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Editing 3rd world work - Posted By: sm

I just edited two jobs that were typed in the Middle East. There is NO WAY anyone can truthfully claim these people will make fair MTs, never mind good ones and to say nothing of great one.  And the foreign owned companies think it will be possible to send this type of work straight to the facility without US ED??


Simply leave out the language.   Goldbird

Will I not get paid if the hospital isn't reimbursed with Medicare/Medicaid? - Posted By: Unknown

I was told by a coworker that California is in so much debt that I may not get a paycheck if CA goes bankrupt because the hospital I work for will not be getting subsidized any longer....

could this be true?

I am considering idigital for call-in - Posted By: dictation and mydocsonline sm

for the voice files to be uploaded to.  Is there a better way to go about this, or would that combination work fine? 

I have owned a digital call-in dictation system before.  In fact, I at one point had over 200 doctors dictating on it.  But I got sick to death of keeping a dictation system up and running, paying for phone lines and dictation system maintenance, worrying about power outages or dictation system crashes, etc. I felt like I was a slave to that digital system.   Some of my clients called into my system and the rest were hospital accounts where I dialed into their system. 

Okay.  Now I have just ONE doctor that I need to have call in.  He doesn't want to use a hand held recorder; he wants to call in.  I do still have a dictation system (that I'm not using), but I really don't want to get into that whole scenario again and I'd have to put in phone lines again, etc.  Don't want the hassle.

So I'm considering using idigital (mainly because I like the fact that you can add authors online yourself and also, if the voice prompts are the "Dictaphone lady" that I've gotten used to and loved over the years (most of my hospital clients have Dictaphone systems), I like that.  And I have read about mydocsonline and they seem to be the most reasonably priced.  I know there is Metroscript too, and Bytescribe (with Bytescribe I don't like the idea of having to buy and load something onto the doctor's computer, my computer and any subs' computers).  But if idigital is Dictaphone then I think I would probably like that a lot.  When the doctor (and possibly other doctors in the future) call in, I want him/them to hear Dictaphone-quality, professional sounding voice prompts, not like they called into a dictation system in somebody's basement, you know?

Also - I would need to have the ability to route some or all of the files to subcontractor(s).

I don't need to upload transcribed documents; I will be sending those by encrypted email attachment.

So....what would best fit my needs?  Does idigital/mydocsonline sound like a viable solution?

OMG! Admin really outdid it with this counting software. Thank you SOOO much! It's really super. - Posted By: Ann Bailey

QA question: Just started new job. Was told to type numerals for everything. Received a - Posted By: Meezer

correction from "three-port catheter system" to "3-port catheter system."  So typed it with the numeral next time.  Received it back again from another QA person and told to type it three-port.  So which is correct?  I have also always typed figure-of-eight, so now that would be figure-of-8 by the 1st person's standards.  Looks funny to me. 

Input please.......


something new for me - Posted By: Patti

Today is my first day of my new account of a hand surgeon/plastic surgeon.  He is easy to do, easy to understand but the gal in the office that had been typing him has some unique ways of doing their consults/letters/IME/arbiter's reports/OP notes and chart notes.  They all go on letterhead for the second through however long they are.  I just had a 6 page arbiter report and she wants it spaced down for pages 2 through 6 to be on letterhead.   To me that is really unusual.  I waste three inches for the letterhead.  She has been there for  15 years and just incorporated this into her job and she does a reasonably good job but has little things that are not really "correct" and that show that she has not been to school.  But she is leaving in a month and so guess I will go along with this and then explain to the doctor the way letters/consults should be done.  It is funny as four of my other docs are always doing letters/consults/notes to this doctor and so she sees the other consults come in not on letterhead and so you would think she would notice but she doesn't.  But I think it will be a decent account and so will do it "their way.   But she said that she preferred if I did not capitalize any of the drugs but I gotta do that correct.    I have often said to others, they are the boss do it their way but it is hard when you have been taught something for so long to do one way.   


