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the days doing MT just crawl along - Posted By: HELP

I want to be productive, 1800+ per day would be nice.  I'm thinking of covering all the clocks in the room where I work and using an alarm clock.  Closing browser windows.  Set the clock for every hour or two hours.  I have no idea.  Help i'm in a rut and can't get out. 

Cisco VPN - Posted By: Siren

I have a new job which is requiring that I have Cisco VPN.  I have never heard of this.  Can anyone give me information?  TIA

If a company I apply with has VR, what sort of editing rate is fair? - Posted By: tia

Most fill-in-the-blank editing rates are around 4 cpl.  What are the usual going rates for 100% straight editing VR?

ophthalmology report - Posted By: nestea


S/L peripunctal area...

stop code question - Posted By: Carla

Does anyone know how to create stop codes in Microsoft word documents. I need to type a letter template and where the blanks are I would like some type of stop code.

Does anyone have any idea on how to accomplish this. Thanks

I just found that you configure your regular keyboard - Posted By: me

to the Dvorak.  It looks pretty interesting so I printed out the keyboard layout and will be trying the switch later.  Of course it will slow me down a little, but my left hand has been hurting and I don't think it will hurt to try something different.

Anything to help you focus? - Posted By: Jen

I am very distracted by everything while I work.  I don't think I have ADD.  I hope not anyway.  I just cannot focus for more than 20-30 minutes at a time.  Is there an herb or over-the-counter medication to help you focus?  I have tried Ginko and it seems to help a little.  I just want to be more productive during the day rather than going back and forth to the Internet and taking breaks constantly.  Thanks.

Help on Style Board please, re: capitalizing trademark drugs when used - Posted By: in drug tests.


doctors-ha - Posted By: frustrated

I am frustrated beyond belief at doctors who do not keep up with dictation then the office blames the Transcriptionist for being behind.  Dictating a week's worth on Sunday afternoon does not mean they will get all the dictation returned on Monday!  And of course they are asking for "stat" reports on one particular patient, then claim they have "missing" dictation.  Well I don't get paid for my time going through and finding one in particular.  I've been an MT for 15 years, but never have I been so frustrated as this afternoon when this whole situation came up for the upteenth time in the month of May.  Sheesh.........why don't they talk to the doctor about keeping up?!  gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr     Sorry, just had to vent..... but I was wondering if anyone has a spare tazer I could borrow.

question about pasting - Posted By: mousy

Every time I copy and paste something, and right click my mouse, I am getting something that I probably pasted days ago.  Can't get rid of it.  Can anyone help?

Canadian MTing? - Posted By: MTStudent

Are there any Canadian MT's on this site? I am from canada and wondering where I go to find jobs in the US for Canadian's to work! What is a fair wage? Any help would be very much appreciated!

WordPerfect?? - Posted By: WWS

I am wondering how you put the places in your document that you can jump while typing dictation in WordPerfect?  Can anyone help me?

RE: Companies - Posted By: klownmom

What is the deal with a lot of the companies wanting 2nd and 3rd shift workers? A lot of them just want that. Guess they are all staffed for days.

eScription on last nerve - Posted By: Anyone?

Posted over the weekend and got a response but just wondering, anyone else working on escription that the program is really, really slow, like jerky in the audio and then jerky for you to transcribe if doing straight typing? Had new ram put on and have fast access so really dont know what else I can do, cleaned up the computer as far as defraging it. Any other ideas?

I would like to take a quick poll... - Posted By: wonderin'

Just for the sake of making myself feel better. Have any of you switched jobs frequently in the last 5 years while trying to find a nice "fit." I would like to look for a new job but just hate how it would look in my resume. I have had 3 jobs in 2 years and just can't seem to fine my niche. Anyone else move around like that trying to find a home?

I need inspiration! - Posted By: Backwoods typist

I have been looking, looking, and looking for another part-time job and have had it.  Most positions are full time and they will not even give you a chance to show them what you are about.  Or they do not take your kind of internet.  I tell you what should happen.  We should have job wanted ads that state the requirements of an employer and then let them make their decisions from there.  I am so tired of looking.  Can someone please give me some inspiration?

Question about shift/hours - Posted By: Rylie

Do any of you work for companies who allow you to complete an 8-hour shift anytime between a designated 12 hours?  I think I have heard of this before on here and think that would be really helpful to me as an employee trying to raise my production.

I am wondering if it is difficult for companies to accomplish TATs with all their accounts allowing this, or if it works out well for them too.  (Thinking of approaching my company about it.)

Thanks for any feedback you can give me. 

