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what kind of keyboard - Posted By: dls

Just curious, what type of keyboard do you type on?  I use the Microsoft erogonomic.  I absolutely love it!  I find that if I type on the traditional keyboards  my hands hurt.  Also, do you wear gloves for carpal tunnel protection?  I wear gloves and have found this helps me tremendously.  I have been doing transcription for about 15 years. 

I renew my subscription to Norton each year it is due by credit card through them on the internet. - Posted By: MT

If I change computers how do I get that back into the new computer as I dont have a disc or anything I just do it over the internet. I have the original disc that I purchase 2 years ago but have since upgraded over the internet as I said.


I have a curious question - would like some input or opinions - sm - Posted By: sandy

I'm on Guru and Elance for freelance work, and I have been a Transcriptionist for 17 years.  Now, if you're not familiar with Guru or Elance, it's a site where potential employers can post projects for anything and you bid on them, BUT YOU have to pay Guru if you are awarded the project.  And a lot of times, the projects posted will state what the project pays IN TOTAL, and a lot of times it is $40, $30 - EVEN $10 for something like 2-3 hours of transcription.  $10!!! For what could be up to 10 hours of time of transcribing, plus, I believe, you have to pay Guru a portion of that. 

Well, I've never been awarded anything because quite frankly, I can't compete with the $40 and $25 per audio hour people.  I mean, really, I don't think I can transcribe an hour of multiple voice transcription that for every hour of transcribing, I'm only making $10 and then have to give a portion of that to Guru. 

Here is my curious question - the people bidding on these projects have just as many years, if not more, of transcription experience and they are bidding $40, $30 or $25 for the WHOLE project.  Why would experienced transcriptionists sell themselves so cheap!  It baffles my mind. It actually frustrates me because I can't help but think there are transcriptionists out there with 5-10+ years experience working for $7/hour and sometimes less, especially when the whole project pays $10 or $20.  Yet, it seems that the projects are always awarded. 

Just curious as to the thoughts some of you may have.  Oh, and by the way, these are being awarded to US transcriptionists most of the time.


MTStars MT Week Gift Giveaway! ENTER NOW! - Posted By: See full details inside


(Pulling number 88)
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Includes 8,000 brand & generic drugs to use with


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Anyone see Gilmore Girls tonight? My VCR - Posted By: tape ran out and I missed the end

I saw right up to the part where Rory went to April's mother's store and then nothing! 

Will you be my Guest Blogger? - Posted By: Diane in NY


Well, I've got the new transcription blog off the ground and right now I'm in the process of posting stories about how we all got into the world of MT, and also a few personal things too, to show that MTs are not just sitting behind the computer screen all day...

Would anyone here like to be a "guest blogger?" You can tell your story. Unfortunately, I can't compensate you other than having your voice heard and you can of course put links to your biz, your yahoo group, or anything near and dear to your heart. Please email me privately if interested. Thanks!

Please take a look at the other stories already posted!


Take care,


Pay Rate - Posted By: Jenn

Any IC's out there...have you requested a pay increase and been told the company doesn't give pay increases to IC status, just employee status?  As if the cost of living increase doesn't affect you if you are an IC?

Operation Christmas Child - Posted By: cs

Just wanted to say that I commend you, MT STARS, for the efforts put forth in bringing Operation Christmas Child to so many children who, otherwise, might not have a very merry Christmas. We often forget those less fortunate, but you seem to rise to the occasion every time to help those less fortunate. I hope everyone will support this extremely worth cause and help MT Stars in the effort to bless a lot more children at this very special time of the year.  KUDOS to you, MT Stars. Merry Christmas to All.

I need some help fairly soon please. DH has - Posted By: Jacy

broken out in red blotches that are very itchy.  He took some Benadryl to relieve the itching, but what could this be?  Is it something he needs to see a dr for urgently?  TIA

DOCQSCRIBE - Posted By: maam

Does any one use DocQScribe for their home business?  Is this an expensive program to purchase?

How many MT moms love Gymboree? - Posted By: just curious.

