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Crocks? - Posted By: Inthedark

My daughter told me she wants a pair of pink crocks!  What are crocks?  She is gone for a couple of weeks with her dad.  I want to surprise her with them when she gets home - don't know what to get!  Does anyone have any idea? 

Digital - Posted By: M/L


I need help from anyone that can write in and give me suggestions.  I was just approached by a physician that has 4 in a group and they want to go digital and have me do their transcription.  This would be a great opportunity as I have just lost 4 of my accounts to outsourcing to India, so I need all the help.  They need to know how this can be set up.  Do they need a FTP site and do I need one?  What kind of system do they need and all the basics.  I am sure the easiest and cheap way to do this over the internet the better, as you know physicians-HAHAH. Also if Patty is on any information from you would be appreciated.  I have this weekend to work on this and give them a proposal on Monday with the costs.  I know what to charge by line as I am an IC already; I just need help on the way to get me the files and for them to send. I presently do tapes and pick up still.

Thanks Everyone in Advance!!


Which Rx Drug Book to use? - Posted By: jlo

I'm looking for a Rx drug book that I can incorporate into my spellcheck or expander.  I've looked at Stedman's Plus, QuickLook, and Saunder's Pharmaceutical Word Book.  So far I'm leaning to Saunder's since it seems like it'll do what I want it to do plus I get downloadable updates.  I'd hate to spend $100 on Stedman's only to find out it's nothing more than a dictionary, when I could've spent $30 on Saunder's.


If anyone has any advice about what program to buy, I'd greatly appreciate it!

theory on why nationals are so awful - Posted By: just a theory

If you think about how much money they spend on computers and equipment, shipment, they need to make sure they are not just hiring any joe who does not know what they are doing and can walk away with a free computer.  That explains the testing that goes on to get hired on with these companies. 

Not only that, being so remote, having so many MTs, they have no time to check references, or to know whether or not you are seasoned or how much experience you might have.  You could lie your way all the way into becoming an MT, they lose clients because of the lousy work from inexperienced MTs, lose money because of the thieves who just want a free pc. 

We seasoned MTs get lost in the blizzard of this.  They are just looking out for themselves, for good reason if you look at it from their perspective. 

Flat rate long distance sm - Posted By: mlstoo

I have been using a Lanier for dictation since November and got one of those not so nice letters from AT&T giving me 5 days to stop or they would switch me to 10 cents per minute. (Not in this lifetime will I pay that.)  Anyway, I checked around (only took about 2 hours to look) and didn't care for anything I found and really did not want to switch companies as it is a PITA. So, I checked on the AT&T website to see what else they offered. They have a business plan for 49.95 a month plus tax-total cost around 70.00 a month. I called and talked to them and asked them at least five times if I can use dictation on this plan and they said yes, I could. I wouldn't  get anymore nasty letters from them. Instead of putting in another line, I just switched my residential over to business and it's only going to cost me $20.00 more a month than what I am already paying right now. Not a bad deal at all for unlimited use. You have to sign up for one year, but heck, if I can work and not be hassled by them, it will be worth it.

I would like to thank you all..... - Posted By: mqrmt

when I first started working at home, I thought I would really miss the socialization part of working in an office, but all of you made sure that did not happen.  Thank you for the laughs this past year, the tears, sharing sorrows and joys, as well as helping me out with words and phrases.  Merry Christmas to EVERYONE and a very Happy New Year!!

VR and ASR will never EVER replace MTs - Posted By: no way...sm

I have done reports, in fact one just now, where the dictator jumped three or four different times from the hospital course to the diagnosis.  How is a voice rec machine going to pick this up and put it in the right format?  Also, the other day I had a doc that dictated a surgery on both the left and right foot....although in the diagnosis it was the right foot only. I get docs who are confuses as to gender of patient, says he...she...he...then she through the report.   And again, more than once a day, I get a doc who talks on the phone as loud as he is dictating.  Won't the machines pick this up?  What about period as opposed to the actual symbol period?  I don't care what you say, we will not be replaced!!!  Not possible.

What type of foot pedal do you need to use Emdat/Inscribe? - Posted By: Wondering

Is it USB? If you have a 9-pin, can you use a converter?

