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Printer problems - sm - Posted By: sammypot

HP laserjet 1300 - when I try to print anything all I get is one line of characters, i.e.


Has anyone had a similar problem and/or any ideas as to what I need to do other than call a repair service.

Thank you

Divorce will be final in 2 wks, can I stay on my ex's health insurance? - Posted By: M

My ex is willing to leave me on his health insurance.  Is it legal to do this?  Will we get ourselves in trouble if he doesn't take me off? 

What passes for clear and concise . . . - Posted By: Lllls

I'm really getting some good ones today. How about this for a clear and concise statement?

Dictated: The patient was not agreeable to returning to the skilled nursing facility from which he was readmitted on the day of discharge initially.

those of you who do op reports - Posted By: ER MT

I checked archives but didn't find much info - I don't do many op notes, and therefore don't have many reference books.  Do you use Google or could you recommend a really good book for me to get?  Thank you in advance.

Anyone ever work for a scant that has NO HELP in the office and is always last minute? Watch out fo - Posted By: MT

I have been helping out an attorney for the last 5 or 6 months because medical wasn't as busy around here, I haven't done this kind of work in quite a while.

The first time it took him 3 months to pay the bill, it was only about $300.  Now this time it's almost $800 and he hasn't paid it.  It has been 2 months and counting so I cut him off until he pays it.

He started leaving last minute stuff on my machine all the time and leaving messages that it had to get done right away, yada, yada, yada....  Now I'm screwed because he hasn't paid the bill.  I finally put new ID numbers into the dictation system so he couldn't dictate on it.  There are people out there who can't afford office staff and won't pay you either !!

diabetic diet question - Posted By: bspen

Can someone please send me an 2000 calorie ADA diabetic diet?  I have searched and cannot find just a diabetic diet.  We just found out that my hubby has to start taking insulin. 

To all you cherrypickers. - Posted By: Peeved

You make me ill.  Every day the same thing.  Why can't you just do your share of the worst dictators and give the rest of us a break.  Is there any COMPANY out there that does not permit this as I am ready to jump ship here.  Tired of it.  Thanks for listening to me vent.  And another thing, why can't physicians count?  1.3, 4, 5, 2, 7, 9, 8, 10.  Bad, bad day.

How many lines can I plan on averaging per hr/day when first starting out? - Posted By: JL

I am getting back into transcription after taking a few years off, and I am trying to figure out financially if I can swing the 8 cpl that I was offered to me.  Since it has been a few years, I'm not sure how many lines I can type, as this was an hourly position and we did not have a minimum line count.  I know that there are a lot of variables, but would you mind sharing what your average line counts were when you started out?  I will be typing full-time.  Thanks in advance! 

What's the thinking on Vera's 10th? - Posted By: ClinicMT

I know some of the older editions were very highly thought of. Anyone using this edition and finding it helpful?

Interesting job offer - Posted By: MT in MT

I can't take it because it requires too much traveling, but I was offered a position where I would go to hospitals and clinics and work with docs and MTs going onto VR systems.  I said I charged $36 an hour for it and once again I think I low balled myself.  Any ideas where to look to get ballpark figures for this sort of thing?  I would LOVE to go to hospitals and train doctors to be better dictators.  I told them if they wanted to use me once in a while or do more local places I would consider it.

Annual salaries of full time transcriptionists - Posted By: Kay

For the veteran's out there- What is your average annual salary (working from home). Also, the companies that offer full time transcriptionists benefits, are the benefits any good?

Is transcription really dying? - Posted By: lolabug

I have another question for all of you...is transcription really dying out?  I haven't seen that where I'm located, we are pretty much in high demand.   I didn't even go to school and I got a job in-house at our hospital starting at over $13.00 an hour.  But, now that I am reading all of these posts I'm starting to wonder what the chances are of me being able to continue this profession, esspecially since we are thinking of moving to a big city in the near future.  I am really considering going into coding school starting in September so my husband and I will both get our degree at the same time.  I'm just wondering if I should get out while I'm ahead.  Any advice is appreciated.  Thanks!

