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Windows VISTA - Posted By: Beth Johnson

How do you find working with Windows Vista?  Bytescribe tells me that I can use it with Vista, but I've been told otherwise by other MTs.  It's complicating the purchase of a new computer!!  I'd like any input I can get.




Why I'm happy to work at home - Posted By: Bloggin' Momma

Gas just hit $4.03 a gallon where I live, gads. This is reason #342 why I'm so dang happy to work at home.

Off the subject - wedding reception -sm - Posted By: Wedding guest

So the wedding season is upon us.  I went to a wedding this weekend.  It was an afternoon wedding with reception "immediately following" but it turned out the reception did not start for 1-1/2 hours after the ceremony ended.  I thought it was a bit rude to keep the guests waiting without even as much as a glass of water on the table and no announcement about where the bride/groom, bridal party was.  The reception hall was only a few miles away.  Was it just me, or was this a long time in between the wedding and the reception?

Ladies, what is on for din din tonight????? - Posted By: Michelle

beef tenderloin, mushroom gravy, noodles, salad and some fruit.  Then, a whole pot coffee while I work.

Need Some Help With My Resume - Posted By: NightOwl

I'm trying to write a resume (first one in you don't wanna know how many years, LOL!) and my poor little pea-brain.... I can't, for the life of me, remember the exact dates and order of my various jobs. I DO for the most part remember WHO I worked for...

So today I called the hospital that I worked for twice. They were able to give me the dates of my second tour of duty there, but they claimed to have no record of my first stint with them. The rather rude HR clerk told me that those records had probably been purged. Keep in mind that I'm sure of what YEAR I started with them that time around (1991), but not sure of the month, and clueless about when I left that time around. Is 1991 really so long ago that an HR dept wouldn't have records????

But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I've worked for the Q at least 3 times (it might be 4, due to acquisitions and mergers). I worked for another medium-size MTSO twice also. Sometimes I was working 2 jobs at one time. Once I worked for a lady who was doing IC work for the VA. I have no clue what her name was, and she no longer has an office in the place where I worked for her.

How do I possibly consolidate this all into a functional resume????

Thank you so much for any help you can offer!

Cost of insurance..is this a good rate? - Posted By: RIpaR

I have just been oferred a job with a company that offers insurnace at $385 a month to cover me and my husband.  But, we would have a $2000 deductible and after that is met then a $20 co-pay.  Since I have been an IC my entire MT life, I'm not sure if this is good insurance or not?  Is this the norm for MT companies?

Question about Spheris - Posted By: CLS

Is Spheris a reputable company to train with?



Moneymakers tell us your secret?? - Posted By: Leanne

Any of you who are making 17 dollars or more an hour in an 8 hour day at the line rates that are posted - and I have ever see posted is jobs that pay about 8 cents a line or less.  Please share with us your secrets.  A lot of us have been doing this for 15 years or more, and cannot do that in 8 hours.  I have a hard time believing it.  When someone says how much they make in an hour, or how many lines they do per day, it is the assumption that that is in an 8 hour period since that is what the general population works on a full time basis.  My point being, is that it is misleading to people saying that you can make 20.00 to 30.00 an hour at 8 cents (I am assuming 8 cents a line, maybe I am wrong) if you are working 10 hours or more a day.   If there is a way to do this please tell us the secrets, because seriously we  would truly like to know.  I would also like to know who pays 10 cents a line anymore.  How do you find them.  I cannot - I have searched and searched.  We need to all stick together and be honest, otherwise I say let them send it overseas.  There are kids in high school making more than some of us.    

Little to no work for the past week. - Posted By: Concerned MT

Where have all the dictators gone? I have been idle for the past week without work and QAs say that doctors are on vacation. Does this make any sense?

Pls help!

911 keyboard wet - Posted By: VH

I spilled pepsi on kb last night.  I have used ergo kb for over 10 years.  I am trying to type this on regular kb, not doing too good.  My backspace on ergo was affected.  I don't have money to get new keyboard because I recently went to work for company that puts up good posts but steals lines.  How do I fix KB.  Any help appreciated.

