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strange wording - Posted By: mini-haha

"The patient is doing well from his colon cancer point of view."

Colons have opinions?  Oh yeah, that's right.  Everyone has one, opinions and colons, and the other part of the anatomy which shall remain nameless, from which originates some people's opinions. 

Desktop or Laptop? Gotta buy a new puter...sm - Posted By: Tasha

Not sure whether I would like to buy another desktop or a laptop.  My hubby has a laptop and the only way I can transcribe on his is if I use an adaptor to connect my ergonomic keyboard.  I am wondering if the screen from the laptop would cramp my style.  I am leaning more towards another desktop because I can use my hubby's when traveling, but then still question what brand.  Anyone willing to give some suggestions as far as brand, specs, capabilities.  I would rather hear from fellow MTs versus sales people in the store selling me things I really do not need.  Thanks!!

Need legit MT school on line... help! - Posted By: Beth

Hey there,

I'm an RN looking to earn some extra income while at home with my son.  I'm finding so many schools on-line that are a bunch of scams!  Can anyone refer me to a legit school?  Does anyone know of a course that would be geared more towards someone that already has medical experience?  I need lots of advice.

Acer notebooks - anyone? - Posted By: Amanda Howard

I just bought an Acer notebook from Walmart.  Anyone have experience with this they can share?

I know they are not much good for transcribing (too small), but I also go to college and seeing as they only weigh 1 pound, I thought it might be good to have.

Do you think I wasted my money?  Should I have spent the extra $200 and got a real laptop?

DH tore his lateral meniscus, had MRI - Posted By: Good Golly

and doctor recommended surgery.  Got the bill for the MRI today and it was $1200.00.  The bill for the radiologist to read the thing was $225.00.    We have a low insurance premium and they only pay 70%.   We've had this insurance 2 years and this is our first claim, so we still come out cheaper this way than paying a higher premium with better benefits, but goodness.  Of course it doesn't help that our homeowner's insurance and our car insurance is due now, plus property taxes on the house of $1,000.00, and a vet bill last month of $1,200.00.  





What would you consider a fair cpl wage for an experienced MT? I'm not interested in what the - Posted By: SM

going rate currently is, but more interested in what everyone thinks it should be.  I know that it is 7 cpl to 9 cpl, depending on experience, but personally I feel that an experienced and quality MT should make more than 9 cpl especially when the seasoned MTs get stuck with all ESLs and difficult dictators. 

And shouldn't editors be making more than MTs?  It stands to reason that if you are an editor, someone qualified to check and make corrections to other people's work, then you should and probably would have more experience and education than the people you are grading.  Therefore, you should be paid more than the person you are grading, true?

And why do we put up with all this garbage?!?!?  I am so sick of working for peanuts, working 10 hour days or more just to make ends meet.  I started looking for in-office MT jobs and they are not out there anymore because the hospitals outsource to the services and the services are outsourcing to India or offering me next to nothing to type the hardest stuff out there.

I guess I just needed a little rant today. 

Doc just dicated "Head is acephalic." - Posted By: lol

Just had to share that one..the incredible headless head, lol.

More Autotext woes. - Posted By: MSMT

So I started (or so I thought) building my Autotext back up because I LIKE using F3 and only having to remember 1 abbreviation to get 5 different expansions.  My line count went down 500 lines going from having it to not having it. 

BUT when I went to save it and copy it to my new file, it was the same size as when I started, and I checked the normal.dot several time while I was working and it was always the same exact size as when I started.  What do y'all think is going on? 

Wanting to land my own local account - Posted By: HR

I am currently working part time IC for two different people, I have a little less than one year transcription exp, all in family practive or GI...I have been thinking about trying to get my own account locally but not sure about some of the "in's and out's".  Those of you who do this, do you have someone who covers for you when you have to leave town?  I have always had someone to QA my work, so if I do my own account and have a question(blank) do  you call the office and ask or do you leave it blank?  I am kinda back and forth w/ the idea, I know I would make more money, but not sure if I want ALL the responsibility. 

