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Does MQ really seem like they want MTs? It doesn't seem like it - Posted By: to me.

When you make something so complicated, difficult, cumbersome, and frustrating, that sends me the message they aren't really wanting to be in the business.   As far as I'm concerned, they have sent me a signal they don't want me to work for them.  Wonder who they sent those surveys to.

Is there a way for me to go back and see what actions from the previous - Posted By: E-Bay ?

week went for?   I have something identical to an auction and I had been watching it, although had not marked it, and it ended today and I want to go back and see what the final bid was and then also would like to go back a week or so and see if there were similar items auctioned and the final bids. 

How to price an MT company for sale? - Posted By: sm

Does anyone know how to figure out the value of an MT company for a sale?  I have a friend who is an MTSO and is in a complicated situation and she needs to know the value of her company.  How do you calculate this?

Electronic spellchecker and line counting software for Word 07 - Posted By: Amanda Eades

Does anyone know of any line counting software and electronic medical spellchecker that works in Word that is out there for Word 97.  I just upgraded to Office 2007 and my abacus does not do the same and I really don't like it in the standalone version and also my Dorland's electronic medical spellchecker will not even install on this version of Word.  Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions.  Please help as I have to have this to do my job. 

Thanks so much

I see posting all the time about transcription, why are you staying, really? - Posted By: Why, why, why?

First of all let me tell you about myself. I am way past the time when I have to "make" a living, do not have children to raise, can work if I want and not if I want, have just reached that point of not having to put up with much of anything anymore. My question is to you- yes you- the one who is posting here complaining and complaining about how this work has gone downhill and it has. If you are younger and really need the money and need to work and make a decent salary, why are you hanging on to something that does not look like it will change? I see the letters supposedly being written to the president, 60 minutes and the like. What do you think that will do, if anything? I am really surprised that the trend in this job is sinking even further in the money department, no raises ever and if you want more money, then work long, long hours and 7 days a week. Instead of fussing and being irritated about the lack of work, the lack of money, etc., why in the world do you not try to find another "real" profession before you get to an age to where you would really be stuck, that is not ever being able to pull out from this hole ever. I could not raise a family on what I make now but that is the difference in me and most I read on here. Ladies (with an occasional gent thrown in here or there) what are you thinking about? Why not make a change while you are young and can? There are loads of jobs for the medical field, if this is what interests you. Staying at home with the kids was perhaps ok at 1 time but not anymore. Why not get out while the getting is good and you still have a chance to really enjoy your job while at the same time being able to survive? Think about it.



just some information for MTs in rural areas where high speed is not available - Posted By: Jest Lil Ole Me

Hi all,

Was just on the Sprint website a little bit ago and checking out wireless cards for my laptop since I will be moving to an area that doesn't even have landline service available yet.  Sprint is now offering a wireless card that is a USB card and apparently will work with both a laptop and a desktop as long as you have an available USB port on your computer.  Might be something to think about


Anyone with an ADT home security system? - Posted By: hardatwork

We have been thinking about getting one for awhile, but especially now since our neighbor is out on bond for 1st-degree sexual abuse.  How does this work and what all does it monitor?  Any info would be appreciated.  Also, is it expensive?

Ya know, winter doesn't officially start until tomorrow - Posted By: cold and tired

And, I'm already tired of the cold,

tired of all the snow,

but my kids love it and I can't move.

Then consider the heat bill.....now I'm crying

How does one get set up to work for themselves? - Posted By: KYMT

I have worked for only 1 company for 8 years now, although I have worked on different accounts and all work types.  There is a local physician who may be interested in getting me to do work for him.  I feel completely clueless about how to get started with an account of my own and what I need to do to work for myself.  Can anyone give me some insight as to how I go about getting set up to work for myself?  Any advice is appreciated as I don't want to sound like I completely clueless if the offer is brought to me.

Google William Hung - Posted By: LouLou

American Idol watchers - Unbelievable, this is something my hubby told me, did not see in any newspaper, ET, TV news, not one word.

For any Transcend employees (not ICs).. - Posted By: Meghan

Can you tell me if the hours are flexible at Transcend for full time employees?  I think instead of being an IC (I don't want to worry about taxes, being audited, etc.) I would like to be a full time employee; however, I'm in school too and need flexible hours and can't commit to a strict schedule - I need to be able to have more flexibility as my hours are different every semester.  Thanks for any help.

