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drug help=Zenicart - Posted By: glowen

Has anyone heard of Zenicart, a cardioprotective drug?


How can I become a better MT? - Posted By: JumpingwithJoy

Hey guys,

I graduated from Career step. I was not a brillant student, but I am always willing to learn. I am trying so hard. I realize I am very lucky and I want to become an excellent MT. I was accepted into a mentor program at a national company.  Thank you GOD!! I was told that I scored just so-so, but good enough to take a chance on. I was put on an account located in Florida, and was told that this account is 95% ESLs, and none of their MTs want to be on this account, and they are giving me a chance on it. I am so excited that they are giving me a chance. The ESLs are very hard to understand, and I have to listen at least 5 times for 1 sentence, but I am so thrilled.  They said, this is job security because the other MTs refuse to be on this account. I am so excited, even though I cannot understand any of the dictators thus far. I just know I will be good. Can someone offer some advise on how to transcribe ESLs. This is my first job and I am brand new to the real world, I am so excited for this challeng. I scored 85% on my QA yesterday.  No one can understand the dictators, so I am so excited. Any feedback on how I can become better. Thanks everyone!!!! 

My doctor told me I have all the symptoms of "Andropause"... - Posted By: RadGuy

Otherwise known as "male menopause"!! Sheesh! That explains a lot, lol. She said most men start to experience in their mid to late 40's (I'm 47), and I do believe it. Darn, I thot guys were spared all that "hot flash" stuff!

I need a 2nd Job!!!! Any advice? - Posted By: meagan

I am working at Focus, whoI really enjoy working for, but I am looking for a second part-time job to supplement for the lack of income and hopefully get some health insurance.  Does anyone have any advice as to which companies are the best.  I have almost two years' experience so far.   Thanks

As per your request, Pets and Entertainment forums have been added. - Posted By: Administrator (sm)

Does anyone know what "weighted line count" means? nm - Posted By: anon


Any financial wizards - Posted By: siren

out there.  Hi guys I am wondering if I could get some suggestions on my 401K.  I am really dumb about numbers.  Give me big medical words and I am fine, but not numbers.  Anyway, we just switched to another financial management for our 401K.  I cannot remember what managed portfolio I had picked years ago.  Would you, in this day age with the way the stock market is, go with an ultraconservative 100%, conservative 20(stocks)/80(fixed), balanced 40(stocks)/60(fixed), balanced 60(stocks)/40(fixed), aggressive 80(stocks)/20(fixed), or ultra aggressive 100% stocks.  Can anyone help me out here?  TIA

IMPRESSION(S): heading - Posted By: jenn

I was told this morning by QA that if there are multiple listings under the 'IMPRESSION' heading, it should be changed to 'IMPRESSIONS'....does this sound weird to anyone else?  I can understand DIAGNOSES, but I thought the 'impression' was THE impression of the doctor...?  I cannot find this in the AAMT BOS.  Please help....blonde MT here, LOL.

oil of olay vitamins - Posted By: flutterby

Has anyone tried the Oil of Olay vitamins packs (the ones with the multivitamins)?  I was wondering how the multivitamin tablet compared to regular multivitamins.  If it is comparable I would like to try them since they have the other skin supplements in the packs. 

ppl who borrow your 'puter - Posted By: Sandy

I own my own computer for and work as an IC from home. 


I have a question regarding computer etiquette, I guess you'd call it.  Do you consider it rude or out of line for another family member who is visiting your home to use your computer and to do so without asking?  I am uncomfortable about this but since I didn't speak up the first time it happened, I feel like I didn't set a boundary and to do so now would be tough.


Personally, I would never dream of using someone else's computer.  But that's just me.


What do you think of this? 

Why do companies pay hiring bonuses, - Posted By: You know what I don't understand

advertise in hundreds of papers nationwide, spend $$ printing and mailing out postcards advertising for new MTs, when if they would just pay their current MTs 1 cpl more, or offer benefits or better benefits they wouldn't have a problem. 

It seems like in the long run they would come out better and it sure beats having to screen/train, provide equipment, etc. a dozen or more new MTs/week.  If the companies have the $$ for all of the above, why can't they pay their MTs more?  They may not be getting the line rate they used to get but the money is coming from somewhere. 