MTSOs: Politely declining a job opportunity? - Posted By: Tonya

I sent out some flyers and got 2 accounts at roughly the same time. One is wonderful, keeping me busy, and I love, love, love it. The other one negotiated the price down and has not been particularly cooperative. I realized today the latter account hasn't signed the service agreement, and I would just like to tell them properly and politely that it simply isn't working out, but I don't know how to go about it. Has anybody had to do this before? How would you suggest going about it? I don't even know where to begin.

Thanks in advance,


non payment - Posted By: kghosh

infovision software, Kolkata, is not paying my dues (salary + others), resigned during Feb, now it April, Can any good fellow suggest anything?  Not only me there are at least 50 MTs i know , who are also not paid after working with them.

To DepressedMT who is losing an account ... SM - Posted By: Easyrider

I just saw your post from several days ago.  I hope you see this message.  It is not difficult at all to start transcribing .wav files, and you'll love it.  Express Scribe is a transcription program that plays many types of digital voice files, and it's a free download at http://www.nch.com.au/scribe/.  You'll only have to buy a foot pedal for it for around $75.  Digital voice files are so much clearer than tapes.  Once you change over to it, you'll wish you'd done it long ago. 

If you need any help or have questions, please feel free to post back here to email me.  I don't come here often, but I'll try to remember to check back often because of this thread.  In fact, I rarely ever came before, but I really like the new management/ownership and definitely will try to visit more often.  Let me know if I can help with this. 

Invoices. Does anyone have a good invoice software program they use other than MPCount invoice? - Posted By: MTSO

I am looking for something professional and easy to use. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

on the topic of looking/feeling younger - Posted By: sm

I dont really know how to say this, so here it goes...sometimes older women in denim shorts and tank tops look...like older women trying to look young. I am not trying to disrespect anyone, but come on ladies, we've all seen them.  The person in the skimpy shorts and low cut top and bleached blonde hair, she turns around and lo and behold, she's your grandmother! That is not attractive! Women can dress and feel sexy without having to borrow our daughter's clothes! Just IMHO!

pt does get her mammagram daily. LOL ouch sm - Posted By: Funny MD dictated to me today


G2, P2.  Her pregnancies were uncomplicated.  She has not seen a gynecologist in over two years, but she does get her mammogram daily.    Uhhh.... I don't think so Mr. MD!!!   You couldn't get me to do that daily if ya paid me!

what is the most difficult field to transcribe? - Posted By: whatta think?

SmarType users please give review...sm - Posted By: Nanci

I'm thinking about investing in SmarType.  I have heard good things about it.  Can some of you how use it give a review?  Does it take long to get used to? 


radiology - pay per report - Posted By: info

What is the usual pay per report? 

Newbie/Satellite/Vista - Posted By: Twintoes

Does anyone know of decent companies hiring newbies (1-1/2 yrs exp. in acute care) using a satellite and Vista?  I have been searching, but so far no go!! 

FINAL GIVEAWAY! ENTER NOW! 3 LB BOX OF GODIVA!!! - Posted By: See full details inside


(Pulling number 88)
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This really sucks as the article said it would impact heavy users only.  My cable bill is already high but to be charged for actual using will skyrocket my bill.  I think I could spit nails right now.  I can post the article if anyone is interested.  They said it will be a trial period.  Anyone else use Time Warner?

Anyone else having trouble getting into chat? (sm) - Posted By: quietmoods

For some reason I can't get into chat anymore to see if anyone is there.  I've tried to resign up and it always tells me I have to use 6 letters in the password...when I've even used 9 and it still tells me I have to have more than 6 letters.  I'm about to give up.  I used to be able to get into it for for the last few weeks...not. 

flex hours - Posted By: Intrigued

The company I work for used to be very lenient of when we typed just as long as we got in our hours for the week.  This got out of hand and they wanted more of 8 hours a day, but still lenient of when we typed (some where putting them all in at the beginning of the week and having long weekends every week, making the workload really crazy on Monday and not good for patient care).  Now they are making different hours they want covered and we have to work exactly the times assigned.  Some of us are fine with this, others are not.  Do you work scheduled hours or whenever you want.  Just curious what is happening out there in the rest of MT world.

like to bring the QA issue to the top - Posted By: tiredQA

There was a discussion about how MTs would prefer QA to handle correction situations.  Here's an example.  Right now doing QA on several "new" MTs that were kind of thrown into a new account.  They were all suppose to be very well qualified and only suppose to review for "format" issues.  Well.....spending a great deal of time adding text that was left out, changing things transcribed that was totally off the wall, besides the format part just not getting yet.  I try to be as 'tactful" as I possibly can, offer useful tips, give websites for lokking up info, etc.  But right now falling so behind and still making same "format" corrections I was two weeks ago because still not getting it right or just not reading E-mails!!  Our responsibilities only go so far.  We have to help but you also have to help yourself.  Don't transcribe anything you haven't documented somewhere and NEVER leave words out!!   That's my 2 cents!!  