Need advice on schools - Posted By: Amanda

Hi - I am currently a chemist interested in becoming an MT and working from home.  What online schools would you recommend and which ones should be avoided at all costs?  I would hate to waste time on a course not worth its salt.  Thanks!

I just noticed the post doubting someone sm - Posted By: LTMT

could make 3000 lines a day?  WHY?  As someone pointed out, just because you cannot do it, does not mean others cannot.  My personal best is 3500 (65 ccl), but I could never do it on a regular basis.  Does that mean that I should think I'm the fastest human in the universe and doubt if someone says he/she can do 4000?  I would simply wonder how someone does that and be in awe.

I used to make a commitment of 2000 lines per day, and even that pushes it anymore.  Can I do more?  Yes.  Will I have a life?  No.   I'm older now, and cannot just sit and pound away at a keyboard all day long.  I type an hour or two ... get up ...play with the doggie ... type some more ... do some laundry ... type some more ... visit some friends .. you get the drift.  Otherwise, I probably would have had carpal tunnel surgery 3 times by now (ha).

Can I do 3000 lines in a day if I have to/want to?  YES.   Can I do it every day?  No.   I understand that a lot of people have their Expanders built up way more than mine, though, and probably can do quite more than me.  I admire them.   I have an email buddy who finally has her Dragon Medical trained well enough to do 400 wpm  -- THAT line count has to be amazing -- but it also took her 2 years to do it.

Why not just share in each others' triumphs and hug each other when it is not so good.  Sure, there are braggarts out there.  I personally have a "friend," if I told her I jumped off the Empire State Building, she would have jumped off something higher and twice!!  (ha)  

I have a technical question. On my toolbar when - Posted By: Confused

I click on any of the categories (File, Edit, View, Tools or Help), instead of getting my dropdown menu I get a trasparent square.  If I drage my mouse down, then the titles appear but you can see the screen under them.  The same thing happens on Outlook Express.  (I have Windows XP).  The only one that shows the regular dropdown menus is Favorites.  This just started today.  Has anyone had a similar thing happen or know what to do about it?  Thanks.

Etymotic ER 6 earphones - Posted By: just ordered and wondering

Has anyone tried these earphones for dictation.  Is it clear?  Does it actually reduce noise around you.  Does it clear the static from dictation?  Just curious if it is a good earphone for dictation.  Thanks for any info. 

Any opinions regarding TransformMT - Posted By: cwigginton

Just wondering if anyone out there has had any expierences with TransformMT (good or bad)?

This is really bothering me for some reason - Posted By: wedding gift etiquette....sm

A friend of my daughter's got married in early February.  They have been friends since kindergarten and through the girls we met the other girl's parents and became friends with them.  They moved a couple of years ago to the same metropolitan area but not as fast, easy and convenient to get to (they used to just live a few blocks away), so we haven't seen them as much the last couple of years but have seen each other from time to time.

Well, DD and I went to a personal shower for the bride a week before the wedding and spent $50 on a gown from Victoria's Secret.  Then our whole family went to the wedding and we gave the bride and groom $50 as a wedding gift.  We have not heard from them since and have not gotten a thank you card or anything.

I have been one in the past to criticize others who were miffed about not getting a thank you or acknowledgement of a gift because I figure I give a gift because I WANT to, not expecting anything in return.  So I'm not sure why this bothers me so much because I still believe a gift is something you give from the heart and that you shouldn't give it expecting something in return.  But it DOES bother me.

