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Looking for San Antonio MTers who.... - Posted By: Morris

work home-based for Methodist Hospital.  Any out there? 

help with english phrase - Posted By: Romey

permitted to don and dos his TSLO, I know it means to put on and take off, but how do you spell it?  Thanks.

I have a problem with followup versus follow up - Posted By: Help, please

Which is correct.

Followup in the office tomorrow or follow up in the office tomorrow?

He was told to followup   or he was told to follow up?

he presents for followup or he presents for follow up?

Thanks so much for any help. 






Anyone know how often winners are posted - Posted By: PAMT~MDM

for this month's drawings?

Prior wedding inquiry update...sm - Posted By: June bride

 Previously I had posted on this board  as my fiance and I were trying to figure out how to handle letting people know that we don't want any wedding gifts (we each have a house and don't need material things as we're giving away tons of stuff with merging the home) but had chosen a charity for anyone who would like to make a donation in our honor.

 My maid of honor and a couple of friends decided to host a party for us and on the invitations put on there that in lieu of gifts that we were requesting donations to a children's charity that we chose because of the reputation of spending the money wisely  and being well known for its work.  

This has gone over very well with the invitees.  I've had many of them call and e-mail me or my fiance saying that they thought this was a wonderful way for us to help others less fortunate and yet celebrate our upcoming marriage.   The charity  agreed prior to our announcement to not pester these people afterwards with mailings and is simply sending those that send a donation a thank you card, and then they're sending me a weekly list showing who made a donation and their address, but not the dollar amount as I don't care to know what they gave. 

So... for future brides that don't want gifts  I suggest doing what we did - it's a win for the charity and lets the family/friends that wanted to do something special do this in a way that we chose (and we aren't stuck with household items we don't want or need!)

Anyone else getting a pay cut?... - Posted By: Shasta

I've heard that the 2 industries that are growing in these "hard times" are technology and the medical field.  People are as sick as ever and healthcare costs are as high as ever.  It's hard to understand why MTs are getting their pay cut.  Anyone have opinions on this?  Thoughts?

Integrity's EmDat/Inscribe platform..sm - Posted By: CindiRI

I have never used this platform in any of my employments, and I was wondering about the learning curve, is it easy to use/learn, what are its good/bad points??  Any and all responses really appreciated!!  

Is there anywhere on the web where I can "watch" a Smartype demonstration.... - Posted By: abcz

would love to see how it works before purchasing.

Microsoft 4000 keyboard - Posted By: OP MT

Does anyone ever experience problems with their Microsoft 4000 keyboard where it will suddenly appear as if the Caps lock has been pushed, and your punctuation marks come out wrong and words are suddenly filling in with all caps and no matter what you do, it continues to happen? 


Ive worked in ChartScript and DocQScribe (currently working in the latter program) and had this happen.  Its as if my keyboard and the software are having compatibility issues or something totally out of the blue.  Oftentimes, it will remedy itself, but if I do not want to wait that indeterminate amount of time, my experience has been that the only way to fix it is to totally shut down the computer and reboot, but that doesnt always fix it.  It doesnt only happen in ChartScript and DocQscribe.  I can open Word and type in there, and it does the same sort of squirrelly thing!


Its so frustrating and wreaks havoc on productivity!!!

mt week - Posted By: donna

is MT week next week?? thanks

Can anyone compare Spellex to Stedman's and - Posted By: new job

tell me which they think is better and why.   I've always used Stedman's but DOS-based.  Changing jobs and now need something Windows-based. 

how many lines per day and per hour do most companies expect/want you to type for full time? thanks - Posted By: minmin


Why I hate speech editing. - Posted By: sm

Just finished my 3rd week of speech editing. Of course I was told that I could double my line rate, hence the half-rate pay. Not that it matters. To me, a line is a line is a line, and I've had to apply my brain to each line, even if I don't make any changes. And when do you not make a change to a line, or even completely re-type a line?

We've hashed this out many times on this board, and we know it's not fair. I did increase my line rate a bit, but certainly not double, and I doubt I'd get much faster. I'm doing a mix of traditional and speech, and this pay period I worked 8 hours longer, 88 hours total, and made $80.00 less. And that includes bonus pay.

I can't do this anymore. It's completely demoralizing. Traditional lines are drying up as my accounts are switching over to speech. I might be able to hang on for a bit more, but not much longer. If I end up doing 100% speech I'll never double my line count, and even if I did, I'd be working twice as hard for the same money.

It's time to start looking around for a new career. So much for my 21 years of experience. I made more money back when I was listening to cassette tapes and using an IBM Selectric!