Do you shut your puter down overnight? - Posted By: Cindy

Just curious how many shut completely down at the end of your work day or overnight? Why or why not?

foot pedal help - Posted By: Lori J Usry

Can someone tell me how to take a winscribe serial port footpedal and use a USB adapter with it...i have a new computer and it does not have the com port access


lab results - Posted By: keytapper

Any good websites for ranges of lab results?  Thanks for any info...

SAME fight again with DH.... - Posted By: nymt

Please tell me if I am wrong.  I told my husband that I need an ergonomic keyboard now as my hand and arm have been sore and achy recently.  I am going to do whatever I can to avoid CTS.  Well, bills are tight, of course.  The thing is I asked him IF we can swing it anytime soon, can we get one.  Here's the thing:  I take $100 out of my paycheck every 2 weeks for spending money, i.e. going to lunch with friends, w/ my kids mind you.  He tells me to use my spending money to but the keyboard instead of going to lunch.  Okay.  The thing is lunch every couple of weeks is the only time, and I mean only time, that I get to go anywhere due to time/money issues.  HE on the other hand constantly goes to his dad's after work, where all the boys hang out, and comes home after a couple/few hours of hanging out.  That does not bother me.  What bothers me is that he doesn't get that it will always cost money for me to go out because either we pay a sitter or I have to pay for something,  Lucky him that the beer is provided.  Must be nice to have your freedom.  I don't think he really gets how good he has it.  I am the only wife that doesn't give him an earful when he comes home after being out with the guys. 

Am I being a shrew?

Tips on resignation letter - Posted By: Would like your opinion (sm)

I am getting ready to resign from a company I have been with for many years. I haven't written a resignation letter in years. Should I detail why I am leaving or just tell them I am leaving? I just want to be as professional as possible, but thought just a few lines telling them why might be appropriate. I will be sending this to my new manager who I have never talked to and who has only been there a couple of weeks.

Anyway, since I haven't done one in so long, just wanted some advice.


- Posted By: AngieS.

After being out of MT for 4.5 years I have recently returned.  I'm having a hard time finding the right fit.  The biggest problem I'm seeing is everybody seems to be requiring headers for reports and then each report put in a separate document, due to the new electronic record.  I find that this slows me way, way down.  Maybe I'll eventually get used to it, but I sure do miss the days of one document for doctor's day's work.  There are so many procedural details that I can't just sit and transcribe.  I've also run into very poor voice file sound quality.  

I worked in the field for 14 years and never had major problems adjusting to new accounts.  Maybe my time is just over for this type of work. 

I know technology has definitely made MT easier in some ways, but in others, it seems like such hassle.  Does anyone else have problems with headers and all these separate documents?  Does the field seem to be worse now than 5 years ago? 

Paid by the minute? - Posted By: Just Wondering

Does anybody know how getting paid per dictated minute works?  Thanks!

word expander program sm - Posted By: KSMT

Pros and cons of word Expander programs that work with Chartscript?  PC ShortHand as opposed to Instant Text?  Which is better?  I have downloaded PC shorthand for a 30 day trial, but to me its a little slow.  Any ideas?  Thanks

Need help on equipment board.. - Posted By: C-phone question


Do they still make keyboards with a built-in - Posted By: mouse? I have a big space problem. nm


sorry for being clueless here but - Posted By: confused

where are you guys seeing where all the MT week prizes are?

Maxell Tapes - Posted By: Joyce

Just thought you would find this of interest. I know we don't use tapes too much, but all these years of trying to fix broken tapes - I contacted Maxell about a tape that blew off the spool on side B. They guarantee their tapes, just mail back to them at a N.J. address - link below - via regular mail from NV to N.J., and it was returned within  3 days - not only do they fix it for free - but send it back via Federal Express, at their expense + give you a free tape.  Wow!  Joyce


just curious--sm - Posted By: nn

as to what you all would think of a company offering .055 cpl per 43 char line with no spaces???  Just asking. 

problem with display properties screen sm - Posted By: ksmt

I am trying to change some settings for my display.  When I go into the display properties screen/appearance there are three boxes that are "locked" and I can't get rid of them. 

