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Are there any companies who pay part-time - Posted By: employees vacation time?

Just wondering. 

Returning to MT field - Posted By: hopeful MT

I went through a training program and then worked one year for a national - Spheris.  Had some health issues (and a young son paying daycare for) so gave my notice and got done.  That was several years ago.  My son is now in kindergarten and want to do medical transcription again. 

What is IC and how does that work?  Do all nationals have this?  How does part time work for most of these companies? 

Any hints on brushing up on my skills before I return. 

Thank you for your help,

Hopeful MT



Is p.o. considered dangerous abbreviation? - Posted By: Thanks.


Do MT companies not give raises anymore? sm - Posted By: DS

If they don't give raises, how do they expect us to keep up with inflation?  I've been at my company 2 years in March and they have never approached me about a raise.  So I asked them, and they told me they would review it.  Well that was 7 weeks ago and I heard nothing back.  Is this the norm now?

What's for supper tonight? - Posted By: Hungry

Can't decide what to have.

What if MTSO doesn't send me 1099? - Posted By: NMT

I don't think she will send one any time soon. Last year I had to send her all the invoices I did for her to tally them up for her to send me a 1099. I don't work for her anymore. It's her responsibility to maintain records on her MTs, so I'm not doing that this year.

Is there something I can do to at least account for the money but let IRS know I didn't get a 1099 from her?

Job site - Posted By: Lois

Does anyone know the site that is from A-Z with MT jobs posted? I certainly do appreciate your help.

I think average MT is intelligent - Posted By: Bunion

And we are not now being paid for what we have in our little heads, along with the common sense decisions we have to make on a daily basis. 

On the other hand, I am so ANNOYED with these people in so called Govt positions, insurance positions, etc. that we have to deal with, no matter where or what situation in my life,  I feel they are being paid more than myself and are really not intelligent.  I have to constantly correct, especially situations after I have gone to a doctor and my insurance company or billing screws up, and we know how long that takes getting tied up in the voice recognition of the insurance companies, etc.  

Anyhow today, called a Govt office that asked for donations over the holiday of unused cell phones to send in to recieve $5 a piece for recycling. Once she finally answered her phone at 9:22 a.m., yes they are still collecting. I was asking exactly where she was located.  She told me. Then I asked on the north or south side of street, and she said it depends on which way you are coming from.  NOT, I said, excuse me, but north and south do not change. She was dumbfounded.  Just a moment of silence, and changed her answer to right or left. In her position in this company if can bet she is probably being paid somewhere bettween 40K and 50K. Go figure.  This is just one example of many unintelligent people making more than myself and that burns my big butt. 

I swear for some jobs you have to take a stupid test and pass to be hired.

Not looking forward to job hunting. 

You got to be kidding right? - Posted By: Ancient MT

Modified verbatim account - doc dictates Eyes:  No visual abnormalties.  ENT:  (various ums and ohs and ahs.. then) Patient is scheduled to have an eye transplant soon. .....  eye transplant under ENT!!!????   I took out ENT and left it all under eyes.  My Editor made me put it back in.  Duh.  Another instance of can't type so edit instead???  I wonder if the new eye is going to be in the patient's ear, nose or throat.. would be interesting to see at the least.  LOL

Dictaphone C-phone manual - Posted By: MTT

Does anyone one possibly have a PDF file with the operating instructions for a C-phone.  Please.

Thanks in advance

wanting to go digital - Posted By: sunny

and I am totally clueless!  Had a call from a cardio group today and they want to send me transcription via WAV files, guessing I need a WAV pedal??  HELP

Also, I am tired of the old tapes and want to "go digital"  I have heard of 800#'s for a call in system, but dont know of any websites.  Any help is much appreciated!!




Sorry leaving address - Posted By: k

 I have almost five years experience, still probably considered a newbie when I see some with almost 5 to 6 times that much.  But I just wanted to email someone who knows more about transcriptions companies than I do at present.

Has anybody watched the TV show "Earl?" - Posted By: how do you like it?


Question: Lanier & ATT Cable LD - Posted By: radmtic

I am trynig to use Lanier LX-119 connnected to ATT cable LD.  Everything works fine until I try to sign off the job (job complete) button.  Nothing happens. Is this a problem with the Lanier talking to the cable line LD line?  When connected to a land line it works fine.  Has anyone experienced this problem?

