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Winmail.dat file....how do I open? nm. TIA - Posted By: Help please?

Giving up Health Insurance - Posted By: Kristy

Does anyone know what happens if someone doesn't have health insurance and ends up with huge medical bills?  Can you just pay a little every week/month (forever) or will you lose any assets you might have?

I am upper middle-aged and might have to give up my insurance because I just can't afford it right now.  I have paid for years (and rarely used it), but I am terrified something major might happen if I give it up.

Thanks for any input you can give me.

walter reed - Posted By: msbeanctr

Just got an alert from washingtonpost.com that Walter Reed Med Ctr is closing. 

I have a question that I realize could be pretty loaded. - Posted By: MTWondering

I in no way want to spark a debate and I won't engage in one.  I just have a moral situation and I ask that only those who have had similar experiences respond.  As stated, no need for a debate.  I am adamantly opposed to abortion for any reason.  I don't condemn those who do or have had them, but I oppose abortion.  I work for a national and just recently had a few abortion procedures to transcribe.  I felt awful doing it.  I was really torn between wanting to cherry pick past those (which I feel would be perfectly acceptable to do while letting a supervisor know why), but didn't.  I just feel like a real hypocrite that my initials are now attached to an abortion procedure that I do not support.  I just wondered if anyone ever found themselves in this situation and what, if anything, did you do about it.  Now, this is about abortion only.  I'm sure many of you could jump in and say you're against gastric bypass but you still transcribe those, etc.  I respect others' views.  This happens to be strictly about this situation and in an effort to avoid ugliness by way of a debate, I respectfully request that you only respond if you have dealt with this situation specifically.  Thank you and God bless!

Word Autocompletion Software - Posted By: Any MTs use it?

Do any MTs use any of the word autocompletion software for MT work?  Is there a medical one that works for MT work?  Thanks

Just wondering, for you MTSOs, about how many patients/reports per day... - Posted By: curious

For, say, an orthopedic surgeon, or  a family practice doctor.  Or, maybe, how many minutes of transcription on average per day. 


macro / shortcut question - Posted By: JMK

Hi guys ... I'm having a mental block. Years ago, in WP51, I had set up shortcuts for formats, such as "alt L" for a Letter, or "alt C" for consults, etc.  Now I type in MSWord, but I want to set something up for a new doc Im typing for.  What were those shortcut called?  How do I set them up?  They were not macros ... something else, less complicated.  I either used the ALT key or maybe it was the CTRL key - not sure.

Please help; I want to set up some quick hospital formats, one for an H&P, one for an OP, etc.  Thanks again !


New giveaway! $50 Build A Bear Bucks, see sticky post above. - Posted By: Administrator nm


Does anybody watch Dancing With the Stars? - Posted By: Addicted to this show.

I want Drew Lachey to win so far. Such a great show. 

 I wish I could ballroom dance but unfortunately..... not so good.

What's the deal with paycuts - Posted By: often around the holidays?

This seems to be something that happens every year, even if the economy is better.  This is not the first year I have heard of layoffs or paycuts around Christmas.  What are these companies, Scrooge?

It is the winter-time when most people fall ill, and in fact, a lot of people die beginning at holiday time.  I don't know why this is but even if the hospital admissions trend down in a poor economy, there are still the older people and very ill who seem to pass around now, or fight for their lives in the ICU.

It never ceases to amaze me when I hear about transcriptionists going through this when they need money most.  I think they should set up shelters in every stage which gives people who are laid off during the holidays food for Thanksgiving and toys for kids.  Remember scrooge who kept the poor guy there on Christmas eve? These companies ask us to cover holidays while they cut our pay. 

I often wonder if this is because the suits get their bonus around the holidays and they have to cut what they consider the fat. To them, that would not mean their golf outings or their boat docked in the Bahamas or funding for their offshore office overseas, it would mean the production worker, the MT.

Someday, MTs will figure a way to develop a USA union and that would not be run by the founders of the once-called AAMT.