The top one says "message box", the one behind that says "active window" and the third one behind that says "inactive window".  They are like error boxes stacked on top of each other.  It won't let me "X" them out or anything.  Its like they are locked, so  I can't change change the appearance of my monitor.  I have rebooted and done everything I know to do and can't get rid of these boxes.  The other options tabs for my display work fine though.

Am I the only one who could not access this - Posted By: site over the weekend? nm


have any of you noticed - Posted By: workingmt

that when you are first hired by a company, they go on to state about all of these certain rules and requirements (the recruiter tells you the same) such as schedule, how long you should be on QA, if you do not do these by a certain time you could be termiated, etc.  As soon as you start working, it is totally different.  They are much more laid back and none of those things they said are really applied.  I am glad that they are more laid back than what you are expecting, but this is just something I have noticed now with 2 companies.  Have any of you noticed this?

I am a bit of a dunce with spread sheets - how can I take an alphabetical list of doctors with their - Posted By: Katydid


I think average MT is intelligent - Posted By: Bunion

And we are not now being paid for what we have in our little heads, along with the common sense decisions we have to make on a daily basis. 

On the other hand, I am so ANNOYED with these people in so called Govt positions, insurance positions, etc. that we have to deal with, no matter where or what situation in my life,  I feel they are being paid more than myself and are really not intelligent.  I have to constantly correct, especially situations after I have gone to a doctor and my insurance company or billing screws up, and we know how long that takes getting tied up in the voice recognition of the insurance companies, etc.  

Anyhow today, called a Govt office that asked for donations over the holiday of unused cell phones to send in to recieve $5 a piece for recycling. Once she finally answered her phone at 9:22 a.m., yes they are still collecting. I was asking exactly where she was located.  She told me. Then I asked on the north or south side of street, and she said it depends on which way you are coming from.  NOT, I said, excuse me, but north and south do not change. She was dumbfounded.  Just a moment of silence, and changed her answer to right or left. In her position in this company if can bet she is probably being paid somewhere bettween 40K and 50K. Go figure.  This is just one example of many unintelligent people making more than myself and that burns my big butt. 

I swear for some jobs you have to take a stupid test and pass to be hired.

Not looking forward to job hunting. 

Trying to Go out on My Own!!! - Posted By: happyMTmomof4

Okay, I am so tired of working for others and ending up dissatisfied when I have 7+ years experience plus schooling in transcription at my local tech college seven years ago and could try to get an account on my own, but just wondering how to go about doing that.  Any suggestions?  Please help....

MEDICAL ADVICE SEEKING (SM) - Posted By: Goldbird (Moderator)

If you want to post seeking medical advice, do so on the Ask The Doctor forum ONLY.  You do so at your own risk.  If you post for advice, do not be upset if you get responses, whether they are to your liking or not.

MTStars has a new chat software. Check it out. Click on the CHAT now! link at the top right corner. - Posted By: Administrator (sm)

If you would like to set times and days/evenings to chat, post here and we will include it in the newsletter.

Is anyone following Big Brother on CBS? - Posted By: I'm bored and hooked on show.

Just me?  My big treat is watching tonight at 8:00 and it is the stupidest show on TV, reality-wise.  Love to hate it.

Part IC position - Posted By: latebloomer

Ok, I've had enough of suboptimal voice files, dumping one account. I know this has been discussed, so please excuse this post, but I haven't had much luck retrieving from archives. I'm looking for a "small" company that hires preferably IC MTs. Looking only for 15 to 20 hours a week to supplement my other account that I'll keep. I don't really want to spend big $$$ to get a piece of equipment and more $$$ on long distance bills. Anyone working for or have worked for a company this description might fit. Or, where I can post my resume and what I'm looking for. Thanks so much ahead!

