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C-phone help - Posted By: Paula

I need help with a C-phone.  It states program locked, how can I undo this.  Also, I cannot get it to come through the headphones.  I think this has to be programmed in but do not  know how to do that, can you help me get this phone set up for usage with the headsets.  Thank you.  Paula

Radiology dictation....do any of your radiologists use handheld recorders anymore? - Posted By: MTing

Or is it mainly phone and through the PC?  Thanks!

CMT certification - Posted By: Dee

I need some help here please.  I have been thinking of taking the CMT test but cannot decide.  The company that I work for will pay extra for the certification but is it really worth it?  I have been doing this job for almost 25 years, however, I worked for a local multispecialty clinic that did not have any idea about BOS, we simply typed what the doctor said and the format depended on each doctor.  They phased out our department several years ago and I have worked for a few services so I have definitely grown in all areas and learned BOS.  Can anyone give me the pros and cons of taking the test?  Is it as intimidating as it seems?  To me, one of the pros would be, after doing this job for so long, feeling like I really accomplished something in my field.  Any opinions, pros, cons, etc., would be greatly appreciated!!!


Current pay scale for radiology transcriptionist - Posted By: Leslye

Hello Cyberspace,

I am wondering if anyone can direct me to a website that will help me calculate if I am getting paid correctly for the work I am doing.  I would like to know the going rate per line and per report for radiology transcriptionists. 

I have several years experience and need some documentation in order for me to request a pay increase. 

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Which was the one..... - Posted By: AnotherOldTimerMT

I believe it was Joe Biden; thought I could remember but should have written it down!  LOL

I think the most "surprising" thing to me was the fact that the "outsourcers" get big tax incentives.  WOW--what a novel concept.  Don't know why I haven't started my own BIG BUSINESS!!

Have a great day.....

How to avoid hiring an American (video) - Posted By: Hayseed

Cut and paste this link into your brower and click on the video to play it.  It's kinda long but worth it....just dang is all I gotta say about that.


My snowflakes are just little falling x's today. Is it just me? nm - Posted By: NYer

Convincing employer that you can do the job-sm - Posted By: CS

I want to apply for a job that I am confident I can perform; however, there are a few things listed in the job description that I am not familiar with.  How do I address this when applying.  In the cover letter? And how do I address it? I meet all the qualifications except one and I know I can learn it.  I feel like I need to address this somehow.  The other option is to not apply and at all and I really want to shoot for it.  I would appreciate some input on this situation.  Thanks!

Santa's House link - Posted By: MOMT

Is the link for donating to Santa's House unavailable to anyone else? 

ok guys, 9 jobs in the system, we need your help DESPERATELY! - Posted By: huh? annoying supervisor

 four to five times a day we are in dire need of help with all but 10-20 jobs on the system.  Did someone overdo the coffee or what.

I paid $1.95 for gas yesterday. What about you? - Posted By: Georgia gal

Glad it's coming down!!!

OSI - Posted By: Pam

My son-in-law left the marines and was classified a deserter and picked up. He is being sent to OSi at Pendleton can anyone tell me what this is and what happens there?  Thaank you

Going out on my own - Posted By: Saucha Versace

Just getting my first account without help on my own and need some advice as to what ppl, character, and sending back and forth setup. Can anyone help. I have been working from home about a 1 year and now are going on my own and need some friendly advice. Thanks

People dictating who cannot pronounce the words - Posted By: Do you get as aggravated as me?

and do you notice when they are reading others have reported, you can tell they are reading word by word by word and yet half are ones they cannot even pronounce and stumbling all around. Ye Gads!

Some info on credit counseling vs bankruptcy - Posted By: Patti

This is just a heads up for those that were questioning about your choices.   I was doing some research on a cancellation of debt form - 1099-C that I am doing for my ex-husband as he never paid me the $9720 he owed me and found on a web page that some of the people that are going through Credit Counseling now are getting 1099-C for some canellation of the debt from credit card companies.  If they forgive this debt, then you have to claim it on your income tax as "INCOME"  so think about this in your situation.  If you are going through a counseling agency ask them if any of your accounts can give you a 1099-C for anything that they forgive you and the only way that they can't is through Bankruptcy.  So that is another consideration when wondering which way to go.   As for me, I have a signed promissory note signed and it is not a verbal agreement, was not in the divorce and he just never paid.  So I get to put on 12 years of interest at 10% plus late fees and he will end up paying the IRS instead of me but I get a tax deduction of $3000 per year until the 21K is used up.  So that is fine, he doesn't have to pay me and I will cancel out his debt, but Uncle Sam is not as forgiving as me.  But I wanted everyone to be aware of this as it tempting to pay a credit card company only 50% of what you owe them but thing of putting that other 50% on your income tax forms.   Patti

Transcribing from handwritten notes - Posted By: Spring Chicken

Just wondering if anyone has every transcribed from a doctor's handwritten notes? If so, how did this work out? If the doctor's handwriting is legible, does this compare, time-wise, to transcribing from dictated files? Anyone ever do this?