12 pin Sony foot pedal, adaptor? - Posted By: Dawn R

I use it with a Sony micro dictator/transcriber but I'm finally jumping into the 21st century.  Anyone know if I can find a USB adaptor for such a foot pedal or will I need to invest in a new foot pedal?  If so, where should I get one?  I'd like to buy one locally, or do I need to but it online?


of the day - Posted By: something to break the monotony

How many of you have been doing MT for so long that your Lexmark printer is a Lexapro printer, or your Nexus shampoo is Nexium?  I, quite unknowingly, called my Lexmark printer a Lexapro printer to my sister, who also does MT and has a "Lexapro" printer, and neither one of us realized what I said at the time.  And I asked my hairdresser if that was Nexium shampoo she was using......and didn't realize what I had said until later and it hit me, and she didn't even realize what I said apparently; I guess all she heard was the "Nex" part.  Working too much.....Ya think? 

Gross Line theory - Posted By: MTDumpty

I once was told if you were going to charge gross lines, you should be basing your rate on a 12-point Courier font with 1-inch margins. I understand the reasoning for that, and it is a great theory, but how does it work in practice? I know some people do use this theory to calculate line rates as it has been discussed on this board, but what do you do if your doc doesn't use the 12-point Courier font?

Stay home or go in-house? - Posted By: looking for insight

Help! What do I do?  I currently work for a pretty good national company and I get to stay home and work in my PJs, but then... we ran out of work for a few days and I panicked.  I applied for an in-house position doing radiology, which I have never done before.  I am fairly certain they will offer me the position to work 24 to 32 hours, with many more hours if I want them.  It pays about 18.50 per hour during the week and 19.39 on the weekends, which I will work one weekend day.  So now what???

Do I give up the comfort of my home for a guaranteed paycheck and work in a cubical typing radiology notes for 8 hours a day?  UGH!  Tough to have such choices in this economy. 

Any insight or thoughts on this?  I do have young children, but they spend a lot of time at grandma's while I work anyway.


too funny - Posted By: momof3

I have this one dictator who races through his dictations greater than the speed of light, but every time he gets to the diagnoses slows down to dictating about one syllable per minute !  too funny (and sometimes a little annoying!)

Any suggestions on keeping your foot pedal still! - Posted By: SM

I have hardwood floors in my office and my foot pedal slips and slides around.  I am consantly scooting it back towards me and having to reposition it numerous times a day. 

Any suggestions? 

PRD short cut help - Posted By: DL

I have been using the PRD short cut program on an old DOS-based computer in WP51.  I have upgraded to Windows XP with WordPerfect X3 and wondered if there is anyway to use the PRD with this program.  I have had to use other short cut programs for Word on my XP computer but have recently had to move all my WordPerfect work to my new computer and need a short cut program for it as well.  I would sure love to be able to use the PRD.  Anyone with any helpful information would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks so much!

Poll-Daylight Savings Time - Posted By: WiMT

Like or dislike?

Personally I dislike it very much. It changes everything with my sleep cycle, work cycle, and even my emotions.  It is too much of a bodily adjustment that I personally would wish not to experience twice a year.  Anyone else???

Whine alert! 8 cents/line is killing me! :( - Posted By: SM

I have 17 years experience.  I'm an IC, was getting paid 10 and 11 cents a line for the last decade or so.  After that work basically dried up, I started looking for more work.  No work to be had at at 10 cents a line anymore, rarely find anything even at 9 cents. 

Decided to take an 8 cents/line job.  Hey, I was gettin' hungry.  I swear....I type, type, type, type, seems like all day and all night and still not making the money I need to pay my bills and eat! 

I know, I know, people justify 8 cents a line by saying hey if you can do 200 lph, that's $16 an hour.  Yeah, that's great for those who aren't used to making up to $30+ an hour for the past 8 to 10 years!  Man, I'm soooooooo tired of typing, so burned out, just very unhappy. 

I can see now how some people are happy with MT and some people aren't, just depends on what you've been used to compared to what you get now.  Sad. 

I really don't have any other skills to do anything else, and I'm dying here as far as finances, killing my hands and other body parts trying to make money at this 8 cents a line...maybe could've done it 15 years ago when I was younger but just not able to type like a demon day and night anymore.

Let it be known that this is the end of my vent. I have no idea what I'm going to do

ARDSNet protocol - Posted By: jswilla

What is the correct way to transcribe ARDSNet? I've seen it as ARDSNet and ARDS-net.

Too many balls dropping... - Posted By: happynewyear2006

Why are there so many balls dropping these days? One in Times Square, Las Vegas, LA, Disney World..Goodness! Which ball are you watching drop?