QA question ~ sm - Posted By: gmg

I just typed a report where the doctor said 84-year-old lady, but then proceeded to say "he" and "him" throughout the report.  I have no way of knowing by the patient's name whether it is a man or a woman.  Should I change all the male references to female or flag it for QA?  We have been told that QA is backed up and don't want to add to it because I also have a report that defintely needs to go to QA.  Any advice?  TIA

I need some time off. - Posted By: whiner

I feel like all I've done this summer is work.  I have so much other stuff I need to get done, but I haven't had time to do it all. 

Ethical? - Posted By: Hmm

I am pasting the following from a post down the list.  Do you feel this is okay?  Apparentlly you do not work for a company where you have to log in, or they would be able to see that you are fudging your hours, no?  -  -  -

"Very few people are so fast that they can make a living at only 6-7 cpl within the confines of a 40-hr. week. It's often even hard to meet the minimum daily line requirement within an 8-hour day because of all the detective-work we have to do with names/addresses of doctors, brand-new medications not in the books yet, and poor-quality dictating. It's more common to work a 12-hour day and then have to write '8 hrs' on our timecards."

Escription with a USB footpedal? - Posted By: sm

Can it work or do I have to get a adapter to change it to a serial port?  I am not getting the clearest of answers from the MTSO on this one.

help - Posted By: GF

A 36 mm trident liner with polyethylene insert was used.  Next, the femur was approached.  The s/l roaches were used.....LOL

Also looking for salary info for NW Washington, Silverdale area sm - Posted By: SunshineGirl

Hospital employee hourly rate or annual salary range.  Thanks for any help!!

Who has a great kielbasa recipe? (sm) - Posted By: Bored

We love kielbasa and have sauteed it with peppers and onions in a skillet, grilled it with peppers and onions and sauce in an aluminum foil packet and cooked with cabbage.  Can't find any other neat recipes with kielbasa.  Any good ones out there to be found?  Thanks!

Emdat/Bytescribe - Posted By: Emdat and Bytescribe

Can anyone please tell me if Bytescribe is compatible with Emdat.  If so, how do you configure the pedal to work with the program?



What wuz ur favorite car? - Posted By: MTDriver

I loved my 73 Volkswagen Super Beetle

Ya'll want to see a sight? Get a look at this poor - Posted By: Just Me

guy! OMG!



Snack recipe - Posted By: sm

Butter, parmesian cheese (type you put on sgetti), onion salt, garlic powder, and Crispix.

Melt the butter, sprinkle in the cheese, onion salt, garlic powder, poor in cereal.  Put lid on and shake.

Teenagers LOVE this stuff!!

Has anyone ever done vet transcription?...sm - Posted By: curious girl

I was wondering if anyone had ever tried this.  I do know there are some vets who use this because there was a company I cannot remember the name of who had vet accounts.  I love animals, and I thought this would be neat to do.  I don't know if our local vets actually dictate reports or not. They are small vet clinics who probably don't do this. 

help on word board, please! nm - Posted By: TIA

Being a New MT - Do You Remember.. - Posted By: Hungry MT

Reading below the post regarding the neuro exam got me to reminiscing a bit, back to the sleepless nights when I would dream about transcribing, my transcription ShortHand going around in my head, shortcuts, how many lines I'd need to do get a decent incentive (remember the days of bonuses and incentives?

Every once in a while, I look back and laugh at how far we've come! I know you old timers know what I'm talking about!

Thanks for indulging me.  I'm off to take my Geritol.   <--good for hot flashes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pni9ZePXR-w



It is enough with ESLs but lordy, lordy this nurse practioner is saying - Posted By: About to scream.

'she hurted" all over her joints. Oh I am about to toss it. Trying to work some over and I hear this. I could scream.

Inscribe pay/line count question - Posted By: Curious

I have been working on the Inscribe platform for over a year and I have always wondered something, do all of the demongraphics you have to fill in and letter addressee info count towards your line count? I have some doctors that never enter stuff into their databases and I am forever spending time entering names and addresses for their letters.  Just wondering if it is free or if I am getting paid for my time.  I know it's WAY late to be asking...


