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Burn out - Posted By: NY MT

HOw do you combat burn out from MT. MT is all I can do right now. I do not want to start at the bottom of any job....Maybe a WalMart Greeter for a few days a week would work, but I am not about to go to work in an office where some 20-yo chicky will tell this late 50-yo chicky what to do.....

so how do you deal with burn out?



Just need to vent... - Posted By: Carol

I was just recently laid off from my job due to lack of work.  Ok if that was true, then I would understand why I was laid off.  The truth is, we had more than enough work at the office I worked at.  The company I worked at decided pooling would be better for them due to the fact that their other typist didn't have enough work in their state.  What angers me here is that they use the word typist to describe our profession.  I trained to be a transcriptionist, not a typist.  Transcription in my book is a technical job, one where you must learn medical terminology, formatting, and be able to assist the doctor if he/she dictates something wrong you can point it out to him/her. Bottom line you must be trained and/or certified to do the job.  Anyone can be a typist; it takes training to become a transcriptionist. 

The other thing I am angry about is that 3 months ago they let us know that pooling was going to happened and assured us that we would have plenty of work and our jobs were safe.  Well that was a lie.  They knew all along that there wouldn't be enough work and they felt that we made too much money.  So they came to us last week to say that we were all no longer needed and it was our last day due to the fact of no work for us.

Bottom line here is what is happening to our profession?  It seems to me that our profession is going to the lowest bidder, companies are trying to turn our profession into a job in which they can pull anyone off the street to do at a lower price, and trying to make Transcriptionist compete with offshore transcriptionist.  I take pride in what I do and worked very hard to produce quality reports.  My hopes for the company that laid me off is that they fall flat on their faces going with just typist.  After all you get what you pay for. 

Wish me luck off to find a new job.

Union - Posted By: stargazer

I wonder if it is possible for MTs to organize. This is a profession that requires a good amount of training, skill, and responsibility.  We should be able to make a living at it.  There is something really wrong here.

I've got a totally non-MT related issue that I need advice on. SM - Posted By: MissouriMT

Several years ago the husband of a friend of mine made a pass at me.  When I was married we would get together with my friend and her husband to play cards and stuff like that.  Her husband made a blatant pass at me, basically called me one night and asked me if I wanted to.... well you get the idea.  After that I basically avoided going over to their house to play cards and we stopped getting together so often.  I never told my friend because she is one of those who thinks the sun rises and sets on her husband's behind.  Women have called her in the past and claimed to have slept with him and she has basically said they were liars and believed everything her husband said.  I figured she wouldn't believe me and it would basically ruin our friendship.

Long story short, I ended up moving to another state and so the issue became a nonissue.  Recently, I have separated from my husband and have moved back to the area where I'm from and where my friend and her husband live.  She has basically started calling me and wanting me to come over again and stuff.  Now, because I'm basically single, I am REALLY uncomfortable going over to her house.  I've accepted her invitation a couple of times, but I just can't stand to be in the same room as her husband.  It just makes me angry to look at him, so smug and just full of himself, like he's gotten away with something.

Anyway, my friend invited me to dinner this weekend and I decided to say no.  She just called me and I told her that I have to plan my daughter's birthday party (which is true) and maybe some other time.  Well, she was very short with me on the phone and basically hung up on me.  Telling me that if I don't want to be friends, I should at least tell her to her face.

So now I don't know what to do or say.  I want to be her friend, but I loathe her husband.  What should I do?  Asking her to do stuff without her husband doesn't work because she does EVERYTHING with him.  She can't go to the grocery store without taking him with her.  I feel very guilty right now, like I've hurt her feelings and I don't know what to do.

Line counting software? - Posted By: MT mom of 3

Are there any free line counting software products out there that are any good?  If not what is the best one one that isn't all that expensive?  TIA, Wanda

Have made a decision that - Posted By: rm

when dictation is too fast to decipher and doc is an ESL, will leave blanks without hesitation. I am responsible for accurately transcribing what I hear. I will no longer take responsibility for dictation of that which cannot be dictated. If they ask why so many blanks, I will tell them.

I am trancribing for a new doctor. No sample notes. NO IDEA WHAT HE IS SAYING. But, will no longer make it my responsibility.

Guess I have snapped!

Provider search sites? - Posted By: NYMT

I had a terrific, very user-friendly provider search that I had found on this board several months ago.  Now my computer crashed and had to be replaced and I cannot find it anywhere.  Could someone throw me a few site names? Thanks!

Does anyone know of any websites where I can find different types of x-ray views? TIA - Posted By: anon

Digital recorder - Posted By: GaMT

Can anyone recommend a good digital voice recorder with MP3 playback?