Dr. Zhivago, Silence of the Lambs, To Kill a - Posted By: Mockingbird. nm


Help - Posted By: Tammie A. Diaz

The doctor I work for is converting to EMR soon. He asked about VR and if I would be interested and if it make job easier for me. Not sure- what do you'll think?   

Vigo whats his face from Lord of the Rings!!!!! YUMMMM - Posted By: nm

Can someone tell me how to remove a word from spell check? - Posted By: GLF

I'm using ExText (Word based?), ran spell check, and accidentally clicked on 'Add' (adding a misspelled word) when I meant to click on 'Change' (to change it to the correctly spelled word).  I know, I know, I shouldn't be using the mouse, I should be using the Keystrokes anyway, right?.  LOL 

But now that I have a misspelled word in spell check, how do I remove it?  Does anyone know?  TIA!

what are the specific symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome (sm) - Posted By: question

Anyone know the specific symptoms of carpal tunnel? My right top of my arm feels sort of numb, like my forearm and my wrist aches.  Also, my shoulder hurts.  Is this typical for carpal tunnel or maybe something else?

Relocating to Lilburn, GA in September, anyone like to share about your city. - Posted By: delores

I understand Comcast is the cable company-  Which is more reliable DSL or Cable internet service.  Anything else you would like to share about that area of Georgia would be appreciated.  Temporarily relocating to help out family member.  I'm from Alabama.

What is the best foot pedal? - Posted By: TIA

What is the best foot pedal to have?  Which one is the easiest to set up and use and can be used with different files?  I already bought one but can not get it set up to be able to use.  Bought from Expresscribe to use with their program and have had no help.  Brought in a computer guy.  No help.  So I am stuck with this pedal and can't use it.  I am now looking to buy another one.  Any recommendations?

John Feehery, Pub pundit, admits - Posted By: mae

on Hardball with Chris Mathews that Obama DID NOT call Palin a pig!......of course, I knew that, but there's the proof!!!

Been away for a bit.... - Posted By: Silly Sally

What do I need, absolutely positively need to get brushed up on?  Tell me where to go to get the info I will require.  New rules, etc. 

This is why there is such misconception (sm) - Posted By: Hayseed

about why working at home is thought of as not working at all!  I just found this article as a HEADLINE on my Yahoo home page today.

Seven Ways to Be Happier at Work:

1.  Telecommute. Sometimes a good way to find happiness is to just stay home. Would you enjoy playing tennis with friends during the day? Rolling on the floor with Fido? Watching daytime soaps or CNBC's stock ticker? Who cares as long as the daily work gets done? Pitch your boss on telecommuting. If he or she resists, offer to go on a short leash; for example, agree to submit twice-a-day work progress reports.

Here's the link for the full article:  http://finance.yahoo.com/career-work/article/103034/Seven-Ways-to-Be-Happier-at-Work

There's a reason why it's still called WORK at home and this kinda rubbed me reading it, because I think a lot of people, new to this line of work especially (transcription from home), fail at it.  To make a decent paycheck, I have to be glued to my keys for 8 hours a day--not a few hours here and a few hours there.  What's your opinion of the above statement? 

Acusis - Posted By: laid off MT

Where have all the laid off Acusis MTs gone?  I mean to a different company?

Best MT Company? - Posted By: CuriousMT

This has probably been asked before, but which is really the best MT work-at-home company out there?

Thanks in advance.

If I'm an IC and I don't get paid what I invoice but rather what they decide I really made, am - Posted By: another MT

really an IC at all.  Their line counter program, not mine, they decide so why should I even invoice?

just something to get your toes tappin' - Posted By: cat


  Any musicians out there?


Can't hear you, doc, over Harry Potter (sm) - Posted By: Purple-Hair MT

Could you get your kids to turn down the DVD?

BTW, they do sound pretty young, but I still think HIPAA would frown on your dictating while sitting beside them, especially since you're a psych consultant, and this patient is one weird potato chip doing some pretty kinky things with cleaning equipment.

[I loathe the new Dumbledore.  If he doesn't settle into the role (dumbledore is a bumblebee, not a wasp who throws Harry up against trophy cases), the end of the sixth movie will have us all begging Snape to blast him.]

