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You have to be psychic to be treated. - Posted By: MslaMT

"Instructed the patient to take Benadryl the day before she feels like she is getting the hives." 

An interesting article for Rochester, NY transcriptionists who might want a change. sm - Posted By: justme2


I saw an interesting article on line from the local Rochester newspaper about captionists.  They are people who assist with deaf students in helping them take notes in class.

This is a brief side box from the article:

About the job

Those training to be C-Print captionists must type at least 60 wpm. Beginning in June, they'll take 10 weeks of online training and upon completion begin work in the fall. They'll earn $15.74 an hour and work a 35-hour week for 10 months. For more information about training, contact: AccessServices@ntid.rit.edu



Any MTs in the Colorado area? - Posted By: mt

My husband has a possible job opportunity in the northern Colorado area.  I am just wondering if anyone on this board is out in that area?  I am wondering what the average pricing is on housing, apartments, etc.  Anything really fun to do out there?  This would be in the Fort Collins area.   Also, what is the usual temperature in the summer and winter, snow fall, etc. 

I have found most of this information on-line, but I would much prefer to hear from someone who lives around this area.  I would take a personal view over a computer anyday!  We live in Florida now, so this would be a HUGE move for our family!

Thanks for any info.

Health insurance for me and spouse..how much? sm - Posted By: ds

I would like to get a general idea of how much I will have to fork out for health insurance for me and my spouse.  I've always been an IC and am looking to switch to employee status for benefits.  How much in general do you pay?

I see posting all the time about transcription, why are you staying, really? - Posted By: Why, why, why?

First of all let me tell you about myself. I am way past the time when I have to "make" a living, do not have children to raise, can work if I want and not if I want, have just reached that point of not having to put up with much of anything anymore. My question is to you- yes you- the one who is posting here complaining and complaining about how this work has gone downhill and it has. If you are younger and really need the money and need to work and make a decent salary, why are you hanging on to something that does not look like it will change? I see the letters supposedly being written to the president, 60 minutes and the like. What do you think that will do, if anything? I am really surprised that the trend in this job is sinking even further in the money department, no raises ever and if you want more money, then work long, long hours and 7 days a week. Instead of fussing and being irritated about the lack of work, the lack of money, etc., why in the world do you not try to find another "real" profession before you get to an age to where you would really be stuck, that is not ever being able to pull out from this hole ever. I could not raise a family on what I make now but that is the difference in me and most I read on here. Ladies (with an occasional gent thrown in here or there) what are you thinking about? Why not make a change while you are young and can? There are loads of jobs for the medical field, if this is what interests you. Staying at home with the kids was perhaps ok at 1 time but not anymore. Why not get out while the getting is good and you still have a chance to really enjoy your job while at the same time being able to survive? Think about it.



2007 macro help..anyone good in 2007?? - Posted By: Tiffin


 I now need to start using Word2007.  I would like to know if anyone out there knows how to build a macro in word2007?  I could do this in word97, but cant find the same commands to do my macro in 2007?


HELP please



Satellite Internet Access - Posted By: Superkeys

I am currently living in rural Iowa, and my only options for Internet access right now are dial-up (can you say S-L-O-W ?) and satellite.  I know I can get HughesNet and WildBlue.  My questions are:

1.  Are there any other providers I may have missed?

2.  Anyone have experience with HughesNet or WildBlue or any other satellite access for MT work?

I have to make a decision on this within the next week or two, so any help would be much appreciated.

CMT status? - Posted By: mom-MT

How many of you all have let your CMT status go and regretted it.  I think it is a total pain to redo credits every 3 years, being a busy mom and working 40+ hours a week.  I think it is a rip-off that once we are certified we cannot keep the status without paying dues and redoing credits every 3 yrs.  I think I am going to let my certification go.  I have just too much other stuff going on!  Any comments appreciated.

Costs for small MTSO equipment - Posted By: MoodyJen

This question is directed to our wonderful small MTSOs who participate in the site postings:

I have a question about what extent of expenses you incurred for equipment and related components for the physicians to dictate, i.e., FTP services, server, physician call-in phone services, physician digital dictation uploading/downloading services, and all that related equipment to send and receive dictations (voice files) and send/receive reports, all pertaining to internet and latest advances.