You CAN work in bed on a laptop - Posted By: comfyMT

Okay, so maybe I'm the last laptop MT out there who just discovered this but I've figured out how to work from bed on days when I'm struggling physically (I have RA). I have propped my foot pedal on a pillow under my elbow/forearm, and gently lean on it while I type. MUCH better! Just wanted to pass that wisdom on in case there was anyone else out there that could be helped by this.

Who sells comps without Vista? - Posted By: Jai

 I'm looking into getting a laptop but everywhere I've gone they all have Vista.  I didn't want to go with a used or refirbed one either, but it's looking like that may be my option right now.  It isn't something I really want to wait on either to see when/if all the programs I use become compatible. 

So, is there someplace that give you the option? 

Emdat Platform - Posted By: wondering

Can anyone help me with becoming more efficient with the Emdat platform? I just started on it and it seems like it is very slow going........or could just be me. I tried converting my Word AutoCorrect to AutoText in Inscribe, but none converted. The Emdat help desk said too bad, that happens.

I would appreciate any tips or tricks to using Emdat. Please help. Thanks in advance.

HELP! How much to charge for copies? sm - Posted By: Ga Peach

Just got a new account; however, the doctor wanted me to take half a cent off my rate AND not charge him for his templates (even though it's my ink he's using) AND he wants me to do the cc's and envelopes at no extra charge.....I do not want to do this as I really think that's a lot of extra work with no extra pay....could anyone help me with this?  What do yall do? 

How much for evelopes??

How much for copies??  Thanks to everyone who replies!!!  I realy need help on this one as none of my other accounts have asked for a bunch for nothing. 

Suckered in the South

waiting... - Posted By: Lisa

I am waiting for an internship, I have given up trying to find a job! I decided that everyone is right, you have to do the internship or mentoring program and that is the way to go!!! I think it is the way to get my foot in the door so to speak. Thank you for all who have given me good advice. I think this is the way to go! There is no other way to go, that is my belief anyway...

Did you see the last contestant on - Posted By: AI FAN

the show last night.   (ZACHARY).   I wondering if he is going through a sex change. He claims he is a man.  The show was so funny last night.  

Question for QA - Posted By: mmoore

 Can QA give you a major error for typing a message to them from the doctor.  Don't these just go to them for their eyes only?

Any ho t dirt y bitc hes here! - Posted By: MARIO BOSIO

i am on het wanna fuc k hard and deep  so that my 12 inches long black rod reaches the thoroat of all the old MT bitc hes here.

Had knee MRI - "erosion of meniscus" results (sm) - Posted By: Oldie

as I was told by the nurse who phoned in the results.  I will be referred to an orthopedist for further new.  Anyone had this or any info on it? 

Is there a Shorthand for dummies type of book? - Posted By: SH challenged

I have ShortHand 10.0 through my company.   I'm reading the instruction file on the computer and it makes no sense at all to me and I find reading it on the computer is hard because I can't see the full page.   My company will not allow me to install a printer and I guess I could transfer the file to another computer using my flash drive, but it is 136 pages and I really would rather buy a book if there is such a thing.

I've spent about 2 hours browing Productivity Talk and there wasn't much information that was helpful and no mention of a book. 

Makes me want to cry! - Posted By: just me

You know, people........ it just makes me want to cry out loud!  I am getting more angry as we speak.. you have all heard from me before about this business, but I'm going to be VERY frank and spill my guts right here in front of you and the whole MT world, hoping that someone who is in the right position will read it and HAVE THE GUTS to make a stance. (Can you say "hospital board of directors?") This is something that AAMT (or whatever the daylights they are now) should be doing for us. It's about time these "high and mighty" doctors listen up!

We are a family of hard-working people who practically have to become doctors just to transcribe these stinking reports.  I don't know about all of you, but I DON'T MAKE A DOCTORS' SALARY! I truly believe that all of you as well as myself try every day like the devil to do the very best we can to participate in patient care and earn a decent living, but as I have said a million times if not more, it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE and at this time, there ARE NO ANSWERS TO ALL THIS CHAOS.... 

Actually, I take that back... there are a couple answers..We are all reprimanded for the incompetence of the doctors.  THEY ARE NOT GODS as they would like to believe they are. They put on and take off their pants just like we do and when the he _ _ are they going to take some responsibility?  I, for one, am NOT afraid of them and if I had the chance to do it over again working "in-house", I would have the guts to tell them how bad they are right down to their burping, farting, yawning, chewing, mumbling, whispering, non-English speaking two-sided faces.  Let us not forget the 50 second operative note that should have been dictated clearly in 10 minutes.  Yes, they're busy, but the bottom line on this issue is that they don't want to do a surgery and BE TOLD to go and tell someone about it, so they dictate like their hair is on FIRE. IT JUST MAKES ME SICK.  It's part of THEIR JOB.  If they don't do a good job, how the sh _ _ do they expect us to do a good job!