So sorry to hear everyone's bad news here.  My heart goes out to you.  After all, we are all in this together!

Transferring of files - Posted By: Tam

Which is the best way to transfer digital files? Right now we have CyberSynch. I have purchased a new laptop and we are having to upgrade and will cost a little over $700.00 for three computers - thanks!  

Sad day, my mom had to put her little pom to sleep. - Posted By: Another cancer victim.

Keystrokes - Lanier system - anyone work on it? - Posted By: is it hard to learn - n/m


Need advice on kids and sharing - Posted By: M

I just moved to a new neighborhood last month.  There is a family of 5 kids in the neighborhood that have been playing with my kids, and they are very sweet kids.  They are really good kids, never in trouble, and it is very endearing how they look out for one another and never fight with each other. 

However, these kids come over every day, and they constantly ask for food, money, toys and Band-Aids.  They always want to borrow my son's bike or scooter, and they all ask for food daily.  My kids say they have a lot of food at home.

At first I did let them borrow some of the toys, but it quickly got out of hand.  I sat the kids down and told them that they were not allowed to ask me for food or money, that it was their parents responsibility to provide that.  I told them that if they were hungry they had to go home to eat.  They were good for a few days, but went right back to asking again.  I also told them that they could not borrow any more toys or bikes. 

Today their mother told my kids that they were "mean children" because they didn't know how to share. 

I'm livid.  I want my kids to take care of their things, and they can't do that if these children constantly borrow their things.  I also don't think "sharing" is a life skill they need to learn.  You certainly don't see adults sharing their trucks, boats, jetskis, etc.  I think it is more important for kids to learn to take care of what they have, not share it with the world. 

I feel like I need to talk to this mother, but I'm not sure how to say it without being confrontational.  Any ideas?  Am I out of line on this one? 

Pause button! - Posted By: FLMTFL

Sorry have to vent. Why is it doctors are completely incapable of using the pause button!  I mean honestly and I quote. "Hold on, hold on just hold on one second" followed by mumbling to herself.  "hold on for computer change, hold on for computer change, (insert 4-letter expletive beginning with the letter s) radiology isn't on this computer, hold on, hold on" and then switches sections entirely.  And last but not least, "hold on I'll get you the length of time of dosage of the Vantin, started on 04/12/2008, 13, 14, 15 (insert same expletiive), 13, 14, 15,16, so for a total of 6 does of the Vantin."  Bear in mind I'm also having to put up with a doctor who sounds like Fran Drescher with a head cold!!!!  This doctor always does this I mean honestly I have better things to do with my time (like make money) then have a doctor have the audacity to tell me to hold on one second and listen to them curse!!  Sorry had to get that off my chest.

Lines typed an hour or a week? - Posted By: LinK

I know this has been talked about a lot, but I was offered a chance to test for an IC job, and I'm required to type between 2,500-5,000 lines per week.  Since I'm an employee and haven't been paid by the line for about five years, approximately how many hours does it usually take for some of you to type 2,500 lines per week?   


Looking for FTP site sm - Posted By: Jan

I need an FTP site where I can have different clients upload their digital files to me and me send them back to this same site. I'm also looking for this same site to allow another Transcriptionist or two be able to access it also. Any recommendations?

Do any ICs with their own accounts charge extra for holidays? - Posted By: tbpmt


Does anyone know any basics on money market accounts? - Posted By: Confused


logitech wavepro - Posted By: maltesemom

Does anyone have this keyboard  and if so can you share some insight concerning battery issues?  i read where you can keep charging the battery while you work.  My question is it necessary then to replace the batteries at any time?  I need to purchase a keyboard for a new laptop and I really like the ergonomic keyboards and would purchase this if it is not costly with having to purchase batteries all the time.  thank you so much for any info :)

Help - Posted By: HappyICMT

I have been approached by my employer to help manage a small account, including QA, feedback, as well as transcribing.  I am not sure how much to charge for this; an hourly wage plus cpl for lines transcribed?  Any help would be much appreciated!

