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Stressed out! - Posted By: sh

Can anyone recommend a company who has true IC status?  I work for a small company as an IC, and although I work a regular schedule 95% of the time, there are times when I cannot and yet I'm still expected to produce the same amount of work each day.  This is really stressing me out.  I have to work around my son's school schedule and my husband's work schedule and if that changes I have to make it up by working into the night when I'd just assume to forfeit the money.  Does true IC status even exist?  I got into this business thinking I would have a little more flexibility in a job.  I've been an IC now for three years and so far it all seems the same.  Thanks for any suggestions (and for letting me vent).

Hayseed - What's the latest on the Mira and Aeron chairs? Did you get to try out the Aeron chair - Posted By: Rambling Rose

The butterfly type back support?  Can't remember the exact name for it.  Do you think the chairs are worth the money?   Thanks.


ChartScript Question - Posted By: Siren

I posted this under another post by mistake - - oops!  Here we go again.  I have a possible position as an IC with a service that utilizes ChartScript.  I hear it is a Word-based program; so, does this mean I can import my autocorrect/autotext entries?

Hows does your employer handle descrepancies in dictation? - Posted By: me

Started with this one company and I had a report that had several problems.  An illness was listed in the past medical history, then listed as not having in the review of systems.  Father listed twice, one with unknown age and cause of death, two sentences down listed what age and what he died of.  Documented all of them for QA and got a reply that they leave it like that.  What if there was a medication listed in allergies and the medication list?  I know from having my son given medications he is allergic to this can be deadly!  I can't believe they would just let it go!!  They are too worried about marking out the word "an" added to make a sentence complete than being worried about the REAL stuff!!!  That's MY name on that document!!

For those of you working for more than one company... - Posted By: How do you juggle?

I am looking to move some of my eggs into another basket, if you know what I'm saying...  I'm wondering how those of you who work for more than one company juggle the work load.  I am talking part-time, IC work here. 

The company I work with now is great, but like I said, I would just like to have a little something in my back pocket.  They do call me and email me all the time asking if I can pick up this job or that job.  What if I'm bogged down with other work?

Do companies look down on IC's that have other companies they work for, or do they kind of expect that? 

Thanks for any advice.

pocking from pustular acne - Posted By: Anyone ever hear this? pocking???

Has anyone considered going back to college after having a family? - Posted By: ThirtySomething

Any advice?  My husband is wanting me to go back to school and get a nursing degree, but I don't know if I have the stamina to work (which I would have to), take care of my family and go to school full time.  I don't think you can enter a nursing program part time.

I don't know that I would like to enter nursing but the thought of going back to school is tempting.  Of course, there are going to family obstacles to overcome first, the biggest being having someone available to take care of my son.  We have no family close by, so it would be up to me and my husband to work our schedules to make sure he was okay.  My husband's schedule is not flexible at all but it is such a weird schedule we could work around it.  My son is only 9 (soon to be 10) but I don't feel comfortable leaving him home alone yet.  He has some friends whose parents have let them come home from school to an empty home since 1st or 2nd grade, but I would NEVER consider that.

Thanks for listening.  I would appreciate any advice or stories from others.  This is really on my mind now and I guess I am weighing my options.

Please, need help on Word board... - Posted By: regarding rhinoplasty word...TIA...nm

is it okay to put MBs or is it just MB - Posted By: jj

this gets confusing

Need opinions on platform Beyond Text - Posted By: GuestMT

I'm thinking about applying with a company that uses this program but all I have found are negative things like you have to enter all the demographics and that you cannot make any money etc. I certainly do not to waste my time on that when I know other platforms that I can make money on. Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you.

Tax ? for those who are both IC and Employee - Posted By: SM Chickadee

I work full-time as an employee, but did some work on the side for my brother-in-law.  I have a 1099 from him.  When I file taxes, do I just file a 1040 with a schedule C-EZ (it was only $1000) for the IC work?  Or do I need to file another form to figure out how much in taxes I need to pay?

Thank you for any help you can give me!


