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Tonight's stoopid blooper! - Posted By: Flibertygibbit

  ' A translator was used for today's visit because the patient speaks primarily Spinach.' 


(Wonder if that translator's name was 'Popeye'????)

This is a ? about the KVM switch mentioned below - who knew! sm - Posted By: computer illiterate....

Is it easy to install?  I am a dunce when it comes to loading stuff.  Can it be used on the computer that is hardwired for wireless?  If so, do i have to install the comcast software on that computer as well - my cable internet provider.  Any problems that come up when you use it?  I also struggle with the computer situation and too many computers doing too many things.  Then are both computers hardwired?  I am assuming a best buy or somewhere will carry it?  Gosh...thanks. 

HELP!!!!!! CAN'T SEE - Posted By: Old timer

Can you make it bigger???

any suggestions ??? see inside. TY - Posted By: I am permitted to "fix" to make my md sound

The patient has recently had a hard time controlling her bowels, most noticeably when she eats and she is out.  She had an accident in the past month and would like further evaluation.


Thanks in advance.

Thinking of a career change. - Posted By: sm

I am thinking about going back to school but I want to start off small.  I looked into CNA classes at a local community college but I also found they have medication aide classes.  I was wondering if it would be appropriate to call a potential employer and ask if there is a big job market out any of these, what they pay would be and what they expect out of their workers.  I really know what a certified nurses aide entails, I was one 10 years ago but not quite sure about a medication aide. 

BeyondTXT info. Please help!! - Posted By: smt

Can someone please tell me if you can get decent lines using the VR portion of BeyondTXT.  I have never done VR before.  How does it compare to say 300 lph of straight typing?  If it is low ESL is it profitable?  I just want to make sure I am making similar income to what I have always made.  I got the hospital calling me soon and I am so confused!!!

interruptions in your day - Posted By: Vicki

Hi all!  I have been at this now for about 9-1/2 years and now that I have gotten serious  about trying to work it like a normal job, it seems EVERYTHING gets in the way!!! arrgh.

I work for two companies, one with assigned doctors (not much work) and one with pool work.  I am struggling to consistently work enough hours doing the pool work.  The money is good and the lines are decent, but it seems I have a hard time committing to it.

With the assigned doctors, they have XX patients, and I know I do those patients and I am done.  I can't seem to finish out my time with the pool work.  It is just stupid.

Anyway, after giving it a bit of thought this weekend, I decided to work my schedule like this.  I will say because I have done assigned docs for so long, I am geared towards having a schedule of XX patients to work through and I don't have that with the pool work.

6 a.m. to 4 p.m.

6-10 pool work, 10-12 assigned doc, 12-4 pool work.

The issue I am having is my phone is ringing or there are issues with the kids, etc.  So already this morning, basically 4 hours today have been shot due to phone/kids (HUGE ordeal this morning - I still have two kids at home, 16 and 17 - the joy of parenthood hehe). 

I just feel like I can't get anywhere.  Currently I am doing the assigned doc and of course no one is calling, no drama, etc., so I will go right through his work with no problems.


How do those of you who do pool work schedule yourselves?  I think if I could ever get myself on a schedule with the pool work, which there is plenty of, I would drop the assigned doctor.  My thinking is December 31

Maybe my brain is just stuck on checking off patients on a list instead of playing "beat the clock" doing the pool work



Help! I need step-by-step instructions for MS - Posted By: Word macro. See message

When the dictator says "same" for the postop diagnosis, do I have to highlight, copy, and paste from the preop diagnosis, or is there a simple one-step keystone that can be done to automatically copy (hope that makes sense).

Grammar help needed on word help board - Posted By: myself personally (nm)

help me understand laptop travel - Posted By: cat of Eric

I'm a hard-wired girl but I got a good deal on a laptop and would like to know exactly how you travel and work.  I remember mention of air cards - where do you get these and is there a 1 time charge or do you have to sign up and pay monthly fees?  Now - I still have to figure out how to connect it to router at home - TIA.

Overhiring - Posted By: Julia

The company I work has recently overhired for all their hospital accounts. This is a great strategy for the company as the work is completed quickly and sent back to the hospital within TAT. Unfortunately, for the MT that means that there is little to no work on the board at all times. The hospital will download 200 minutes of work and the work is gone within the hour! I am having to work longer hours, pull reports from several different accounts, and I am getting less work done. My line count is suffering by 200 to 300 lines a day! I am currently searching for another part-time job to help me get through this, but I was wondering what other MTs do to get through this. I simply cannot afford to lose money much longer.