I think maybe it bothers me because money was really tight at the time that we spent that $100 on the shower/wedding gift but we didn't want to give nothing and in fact wanted to be generous since she and the family have been friends for so long.  Since money was so tight DH and I talked about waiting and giving them a gift later but then decided we'd go ahead and give it and we'd just get by the best we could till we got paid.  Basically we had to go a weekend eating omelettes, egg sandwiches, Ramen noodles, grilled cheese, etc.  Which isn't the bride's fault - we did that because we wanted to go ahead and give her the gifts instead of waiting.  I'm sure she doesn't realize that the money we spent on her made things very tight for us.

I just keep thinking that if it were friends of our family I would make SURE my daughter sent out thank yous.

I'm not getting all freaky about it or anything and it won't hurt the friendship, I guess I just feel that what we did was unappreciated.

When is it time to throw in the towel entirely? - Posted By: depressed

It doesn't work for me to be a fulltime employee for a big national.  However, it doesn't work to be an IC for a small MTSO either.  The obvious middle of the road would be SE for a medium sized company.  However, it seems like that just takes the bad from employee and combines it with the bad from IC.  I wonder if I'll ever find a good place to work.  I should just bag MT entirely.  I know I'm not the best MT or employee.  I'm not perfect.  There are a lot better MTs out there.  I'm not all that bad either.  Maybe I could make a living posting stupid auctions on ebay. 

Time Code Stamps - Posted By: Dan Edge

Hello All,

For any of you who have had to time code transcripts:

Would it be helpful to have an MS Word application that prints an automated time code stamp? I ask because a programmer friend of mine and I have discussed writing a program to do this, and I'm wondering how useful it would be to you all.

This is how we envision it working: First, you complete the transcript. Then you open the Time Code Stamper in Word, and start going through the audio again. Suppose you want to put a stamp every 15 seconds. When you press a certain keystroke combination (ctrl-shift-f1, for instance), the program inserts a time code stamp in the format you specify. Then you fast-forward the audio to the next 30-second increment. When you find the correct place in the transcript for the next time stamp, you put you cursor on the spot and execute the Time Code Stamper program again. It will automatically increment the time by 30 seconds (or whatever increment you specify) and print the stamp. If you make a mistake, you can click on the menu and manually set the correct time.

I tested this out once with a very simple version of the program, placing time codes in a transcript every 15 seconds, and I was able to complete the whole document in about a quarter of the audio time (e.g., 5 minutes to complete 20 minutes of audio). The few errors I made I was able to fix very quickly and move on.

Like I said, we havent actually built a full version of this program yet, I just wanted to get some feedback from the people who could actually be using it. Were thinking of selling it for $29 or so. What do you think?

If this particular program would not be helpful for you, do you all have any requests for Word formatting programs that would help you? Were trying to think of different widgets that would be of use to transcriptionists.


Dan Edge

Tired of feeling ill - Posted By: Mom-CMT

Anyone ever feel like this - just no energy, headache, and kind of achy for days now.  Any ideas what this is caused from - maybe a virus? 

Question about Cphone headset? - Posted By: MT mom of 3

I have the stethoscope style #AL-60DP but where the wire hooks to the stethoscope part it won't stay together and I could barely hear out of them.  Is there something I'm not doing right or are they broke?  Thanks!

Can Smarttype be used with Editscript/eScription? - Posted By: nm

transcend - Posted By: kdemars

I am about to start working for them.  Anyone know anything about them or OSi?

Evil Co-Worker - Posted By: AnnieM!AnnieM!

Anyone else have an evil co-worker or two?  I work at home but there's always one that still manages to find me.  I would ilke to slap this current one if I could reach her through my computer.  She thinks she's my supervisor.  I try to be respectful and polite, but that's not working.  All my other co-workers are wonderful.   I can't find anything in the company handbook about slapping not being appropriate, so that's my next plan of action.  I just have to figure out a way to do that through cyberspace.

I need a "shelf" for my mouse. - Posted By: Tennis Elbow

to hook it up over my calculator pad on my keyboard.  This would be probably metal or hard plastic.  Had one at the hospital and so I know someone carries them; I just do not know what they are called.