Meetings transcription - Posted By: Also curious

How would you charge for the meetings dictation, would it still be the 65 cpl, per page, gross line. 

Don't interrupt the doc while he's dictating! - Posted By: BurnedOut

I'm doing this GE doctor and there's a nurse or OR tech who keeps asking him questions.  Then he can't remember if he's dictating a colonoscopy or an EGD!!!  He loses his place and has to start all over again!

I'm pulling my hair out with all the "uhhhhh, uhhhhhs" and then I have to listen to him get short with her and her get snippy with him and then he can't remember if he took biopsies or not, if he's in the colon or the stomach.  He is clueless!  Just let him get his rhythm going and leave the man alone!


Okay, I've had my rant for the day!

Does anyone know which tuna is - Posted By: dolphin safe? nm


accutype, x-press transcription, Medquist - Posted By: TLB

Help!  Need some info please.  I have been an MT since 1992 first in a clinic setting, and now in hospital since 1996.  I have been doing Radiology transcription and love it.  I have been looking for an at home job for the past couple of months and have been offered a couple positions.  I currently get paid by the hour and have no idea how to convert my work to line count.  I have been offered .075, .08 and .09 no spaces?  Anyone type PET scans and know what the line count is on a report like that?  They told me they would give me 9 reports and I would be busy all day which I can't believe because I can usually type 25-30 reports an hour of MR, CT, US, MN and general x-ray. 

Thanks, TLB

OT: for animal lovers - Posted By: Snow Bunny


Are there any MTs out there who have gone to VR - Posted By: Curious

who are making more money with VR than you did with straight transcribing? 

If so, how many LPH did you average when doing straight transcribing? 

If not, how would you rate the difference, approximately in % of income lost?


FOOT PEDALS - Posted By: Phyllis

I need help quickly.  Someone gave me a foot pedal with a serial adapter.  However, there is no serial port on my new computer.  Is there any way I would be able to use this foot pedal with my new computer?  Thanks in advance for your help.

I have an 80-pound, 3-legged husky under my desk--- keeps messing with the foot pedal! - sm - Posted By: Husky Lover

So I have dog now lying down somewhat quietly but breathing his hot breath on my legs, makes it hard not to laugh hysterically ---- certainly hard to work, but it is funny.

The twilight zone - Posted By: dazed

Will someone assure me I'm not there?  I've been getting inpatient progress notes on the same patients over and over for the past week or so.  Yesterday and today, this name and number comes up that I'm very familiar with, and lo and behold, the person does not exist in the database!!  I looked up by MRN, last name, first name, partial name, and she's gone!!  I even went into a prior report that she did appear in the database and the numbers, spelling, everything is right.  When I look up her name from that report, again, she doesn't exist!!  Is that weird?!  Did someone accidentally delete her from the hospital system, you think?

has anyone ever tried those new - Posted By: NYmt

reed home fragrance infusers?  They look nice, but do they work?

anybody work 2 p/t MT jobs? - Posted By: Steph

Just wondering if anybody works part-time for two companies?

A question about typing numbers: - sm - Posted By: Lowly MT

If the doctor is talking about thousands, and says for example, "Thirty to forty thousand":   Which way do you think it should be typed?

1)   30-40,000

2)  30,000-40,000 


Moderator: VR board? I know it was mentioned ..sm - Posted By: MTforever

before but don't think it was addressed.  It would be great to have a board for VR issues.  With VR such a part of our industry now, whether we like it or not, it would be great to have a board we could visit for tips and tricks, and just general support. 

Question about eScription platform - Posted By: Tonya

There are a lot of posts on the job seeker's board looking for eScription MTs and editors. eScription claims they don't offer their platform to MT companies, so how are these companies using this system? Seems strange.

Tech question/Vianeta - Posted By: funsize

Is anyone familiar with or use the Vianeta platform?  McAfee Virus Scan was downloaded onto my computer and since then I cannot seem to get the Shorthand/Word Expander portion of Vianeta to work.  Any ideas, anybody?   

