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Unlimited long distance service? sm - Posted By: VTMT

What is a good unlimited long distance company?  Has anyone used Chatterbug? Pros, cons?

I'm not a prude by any means, - Posted By: but...sm

do those KY "personal lubricant/warming massage-stuff" commercials turn your stomach, too? I don't know what it is about those particular commercials, I just find them particularly...um...gross!   Am I alone here?

Here we go again.. - Posted By: susancarol

Well, Futurenet is constantly running out of work now.  Guess I have to start looking again.  I absolutely hate this part of transcription!!  Are there *any* companies out there that pay fairly and on time and don't run out of work?  I'm beginning to doubt it!  :(

Need a good expander. - Posted By: just me

Any suggestions compatible with Word.

Voice Recognition - Posted By: Lyn

What can anyone tell me about VR? I have never used it, but I am about to start working for a company that does.  Thx!

Credit consolidation - Posted By: No more debt

I just finished 5 long years in a debt management program.  I just wanted to let anyone know if they are in debt and don't know where to turn to try careonecredit.com.  It has been great and I would have never been able to do it without them.  When I started it seemed like there would be no end, now the day is here and I'm debt free.  It just really feels so good.

This may seem nuts, but.... - Posted By: sad MT :(

My kids just left for school, one is a senior in high school and one is starting full-day first grade.  My husband left for work and I am so sad and loney and its only 8:29 a.m.  This is the first time I have been alone for more than an hour or 2 in years.  I guess I should work unfettered, which will be weird.  Even the dog is wondering where everyone is??? 

Anyone had this happen to you? - Posted By: Julia

Yesterday, I gave my notice to the company I have been IC'ing for the last 14 months because I found a job that pays more and pays weekly by direct deposit.  My boss acted like I committed a crime and has been a total jerk ever since.  This is not the first he has acted like a jerk.  Anytime he has a bad day, he takes it out on his transcriptionists and treats us like crap.  I am just really tired of it and needed a change.  So now, he is not communicating with me or sending me any work.  Have any of you ever had an experience like this?

Chartscript and expanders - Posted By: curious girl

I have downloaded Instantext given to me by the company I work with.  It isn't showing up on Chartscript.  It is like it doesn't recognize it or something.  Is there a way you link this to Chartscript or something I am not doing?  I am lost without an expander. 

finallyfast.com - Posted By: Gullible


I was up too late one evening and saw a commercial for finally fast, a program to help speed up my computer----turned out to be a clever ad but very misleading.

Now I cannot get it uninstalled. I have tried everything.

Any suggesions from you knowledgable MT techies out there?



Gotta a question... When you have an offer from a company, is it acceptable to basically..SM - Posted By: MOMT

give the company a set of terms.  Here's my issue.  I have 15+ years experience as an MT and I am finding after I've accepted the job, that I am placed on the crappiest account they have because of my years of wonderful "experience".  Then I'm told that they are paying me the higher cpl rate not because of years of experience but because I'm working on the crappy account that no one else can do.

I find it very difficult to earn a living this way and wonder if there are jobs out there where a seasoned MT can just sit down and type carefree 8 hours a day.  I'm not saying I don't want to ever type ESL dictation, but can I get an account where the majority is not ESL? 

I'm good at what I do.  I love OP notes and don't mind challenging work, but it's simply not fair.  I feel like I'm being penalized for my years of hard work more than rewarded and I resent it.

punctuation problems - Posted By: Glenn Gilbert


  I am taking my medical transcription course through Allied Schools. I am having a problem trying to punctuate the dictations properly. I would like to know if anyone can help me with this problem. What I thought was proper punctuation seems to be different with medical transcription. Are we supposed to transcribe the punctuation as the doctor dictates or correct it to what we believe is correct?

   Also, I have an assignment that I just transcribed that is impossible for me to punctuate. If anyone can help me, I would truely appreciate it.

Company ads - Posted By: Lisa

What is with these transcription companies??? They put out ads saying you only need 1 year of experience! I have 2 years but when you go to the site and fill out the pre-employment testing stuff ( I get the message I do not have the required experience???) Clearly I have ads from 2 companies that claim that they need only 1 year!! What's the deal???????????? This business really stinks lately. We work for pennies a line as it is and no one will give even experienced MTs a deserving shot.  Very discouraged!!!!!!

