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Just a reminder to change your smoke alarm batteries nm - Posted By: happy safe new year all

Asked on the drug board...ever heard of a T-Teck Pack for pneumonia? Cant find any info on it. Help! - Posted By: Thanks

Does anyone experience a lag when using Vonage with C-Phone? - Posted By: SM

I have a DAC digital transcribe unit and I dial into a DVI system.  I have noticed there is a lag.  When I let off my pedal, the dictation continues to play for a second and then stops.  The auto backspace is skewed because the dictation plays forward too much when I left off my pedal.

Anyone else experience this and is there anything Vonage can do to correct it?

Okay, another one, nitropatch - Posted By: me

Nitropatch or nitroglycerin patch, etc.

Word is making my crazy and I'm ready to tear my hair out!! - Posted By: sm

Does anyone else have this problem?

When working in Word, there are TONS of ~WRL0000.tmp files that are created (the 0000 are just placeholders for random numbers) and being used by Word. These files eventually cause the program to crash, close and restart, always giving the message that the normal file has been changed and asking if I want to reload. This can helps SEVERAL times a day and I'm just tired of the aggravation.

I have looked high and low for an answer to this question and I have yet to find one other person that has had this happen. Microsoft is NO help at all. Their KB only says that the normal.dot is corrupted. I have recreated normal.dot and that hasn't fixed the problem, either. I've done the same for the soap.dot that I use for notes--no luck.

The only thing that I can figure is that these .tmp files are copies of the actual note/file I'm working on (I've opened them up and looked at them). Most can be deleted but there are always one or two that can't be deleted because they're being used by another program (or so the computer says). Closing Word and rebooting Windows is not helping either. BTW, I'm working on XP OS.

If there is anyone out there with either the same problem or, better yet, an idea on how to get this stupidity to stop, please let me know before I go totally bananas!

Have most people had good luck with their MQ office closing and moving to the regional office. Have - Posted By: sm

things gotten better or worse for you.

does anyone know any natural way to replace estrogen? - Posted By: old and dried up

? TCI Company - Posted By: fncfingers

Still wondering?  Anybody out there know anything about this TCI Company?

Does anyone know how to program a new phone number in a Lanier? sm - Posted By: Another KSMT

It is a Lanier LX-231.  There are a couple of buttons I would like to reprogram but couldn't find anything by Googling.  Thanks!

Lasted Advance MT article - Posted By: Boogie MT

I was wondering if any of you have read the latest article in Advance about MTs? It's called The MT Critic.  Color me stupid but I did not know MTs had to go to medical school to do their jobs?  How many of you know the average size of the left atrium of the heart? How many of you would contradict the doctor's vital signs because the patient had a fractured ankle and you just knew that because of his pain, those vitals could not possibly be correct?  It is no wonder we are not attracting qualified people to our profession.  What are your thoughts?

QA Position - - Posted By: Jewels

Thank you to all .......I decided to take the position.   To finally not have to worry about being paid solely on production was the convincing factor.

I do appreciate everyone's opinions and feedback.  Thank you so much!!

I will let you know how it goes.

SR on new computer - Posted By: Judy

I just purchased a new computer that came with some sort of SR program.  I'm wondering if I could teach it my voice and then respeak a doc's dictation that would create a typed document in Word that I could then paste into the work platform?  Sounds like a neat idea, huh?

Certainly, I would not speak or do anything that would conflict with HIPPA laws.

doctors-ha - Posted By: frustrated

I am frustrated beyond belief at doctors who do not keep up with dictation then the office blames the Transcriptionist for being behind.  Dictating a week's worth on Sunday afternoon does not mean they will get all the dictation returned on Monday!  And of course they are asking for "stat" reports on one particular patient, then claim they have "missing" dictation.  Well I don't get paid for my time going through and finding one in particular.  I've been an MT for 15 years, but never have I been so frustrated as this afternoon when this whole situation came up for the upteenth time in the month of May.  Sheesh.........why don't they talk to the doctor about keeping up?!  gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr     Sorry, just had to vent..... but I was wondering if anyone has a spare tazer I could borrow.

Help! Windows turned sideways? - Posted By: Dummy

I tried a new 'keyboard shortcut' and miraculously not only did it not work, it turned my desktop on Windows sideways.

Any suggestions on how to fix it?


What do you do for stress reduction? - Posted By: HighStrung

I am 100% stressed to the max, all the time. I wish I wasn't so high strung and jittery. So what do you do to relax and reduce stress? I need ideas.

Printer not printing - Posted By: sammypot

My hp LaserJet 1300 will not print what I send to it, however, it does print a page with a single line at the top - ?%-57755}euom%oog/ and so on.

I turned off the printer for 1/2 hour and tried again and it is still doing this.

Any ideas?