Jana Richmond of St. Louis, MO has won the Blissful Spa Gift Basket - Posted By: Administrator (see message inside)

Ms. Richmond, please send an email to admin@mtstars.com with your full address and we will ship your gift basket to you.  Congratulations and Merry Christmas in July! 

Can you use 2 foot pedals on 1 computer? sm - Posted By: Wondering

I use a USB currently and am thinking about applying for a part-time job that uses a 9-pin.  Thanks

Need advice - Posted By: Kim

I just wanted to see if anyone had any advice to give.....I have been debating changing jobs.  I currently make $15 an hour doing transcription in office.  The delima I am having is that the whole reason I started doing transcription was so that I could work from home.  I have been doing transcription for 4 years and my job is really easy and I am happy with the money, there are however other down falls with the company and I am not able to have the flexability of working at home, therefore dealing with the stress of not being able to always be there for "home" things.  I have three school age kids, and they are all very active.  My question is....Do I have a chance of finding anything else working at home or do I just try and suck it up where I am at???   I really have not started looking, so I am not sure what is actually out there.  I hate changing jobs, but I also don't want to settle. 

Just need some outside help and opinions! Thanks, KL

Is our profession drying up? - Posted By: Nancy

I'm an independent contractor and have just lost an orthopaedic clinic account to EMR.  Also, I've been sending out hundreds of letters for new accounts, and I'm hearing nothing back! 

Is our profession (clinic work) drying up?  This is getting very scary!

Could someone either (1) comfort me with "it's not true" news and there's more than enough clinic work out there to go around, or if you find that it is, indeed, drying up, write back and tell me of your experience.

Thank you `` Nancy in Alpharetta, Georgia


RadNet - Posted By: ms

Is there a way to add words to your dictionary in radnet?  There is an option for it on the screen but it will not allow you to access anything. Thanks.

Stedman's Speller Question - Posted By: Alice

I have two accounts in Microsoft Word and just received a new account and they use Word Perfect.  Does anyone know how to bring the Stedmans speller from Word into both Word and Word Perfect? Alice

how much to charge per line - Posted By: susieq

I have the opportunity to transcribe insurance reports.  I would be subcontracting.  Any idea how much to charge per line?  Is WordPerfect the best program?  I live in the Southeastern US.  Any other info greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

What kind of legal recourses do I have? - Posted By: Furious....

I am an IC and hired a subcontractor to work with me for extra help.  She did not work out and was not reliable nor completed the work in a timely manner and I was always having to rush to get it to my clients on time.  I stopped sending work to her in April and she sent me an invoice for the amount due.  My client pays me monthly, so the invoice I submit to them is really like for last month.  She got all ticked off because I haven't sent her measly 100.00 that she did for me yet.  Partly because I just got that invoice paid for and second, why should I get in a hurry to send her money when she couldn't return my work when needed?  She states she called the client I do the work for and states they are very unhappy with me.  I'm not sure why, because I am an IC for them and how I handle my financial business is none of their concern, only the work I provide to them.  If she did contact my client what kind of legal recourses can I use on her?  Thanks

Are there significant changes in 3rd BOS? sm - Posted By: starving artist

How many changes do I have to learn now? Does it ever end? I guess buying #2 and the CD was flushing money down the drain. I know - whatever the client wants - but they didn't agree with #2, so we shall see how #3 goes.

Why hasn't Mayo clinic signed on with a large - Posted By: transcription service

Like Spheris or Medquist??? What is so special about them?

The sister of a co-worker of mine passed away a few weeks before Christmas. Can I still send a *sm* - Posted By: x

sympathy card without looking stupid.  I have been off on medical leave and various reasons have kept me from getting the card out but I really want to send one. 

Do you just ever want to scream - Posted By: ermt

Do you ever just want to scream - Normally line count is around 1200 or so (depending on which system I'm using), but they put you on an account where the dictators are so bad that you end up with a 400 line count for the day.  And the dictators whose primary language is not english and they have very strong accents seem to just speed talk and the whole report sounds like just a few words when it is actually an 8 or 9 minute dictation.