Considering a small MTSO venture of just three small doctor's office accounts, enough for 1-1/2 MTs, with a total physician dictator capacity of 5 physicians, not necessarily at the same time.

I would be also interested in not only cost figures (ballpark) but the types of equipment and software you elected to use (platform if any).

This information would be beneficial to me, and perhaps to other entrepreneurial MTs as well. Thank you in advance for your helpful information.

Need to load some microsoft updates, need assistance here - Posted By: These darn computers!

I was told to go to microscoft and upload the latest - got the information to go to windows and click the express button and download and install. Where in the heck is the express button? Dont see that anywhere. Thanks.

Sciatica from below - Posted By: Patti

They thought that I has sciatica, they thought it was my ileo psoas, but it turned out to be my hamstring.  I could hardly walk, had trouble sleeping, one part of the thigh just hurt/burned/ached terrible.   I went to PT and then to the gym and worked on my hamstring stretches and especially just doing step exercises.  When my hip and thigh begin to really ache while typing, I take 5 minutes and do 50 steps on my step and it really helps.  I also bought one of those foam pads for my bed even though I have a brand new pillow top mattress and that also helps.  But the stepping and hamstring stretching worked the best.  I could not bear the thought of walking up and down stairs but now now problem.    

Vonage Problems - Posted By: Carol

I recently signed onto Vonage due to SBC challenges. I have found that I am having problems with the foot pedal to my Lanier and dictaphone.  Last night I had to call in at least 10 times to finish all my reports.  It seems to go dead when I press on either the forward or rewind pedals.  No problems if I just keep typing and don't touch either pedal.  Is anyone else having these problems or am I the only one.

When applying for an MTSO company....(2 unrelated questions LOL) - Posted By: MLY

Do you just assume they have templates and word expanders? As I was doing my current job (which is now almost completely dried up of work), I realized how good I have it with the word expanders. That is one of the reasons I am so fast! So it is safe to assume they usually offer this kind of thing? I can only imagine they have to, but have never applied to one so dont mean to sound silly. I've been an IC for 10 years!

The other unrelated part is if the company is paying you 7, 8, 9 CPL... what are they likely charging their client? That is just my curiosity getting the best of me.


Why does my resume pop up here? - Posted By: mtfromhome

Whenever I click on Apply Now on any job ad on the job seeker board here, my resume is automatically pasted into the box!!

How did that happen? I don't paste it - it's already there.

For those giving up MT - Posted By: Meg

what will you do next? Is medical billing the next logical step for MTs, or is that a bad gamble as well?

lawsuit - Posted By: justamushroom

I have to vent.  I asked a question a few days ago, wondering if anybody heard anything about the big MQ lawsuit.  Now we all know that this is BIG.  But, not only did I only read maybe two responses (thank you, responders) to my specific question, but I have also not heard anything from anybody ELSE on this board regarding what is up with that. 

I am wondering:  a) is it under tight wraps and hush-hush for open discussion; b) do we have damage control by MQ intercepting posts of an informational nature on this;  or c) SOMETHING ELSE? 

Sure would appreciate if someone threw us a crumb.  Thanks in advance from the mushroom crew!

gross line and character line - Posted By: Lisa

I am an IC currently doing one doctor who pays me by the hour but I will be starting another doctor soon and he will be dictating differently so I was going to charge him per line.  What is the difference of charging gross lines or per 65 character line?

instant text - Posted By: Destinyisntfree

Is anyone still up/online that can help me out with IT?  It seems that the longer I use this thing the Slower I am getting.  I recently had to start over with my glossaries because I just got everything so bogged down that I couldnt find anything any more.  Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.  I will be here for a while and can be reached either by email or im on Y with the same name!





We might as well face it, we are being taken over by other countries, thanks to our - Posted By: MQMT

government.  You have got to read this article at


Domestic workers sue, lobby, organize for workplace rights -THESE ARE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS PEOPLE!