Problem with Dell printer - Posted By: Any ideas?

My printer is printing so small can hardly read. Any ideas on why and how I can correct? Thanks.

Any MT's out there thinking about - Posted By: training as an ultrasound tech? -(S/M)

I've got to get out of MT one way or another.  Only have 2 years of college, majoring in English.   What qualifications skill-wise are needed to do medical ultrasounds?  Would this suit an ex-MT well? 

I'm 58, would have to keep working full-time and going to school just part-time, so it would take a while.  If I started now, I'd probably be in my early 60's when I got certified as a tech.  Can a more "mature" person do this job, or is it only for young people?  Any ideas what this kind of an education might cost?

I'm also interested in court-reporting, but I'm concerned about working at it for years, and never achieving the speed required to become a CR.   Also, most CR's are independent contractors, I'd rather be a salaried employee.

Any feedback?  

Vista gave me a headache yesterday - Posted By: jc

So I have to vent about my first serious problem that I had with Windows Vista (I won't bother mentioning the little things). We all had to uninstall and upgrade a program for work this week in order to continue working properly, which sounds pretty easy. But noooooo. I couldn't do either, and I spent hours on the computer trying to figure it out yesterday. I didn't get any work done! Finally my wonderful hubby came home from work (who happens to be my own computer geek) and after 1 hour got everything running for me.

The problem? VISTA. Apparently other Vista users have had a similar error message that is somehow triggered by Adobe Acrobat 8 (which stopped working yesterday). It was blocking my ability to uninstall and upgrade my particular program. Nevermind that I tried uninstalling some other useless stuff on my computer with great success just to make sure I wasn't crazy. I NEVER would have figured out that one on my own. Who knew? Once again Vista is stupid, stupid, stupid, and it makes me want to throw things.

I cannot wait until the new Windows comes out, whenever that will be. I hope it is soon because I am upgrading the first day it is available. Any one else have some good stories about how Vista has ruined your working day?

mortgage shopping - Posted By: sandy54

Hi, this board is so helpful regarding so many different things, I thought I'd ask about my current dilema.  Just sold my home in SE New Mexico, moving to Albuquerque.  Obviously a site built home is the easiest one to get a mortgage for at low interest rates (I have excellent credit), but because of the cost I'm also looking at manufactured/mobile homes on their own land and in a park.  This is just for me and my dog, so I don't need anything large anyway. Does anyone have any advice regarding buying a modular/mobile home as I have never owned one before?  Thank you for any thoughts you might have regarding this.   

Laser hair removal. Has anyone tried laser hair removal on their face and if so, did it work? - Posted By: Curious


Configuring a fax console - Posted By: StumpedMT

Does anyone know how to configure a fax console so that you can use a calling card to send a fax to a long distance number? I've tried and tried, and I can't seem to figure this out. I have Windows XP, and it's the fax console that came as part of the package. I'd like to use my calling card and pay 0.035 cents a minute for long distance rather than the 0.18 cents a minute that I'm charged by long distance provider.

Help on word board please! - Posted By: Thanks!


What to do. - Posted By: Megan Nicole

I have worked for a multi specialty acute care hospital for 6 years and all was well until recently. Long story short, I feel like I am being jerked around. They say I dont meet production standards but the production standards change without notice. First it is 800 per day, then 1000, now 1200 but even if you get say 1200 lines per day it only counts as 1100 and something per day because of the crazy way they multiply this, divide that etc. So for punishment I am being pulled in-house to work after the baby is born. They are also accusing me of not routing the reports right. When the moon is full and the fish are biting Dr. Jones wants a copy but when the creeks rise and the humidity is up then he will look it up on the electronic record. We transcribe for over 100 doctors who change their minds and we are supposed to somehow keep up with who wants what and where and who can look it up on the electronic record.