I'm afraid this person does NOT like Christmas... - Posted By: RadGuy


POLL: childhood memories - Posted By: mickey mouse ice cream bars

Remember mickey mouse ice cream bars?  They were shaped like mickey's head and the face was vanilla ice creame with chocolate ice cream for eyes and mouth.  His ears were chocolate covered.  I don't think they make them anymore.  What treats do you miss that you can no longer find? 


MS word question - sm - Posted By: sammypot

When multiple documents are open, I sometimes get each one showing individually on the bottom task bar, but other times they are all grouped together. Is there a way to always keep them showing individually.

Hope this question makes sense.

DSS files - Posted By: Jennifer Beatty

I am curious if any of you know about DSS files.  I have an interview with a lady tomorrow for a contractor position.  She said they use an Olympus DSS system and I would need to purchase an Olympus DSS foot pedal.  I have 9 pin, 15 pin, and USB pedals.  Wouldn't one of those work with DSS files?  Any info would be greatly appreciated as I do not have $300 to invest in a new pedal!!  Who does??  Thanks in advance

Independent contractor - Posted By: pauline

I am hesitant to take that giant leap into being totally an IC.  I have an IC position now and my boss has offered it to me FT and he lets you work as much as you want. Basially I try to keep somewhat of a decent schedule.  I also work for a large outsource company.  I can make more money as an IC and have checked on a zillion insurance companies, all about the same.  I have never been without health insurance doing transcription and that is what scares me especially since I am older.

One friend has quit this company  that we work for already.  It is such a struggle to get line count especially since they do not pay for "S". 

Do any of you IC people that  might work for a smaller outsouce company regret being an IC?  I know that one has to be organized and set aside money for taxes but I feel that mentally I would be happier if I would just take the dive.  I have worked this PT position for 4 years and the boss is great to work for and he tells you all of the time he appreciates your work which one very seldom hears and he also has good bonus money for working holidays if you want and even gets you a Xmas gift which is very nice and he really is thoughtful and I know we make him lots of money, but he is lucky to have dedicated girls too.

I am thinking that I need the mental change and I will be doing the work type I love to do and that is OPs.  I have just lost my drive, motivation of going to work everyday for this national company and I just cannot seem to get beyond that barrier no matter how much I have tried. We run out of work, too many people on accounts, then have to sit and wait. My time is valuable just like theirs.  My doc wanted to put me on Lexapro and I took three and then I got to thinking I am not going to let my old hospital drive me crazy and depressed and I quit taking the Lexapro.  I need to focus on another goal right now.  I feel like Eagle Eyes are watching me all of the time.  The only thing holding me back is I have medical insurance with this other place but since being there I have only reached the 800 lines a day goal a few times and it took me about 10 hours to do that which is awful. It seems like you type forever and get nowhere.  I have lost my speed and I very seldom get to do OPs anymore.  I used to do 30 a day at least.

I want to enjoy life a little more and there are other jobs out there that do pay much better than I am making taxes or no taxes to fool with.  I have done this type of work for 29 years and maybe I am at that burnout point and just need a fresh change.  I really think I need a fresh start so to speak.  Thanks for letting me vent. Any feedback will be helpful.  I do not have any small children, all grown so I am very very flexible. 

Is it worth being an IC, bottom line????




Does anyone know how to increase the pedal backspace on a DVI? sm - Posted By: Desperate!

I am having a problem that when I lift my foot off the pedal, it pauses but does not back up at all.  It is hard to work like that and I cannot figure for the life of me what to do to fix it!

This this good? - Posted By: curious MT

I just accepted an offer of $1.15 a minute for work.  Is this good?

To below posts about MT pay and such - Posted By: me

Just wanted to say my piece.  Sure an MT can make money at 7.5 cpl.  Sure many MTs can type 14,000 lines in a week and bring home 4K or more a month.  SURE.  The point is, however, WHY should we have to work that much?  If we are not newbies and have all this experience under our belts, and not to mention a high standard of quality, WHY should we have to take a job paying 7.5 cpl?  WHY.  Am I  not worth more than the MT who has just graduated from school?  Yes!  WHY should I not make more money?  So, the attitude of most MTs these days is simply because we are not valued for the experience and quality that we bring to our companies.