Does anyone know of a good company for radiology... - Posted By: MQGuy

with non-teaching hospitals and decent rates?

Good cardiology info site? - Posted By: Starving Artist


Outsourcing - Posted By: Lynn

Can anyone enlighten me just how an individual such as myself could check to see if a company that adverises on MT Job Boards has any affiliations with India or outsourcing? Thanks for your help.

Does Emdat work with F keys or is is something else? Is Emdat - Posted By: similar to WP5.1 at all? Thx. nm Asking


shortcut question - Posted By: tinglefinger

I am using a trial version of shortcut.  I have added shortcuts to a file, but when I pull them up the first letter is duplicated -- for example.  tpt -- the patient -- comes out tthe patient.  Anyone dealt with this?  I have e-mailed tech support but no response yet.


North Alabama Transcriptionists - Posted By: kg

Are there any hospitals based in North Alabama who use at-home Radiology Transcriptionists?

MT salary - Posted By: Tyler

What is the average salary of someone starting out being a MT, and what type of raises do you get. Is it a good career for someone young to get into?

One way to beat the high gas prices... - Posted By: SM

Gas prices drive man to commute by horse

By Associated Press

MINOT, N.D. --Jim Jundt was so determined to rein in his spending on gasoline that he got out of bed early and rode his 14-year-old quarterhorse mare to work.

Jundt lives 15 miles south of Minot and works as a mechanic at Goodyear Tire & Auto Service in the city.

He said he and his co-workers had been talking about rising fuel prices, and he joked that he would ride his horse to work if gasoline ever hit $3 a gallon.

His co-workers laughed, but when the price at the pump soared to $3.20 last week, Jundt headed for the barn.

He said he was only five minutes late riding his mare, Patty, to work.

While he worked, Patty waited patiently, eating hay out of the back of a truck.

Copyright 2005 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Attention QA people - PLEASE READ :) - Posted By: Anonymous QA

I'm fed up with the company I work for.  Can any of you who are HAPPY with your QA job tell me what company you work for?  I have been looking but it's hard to know which companies offer :1) Decent pay;  2) A relatively flexible schedule; and, very important 3) Appreciation!  I would like to find a smaller company as I work for a very LARGE national company (can you guess who? lol) - I'm sick of feeling ignored and invisible and would like to work for a smaller to medium sized company that actually values its employees.  Please, don't say you can't tell me who you work for - I really need some guidance here!  Thanks. 

Need to ask again - Posted By: Kami

Sorry about asking this again, but a couple days went by before I could get on here again, and since then I have not been able to find my post (to read any responses).

My question is do you all have any tricks to being fast in the TES screen?  I have trouble with this and the dictators enter some info into fields that don't populate into the report, so we have to re-enter it in different fields.  Also, often have to delete #s, dates if not given and check boxes in certain cases.

Any thoughts & tips on this appreciated! 

For those who have used credit counseling services, what was your experience? - Posted By: Paycheck to paycheck

Radiation Oncology vacation coverage - Posted By: Bev Tyack

Does anyone out there with a private radiation oncology account want to exchange vacation coverage? I have three doctors in a small clinic, average 600 lines a day. They are very particular about quality and need 24-48 hour turnaround at the very most. DSS digital voice files, and all three very good dictators--no accents. I really need to be able to take a few weeks a year and some long weekends here and there and would love to find someone in a similar position willing to exchange time with me.

Rush Rate - What do you charge? - Posted By: Tired of doing it for nothing

If you had a client consistently dictate Friday or Saturday and ask for a large volume of work to be returned by Monday, would you charge a rush rate?  What percentage hike to your normal rate would you give?  This particular client dictates the majority of the material over the weekend and always asks for it back ASAP.  I have reiterated my work week consists of Monday through Friday.  I have decided to implement a weekend or rush rate so to speak and I am seeking opinions or experience.  Thank you.  

eMTS or Electronic Medical Transcription Services - Posted By: nn

Anyone work for them or know anything about them??

Can someone please tell me why... - Posted By: not MT-related...please sm...

Why in the world would a perfectly healthy, sane, competent person who is more than able to support herself, stay with an abusive, lazy, disgusting husband?