MTs NEED TO UNITE - Posted By: CMT Ohio

I would like to plant this seed with the hope that American medical transcriptionists grab the reins.  If you have NEVER felt unappreciated, underpaid, misunderstood, disrespected, ignored, or taken advantage of as a medical transcriptionist, please disregard the rest of this message.  If you feel that you are a skilled tradesperson, have and use knowledge that has taken years to acquire, if you have a sincere aversion to being referred to as a typist or clerical staff, if you feel that our professional organization has dropped the ball as far as looking out for our best interest in this business, then let's talk.  What about a union for medical transcriptionists?  I'm not kidding.  Various skilled trades have unions all over the country, different sectors but the same fundamental bylaws and ethical regulations, etc.  I'm outraged to see the pittance that global services "offer" MTs.  I am even more outraged to see what the going rate is for editing.  We somehow, some way need to join forces and get away from productivity pay and become salaried professionals.  A critical aspect of our new "MT utopia" would be people who have done this job, have actually pounded the keys, pass judgment on quality.  There are so many schools of thought out there, it's insane.  There's totally verbatim (no such thing), there's as close to verbatim as possible (realistic), and then there's my-way-or-the-highway style (degreed egotists pointing fingers when they don't have the first clue).  For a moment give this some thought.  Should we let every institution, office, clinic, and MD tell us how to do our job?  Would a plumber let his client tell him what kind of pipe dope to use, what type of pipe wrench must be used in their remodel job?  Do we tell lawyers what case to cite in his argument?  How about MDs?  Are we able to make demands of any professional and actually dictate what they do and how they do it?  All we ask is that it be done, in a timely manner, and be done correctly.  I rest my case.  We need to somehow lessen the number of hoops we are made to jump through.  Our profession needs to raise the bar and grow as a skilled trade.  We need to demand the respect we deserve; and, perhaps most importantly, we need to stop selling ourselves short for fear of outsourcing.  In fact, if we all took a nice long hiatus and let those of little faith outsource everything, all we would have to do is pick up the pieces and revamp the MT environment in this country and make it brand new.  It would shine and run like a well-oiled machine.  Come on, people, we have to stop clunking along.  Any ideas on how to make this happen?  That's what I'm looking for.  Thanks.  

Quitting a job - Posted By: Chloe

After job hunting for about 3 months,  in desperation I accepted an in-house job in the medical records department of a large, seven-doctor clinic that was 98% clerical and about 2% transcription.  I was told this upfront . Also I was advised to wear comfortable shoes, not heels, as there would be a lot of walking involved.  I haven't worn heels in several years except to church so that wasn't a problem.  Since I do have very flat feet I bought two pairs of comfortable wide shoes with lots of support (spent about $100 for both, which is more than I normally spend on shoes). 

As it turned out, most days the work required 8 hours or more of standing and walking, posting the daily notes turned in by the contract Transcriptionist and filing/pulling charts.  In addition, my work area was very cramped, there was one more person in the office than I expected (she and her desk were behind a screen on the day of my interview) everyone talked and laughed constantly and loudly and gossiped, used profanity and vulgar language -- generally, was the nightmare of "office politics" people dread--the worse was our boss, who used threats in reprimanding me and others in front of co-workers on a daily basis. Also, I was seeing a doctor for foot and ankle pain and taking Ultram daily. The doctor said I should try to  stand only a couple of hours a day, but that was impossible.  Finally, all of these caused me to quit. I turned in a 2-week notice, had a change of heart and tried it for 2 more days, then just walked out after an argument with the girl who was supposed to be training me about who was to print (sitting) and who was to post that day.  I needed more instruction and practice I knew, and I felt that was why I was having so more trouble getting "up to speed" on the computer programs.  The few reports I had to transcribe were a piece of cake; it was everything else I was expected to do.

My question is, how would you explain this on a resume and during an interview?  I have worked over 30 years and have never walked out on a job before, but I simply could not take it.  I have been asked if I thought it was a "hostile workplace," and in some respects it really was. 

Thanks for any constructive advice...