I am the person with the tennis elbow-type symptoms.  Thanks for the tip on track ball mouse.  Picked up a Logitech model for 20.00 yesterday at Staples.  They were on sale. 


Wondering: Has anyone used Powerscribe with Instant Text? - Posted By: fixing to start a new acct

Just wondering if anyone has used these two together.  Thanks!

Anyone know how I can test a Dictaphone C-Phone? - Posted By: slapping pooperectomy

I bought one used on e-Bay...it appears to work...I get a dial tone, but I can't use or program pedal functions until I'm connected. Any ideas? Thanks.


Dental insurance - Posted By: sbMT

Can anyone recommend a good company for dental insurance?


Flashing Icons - Posted By: Cece


What are the flashing icons beside the job postings on the Job Seeker's Board?  Are they intended to indicate that the jobs have been filled or still open?  Thank you.

Need Internet fax info - Posted By: NJMT

I need to fax my cable bill to my company.  Anyone know if there is a site which I can do this?  I'm using XP, does it have a program.  I can't seem to make heads or tails of this and thought someone could lead me in the right direction.  I already have my scanner hooked up.


How do you know you are being - Posted By: me

paid what you typed if you work for  a company.  They say 65 characters, etc, etc., etc.  But how do you know that is what you are really getting when they total up your lines.  This would be such an easy way to defraud employees.  How can you tell, even if they say you are paid for spaces and headers, how can you really tell they are not cheating you.  They could just take out a little here and there, and it really would add up.

MT Bashing by nurses - Posted By: p.o.'d MT

I found this on a nurse's blog - they were talking about MT mistakes they found in charts...

Nurse #1:
I tried to get a job as a medical Transcriptionist for extra money, and no one would hire me because my 15 years experience of direct patient care does not qualify me to be a transcriptionist. Oh really? Or, I guess I mean, Owe Reilly?

Nurse #2:

I have no idea why they wouldn't let you work as a transcriptionist - what sort of special training would you need that you wouldn't already have?! It might be a good way to make ends meet if there came a point where a nurse couldn't stand up for so long anymore. It doesn't seem like it would take much in the way of critical thinking skills...

We don't use critical thinking skills?  Darn, then maybe I should look into the career opportunities at Burger King...


Other Transcription - Posted By: NJC

Does anyone know if there is any other transcription out there such as legal transcription that can be done from home.  I am trying to help a friend find some work that she can do at home.  She has no medical experience, but is looking for something she can do to earn a little extra money a month, such as data entry, legal transcription.  There are so many ads out there and she is looking for a reputable company.  Anyone out there had any experience or know of any legit companies for data entry/legal transcription, etc. that can be done at home? Thanks for any input. 

To all the QA/editors out there - Posted By: just a small question

I was wondering what are some of the funny mistakes you've come across and could you give examples?  Also wondering if you think the majority of mistakes made by MTs is due to laziness or just lack of knowledge.  Thanks.

Line counts and Fonts? - Posted By: Just Curious

I have a clinic account that has asked me to use Bookman Old Style font with a 10-pitch for the text using a 65-character line counter with spaces. Does the pitch size (i.e. 10 versus 12) affect how many characters are on a line? If so, should I be charging more for 10 pitch versus 12 pitch?! I am rather confused by this whole topic. I thought if you were counting spaces and characters, that the pitch does not matter? Any suggestions would be appreciated. TIA

Did ya see this one? - Posted By: jus me

As the holidays approach, my heartfelt appreciation goes out to
all of you who have taken the time and trouble to send me "forwards"
over the past 12 months. Thank you for making me feel safe, secure,
blessed, and wealthy.

Extra thanks to whoever sent me the one about rat crap in the
glue on envelopes 'cause I now have to go get a wet towel every
time I need to seal an envelope.

Also, I scrub the top of every can I open for the same reason.
Because of your concern I no longer drink Coca Cola because
it can remove toilet stains.