Emdat/Incribe with Word/Stedmans - Posted By: sandy54

I would like to know if anyone who types in this program is able to use the Microsoft Word option and Stedman's Spellcheck.  That is, without copying and pasting. 

Tired of it-need some advice sm - Posted By: olddognotricks

Been working for 5 years at same service, have 30 years experience.  A couple times a week I get reports already done by another MT, not only with a bunch of blanks, but pure garbage transcription, wrong words, not typing what the dictator dictates,  putting in anything, even if it doesn't make sense, nothing that a spell check would catch.   I have to redo these reports.   If I have to send it to QA it counts against me.    Have brought it my supervisor's attention and gotten no where, its glossed over and have heard nothing but excuses.

What burns me the most is that it seems to me that, to the service, its okay to put out this garbage.  I take my time and put out good quality work at the expense of my production and it doesn't make any difference.  They'd rather have someone putting out garbage and high production rather than good quality and lower production. 

I'm having trouble dealing with this.  My morale is really low.   Guess I have to grin and bear it.  Any words of wisdom to help me feel better?    Thanks!

MSWord 2003 problem - Posted By: Pat

Help! I recently purchased a new computer and reloaded my old Word 2003 on it. I have customized some of the settings according to Laura Bryan's MT Werks book that I've used before. I prefer to type using normal view. The status bar at the bottom is NOT showing me the Ln at the bottom; i.e., 6.5, 6.7, etc. unless I switch to print view. So I don't know where I am on the page, doesn't display page breaks, etc. This USED to show up, now it doesn't. I really don't like to type in print view as well. What happened? Any ideas??

Acute care position with clinic experience??? - Posted By: anon

Can anyone help or advise me? I have 3 years of clinic experience, but I would like to break in to acute care. It seems like I run into the same brick wall that I ran into with no experience.  Does anyone have any leads or advice as to acquiring acute care employment with clinic experience only? What do I need to do? Thanks.

Paid by the minute... new to me... does $1.14/minute sound reasonable? - Posted By: Easy account, pay on time, IC status. TY


working overseas - Posted By: Mary

Can a U.S. citizen travel while working for an American transcription company, as long as they have a legal U.S. residence?  Is there any legal reason not to hire someone who likes to travel and visit foreign countries while they work?  I'm not talking about off-shoring. 


Washed my keyboard in the DW - Posted By: sm

and now it is FRIED! I did as directed but it will not work. Has been drying out now for about 8 days, just peeps when I plug it back in! It was my favorite too! boo hoo.

New question: How many lines a day do you do for full-time transcriptionist? - Posted By: Wondering

I have been doing this for over 10 years and because my work is always here, I always feel like I should be working and making more money for my family.  I was wondering what everyone considers to be a full day for transcription - how many lines? I never feel like I can do enough - to make enoug money?

Can you apply for both acute care and rad at MQ? - Posted By: I have experience in both. nm


Has anyone had experience with Comcast e-mail - Posted By: and Incredimail?


Can someone please tell me what $5.00/1000 words converts to in cpl when 5.5 char=1 word? nm Thanks! - Posted By: Curious MT

Week Day Time Work Only - Posted By: weighing my options

Has anyone heard of MT work that can be done during the daytime hours only.  I am currently being hassled/bullied into working nights, my sole reason for leaving a hospital job and working from home for a national company.  I may just have to send out 1,000 resumes to see if any local doctors/MTSO need such a position, but I am really beginning to doubt.  What about you?  Do you all work nights, weekends?  TIA.

Looking to rerecord from RTAS - Posted By: curious

I work in IT for a medoum sized MTSO. We are looking to rerecord dictation from RTAS/Lanier/DVI but can only find transcription ASPs who support rerecording from DVI, not RTAS/Lanier. We currently have our own solution, but are looking to move awy from it.

If any of you know of any transcription ASPs that alow you to record from RTAS/Lanier/DVI , please post





Having my first yard sale. Any suggestions? - Posted By: Moving in August

It will be some time in July.  Any particular weekend that would be best?  Probably not around the 4th because people will be out of town, right?

Have lots of clothes and other stuff.  Anything that I haven't used in the last 6 weeks or that was not a gift is going.  No more clutter for me!

I've never had a yard sale before.  Is there anything I should know?  Oh, and I hate to haggle.  Should I price to high and take the first offer or just price low and stand firm (who me?).  I'm not looking to make a fortune.  I just want to get rid of my junk and have a little to show for it. 

Thanks for any suggestions.