Anyway, I am looking into working part-time for a company after I have the baby as this hospital is 40 miles away which would make an 80 mile round trip and you know about gas prices. I need one that will take out taxes and supply equipment and will allow me to work maybe 20 hours a week working the early morning hours. I have looked at the boards and am nervous about it because they dont pay as high as this hospital and some people have good experience with the companies and some bad experience and I am just worried about jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. Maybe MT isnt for me but I dont know that maybe pregnancy hormones talking and I am taking this last run-in with my boss too hard.

Are there any free medical spell checkers for Word that can be downloaded?.. - Posted By: Flo



Acer or Toshiba? - Posted By: Amanda

Hi. Bought 2 computers tonight. Which one do I keep? They are both approximately the same price -- Acer is $50 cheaper. I just want to know pros and cons of the brands. Thanks for any advice.

any rad mt's....gotta question for ya - Posted By: mammomama

ok i would like to know on average (of course) how many mammo's and chest x-rays do ya type a day? 


so me typing about 30-40 mammos a day and lots and lots of chests...is this normal or what?????

shorthand help - Posted By: Ellie

I know this has been answered 1,000 times; however, I had to reinstall ShortHand on another computer and some things got lost, anyway how do you:

Get the backspace out when you expand -year-old? like a
15 yo comes out 15 -year-old instead of 15-year-old.

What is the {@KEY} they keep referring to in the manual?

Thanks. I knew how to do this a year ago, but ... you know how it is.

C-phone adaptor - Posted By: Kristy

Hello, does anybody know if there is an adaptor out there that will turn my C-phone with the little phone jack end into USB? Thanks!

Statutory MT/Independent contractor - Posted By: Lee

Does anybody know of companies that still hire Statutory or independent contractors?  Since I take the standard deduction on my personal taxes I can no longer deduct my MT expenses and that's a major ouch.  Thanks for any help.



Looking for recommendations for kids clothing websites (sm) - Posted By: CAMT

Can anyone recommend some good places to shop online for kids clothes that are inexpensive but still well-made? I have a 2yo and a 6yo and my shopping time is limited, as is my budget! I've looked at Target and WalMart online, but I was wondering if anyone had found a fabulous place to shop for kids clothes.


Starting a biz - Posted By: Stephanie

Does anyone have any suggestions on going out on my own to start a small transcription business? Thanks!

Correct way to type drug dosing - Posted By: pauline

I have a question and I have seen it typed many ways: 

This is regarding proper way to type q.4 h.  I have BOS on my computer.  I know one is not supposed to mix Latin and English, and BOS and I know what it says about mixing Latin and English, but I work for a National CO and I have seen diff QA tell fellow MTs diff ways to type this.   This is a a verbatim account.  Have to type what doc says.  Before I check with AM, I would like to have an opinion on how you all type the above before I  send a note to the Lead QA person.   I have also seen it q.4 hours with a space between the 4 and hours.  It seems like the QA team with this company has diff opinions when they check your work.   Thanks.  I was wondering if there any rules or changes on this subject in the short while or a website that I could check into for the latest information.  There are so many changes that it is hard to keep up with it anymore.


Subcontractor Pay - Posted By: MT

Does $2.00/report for MRI, CTs and ultrasound reports sound reasonable for an MT with 20+ years experience?  I know some reports can be long, some short.  Any insight would be helpful.  Thanks

Is p.o. considered dangerous abbreviation? - Posted By: Thanks.


Lines per minute of dication - Posted By: ?

Any general rule of thumb for figuring how many lines per minute of dictation? I know it can depend on a number of factors, but just wondered if any of you had an approximate ballpark idea what you would expect for lines at the end of the day on say 125 minutes of dictation. 

Anyone use an articulating mouse tray? sm - Posted By: inquiring mind

I have an articulating keyboard tray which is not quite large enough to place my mouse on without causing me to get a shoulder cramp from incorrect positioning. Does anyone use an articulating mouse tray,and if so, which one did you purchase? Thank you very much.