RE: Can someone tell me what the site is to check on a doctor's credentials & record? nm - Posted By: Kris


WeType - Posted By: MTMommy

Has anyone ever heard of WeType Transcription?

How to copy shortcuts in shorthand... - Posted By: and insert in another shorthand?

Let me know if anyone has done this.  My hard drive crashed and I had to download ShortHand from the website again to the new hard drive of course losing all my shortcuts.  I have my old shorthand on another computer and I can't for the life of me remember how I did that?  Any suggestions greatly appreciated.  TIA

Ovation - Posted By: ginny

Does  anyone have any information on this system?  Any input would be greatly appreciated !

space heaters - Posted By: JR

I use a small space heater here in my office, but mine is old and doesn't work half the time.  My office is only 8 x 10.  Our power bills are going up 40% (yikes!) this winter, so I want to be prepared to turn down the temperature in the rest of the house and still keep warm in my office.  What are some preferences among my fellow MTs?  Ceramic?  Oil-filled?  Forced heat?  Which brand names are the best?

Disappointing service at Martel Electronics - Posted By: Lin

How disappointing to have received such poor service from Martel -- a company we all rely upon for their great products!

The new headset I ordered arrived damaged/defective with an improperly coated wire making the headset useless.  When I called I was informed that not only would I be charged a restocking fee, I would have to pay to have the defective product returned.  Only after inspection would a new one be sent -- and that would be another wait of 10 to 14 days.

Repeated requests to speak with a supervisor got me nowhere.  I ultimately disputed the charge on my credit card and wrote to the Better Business Bureau. 

How unfortunate that the only supplier of the Lanier headphones is so unresponsive to their customers!

Since updating to IE7 I cant access hotmail, anyone SM - Posted By: help with PC

else have this problem. I've tried all the usual routes. TIA

Hi - Posted By: GeeGee11

Does anyone have any places that are willing to hire a new grad. with hospital exsperience as a nurse in Acute Care for 7 years?

Testing for a new job - Posted By: MTB

I am testing on Friday for a new job. I need this job very badly, because of the benefits. If anyone has any suggestions on where I can find some practice tests(written exams), please let me know! Thanks.

the 2 incisions were... sm - Posted By: gmg

cojoined (which is what he said) or conjoined?  TIA

Benefits - Posted By: Desperate

Just found out benefit premiums are going up over $100 more a month.  I am hardly getting by as is, let alone when benefits go up.  I have to carry the insurance for my entire family (husband is self employed).  If someone works for a company that offers good coverage (deductible $1000 or less and copays $30 or less) and cheap premiums (i.e. less than $500/mo for family coverage), could you please let me know.  I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you. 

IC tax questions - Posted By: Reb

First of all, I apologize if this post comes up twice, but I don't think I did it right the first time and am trying again. I would appreciate anyone who could give me some generic answers. I know it's best to speak with a tax specialist, and I do plan to do that.
1. If you're an IC for a national company making, say, 1600.00 monthly, do you need to pay quarterly or can you pay at the end of the year if you want to?
2. Does one HAVE to pay into social security, or is it optional not to?
3. If you file jointly with your spouse, can you pay what you owe in a lump sum at the end of the year or are there different "sections" or "departments" that you have to pay to? I hope this makes sense, and I thank you for any replies you can give me. Reb

What are some of your favorite dishes? Tired of chicken, - Posted By: beef, pork, fish...sm

Time to start my day and dinner but bored with the same meat choices.  I cook for a shrimp and steak spouse.  He would probably love lobster too, but I am not for cooking anything while it is still alive.  I could eat fruits and vegetables (salads)  all day long and be perfectly happy with that.

Thanks for any ideas and if you can't think of anything, that's okay too.:)   Have a wonderful productive day!!

thinking of going to Cancun. Did the hurricane hit it too hard? - Posted By: anyone know? NM

Frustrated with SmartLines - Posted By: Frustrated with SmartLines

Does anybody else have the problem of tons and tons of SmartLines being added to Smartype, squeezing out all the space available for typing. 