Let us not forget QA.... We are punished and yelled at for leaving blanks........DUH! and I just hate the thought of a QA person (whose quality of work I don't even know), making corrections to my work - and don't tell me that at times, they are guessing... AND WHOSE NAME IS ON THE REPORT - OURS !!!!!!!!!!  In the end, if there was a lawsuit, we'd most likely be the ones to have to answer to THEIR blunders.  I would rather make my own mistakes and have to answer for them than have one or two opinionated QA people telling me what I did wrong... one telling you one way to do something and another telling you a different way.  I say, "leave the stinking blanks and let these JERKS" remember whose country they are living in.

BOTTOM LINE.......... Make the doctors more responsible... after all, they want to get paid and couldn't without us.  I say, "stand up and be heard", tell them to get with the program and most of all, SPEAK DISTINCT AND PROPER ENGLISH!!  THIS IS AMERICA, NOT PAKISTAN.

Please don't get me wrong.  I love what I do and for the right dictating physician (s), it is a gratifying experience.  Something has GOT to change. Thanks for listening... we're all in it together.  We need some mercy...   it's a thankless job  and   !

having own acct charge question - Posted By: in limbo

Just curious.  I have had this account for almost 4 years and have never gone up on my charge to them.  Is it appropriate to go up for standard "cost of living" increases in medical transcription?  I don't have to do anything except email their work to them when I'm finished with it, but used to print it out and deliver it, but recently finally got them to accepting it via email.  What is the standard procedure for charging a bit of a higher rate as time goes by?  Thanks very much for any advice.

What would you be doing today if you didn't have to work? - Posted By: pollsterama

I'd be sitting outside in the sunshine reading a book and watching the kids play in the kiddie pool.  Hmm, sounds good to me.  I wonder how fast I can get this work done.  oi!

patient denies change in bowel habitus? shouldn't this be habit? MD says habitus. HELP! - Posted By: newbie

Wonderful new MTSO - Posted By: LinK

I just have to say they do exist, you just have to look hard.  I just took a job with a new small MTSO that had advertised here at MTStars for a part-time/p.r.n. transcriptionist.  I had a new dictator last night with quite a bit of dictation.  He was very confusing and I was getting very frustrated and ended up staying up until 4:00 a.m.  I emailed her and let her know my situation.  She emailed me back this morning and I was kind of afraid to open the email (I was unable to finish all the dictation).  She was so nice and said that I shouldnt' have stayed up so late and to just work on the transcription more tonight.  It was like she was apologizing to me for the doctor.  I'm really happy to have found this job thanks to MTStars

Anyone use/try C-phone with Medicom's phone service? - Posted By: GeorgiaMT

Wondering if it works?

Does anyone have exp with - Posted By: ginny

software called Fusion?  How about chartnet?  Any information would be greatly appreciated!

PEEP THIS OSI'ers - Posted By: this was posted 9/14/2005, yes 2005


[Post a Reply] [View Follow Ups] [Job Seeker Board]

Posted By: OSI Transcription on 2005-09-14



OSI Offers:
- Direct Deposit.
- Competitive line rate WITH ANNUAL RAISES!
- Competitive benefits.
Health Insurance.
Dental Insurance.
Vision Insurance.
Life Insurance.
- Sunday-Thursday & Tuesday-Saturday ALL SHIFTS AVAILABLE.
- Employee status - 6,000 lpw minimum.
- Work from home via internet. (High speed internet access is required.)
- Computers available to qualified candidates.
- CMT sign on bonus.
- CMT study group.
- Mentoring Program.
- Job Advancement Opportunities.

OSI is a company who understands your needs. The Operations Management Team is composed of medical transcriptionists. What we ask you to do -- we can do also. We are very proud to be MTs and want you as part of the team. Our transcriptionists are the reason we continue to grow. Our MTs provide our clients with the highest quality transcription in the industry.