Needing assistance with formatting - Posted By: sm

Asked to go to word, tools autoformant and  disable autonumber but cannot locate this. Can anyone help?

Transcribing in boonies - Posted By: zoe

Please share info on successful of connections while living in rural areas.  I work for company that uses VPN for voice.  TIA!

Medware - Posted By: Kathy

What's the general consensus with regards to Medware?  Thanks in advance.

What happened to "Experience Pays" - Posted By: Debbie

Please tell me I am not the only one out here who feels over-used and abused for having 20+ years of transcription experience!!!  I used to think I couldn't wait until I would have the skills and knowledge possessed of my mentors years ago, but when I woke up one morning and realized I had "arrived" to that very place, it also hit me at the same time that it meant nothing except I would not be better compensated for my strengths in this field, but instead that I would garner a collection of garbled speech, background noises, words not recognized in any language, etc!!! What are we supposed to do now?  I used to sit back and enjoy my profession and the money it provided, but now I feel like a sucker!

We need a Expander/Productivity forum - Posted By: sm

With all of the talk about expanders, autocorrect, autotext, and productivity we could use a forum for that on mtstars.

My DH has decided to become a Pampered Chef demonstrator. - Posted By: NYer

Does anyone have any info on this?  Is it a good way to make some extra money?  I said NO, he decided to do it anyway.

Beware of Antivirus 2009 - Posted By: Janet

While working late at night, I had something pop up that I thought was a MS product called Antivirus 2009, and thinking it was an update on their security, without checking it out, I clicked ok, then at the end, it states it costs $59...and I realized that it was not MS, so I backed out of it.  I currently have AVG 8.0 and it has always done a good job for me...but now after several days and asking several different places, plus the Internet, I cannot get rid of this.  It seems to be tied into my Google site, the one I use so much. 

Does anyone know how you get rid of it?  I removed the software (or so I thought) from my program) but it is blocking Google, and just keeps popping up constantly...driving me absolutely nuts.

Does anyone know of a solution to get rid of this?  I hate to pay a techie to come out to my house to get rid of this, but I will if I have to...just thought I would ask here first.

Thank you for your help.

Other than Slim Fast has anyone had any luck with OTC diet products or diet pills? nm - Posted By: Need to lose 10-15 lbs.


Dragon Naturally Speakin - Posted By: wondering

Does anyone know if the Dragon Naturally speaking program works with Emdat Inscribe??

help on drug board please! - Posted By: Mom-CMT


Does anyone eat out a lot. I don't like to cook but am bored with the same old fast food. - Posted By: Tired of my own cooking.

Got any places not too expensive where I can get food to go.  To go is the key.  Bored with McDonalds, Wendys, Burger King, delivery pizza.  (Boston Market?)


Any Mississippi MTs out there? - Posted By: blondie


pay for inhouse position?? - Posted By: Amanda

I have an interview in the morning for a part-time inhouse position.  What is the pay looking like working by the hour with no incentives?  I don't know what a fair offer would be and don't want to sell myself short.

Cardiology and sleep study transcription questions - Posted By: Angie

I am looking for other Transcriptionist that have cardiology and sleep study backgrounds. I am a newer MT, I am starting a cardiology and sleep study transcription account next week and have never transcribed for this specialty.

I wanted to know if there are specific word books or websites that you find helpful and are there specific things that you could tell me about the specialty that may help me?


I would appreciate any feedback



medical transcriptionists in US Virgin Islands - Posted By: Bob Rogers

We are looking for experienced Medical Transcriptionists in the US Virgin Islands.

Please visit our web site and contact me.  http://www.globalmedicaldata.com



Lotus Notes - Posted By: wjr

Has anyone used lotus notes to transcribe in?  Any info appreciate.  Please email me if you like. Thanks!

C-phone - Posted By: Ashley

What is a C-phone and how much are they?

Follow up regarding C phone dictation post below sm - Posted By: DermMT

Went to the Urology Clinic this morning.  The doctors are dictating on a C-phone to a transcription service and they are transcribing the reports and sending them back to the office for me to QA.  I download the files, check them, print and save.  My questions is how can I have them route these files to  my home computer.    Wouldn't the transcription service have to send the files to me so that I can access the site on online with a user name and password?  Can I do this through AOL or do I need to use Internet Explorer.  Anything else I would need?  Just need some input, because this current Editor may not come back and I may be taking on their actual transcription also.  Big Company.  Don't want to loose this one.  Any ideas would be appreciated. 