I no longer drink Pepsi or Dr Pepper since the people who make
these products are atheists who refuse to put "Under God" on
their cans.

I no longer use Saran wrap in the microwave because it causes

I no longer check the coin return on pay phones because I
could be pricked with a needle infected with AIDS.

I no longer use cancer-causing deodorants even though I smell
like a water buffalo on a hot day.

I no longer go to shopping malls because someone might drug
me with a perfume sample and rob me.

I no longer receive packages from nor send packages by UPS
or FedEx since they are actually AL Qaeda in disguise.

I no longer answer the phone because someone will ask me to
dial a number for which I will get a phone bill with calls to Jamaica,
Uganda, Singapore, and Uzbekistan.

I no longer eat KFC because their "chickens" are actually horrible
mutant freaks with no eyes or feathers.

I no longer have any sneakers -- but that will change once I
receive my free replacement pair from Nike.

I no longer have to buy expensive cookies from Neiman Marcus
since I now have their recipe.

I no longer worry about my soul because at last count I have
363,214 angels looking out for me.

Thanks to you, I have learned that God only answers my
prayers if I forward an e-mail to seven of my friends and make
a wish within five minutes.

I no longer have any savings because I gave it to a sick girl who
is about to die in the hospital (for the 1,387,258th time)

I no longer have any money at all - but that will change once I
receive the $15,000 that Microsoft and AOL are sending me for
participating in their special email program.

Yes, I want to thank you so much for looking out for me that I
will now return the favor!

If you don't send this e-mail to at least 144,000 people in the
next 7minutes, a large pigeon with a wicked case of diarrhea
will land on your head at 5:00 PM (EST) this afternoon.

I know this will occur because it actually happened to a friend of my
next-door neighbor's ex-mother-in-law's second husband's
cousin's beautician.
Merry Christmas to All!!!

P.S.  consider yourselves several of my 144,000! 

So....unhappy MDI-MTs - any idea where you will - Posted By: sm

look if it comes down to having to find work somewhere else?

Suggestions for chairs?? sm - Posted By: Just me

I'm trying to find a chair that is comfortable all day (and sometimes part of the night) long.  I know some of you here have had the same problem.  Suggestions, please??? 


MTSOs who work with call-in dictating systems. See inside. - Posted By: MTSO

If you work with a call in system, would you be willing to share if you like it/don't like it, how your transcriptionists acess their work (internet or through the call in system), where did you buy your system and is it efficient, etc.  Thanks.

Can someone tell me a way to remember when to use epiphysis versus apophysis? nm - Posted By: need to know


Where do you buy foot pedals for your transcription. Who has the best foot pedals for sale. - Posted By: MQPA


Use of slang - Posted By: Hmmmm

Back in the day, over 20 years ago when I started transcribing, it was unheard of to transcribe slang in a report, but now you get your hand slapped if correct the slang.  Thanks AAMT for making it so acceptable.  Thank you AAMT for supporting outsourcing overseas. Thanks AAMT for making easier on those who taking our jobs away to not have know proper English.

Blogging About MT Work and ... - Posted By: Diane in NY

Hello!  I started a blog where I'm going to see if I can keep coming up with writing about MT work and the whole work-at-home lifestyle that goes with it.  Please be kind   Right now, I'm up to the story of how I became an MT when I developed a disabling disorder and *had* to find work to do from home.  It's at


I'd be happy to hear any feedback!

Best, Diane

using dot matrix printer - Posted By: Eileen

Does anyone use a dot matrix printer for continuous labels and what printer do you use?

anyone paid by the amount of time dictated? - Posted By: Emily Ayn

I am being paid by the line right now, but my office is switching to a completely new system that counting lines would be a nightmare.

The doc has suggested maybe paying me by the amount of time dictated.

Has anyone done this before, and if so what are the pros and cons, and what is a reasonable rate??? I have NO idea!

Thanks so much for any info.

