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Looking for you - Posted By: Ronnie MT

Barbara Tice - I noticed you answered an add on this site and was thinking about you.  I trained you 10 years ago and we certainly lost touch.  Email me , the short little dark haired lady, at rnjob1@yahoo.com

Need some clarification on C-phone dictation and some websites for urology sm - Posted By: DermMT

I will be covering the transcription for a urology clinic.   I was briefly told that the doctors dictate to a C-phone that  goes directly to a base office.  Then the file is e-mailed to their office where they can access the dictation.   Does this sound right or are they accessing the file from the base office through FTP and then downloading it.  Also, doesl AOL work OK to access files or do you need another FTP provider.  Not sure how they are doing the work, but any help would be appreciated.  Need some good website for urology,  Just want to be prepared.   Always ask the experts!  Thanks. 

Cheap digital hand helds vs expensive ones - Posted By: Fast Fingers

I want to get my doc to switch to digital instead of tapes.  I need to know what the difference between the expensive handhelds and the cheap ones at radio shack is.  There is a huge difference in price and I can't really see why he needs one of the expensive ones.  Thanks for your help.

Unlimited Long Distance. - Posted By: wondering

What are the best ULD companies and plans out there that are MT friendly? I've heard horror stories! TIA

Transcription South Inc - Posted By: Lee

All these days I was told that TSI is a "do not outsource company" but I was shocked to find this claim on the net by an unknown Indian company in their site "SSAPL, parent company of ISPL has recently acquired Transcription South Inc.(TSI), in Florida which is now a sister concern of ISPL and has been serving hospitals from Tallahassee to Miami for over twenty five years." (infovisionsoftware.net) Can anybody shed some light on it

Confused about test taken. sm - Posted By: CC

I took a test for a company, but some of the errors they said I made don't make sense to me. Has that happened to anyone else? The grammar is not in AAMT BOS Style, the spelling of some terms is incorrect, lots hyphens are placed that are no longer necessary according to the BOS that was marked incorrect. I'm confused!

If I did the test the way I used to type, before the BOS Book, I would have passed the test!

BTW, it was cardiology. I took a test for a company that only does cardio reports and passed, but I bombed on this one due to BOS-style rules that they don't implement. What's the point in learning all this stuff and still can't meet their standards?

True IC work - Posted By: taxydeer

To take up where someone else left off - are there any true "IC" jobs out there where the MTs work hours are truly flexible?  I work now as an IC but my shift is dictated which is completely against the 20 rules that the IRS states - and of course I do not always have work.  With 15 years of experience, I would think that I could find the "perfect" job, but have struggled over the last few years to find anything like what I worked a mere 10 years ago.  I stay where I am because I have not been offered anything more than what I have where I am - and am actually pretty satisfied, other than the hours not being flexible - I am just wondering what has happened (other than outsourcing) to have changed this field to what is is now.  Do any of you other MTs have a hard time suggesting this as a field of study for people who ask about it?  I do know that with the price of gasoline more and more companies (other than MT) are offering their workers the opportunity to work from home, but it is so hard to leave the field that you have loved for so long.

Interesting read (sm) - Posted By: MT

This is on MSN's front page:  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23561667/?GT1=43001 .  It just goes to show how many Americans have no idea who has access to their medical records.

which companies still have SE status - Posted By: just checking


eskribe - Posted By: dls

does anyone have any input into this company's work ethics, background, etc.  I am testing for a QA position and need some input.

OMG!!! Why do ESL's sit there not dictating for 5 minutes at a time???? - Posted By: Turn the mike off, you loser!

Geez, as if they're not annoying enough when they actually ARE talking! 

Need help on wording to Google area hospitals that hire MTs at home - Posted By: SM

Everything I put in gives me sites like MTDaily, etc., that have stuff about work-at-home programs and work-at-home information.  I would like to find out which hospitals here in my area hire MTs to work at home so that I can apply as I have just found out that my company is about to sink.  Any advice appreciated.  Thanks.