Which would you pick? - Posted By: tired in OH

Forty-five minutes was or were spent with the patient.

The patient is a 46-year-old patient of Dr. Smith or Smith's with stage IV breast carcinoma 

Is 4 cpl considered too low? - Posted By: NDMT

Is 4cpl, 65 character line including spaces and hard returns, very low for a new graduate?  I've been told that this is exceptionally low.  BUT, with companies offering MTs with 5+ years of experience 7-9 cpl I thought it was a fair wage. 

Am I wrong?  Am I working for a MT 'sweatshop'?  The accounts are not difficult, and no ESLs. 

Now after hearing some people tell me I am working for peanuts I am wondering if I need to find a different job.  I like these accounts, but I also want a fair wage.  I was told we'd renagotiate pay when I got off full QA.   Am I being taken advantage of?

Caps Toggle? - Posted By: Just Curious

Is there a caps toggle keyboard command?  In other words, is there a way to change mixed case to caps without typing it all over again?  TIA!

Care Flow - Posted By: platform

Is is a productive platform?   Any info good or bad on this platform is appreciated.  Thanks

per Diem - Posted By: Cheryl

What exactly is per Diem?  Thanks!!!

MS Word. Please sm. - Posted By: Just me

Will someone please tell me how to set up a "field" I think it's called in a template and then how to jump from one to the next to fill in what you need?


The patient is a * seen today for *, etc, etc.

Thanks for any/all help.

voice files query... - Posted By: cecille flavier

Good day everybody...I am on a rush and interested on buying a set of classified voice files, all body system for practice transcription but I can not find sites where to buy them.  I will appreciate it a lot if somebody could give me at least an idea where to find the complete set of course on a cheaper price. Thanks very much.

does anyone have good links for lab/path words and - Posted By: dcc

equipment words and pharmaceutical words?  I hate to spend so much on books that can't be kept current.  I found accessdata.fda.gov and rxlist.com in a post farther down and already have them book marked. TIA!

Anyone here with their own business? - Posted By: mt

I am looking to start up on my own and need any info. Basically I already have a doc to work for, but he doesn't know much about digital, just like I don't. First, what is the simplest setup that I can buy? As far as software, encription, etc. The cheapest setup from Transcription Gear was not that cheap. I don't mind spending the money if it is necessary, but I also don't want to buy something just because they are trying to sell it as the best. Any info appreciated, thanks.

Spellchecker - Posted By: SZambito

I am managing 10 copy editors at a pharmaceutical company. I am going to get a med/pharm/?vet spellchecker and would be interested in opinions on the best one.

I am leaning heavily towards Stedman's or Spellex as both offer quarterly updates.

Your opinions would be appreciated.



Bytescribe Company - May Purchase Their OratorPro Dictation System - Any Input? - Posted By: Dave

Does anybody have experience with the company called Bytescribe and their telephone dictation systems? I am looking into buying their OratorPro system where I can have doctors telephone in and dictate onto this system.

Thank you.

Going rate - Posted By: Trisha

I was just wondering what the going rate is for transcription per hour.  I currently work for a national company and get paid by the line, but a friend of mine wants me to do some transcription for him and I don't know what to charge.  This is not medical stuff, rather educational/training.  He doesn't want me to short-change myself, but I don't want to over charge him either.  Any ideas? 

Valentines day?? - Posted By: MTMommy

Did everyone have a good Valentines Day???

My husband forgot....again.... but other than that mine was good.

I just HATE it when sm - Posted By: mlstoo

my husband cuts the grass under my window when I am working.  Granted, it is only about 20 minutes he is out there but it really peeves me. Oh well, I'll keep quiet about it. Otherwise, I'll have to do it myself. Really though, I am grateful I have him. It's just that sometimes....... 