I have been with them for seven years this September and never raised my rates, which I brought up to him while speaking about the new system saying I would hope whatever we decide is more than I make now!

Making 3000 Lines Per Day? - Posted By: MTMomma

Is it really possible to make 3000 lines per day? If so, how is that possible? I am a very fast transcriptionist, and I use shortcuts to the max;I cannot fathom how 3000 lines in 8 hours is possible. Is there a WAV-to-text conversion program out there that I am missing out on, or what? What is the key to this level of production? I can't figure it out, and it is driving me bonkers.

Congrats to Deidra O. on winning the scrapbooking stuff! - Posted By: Next giveaway running now! See inside for details.

The second Secret Santa giveaway
is a
$20.00 gift certificate courtesy of
Find the Secret Santa post that could
be anywhere on the website and email
to enter.
HINT: This is not the post to enter!

Going digital - sm - Posted By: sammypot

Have a dictaphone system at home but it is now causing some problems and the doctors are having hissy fits.

We want to go "digital" (there are 3 of us) and we each have high-speed internet service.

Am looking for guidlines, suggestions, etc. as to what is the best program and any tips you may have. This is new for us so will really, really appreciate any help.  Thank you. Barb

shorthand help - Posted By: romey

I need to put bolded headings into my shorthand, how do I do this? TIA

How to file a complaint for services....please sm - Posted By: anon

I'm not sure if this is the correct board. I was wondering if anyone knows of a site that I can get a sample on a complaint that I would like to file to the administrator of a hospital. My mom has non-Hodgkin lymphoma and during her last 3 visits at the same hospital, they gave her the wrong medication. This is the medication that she has a severe reaction to. She has hallucinations, toxicity, etc. to this medication. She is in a different state and I would like to file a complaint to the administrator to prevent this from happening again, as she is in and out of the hospital. Thanks for the help.

Now what? - Posted By: What now?

  I've been an MT for about 25 years and have loved it all -- except for the past few years.  I've watched as the terminology and grammar have been progressively dumbed down, not to mention the degradation of quality due to the inundation of those inadequately trained.  Thank you, Sally Struthers. 

I've seen an organization (who shall not be named) which was supposedly set up "for" MTs do everything against us in terms of setting "industry standard" pay scales (no matter where in the country) and determining which things should be counted (from how many characters constitute a line to what an actual character is, beitablankspaceoraVBC).  Because of that, my pay has declined. 

Thanks to technological advances, which are great for some (especially suits and institutions), I have experienced yet another pay decrease.

There are those who say we must go with the changes, embrace them, work with them.  Bah!!  The pixels are on the screen; VR/ASR/EMR will inevitably drive them out as well, no matter what name we choose to call ourselves. 

There are so many other factors in play here that I cannot list them all but suffice it to say, I can no longer continue being an MT.  I certainly cannot afford to retire from this career in another 20 years (if it will even exist for that long).  I will even go so far as to warn others against entering this field. 

So, as the subject line states, now what?  What can I do with the knowledge and experience I already have?  Do I need to learn to do something totally different? 

I'm not scared--more angry and worried.  Is anyone else feeling the same about their future in this business? 

Just starting macros... - Posted By: need someone who knows macros

Hey!  Just starting to use macros here and have a few questions.

I have a few docs that say the same thing over and over, so I recorded macros using the following, and please let me know if this is what others do:

Control+D - neatly dressed and groomed

Control+T - thought processes linear

Control+J - judgment was intact

Just to name a few.  I have been adding alt + things for others and so on...

How do you all remember what you recorded for what macro?  Is this just you use it so much you just know?  Also, how are macros helpful when your doc doesn't repeat themselves or says things slightly different each dictation?  PLEASE UNDERSTAND I AM JUST STARTING AND DON'T KNOW WHAT I AM DOING.  So, those of you that would like to write back, "what are you stoopid???", please refrain.

Thank you!!