Thank you. Barb

Entry-level position - Posted By: Jane L. Creppel

Hi, I received my MT diploma in August of 2004 from The Career Development Institute.  My average grade was 97%.  I was very excited about finding an MT position but soon discovered that I was in a catch-22 situation.  I had the training and medical terminology education but no experience.  Every advertisement that I found required at least two years of working experience.  Is there any advice anyone could give me to get my foot in the door?  How do MT's begin working when they are new to the field?

Any info. would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Jane L. Creppel

How do you balance time - Posted By: with family and work?

This especially causes problems for me working at home. I help take care of grandchildren and help my children also, hubby, pets, housework, cooking, errands, etc. I can't seem to balance that with my work. It cuts my production with the constant interruptions.

OSi/no work! - Posted By: anon

Anybody else getting tired of the hosing we are getting with no work???? Why don't they just lay us off and allow us to collect unemployment???? 

Amphion and ESL's? - Posted By: funsize

Can anyone currently working at Amphion tell me if they have a lot of ESL reports?  Just curious! 


I just feel the need to say Merry Christmas to everyone here! - Posted By: Have a great day! Bev. NM


radiology transcription - Posted By: ew

I have an interview tomorrow with a local hospital for a radiology position that is in-house.  They outsource all of their other transcription.  The job was advertised as per diem.  I have about 10 years acute care experience, as well as some clinic work.  I have done a bit of cardiology, but not really any radiology.  Trying to get an idea if this is an easy transition, what to expect from per diem, any specific good questions to ask?  Thank you so much for any input! 

Express Scribe and receiving the voice files... - Posted By: Need help...

I have been using Express Scribe to transcribe notes from voice files that are sent to my AOL mailbox.  I was told that AOL mailboxes will only allow smaller sized voice files and that they will not accept larger files.  Does anyone have information regarding this matter?  Is there a better server I should change to so I can receive the larger voice files?


I was also wondering if I should instead use one of those MT platforms where the docs email to that specific platform and the MT picks them up there.  For the life of me, I cannot recall the name of that site.  If anyone knows of the site, can you please let me know. 


All advice appreciated, thank you.    


Suggestions please - Posted By: Brenda

I am a Transcriptionist at a local hospital.  For the last 6 years, the boss has been promising at-home transcription.  I think we are getting a little closer.  I received an e-mail asking me to participate on the committee for at-home transcription.  Whew!  But, let me fill you in on some background - we have a service that is doing our wound notes, psych notes, and occasionally some backlog.   I have read numerous times about going home and then slowly a service takes over.   We have recently gotten speech recognition and are currently training on that.  Of course, the service we have also has speech recognition, but our account is not - as of yet anyway!  So that makes me a little nervous!

I would like some input on guidelines that some of you may have working for a hospital at home -- if there are "red flags" that I should be aware of, what we are entitled to working at home (if any), and any other little thing that any of you have experienced.  I would like to be "educated" on this matter before I attend the meeting next week.  I don't really know what to ask. Is it a good idea to go home?  Would the hospital require us to work different shifts? All this for the "privilege" of working at home?  I do know she had mentioned that we need a specific line count per day for the ones working at home.  My question, of course, is why just us when we don't have a specific line count now.

Any suggestions and experiences would greatly be appreciated.  Thanks a bunch!!


Interesting story on CNN.com Health - sm - Posted By: LowlyMT

about people's medical records being online (such as with certain medical institutions, HMOs, etc., where you can access them.).   They're asking the questions, "Is if safe?"  "Who else can see them?", etc.   But as usual, the REALLY big question, "What other countries have my records visited when they were transcribed?" was not asked, because obviously the people doing this story knew little or nothing about how medical records come about in the first place.  Here's the link to the written version, but there is also a video on the CNN site.


Ortho, Neuro and/or Neurosurgery MTs...sm - Posted By: MT

...with Workers' Comp experience, where are you?  Help!

Going back on the market -- any advice? - Posted By: equineluvr

Hi y'all,

Three weeks ago I began a new job doing acute care at a local hospital (part of CHS). On Friday they told us that our work would be outsourced beginning in April.... Previously I worked at another local hospital for 9 years transcribing Rad and ER notes, echos, etc. I left there because I need expensive orthognathic surgery and their insurance plan has a blanket exclusion against it. Plus I wanted to brush up on my "big four" skills.

Now I am looking for work. Boy have things changed!  I really prefer to work for a hospital or start up my own company again but would work for a service as a last resort. After reading the informative posts here, I have begun compiling a list of "good" and "bad" services so I can avoid certain ones.

Does anyone here have any advice for me? Not general advice about job hunting, but more specific advice about the services -- what to watch out for, etc. I have never done editing/VRT, but apparently that pays less anyway so I don't think I will be doing that.


I think My boss wants me to quit (vent) - Posted By: I wonder if I should just straight out ask her.