I just want to crawl in a hole and DIE!  I am so worried for my children.  Soon, the US of A will be owned, run and operated by other countries totally!



5-year marriage falling apart - Posted By: newbie

I need some very serious advice. I have been thinking of leaving my husband for the last year and it is only getting worse. I am so unhappy and don't see it getting any better. He is a great father (we have a 4-year-old), but he has a very limited relationship with my 11-year-old. His real father lives states away and has just recently decided to be somewhat a part of his life. It breaks my heart when my son tries with my husband and he gives a half-hearted attempt or barely acknowledes my son and then pays all this attention to my daughter. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I basically do everything by myself with the kids, he dislikes my family (I'm not very fond either, but hey, they are my family) so I usually attend family functions on my own w/ the kids.

I think we should at least try marriage counseling and take it from there. I am only giving this another 6-12 months though. I deserve a husband who accepts me for me and helps me clean because he realizes I need help, not becuase he can't stand the mess anymore. My son deserves a loving, caring step-dad who will take him fishing or practice baseball with him. Am I making the right choice? When do you know it is the right time to move on? I am so scared. The biggest factor will be raising 2 kids on my own. I am making squat right now.

I need some advice. Mom's not home and I am ready to cry my eyes out.

Questions - Posted By: cai

I have a couple questions for you all...

First, I am trying to expand my little IC business and designed my own website yesterday. I'd love it if you would check it out and give me ideas or constructive criticism on it.

Second, my husband works for a large, local urology group. The manager said that they are happy with the company they have, but if they change in the future they will keep my information. He also said that he pays 9 cpl and they do $100,000 per year of business. I currently am a subcontractor for most of my work and make 8 cpl and 9 cpl. I am wondering how it would be doable for a company to charge only 9 cpl and then pay subs and expenses, unless he is doing business with a company that outsources overseas. Do the large nationals charge this low or do you think it might be some IC trying to undercut norms to get the business or overseas? I do have my prices on my website and debated with myself if I should put them on there, but thought it would be helpful. I also believe I am charging fair prices. What do you think?


Vegas - Posted By: dm

Hi everyone,

My husband and I are going to Vegas for our anniversary, does anybody know of a good show to catch while there?  

What are IMEs? - Posted By: nm


just something to get your toes tappin' - Posted By: cat


  Any musicians out there?


help - Posted By: tiffany

Does anyone hire without so much experience??

Looking for Lanier 219 VoiceWrite EX manual - Posted By: helpful suggestions appreciated, TIA - n/m


Power Chart - Posted By: njmt

Is anyone familiar with this platform? Is it compatible with MS Word and Instant Text?


USB flash drive inquiry....sm - Posted By: Inquiring mind

Would someone enlighten me?  My teenager came home with a printout for a school project and the teacher wants the projects turned in one one of these keychain things.  I have no idea how to do this and if I need to buy anything extra for my PC.   How does this work?  Do you just plug it into your PC and are able to save data right onto it or are special programs needed?  The more I searched on the internet the more I couldn't figure it out.   I've already e-mailed the teacher asking that she be allowed to bring the project in on CD as we're pros at that one and I really don't want to spend a dime for some goofy teacher's request...but just in case.....   Thank you

Any advice?? - Posted By: Sue

I need some advice.....I am 41 years old and I feel stuck.  I took a transcription home course study here locally 13 years ago and did psychiatric transcription for 4 years and then I have done chiropractic transcription for about 6 years and I'm currently doing transcription for a research company. 

I almost feel like a newbie because I don't have all this experience with things like discharge summaries, the basic 4, OP notes, etc.  I love transcription and feel like it is my thing and have always done well with it, but I feel like I almost need to start all over again with taking a new course, such as Career Step or something of that nature, which I would rather not have to do unless there are no other options.

What do you think?  I've also only transcribed via tapes/microcassette tapes, so the wave files are all new to me.  So.......what would you do?