I actually have to keep going into Tools/Customize/Toolbars and individually uncheck all the SmartLine 1s, 2s, and 3s. 

I have had this issue with more than one MT company's software, so I need to either find out how to solve this with Smartype or find another word-expander program that is as good as Smartype--with a very small learning curve--and which will import all my thousands of Smartype words and blocks. 

Can anybody help?  Has anybody else had this problem and solved it?

Anyone doing VR for Transcend? - Posted By: me

If so, is your work load consistent?  I see they advertise nearly daily and I am curious about why they have so many openings.

Need some InstanText help, please sm - Posted By: Lyndia

I am trying to figure out how to use the singles glossary. The one I have is full of stuff with several words for each single letter of the alphabet. Delete all of this? Make up a new singles.glo? I am merely wanting to change i to I and use the letter j for pain and p for patient. Not have a complete glossary by any means.

Also, despite the fact that I have the "cap the first letter of each sentence" box checked, it never does this for me. Do a need a glossary running for this?

Right now, I am using only the glossary I converted from SmartType. I am not sure how to handle the singles or how to get the silly thing to cap for me.

My software is Bayscribe, ExText and InScribe (Emdat) and it does this no cap thing with all of them. I need it to cap for me because these 3 programs do not support the automatic cap for the first letter of a sentence. I am also spoiled because Word will do this most of the time for me (there are glitches, but you know 90% of the time is still most of it).

Please feel free to use my email. If it is easier over the phone, I'll pay for a call, your choice.

Looking for opinions on keyboards sm - Posted By: luvmybassetts

I like the keys on my keyboard to be easy to touch, not feeling like you have to bang them down to get a letter to appear.  I've been reading about the ergonomic keyboards.  What do you find comfortable?  I looked on Amazon.com about the Microsoft 4000 Ergonomic keyboard and there were a lot of reviews, some of them saying that the keys were hard to press, especially the spacebar.


How to put company in address book - Posted By: Sandy

A place that sends me meds said I needed to add their name in my address book. I would appreciate some help on how to do that. TIA

I get tired of waiting for my check - Posted By: l

I work because I need the money.   Companies hire you because they need the money.  All I am asking for is to be paid on time...  Not 1, 2, or 3 days later due to our postal service.   Mail the check earlier.  I promise I will not deposit it until my scheduled pay day.   Receiving a check in the mail on a weekend does not help me if my bank is not open.  My creditors do not want to hear " I am waiting on my money before I can send you yours".  Please.....

Technical help please...... - Posted By: Zajicek

I work in Word 2003 and am needing to make headers in some of my reports with the following information (page #, patient name, date and report type).  My problem is that the page number stays the same (#2) for all pages and when I go into change it all pages change.  I know there is something with "sections" and all that, but I'm just not getting it to work.  How can I make a header with the numbers to change from page 2 to page 3 and so on?  Thanks for the help guys!

Something hit me today . . . - Posted By: ER/OncologyMT2

Recently I had to do a lot of paperwork to enroll my youngest in kindergarten for the 2007-2008 school year.  They ask all sorts of questions about family history and specifically who has diabetes, heart disease, blindness, etc.  Does this not violate the HIPAA laws?  Do I have permission to disclose my grandmothers health problems to the school?  Or my mothers and fathers?  I never really thought about it when I enrolled my older child because I wasnt a MT at the time and I never really had knowledge about HIPAA in those days.  What do you all think about this? 

"Old Timey" MT? - Posted By: RadGuy

Just saw this on MT Jobs:

I don't need an "old timey" transcriptionist, I need "new age" with lots of computer experience as well as transcription experience.

Geez Louise - what is considered "old timey" and what is considered "new age"? These companies R becoming a joke.

HAVE to vent about BF before HE gets home! - Posted By: yen2772

I thought this one was fitting! LOL! My BF is supposed to watch the kids from 8pm to 10pm and put them to bed so I can work. Tonight will be 2nd night in a row that he HAS to work on a friends truck in the garage....guess it can't wait til the weekend even though he doesn't have all the parts for it....MAJOR frustrating. Because of HIM (kids!) and the tornadic thunderstorm last night I was only able to "work" for about an hour, I gave up, and shut down. Geez, I'm not looking forward to tonight!