She won't give me my incentive pay.  I have typed 1400 to 1500 lines per day for the last six weeks which is up from 1100 to 1200.   The deal is, if  I can type this consistently for six weeks then I get paid 0.95 per line instead of 0.9.  Well I have done that.  She says, no you have not typed that for 10 days in a work period.  I asked her, "well, how can I when you pull me off sometimes to file because of lack of work.  She says, well, I just cannot give you the incentive. 

Also, she stuck me in an office with one of the most obnoxious coworkers I have ever had to work with.  None of the other Mts, male or female,  can get along with her either so she sticks her in an office to herself and then she decides to move me in with her.  Obnoxious starts belitting me like she did the others, she acts like she owns the place and I told her to stop. She did not stop so I went to the boss.  The boss talks to obnoxious so I got the silent treatment for a while which was better then getting an azz chewing every 5 minutes.  But then before I left today she bit my head off again about someone who was buring a candle and it was making her sneeze.  I go to the boss, tell her I want to move back in the other MTs.  Boss says, your not moving.  I don't want Obnoxious to be isolated from EVERYONE!  Your going to have to get along.

I know these nationals don't pay as high and I am sure they don't offier as good bennies but they are looking sweeter and sweeter.  Help. 

I am feeling so stressed by changes at my company, holidays, friends dying, - Posted By: Not a good day

not sure where to turn next.  I really feel like I need to dump my whole situation and start from the beginning by doing a job where I am around people during the day instead of the curt phone calls from the office, and not having enough time to even talk or go out of the house to do anything.   Why can't these companies have a little time to just say hello, thanks for a good job, or just something nice once in a while.  Everything in the communication is negative, negative, and more negative.  Team leaders are the pits, too.  It is jusd do more, do more;  they  don't care if you are sick, and it means nothing to them to pile on more stress and more demands so they look good.  They want you to work every day of the week, but they sure do take their days off, don't they. 

Regarding a legal board, we are not planning to add any new boards. We feel that there are plenty of - Posted By: Administrator (sm)

boards for various topics of discussion.  There also will not be a MQ board set up.  Posters may post on the Main board or Company board about companies. 

My back is killing me today. What do - Posted By: getting old at 43

you do for back pains?  Any suggestions....

I posted to the message below about St. Simons.nm - Posted By: Kikicat


How frustrating is this? - Posted By: me

   I have a NP who is dictating.  She calls the patient by his first name, calls him by his first part of hyphenated last name, calls him the last name of the hyphenated last name (i.e.  Mr. John Smith-Jones is sometimes John, somes Mr. Smith, sometimes Mr. Jones).  What a BIG pain for this verbatim account.  "uj" usually gives me the patient's name, now I can't use that because she keeps changing her mind what she wants to call him..................grrrrr.

Just Scared - Posted By: coffee girl

I have about 2 years' experience in MT but I do not have much experience in ESL dictators. I am just scared that I won't be able to hack it if/when I finally do find an MT job. Plus, I cannot get DSL or high speed internet and am stuck with dial-up and that hurts me a lot too.  Right now I have a DA-126 (C-phone compatible) but no one seems to use them anymore!

How many others out there..... - Posted By: earlybird

are having their office personnel going through the jobs before you receive them, and mess them up so you absolutely have to type them all over once received by you?  This mainly pertains to those of us doing VR or QA.  Thanks.  Just curious. 

Do you guys ever feel like just a number? Remember the good old days... - Posted By: just me

When if you had a problem, you could go straight to the manager and they'd take care of it right away, making you feel secure in your position and important?  When I talk to my supervisor, I feel like her main focus is to get off the phone with me asap, being very short with me, and quick to say she will get right on something when in fact she never does.  I just feel so remote and always worry about how long i'm going to have a job in the MT field because of how uncaring the supervisors are, not knowing us personally, not having a face to go along with the person, being able to yank us off an account we're comfortable with onto some ungodly thing where our line count goes down to zilch, and having NO control over it.  I was never one to work around people because of all the backstabbing that goes on with women in the office, but I would love to have a home office to report to periodically throughout the year, and maybe work in-house a couple times a month, just to put a face with people and not feel like a number that would be easy to dispose of. 

Flash Forward SNAFU - Posted By: carneyl

Working in WP 5.1 for DOS.  System is set up to automatically install Flash Forward when I boot up.  As the Flash Forward bar is running, it stops and gives me a pretty  blue flashing prompt saying "Attempt to add duplicate Abbreviation: blah, blah, blah.  Has anyone experienced this?  How do I get out of it?  I assume there must be some way to search for and delete the duplicate abbreviation, but beats me all to you-know-what.    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Would you ever work at home doing a nonMT job? - Posted By: home worker

I just got a call from a local company about a job application I sent them a month ago when I was unemployed.  They wanted to email me some information about their home worker program.  It's doing customer service over the phone, which I don't know if I would like, but it's better than sore wrists, right?  I don't know if it includes free satellite dish service or how the pay is.  LOL 

Need to vent... - Posted By: mt

Okay...so my friend just came into some money, not sure how but they got a few grand.  So with that money they bought a new truck which they really needed.  I was told by her that she had enough to go to school to become an MT which she has been thinking about for about 3 years now......well do you think she registered? No....she said that she is sending her BFF on an all inclusive trip to Mexico with $2000 spending money.  I just want to ring her neck if she actually did that.  I am not sure anymore because we not longer talk....because of differences. 