Tired of these low class foreign doctors - Posted By: 2 cents

They live here but they cannot learn the language.  Most should not be here in the first place.  They were admitted to medical school with the proviso that they return to their own countries to work as doctors and help their own people;  they got all these fancy or free grants to pay for their schooling; American citizens were pushed aside to fulfill the foreign student enrollment requirements for medical school to "help the needy countries health problems".  Then they got dollar signs in their eyes.  They refused to learn how to talk.  They are arrogant, sloppy, nasty, and are too mentally compromised to even learn how to push the right buttons to enter patient numbers into systems.  What pigs!!!!!!!!!!!  And they expect perfection?   I think we should sign every report off with a blurb saying unable to understand dictator, please return him/her to his own country. 

530+ lines per hour. Is this possible? - Posted By: Nonbeliever

So I was reading the MT forum at Indeed and came across this post.  The person claims 6 of his/her MTs routinely transcribe 4300+ lines per day.  Assuming an 8-hour day, this would be 537 lph.  Is that even possible doing straight transcription?  I tend to agree with the other posters on that forum that that has to be a lie or gross exaggeration, but just curious what everyone here thought.  What is the highest line count one could hope for with straight transcription (not VR).  I have been aiming for 300 lph, but now wondering if it is possible to do more eventually.

Interesting article but very long. - Posted By: busyMT

BANGALORE -- After seeing patients at the Arizona Medical Clinic in Sun City West, dermatologist Anthony Santos describes their cases on a hand-held digital recorder.

Mahesh Barat, Special to the Post-Gazette
Parimala Jaggesh is an architect turned home worker in Bangalore. Each day, she receives audio files from doctors in the United States and types transcripts of their case notes for the Pittsburgh-based firm of Acusis Inc.
Click photo for larger image.

Before going home, he plugs the recorder into one of the hospital's computers. From there, his audio files are encrypted, compressed, shipped via the Internet through Pittsburgh and sent on to this bustling Indian city 9,100 miles away from Phoenix.

A few hours later, Santos' words end up in the laptop computer of Parimala Jaggesh, an at-home worker for Pittsburgh-based Acusis Inc., who will type a transcript of his dictation.

Santos and Jaggesh have never spoken to each other, so he has no idea that his voice is her favorite among the doctors whose dictation she transcribes.

When the Acusis staffers in Bangalore call Jaggesh to ask her to do extra transcribing, they only need mention they have a digital recording from the clear-voiced Santos.

"They know how to get work done from me," she says with a laugh. "They say it is Anthony Santos. Then I cannot say no."

Jaggesh is one of about 350 home transcriptionists Acusis employs in Bangalore and other Indian cities. The company, founded by native Pittsburgher David Iwinski Jr., has a lofty goal: to become the dominant player in the medical transcription business in the United States, using its cyber-partnership with educated, English-speaking workers in India.

Bangalore wakes up as night falls in the United States, so while American doctors sleep, Jaggesh and her colleagues transcribe their dictation.

Jaggesh, an architect turned home worker, hits the shortcut keys on her Compaq laptop to insert familiar phrases and consults online reference files when she is stumped by an unusual medical or pharmaceutical term.

Her finished work is downloaded to the Bangalore offices of Acusis. Editors there compare every line of her transcription to the original recording, make corrections if necessary, and grade her daily performance.

Santos' transcripts are sent back to the Arizona Medical Clinic within 12 to 24 hours after the doctor plugs his recorder into a PC. They can be returned even faster, under two hours, for an extra fee.

Faster, more accurate

Even though the work is taking place halfway around the world, the result is speedier and more accurate than that done by a smaller local service, which used to take five to seven days to return transcripts, said Terry Daly, the clinic's chief information officer.

Medical transcription has a huge potential market of perhaps $12 billion to $15 billion a year. The current transcription companies are fragmented, ranging from small mom-and-pop operations to the industry leader, New Jersey-based Medquist Inc., which employs 10,000 transcriptionists to serve 3,000 health-care providers.