VoiceScript - Posted By: Siren

Anyone use VoiceScript?  Is it a lot like VoiceScribe?  My company is going with this and I am just curious.

sentencing hearing for serial killer - Posted By: justme

Did anyone watch the sentencing hearing yesterday and today on that nut job, Dennis Rader?  I watched both days through the internet.  OMG, what a sick puppy that man, or should I say monster, is.  Gave me the willies watching but I was fascinated by the detectives detailing everything and the evidence they showed.  Sure glad he is under lock and key for the rest of his life.

Acute Care? - Posted By: Cynthia

Subject: Acute Care?

I have been applying for jobs but all or most of them say Acute Care experience.  I am not sure what that means?  I have been with a small company for almost 3 years now and type several different docs for them.  What is acute care?  Sorry.  May be a dumb question but this is the only place I have worked since I started transcribing!  thanks.

New business - Posted By: Allison

I have a small transcription company that kind of fell into my lap, luckily.  It has been a year now, we have five girls and are doing a really good job with one large account.  I had tons of experience as a transcriptionist, but never as a business manager, so I took my time.  Now I am looking to get more work.  Anybody have any thoughts as to how to reel them in?

MT Testing - Posted By: Angie

Should testing transcription be done verbatim or do you suppose it could be lightly edited? I was not sure about this. I have never had a company instruct me on what they prefer.


vent on failure in patient care - Posted By: K

My husband took my son to see the doc for a tetanus shot after he stepped on a nail.  I'm always transcribing and couldn't go there myself.  After coming home from the doctor's office, my son and husband tell me that his foot was never even looked at by even a nurse, let alone the doctor.  My son got the tetanus shot, and the paperwork said "do not give if a fever is present."  Woops, they didn't even take his temperature.  Rather than looking at his foot to determine if it was infected, they just asked my son if it was infected.  I called the office totally irate, and they reduced the charges from $88 to $7.  Wow, didn't expect that.  It's a crying shame that we're a society so hung up on paperwork and billing (HIPAA, etc.) that a doctor or nurse would not even take the time to actually look at a patient's wound.  What's really ironic is that very day I transcribed a report where the doctor states the patient shouldn't self-medicate with vitamins and supplements.  So, we're not smart enough to determine what vitamins and supplements to take, but we are expected to determine whether or not we have an infection?   


Hi - Posted By: GeeGee11

Does anyone have any places that are willing to hire a new grad. with hospital exsperience as a nurse in Acute Care for 7 years?

VR Questions - Posted By: VRRR

I have read on here that SOME people actually enjoy VR, while I know MANY do not.  My question is, does anyone actually make a GOOD LIVING with VR that is even comparable to typing if say you do mostly VR?  How many lines are you capable or have access to editing per day to make this living?  Thanks so much.  I am supposed to start VR training, but really am wondering if my time would be better used testing for new jobs.

Poll: MT Job Satisfaction - Posted By: MT student

Here is another poll. I would like to hear from anybody with MT experience, but I am especially interested to hear from MTs with 10+ years experience.

If you had to do it over again, would you still have gotten into the field of MT?

Question about heart palpitations/menopause. - Posted By: ME

Has anyone else in the throws of menopause experienced heart palpitations, shortness of breath (very infrequently), and other odd feelings?  Just asking before I race to the ER.  Thanks in advance.  

Whether or not to leave IC MT job for unit secretary job at hospital??? - Posted By: 10 year MT

HELP, PLEASE!!! I am currently an IC, which I have been for eight years, and I recently applied for a nursing unit secretary position at the local hospital.  I interviewed and who would have guessed it, they offered me the job.  The position is third shift, 7pm to 7am three nights a week.  I do have little kids to think of when considering this.  My ultimate goal is to go to nursing school and I am thinking that  working in the hospital will be good experience.  I don't know if it will be easier to go to nursing school while working as an MT or as a unit secretary.   I am having a hard time deciding what to do.  I don't know if I would be better off staying put even though I have no motivation to sit down and type or should I take this chance to do something new.  Like with any new job I am afraid that I won't like it but I don't particularly care for this current job.   What do you think would be the better move?  I know you can't make my decision for me but some input on what you would do in my situation would be helpful.  Any advice is truly appreciated. 


