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Vianeta Users - Posted By: TL

I have read old posts from users who do not like Vianeta.  I would like to hear from those MTs who have used this software and like working with it.  Is it better since the new owners took over?  Do you prefer Vianeta to any other software?  What is your favorite feature? I am not a Vianeta representative, just interested in your opinion.



Need help on tech board before my post is deleted a third time. Thanks. nm - Posted By: SP


Anyone know how to transfer auto corrects from SmarType to word? please..nm - Posted By: AzMT


Electronic Drug Book 2003! - Posted By: jss

Does anyone know if the Quick Look Electronic Drug Book 2003 is compatible with XP?  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


Medware - Posted By: Ready4change

Can anyone tell me how long it took to get hired with this company?  I spoke with a recruiter last week, who acted like everything was all set and haven't heard from him since.  I did send himi an e-mail, but got no reply.  I didn't want to call and be a pester either, but I would like to know something.  I was just curious if this length of time was normal or not....Thanks

To all you CHERRY PICKERS...This one's for you! - Posted By: KyMt

I have been struggling all morning transcribing STAT reports that are OUT of turn-around.  Not to mention that these STAT reports are dictated by the worst ESL I've ever done.  Meanwhile, everytime I go in to grab a new dictation, I can't help but notice a certain CHERRY PICKER grabbing up every current report dictated by the best.

So if there are any cherry pickers out there bold enough to answer my question, could you please just tell me why???  What gives you the right?  Do you not even realize what you are doing to the rest of us?  Why not just join in and divide the misery for a while so we can all have a decent line count at the end of the day?  GRRR.

Thanks for letting me vent...

just curious how did everyone get started doing MT? - Posted By: sa

was it something you planned and went to school for? 
Not me - I went to college and I liked so many things I could never make up my mind what I wanted to be when I grew up. I studied linguistics, then medical record administration (I think they call it health information management now, and that's where I first heard of MT  - we had to do a little practice transcription), then I got my degree in nutrition and did an internship at a VA for that, got a few credits toward my Master's. Was going to take the RD (registered dietitian) exam but circumstances got me into MT (called up a company who had an ad in the paper and said I think I can do this, and they said probably not since I had no experience, but I was welcome to take their test and if I passed they would train me). I am wondering if it was easier 10 or more years ago to get into MT that way than it is now -   

asking for prayers - Posted By: Snow Bunny

I just learned that my boss's daugher-in-law and grand-daughter were involved in a horrendous car accident. The DIL suffered many fractured bones, on top of a pre-existing MS condition. However, the grand-daughter may die, and even if she survives she will likely have severe brain damage.

Can those of who you believe in a high power keep this family in your thoughts and prayers?

Can someone get TOO MUCH QA - Posted By: Charlie

feedback?  Is it possible that, in the interest of giving adequate QA feedback a person can be overwhelmed?  Or is the general concensus that it is helpful and should be welcomed if delivered in a non-judgmental and friendly fashion?  Would be interested to hear comments on this issue. 

Does Emdat work with F keys or is is something else? Is Emdat - Posted By: similar to WP5.1 at all? Thx. nm Asking


Comcast Update - Posted By: ILMT

Comcast digital phone installed today. I cannot believe how clear it is! Luv it!

Anyone whose child has gotten the flu? - Posted By: me

Symptoms of coughing, fever, chills and sweats, no appetite, hurts all over, sleepy.  Grandson has been this way for 5 days, 2 visits to the doc, lost 2 lbs in 5 days (which for a little guy is a lot).  X-rays show no pneumonia.  What can we do?  Any ideas gratefully appreciated.

need a good surgical equipment website, anyone have one - Posted By: old_MT

Any help would be needed.  Learning to do acute care ops - and need some good surgical equipment sites. 



Word expander for Vista? - Posted By: WAMT

Anyone suggest a good word Expander for Vista for not too much money?  TIA

He laid down for awhile, but he just did not seem sm - Posted By: LAID/LIED challenged

He laid down for awhile, but he just did not seem to be able to navigate or walk because of the dizziness

HELP PLEASE !!!  I can never get this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Advice to MQ. - Posted By: no name

This advice is given too late, but for future reference...


When you have a new program, just send the information out.


Telling people a month in advance that you are going to send the information out is just upsetting.  Calling people on the phone to tell them they will get information next month but you cannot answer any questions just makes everyone more agitated.


If you think you were offering a teaser to get people excited, I am sorry to say that it backfired. As you can see from reading this board, everyone is just nervous and upset. Some people are out looking for other jobs because they think they are going to lose their SE position.


Big mistake......

I'm goign to scream... - Posted By: bjpnc

if this doctor doesn't quit calling Chromagen "Cro-Magnon."  Also, if he doesn't stop calling a proton pump inhibitor a protein pump inhibitor.  The sad part is I don't think he's goofing around.....

Autocorrect question earlier - Posted By: countrymt

I meant AutoText. How do you transfer all that to a disk?


Well, after the reading and research I have done, I think I agree with one writer that stated that at the rate things are going now in the transcription world that in 5 years 80% of us will be out of jobs!!  Either through technology and/or offshoring!!