Need Some Help With My Resume - Posted By: NightOwl

I'm trying to write a resume (first one in you don't wanna know how many years, LOL!) and my poor little pea-brain.... I can't, for the life of me, remember the exact dates and order of my various jobs. I DO for the most part remember WHO I worked for...

So today I called the hospital that I worked for twice. They were able to give me the dates of my second tour of duty there, but they claimed to have no record of my first stint with them. The rather rude HR clerk told me that those records had probably been purged. Keep in mind that I'm sure of what YEAR I started with them that time around (1991), but not sure of the month, and clueless about when I left that time around. Is 1991 really so long ago that an HR dept wouldn't have records????

But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I've worked for the Q at least 3 times (it might be 4, due to acquisitions and mergers). I worked for another medium-size MTSO twice also. Sometimes I was working 2 jobs at one time. Once I worked for a lady who was doing IC work for the VA. I have no clue what her name was, and she no longer has an office in the place where I worked for her.

How do I possibly consolidate this all into a functional resume????

Thank you so much for any help you can offer!

Any MTs make the switch to scoping? - Posted By: mandy

What is required?  Where do you look for work?  Can one work from home?  How does the pay compare to that of MTs?  Is there a good website you can refer me to?  TIA! 

I'm with MQ and getting ready to switch over to DocQscribe. Has anyone continued using SmarType - Posted By: AzMT

expanding software after the switch?  Thx so much

Does anyone have an HP Photosmart printer? see msg - Posted By: Thinking about returning it.

I have not had any luck printing on the HP Photosmart 2575 unless I use Hewlett Packard paper. I have a huge stack of photo paper from Costco that used to print out beautiful photos on my old Epson. When I switched to this HP Photosmart printer, the Costco photo paper is all smeared and oversaturated with ink. The same applies to using copy paper as some of the lines are either missing or too light. However, when I use the HP paper products, everything prints out perfect. What a ripoff having to use only HP products. Is there any solution, or else I will return this printer to Staples?

Do any of you have AT&T? - Posted By: Ticked with internet service

I have had cell, land and internet with them- was told I had to have land phone in order to have my internet (this was some years back but told that). I called today because was charged for long distance - I asked them years ago to take off long distance as did not want. The charge was $4 something today- they told me that came with my package - if I took that off would delete a $5 savings on my cell phone plus $5 on my land- told them really did not need land but had to have- they say no- now I can have what they call stand alone service- I get a reduced rate on my land phone but GET THIS, NO SERVICE. You pay for something but cannot use. What kind of malarky is this? I hope that internet service via satellites is on the horizon.

What are macros? - Posted By: _

What are macros and why are they helpful in transcription?

MT being touted on GMA - Posted By: anon

At least she didn't make it sound like it's an easy job anyone can do.  Too bad she didn't mention that getting hired will be difficult and you must be an interpreter to get the job done. 

Fireworks in Denver? - Posted By: NN

I've tried looking this up online, but I'm not having any luck.  Do any Coloradoans know where one could go and see fireworks tonight in Denver or in the surrounding areas? 

Got a technical question, not MT related - Posted By: (sm)

I have a priceless message, left by my son, on my digital phone/answering machine, and am wondering if anyone here would know how I can transfer it to the computer so I can share it (and delete it from the phone).

TIA for ideas/solutions!

Okay to work for more than one service. - Posted By: pcpeanut

Is it okay to work for more than one service at a time? Do you have to be IC to do that, or can you mix and match with employee status?  Is a small service better to work for, generally, than a national?  If you work for a clinic can you also work for a service at the same time? Thanks for any input.



What is the average line/hour for a 65 character line with spaces? NM - Posted By: Lisa


On-Time Transcription - Posted By: ceebee

Does anyone know anything about On-Time Transcription? Good or bad??

4 week's time or 4 weeks' time - Posted By: b

Does anyone know this one. I will see the patient back in 4 week's time, 4 weeks' time or 4 weeks time. Can't seem to find this in any of my reference books. Thanks in advance.