Thanks in advance.

Always looking for a new company? - Posted By: am I the only one

I have only been mting for a short while now and have already worked for 3 different companies.  I am always checking the job boards looking for a new job.  Does anyone else do this?  Is anyone actually satisfied and happy with their current company?  I am so tired of searching.  I just want to actually settle in at a company for the long haul.

Does anyone have any good urology sites? - Posted By: mel

Cannot remember macro for jumping - Posted By: Confuzzled

I need a macro for Word 2003 to jump to ?? as the next field and, even though I've done this before, I cannot for the LIFE of me remember how to do it.  


Any clues? THANKS in advance!

Industry pay is sinking. - Posted By: MslaMT

With 9 years experience, I was offered 5cpl for straight typing.  Nuts if you ask me.  Yet the company filled the positions with that pay. 

How's the weather where U are? Pouring cats & dogs in San Francisco.... - Posted By: RadTyper

   ..... guess it's time to think about building an ARK!  


Question about Keystrokes - Posted By: Viki4

I am considering applying to Keystrokes for a MT job as I see they are advertising for a variety of MTs. Has anyone here had any experience with them or know anything about this company.
I just want some feedback before I jump in. Thanks!

A terrible blunder - see article - Posted By: Mimi

Mistaken ID Stuns Crash Victims' Families

CALEDONIA, Mich. (AP) - A couple sat by their daughter's hospital bedside for weeks after an auto accident until she came out of a coma and they realized she was not their daughter after all, but another blond-haired young woman injured in the wreck. Their own daughter, it turned out, was dead and buried.
In a tragic mix-up, one family had been incorrectly told their daughter had died in the April 26 crash in Indiana, and another was erroneously informed their daughter was in a coma.
The two young women - both students at Indiana's Taylor University - looked remarkably alike, and the one in a coma suffered facial swelling, broken bones and cuts and bruises, and was in a neck brace.
The family of Laura VanRyn, 22, disclosed the mix-up Wednesday on a Web log that they had used to record detailed updates on the young woman's recovery.
``Our hearts are aching as we have learned that the young woman we have been taking care of over the past five weeks has not been our dear Laura, but instead a fellow Taylor student of hers, Whitney Cerak,'' the VanRyns said on the blog.
Cerak's grandfather, Emil Frank, said news of his granddaughter's survival was a shock. ``I still can't get over it. It's like a fairy tale,'' he said.
Coroner Ron Mowery, whose office handled the case, apologized for the mistake. He said acquaintances of the students had identified the survivor as VanRyn, but no scientific tests were conducted to verify the IDs.
``This tragedy unfolded like we could never have imagined,'' he said.
The VanRyns said that as the young woman began regaining consciousness at a rehabilitation center in Grand Rapids, Mich., she said things that made them question her identity.
As recently as Monday, the VanRyns reported: ``While certain things seem to be coming back to her, she still has times where she'll say things that don't make much sense.''
The coroner said that VanRyn's boyfriend raised initial questions about her identity. Then her father became suspicious when she referred to him by a pet name he didn't recognize.
``He started asking questions and the process evolved to where she actually came to and suggested who she was and wrote her name,'' Mowery said.
In a statement, the two families said they took their concerns to hospital officials, and dental records confirmed that the injured woman was Whitney Cerak.
``Both families understand how this could have happened,'' said Bruce Rossman, a spokesman for Spectrum Health, which operated the rehab center.
Frank, a retired minister in Portland, Maine, said his granddaughter's parents declined to look at the body before the funeral. ``They wanted to remember her the way she was,'' he said.
An official at Taylor University, an evangelical Christian college in Upland, Ind., about 60 miles northeast of Indianapolis, said the Grant County coroner had notified the school of the error.
``We rejoice with the Ceraks. We grieve with the VanRyns,'' said Taylor spokesman Jim Garringer.
The VanRyns, who are from Caledonia, Mich., said their daughter and Cerak, 18, of Gaylord, Mich., bore an ``uncanny resemblance.''
The coroner described an accident scene strewn with purses and wallets.
``I can't stress enough that we did everything we knew to do under those circumstances, and trusted the same processes and the same policies that we always do,'' Mowery said.
Four Taylor students and an employee were killed when their van was struck by a tractor-trailer that had drifted across a highway median. Those in the van worked for Taylor's dining services and were preparing for a banquet for the inauguration of a new president of the 1,850-student school.
Most of the crash victims had funerals with closed caskets. A month ago, an overflow crowd of more than 1,400 people turned out for what they thought was Cerak's funeral in Gaylord, Mich.
Joe Sereno, associate pastor at Gaylord Evangelical Free Church, said the casket was closed both for visitation and for the funeral.
``We did everything you usually do,'' Sereno said. ``We had a memorial service at the church. The family did a private burial the next day. Everybody thought it was Whitney.''
The VanRyn family used the blog to provide progress reports on the young woman, reporting, example, that her hair was in pigtails or braids, that she managed to feed herself some applesauce, that she played a game of ``Connect Four'' with one of the therapists and did quite well, and that she performed an exercise in which her therapist gave her a word and she had to supply the word's opposite.
Calls to the VanRyns and Ceraks were not immediately returned, and a young man outside the VanRyns' home declined to comment to a reporter. An attorney for 'the Cerak family did not return a call either.
Prosecutors are weighing criminal charges against the truck driver, saying he may having fallen asleep at the wheel.
A memorial service for VanRyn is scheduled Sunday in Grand Rapids.