Ask recruiting about the great new benefits at OSI! If you are a dedicated, quality-oriented Transcriptionist who wants to find a home - look no further!! Apply on line at http://www.ositranscription.com/recruiting/application.html

LINK/URL: Click Here for More Details

Dream job - Posted By: Patti

Okay let me see if I get it from the answers below

.10 cpl minimum for transcriptionist, higher for specialities; 0.2 to 0.4 cpl for benefits; 0.2 to 0.4 for QA, 0.3 - 0.4 for owner; 0.2 minimum for investor and yes I know a lot of companies/hospitals that will pay 19 to 24 cpl for transcription services.  Like you said, dream not  realistic. Oh yea and then have enough work force on hand to do the work in a 24 hour TAT,  less if there are QA problems and it goes there.   Then not many ESL's  --.  Also balanced work force for enough on hand to do the job in your contracted time frame or you will be docked severely but not to many so everyone has their work they want and those on stand by that will do work when someone calls in sick or has a personal problems or do not want to work.  Then there is the time that doctors take vacations and work flow is down and everyone is yelling at you.  Like you said it is a dream job.   It could be possible but it is a very hard business to run smoothly and profitable for everyone.  I only have two I/C's and 6 accounts and I am ready to chuck it in and just do what I can do for myself as it is very hard to balance and keep everyone happy and the 20 to 25% you make off those accounts is very well earned.  I do wish you success and it all sounds good but there is lot more there that does not meet the eye when you become an MTSO.   I also had my dream of being larger and providing a very decent job to home based MT's but after a few years I saw the writing on the wall and kept it as 2 - 3 I/C's and that is very hard to balance all out.   They are I/C's and have the right to work and not work.    And if you pay any benefits, they do become employees and then you have more expenses with benefits, insurance, workman's comp, etc., etc.  But hey you might be able to do it and I wish you the best.    Give MQ a run for their money.





A little light reading - Posted By: A.Nonymous

Link to the Bureau of Labor Statistics information on our dwindling profession.  According to them, employment prospects are good for MTs, with many opportunities for advancement.  I think they must be a little out of the loop on what VR and offshoring are doing to us....


Speaking of wireless - Posted By: kallie

Do any of you use a laptop to be able to work while on "vacation".  I realize that most people don't work when on vacation - but I am wondering if MTs are doing this.  If so - how does this work?  I'm thinking of buying a laptop to be more mobile and want to know what I need in order to work this way (what I need to hook up the wavpedal, etc.)  Could anyone who does this recommend a particular computer brand and model?

I need an administrator please - Posted By: CMC

Could someone please e-mail me?  I do not seem to be able to sign into/log on the Chat room. I do not know what I am doing wrong.



Question about E-scription - Posted By: Trying to get ready

My hospital is switching over to E-scription and I have heard you can type more lines with this system than a regular system.  My question is how?  I figure typing is typing, why can you produce more with this system than something else?  We haven't had training yet, and maybe once I go through that I will see how it is possible, but I thought I'd ask those of you who already work on it first.  Thanks!

Start/stop and ExText - Posted By: ssmt

Is everyone using Dictaphone ExText also using start/stop? 

Is there line counting software that sm - Posted By: CALIJ

will allow you to chose gross lines BUT also let you say that no line can be longer than a set amount of characters?  So in other words if my clients lines are set so long and small  that 95 char are on each line but my contract reads a line shall be no more than 65 characters, the software can pick up both gross lines over 5 characters and gross lines no longer than 65 characters??? 

Am I being clear?  Anyone know of invoicing/counting software that can do that?

Thank you.



any idea - Posted By: ichart

anyone know why it takes so long to get a count on the ichart site?  Been happening all week - takes up to a full day and 1/2.

Protype out of PA, any info would - Posted By: pajama-mama

be greatly appreciated!!

changing email - Posted By: RettaB

Hi Moderator:

Can you please direct me how to enter my new email addy?  Either on line and send it to me at my new one? or what? Thanks so much


Need advice - Posted By: Irish

Hi Anyone/everyone.

I need some frank advice about this  profession.

I  have relatively easy dictators.   I recently purchased Instant Text and am learning it . . My QA is good and I have not yet had any report/dictator I am unable to do. Yet I struggle daily to make my line counts. I feel like I am working all day every day.

Life circumstances prevent me from working outside the home right now. I know I am blessed to be available to family members at a  very difficult time.

Does anyone have any advice? How long does it take to able to produce 1200 lines daily without struggling?

Thanks for any/all suggestions.

Actual dictation. Made my day. - Posted By: too funny

Excerpt from actual dictation that I received on an  80-year-old man.

"He doesn't have any complaints with the exception of his continued relationship with his wife."

7th Heavn Finale tonight - Posted By: Poll/7th Heaven

Who will be watching the show finale tonight?  I would watch the show with my daughters when they were in grammer school now they have better stuff to do and I still watch it.   Was a great show.  