Okay...sock it to me..when I was even newer than I am now, I wrote "drug alluding stent."  QA sent a correction saying "drug eluding stent."  NOW, I see on Google, "drug eluting stent."  SOoooo, which is it, or are they both correct?  Thanks ahead of time.

Anyone know anything about... - Posted By: BK Broiler

a place called USTranscriptions? Just saw ad for them on board today.Also thanks for info on Transcend. I am considering them.

How many Weekend Warriors do we have here? Those - Posted By: jus me

who particularly work weekends and very little if any during the week?  Just curious.  I'm the weekday worker who jumps in on weekends when the workload is very heavy (which it is today).

If you aren't interested, don't open this. - Posted By: This is from Jodi

I'm back to work.  I have moved into an apartment - 2 bedrooms.  He has moved down to be with his family permanently.  The kids are doing okay.  I'm kinda stressed out right now because he is really putting the pressure on me to move down there near him so he can see his children more frequently.  I don't want to move down there, it's two hours from here, and I say if he doesn't want to put a little bit of effort in for his children, then forget it.  There is no point in moving down there away from my church and family.  That would be highly self destructive at this point.  I'm just getting sick of him.  He's trying to make me feel guilty about our small apartment which he calls the Projects.  It is not the projects, but even if it were at least IT'S NOT WITH HIM.  I'm trying to get work done, but the quarters are cramped.  I typed when they took a nap yesterday and I will again today.  I appreciate all of your prayers.  The nastiness ran me off last time and I don't intend to check in here much, unless I have an MT question.  Better to keep my personal life to myself I guess.  Just wanted to give an update.  Keep me in your thoughts and prayers that I stay strong and move forward for mine and my kids' sake.  Thanks!    Jodi

OT: Flower bulbs keep getting dug up - Posted By: sm

I live in a bad neighborhood on a fairly high-traffic corner.  There is a little patch of ground outside my fence that I have been trying since spring to plant bulbs there, but they keep disappearing.  First I tried tulips.  They did start to bloom, and one morning they were all pulled out and scattered about the area.  We do have a lot of squirrels around, so I blamed it on them not knowing at the time I planted that squirrels love tulip bulbs. 

So I gave up on the tulips and tried something else I found packaged as Flowers for Dummies.  I don't even know what these are called.  They are a mixture of purple and white kind of weedy-looking flowers on the package.  They didn't even start to bloom yet, and I go out there today and they are all pulled up.

Does anyone have any idea if it would be the local kids doing this or stray cats or dogs or what?  I'm really getting a complex about this as this is my 3rd crop of bulbs!  At any rate, I have given up on the flower bulbs and think now I will try to spread  wildflower seeds and see if anything grows.

Satellite Internet with VPN - Posted By: CoolinthePool


I would like to know if satellite internet is compatible with VPN, specifically with ChartScript.  If anyone has any experience with this, I would appreciate your input.


Anything to help you focus? - Posted By: Jen

I am very distracted by everything while I work.  I don't think I have ADD.  I hope not anyway.  I just cannot focus for more than 20-30 minutes at a time.  Is there an herb or over-the-counter medication to help you focus?  I have tried Ginko and it seems to help a little.  I just want to be more productive during the day rather than going back and forth to the Internet and taking breaks constantly.  Thanks.

Dear Doctor - Posted By: The Gingerbread Man

Yes, I realize that somebody mispelled that word one time about 10 years ago.  But really, it is not necessary to continue to spell that word EACH AND EVERY TIME YOU DICTATE FROM HERE TO ETERNITY!  I assure you, we have it now, and if we didn't spell check would catch it.  Thank you for your cooperation.

IT users?? Need ideas on how to record (sm) - Posted By: Greetings Comrades

the rad report MR#s, DVI#s, Accession #s in IT so to save me time.  This is radiology and at times, recording the exam numbers takes longer than typing the report, so hopefully, you understand. 

My idea is to open a daily list on the blank page of the IT screen and then save it at the end of the day.  Does this sound plausible to you?

Thanks for your feedback! 

Rad MT

Well, I quit smoking but now I'm fat - Posted By: Fatso

It has been about two months since my last cig.  But dang, I am porky now.  At 47, this is NOT a good time to put on extra weight.  I know i should go for walks, eat carrots and drink water.  I guess the motivation isn't there. 