Posting on this board sm - Posted By: Just me

I agree with the moderator and the thing that bothers me is that some take up so much of some of the boards, that they seem to "overcome" and this is why in desperation, some say, "Please help me on".....xyz board because they know the board they should be posting on has only one or two posters. Albeit, these posters are helpful also, but don't you think it would be wise to allow only a certain number of posts per day on certain boards to allow someone else to get a word in edgewise? Then there would not be so many "lockouts" and posts on the main board. I was in a situation that was of importance to my future business and I did ask for help on a board which seemed to have only one or two posters lately, and I was shut down. This is not a punitive message, just a suggestion that sometimes we are desperate to be helped. This board is an excellent source of communication and I would hate to see anything negative happen here. Just a suggestion. Carry on the good work!

How to protect our jobs . . . - Posted By: see message

I learned that Focus Infomatics (transcription service) is an alliance of Nuance, the company who owns eScription and Dragon voice recognition programs. Apparently, Focus Infomatics sends a majority of their dictation to India, and the pay to MTs in the U.S. is below minimum wage. I think we should avoid working for Focus Informatics, as well as avoid attending or promoting the Career Step MT program. Career Step promotes and supports Focus Infomatics. This may be a small step in the right direction for MTs who deserve higher wages and to be treated with respect.

Imagine that!! - Posted By: Mom-CMT

My DH just got a promotion at work.  It is a pretty big promotion.  He sat down and talked to me and told me how happy he is to have me at home working, because he feels he is where he is because I pick up so much of the slack with the kids, etc. and he gets to focus on his career.  For a while I was considering getting out of the business (major burnout), but now I'm here to stay!!!  He told me now that he is making more, not to worry about working so hard -- take some more time off for myself!!!  Am I lucky or what!!!!

Tax vent sm - Posted By: A Nonny Mouse

I am anonymous because I am going to state numbers.

I am older lady, live alone and have been doing MT for a number of years. I was married but now I'm not and I have no other deductions other than business expenses.

I made what I consider real money in 2007. I made 35,500. After $2000 a month living expenses or $24K, ALL THE REST WENT FOR TAXES!!!!!

I had to finish paying taxes for 2006 and then save for 2007, so it ALL went for taxes.

I am CHEESED OFF (you can't post that P word). I drive a 15 y/o car with 125,000 miles on it. All my furniture is old. My clothing, such as I could afford, came off the clearance racks at the Walmart or are second hand. I ran short of food more times than I count and when I visited the pump I had a heart attack and cut driving out for things to twice a month. I turned down the furnace to afford those bills. I took to showering every other day to save money on the hot water heater and washing clothing. I didn't go out to a single movie in 2007. I ate out about 6 times and half of those were paid for by someone else. I spent last year cooped up in my house, working because I had no other entertainment, nowhere to go and no money to do anything if I could get there.

Not only are we not paid anything near what we are worth and can't get a raise to save our souls, if we do well Uncle Sam robs the rest beyond living expenses. I am livid. javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');

Politicians talk about getting Americans to save money. Just how is that supposed to happen? Everything is expense and continues to go up. Wages don't increase and taxes take an ever bigger bite of what we do make.

newbie - Posted By: Joe

Im sorry if this is for workers already doing this career but someone told me in a chatroom that they paid 5 thousand for some software like 6 years ago and makes like 30 bucks an hr from home doing this.  Can anyone tell me if thats possible and how i can get started in this career.  Can you invest money like that and work from home from the start ?

anyone see the lame Jennifer Aniston interview - Posted By: with Oprah?

Come on, where were the tears, hysteria and complete breakdown?  I was on the edge of my seat, never watch Oprah anyways, and it was sooo disappointing.  Not one mention of Bradangelina, it was all about okay lets heal now.  Rip off.

Does anyone know how to convert the Stedmans word list to - Posted By: a MS Word document?

If so please share how.  Thank you! 

Transcription Plus LLC - Posted By: MTMommy

Do anyone else work for this company?  They are out of CT.  My last 3 checks have been NSF.  I am very upset and discouraged!!  Anyone else in this boat??