Acusis, just 3 years old, considers itself mid-size. The privately-held firm employs about 650 people here and abroad, 460 of whom are in India. The company serves about 40 hospitals and clinics across the country, including Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Iwinski's hopes for becoming an industry leader rest on proprietary software written by 50 company programmers in India to manage the nearly instantaneous flow of words from hospitals in the United States to home transcriptionists in India and back again.

But it also relies on the cost advantages of Indian employees. The Acusis pay system for transcriptionists, based on volume and accuracy, ranges from 1 to 2 Indian rupees per line.

Jaggesh may do 1,000 lines a day. At the average pay rate, that would earn her roughly $27 a day, or $135 for a five-day week -- good wages in India, where the average annual income is about $500.

At the Acusis headquarters in Bangalore, each space has a name.

A training area is called Gurukul, meaning "abode of the teacher" in Sanskrit. A visitor's room is named Athithi, or guest. Quality control is dubbed, in English, the Potter's Wheel; software development, the Cutting Edge; and startups, the Test Tube.

"It's very challenging work," Naveen Janarbhan, a quality control specialist, said as he compared a transcriptionist's work to an original recording of a doctor reciting medical jargon at a fast clip, describing a patient who is a heavy smoker and has a family history of cancer.

A mechanical engineer by training, Janarbhan carefully went over the transcript, taking extra care when it came to the medications the physician had prescribed for the patient.

'Concentration is the key'

"We have to be careful. Our eyes should be here. Our ears should be here. Our mind should be here," Janarbhan said. "Concentration is the key."

He found a few mistakes in the transcription he was editing, all minor and none involving medication or diagnosis. Nevertheless, he called the home Transcriptionist to ask her to be more careful.

The system grades each transcriptionist and the results are available to everyone in the company. That peer pressure, according to Iwinski, is "a strong motivator" to do well.

The job isn't that easy. Sometimes, doctors are munching an apple or eating lunch while they talk, making them difficult to hear. A nurse interjects to ask about a patient's medication. Papers rumple in the background. The topics can be technical, the jargon heavy.

Occasionally, Jaggesh is distracted by music playing in the background of a doctor's recording, the noisy atmosphere of a hospital or extraneous chatting of passersby.

But she takes most of it in stride.

"It's fun. It's very challenging," said Jaggesh, who likes working in her three-story apartment, which she shares with two sons, two dogs and husband Navarasa Nayaka Jaggesh, a well-known comedy actor in Indian films whose screen name is simply Jaggesh.

Parimala Jaggesh works around her family's schedule, taking her laptop with her as she moves from floor to floor, and occasionally typing in a serene rooftop garden overlooking the city. At other times, she works in a top-floor room that contains a figurine of the elephant god Ganesh, thought to bring good fortune.

She keeps track of her daily reports, and if her accuracy dips below 96 percent, she studies the file so she doesn't repeat the same mistake. Sometimes she has a bad day, and she gets called by the office.

"We do appreciate the feedback. You get a call that you have dropped down in accuracy on one file. Then it's a challenge," she said. "I take it that if my editors find the fault, I should have been able to do it."

She enjoys the small personal things that sometimes show through in a doctor's dictation -- a laugh made over a mistake or a spouse in the background trying to hurry things along.

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How would a person break into editing, supervising or other - Posted By: Maddie

home-based positions in the medical transcription field? Are these positions usually hired from within? Or advertised on nonMT websites? TIA - thanks in advance.

C-phone ques .. help ! - Posted By: saraMT

Hi everyone!  I'm using a Dictaphone C-phone for the first time in 5 years and can't remember how to SLOW down and SPEED up dictation!  Does anyone know ? 

Thanks !!!!!

Whats for lunch/dinner?? - Posted By: MTMommy

I am just curious what everyone is having for lunch or dinner.  Need some ideas on what to cook.

Have a good Sunday afternoon.

