finally started rebelling by dropping out of their *organization* they had to look elsewhere for members and it's clear to see where they are going.  Don't need them.  Never have, never will. Good riddance to bad rubbish. 

who am I to say you do not care about others...
read your own posts...you are speaking loud enough for all to hear how much respect you have for other people.

I will let you have the last word, because you have more than proven my point.

Thank you...
They don't care.
If you have ever had in-house escription MTs from the escription company time, then you know how terrible their work is. Our clinic let their MTs work on our doctors all they wanted. TTS is cheap, which is why they got the account. The doctors are also switching to EMR and many are no longer dictating at all. If the clinic had been a decent company, they wouldn't have gotten rid of my department to begin with.
Care to tell us
Think what you want. Don't really care - nm
Why don't we care for the ones already here?
It is 110% my opinion that as a species humans should learn to take care of the children who are already here.  It breaks my heart to hear of children bounced around in foster care and sometimes given back to *parents* who didn't want them in the first place.  I know there are good people doing foster care - but it's not the same as having someone to call mom and dad and having a home on a permanent basis.  There are still orphanages here, maybe not like in Oliver Twist but not a home with a mom and dad either.  There is a whole generation of children in Africa who are being orphaned by AIDS and genocide.  There are orphans being created in the Middle East every day because of war.  There are children in South America living in garbage dumps and being exterminated by the police as if they were vermin.  There are children in Asia tossed aside because they are the wrong.  There are so many beautiful children already here who need permanent homes and people to call mom and dad.  When are we as a species going to get serious about caring for them? 
I really donít care to do because
i really love the acct I work on and feel comfortable there. I donít know why I should change when I feel the work being doled out to others not on my acct. Wonder if overhired on some accts and now not enough for them. Do you use VR on your particular acct and do you like the one you are on?
Some don't care if you have a second job (sm)

but they will have you sign a non-compete agreement, including Keystrokes.  But the big ones such as MQ usually won't let you have a second job.  Someone was on this board a while back who claimed she worked for S and MQ, which to my knowledge is not allowed, but that was a while back.  

Anyway, if I was you, I would play down the second job; Keystrokes is hiring full time anyway, so it would have to be your first

I don't care where in the US you are sm
charging a client 0.07 is too low.  Indian companies charge more than that.  Have your friend take a job with a company and earn benes and let those local ones go.  No way can be worth dealing with all the office BS for that wage.  Trust me, those clients will come back and willingly accept a pay hike after what they see is out there.  Even .09 is too low no matter where you are.  Nationals are charging their clients between .15-.17 per line and these are clients from everywhere.     
We don't really care about you and... SM
your experiences anyway.  I figured you hadn't stayed at 1 company, not many of us have that luxury.  And I certainly know that it costs money to hire people.  But my point is just what I said, no different if she tests them all now or tries one and dumps them in a couple days or a week and then starts another one.  Plus, you keep mentioning this equipment stuff, but the OP never said that that was the case.  She might very well be just using her own. 
they care...
I am not sure what is going on with the pay issues, but I used to work there in work flow and I know for a fact that they value the MTs, so it is not intentional.  The VP of the company speaks very highly of the MTs and the wages they pay impressed me, since I remember them starting at 10cpl, and they do straight typing, so that sounds good to me since I am making .04 cpl on VR.  I hope things work out for them soon and that you all will be paid on time.
could care less
I could care less about YOUR work reputation, but YOU should care.
Taken care of. nm

They don't care
Taken care of.

About day care
Day care does not raise your kid. Day care only covers you while you are working. The bulk of the child rearing still is done by the tired working mom. Working is a very good example for your child and it is a way of showing your love, providing for your child. Trust me, I did it for years. The only reason I started working from home was that the school schedule had too much time off. Day care isn't raising your kid any more than a SCHOOL is raising your kid.
anyone care for the.....sm
ATSI platform?  I believe it's Enterprise?  Any other info also appreciated. 
You really don't care?
If you really didn't care you would find something else to do besides write SO WHAT all day.  I think you care about finding just ONE person who will agree with you and it's not happening.  Well, unless there is another person who signed up and is going to come on and help ya out.  There can't possibly be more than 2 of you, could there? 
MT - we just want you to care! Please care!

You may not have gotten that new career, but when one door closes another opens!  We all appreciate your opinions.  Please, don't go, but just understand that when a company is trying to ram it to us we like to know and we like our fellow MTs to know that the money should be in our pockets not companies who are simply trying to make a fast buck on our hard work!

Good luck to you!


Just another MT/Poster here!