Any ho t dirt y bitc hes here! - Posted By: MARIO BOSIO

i am on het wanna fuc k hard and deep  so that my 12 inches long black rod reaches the thoroat of all the old MT bitc hes here.

I accidentally saved over my template with the date and a patient's name. I cannot figure out how - Posted By: Anon


Word Expanders....need opinions on which is the best..... - Posted By: MT

.....and that doesn't cost $200.00.  I have seen many downloadable expanders, and wondered if anyone has downloaded one from the Internet?  I've been considering Fastfox by NCH or Swifttext by Bytescribe ($49.00).  Anyone use these with good results?

Thanks so much.


keyboard skipping keys - Posted By: Judy

Does anyone else have problems with some of the keys on the keyboard skips intermittently, not all the time, just sometimes?  My keyboard is brand new.  Not the most expensive, but it is new.  What can I do?  Please help.

scam or possibly truth? sm - Posted By: jus me

My sister is on disability and has decided to return to college.  She received a phone call from somebody who told her that since she is on SSD and going back to school that she is eligible for a grant of $5000.  All she has to do is allow them to debit her checking account for $300 and she will receive the grant.  Sister was desperate financially, so decided to do it.  She borrowed the money from our mom and only after the fact told me about it.  I'm sure she has been scammed for $300.  Has anyone else had this happen and/or could I be right in this matter?  I'm curious to hear from anyone on this.  Thanks.

Chief complaint: Breathing. (just had to share that with you all--nm) - Posted By: me


Orator Pro help needed! - Posted By: Atelby

While setting up a network connection for my laptop computer, I inadvertantly deleted a network connection that I THOUGHT was not being used. In the process of deleting the networked drive, I also deleted some folders for the Orator Pro phone-in system. Of course, the Bytescribe company is closed, which means there is no technical support for me right now, and my doctors are unable to phone in dictation until I can get the system back up and running. I have a system restore disk from Bytescribe, but I'm not sure how to use it and am afraid I will make things worse. The disk has Symantec's Ghost software, which gives you options for partitioning drives, etc. Is there anyone out there that has made the same mistake in the past or can help me use the system restore disk?

Thank you. I appareciate any help you can give me.

Need help on word board, please. TIA :) - Posted By: Help?

Would someone please explain to me how a c phone system works? - Posted By: sm

I have been an MT for 15 years....started with typewriter! LOL  Anyway, am now up to digital dictation with local hospital but am looking for other employment.  I'm trying to understand the c-phone system and how cost effective it would be to work using one.  I have been offered a job but need a c-phone and unlimited long distance.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the help.

To the "not paid for spaces" question - Posted By: tia

Why is not being paid for spaces the norm?  Don't you have to tap the space bar just as you have to tap a letter key?  I don't get this.  This is just another way to reduce our income.  DON'T ALLOW IT!

A Question regarding pay. - Posted By: noodle

I posted this last night, but I cannot find it anywhere on this board.  It is a serious question for me and I would appreciate any opinions regarding this.

I am an Independent Contractor.  One lady who I have been contracting through for several years, who carries the contract with the clinic, had a stroke.  She was in the hospital for one week.  I immediately stepped up and took over everything that she was doing, including final editing for 3 other transcriptionists, processing to the clinic, bookkeeping/billing.  She has not done any type of work for 2 weeks and she will be out for several more weeks to months.  She offered to pay me $100 every two weeks for the bookkeeping and such.  I don't want to be greedy, but I feel this is low. I spend at least one hour each day doing the extra stuff and more when it comes to billing.  I was just wondering if anyone has been in this situation or if anyone has an idea of what would be fair.  Of course, I stepped up to be helpful, but I also don't want to lose this contract with the clinic. 

old post - Posted By: nn

Will the poster who posted a work at home job not involving MT a few weeks ago please E-mail me with details. It was kicked off the board for not relating to MT issues.


what board for support for depression? sm - Posted By: struggling

My job is totally getting to me and I thought there was a support board on here... I could use someone to talk to. TIA for any info.