When I hear about these situations, it just burns me up...I cannot understand why someone willingly stays married to a person who abuses them, uses them, demands *THINGS* from them constantly...why? If anyone out there has an explanation, I'd love to hear it...and it aint the kids...apparently they're grown!

Headphones` - Posted By: Taffy421

My headset went kaphooey.  They were a cheap pair from Radio Shack and fit ON the ear and they had excellent sound quality - but they don't carry them or anything similar.  Wondering what y'all use?  I get my work via the PC in case this makes a difference.  Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.  I got a new RS pair but they are OVER the ear and cause the dictation to sound muffled.  I don't mind a little outside noise - I don't have kids.  What I really need is a good crisp audio with not too much base.  Thanks so much!

Has anyone ever done steno transcription? What is involved? Is it - Posted By: difficult to learn and (sm)

most importantly, are there jobs out there available? Toni

How can you count your lines in Word, I used - Posted By: Rachel

to use the word count in Word and then divide it by something to get a standard line count for that report. Has anyone done this before? I forgot the way to calculate when working in Word.

Wasn't there a gal recently who was getting out of MT and going to - Posted By: culinary school?

I wonder how that's going.  That's what I REALLY want to do.  I have just about reached the camel's last straw with this job.

Need a home remedy - Posted By: one-eared MT

I am hoping someone out there has a home remedy for me.  I went swimming 3 days ago and immediately got a clogged ear.  I tried Debrox for the last 3 days...nada.  Went out and got some Swim-Ear today...again nada.  I don't have insurance at the moment so I really dont want to go to the doc for this but I am tired of trying to work with one ear.  Help??  Anybody got any ideas????

Does anybody else watch Rock Star INXS ?nm - Posted By: MI-MT


Does anyone have any good, realistic advice for working on 60 different accounts!?...(exaggeration) - Posted By: losinglinesMT

but I am really getting frustrated.  I left a company who bumped me off my ERs (which I did for over a year and were my 'bread-and-butter', and the more I complained or asked about it, the worst dictation I got, etc.  This was a change of management in which that company went down-hill fast, anyway, as far as the treatment of MTs. 

so I left, and now at the 'new' company I am still doing 5, 6 accounts.  Forget ERs, I am told. 

the question is, I am working on so many accounts, and even accounts with different management, different QA.  I am embarrassed to mention I just did a report using the SPECS FROM THE WRONG ACCOUNT.  Luckily, I had sent the report to QA, but I get a note from the QA like 'read the specs' (stupid) is how it sounded.  Yeah, I did, but for the wrong account. 

these companies do not see how making people work on so many accounts is going to be huge negative for them in the long-run.  they risk mistakes like this, not me. 

how does one keep it all straight, and why do we have to?  the only people who are having success, are people who will take any kind of abuse, it seems, and are just making the best of it.  does that mean only the aggressive will survive in this business? this gets more ridiculous all the time. 

not to mention, pay and money - LIVELIHOOD - severely diminishes the second week of pay-week.  anyone else notice that?  first week I am flying on the primary, second week in I am like getting scraps, working on 4, 5,6 accounts - there goes all I worked for in the first week. 

so these ladies typing 300+ lines/hour and making $50 thou a year, like so many boast on here, how,where, when ????  I am not getting it, and I am a 99-100% quality MT, working 35 hours/week.  every company I have worked with, my paycheck is totally dependent on the manager, period. 

EXZText setup, at wit's end - Posted By: Snow Bunny

If I double-click on the EXText icon first, it will not load Word and I get a "dump" message. If I load Word manually, the EXText program doesn't respond. However, if I load Word first, EXText loads just fine, I TransNet also connects, but none of the EXText keyboard commands are working.

If anyone else had this problem, how did you solve it? 

What's a good source for very new medical terminology? sm - Posted By: MT

I'm wanting to avoid paying for a $95 subscription to something like The Latest Word, if possible. Is there a web site that posts new medical drugs and other terms that are so new they haven't hit the books yet?


Line rate in So CA Riverside County - Posted By: Anonym

Hi there - can anyone tell me what to charge  for the line rate is in So Calif (Riverside County.)  I had an account about 2 years ago and was charging 12 cents per gross line.  Is it different now?



Reverse poll: What are the 2 things your DH loves about YOU? see msg - Posted By: Reversing the thread below.