So, instead of waiting for another axe to fall on me...I have been chopped up enough by the MTSOs...... I am hoping to decorating cakes for a living!!!

I am waiting to hear back from a local bakery where I just interviewed. 

I have taken all the Wilton cake decorating courses and have done quite a few birthday, wedding, and mother's day cakes in the past...I definitely am not Duff or anyone at Charm City Cakes, but it is something I truly enjoy doing and it was my "therapy" that got me through a divorce about 10 years ago. 

So, I will be working 8 hours a day only, get immediate feed back, paid hourly and not production, and hopefully will be able to transition into this job permanently....

So, I hope and pray that I am wrong about the future of this profession for which I have worked so long and hard....but the stress now is almost unbearable and ain't worth it no more!!!        

Re: Post way below about the small MTSO in Suffield, OH. - Posted By: curious

I posted that I worked for a company, though don't know if it is the same one.  I'm just curious if it is.   I've included by e-mail if you want to e-mail me.  

Using a DVI system C phone. How do I get my foot pedal... sm - Posted By: need help

to automatically back up a bit?   The instructions I have for my DVI are very limited and I can find nothing with regards to automatic backup.  There is no phone number (got this phone long time ago) to contact for help.  Was hoping someone here could help.  Thanks! 

Scribe - How do I find my line count? - Posted By: so confused

I am working on a platform called Scribe.  Does anyone know how to find their line counts in this program? Thanks

Aren't Dove Chocolate Caramels to die for? - Posted By: 350, soon to be 400!!!!!

No message sweetie.  Send me some Dove candies.

can we get an update on the no compete contract - Posted By: from last week's post? nm

Wal-Mart doesn't offer health insurance to millions of workers but now they are selling it to - Posted By: the public thru Sam's Stores. What is that??


what kind of keyboard - Posted By: dls

Just curious, what type of keyboard do you type on?  I use the Microsoft erogonomic.  I absolutely love it!  I find that if I type on the traditional keyboards  my hands hurt.  Also, do you wear gloves for carpal tunnel protection?  I wear gloves and have found this helps me tremendously.  I have been doing transcription for about 15 years. 

Chartscript and Smartype - Posted By: Mo

Hi, I lurk here, and I need some help. Been an IC for 12 years, using Smartype for almost 10 years I think. I have SEVERE CTS and could not do my job without ST.

Just found out my client who's over 80% of my pay for 12 years now is moving us over to Chartscript. I know older versions of Chartscript would work with ST, but what about now? I'm just terrified that I am going to have to quit because I will lose all my abbv's, and my hands just can't take rebuilding a new set of them. I am feeling very SOL.
I'm hearing a lot of "local" gloom and doom about this. Does anyone have any advice? Encouragement? Ideas?

Thanks everyone. MUCH appreciated.

What's a c-phone? - Posted By: Jami

Read in some MT job requirements about a c-phone...Can someone tell me what one is?


A RANT! - Posted By: Sharon

Does anyone know of a company that REALLY handles the problem of cherry picking??  I makes me so mad.  The people who skip hard jobs get paid the same for doing easy work, and the ones who don't cherry pick have to work harder!!  Most companies say they have a policy, but in my experience the supervisors don't really enforce it.  AARRGGHH!!

Home schooling issue - Posted By: sm


So much for the benefits of home-schooling and keeping your kids away from those bad, bad kids who attend regular school!

Thank You MTStars and Ascend... - Posted By: Glenda T...sm

I received my Godiva yesterday....thank you so much!  It arrived beautifully packaged and is sinfully delicious!

Thanks again!

Protype out of PA, any info would - Posted By: pajama-mama

be greatly appreciated!!

Need some clarification on C-phone dictation and some websites for urology sm - Posted By: DermMT

I will be covering the transcription for a urology clinic.   I was briefly told that the doctors dictate to a C-phone that  goes directly to a base office.  Then the file is e-mailed to their office where they can access the dictation.   Does this sound right or are they accessing the file from the base office through FTP and then downloading it.  Also, doesl AOL work OK to access files or do you need another FTP provider.  Not sure how they are doing the work, but any help would be appreciated.  Need some good website for urology,  Just want to be prepared.   Always ask the experts!  Thanks. 

Bayscribe typing platform.... - Posted By: Curious


Does anyone type in the Bayscribe platform?  I work for a national who are switching to this and I have never had any experience with it.  Any comments will be appreciated.  Thanks

jury duty - Posted By: Eileen

Have any of you been called to jury duty?

question concerning QA jobs - Posted By: dls

If I want to branch out into QA, can I post that I am looking to do QA work on the jobs seekers board?  Not sure how this works yet.

Glad to see MT Week recognized here. My company did nothing this year. We have always sm - Posted By: sm

received a nice gift in the mail in the past.  I'm not saying I expect an expensive gift or anything, but a thank you of some sort would have been nice.  I waited to post this, holding hope that maybe they were late like last year in sending stuff out, but I have pretty much given up now.  Thanks MT Stars!!