2 hours on ESL report - Posted By: Pugmom

Argh!  She is my worst dictator, dictated about a 22 minute report and I still ended up with 5 blanks even after going over the blanks again and again.  I believe she is Russian with such a thick accent, it's almost impossible to understand her.  I feel bad for her patients. 

CoWorkers - Posted By: Tracey

Have you ever had a coworker that just never took responsibility for anything they did? Well I'm glad that I just got rid of my coworker. She blamed the world and everyone else for all that was going on with her.  She turned in her notice, didn't work all of the days, left a mess and constantly tries to look at other people's situations and wants hers to be the same way. Anyone had a coworker like that? What's your coworker horror story? I'm glad I do MT part-time so I can get away from people sometimes.

Speaking of Vista, what companies have asked that we NOT install it yet? nm - Posted By: Medware here. nm


How much do expanders help you? - Posted By: medtran82

I have never used an Expander since I started transcribing which was a little over a year ago.  How valuable are they?  Do they really help you with your line count?  Does anyone know of a good free one?  I do not have a lot of money to spend on expensive software.  Thanks!

30 day pay cycles.... - Posted By: ImaMTSO

Hi All ~

I have a client who wants to put me on 30-day pay cyles where work done from the 1st thru the end of the month would be invoiced on the 1st of the following month and paid on the last day of that month.  Basically, if I don't agree to this, I will lose the client...UGH!

Now, my question is this....how many of you MTSO's pay your MTs once/month?  Are your MTs ok with this?

I've been sitting here racking my brain on how I could work it so that the MTs still get paid twice/month, but I can't seem to figure this out!  The is a LARGE account, so I have to be careful in over-extending myself before my pay comes in for my client. 

Do any of you have some advice for me on how I can adjust the cycles to keep everyone happy? 




Question about temporary relocation! - Posted By: Birmingham, Ala

Due to a family crisis, I will be relocating to Georgia for maybe up to 2 years.  I will be leasing my home to a family member here in Alabama.  Just wondering, should I continue to use my Alabama address in regards to IRS, vehicle registration, insurance etc, or register as a Georgia citizen.  Since I will not be head of household in Georgia, will I not be able to claim the home office on taxes.  I will only be 2 hours away from home, and will probably travel here every other weekend, as my parents live here in Birmingham.  I work as an employee with one company via internet and IC with another via internet.  Just wondering, as there are so many things to think about.

help on the word board please!! - Posted By: tytytyty


Ever had one of those days when - Posted By: l

all you get are sloppy dictators who can not make up their minds on exactly what they want to say. Light editing only, which makes you wonder what would really happened if you followed that rule? Every dictator I have had is new. I have spent more time downloading samples and looking up meds pronounced incorrectly. The horror of it all!!! And I am a newbie, too!!!. Please let this day be over..

need to order a dell with XP. - Posted By: is it better to talk to a person...

or should I be able to just order it on-line?  Any preferences?  Thank you.  Merry Christmas.

Canadian MTing? - Posted By: MTStudent

Are there any Canadian MT's on this site? I am from canada and wondering where I go to find jobs in the US for Canadian's to work! What is a fair wage? Any help would be very much appreciated!

Found out from Spheris about that Indian ad someone posted - Posted By: MTinNC

Hi, group.

I am sorry... I cannot find the thread on the Spheris-India ad that had several of us upset a couple days ago. It was about an ad found at: http://infiya.blogspot.com/2007/02/spheris-medical-transcription-company.html

I shared that site and my opinion with other MTs on another message board. One of them contacted Spheris about it, and I wanted to share the response they got:

"Thanks very much for bringing this to our attention. Please rest assured that Spheris is in no way associated with this blog/web site. The images are outdated and were used without our permission, and the text is indeed atrocious; again, Spheris has no association with this posting.

Your message indicated that perhaps you questioned the validity of the posting, and understandably so. In fact, our internet filters have the site blocked and tagged as "fraudulent/phishing," so it may make sense to run a scan on your computer for Spyware or other malicious software that could have been installed by the site.