Anyone have ADHD/ADD and do medical transcription? - Posted By: MTinAL

If so, how do you keep focused?  I have a really hard time with this.  Are you being treated?  If so, what has worked or not worked for you?  TIA

More Autotext woes. - Posted By: MSMT

So I started (or so I thought) building my Autotext back up because I LIKE using F3 and only having to remember 1 abbreviation to get 5 different expansions.  My line count went down 500 lines going from having it to not having it. 

BUT when I went to save it and copy it to my new file, it was the same size as when I started, and I checked the normal.dot several time while I was working and it was always the same exact size as when I started.  What do y'all think is going on? 

I need computer help. How do I make PRD work - Posted By: on my WORD on my computer?

PRD is on my old MQ program, but I can't seem to get it moved over to my Microsoft Word page.  I can't seem to get my Stedman's Spell check over there either.


does anyone know if bone cancer is always..sm - Posted By: sm

metastatic or can cancer originate in the bone? 

Does anyone know of any good reference sites for PT notes? - Posted By: Lynn

template lines - Posted By: craZmom

I'm applying for jobs, and I received an offer for one job that says they pay 8.5 cpl and 3 cpl for template lines.  It goes on to say that  a template is defined as a group of words or phrases that is automatically inserted into a report after an abbreviation has been dictated.

Does this mean that anything I put out through my word Expander is going to be counted at 3 cpl?  Is this a common practice with more companies - it never used to be?? 


Humdrum - Posted By: SM

Okay I give up. How do ya'll do it, those doing this for 30 and 40 years. I'm going on 15 and so bored out of my mind I am now looking into other fields. I have done every report type that exists and every accent around and even have had many different positions. I don't find it the least bit challening anymore but extremely boring. So is there a secret to keeping an interest in this humdrum and monotonous line of work? Maybe it is just me?


feeling badly - Posted By: wondering if anyone has done this

I feel kind of sick mentally, someone recently hurt me and in my childhood things happened so i've developed this habit of cutting myself or punching myself.  I just cannot handle my emotions sometimes they get so overwhelming, and truthfully it helps get my mind off of it, but then later I see what i've done to myself and I feel guilt and sick over the whole thing and the cycle starts again.  Just wondering if anyone has ever had the urge to do this? 

Just feeling badly today, I would post on the depressed board but no one ever goes there.  I don't feel like I  can talk to anyone in my life about my problems either, so I just needed to vent that out a little bit.

blue smiley - Posted By: wondering

what do the sad looking blue smiley faces mean beside some of the threads? 

Happy 4th of July! - Posted By: Hope you have a safe and happy Holiday! (nm)


When ExText is really slow is this a problem with them or my computer? sm - Posted By: KS

For 2 days ExText has been beyond slow (taking 5 minutes to upload a 2 minute job). Is this a problem with them or my computer?

I lost a bookmark. It helps me find doctors. sm - Posted By: jj

The acronym is something like nypdi or nipdy? I found the site on here. I loved it. It was great for letters. Help me out if you can. Greatly appreciated.

How do you break into op reports? - Posted By: frustrated MT

Is there one specialty or type of report that's easier or faster or generates more lines?  Is it the platform?  Which platform is the best?  I really would like to have a half-decent MT income in 2006.  I have the SUM program ops tapes but no keys.  Thanks.

Fluctuance? - Posted By: Aaron

I had always encountered doctors dictating "fluctuance."  I followed what they say, but just lately, I have been questioning if there is such a word.  Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

did everyone graduate MQs "Code fo Conduct" course? -- what a crock - Posted By: MadamX

that's like you stealing my purse and then sending me to class on how not to steal purses....

Instant Text and Bayscribe - Posted By: Julia

I have downloaded Instant Text onto my laptop. I have been able to link the Instant Text to Word and it works perfectly. I have linked IT to Bayscribe and while it says it is linked, it is not. Does anyone know how to fix this?

How come my images keep only stay for a minute and then disappear? - Posted By: hmmm


Word board help please...nm - Posted By: nm