Hospitals vs. MTSOs - Posted By: cmyu

I am applying at both a hospital for a prn position and with an MT company for part time work. I have the option to work in-house with the hospital, which I may do because I have to drive 25 miles to the city to bring my kids to their preschool anyway.  My question is, what are some of the differences between working for a hospital and working for a company?  (Pros and cons for each)  I have less than 2 years experience, and some of that time was spent doing chiropractic transcription, so I am concerned that I might need more experience or training for the hospital work.  Is it more difficult to work for a hospital?  Thanks in advance for any comments.  

C-phone - Posted By: Melissa

What all is required when using a C-phone to get your files? Do you have to pay long distance for using it? Do you call somewhere to retrieve your files? How long does it take to download/record a file?

Wireless internet connection was being - Posted By: Nextel?

advertised on T.V. last night.  It showed a man using his lap top in a room saying that he was connected to the internet wirelessly.  This sounds like the way to go for me who needs a vacation but can't afford to take one.  Has anyone investigated this?

what have I done? - Posted By: wise1

Everything on my desktop is "underlined" what did I DO and how can I fix it?  thanks

MA passed law stating all residents MUST - Posted By: carry health ins...

or they will be fined $1,000 per year.  Poverty level up to 4 times poverty level (for family of four) you will receive free or subsidized care.  All other residents must either have health insurance through their employer or individual policy.  My question is, what if you just cannot afford it????  There are many reasons some above poverty level cannot afford coverage, such as family history.  This law stinks.  I'm sure there was heavy insurance company lobbying on this one.  Once again the little guy gets .

I thought so too - Posted By: dat

Ya know, I thought so too but I think it is because his hair cut and facial makeup and eye brows are so severe..If he grew a longer beard, some side burns and longer hair, I dont think it would look that bad..However, he looks like my ex..sigh..My ex was a Latino as Dave Navarro is and has the same face..When I first saw Dave Navarro..I said to everyone, My gosh, he looks like John and they agreed..Carmen (dont know if I like her or not) and Dave sure make a good looking couple, though.

Taken from an India website...dated 2005! - Posted By: AnotherOldTimerMT

The medical transcription business is drawing people from other sectors. Thats because the income can be quite substantial. Transcriptionists are paid anywhere between 60 paise to Rs 2.0 per line. At a minimum of 6 hours and transcribing 800 lines per day, transcriptionists can make around Rs 1,200 a day. Working 26 days a month, they earn more than Rs 30,000 (USD 450 - 500) a month. They send their reports to an Editor for proof-reading who are paid upwards of Rs 40,000 per month. 

As a result, hundreds of professionals are quitting their regular jobs to assist US doctors in transcribing their conversation with patients. X-ray, pathology, surgery and discharge reports of US patients are also being transcribed out of India.

To be a transcriptionist, an aspirant has to acquire skills in medical terminology. The next step is the editor. Level three is a quality analyst (QA) who has to work out of the office of the MT firm.

Its a daily ritual for thousands of homemakers across India. After sending husbands to work and kids to school, they download voice files and start transcribing medical illnesses of patients in the US.  

Sowly, medical transcription from home is becoming a phenomenon, particularly in tier-II cities where the BPO boom hasnt yet caught on and educated women are still not being encouraged to venture out of home.

Almost half of our 600 home employees are women. Working from home allows them to spend more time with family, said Mr Rajiv Shetye, VP, Spryance, a Boston-based medical transcription firm which now has 1,200 employees in India.

According to estimates, India has about 100 medical transcription companies and the big ones include Accusis, Spryance, Stheris and Heartland. About 10,000 people work in the $120 million-strong industry.

Still, there is a lot of untapped potential. The US market for market transcription is about $12 bn per annum, which is more than double the BPO exports of India. More than 700 million hospital events need to be recorded every year. According to Nasscom, about 1.6 lakh such transcriptionists will be needed in India by 2008. Earnings depend on how much time a person is able to devote. Billing is based on the number of lines transcribed.


question about .dss and digital voice editor 2 - Posted By: justine

I have digital voice Editor 2 and I have no problems using wav files or mp3 files on it.  But I do not know how to get .dss files to work on it.  Does anyone else use digital voice editor 2 for freelance work and if so, how do you get .dss files to work?

Or maybe just a general question, what program can I get to be able to use .dss files. 

Thanks in advance




Is Goldbird and Busy MT one and the same? - Posted By: Please don't get mad, just wondering.


need help on word board please - Posted By: theresa


Update - lost the account - Posted By: Patti

Well they said today that they were going to investigate other avenues, appreciated my work but did not appreciate that I corrected her when she did not correctly spell Crohn's disease.  She is a PA and knows how to spell so then why did she specifically spell it incorrectly -- anyway am glad as their were a little shady.  She saw the patients, dictated as the doctor, and charged out MD prices instead of PA so am glad I am out of it.  But God gave it to me over Christmas, I was able to pay off one credit card and so it worked out.  Will enjoy the 6 to 8 free hours per week now.  Just thought I would let you all know how it came out.  


just took a position an co. uses emdat..sm - Posted By: help please

i have never used this before.  i have been using smarttype for years and very nervous about starting a new job without my expander.  any ideas from anyone regarding this system and Expanders (if any) that work with it?  i appreciate all your input. 