Line rate survey - Posted By: Terry

Can I get some examples of line rates people are getting from MTSO's.  Also if you do give me this information let me know what part of the country and what type of line. (ex. 65 character with spaces)

Question for Editors - Posted By: AnnieM!AnnieM!

For those of you who edit VR, how did you learn to do this? I am strictly a Transcriptionist and am wondering how you break into editing.


My neice has found out that she's pregnant. - Posted By: me

She's 19 yrs old and single. In my opinion she's not been very smart in the way she's dating, in fact I've told her to knock it off because she's acting like a XXXX.  She told me I didn't know what I was talking about and to mind my own business.  Now she comes crying that she's pregnant and she's going to get an abortion.  She doesn't want a baby, doesn't want a baby without it having a daddy, can't stand the morning sickness, is still in college, blah, blah, blah.  She just doesn't want the inconvenience that a baby would bring.  I'm just sick.  Abortion is WRONG (IMO).  She's just coping out on her responsibility.  If there were a medical reason she needed an abortion, I might rethink my position as far as abortion goes, but that's not the case here.  It's just reverse contraception.  She was on the pill at one point but she "couldn't remember to take it."  I had a hard time believing she even knew who the father was because of the number of guys she has been with.  Can anyone share something with me to help me from literally being sick over this?

My dog - Posted By: JJ

I had to put my 13-year-old dog down yesterday.  It hurts so bad.  I believe she was gone within 30 seconds of the injection.  They took her back and got abdominal x-rays beforehand.  I wonder if they had to strap her down or what to get x-rays.  Really just wish I had someone to talk to.  This hurts like hello.  I will be okay then a wave of sadness will wash over me.  The little boogers sure do hurt when they leave.

You know you've lost it when while typing... - Posted By: Loon

you mess with their voices just to entertain yourself.  I like to make them sound like elves.    Anyone else?  I could use a good laugh.

Medical Insurance - Posted By: Superkeys

What do you IC MTs do for medical insurance? I'm looking for coverage for my husband and myself, and we're not spring chickens anymore.

Abacus - Posted By: Lucy

Anyone know if there is a free trial period on this software?  Thanks.

Precyse. Good, bad, ugly? - Posted By: Info would be appreciated


IT users?? Need ideas on how to record (sm) - Posted By: Greetings Comrades

the rad report MR#s, DVI#s, Accession #s in IT so to save me time.  This is radiology and at times, recording the exam numbers takes longer than typing the report, so hopefully, you understand. 

My idea is to open a daily list on the blank page of the IT screen and then save it at the end of the day.  Does this sound plausible to you?

Thanks for your feedback! 

Rad MT

When testing, is it better to - sm - Posted By: no idea, new at this

When testing for a company is it better to type verbatim or can you change things like grammar to make it actually correct?

Setting up Smartype? - Posted By: Any tips?

I just ordered Smartype and was wondering if you all could give me tips on setting up that have helped you with making money with Smartype.  Thanks

have account one day not the other - Posted By: blondie

I would like someone else's opinion on this situation.  I started with a company last June that I won't name.  They sold out to another company in August.  I did clinic.  I had a general surgery doctor I did transcription for.  But for some reason it seemed like the work I got was leftovers someone else couldn't do or something because I would get schedules for the doctor showing patient's names and he was seeing alot of patient's but I am being told no work today or something like that. Someone had to be doing the work, right?  Then when they sell out to another company I get put on acute care, which I have never done.  (I dont think I mentioned that I was a newbie when hired, first job)  I get on there and it is this huge hospital with a lot of ESLs.  Very hard.  Well I dont think it was an appropriate account for a newbie.  Great experience but a little too difficult to start out with.  So then a couple months later they say do you want to help on the clinic account you had before?  Well when they put me on acute care I was led to believe they no longer had that clinic account.  Now I see they do.  So obviously they lied to me.  Well I start getting clinic a few days a week, which I love because that is what I am used to.  Then I get it everyday. Now they send me the work and yesterday took it back and obviously gave it to someone else.  If they had the work and I didn't do it someone had to.  Then I tell the supervisor I would really prefer the clinic work.  She says I will keep that in mind.  Then today which is a day we always get clinic work no clinic work again.   I can do hospital, yeah, but I get half the lines.  I know I should just take what I am given but why not give me the account or don't.  Not you have it one week.  Not the next.  I am new at this but aren't you supposed to get an account exclusively or is it just one MT do it one week another the next?  It is constantly switching around.  I feel like I am used when no one else is available to do the work.  But they don't tell me you are just backup on this account.  They lead me to believe that it is my account.  But someone else is obviously doing the work and I am getting what they cant do.   