WANTED: - Posted By: SoftScript employees

Come to work for Soft Script.  If you are a "newbie" transcriptionist, do not mind us stealing your lines, enjoy rude, threatening, and hateful e mails, and among numerous other things - you like to work for less than minimum wage, then we have the perfect position for you. 

Yes folks, this is what you will get when you go to work for Soft Script, it is a lot of fun, everyone should try it. 


Opinions please - Posted By: memt

Just curious, what do most MTs think about built in headings, would you rather have to take out the ones not used or put in your own?  Would you rather have a physician's list on line or a printed copy in front of you?  Just wondering because I seem to have a real hard time with all the built in headings as most of them are never used.  When you do have the headings, if the accounts specifics do not indicate specific ones to be used, do you change the wordings, such as from history to history of present illness if, in fact that is what the dictator dictates?  Thanks for the opinions in advance.

Does Meditech work with - Posted By: Instant Text?-Twitters

I am not sure what version of Meditech, but I connect to a VPN/Citrix to get to it and type in word that is on the system. Another one I can't use Smartype with *sigh*, just really not liking ShortHand and I'm afraid I will be stuck with it!

Editscript/Escription ??? - Posted By: Carol

I have used Escription when I worked for TransTech.  Now I have been offered a position with a company that uses Dictaphone VR.  I thought Escription was a Dictaphone product.  Does Dictaphone have more than 1 platform for VR?

amount of RAM - Posted By: Layla

Is there a way to tell if low RAM is slowing things down or if it is just the platform?  I have various problems (aside from several-second delays with certain things) that I think may be due to lack of RAM.

I use a lot of online and computer resources, so I probably need a lot of RAM.

Any way to tell? 

test - Posted By: Rad MT


Well, well, well. Found this blog written by a surgeon sm - Posted By: Regular

who says what he REALLY thinks about the JCAHO. Funny, I found it on Google when I typed in JCAHO and q.i.d. since I wasn't sure what to do about q.i.d. ........


The Death Star of American Medicine

I wish I had written this (JCAHO Unplugged; registration required), because it gives voice to the feelings that I (and probably 99% of the physicians in this country) have about the Death Star of American medicine -- JCAHO. A few excerpts (emphasis is mine):

That is why it really upsets me to watch the JCAHO people walk through my hospital like they were navigating a toxic waste dump. What upsets me even more is the utter paralysis of normal activity that occurs months before their visit and the huge sums of money spent on mock drills and consultants to prepare for the JCAHO invasion. JCAHO (the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization) arouses more fear in hospitals than MRSA gone wild, and their "visit" has a greater institutional paralytic effect than circulating a neuromuscular depolarizing agent through the ventilation system.

A few unsigned verbal orders, or an anesthesiologist carrying a syringe of Anectine in his or her scrubs, or not locking up I.V. bottles of normal saline will result in conditional or provisional approval, and failure to take remedial action within 30 days may result in the death penalty, which for the hospital means bad PR, and more significantly, loss of all federal money. That's right, you can get the chair for parking tickets in the JCAHO world.

It doesn't matter that the hospital admits 50,000 patients a year, saves countless lives and performs daily miracles. Write q.i.d. twice and you can get your liver transplant someplace else.
"A response by Russell Massaro, MD, FACP, Executive Vice President Accreditation and Certification Operations, JCAHO, follows Dr. Cossman's screed. The only thing I can say about it is that he makes clear that unannounced surveys will be forthcoming in 2006. Oh, joy!

A lot of the press in the past few days has been discussing issues such as oversight, accountability, and clearly expressed legal authority. JCAHO operates without any real semblence of these niceties, and does so with all the subtlety of a bureaucracy run by Darth Vader. Watching hospital administrators lose bowel and bladder control the minute a JCAHO inspection is brought up has always reminded me of Vader's underlings wilting in his presence --- and for good reason. Without the JCAHO seal of approval, they cannot operate an otherwise well-run, caring facility. The organization, as it was originally intended, was designed to ensure a basic level of safety for all hospitals. It has now become yet another "certifying" agency which must come up with new "critical" problems to fix in order to ensure its ongoing existence (those of you who have gone through the most recent mental masturbatory experience of banning QD and QID in orders know what I mean). What is most galling to me, however, is that hospitals must fork over a hefty sum for these frequent torture sessions, and the inspections are done not by practicing physicians or nurses, but by folks who long ago gave up the difficulties of actually caring for patients for the safety of a clipboard to hide behind.