How much do YOU charge for extra copies and envelopes? sm - Posted By: South Peach

Need some help here ---- have a very cheap doctor who wants everything for nothing.  Need to know what to charge him for copies and envlopes as he seems to have a lot of those.  THANKS!!


Does this every happen to anyone besides me? (please SM) - Posted By: Overstimulated

After transcribing for lengthy periods of time, do you feel irritable? Kinda like you want to run to the nearest window and jump out cause you feel all this inner energy but have to sit in a chair and type and it is driving you nuts?

I probably need to takes walks or do something physical but am working 8-10 hours a day.

Just wondering if I am going nuts or what. It is rather unnerving, this feeling. Maybe it is menopausal as I am nearing that age, also. Can anyone identify with this strange feeling?

DocShuttle Program - Posted By: krispy

Does anyone know anything about a program called Doc Shuttle?  If so, good or bad?  Does it have a generous line count?  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

What's for dinner? BBQ pork chops, corn, salad for me. - Posted By: Ginger Pie nm


Everyone needs to work - Posted By: together to shut Soft Script


chat room tonight anyone? sm - Posted By: mtmomof2

Anyone up for a get together in the chat room tonight?  If so, please post or email me what time would be good for you.  Hoping more people come.  Did not work last time I tried it.   

What would you do? - Posted By: jenny

I recently started a new job, about a month ago, is going okay but nothing to brag about.  This weekend I went to Vegas and somehow managed to come home with over 500,000 from blackjack and a progressive slot machine win - I want to quit because I want to take some time off to spend with my daughter, but am actually feeling guilty since I just started this job, what would you do if this happened to you?

Universities with the best free online courses - Posted By: Snow Bunny


When Amphion, or any company, has mandatory overtime, they pay overtime pay for it, don't they? - Posted By: Wondering


Anyone have a tattoo? - Posted By: thinkin' about it (sm)

Does anyone have a tattoo? My husband and I are thinking about getting one, but I'm not sure. I really want one, just something small--the Chinese symbol for *forever*, but I'm not sure where to have it put or if it's really, really painful. I'm not into pain, but could stand some, if it's not THAT bad.  Any info would be very appreciated...


Anyone here making 0.075 cpl and 30.00 an hour? - Posted By: Acute Care

Is this possible?  Compensation for higher production adds a penny more or so.

MQ DEP check ? - Posted By: ??

Anyone heard from their MQ office what this check amount was based on and why it wasn't direct deposit like others if you are on direct deposit??

Hand pain - needing to cut back lines per week. Anyone else done this? - Posted By: Sore hands

I have so much hand and wrist pain from all this typing.  I only do 5000-6000 lines per week and that is torture.  By the end of the week I have slowed down so badly it is ridiculous.  I think I am going to have to cut way back before I trash my hands and wrists for good.  Has anyone else had this problem and cut back on MT work?  I'm trying to think of other jobs I could do for a few hours a day to make up the difference ($$)that don't involve typing. 

Please see msg. TIA!! - Posted By: Carole

There is also decreased signal lesion seen adjacent to the left facet joint at T2-T3, which may represent an osteophyte s/l "osteo-mem-in-in-ja-meli-synovium" cyst per the radiologist. (This was an MRI of the cervical spine.) Any ideas?

Tax question for all you ICs - Posted By: hypertyper

I know, yuk, taxes.  I'm filing a Schedule C for last year and I'm stuck at the Business Activity Code.  Which category do you all use?  I think maybe it could be "document preparation services" or "facilities support service" or just unclassified and leave it at that.  I was wondering what everyone else uses as a code.  I did a search on this site and nothing came up so I apologize if this subject has already been discussed, I missed it.  It's Valentine's Day and I'm working on taxes.  What's wrong with me?

Is VR just not for everybody?? - Posted By: need input

I was SO looking forward to giving my body a bit of a break so I took a VR editing job...I was hoping my speed would be up before long, doing at least double the lines (or more!) than straight transcription, as they pay you half of the regular rate, and many can do triple the amount, so like many, I was seeing dollar signs... 

I know some MTs do wonderfully, but my speed is only about my straight transcription speed.  I employ all of the keyboard shortcuts too.  I am thinking of going back to straight MT work because it's just not worth it for me.  OR, am I missing something???  My dollar signs are fading...