sorry -- didn't know we had a gab board now... - Posted By: sm

(re NYC plane post)

Clinic work or acute care question....sm - Posted By: passing through

If you were offered a job by two different companies, the benefits were the same, line rate was the same, everything was the same except one was exclusively acute care and the other was clinic, which would you choose and why?  I have two offers and everything is even except for the type of work.  I would think clinic work you could get more lines, but then it is not as marketable later if I have to switch companies as staying acute care would be.  Any input? 

Email scam - Please read! - Posted By: ajc0197

If anyone has received an email from a "Susan Ronald" or an email talking about a $12 million deposit in a trunk at a securities company in the U.S. that they want you to pick up personally and send to them, please contact me by email and I will give you an FBI website to send it to for investigation.


HIPAA and cc - what to do? sm - Posted By: Anon

If doctor wants carbon copy sent, I'm told it's a violation of HIPAA rules. Please tell me where I can find this on the Internet. Thanks.

Hello. - Posted By: There.


Has anyone considered going back to college after having a family? - Posted By: ThirtySomething

Any advice?  My husband is wanting me to go back to school and get a nursing degree, but I don't know if I have the stamina to work (which I would have to), take care of my family and go to school full time.  I don't think you can enter a nursing program part time.

I don't know that I would like to enter nursing but the thought of going back to school is tempting.  Of course, there are going to family obstacles to overcome first, the biggest being having someone available to take care of my son.  We have no family close by, so it would be up to me and my husband to work our schedules to make sure he was okay.  My husband's schedule is not flexible at all but it is such a weird schedule we could work around it.  My son is only 9 (soon to be 10) but I don't feel comfortable leaving him home alone yet.  He has some friends whose parents have let them come home from school to an empty home since 1st or 2nd grade, but I would NEVER consider that.

Thanks for listening.  I would appreciate any advice or stories from others.  This is really on my mind now and I guess I am weighing my options.

POLL: Hibernate or turn off at night? - Posted By: Lin

My computer geek just scolded me :(  I have my computer set to hibernate after 2 hours to reduce accumulation of cat hair around the fan.  He says hibernate is like an induced coma -- sometimes the patient doesn't wake up.  He instructs NEVER use hibernate and he would take it off the computer if he could. 

I thought that turning on and off was hard on the hardware itself and where most problems originated -- plus the cat hair thing. . .


I would like some information about the ExText platform, good or bad. Thank you. nm - Posted By: Kim


Anyone else notice the trend. - Posted By: WanderingMT

I'm just amazed when I look at the Job Seeker's board and every job has at least 400 or even up to 1000 views.  Are that may people really looking for jobs. I think most of us are just not happy where we are and are always looking for greener pastures, but what I am finding..there aren't any..This professional has gone way down. Between the line rate and less-than-average benefits, why do we want to waste our times with the frustration. At this point, I think I can make more at Star Bucks and I hear they offer great benefits including medical insurance. I'd rather make a latte than put up with this stress...At least, those customers are appreciative of their coffee!!!

Can someone tell me where you post your resumes on here. I dont see a place for them. - Posted By: MT


Do most companies require you to keep a handwritten log? - Posted By: Writer's cramp


Dental insurance - Posted By: sbMT

Can anyone recommend a good company for dental insurance?


Is anyone else tired of MT work? - Posted By: TiredMT

I have only been doing MT work for a little over 6 months and I am already burned out. I am tired of typing and listening and rewinding, etc. The only part about the job I like is that it involves the medical field. Does anyone feel like this? I don't know whether to try a different area of MT (thinking maybe I am bored with the specialties I am doing) or to get out of this field and do something else. Does anyone have any ideas for other jobs where I could use my medical knowledge and not let it go to waste?