Maybe I have my metaphors mixed up --- JCAHO comes in like the Death Star, but leaves no room for different institutions to solve problems in their own way. The JCAHO mantra can really be translated as "Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated!" As a result, I suppose JCAHO is really The Borg.

Trying It On For Size... - Posted By: Multiple IC positions?

I've been transcribing for nearly 10 years, so I'm no longer considered a *newbie,* but there are still a few things I don't know about, so I'm hitting this board to see if anyone can offer up some advice...

Does anyone out there work for more than one company as an independent contractor?

I already hold one IC position and I am considering taking on a couple of more.  I have to commit to a certain amount of lines for each, but no set schedule.  They all are paying the same primo-rate with no incentive scale, so it doesn't pay extra to put all my lines in with one company.

You might ask, *Why don't you just increase how much you are working with your first company?*  Well, my answer is that I don't like having a primary and then having my backup account constantly changing in order to provide me with work.  I am thinking that it would work better to work for a couple of different places, each giving me just one primary account (and yes, there are still companies who do that!), and then just sign off of one and onto another when the first one runs out of work...

In my mind, this works out beautifully, but since I have never done it before, I'm hoping to get some pointers for those of you who have.





Help please!!! Is there anything that would make my c-phone footpedal stop working? - Posted By: radmom

Maybe it got deprogrammed?  It was unplugged for a couple of months. Any suggestions please?

OK I THINK I asked this but anyone using a MAC - Posted By: Me

to work as an MT?  If so, does it work seamlesssly with WORD?

When I get a new computer, I'd really like to toss PC for good. 


Tips on job searching - Posted By: Caitlin

I have been doing MT for a little over 6 years.  I have experience in several different specialties.  I currently work in an ENT office and am looking for part time work to do at home.  My only problem is that I never went to school and am not certified which makes it difficult to find a job.  I have only had on-the-job training but I feel that I am very good at what I do and have learned quickly in my experience as an MT.  Does anyone have any tips on how or where to find a job? 



To the MT who had a problem w/laptop and Express Scribe - Posted By: I am the one who suggested my employer's instru

Just curious if my suggestion worked.  Did you try it and, if so, did you get it to work?



Been typing up a storm, now have tender fingertips - Posted By: Soft touch keyboard?

I have to type for 10 hrs a day right now.  Can anyone recommend a soft touch keyboard that is under 100 dollars?  Has anyone ever typed so much that it felt as if the fingertips were bruised?  Mine feel so tender.  I have been doing this for over 20 years and have never had this happen! 

Thanks in advance!

Hi, any IC's that are paid on salary? or is this a reasonable pay I should ask for? - Posted By: Emily Ayn

My docs have now switched to a new platform, which does not utilize counting lines, which is how I am paid now.  They suggested paying by time, but that would be irritating for me to have to keep track and multiply and do all sorts of other stuff by hand (rather than having software to do it).

I have thought about asking them to pay me on salary.  I have been with them for 7 years with no raise.  NO RAISE EVER.  Seven years this September, and I have made between 25 and 28 thousand dollars each year with them.

I am thinking of asking for $36,000 a year and was wondering how reasonable that is.  I get absolutely no benefits from them and in turn, have to pay my own health insurance, retirement, taxes, etc. (so really it would be about 24K a year).

Any advice?   thanks so much


American Idol...sm - Posted By: Fan

Ok, last night's show...

First, I can't believe that Kevin dodged the bullet and got into the top 12...but I'm glad, he seems like such a sweet kid.  Kinda figured Will would go, but I liked Gedeon too.

I'm glad Ayla (sp?) got the boot, didn't like her.  She was snotty!   Kinnik was nothing special either, so guess she had to go too.

As for Bo's performance, I don't know...he seemed kinda off or something.

Now it gets good...the top 12...who's your pick to win?  Mine's Taylor...or maybe Chris!