Looking to start learning soon - Posted By: lisa

Hi all,

I found this board doing a Google on a company I hope to join soon. They will train me to work for them. I am excited to be able to finally get into this business.

I stared taking a course twice, but have been battling Diabetes. It was hard to find the motivation and keep the momentum going. Now my Diabetes (type 2) is better under control. I am also tired of working for someone else outside my home.

I have been looking at doing transcription work for 3-4 years now. I have researched positions I can take once I get some experience, and I don't mind trying to hustle up my own accounts.

I am posting here to keep my dream in front of me and keep me looking towards my own business. I plan to join AAMT and my local chapter once I get working. I am so excited!

Thanks for the information your board posted while I was researching the company to make sure it wasn't a scam. I am satisfied it is not and can't wait to start learning!javascript:editor_insertHTML('text',''); Thank you all!

One more thing about working in another state... - Posted By: Dazey

This is a followup from my post below.  I am happy to see that some of you have been able to work temporarily from another state.  However, is it mandatory to let your employer know (assuming you are an employee of a company, as I am) that you will be doing this?  Do they need to know at all?  I'm wondering about the tax implications.....for instance the state I live in has state taxes but the state I would schlep to for a couple weeks here and there to work does not.  Does anyone know anything about how that would work? 

Would someone who does radiology transcription be willing to answer--sm - Posted By: Dee

a few questions for me and share some of their favorite web sites for research?  Thanks

Foot pedal calibration - Posted By: TinTx

I am having trouble calibrating my foot pedal for Bayscribe.  Can anyone help?  Thanks in advance!!!

Home-based Pathology - Posted By: Del

Does anyone out there type for a Pathology Dept. or a medical examiner in the privacy of their own home?  I saw a message where one gal said she worked for a hospital Path. Dept. from her home which included benefits, etc.  I cannot find her message now, and am wondering if she is still out there and would answer my message.  I would love this as I really need the benefits.  Thanks  Del

wisdom teeth question - Posted By: no name

My 20 year old daughter had her wisdom teeth out on Friday.   She went to have the stitches out and told the dentist that she has no feeling in part of her lip.  The dentist says it is rare but it may never come back.  He said that you can go to Boston or New York  to reconnect the nerve which is a lengthy process and has to be done in 2 months.  She is in college (a little hard to do).  I keep telling her to give it more time, it has only been 5 days maybe it will get better.  She is hysterical over this.  Has anyone else run into this with wisdom teeth.

Hey editors..is 3cpl a fair rate for rad? - Posted By: (sm)

I know different factors play into this, but given the best case scenario (platform, etc) is that about what the going rate is?  This company offers an increase to 4cpl in 90 days, so just curious if this is in the right neighborhood for editing.  If you have some not so great MTs, you could spend more time editing and giving feedback than they did typing it to start with..and only getting paid 1/2 or 1/3 of what they are getting paid. 

need help quick! - Posted By: wordperfect question

Suddenly my enter button is acting as a spacebar and not a return key!  What do I do?

Is anyone else having problems running out of work at Wordzxpressed besides me? - Posted By: Wav-less :(

What would you consider a fair cpl wage for an experienced MT? I'm not interested in what the - Posted By: SM

going rate currently is, but more interested in what everyone thinks it should be.  I know that it is 7 cpl to 9 cpl, depending on experience, but personally I feel that an experienced and quality MT should make more than 9 cpl especially when the seasoned MTs get stuck with all ESLs and difficult dictators. 

And shouldn't editors be making more than MTs?  It stands to reason that if you are an editor, someone qualified to check and make corrections to other people's work, then you should and probably would have more experience and education than the people you are grading.  Therefore, you should be paid more than the person you are grading, true?

And why do we put up with all this garbage?!?!?  I am so sick of working for peanuts, working 10 hour days or more just to make ends meet.  I started looking for in-office MT jobs and they are not out there anymore because the hospitals outsource to the services and the services are outsourcing to India or offering me next to nothing to type the hardest stuff out there.

I guess I just needed a little rant today. 

What's the best online dating service? - Posted By: Lonely this season-NM


Instant Text question - Posted By: jmr

I just started using Instant Text and need some help. Is there any way to customize the order of the singles abbreviations in the word list? For instance, when I type the letter B, I would like the word BUT to be the first choice in the word list. Right now it is BEEN and I cannot figure out how or if I can even change it. I know how to reorder the phrases in a glossary, but this has me stumped. Thanks.