IC Contracts - sm - Posted By: Transcriber Lady

I've got a question for those of you who service your own personal accounts.  I currently work as an IC for another company and I am getting ready to take on a bunch of radiology reports from one doctor.  (I'll work both places) I'm going to be paid by the page.  Have any of you asked for a contract for a guarantee of work, i.e. he will guarantee a certain number of reports a week?  What about contracts? Is there any place where I can download a contract and use it as a template for a foundation? Thanks guys.

Help!!! Using Bayscribe after DocuScibe - Posted By: mtinneed

and I keep screwing up the bold.  I don't recall if DocuScribe had a ctr-N for something, but when I'm supposed to ctr-B for BOLD on Bayscribe, I keep accidentally hitting the N, then a new box comes up, my system crashes, and I lose all my work!

What can I do so bolding isn't so difficult?  I've lost two reports tonight because of my error!  ABOUT TO SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!            

What to do when STM doesn't acknowledge you? - Posted By: It's a Secret :)

Any suggestions?  I have sent my STM multiple e-mails regarding various things (suggestions on how to improve things, questions regarding policies and procedures, etc.).  She never answers my e-mails.  How do you approach this?  I have been through this before and eventually ended up quitting my job because my STM treated me like crap after bringing up how I felt, so I am coming here in hopes that someone could give me an idea of how to approach this so I don't p*ss off my STM. 


? about "cold calling." - Posted By: tips, please??

For those of you who have acquired accts through cold calling, what do you suggesting saying?  I did get one account this way, but cant remember how I managed.  Any tips appreciated!



Florida girl!

Medical Dictation Transcription Company - Posted By: Laura

Is anyone familiar with the transcription company Medical Dictation or know anything about them?

I need suggestions please (sm) - Posted By: txmt

I have been using an Expander for years now, and I am still typing out "thrombocytopenia."  Every time I make up a short form, I forget what it is, and waste time looking for it, so then I just type it out, but I am getting sick of it.  Any suggestions?

Anybody use verizon mobile broadband? - Posted By: workin'

Can you tell me anything about it? My dad is thinking about getting it and I wondered if I could use it at the campground they go to, but wasn't sure how it worked. Is there a limit to how much you can be online? Any info is greatly appreciated! TIA!

s/l Poke-a-mond - Posted By: toto

I have a report and it sounds like the doctor is saying poke-a-mond.  This is a psychiatric account and I not sure what this is or if this is the spelling.  I could not find it in any of my dictionaries or word books.  Can anyone help me?  Sentence - The patient has a flat affect and says that he lives with Poke-a-monds.  thanks.


Suggestions? - Posted By: SAM

I'm sure many MTs have this same problem, but my upper back/shoulders/neck are EXCRUCIATINGLY painful most of the time, no doubt an occupational hazard.

I've tried heat, massage, pain meds, getting up and exercising my upper body, etc., and found very little that's actually effective.

Anybody have any suggestions or tricks or techniques they use for dealing with this? 

I'd welcome ANY advice....TIA!

Smartype - Posted By: me

I am new to Stedman's Smartype and I am having a problem.  When I am starting a new sentence, the word should be capitalized, but when I hit the spacebar it inserts the word without capitalization.  Anyone know why?  And how to fix it?  Thanks!

Bayscribe Question... - Posted By: BabyFirefly

Does anyone know if Bayscribe has a built-in line count program, or is there another program I should download to keep track of my lines?  

TIA for any answers...

How dumb am I feeling right now? - Posted By: PAMT~MDM

I have a CRNP who must think MTs are not very intelligent.

So far, she has spelled: passed (not once, but twice!), spleen, and clicks. 

To snowbunny and anyone else interested... - Posted By: on strike

You asked what line rate I thought my experience and expertise was worth. Realistically I would think anywhere between 13 and 15 cpl. Of course, that would put me back to where I was nine years ago! Forget inflation, I would be happy to have my old radiology clinic back at that rate but, wait, they are now paying a large corporation 8 to 10 cpl. And, the corporation is paying someone in a third world nation a pittance of that. However, for the Transcriptionist in the third world nation the salary is great! Perhaps we should be happy that we are doing our best to bring these third world countries into the main stream. While that sounds sarcastic, it is not completely sarcastic. I do not begrudge the transcriptionist doing the work. I am just tired of Corporate America paying the executives exorbitant salaries with "golden parachutes" and leaving the worker hanging. Executives can ruin the business, trash the name of the company in the news and still be handed a bonus in the millions! Sure the upper management should be paid more for the responsibilities they bear, but 500%, 1000%, and more?! This is happening in every business - not just ours and I believe it is the main reason that we are losing business to other countries. American companies cannot pay American workers what they should be paid in order to live in our society as long as they pay huge salaries, bonuses, and buyouts to their failed executives. Perhaps executives should be paid only if they produce and the company is successful ... kind of like a ballplayer! Start losing money and you are out of work! But wait - that will only cause them to fire more American workers and piece meal out the work to people who can live on less. Where are we going wrong? Yes, we need corporations to make a profit, yes we need to pay upper management for their skill and expertise, but shouldn't we (the collective we) try to keep American workers working???