After reading the poll a few threads down, last night I asked my hubby what were the two things he loved about ME the most.  Without hesitation he said:  "your encouragement" (towards him) "and your intelligence."  (This is coming from a learned man himself.  That was truly uplifting.) 



Emdat Software Question for Emdat Users - Posted By: David


I have a question about the Emdat software.  Regarding the cc: box, sometimes, you have to type in the address, because the address is not in the database.  I have found that when you try to pause the audio with either the foot pedal or the "F" key assigned to pause while typing the address, the audion will not pause; it keeps on playing.  You should be able to pause the audio while trying to type the address into the database.  Anyone else notice this, anyone?  Thank you kindly.

Any ho t dirt y bitc hes here! - Posted By: MARIO BOSIO

i am on het wanna fuc k hard and deep  so that my 12 inches long black rod reaches the thoroat of all the old MT bitc hes here.

Latest Instant Text revision 541 and MS Word - Posted By: everydayearthling

Has anyone noticed Word save and opening of new documents slow down since upgrading to IT Revision 541 or is it just me?  I tried other things, such as clean disc, defrag, ran System File Check for Windows XP, and Registry Cleaner.  These things helped speed up everything on my computer except Word, which would still be very slow to save and open a new document.


I uninstalled IT and reinstalled the older version and now Word is back to normal speed.  Has anyone else experienced a slow down with the revision or is it just me?  I also didnt like how the new version linked with spelling and grammar check window in Word.


It's probably just me.  I'm always having weird problems.  I'm using Word 2002 (XP) by the way.

Question about Acute Care - Posted By: clinicmt

I have been doing clinic transcription now for over a year.  I am wanting to get into acute care.  I went to one of the top three schools, M-Tec and graduated with a good GPA.  Can anybody give me any tips on getting my foot in the door to acute care or what companies might even consider someone with just clinic experience.


Please help on Productivity board. TIA nm - Posted By: Express Scribe question


How about Scrubs? - Posted By: I can't figure out when/if the new season start

I keep seeing it advertised on a couple of other stations other than NBC.  I'm thinking they are reruns though.  I really enjoyed that show.  Even after going to their website I am confused about when/where to watch it and if they are new episodes or not.  Anyone have a clue?

honest transcription company - Posted By: Private

 Does anyone know of an honest transcription firm.  Looking for names.


Maybe our children go to the same college.   


I will start

One daughter goes to Sacred Heart University in Connecticut.  The other daughter will be going to UMass at Amerst in the fall.  

Sigh... - Posted By: mtinmt

I subscribe to the Monster.com daily job finder, that sends me daily job openings in areas that are of interest to me.  I found a job this morning for an MT where they required NO EXPERIENCE whatsoever.  This was 100% telecommute position.  Let that soak in for a minute...Okay.  So this company promises at least $7.00 to start, and they will provide a book for you.  I guess that's what this has come to nowadays, where they take any Joe Schmo off the street, and say, "Well, here you go.  Start transcribing!"  Isn't that something?  Little Suzie Homemaker who takes this gig, thinking she'll now be able to stay home with her kids and make some money typing is in for a bit of a shock, when she gets a neurosurgical report from Dr. Tadimallakaidanelankea.  I wonder what's in that one book that they provide, that will magically turn her into a skilled MT...

I feel like a slug - Posted By: Slug

I'm on new accounts with a million different docs and just feel like a slug.  On my old accounts (escription for both) I had a couple docs I could edit at 900-1200 per hour no problem.  I'm stuck between 450-600 average on my new ones.  Lots of ESLs too, which I didn't have to deal with too much at the old place.  How long did it take you on average to get back up to your average speed?  NO WAY am I getting up to 900+ on this account.    There...done throwing the pity party for myself.

Thanks to all who participated - Posted By: anonymous

in writing letters with me to the President about the medical transcription field.

Is SS Really That Bad - Posted By: Job Offer From SS

I am a recent graduate from an MT school who is being recruited by Softscript.  I've been reading the posts from the new person at Softscript and there's nothing positive in the replies.  My decision is between Softscript and another company.  Is it really a horror story?  I haven't accepted anything yet.

Smarttype - Adding a text file list? - Posted By: see message please

Is it possible to add a text file word/phrase list to Smartype? If so, how do you do this?