? about job listing for Nebraska Heart InstituteSM - Posted By: NE_MT

Does anyone here work for them?  They stated they have "excellent" benefits.  Could you tell me what that means/what it includes?  Could you tell me (approx) how much they cost for a family and what kind of co-pay and deductible there are?  How do you like working there?  Are the dictators fairly clear (for the most part)?  Is it difficult to make the required 1500 lines per day?  Also, (if you don't mind) could you share the payscale (just low to high would be fine)?  I've left my e-mail if you'd rather correspond by e-mail.  Thank you for your help.  :)


problens with co-workers - Posted By: Help

Does anyone know of a good way to get my co-workers to be quiet?  I swear there is this one who if something sets her off we hear about it for the next 4 hours (no kidding).  Then others get involved and come into the office and try to say their piece.  It is so hard to concentrate and get a decent line count.  The quality of my work is suffering.  I got a report back the other day with some embarrassing typos in it.  I don't get paid hourly I get paid on production.  I need to make more than 1003 lines a day to make it worth my trip up there.  I was making 1300 lines a day when working from home but then they pulled me in house because they didn't like my internet connection.  Complaining to the supervisor  doesn't do any good as there was a girl that did that and it just made everyone mad and they talk ugly about her.  help!

spheris - Posted By: tracy

Hi everyone,

THe hospital I work for just informed us today that they will be using Spheris for their transcription. We all will have jobs with them but type from home. We will still be doing the work from our hospital but when we run out will be able to type for another hospital that the corporation runs. Is anyone else in this same situation? We were wondering about insurance, pay, schedule flexibility, etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Just read that Nuance Communications - Posted By: MT Professional

acquired eSription for $400 million. They also own many other VR systems, such as Dragon, Dictaphone, and Proscribe. Apparently, they would like to dominant the VR market.

Perhaps all MT work will move in the VR direction eventually. I wonder if private doctors' offices will institute VR too?

Pat Day retires from horse racing -- It is a sad day for race fans everywhere! We wish him the best - Posted By: memt

in his retirement, although I hear he's going to stay busy behind the scenes with the chaplaincy program at the horse tracks.  We're gonna miss him here in Ky--

Is there a computer keyboard available with permanent lettering that cannot - Posted By: mt

be erased over time.  I am so tired of buying keyboards every other month.



ahhh finally some peace and quiet, thanks! - Posted By: nm


Back to lines per day, please see message... - Posted By: RADTYPE2

Oh, you misunderstood me.  I was tested at 70 wpm on a typewriter, not a computer, without the benefit of word expanders.  I do use Instant Text, I do put everything in it that I can find.  However, I have no "normals" and have never had a day when all I did was mammos etc.  It's always different and only very rarely (less than once every day) do I get a "normal".  I find myself wondering if there isn't something else I can do to speed up or if I'm just getting the "crappy" jobs.  You know 5 lines here , 10 lines there.  All requiring me to open and close in Meditech (you know if you've used it...  Return return return to file).  Where do you find a national that will let you do CT's or MRI's or even mammo's all day long?  My dictation is comprised of 75% x-ray reports (short) and 25% CT's, MR's, etc.  Is there a company out there that let's you do mammo's all day?  If so, please tell me who and where! 

AutoCorrect Freeze - Posted By: jenn

i use autocorrect for all my docs' templates.  to reflect the new year, i tried to change them to read 2009 but on certain templates, word freezes up when i tried to edit them and i have to exit out of it to remedy the problem but still cannot edit my template.  i even tried just deleting it from autocorrect altogether, but even that causes a freeze.  and it's only on one doc's templates.  i was able to change my others just fine.  does anyone have any suggestions?

voicescribe - Posted By: Paula

Has anybody used this transcribing platform?  How do you like?  Does it have a word Expander program included with the program? 

ASPs - How the Internet is changing EMR - Posted By: Karunakar

Healthcare, along with construction, education and retail are ranked as being the slowest adopters of IT. With more pressure than ever from government, insurers and patients, why is healthcare still so far behind?

As health care becomes more integrated, electronic medical records (EMRs) have become an integral part of any practice.

In its simplest form, the concept of EMR is electronic storage and instant availability of clinical information to authorized users at the point of care. Increased efficiency is one of the foremost benefits. Because of increasing technological advances, we are seeing the delivery and implementation model of EMR changing with the times.

Practitioners today have an option to choose either EMR on "Client-Server" or an ASP platform.

Traditionally, EMRs had been deployed directly in the clinic on a Client-Server platform using a main computer (a "server") located in the clinic. The data is then accessed using a "client" i.e. another computer connected directly to the server through the local area network (LAN).

However, with the increased demand for cost-effective EMR solutions, and advances in Web based technology, many vendors are now offering EMR on ASP platform.

The Application Service Provider ("ASP") model is a way of providing EMR to medical practices that takes advantage of the Internet. An ASP replaces the on-site server at a physicians office with a server installed and managed at a central data center. Physicians and practice staff can access the software applications remotely via PCs connected through the Internet. It is an effective EMR solution for Solo and Medium Medical Practices.