Would you put up with this? (Another vent) - Posted By: me

I have worked with a company for over seven years as an IC.  I work part time and whatever work I do that morning has to be turned in at 3:00, which gives me around a six hour turn around.  I have two young kids and another account that I work on that has stats that I have to take care of too.  I have only gotten one raise in seven years, and a crappy one at that.  Every other company I have worked for gives me at least about 24 hours to get it back to them.  I am trying to get my kids ready for school and I also have other things going on at the moment.  I get an email in all caps "I NEED THE WORK NOW."  I am just so fed up with this.  I don't want to quit because the work is easy for me since I have been doing it so long, but I feel the need to put my foot down.

Transcript USA - Posted By: DB

Any information on Transcript USA transcription company?  Thinking about taking job.

Female Dictators - Posted By: lxl

Okay, let me state up front, I know this is going to sound sexist, but I don't care.

Does anyone else cringe when they get female dictators?

In my 12+ years of transcription, I've had a handful of women dictators that I enjoyed. I miss them. We could have been sisters.

It seems like the majority of women dictators are either disorganized and full of "ahhhhhhs" or lack the basic knowledge that a human ear can only decipher words at a particular rate. And it helps if that rate is slow and steady. Instead of:

"hecomesintodayforbliganfoulainangioplarbaday ... and ... um ... he states ... um ... he is ... ahh ... feeling ... ... ... ... ... ... well. Physicalexamblooprezimafufpulbivafuweightofusy ... extremities ... um ... barkbuflowefbuckskiassplover ... um ... end of dictation."

Or maybe I'm just more forgiving to a deeper, soothing voice.

Either way, I have 2 hours of a female dictator that I HATE today, and I totally want to pull her hair.

Am I the only one?

Does anybody have the website...(sm) - Posted By: Frazzled

where you can change your address online for multiple magazine subscriptions?  I did this a few years ago and am moving again...cannot for the life of me now find that website. 


CRTD abbr - Posted By: cb

has anyone heard of this abbr.  I think it is a certain defibrillator implant??

pet peeve, having to justify every second for pay - Posted By: lynlou

In other professions like nursing, nurses can just sit around for hours on end and be paid the big bucks while you have to struggle through every line/minute for your pay. We should not tolerate being treated like this. We should be paid by the hour or at least paid a decent wage.

Line count questions/confusion/upset - Posted By: Confused

I would like some line count pros to help me figure this out, please!  During the recruiting process I specifically asked how I would be getting paid and I was told "per line which includes 65 characters including spaces, footers, headers, and any norms pulled into the report."  I downloaded the FlashCount program from this site and started comparing this line count against the company's.  So far, It "appears" that I'm getting shorted about 100+/- lines/day and they are using more like 74 characters with spaces.  What is the difference between cpl and gross cpl?  How would you interpret their explanation for how I would be paid?  Is the FlashCount program accurate enough?


Cisco VPN - Posted By: Siren

I have a new job which is requiring that I have Cisco VPN.  I have never heard of this.  Can anyone give me information?  TIA

Need a home remedy - Posted By: one-eared MT

I am hoping someone out there has a home remedy for me.  I went swimming 3 days ago and immediately got a clogged ear.  I tried Debrox for the last 3 days...nada.  Went out and got some Swim-Ear today...again nada.  I don't have insurance at the moment so I really dont want to go to the doc for this but I am tired of trying to work with one ear.  Help??  Anybody got any ideas????

Looking to purchase used laptop with WinXP - Posted By: see msg

IBM ThinkPad T42 or Dell Latitude C640 or C840? Does anyone use one of these, and if so, would you recommend that I purchase? Thanks!

Ethical? - Posted By: Hmm

I am pasting the following from a post down the list.  Do you feel this is okay?  Apparentlly you do not work for a company where you have to log in, or they would be able to see that you are fudging your hours, no?  -  -  -

"Very few people are so fast that they can make a living at only 6-7 cpl within the confines of a 40-hr. week. It's often even hard to meet the minimum daily line requirement within an 8-hour day because of all the detective-work we have to do with names/addresses of doctors, brand-new medications not in the books yet, and poor-quality dictating. It's more common to work a 12-hour day and then have to write '8 hrs' on our timecards."

companies that don't use ExText - Posted By: need a change

Wondering if any companies use a platform that allows the MT to adjust the dictation speed to as slow as he/she wants it for each dictation.  Dictaphone ExText uses Transnet to allow us to slow it down somewhat, but only to a certain point.  I'd the flexibility of being able to slow it down or speed it up to my own specifications.  My dictators talk a mile a minute, and my brain and wrists are burned out to the max.

Insurance - Posted By: tlb

I am just curious about liability insurance for people that have IC status.  Is it required and if so where can I find out some info on this?  TIA