Typing on your lap - Posted By: stanggirl

I just moved and my new desk setup is a built-in desk which is too high for comfort for typing on the keyboard.  I can adjust my office chair up, but then it's too high to comfortably reach the pedal.  I have been typing on the keyboard on my lap for two days but my shoulders are sore and so are my calves apparently from flexing when I wasn't aware of it all day.

Awhile back I read here that some MT's type on their keyboards on their laps.  Please give me any feedback how it works for you and also do you know of any products out there or things around the house to support the keyboard and make it easier to balance on your legs.  I kind of like typing like this other than the strain on my neck and legs from trying to keep it balanced and from sliding off.

Thanks in advance! 

Ok..I will soooo not watch SVU anymore if they - Posted By: Mad

split up Olivia and Elliot!! OMG what a show tonight!

ENTER NOW - Pulling from Santa's Bag $10.00 Gift Cert. courtesy of TVPS! - Posted By: Details inside

$10.00 Gift Certificate courtesy of TVPS
Click on the Santa's House Banner at the top of the Main board to enter!


SoftScript's Software versus Meditech - Posted By: Kelly

I have heard of possibly using SoftScript's platform/software/interface for Meditech. What can anyone tell me about this interface?

Right now we type in Meditech for each individual report before we type it. It takes FOREVER! Then we have to file the report electronically when we finish typing it. It is a very slow process.

I wanted to know if this interface I am hearing about for Meditech from SoftScript is anything like straight typing or is it a lot of inputting information?

Has anyone typed in Meditech before and now works for SoftScript or used to work for them who can give me an opinion as to how much quicker it might be?

Any relative information would be helpful!

MT ANNIVERSARY - Posted By: Julie

Just wanted to say hello to all and say that I have reached my first year in the MT profession. I had always thought about doing this, worked in retail, which I hated, and wanted to be more available for my kids. I have to say I do love it. I have always loved typing, weird I know, so this is obviously perfect! To everyone out there going to school, good luck and hang in there. To those newbies still looking for a job, keep testing...something will come along!! It is hard for me to believe that just a year ago, I was so slowwww and so nervous, it seems like forever ago. I remember thinking how does anyone make a living at this! While I only work part time, it has become a great second income to our home. Again hang in there newbies!

Going rate - Posted By: Trisha

I was just wondering what the going rate is for transcription per hour.  I currently work for a national company and get paid by the line, but a friend of mine wants me to do some transcription for him and I don't know what to charge.  This is not medical stuff, rather educational/training.  He doesn't want me to short-change myself, but I don't want to over charge him either.  Any ideas? 

Looking for a website for encouragement - Posted By: me

to help me get out of a rut and pick myself up.  I'm overwhelmed with house repairs, a cluttered house, work, not having enough "adult" time, needing to exercise and eat better and just can't seem to make myself do it, at least not for more than a day or two.   I don't feel I'm am depressed, just overwhelmed, but I find I'm not getting out of my jammies into late in the day if at all, I might not brush my hair all day, etc.   I know I have to do something now and just would like to exchange with others who are/have been in this situation.   Maybe another MT would understand more than non-MTs, but I'm not necessarily looking for other MTs, just a site in general and I haven't a clue how to search for this. 

Do any ICs with their own accounts charge extra for holidays? - Posted By: tbpmt


Longtime MT's tips - Posted By: one who did e-mail

Has anyone heard anything from this person since the post.  I sent her my e-mail but have not heard a thing so I was wondering if I just hadn't received the e-mail or if she hadn't gotten in out yet.  Anyone who can clear this up is appreciated.

Focus Infomatics - they assign work or you pick from database - Posted By: cm

I wanted to know from anyone who works at Focus if you are able to download work when you want to or is it assigned to you? I thought I heard that you can go onto the site and grab dictations when you wanted to instead of being assigned.

If anyone knows I would greatly appreciate !!

Need some help - Posted By: here...

Okay I have until the 15th to type as many lines as I can for this pay period. Short of taking illegal substances (haha) can anyone suggest a good way of doing an transcribing marathon of sorts?

BTW I'm completely ADD and usually only work part-time because of it (and school!)

Thanks for any ideas!