The increase in demand and interest in the ASP model is attributed to the various advantages it offers over the traditional Client-Server model:

Low cost of ownership: The foremost advantage to the practice is the reduction of hardware, software and maintenance costs. Software installation, maintenance, upgrades, back-up etc. are carried at the vendors end. The clinic does not require hiring of specialized IT staff to manage the day to day activities related to EMR. The user has to pay a fixed or transaction-based fee, mostly on monthly basis which also reduces the cost.

Easier accessibility of data at multiple locations: The ASP based solution allows the physician to access patient data at multiple locations via PCs connected to the Internet. This is very useful for clinics having multiple locations: the physician does not have to stick to a particular PC or location to access patient data.

Easier Upgrades & maintenance: The EMR vendor can centrally update the existing software at his end rather than going to each site for upgrades. This results in fast and effortless upgrade without interfering with the day-to-day operations of the clinic. Upgrades to a Client-Server platform could also require upgrading the existing hardware. This adds to the cost further. With an ASP model, the EMR vendor upgrades the hardware as needed at his end rather than requiring the physician to purchase additional hardware.

Greater Flexibility: ASP platform is far more flexible than Client-Server systems. Most Client-Server EMRs require the practice to buy the application outright rather than choosing a step-by-step implementation. Once the clinic has chosen a Client Server platform, it is difficult to switch to a different vendor because the cost incurred during the initial implementation for hardware and software is high. As ASP based EMR platforms have enjoyed an increase in demand, vendors offering these solutions have to address certain issues in order to increase the acceptance of ASP based EMRs over Client-Server solutions:

Security & Privacy of Medical Records: Since all the medical data is transmitted over the Internet, patient privacy issues are vital. In fact, ASP systems can be more secure than most Client-Server systems. HIPAA Complaint ASP systems are professionally managed data centers with high level data security systems in place. Data moves through a secured and encrypted pathway across the internet with standards such as SSL-128 in use. Firewalls installed at both ends stop unauthorized access to the network. In addition, Digital Certificates and PINs are some of the other measures being implemented by vendors.

Ownership of Medical Data: Because the patient data is stored at a site outside of the clinic, prospective ASP clients often ask the question Who owns the Data? In most cases Service Level Agreements or other legal agreements are formulated and put in place to ensure that the ASP users can retrieve their data upon the termination of services, if they chose to do so.
Availability of Internet Connection: Since ASP platform is web based, it requires a stable and fast Internet connection at the clients end. The physician might not be able to use the solution if the connectivity is slow or interrupted. Most vendors recommend T-1 or DSL lines, both readily available in most locations, to ensure seamless flow of information and uninterrupted workflow.

In summary, ASPs offer an effective alternative to traditional Client-Server applications with the promise of lower cost of ownership, greater flexibility, easier implementation and maintenance. Physicians have come to realize that ASPs have grown up, and more practices will begin to migrate to the ASP model in the future as the concept gains increased acceptance.

Non-MT Work? - Posted By: Rose

Does anyone have any ideas for work that can be done on the side of a part-time MT job? I'm interested in hearing different ideas! Thanks.

what does s/l and s/m mean? - Posted By: chcknmn

i ran a Google search yesterday looking for sclerae injected and it came back with an s/l sclerae injected search result. what does s/l mean and what does s/m mean? thanks

Help with Shorthand expander (sm) - Posted By: quietmoods

I really hate this Expander but it is what works best with this other company I work for.  How do you make -year-old move so it is next to the number when you key in yo?  TIA

Excel question - Posted By: Rad MT

I know a little bit about Excel, but not a whole lot. I'm trying to learn from books and through trial and error, but it's slow going.

So here's what I want to do:  I need to set up a spreadsheet so I can record date, exam number, number of characters, divide number of characters by 65 to get number of lines, multiply lines by 10 cents to get amount for each report.

I know how to set up individual cells to divide or multiple, but how do I set them up for the entire spreadsheet, or at least within a range of, say, 100 cells/rows?