MT50 are you still here? - Posted By: Country MT

If you are, will you please answer me or email me

DocShuttle - Posted By: OH MT

Need help with DocShuttle.  It keeps freezing up on me.  Any help would be greatly apprecaited. Thanks.

Meditech questions and Cerner questions. Any input is appreciated. SM - Posted By: Lori

I just recently went back to work in the office at a local hospital. We type in both Meditech and Cerner, depending on what you are typing, i.e. Medical Records reports versus Radiology.  We are currently typing blindly in Meditech, meaning we do not have access to our line counts and must depend on management to give us our totals.  In Cerner, we are able to run a line count report and print out a hard copy of our line counts at the end of the day.

We are finding that 800 lines in Cerner equals about 500 lines in Meditech.  We are not paid per line nor do we have an incentive plan, but we have a new HIM Director who would like to institute an incentive plan and the administrator over our department has laid down the law and decreed that all transcriptionists not making minimum in the department will be written up.  Problem is according to Meditech line totals that we have been given, that would be about half the department.

The transcription supervisor has taken our concerns to the new director who told the MT Supervisor to hold off on writing people and has taken home all the line counts from the last month and she is going over them with a fine tooth comb this weekend.

I am not a very trusting soul by nature, so I am doing a little research on my own.  I've been in this business for about 15 years.  I started out in a hospital and have worked for a few services at home and am now back in the hospital setting.  So I know a few things about line count and I consider myself to be pretty well informed on trends and technology in the industry.   I would like to walk into our next department meeting armed with as much knowledge as possible.  So I have come up with some questions that I would like some fellow MTs to answer, give opinions, and maybe even direct me to websites or individuals who could give me a better understanding of Meditech and Cerner.  Here are my questions:


  1. Is it possible for an MT to have access to her line count in Meditech or is strictly a management function?  Any MTs that work in Meditech on this board, do you currently have access to your line counts and if so, how do you check them?  Is it an option on the main menu after you log into Meditech?

  2. How is a line defined in Meditech?  (i.e. 65 cpl, with spaces, without spaces)

  3. How is a line defined in Cerner?

  4. What abbreviation Expanders work with both Meditech and Cerner?

  5. Examples of incentive plans (if anyone would like to share that with me that would be great, if not I completely understand).

  6. Measuring productivity by minutes of dictation versus typed lines.

    1. What would be the minimum minutes required for an 8-hour day?

    2. How would one structure an incentive program based on minutes?

I was thinking of presenting the idea that we keep track of productivity using minutes instead of lines since there is such a discrepancy in Meditech.  I also worry that if an incentive plan is put into place and we are still typing blind into Meditech, what's to keep management from shaving off a few lines here and there?

Feel free to email me or post here any responses.  Either is fine.  I really appreciate any input, comments, or just plain old supportive posts would be nice too! 

s/l "curbiges" for skin infections - Posted By: Need help on drug board


You say it's your birthday....nm - Posted By: MyBirthday2


Excellent Company Wanted - Posted By: AnotherOldTimerMT

How ingenious..I think this is exactly what the "doctor" ordered!  I'm still .  Let me know where to sign up!

On a more serious note, however, it's sad that we have to seemingly resort to these measures just to get some attention.  Hopefully, the people who need this message loud and clear know, when they read this, it's meant exclusively for them!

Bless you!

Best word expander? - Posted By: Stargazer

What is the most efficient word Expander to use with Windows XP?  Do any of them utilize the space bar to expand the word (I find hitting the return key takes more time)?  Is Smart-Type any good ?

Need sample opthalmology notes - Posted By: anon

Does anyone know a website where I can find some sample notes. I have done a Google search.

Has anyone had experience with both - Posted By: me

ChartScript and ChartScript.net?  I have experience with ChartScript and my account is upgrading to the .net version.  I just wondered how one compares to the other, or how user friendly the .net version is.


What's your fave Beatle song? - Posted By: kyradmt

Hey Jude 4 me!