How dumb am I feeling right now? - Posted By: PAMT~MDM

I have a CRNP who must think MTs are not very intelligent.

So far, she has spelled: passed (not once, but twice!), spleen, and clicks. 

dictation humor - got this from MTSO web site - Posted By: Snow Bunny

>>>This is a collective from Medical Interview Records written by various Paramedics, Emergency Room Receptionists, and (We are afraid) a Doctor or two at major Hospitals.<<<


The baby was delivered, the cord clamped and cut and handed to the pediatrician, who breathed and cried immediately.

Exam of genitalia reveals that he is circus sized.

The skin was moist and dry.

Rectal exam revealed a normal size thyroid.

The patient had waffles for breakfast and anorexia for lunch.

She stated that she had been constipated for most of her life until 1989 when she got a divorce.

Between you and me, we ought to be able to get this lady pregnant.

The patient was in his usual state of good health until his airplane ran out of gas and crashed.

I saw your patient today, who is still under our car for physical therapy.

The patient lives at home with his mother, father, and pet turtle, who is presently enrolled in day care three times a week.

Bleeding started in the rectal area and continued all the way to Los Angeles.

Both breasts are equal and reactive to light and accommodation.

She is numb from her toes down.

Exam of genitalia was completely negative except for the right foot.

While in the emergency room, she was examined, X-rated and sent home.

The lab test indicated abnormal lover function.

The patient was to have a bowel resection. However he took a job as a stockbroker instead.

Occasional, constant, infrequent headaches.

Coming from Detroit, this man has no children.

Examination reveals a well-developed male lying in bed with his family in no distress.

Patient was alert and unresponsive.

When she fainted, her eyes rolled around the room.

The cause of this diarrhea, however, has never been solidified.

Pain is rather constant; exacerbated with changing physicians.

The patient had no chess pain or shortness of breath.

The patient is allergic to Quinine. When she takes it she gets a rash and then whelps.


HELP! What type of MT Equipment should I buy? - Posted By: STEPHANIE STARLING

I am only a recent MT graduate, and I would really like to hear from an experienced Transcriptionist as to what type of transcription equipment you use most.  I am a little overwhelmed and don't want to purchase digital equipment if Drs don't even really do digital...any advice would be a huge help!

sm - Posted By: need help

Is it right-hand dominant or right hand dominant?  I thought if you were using a phrase to describe a noun the phrase should be hyphenated, as in The patient is right-hand dominant OR The patient is a right-hand dominant male; either way you are describing the noun (male/patient).  thank you

One more thing about working in another state... - Posted By: Dazey

This is a followup from my post below.  I am happy to see that some of you have been able to work temporarily from another state.  However, is it mandatory to let your employer know (assuming you are an employee of a company, as I am) that you will be doing this?  Do they need to know at all?  I'm wondering about the tax implications.....for instance the state I live in has state taxes but the state I would schlep to for a couple weeks here and there to work does not.  Does anyone know anything about how that would work? 

Anyone else have trouble with - Posted By: insomnia? - sm

I recently started working from home as an IC.  This is my first job as an MT.  I am really enjoying it thus far, but I am having the hardest time getting to sleep at night.  For the past two nights I have been awake until 4 a.m.  Can't seem to turn off my brain.  Since it was the weekend it wasn't that big of a deal, but tomorrow is Monday, and I have to get up early to get my son to school, and get to work.  I was just curious if anyone else ever seems to have this problem, and if so, any suggestions on how to shut off my brain?  I'm exhausted and I know my work quality will suffer if I don't get some quality sleep.



Is medical coding a dying profession like MT? - Posted By: Desperate to make a living somhow

My income is in the crapper and keeps getting worse and worse. I love working at home, been doing it for over a decade, so looking into something I can do at home. So what about medical coding? Offshore problems? Technology advances pushing out the "real person" coder? Any disadvantages? Worth learning and getting into at this point?

Best KVM switch? - Posted By: To all you computer geeks

Can anyone tell me a good KVM switch?  I have a seperate computer for transcription and home use, but not enough space for two monitors, mice, and keyboards.  I have heard that some switches get all screwy when you type fast and I want to avoid that.  Thanks all!

Anyone do Psych? - Posted By: TravelinMT

Do you have any websites you recommend specific to psych meds, term, etc?

Anybody Know? - Posted By: Greener Pastures

I have an offer to work for a company called PMT Inc out of Scottsdale AZ.  Does anybody know if they are good?  Pay on time?  Good accounts?  etc.  Please email me.  Big decision for me.  Would appreciate any input.    Thanks