Headphones` - Posted By: Taffy421

My headset went kaphooey.  They were a cheap pair from Radio Shack and fit ON the ear and they had excellent sound quality - but they don't carry them or anything similar.  Wondering what y'all use?  I get my work via the PC in case this makes a difference.  Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.  I got a new RS pair but they are OVER the ear and cause the dictation to sound muffled.  I don't mind a little outside noise - I don't have kids.  What I really need is a good crisp audio with not too much base.  Thanks so much!

nn - Posted By: verizon customer question

I have the 450-minute/month plan.  I hate to sound stupid, but I don't remember my plan outline.  My account is showing I've used 216 anytime minutes and 140 off peak minutes.  Does this mean that I add both of those numbers together and deduct from the 450?  Or are the off peak minutes not included in the 450 minutes per month?  Thanks very much!

IC status meaning - Posted By: Allison

I worked 3 weeks for a company as IC status.  They wanted a schedule so I did one and then the work was not coming through so the third week was told not to do schedule; it did not look like the MD I was going to have would get into a routine.  I did the work at night or early morning.  Was told I had to work my schedule even if I had no work I had to be there in case it came in.  Does IC status not mean TAT and production but flexibility with schedule as long as you get the work done.  Also it went from 60 minutes to 120 and then at the time I finished the 100 minutes 85 more came through and it was like she expected me to do it right then.  I had 24 hours.  Also was called as soon as it uploaded at 4p.m. one day and was asked "ARE YOU TYPING".  It was not my scheduled time and it had only been uploaded about 30 minutes.  What is your take on this.  IC does not mean be harrassed if not an employee with benefits right.  No work for 3 days and then hounded as soon as it came in.  I am not there now because I voiced my opinion. 


Help! My fingers aren't working! - Posted By: what a morning

Have you ever had a day when your fingers just don't want to cooperate? I feel like they have a mind of their own this morning! I'm having to backspace every other word because they keep throwing a letter in there or typing them out of order!

Maybe they are trying to tell me to TAKE A BREAK! LOL

Any help there.... - Posted By: GaPeach

when I start to type in the address bar and put in the first letter of a sentence, i.e., M, underneath it pulls up all the sites I have gone to recently with M. Is there any way to keep this from happening. I just want an M, not the Ma, Mb, Mc and so forth. Thanks

space changes - Posted By: noname

Did anyone else get the memo about the change in spacing for MQ?  On DQS, there will be only one space after periods.  They will let each account know when the switch is made.  Its a *new national standard*, the memo says.  OMG, so here I have typed since high school with two spaces, now I have to retrain myself to use only one space after periods.  Just another thing to cut down on my production.

Any MT Editors here? - Posted By: CathyB From Ga

I havent seen many posts (here or other MT boards) regarding this position, but the ones I have seen were not very favorable.  Is there anyone who does this and is happy with it?  I have taken a PT position with a company to do some editing.  It is a VR account.  I am told that the physicians are already VR configured, and that any jobs coming to me with lots of edits should be returned to them, as the configuring may need some tweaking.  I will be listening to the actual voice file while reading the report.  Is there such thing as a happy MT editor?  CathyB

Vista & Stedman SpellChecker-How do you - Posted By: make them work together?

Ok, I have found just one more program that isn't wanting to work with Vista.  How do you all get Stedmans SpellChecker to work with Vista?  Every time I try to install it, it just stops the install.  Thanks for any help 

just had another funny on - i'm on a roll! sm - Posted By: Lorie R.

typing neurobehavioral tests for my neurologist doc. Part of it is a question regarding knowing the name of the current president.  The patient's answer just slayed me.....

Question: Do you know the name of the current President?

Answer:  "Bambo"

Now that's one for the books!!

Fascinating website for anything GI - Posted By: MT Glori

I came across this website this afternoon and am completely mesmerized by it.  If you have an interest regarding anything gastrointestinal, you'll love it.  There are more videoclips and pictures than I've ever seen before - everything from "accessory pancreas in the gastric antrum" all the way to "Zenker's diverticulum", not to mention links to dozens of other GI sites. 


How many of you transcribe with your arms on armrests? nm - Posted By: sore neck/shoulders


Instant Text Linking - Posted By: Curious

Boy, do I miss the Tech Board. Has anyone tried linking Instant Text to Keystrokes Winscribe program? If so, how did you do it?

Thanks in advance.


Upper case is lower, lower case is upper. Using InstaText. Anyone know how to fix this? - Posted By: WTH???

Aargh.  It happened all day yesterday.  When I brought in text that was all caps


and had lower case on keyboard (as always do), it reverses keyboard commands.  This is driving me c-r-a-z-y.