Does anyone else have these days or am I just in the wrong career field.  Been doing this for 8 years and this is bad.  Yesterday at the end of the day I had such a headache and my line count was just over 400.  I quit working for the day and figured I'll get a good nights sleep and start fresh in the morning and sure enough I'm getting the same as yesterday.

Just curious if other MTs go through this too.

emdat/inscribe foot pedal - Posted By: ld

What type of pedal works with this and where did you get it?


Idea for new reality show - Posted By: Freaky Friday

I came up with this great idea for a new reality show called American MT

YOU'LL LAUGH when you see the MT struggling to understand English speaking MDs who can barely put a sentence together, foreigners who can barely speak English, food chewers, side talkers, paper shufflers, sneezers, nose blowers, coughers, chokers and the like.

YOU'LL CRY when the American MT is faced with dire consequences such as eviction and malnutrition from the incredible shrinking paycheck and the amazing dwindling workload.

YOU'LL GASP IN HORROR as vital medical records are outsourced to strange lands to be typed by people who barely comprehend, write or speak the English language.

Coming this fall to a TV near you! American MT! You'll have to see it to believe it!

What do you think? Sometimes I kill me!



CMT status? - Posted By: mom-MT

How many of you all have let your CMT status go and regretted it.  I think it is a total pain to redo credits every 3 years, being a busy mom and working 40+ hours a week.  I think it is a rip-off that once we are certified we cannot keep the status without paying dues and redoing credits every 3 yrs.  I think I am going to let my certification go.  I have just too much other stuff going on!  Any comments appreciated.

Anyone get their MQ aco file to transfer to Keystrokes DQS? sm - Posted By: HappyFlaMT

I have tried and tried to get this to transfer over, but their is only spot I can find in the DQS system for it. I have copied my old file there, and it still only shows the header file preloaded in DQS. Anyone else have any luck with this? Thanks :)

Anybody here ever use Bayscribe? - Posted By: JanSetzmt

I will be using this for a new acct that my boss is accepting and I was just wondering if it is hard or easy to use?


wrist supports - Posted By: cjsi

Does anyone recommend a certain kind of wrist support to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome?  It looks like there are so many to choose from.

Has anyone worked for Rapid Text? Any info would be great - Posted By: Anne


Help with Dictaphone - Posted By: Bobbie

I just started workinag (again) with a Dictaphone C-phone.  Does anyone know what the codes are to speed up dictations, slow down dictations and how to skip and flag jobs?  Anything would be helpful.  Thank you. 

Need advice on babysitter situation. sm - Posted By: MTIowan

I need advice on what others would do.  I lined up a neighbor girl to watch my 2 kids 6 hours a week, set days and hours, because DH was working OT and I returned to school.  Now DH is off OT and I don't need the sitter because the 12yo can watch the 6yo for half hour from when I leave until DH gets home.  I talked to the sitter's mom and she said no problem.  I feel like I should do something or pay her a little bonus for canceling on her (she commited for 4 months).  She is going on a high school trip and this was going to be some of her spending money for it.  We generally give her $5.50 an hour for 2 kids ages 6 and 12.  I thought maybe a $35 check with a thank you note for comitting to watching the kids a nice way to do it and make sure she wants to babysit next time we need her.  Any thoughts?

Testing for Jobs - Posted By: NewbieMT

I'm finishing up my transcription certificate at a local college and I've been testing for jobs.  I've lost count of the jobs I've been turned down on because of the transcription part of the testing.  I'm following the BOS and I'm pretty confused.  Would it be inappropriate to ask these companies what my errors are?


Continuous note form - Posted By: Amber

I have a test for a position and it says to do it in continuous note form, does that mean that they should be all in one document in Word or am I completely wrong on that?  Someone please help soon!  Thanks!

Informative website - Posted By: Noreen

All you MTs who are wondering why it's so hard to get work and decent pay check out these websites:   Spheris India Pvt Ltd  and Indiadaily.com

Spheris says it doesn't outsource to India but guess where a lot of the old accounts have disappeared to.  When they say there is no work, they mean for USA MTs.