Thanks for any input, good, bad or whatever!!  

Question regarding SOAP note... - Posted By: Help...

For those of you who transcribe SOAP notes, do you capitalize each word in the diagnosis?  I have seen it both ways, and I was not sure if there is a rule to this. 


DX:  Low Back Pain. 

DX:  Low back pain.


Thank you!


Does anybody have the website...(sm) - Posted By: Frazzled

where you can change your address online for multiple magazine subscriptions?  I did this a few years ago and am moving again...cannot for the life of me now find that website. 


I haven't had any excitement since my last husband sent me on a cruise... - Posted By: Beverly Hillsdale

thru the Bermuda Triangle. There's something missing from my life but what, what, what could it be? I have everything a woman could want - a beautiful home, financial security - and I have two, two, two mints in one. But I don't know, somehow something is still missing...

Foot pedal calibration - Posted By: TinTx

I am having trouble calibrating my foot pedal for Bayscribe.  Can anyone help?  Thanks in advance!!!

up all night? - Posted By: fingersonfire

Has anyone ever pulled an all-nighter and typed through the night after your shift during the day? Please tell me how you did it! A strong pot of coffee is a given and some carbs are probably a given.

Also, those of you who work the midnight shift, do you have any tips for staying alert when the house is quiet and the neighborhood is fast asleep?

Thanks in advance!

I just got Punk'd! - Posted By: kyradmt

My account is DOWN! I can't work! I'm losing money!

Oh man, I gotta split! See ya later dudes and dudettes!

Practicount - Posted By: ss

Anyone use this to bill your clients?

People with non-MT positions - Posted By: me

If you work at medical transcription company but as QA, manager, team lead, coordinator, etc., do you have a set amount of hours you work each day and are done, or do you find yourself working more hours than your shift?

DocQscribe update-help - Posted By: nannette kessler

We just updated to 5.13 version of docQscribe..and now I can't connect--I turned autoprotect in norton off--and it still says 'docQscribe cannot connect' when I try signing on...HELP!

What other jobs allow working at home? - Posted By: HappyCat

I am thinking of going back to school now, while I have a reasonably good job.  Problem is, because of medical concerns, I have to be able to work from home.  What other options are there for folks like me who find it a requirement to work from home?

Any advice appreciated. 


Please help with figuring out cpl difference? - Posted By: HJ

I was offered a position with a company that offers 8 cpl per line including spaces for IC, and 7 cpl for employment status.  I am currently working as an IC with another company at .065 cpl.  I was wondering if anyone could tell me if I would be making a considerable amount more by taking the new job as an employee, since they would pay my taxes for me-or should I take the job as an IC and take care of the taxes myself?  I know that this may be a personal preference issue...but I am leaning toward taking the lower cpl amount just so I don't have to worry about the taxes I would pay quarterly.  Any opinions would be very much appreciated!

Another expander question - please help! - Posted By: Molly

I have (and contintue to) create lots of expanders.  What I need to know is do you focus on certain types of words/phrases and don't bother to make Expanders for others?

I have so many now, that I have had to deviate from my pattern so many ways, that I too often waste time trying to figure out if I have an expansion (as it could be one of 5 or so patterns).  I'm sure I could have done a bit better job of creating them had I really understood where it would lead when I started; however, if one makes them for all the various phrases, etc., there is no way not to deviate from more than one pattern.

I have many accounts and endless dictators which, I'm sure, adds to the problem, but if you can give me examples of what sort of words/phrases you might simply not bother to make expanders for, it might help me gain some perspective.  I'm quite sure if I let go of it a little and just resign that it's okay to straight type certain things, I would be farther ahead.

I wish I could think of some examples of the complications I run across while working, but you all must know what I am talking about if you have tried to make expanders for "everything."

Thanks for any help you can give me!! 

Line Requirements - Posted By: Loves To Type

Could those of you who are paid twice a month tell me what your line requirements are per pay period? I am wondering if 15,000 lines per pay period is around the average amount. TIA!

Interesting web site... - Posted By: RadGuy


Is there anyone who works for - Posted By: cekkrsid

social work departments, foster homes, children's protective services....and NOT a typical hospital or dr office or national company?

If so, how do you find those jobs. 