Doubts of 3,000 lines per day?? - Posted By: sm

Well, I had my doubts about the 3,000 lines a day, but I like to think people are telling me truth most of the time.  There are always going to be those who have a psychological need to boast.  However, I have recently gone back to work inhouse and found there are actually those who can produce 3,000 lines per day, granted that the work is available to them.   I can't, however.  Not yet anyway but I hope to soon after I pick up a few more tips from the 2 I am talking about.  The ladies I am referring to have been with the hospital a long time, their ears are trained to hear these guys, and they have tons of normals and shortcuts.  On top of that, they have these little dainty quick fingers.  They remind me of those guys on the basketball court who don't have a lot of height but they have these super quick short legs and leave you in awe at their speed on the court.  Well these ladies don't have the long piano fingers but they have speed you are just in awe of.  I have long slow fingers but I think I will do okay, once I learn my way around and get through the learning curve. 


Just wanted you to know there are a couple of them out there.  I don't think this is the norm, so it shouldn't be something everybody think he/she should be doing, but it is possible for some.  I think being with one company for a long time has its advantages too, you have time to learn the doctors thoroughly and create shortcuts that work for you.  Plus I watched them and they do not move from that spot, maybe only to go to the bathroom and get their lunch, but then I saw one of them eat the lunch at the desk really really fast.  She was extremely quiet the whole time, minimal talking from her, just speed typing the whole time.  I don't think my bladder will let me just sit there the entire time, Ii can probably do the no talking part, eating my lunch at the desk but if you can do the things I observed and you have tons of shortcuts for the doctors you type for and they have tons of abbreviations in the word expander, and years with the company, then maybe you can produce 3,000 lines too.  Don't know but I will try to incorporate some of this behavior into my work to maybe bring my line count up enough to get the incentives at least.

Help with 9-pin foot pedal...sm - Posted By: SoccerFan

I use a 9-pin foot pedal on the DocQScribe platform and it is not working.   A webcam was installed on my computer and ever since then it doesn't work.  I uninstalled the cam but the pedal still is not working.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the pedal, but still it does not work.  Any suggestions?


80+ and still typing. - Posted By: x

A great woman crossed into the arm's of God this morning.  She was 80+ years of age and still doing medical transcription up to the day earlier this year when she was diagnosed with cancer and even then she came to the office just until recently.  She loved her job and everyone loved her.  She will be greatly missed in the world of transcription as well as among family and friends. 

Until we meet again. 

in-house hospital pay? - Posted By: kms

After working at home for approximately 7 years, I decided to apply for an in-house (but work at home) hospital job.  No more companies.  To my surprise, the starting wage was 10.31.  They offered me 12.00 an hour with a very small incentive, maybe 100 dollars every 2 weeks or slightly more.  Okay, does that seem extremely low to anyone else?  I make 10-11 cents doing IC work (yes, there are plenty of downfalls to IC work that can be made up by getting employee benefits)  The insurance is decent and cheap at this hospital for a family and the benefits are excellent, but still, 12 dollars an hour?  Is this the going rate?  Are they trying to give me the next-to-lowest wage after the 10.31?  Help!

Hello? - Posted By: Liberated

New here, trying to figure out how to post . . . .

question about gov contracts. - Posted By: BZmom

Is it standard practice for a VA to 'sanitize' hard drives before paying up?

EMR Question - Posted By: TD

What is it like typing into EMR? I will be starting that soon and would like to know if it would be easier to type report first on Microsoft Word and then cut and paste to EMR or is that even possible? 

And how about spellchecker and all other short cuts? Is it the same amount of typing or not as much?


AAMT Style Guide!!! (Phooey) - Posted By: help?

Is there a "quick" style guide available on the net?  I don't have time to pick up an AAMT Book of Style before I test.  I've done this for 30+ years and have never been corrected by the physicians but this national company wants things done in the AAMT standard.  Every physician I've ever transcribed for asked me NOT to change a thing and AAMT style be dam--d.  But, nationals have their own way of doing things (testing!) and while I certainly know what I'm doing - I'm not sure that I'll do it the "AAMT way".  So, any help you can give me is appreciated!

Amphion OT - Posted By: just typing

Anyone else getting tired of the mandatory 1 hour every day.  It is getting to be a bit much.  I do not want to get burned out again this summer.  Have to start thinking of other options I guess.  We need a break.  I know I should not complain as there are some of you out there with no work but every single day.  Last year it was 4 months in a row.  I refuse to do that again.

gemstar - Posted By: robs

has anyone worked on gemstar platform