Has anybody here ever been a recruiter? - Posted By: Kat

I am curious what are some requirements of becoming a recruiter.  I think that might be an interesting job to have, but there are possibly some things I'm not considering.  Does anyone know how to find information on this?  I would think that it is probably competative, so I don't want to ask another recruiter

Editscript font question...sm - Posted By: mtmomof3

All the sudden last week, when my jobs come up on my screen, the font looks like courier new.    But the font window says it is in Times New Roman (which is what it is supposed to be).  I suppose all my jobs are uploading in the right font, but it is wierd that all the sudden they look wrong on my screen.  When I change the background color, then the font looks like it is supposed to. 

Anyone else have this happen?  Is there something I should do?


charging per character - Posted By: sunnyMT

What is the average charge per char??  A dr called me and told me he is currently paying .002 per char.  If I calculated right, that would be .13 cpl.  Is it standard to charge char w/spaces or not? Thanks for any info, I always have charged by the line  

Pay per report (radiology) - Posted By: HomeMT

1. If a radiologist dictates CT abdomen/pelvis and you have to combine the reports, do you get paid for this?

2. If the radiologists read reports from another facility and the transcriptionist has to type them in the system (a different way than the regular reports), do you get paid for these?

3. If you transcribe a report dictated by someone other than the radiologist (i.e., cardiologist), do you get paid for this?

I have found that the discrepancies in my production totals have to do with all three of the above. I don't believe I am being paid for any of them.

These may be good questions to ask when discussing employment. Unfortunately, I didn't think to ask before-hand. I'll repost to let you know when I get the answers from the company.

I know this is off topic, but I just had to share with everyone that - Posted By: my daughter received a SM

$30,000.00 scholarship for her community involvement going back to 7th grade. She wrote a paper on how all people should get involved and make a difference in other peoples lives. I'm the proudest mom in the whole wide world! :D

x versus X - Posted By: Anne Davis

I need to know if it should be x or X.  IE  8 mm X 7 mm.

Someone gag him, please - Posted By: Irene

Tonight, I had an ER doctor, so awful, so mushy mouth but dictates faster than a speeding bullet. In the ROS, I actually thought I heard: No insect bites to her buttocks; then realized it was, No NSAIDs or antibiotics. And this is a no-blank account by the way. It's late, I'm going to bed.

TurboTax or TaxCut - Posted By: MslaMT

Which program do you think works better?

need to replace DAC phone - Posted By: Vicki

Hi all.  I need to replace my DAC phone and looking for recommendations.  I currently have two and both are on their last leg.  ONe is a DA-125 and the other is a DA-127.  I don't think I necessarily need the same exact one.  I just need to make sure it is good for VDI.

I have had the DA-127 worked on, but with time the issue is back and it is just plum worn out after almost 10 years of use.

Any suggestions are welcome.



What other jobs allow working at home? - Posted By: HappyCat

I am thinking of going back to school now, while I have a reasonably good job.  Problem is, because of medical concerns, I have to be able to work from home.  What other options are there for folks like me who find it a requirement to work from home?

Any advice appreciated. 


Completing Andrews vs MTec - Posted By: Laura Scaggs

Just wondering if anyone can tell me why Andrews is a 9-12 month program and MTec a 12-14 month one? I am very interested in both, but if I can do this in a shorter time frame then I'm for Andrews. Thanks!

to those of you who have young kids at home for summer - Posted By: whattodo

As I understand, daycare is a touchy subject here but I am looking for some opinions.  I have been MTing for 10 years now part time.  During that time I had my 3 kids.  With the PT hours it worked out great.  Now not too long ago I started FT (8 hrs/day). This has been since the school yr started.  My older two are in school all day.  My youngest is 2 and goes to the neighbors house. With summer coming all three will be home.  Its tough because they are 10, 8, 2, the older two argue constantly it seems.  I feel bad to have them have to take care of their 2 yr old sibling on summer break.  They all go in different directions.  I am weighing my options on what to do.  Anyone else in this situation or have any suggestions? If I were putting less hours in I would have no prob.  I understand a lot of you are able to do this with no prob, but it just doesn't work in my house unfortunately.

I for one - Towanda - Posted By: AnotherOldTimerMT

Good afternoon Towanda,

I loved your post.

Regarding your statement about workflow coordinators "not knowing" or "not caring" about how you MTs get or don't get your work, I would like to take exception.  When I did workflow coordination as a supervisor at MedQuist in the late 1990s, I knew exactly what the TAT on every work type was and which MT could do what worktype and how fast.  There has to be a balance.  Also, the worktypes had different TAT, from 24-96 hours, which made it easier than the standard 24-hour TAT of today.  I believe that, while workflow management might seem like a completely boring and often mundane function, you either have "it" or you don't.  Never having done it before and not after, I don't know how I did it and when MTs would ask me how I did it I couldn't explain...maybe just a "gift" like each and everyone of us has.  And yes, there were monetary penalties for out-of-contract TATs.