Pay Pal Account - Posted By: LinK

I have a dumb question regarding my pay pal account.  My new employer pays through Pay Pal.  I do have an account that I've used only for ebay transactions. She's asking for my account number.  I can't find any information in my account as to what my account number is?  Does anyone know what that would be?  Does she want my bank account number associated with my Pay Pal account?  Sorry, I told you this was a dumb question.  TIA.

DTS America - Posted By: Mel Johns

Has anyone had experience working for DTS America?  Are they okay?  Any problems?  Just wondering.  Thank you for your kind information.

Rates - law enforcement transcription - Posted By: (sm)

Does anyone have any info. on transcription for police and sherriff departments?  Including:

- Going rates to transcribe tapes, digital (recorder and call-in) and SR (if it's done), and

- Common billing charge method - per page, report, line, audio hour, audio min.

Have you ever done this type of transcription?  Is it worth it?  Think I remember seeing something in the Archives...

Long Distance Plans - Posted By: mmh

Can anyone suggest a long distance carrier that provides unlimited long distance at a reasonable rate for transcription purposes?  I have been told that I have to have a business plan because it is against government regulations to use your home phone line to surf the internet, etc.  I have to dial into a long distance number to get my work through a Lanier.  I have statellite internet so I do not think I can have Vonage or anything like that where it goes through your PC.  I currently pay over $100 a month with taxes and surcharges to have unlimited long distance on one phone line.  Is there anything better out there? 

New Board? - Posted By: outtashapeMT

Hey I had an idea...

Can we get a new board (like how we have Faith, WAHM, Comedy stop, etc) for those trying to get back into shape or lose weight or get healthier? I think it would be nice if we had a board where we could talk about our successes and failures, share ideas and tips, and just help motivate each other. I know since college and now working in front of a computer all day I have become a little overweight and out of shape and would love to get back into shape.

Anyways, just an idea!!

How does this sound for QA? - Posted By: New to QA

I'll only be doing QA on each person for 2 weeks.  They offered $5.00 per MT and then a $25 bonus when they graduate from having to pend items to me.  I'm also training and get $10 per person, which is fine with me because I can train 10 people at once.   Any feedback is appreciated!

Plz help! - Posted By: lsm

What do you do when MTSO does not pay you and you are owed thousands of dollars?  Is there any legal option?  What/who is available to help those who have slaved days and nights all for not??? 

I wonder how she sleeps at night knowing that I have to stand in line at the Food Bank tomorrow at 1pm just to get food to feed my kids.  If she doesn't pay me soon I will have to get on welfare just to survive until I get another job.  I don't have the cushion of another income or family who can help me.  I busted my rear and now she can't pay me???  Where are the MTSOs who value the CORE of their company?  If there was no MT typing for your business then there would be NO business...right?  Makes sense to me.

Okay -- everyone needs to see this!!!!! - Posted By: Anonymous MT

If you are tired of corporate greed and feel like the workin' man/woman is getting the short end of the stick (and who doesn't?)....go see Fun With Dick And Jane!!

OMG it is hilarious!  Go see it and watch the first credits afterwards, all the Special Thanks To list!!  ROFL    

Wallpaper, gotta vent. - Posted By: SM

We just moved into our newly bought house last month and thankfully there was only 1 room with wallpaper in it, a bathroom.  This stuff was put up 19 years ago when the house was built, so it was put in BEFORE the medicines chest, toilet, lights, etc.  Why is somebody else's wallpaper always so gawd-awful?  It's never anything you can live with.  So there I stand night after night ripping and pulling and spraying with DIF trying to get this mess down.  Then, to top it all off, it's leaving a rubber glue residue on the wall that isn't even noticeable until you roll your paint over top of it.  Then it starts curling up.  WHY DO PEOPLE WALLPAPER BATHROOMS?  It will be so nice when I'm done, redoing the bathroom in a lighthouse theme, but I may lose my marbles before I get it done.