SR editing - Posted By: memt

I love being an MT, but it is a very physical job, one that I am not sure I can or want to be doing for 35 to 40 more years because of the wear and tear on the body. But I think I can handle it easily if I'm doing SR editing full time or straight transcription half of the time and editing part time.

My question is, is it possible to make a good income doing SR editing?

Anyone know of a company looking - Posted By: OpMT

for an experienced (12 years) high producing op note MT that is hiring either SE or employee status and that has a good platform?  I can't pay the winter heating bills when there is no work.  I don't need lots of benefits, just work.

Contract terminated because got a second job - Posted By: medtran82

Have any of you had your contract terminated? I just need to vent b/c it really ticks me off. I have been working for this place and was not making any money. The most money I have made in a 2-week period with them is $300. They just do not have any work. Every time I expressed concern about my lack of workload, they would just respond with it is a little slow right now. They asked me did I need more work assigned, and I told them yes, and I actually started receiving less work. They were a small company so the work was not in a pool. You had to wait until the administrator decided to assign you a job. So I felt trapped within my house every day having to stalk my email to see if work had been assigned. I could not make any plans. I also felt that I got the worst dictators. I finally got fed up with my lack of money and got a new job with a larger company which so far have been wonderful. I emailed the other company to advise them I had gotten a new job, but would still like to work with them on a part-time basis and told them the amount of work I would like to receive. I did not receive an email back showing that she had even acknowledged me. I had training today from 11:30 to 1:30. She had assigned me a job this morning that was due by 1:53 today. I emailed to advise that I had a prior appointment and would not be able to complete the job and to please reassign. I receive an email back stating my contract had been terminated. That just ticks me off so bad. I was going to terminate my contract anyway once I had been working with the new company for maybe a month or so, but I wanted to be the one to terminate the contract. She did not state a reason for terminating my contract which I know she does not have to, but I really think it is because I told her I had gotten a second job. Anyway, I just really needed to vent some. I would love your comments on this situation. Thanks!

QUESTION (Please read) - Posted By: Inquiring Mind

So what is the average person's income tax return? 


Mine is over $5,000.  Anyone care to share theirs?

anyone still work for hospital or clinic? - Posted By: not an option in my area. nm


Don't you hate it when ... - Posted By: Get Outside

the doc dictates a mile-a-minute, but then answers his cell phone in the middle of the dictation and speaks completely and absolutely clearly and at a normal rate of speed!!!!!!!


cruise and work - Posted By: Bec

Has anyone ever taken a cruise and worked off of a laptop while doing so?  We have just been given the opportunity to go on a cruise, but I have not had much luck with finding someone to help me out for such a short period of time, so I was wondering if anyone else has worked while on the cruise?  Is there access to e-mail on these ships?

Line rate in So CA Riverside County - Posted By: Anonym

Hi there - can anyone tell me what to charge  for the line rate is in So Calif (Riverside County.)  I had an account about 2 years ago and was charging 12 cents per gross line.  Is it different now?



Any MTs in the Colorado area? - Posted By: mt

My husband has a possible job opportunity in the northern Colorado area.  I am just wondering if anyone on this board is out in that area?  I am wondering what the average pricing is on housing, apartments, etc.  Anything really fun to do out there?  This would be in the Fort Collins area.   Also, what is the usual temperature in the summer and winter, snow fall, etc. 

I have found most of this information on-line, but I would much prefer to hear from someone who lives around this area.  I would take a personal view over a computer anyday!  We live in Florida now, so this would be a HUGE move for our family!

Thanks for any info.

Are any IC Incorporated since they are self-employed? - Posted By: IC LOOKING FOR TAX BREAKS

Just wondering if any IC out there have set themselves up as a Corporation.  Being tax illiterate, it seems like I do not have many deductions when it comes time to file.  My DH is looking into opening a business to provide a service and someone with a similar service suggested to him to file for corporation to be able to receive more tax benefits and deductions.  My CPA over the last 10 years has never suggested it to me even though I ask him what I could I do for more deductions.  Is this possible?