It is hard to believe I gained 20 lb in two months but my oh my I have.  You should see my face!  Chipmunk cheeks.  and my clothes, even the baggy ones, don't fit any longer.  I bought a new outfit last month and it doesn't fit any more. 



Law Enforcement Transcription - Posted By: DW

Tired of MT. Do you know of any companies hiring for Law Enforcement Transcription or similar? Want to try something new. Debra

Transcribing while in a car? - Posted By: momof6

Does anyone have any experience with this?  My family is involved in different activities that involve traveling two or three times a week with at least an hour's commute one way or more.  I hate to sit and twiddle my thumbs while traveling when there is work that could be done.  Is it possible?  Have to download internet files from my national.  Could I do that with a cell phone?  Any help at all would be much appreciated!

Remembering those lost 4 years ago - Posted By: Aching Heart

I just wanted to take a moment to remember those lost in the planes, the WTC, and the Pentagon 4 years ago including Laurie Neira, one of our own, who MT'd for YOG.

QA Tip - Posted By: QArbouncin

In doing QA, I've found quite a few MT's who consistently transcribe/type 'lbs and 5ƌ"--which is actually the way it is spoken.  AAMT, which is the standard guideline, notes that ounces, pounds, inches and feet are to be written out; abbreviated only if in a table.  Get paid for more characters too. 

Thanks to all!   

medical abbreviation list and medical drug list - Posted By: natasa


Anyone there who could help me out finding the latest abbreviations list.
I even want the latest drug list because my current program does not have many drugs.

So if anyone could suggest anything which is available online for informationd quick look purposes.

any help for medical abbreviation list and medical drug list would be very helpful.

RadNet - Good or bad? - Posted By: MT47

Easy to learn, operate, etc?

nn - Posted By: verizon customer question

I have the 450-minute/month plan.  I hate to sound stupid, but I don't remember my plan outline.  My account is showing I've used 216 anytime minutes and 140 off peak minutes.  Does this mean that I add both of those numbers together and deduct from the 450?  Or are the off peak minutes not included in the 450 minutes per month?  Thanks very much!

Medical Coding - Posted By: hillbillymt

Hi, I've been an MT for 9-1/2 years working at home and am in need of a change.  Am looking for a good coding class that won't send me to the poor house and that you can actually FIND A JOB when certified.  Is that possible?  Does anyone know some good schools and how much experience you must have before you can work at home doing coding?  Thanks to anyone who replies.

line counts - Posted By: Crystal Peterson

My company has their own line count software and you can check your line count as soon as you are finished with a document if you want.  They pay per 65 characters.  I have noticed that they are rounding down the lines.  Say it is 42.49 lines, they drop the .49.  Is this legal?  It seems that we should get paid for the partial lines as they add up over a course of time.  Is this something that is common? 

Thanks in advance for any  info.

Did anyone buy books from the gal who is in Germany - Posted By: Patti

If you bought the books that was selling whose husband was in Germany -- did you receive your books.  I have not, she at first was corresponding with me but now she has not answered all last week and so am wonderng if anyone got their books from her.     Thanks.


Going on my own... - Posted By: lisa

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this board and thought I would ask some advice.  I have been in medical transcription for over 4 years now.  I have an opportunity to possibly go completely on my own with an account.  I live in Colorado and am wondering what the going line rate is for your own account?  Right now I am an IC for a company in Tennessee, so I am kind of out of the loop as to what Colorado has to offer in terms of a line rate.  I also need to have my accounts all digital and am wondering what advice you have to offer as to how to be HIPAA compliant and what digital software and recorders you recommend?  Thank you so much!  I GREATLY appreciate advice of ANY kind on starting my own company!  Thank you!!!

QA/Editor line count query - Posted By: Ginny

Does anyone out there work for Medquist as QA/Editor (editing transcriptions)?  If so, can you tell me what the per hour line count requirement is for you?

Also, anyone from any other company who works as QA/Editor. Can you tell me what your line count requirement is?

Thanx tons.

? min. of dictation per day - Posted By: sue

What is considered the average amount of minutes for 7.5 hour day.  I'm thinking 45 to 60 minutes???