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What the best software to use? - Posted By: ana

Me and a couple of my MT friends have decided to make a small little MT company. You know just the three girls, made a lil pamplet and all. We're hoping by banding together we can met new clients ect. I was wondering what Mt software -for when the clients upload the audio files-should we use? We're on a budget and can't afford the 2,500 SW that's we've seen online. ANy suggestions?

Emdat Software Question for Emdat Users - Posted By: David


I have a question about the Emdat software.  Regarding the cc: box, sometimes, you have to type in the address, because the address is not in the database.  I have found that when you try to pause the audio with either the foot pedal or the "F" key assigned to pause while typing the address, the audion will not pause; it keeps on playing.  You should be able to pause the audio while trying to type the address into the database.  Anyone else notice this, anyone?  Thank you kindly.

What is the best battery backup for a computer? nm - Posted By: GRITS!


My SIL wants to be a transcriptionist... - Posted By: The Singing MT

She wants to study at home, but I went to college for it like 15 years ago.  I don't know anything about computer courses or whatever.  I don't just want to "google" it.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks. 


Newbie needs experience - Posted By: Jackie


Anyone know of companies that will give newbies with schooling a chance?

Sorry bout that - Posted By: Retta

Sorry... I have two forums open at once.

Plans for THIS weekend? - Posted By: New to work at home MT

Summer has gone by WAY too fast.  What are your plans for this weekend?  Anyone have a big weekend last weekend?  I am not sure what we are going to do.  Husband is playing in a golf tournament and I will probably take the kids swimming, maybe work a little.  Would be nice.

using dot matrix printer - Posted By: Eileen

Does anyone use a dot matrix printer for continuous labels and what printer do you use?

VR compensation/2 wk period - Posted By: Beth

It seems that we have to make that high productivity in voice recognition for two weeks straight. If for even ONE day in the two weeks, your productivity was not as high, it bumps your average back down to making way less money. For example, let's say you work hard to edit 350 lines (voice recog.) per hour for 6 or 7 days, but one day your productivity was only their minimum of 150 lines per hour- that reduces your two-week average. What am I missing? What are you doing to keep productivity really high for that two week average?

any info on transrx? - Posted By: sm

The only thing that I know is that are Canadian. Any US MTs ever work for them? Thx.

Does anyone know why some companies won't hire you if you have satellite internet service? TIA - Posted By: NM- AzMT


SERIOUS WARNING (SM) - Posted By: Goldbird (Moderator)

Do not EVER post copyrighted information on this website.  This includes private medical records or copies of any information in which you are not the author or owner.

If you have any questions about information you want to post, please e-mail the Administrator (admin@mtstars.com) or myself before doing so.

Posters who fail to respect this policy will be banned.

disabled transcriptions - Posted By: lacikins

Thanks to all of you that gave me an answer.  It is for my friend and I will pass on the information as this is something that she really wants to do as being disabled it is much easier working from home than trying to use public transportation in our little rural town.   I will certain pass on you sugestions.

Need help on word board, please. TIA, nm - Posted By: Help please


Inground pool questions - Posted By: SLC

Has anyone had an inground pool installed?  I am trying to see approximately how much it costs.  I live in PA and my husband and I have heard some wide-range prices and I would like to hear from any of you who have installed one.  I am mainly seeing which type, i.e., fiberglass, cement, etc and how much it costs. 


Thanks in advance for taking the time to help us out 

Thank you to MT Stars for the fun contests! nm - Posted By: Debbie


Radiology Pay. - Posted By: kyradmt

I was just wondering what other rad MT's are earning out there - and are U paid by report or by line? Which method do U think is better?

Help with WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows - Posted By: MT in Alabama

Long story short, I do dictation at a hospital where we use WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows.  I am going to be doing dictation at home and then pasting the file in WordPercfect at the hospital.  I was looking for a way to convert files from MS Word into to WP, but wasn't successful in that so now I'm trying to find a copy of WP 6.1 and am not having any luck.  Does someone know where I might could download this as I need it ASAP or can you use another version of WP with 6.1?  Thanks in advance.

Does anyone know of a truly unlimited long - Posted By: stressed

distance plan that doesn't involve VoIP?   I'm in the southeast.  I have unlimited LD with BellSouth, but unlimited to them and unlimited to me isn't the same thing and I've heard about the nightmares others have had with the $500 phone bills.  

I've googled and googled and not finding much information about reliable companies that may offer this. 