I took a test that was so long and involved that it was hardly worth - Posted By: the effort. I got through the test (sm)

I took a test that was so long and involved that it was hardly worth the effort.  I got through the test and did well other than a couple of silly mistakes that I probably should have caught, nothing major, but I had listened to that long voice file and read and reread the report so many times I finally sent it on.  Anyway, I got the results back and wow, talk about PICKY!  Again, I had only missed a couple of small things, but I got reamed in email over it.  I should say that the dictator and the sound quality were absolutely horrendous.  The dictator spoke with an incredibly thick foreign accent and with the "far off distance" sound quality it was amazing that I could make out any of it.  This company should be thrilled that anyone bothered to even try to transcribe the test file, especially as long as it was, and I also can't imagine they have many people who want to work for them or stay with them.

Question, please help me out - Posted By: TX

I quit my transcription job to work for the school district (what a big mistake). I am thinking about going back to my old job (transcribing). The new Transcriptionist they have hired is not quite working out, so I have been helping out in the evenings. 

The problem is that they have transferred over to EMR (Medinotes). Will I still be able to somehow input all my stuff from AutoCorrect? If anybody out there knows about MediNotes, please let me know - Thanks   

but I still love my job - Posted By: just venting this morning

How many of you have doctors whose dictation sounds like they are a commentator on a golf course, afraid for anyone to hear them, INCLUDING YOU! 

Question - Posted By: Tam

I have a question - I work for one doctor and they fax over a patient list and I make sure that there is a dictation for every single patient that signs in for that date. I will send them a list to let them know that these dictations are missing and sometimes that list will be sent over two or three times before I get a dictations completed. I got an Email from doc's wife asking that I be extra diligent with the missing dictations. 

Do you'll think it is my job to keep up all of their missing dictations each day. This doc sees about 65-75 patients per day including Saturdays!    

What would be your ideal romatic getaway? Annivery coming up - Posted By: and looking for ideas. sm

22 years next month.  Thanks for your thoughts.  Janice

Does anybody use WAVpedal? - Posted By: Gina

This has been the a pure week of heck .. I am so stinking stressed out... Last monday my pc puked on me.. so, I went & bought me a new pc.. got home my work programs are NOT compatible with Vista.. uggh.. of course all the stinking pcs in the stores had vista on them.. so called a computer store here locally, they told me they could put XP on a computer for me.. so, we bought computer #2.. Friday.. needless to say, I loaded everything up couldn't wait to be back to work & I cannot find my files.. I used to hit Open File or whatever it says & I would click on my job title, there they were.. I have searched & searched & cannot find anything.. I am so stinking aggravated & stressed over this.. as it will be a week I've missed from work, which my boss knows what is going on, but geez.. I just wanna get back to work.. TIA .. if anyone is using the same & has any suggestions.. gina

Do you have a word you can never type correctly - Posted By: without getting zinged by the spell-check?? nm

Mine is "initiated."  It makes me nuts.  In 20 years, I have never typed that word correctly and I keep forgetting the expansions I develop for it.

What are your least favorite terms to type?

Any ho t dirt y bitc hes here! - Posted By: MARIO BOSIO

i am on het wanna fuc k hard and deep  so that my 12 inches long black rod reaches the thoroat of all the old MT bitc hes here.

What is the best music download site. Need to - Posted By: techie challenged

be able to burn CDs too.    We don't have iPods. 

Tried iTunes - liked it, but since we don't have Apple products not sure it will work for us.

Tried Wal-Mart - liked it, but songs are only good for 30 days unless you burn.  I like to burn, but usually have that CD in the car and like to play off the computer too.

Various others that have a monthly fee charge additional $$ if you burn to CD and then if you discontinue the service supposedly all MP3 files are rendered inactive.

We range from 11 to 48 and like a variety of music, also like something user friendly. 

I need a chart where they list all the services and the pros and cons of each. 




I'm so sad... - Posted By: BabyBoomer

Just heard Bob Denver "Gilligan" died today. Loved that show as a kid...

To Rad Only........sm - Posted By: Rad Gal

leave your email address.  I'll contact you.

Broadband/Internet Telephone Service - Posted By: Lillian

Does anyone use a broadband/internet telephone service for transcription, such as Vonage, Covad, Lingo, SpeakEasy? I have a local long distance account and am looking into this type of service for a monthly flat fee for unlimited minute usage. Otherwise, the long distance fees would eat me alive. Any info on any company, good or bad, would help me tremendously in making my decision. I am researching several via the internet, but once again, any info would help.

Have a save and sane 4th of July!