I'm sorry I am very flustered about what she is doing - even though I should NOT care anymore but when your DH is working his ass off 24/7 why wouldn't you get schooling to help him out?!?!?


I just get some decisions some people make.  I am glad that I decided to use my money for my schooling because I would never have been were I am right now.  I am truely truely blessed with the opportunities that are coming my way!


Bayscribe productivity..... - Posted By: good or bad?

For anyone who uses Bayscribe, do you do real well productivity wise on one account and then accomplish absolutely nothing on others?  The short notes, the in and out, in and out business; it takes up so much time, I have just spent over 2 hours with just under 200 lines.   Is anyone else's experience the same?

Fascinating website for anything GI - Posted By: MT Glori

I came across this website this afternoon and am completely mesmerized by it.  If you have an interest regarding anything gastrointestinal, you'll love it.  There are more videoclips and pictures than I've ever seen before - everything from "accessory pancreas in the gastric antrum" all the way to "Zenker's diverticulum", not to mention links to dozens of other GI sites. 


gift - Posted By: Lisa

What is an appropriate gift ( reasonable ) to give a doctor's office that has a ton of employees ( I am an IC)? I feel I should give them something since I do appreciate the work, but do not want to spend a ton of $$. Thanks

Frustrated - Posted By: Jamie

Okay I applied with Diskriter three weeks ago, went through the testing, both written and transcription.  The recruiter said I had made too many errors and sent the test back to be to correct.  I did that and sent it back to her.  She said everything looked great and I did very well on the transcription test.  I had two phone interviews, one with the recruiter and one with the HIM director.  I had already set up a schedule and everything.  Both sounded like I had a lot of potential especially since I have alot of experience with ESLs and don't mind them at all.  I had not heard anything all week and so I sent an email to the recruiter.  I also called to leave a voicemail and found out she was on vacation.  Therefore, I left a voicemail on the directors phone (because the recruiters voicemail said to do so).  I waited all week and this morning got an email saying that at this time there were no available openings for my hours or qualifications.  WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?  I told them both I would work weekend evening and they said great as that is what they needed most right now.  What gives?  Has anyone else had problems with this company? 

OT: for animal lovers - Posted By: Snow Bunny


I need help again regarding DHs red blotches - Posted By: sm

He now has a swollen lower lip.  I am trying to tell him he needs to go to the ER, but he really does not want to (besides which we really cannot afford it).  Is there any way this could be something that could be waited out?

Word question - Posted By: Lori

I pull in a template for a group of docs, and in their template, they have all their doctors listed on the left hand side of the template.  Is there a way to supress that verbiage so that it will not be counted in a Word count (other than manually highlighting text and counting?)  TIA for your help!

YAHOO...sm - Posted By: CURIOUS

This is a bit off topic, but...

Has anyone besides me had no luck accessing Yahoo for the past two days?


has anybody ever heard of training your - Posted By: only me

replacement (as an ic) after giving your two week notice? can anyone tell me their opinions on jester's touch? I can't find anything current when I search the archives and only found from 2003 & 4.  also, why would they need my driver's license number when my job doesn't involve driving for them?

This really BUGS me, & I'm getting sick of it! - sm - Posted By: Flibertygibbit


Why is it that MTSOs can't get at least MOST of their QA people on the same page when it comes to style, format, spelling, abbreviations, etc. etc.???  I have 4 different people editing my work, and I keep getting 4 different opinions on what is correct and what is not!  Half the things they *correct* were right when I typed them, and now are WRONG once they're edited!  Yet it's MY initials on the page of the final product, so whoever reads it will think I produced that trash.  Gaaaaaaa!


Please answer about starting as an MT - Posted By: SarahE

I have a question.  How did you get started doing MT work.  How did you GAIN the experience that seems to be required in order to get ANY job?  I am a medical assistant and the previous doctor I worked for got behind on his transcription and he let me fill in doing it for him off of tapes.  I did that for a year and loved it.  The doctor since moved his practice to another state and I would like to work again as an MT, but I cannot find a company online to hire me with my little experience and only having clinic experience.  Even if I take a course it seems I am still going to have a hard time finding a job.  I was just wondering how everyone got started and what would be the best route for me to take.