Any shortterm MT jobs for MT with 23 yr exp?? - Posted By: Waj


word help - Posted By: kim

Is meniseal a word?  Thanks

Escription question - Posted By: Dani

I just noticed that companies with Escription jobs, do not state if spaces are paid for.  Would like an answer to this question and also how long did it take before you felt comfortable being an editor, plus how long did it take before you made a decent paycheck?  Thanks for any info.

lost my address bar - Posted By: ER MT

I can't seem to get it back!  I have windows XP.  I've played around with the toolbars but I can't find my address bar! 

Any help would be appreciated for this technically challenged MT.  

Hope everyone takes this amusingly, as it is intended. :) - Posted By: Busy MT'ing

Please check out the following link:




Alltype - Posted By: Kathy

What do you folks know about Alltype?  Thanks in advance.

Two yrs experience and ready to move on. - Posted By: JoJo

I'm looking to move into acute care but am having the same problem as others - little acute care exp.  I've searched but most state they "require" at least 2 yrs acute care exp.  I've found one company, Amphion, that has clinic and acute care so I could get my foot in the door doing clinic then move over in the future but I know nothing about them.  Any ideas on other companies that have both clinic and acute care would be appreciated.  I'm so ready to move on.   Thanks.

Word expander question - Posted By: Pikaki

I like the Expander that comes with my company's software but I can't find a commercial expander like it.

I am trying ShortHand but the main thing I don't like about it is that it does not recognize when characters entered are part of a preexisting word. So if I'm editing and just entering a letter here and there, Shorthand records those characters, and if I hit the spacebar or punctuation mark and those characters happen to be one of my abbreviations, Shorthand will expand those characters even if I did not want an expansion there. I have to stop the expansion manually. For example, if I'm editing and change the word "proceed" to "proceeding" by adding an "ing," which is also my abbreviation for "inguinal," Shorthand thinks I want "inguinal" there and I end up with "proceedinguinal" unless I notice the expansion ahead of time and stop it manually.

My company's expander does not do this. When I add a character to a word, it recognizes the characters that are already there. So when I add "ing" to "proceed," it recognizes that I intend the "ing" to be part of the already-existing word "proceed" and does not expand the "ing" to "inguinal."

With my company's expander I can also go back and add a character or two to letters that are already there, hit the spacebar, and get the expansion, whereas with Shorthand, if I missed a letter in an abbreviation and go back to correct it, I have to enter the whole abbreviation again from scratch. For example, if I meant to type "tahbso" but I missed the "o" and didn't notice it until proofreading later, I could go back and add the "o" on the end of the already-existing "tahbs," hit the spacebar, and the abbreviation would expand. With Shorthand, I find I have to retype "tahbso" to get it to expand.

I'm not that experienced with Shorthand so maybe there are different settings in it that could avoid the unwanted expansions, but then again maybe not.

Anyway, I'm just wondering if there's an expander that will recognize when characters are already part of a word and when they are not and behave accordingly. Thanks.

Acute care vs. Clinic reports- - Posted By: Newbie2MT Full Time

Being new to MT full time and coming from a hospital setting (specialty clinics) for most of my career.....How does acute care transcription differ from "speciality"clinics (i.e. ortho, GI, oncology, etc.) when applying for jobs?   Acute care is the same as emergency medicine right?

Aside from the differing terms, doesn't the basics of format apply to all H&Ps, clinic notes, etc. when transcribing notes regardless of specialty?  Therefore, even if you have mostly specialty 'experience' wouldn't you still be qualified to do acute care?  Just wondering....

sm - Posted By: need help

Is it right-hand dominant or right hand dominant?  I thought if you were using a phrase to describe a noun the phrase should be hyphenated, as in The patient is right-hand dominant OR The patient is a right-hand dominant male; either way you are describing the noun (male/patient).  thank you

RE: Auto Text - I keep adding AutoText entries but then the next day they are gone. Any suggestion - Posted By: Kris


Does WQAR think - Posted By: Huh?

 this is a hotline to QA?  Dude, we can't listen to your dictation!

backing up abbreviations - Posted By: Jan

I'd like to make a backup copy of all my abbreviations on Word Expander.  I use Bayscribe for my work.  Does anybody know how I can go about backing these up?  I'm concerned that all it would take would be a virus or something funky to happen to my PC, and I'd lose all those abbreviations.  I have stored over 2,000 my own abbreviations for a total of over 60,000 characters and would really regret all that work if something happened.  Thanks. 