I just love transcription and MTs and always will!  

Is there any way for the e-mail address to stay - Posted By: permanently in the box on all boards?nm


What are your favorite dictators? - Posted By: Just for fun...

I like the ones who right when they begin dictating, turn around and speak directly into their armpit.  Or how about the ones who carry on a complete conversation in English to the nurse next to them, then when they start dictating they sound like one of those auction guys who have had a few drinks?

Best place to purchase C-phone? sm - Posted By: BarbS

I may need to purchase a C-phone.  I've been looking at ebay and some other sites.  Do any of you have a favorite place to purchase equipment?  I live in Atlanta area, and it seems like there used to be a place to buy equipment, but I can't remember the name.

TIA for your help!

Curious.. do most put s/l stickys on a blank for the doctor? - Posted By: Just me


EXText: ESP control panel? - Posted By: by

I am new to this whole "platform" business (used to type strictly from tapes or from dictaphone system tank in hospital) and noticed under Tools the ESP control panel (or something like that).  Is this an expander?  How does it work?

Thank you

Advice please, job hunting. - Posted By: ME

I recently left a hospital job 6 months ago because of climbing gas prices and started working for a MTSO.   After the six months, I cannot seem to get the correct line count to be eligable for benefits and I need benefits.   I can work for hours and it is like my line count barely moves.  I worked the same way at the hospital and made twice as much so I know I can do it but for some reason with this MTSO I cannot seem to make it move.   I thought I would try another MTSO.  I applied and they offered me a job and as soon as I got my new hire paperwork in they would ship me my foot pedal and what I need to get started.  Well, the next day after talking to that recruiter, I noticed an ad in the paper from a local hospital, just a block away, stating they wanted a medical records clerk, FT with benefits.   I jumped up and applied.  They called me in for an interviewed today and told me what the job entails, which has nothing to do with MT, gave me a tour of the hospital and they said will call me Thursday with their decision.   Oh best part is no weekends or holidays. 

What I am wondering is should I go ahead and fax that new hire paper work as if I don't have that hospital job or should I wait.  I told the MTSO I would have it in today and I would hate for them to go through the expense to send my stuff for me to send it back if I did get that job, but on the other hand I don't want to keep them waiting.   Also, I am not sure yet as for what the salary would be with the hospital as when I asked they said they would let me know by Thursday.   I have 2 in daycare so the job would have to cover that and I am not sure if it will. 

They are transitioning to EMR.  They have paper MR now and they are trying to get ready for EMR and they need help filing.  I have a feeling I would be walking in on a mess. I think the MTs still use tapes.   

archive search - Posted By: DM7

Is it just me or is the archive search here almost useless? Every time I look for something, even my own past posts, I get terrible results.

word help - Posted By: texan

on the word board please !! 

Would you return to MT if..... - Posted By: Duchess

Here is the gist of my question.  I stopped working as a MT to homeschool my children and be a stay-at-home mom.  Hubby said I had enough to do just by schooling them so I quit my career.  My youngest will be done in three years.  I will be around 50 years old at that time....Would you go back to school or would you come back to MT?  Is it worth it?  I know it has started paying less, but honestly, it was paying less back then...can we say MQ and manipulated line counts here.....

I am kicking around the idea of going after a degree in something ?  Honestly, I never knew who or what I wanted to be in this life.  I just kind of fell into transcription.  But I am also looking at I know transcription very well....it really doesn't sound like it has changed a whole lot since the time I left, and do I really want to be going to 'school' at 50 years of age??? 

I would appreciate your advice, insight, wisdom of life learning experiences, etc. 


Thank you.

Anyone else really disappointed with the 2006 QLDB? - Posted By: mandy

This latest version seems like a beta version.  Could it be more time consuming with all the clicking, scrolling, and tabs required to click on?  Even the new search feature stinks as it does not bring what you typed in to the top, it just leaves it on the bottom and you must scroll to bring it up.  This one is definitely NOT built for production.  Has anyone figured out how to import things from previous versions of their drug book into this one?  I cannot figure it out with this version and my e-mails to them for help have gone unanswered thus far.

Is it faster than paging through a book?  Yes.  Is it up to the standards of their previous QLDBs?  Not in my opinion and I have been very happy with the electronic version since 1999.