We had a dog adopt us. Never saw in the neighborhood - Posted By: Found dog question

before, no collar.  I took to our vet to scan for a microchip and doesn't have one.  Vet won't keep the dog because it needs all shots, which we can't afford to do.  Dog is a lab and we have no place to keep her, plus we have a dog who is not tolerant of another dog and has chronic medical problems.   We feed/water the dog and are providing it with a warm place to sleep, though it is a very small space and not suitable for long-term.

I have notified all the vets in our area, called the shelter, sent e-mails to all residents with e-mail addy in our community, placed an ad in our local newspaper and placed signs at major neighborhood intersections.   There has been no ad in the paper looking for a dog, no signs, no one appears to be looking for her.  What do you think is an appropiate amount of time to keep her before we try to find her a new home?   She is just the sweetest dog and we have all fallen in love with her, but cannot provide for her.  We find it difficult to believe that no one appears to be looking for her.   DH says she is very conscious of cars like she is searching for "the one" and feels like she was dumped.   I can't/won't take her to the pound, although due to her personality we feel she will be adopted immediately. 

We're too close to the situation to be objective. 


Firefox Crashed - Posted By: KC

Anyone know how to restore website/database after Firefox crashes ??

Lanier LX-219 question - Posted By: TiredOBuying equipment

Okay, probably a silly question, but do you need the VTI flat box which I've seen sold sometimes with the Lanier LX to transcribe....I've seen the unit for sale on ebay but hate to pour money I don't have into equipment only to find out I need something extra to go with it.  Do I need the VTI to transcribe as well as the unit, that octopus appearing cord pack with all those wires, don't even know if I could figure out what goes where.  Anyone tell me exactly what I need to work.  Thanks in advance.

Does anyone suppose that with all the advances in technology that - Posted By: satellite MT

there might be some more companies willing to take those MT's who only have satellite in the future?  There are so few now.  Really limits a person's options.  Wadyathink? MTSO's - any response??

Obama's plan to implement EMR - Posted By: Stephanie

What do my fellow MTs think about Obama's ambitious plan to implement EMR throughout the US? I had 1 person tell me that means there will not be a need anymore for transcriptionists as physicians/nurses will just input information and create a medical record themselves. Part of me disagrees with this as the work I do is an EMR.

2nd phone line question - Posted By: National MT

Unnamed national MT co told me when hired that I would be reimbursed for a 2nd line and that the line could be a cell phone. 

 I am hooked up to internet with Comcast (42.95).  I are being asked in an e-mail if I had a 2nd phone line - Yes or No answer only - and I am unsure what to type. 

When I did have 2nd phone line when hired, it was incapable of being used on my account (tooo slowwwwww) so I had it disconnected and got a cell phone. 



Does anyone do editing for VR? - Posted By: Opinions Wanted

If so can you provide some insight as compared to transcription?



This doc took a silly pill today! - Posted By: ER MT

I am doing a string of ER reports from a doc who must have taken a silly pill!  He is drawing out certain words at a slow pace, then speaking as fast as he can, and now he just made the silliest gutteral noise for about 30 seconds OMG!   silliness

Foot pedal - Posted By: Wanda

How do you know what foot pedal and head set to invest in?  Are they all pretty much the same?  wav pedal, digital pedal, computer pedal? Are these different kinds or just diff names.  I've always done my transcribing from mini tapes.  Thanks in advance.

OKAY! I need a vacation. Frank and fans of Frank/MQ who won the Hawaiian vacation? - Posted By: MQMT

Does anyone know? 

In lieu of any Christmas bonuses in the future.. - Posted By: RadGurl

I would just like the opportunity to meet some of these guys in person...thank them for the work that keeps my bills paid...smile...and then smack the ever lovin' peediddle outta them for some of their, shall we say, "lackluster" dictating habits.  Yeah...I think that would be a glorious bonus

Any MT's out there thinking about - Posted By: training as an ultrasound tech? -(S/M)

I've got to get out of MT one way or another.  Only have 2 years of college, majoring in English.   What qualifications skill-wise are needed to do medical ultrasounds?  Would this suit an ex-MT well? 

I'm 58, would have to keep working full-time and going to school just part-time, so it would take a while.  If I started now, I'd probably be in my early 60's when I got certified as a tech.  Can a more "mature" person do this job, or is it only for young people?  Any ideas what this kind of an education might cost?

I'm also interested in court-reporting, but I'm concerned about working at it for years, and never achieving the speed required to become a CR.   Also, most CR's are independent contractors, I'd rather be a salaried employee.

Any feedback?  

Is this right? MUST HAVE: 2 years' experience - Posted By: hmmm


Sony M2000 transcriber question - Posted By: petuniaann

Just bought a Sony M2000 microcassette transcriber from Goodwill for $6.99 with all accessories.  (buy of the year!!)  Can someone tell me how to erase tapes?  I currently use a Panasonic, so I'm not quite sure how it works.  I'm sure the answer is right in front of my eyes.  Thanks alot!!