Ok, Six Feet Under fans, did you catch it last night? - Posted By: A Texan

I'm sad.

Regarding AAMT, is it wise to join? Opinions please... - Posted By: Carly d

have been an MT for almost four years but have not joined as of yet.  Would like to hear pros and cons.  TIA.

Internet transcription games - Posted By: Jeanie

I'm looking for the game sites on the internet for medical transcription.   I work in a hospital setting and when we don't have work, we are allowed to do crosswords, etc. on the internet.  I know of the medword site - are there any other fun sites that anyone knows about that could be considered "educational" in the transcription field?

playmates - Posted By: marilyn

OK, it is 5:15 central standard time here - where are all my early morning playmates?  I have to log on at 5:30 and usually stay on here until the very last minute, getting my adult conversation for the day.  Have a good day everyone, and for those of you getting off the night shift, peaceful dreams, see you tomorrow!

too funny - Posted By: momof3

I have this one dictator who races through his dictations greater than the speed of light, but every time he gets to the diagnoses slows down to dictating about one syllable per minute !  too funny (and sometimes a little annoying!)

Help! Gatorade was spilled on my foot pedal - Posted By: sm

Is there anything I can do to "save" it?

Line Counter Software... - Posted By: me

Hey there ....

Does anyone have a lead on any line counting software for under $30-$40?  I have TexTally, but it does not calculate the same way my Word 2002 calculates. 

  Thanx for your time.

RadGuy made me wonder... - Posted By: What's worst Christmas present you gotten?

This should be fun... make I won't feel so bad about what I have gotten in past!  LOL

Dumb things-word of advice - Posted By: freebie

I'm tired and I just did the dumbeest thing and have to share it -   I did a global search and replace to turn ER into emergency room and CAT into computed tomography  - there are just tons of words with "er" in the middle and who would think about "cat" being in the middle of the word medications among others!

keyboards - Posted By: Whattheheck

I've been an MT for over 20 years and my shoulders and arms are feeling starting to feel it. I've been using a MS ergo keyboard for years now, but would like to invest is a super good keyboard. Anyone have one you particularly like? Anyone try one of those keyboards where you type sideways? TIA

Leaving MT - Posted By: MTBlab

You know what?  I just cannot do this anymore.  My last day was 12/31/06.  I am moving in a different direction--not sure what all yet, but I just cannot transcribe any more.  After 17 years of listening to doctors chew, and waiting--listening to silence--with my pay rate DROPPING over the years  , not increasing--I have to leave.

There's only a tiny, tiny part of me that feels sad--it's the part of me that was so overjoyed to be able to do this at home and be here when my children were little.  I really thought I would keep doing this forever. Recently, though, I just cannot do it anymore!  One day I woke up and had had enough!

I am working on some things here at home that I had going.  Some home businesses, things I make, etc.

I just wanted to say BYE.


Top 3 expanders - Posted By: Abby

I am in the market for an expander.  I have never used one and am ready to.  Just wondering what people's favorite 3 Expanders are so I can research about them and pick one.

Thank you!


nephrology book - Posted By: southernmt

Can anybody help me by giving me the name of a good reference book (or even reliable website) for nephrology?

What in the heck is EHR and what does this mean - Posted By: GloLow

to us as transcriptionists? I have worked in VR and know about this but am told here lately still a demand for MTs as healthcare is steadily moving towards EHR. Where exactly does this leave MTs - out of a job or like VR, some sort of editing? TIA

Do any of you ever feel sad for the patients? - Posted By: emotionalmt

Maybe it is because I am on my period and am more emotional than usual, but today typing all these terminal cancer reports is making me want to cry.  I feel so sad for the patient and their families.  I just cannot imagine being told that I only have a few months left of my life.  And the doctors sound so cold about it.  I know they are very used to it....I just know that I could never be a doctor.  I could never get used to telling someone they are going to die.

Best split keyboard? - Posted By: Mary Mary

Any recommendations?

anyone ever order from comfort keyboard or - Posted By: ergonomic resource dot com?

I'm waiting for my keyboard now for two weeks, when I was told it would take two days.  I just spent 300 hundred bucks on this thing, i've called several times, there is a tracking number and everything, but no one seems to know where my package is??  Just wondering if anyone has ordered successfully from these people and if I should just be patient.  This is why I do not order on line very much!

Payroll law? MDI-Fl now pays 6th working day after end of payperiod. - Posted By: ??

California laws say must be paid on or before the 5th working day after end of pay period.  Because the company is in Florida, would their law supercede California law?