Obviously, we value our reputation across the industry, and these types of unauthorized representations are very disturbing. We will get to the bottom of it, but please do forward anything else you may come across that appears suspicious.


Jay Sheridan"

Has anyone ever been in the audience of Regis and Kelly? - Posted By: sm

I love watching them on t.v., and was wondering what it's like to actually be there.

when typing military time, is it, for ex: 1645 or 16:45 nm - Posted By: ???

Does anyone know of any version of Word that allows UNLIMITED Autocorrect entries? Tx NM - Posted By: Lsm76

Does anyone know of any version of Word that allows UNLIMITED Autocorrect entries? TX NM

testing fairlysm - Posted By: testingtrauma

I have a fairly new computer, Windows 2000 w/XP, have downloaded Spellex and Express Scribe, I have AOL Version 9 and I know this sounds like an "equipment board" or other board question, but I'm sorry, I am just anxious about testing, as I tried on my laptop yesterday and did poorly with being told immediately something to the effect that I failed. Does anyone use the hot key controls only for Express Scribe and do you know if they detect points for taking your time? I've been stopping to check in my "volumes" of text books to be sure I'm doing well, but am very discouraged. I've been in the field for years, but used to tapes. I did so well until "technology" stepped into the Internet world and am having difficulty with speed, etc., I don't want to start paying hundreds of dollars for stuff I don't need. Should I just give up and go find another occupation? One of the main questions is whether you've completed a course of study in medical transcription. Answer: "No, just 30 years of blood, sweat and tears." So many manuals and so many changes, I'm getting discouraged! To think I've dedicated my life and missed so many ball games, birthday parties, family special occasions, all to my dedication to the patient having their report before their surgery, etc., now it looks like I just fell off the turnip truck. I wish they would let us test and "try out" at no charge, even if they left patient information off, just to get used to their system, but they are "ruthless." I think they love to say, "Sorry, old lady, you can't cut it." I'm not that old, really, just trying to "change" and make a living. Which board to go on? Depression/equipment/technical help/company, job seeker/style board/productivity board -- the list is too many, would have to go on all of them. Thanks for listening! Hope this makes it through.

Making money with VR - Posted By: me

Any of you who do this, how in the heck do you make any money? I accepted a job with a company for 4 cpl for VR, but I nearly have to type the entire reports over.  I was doing it part time and it takes so much time that I figured out I am only making 5.00 per hour.  What's the average rate for this?  I  gave it up, it's not worth it for the line rate, considering I was editing typed transcription as well that came back from India and it was just as bad and took just as much time.



MTs who "steal" equipment - Posted By: Margo

I was just wondering how any of you feel, AS A COMMUNITY...about medical transcriptionists that take jobs, get equipment, but never work and suddenly dont answer calls or emails, but keep your equipment.  I am not talking about just MTSOs out there, but even the little ole MT that hires someone to help with an account or overflow.  This has happened and I am not sitting and waiting for at least four people to return equipment that suddenly arent available for emails, phone calls, anything.  BUT they have hudnreds in equipment.  I am not MEDQUIST, so cant afford to just chalk it up.  AND PLEASE DO NOT SAY THAT IS THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS.  I think that just shows the sad state we have entered into to feel that theft from someone be considered a cost of doing business.  We are a small enough community that I would hope this is not truly how anyone feels....hey take a job...take the equipment and run.  That is just plain horrible.

Why cant this board allow names like that to be posted?  Enough is always posted about bad companies, but why not for something like this?  Why should others take the chance of this happening also?

THis just really saddens me.


Sanyo Memo-Scriber TRC 6030 - Posted By: Terri

Does anyone here have one of these units? I have lost the manual that came with the machine. I am trying to get the erase feature to work but I am not having any luck.

Can anyone suggest a good company - Posted By: Work

Not perfect just decent, I have a year experience so deffinately still learning, I work as an IC on Acute Care but the work runs out and I want to keep this job and have another MT job for I'm getting tired of my office job... Figure I might as well do what I like for a living