I have a degree in Family Studies, with a minor in Substance Abuse Education...and I am finishing up school and would love to combine my BS degree with my new career choice as an MT...

any transcriptionists been disabled by - Posted By: CTS? see inside

I am an avid gamer and a MT.  I'm only 30 and already my wrists get sore periodically.  I'm wondering if there is a point where I will be disabled due to transcribing and difficulties with their hands and what to do to prevent it.  TIA for replies

Believe it or not...I just watched - Posted By: Cinderella Man

for the very first time.  I thought it was a very good movie.  Anyone else enjoy it like I did?  Thought Russell Crowe did an excellent job.

When work gets slow and you're switched to unfamiliar dictators does anyone besides me find it ha - Posted By: Dixiegirl


dictation humor - got this from MTSO web site - Posted By: Snow Bunny

>>>This is a collective from Medical Interview Records written by various Paramedics, Emergency Room Receptionists, and (We are afraid) a Doctor or two at major Hospitals.<<<


The baby was delivered, the cord clamped and cut and handed to the pediatrician, who breathed and cried immediately.

Exam of genitalia reveals that he is circus sized.

The skin was moist and dry.

Rectal exam revealed a normal size thyroid.

The patient had waffles for breakfast and anorexia for lunch.

She stated that she had been constipated for most of her life until 1989 when she got a divorce.

Between you and me, we ought to be able to get this lady pregnant.

The patient was in his usual state of good health until his airplane ran out of gas and crashed.

I saw your patient today, who is still under our car for physical therapy.

The patient lives at home with his mother, father, and pet turtle, who is presently enrolled in day care three times a week.

Bleeding started in the rectal area and continued all the way to Los Angeles.

Both breasts are equal and reactive to light and accommodation.

She is numb from her toes down.

Exam of genitalia was completely negative except for the right foot.

While in the emergency room, she was examined, X-rated and sent home.

The lab test indicated abnormal lover function.

The patient was to have a bowel resection. However he took a job as a stockbroker instead.

Occasional, constant, infrequent headaches.

Coming from Detroit, this man has no children.

Examination reveals a well-developed male lying in bed with his family in no distress.

Patient was alert and unresponsive.

When she fainted, her eyes rolled around the room.

The cause of this diarrhea, however, has never been solidified.

Pain is rather constant; exacerbated with changing physicians.

The patient had no chess pain or shortness of breath.

The patient is allergic to Quinine. When she takes it she gets a rash and then whelps.


ergonomic keyboards - Posted By: Safetype is a rip off!!

Not only is it impossible to use, the salesperson was  rude and difficult when I called for return instructions.  Also, there was a money back guarantee on the website, but in small print "if refurbished, we cannot refund your money."  And guess what, you don't know its refurbished until it arrives on your doorstep!!  Needless to say, 350 bucks flushed down the toilet. 

I recently ordered the "ergoflex" keyboard, and was wondering if anyone has tried this?  It lets you rest each arm as far away as possible, which is what I need.  I've been typing on two keyboards, one for the left, one for the right, and it just takes up too much space.  I'm hoping this will help.  To the poster below about keyboard testimonials, these could probably be secured to the end of your arm rests, and also on the web site they have separate arm rests that look real comfy you can adjust to your table top. 


Being paid gross line - Posted By: Susan

I have been offered a job that pays 8 cpl per gross line.  Is that a good rate? Thanks for your input.

Acute care/radiology transcription - Posted By: tia

I have asked this question before but have never really gotten a response.  On one account (hospital), I type their basic 4 and all their radiology.  I get paid the same rate for both.  Radiology is about 1/3 or more of the work I do for this hospital.  Should I ask for more for radiology?  It just seems like from what I read here, if I got paid what some of you are saying you get paid for radiology, I would get paid about three times what I am currently getting for radiology.

"Where does one go..." - Posted By: sm

Asked in another post. Very good question. Where DOES one go from here? Are our specialised skills transferrable to another profession?

I am wondering if there is a way to use your C-phone with Vonage phone service? - Posted By: MissouriMT


Death summary - Posted By: I don't make em up, I just type em

Dr. dictates:

Reason for Death:  Incompatibility with life.

Can anyone help out on the drug board! Would really appreciate the help! nm - Posted By: Thanks!