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line counts doing acute care ???? - Posted By: dls

just wondering, all these very high per day line counts, does this include acute care - discharge summaries, op notes, consults, GI tests, echos, etc.  Just curious.  I have been doing this a long time, mostly acute care, but some clinic, but I find that my acute care line counts are a lot lower than the clinic.  I would appreciate any tips.

Gotta love em, or want to strangle them - Posted By: LOL sm

I transcribed a dictation earlier with the word salpingo-oophorectomy in it.  Now, this is not a new word for me, I have transcribed it many times.  The funny part is that later in the document the dictator said the word "chunks"...and then spelled it out!!!!  All I could do was laugh.  It just makes you wonder about their thought processes sometimes. 

Need my fellow MTs opinions...sm - Posted By: mimi

I've been working from home as an IC for my 7 years of MTing.  MUCH has changed in my life and I find that it may be time to leave the home office and get back into the world of the living.  I spoke wiht a hospial in my area and got a bit of info - full time position Monday through Friday, full benefit package, tuition reimbursement, life insurance, healthcare, disabiliy, etc.  The top pay is 6k less than what I'm making now, but that is not that important as there are other factors I have to take into consideration.  My question to those of you who are in-house MTs, would you share your hourly rate - just a ballpark.  This is the first time I've ventured down this path and actually received figures from a potential employer. 

So, what do you all think?

Upstate New York - Posted By: Elsie

I have finished my MT course and I am waiting for my results, hopefully this week. I live near Glens Falls, New York, and was wondering if there was anyone here who was from my area. I would love to hear from anyone in the vicinity. Elsie

VPN with satellite - Posted By: Debbie

My husband and I have been looking for a house for 2 years and have finally found one in a remote area.  The only problem is the area only has satellite (Blue Sky) as a hi-speed internet connection.  I have heard there are some problems working with a secured VPN connection when on satellite.  Would like any and all information about the experiences you have had working with a secured VPN connection using satellite.  I don't want to make an offer on a house that I might not be able to work from!  Thanks!

I have 4000 glossary entries to transfer to a - Posted By: different platform. See message.

I'm going from DocQScribe to an Ex-Text platform and I have to reinput the phrases in one-by-one.   Should I do this as the phrases come up?  Is it preferable to just make some time to re-type the whole list at multiple settings? 


Rod Stewart! Wow! can you believe...He is 61 years old. Check this out! sl - Posted By: Lyn


Current Employees of CBAY? - Posted By: happyMt

I know that a lot of you guys are anti-CBay because they outsource but I've got to go where the money is instead of sitting here posting on forums while I wait for some work to come in.  My question is....Anyone currently working for Cbay as QA? I've done my interview and tests and the pay/benefits are very alluring.  I'm tired of MT work and want to move up/on without having to work 12 hours a day. I've read all the other posts "hating" on them but is there anyone out there that has had a positive experience??? Aside from sending work overseas, how are they really?

Remember the jacket problem? - Posted By: theresa

A few months back, I was very upset about my sister-in-law taking a jacket that belonged to my husband's father (that we gave him for Christmas) after he passed away and wasn't sure what to do about it. Well......we did get it back.  I gave the problem to the Lord and tried to forget about it and told myself it was just a jacket and ended up getting the jacket back anyway. He must have been working on her heart as well.

This is a great resource (see link) - Posted By: Dora

FTP software - Posted By: Cindy

I'm trying to learn new FTP software, FTP Navigator.  I can read the files but they are in word pad.  Is this right? I am trying to read their sample reports and would rather read them in Word.  Can anyone help? TIA

ICs who do radiology....can you help? - Posted By: penny

Anyone out there who does radiology as an IC......can you give me an idea what you make and is it per page or report?  I just want anonymous answers....no names needed....but I'm just trying to get some idea of what's fair for a radiology Transcriptionist as an IC.  Thanks so much in advance.

Anybody else not feel like working today? - Posted By: no motivation again

You know how you're sleep deprived, then when you catch up on your sleep, you feel even more tired than before?  Ugh.  I slept for 10 hours last night.  I've got a killer headache.  All the work coming up on my account today is lousy.  I'd rather be doing anything else right now.  Time to set the timer and get 'er done.

Anybody with mitral valve prolapse that seems to have problems with palpitations. I have had this - Posted By: MT

fairly regularly for a few years and have given up caffeine. I think they seem worse when I get on a candy craze and just wondering what other people find with MVP.

Multiple antivirus/spyware/adware on at same time? - Posted By: Renee

  Can you run multiple programs for antivirus, etc. at the same time, such as this PC Tools free antivirus that I keep talking about, and the AVG that I keep reading about?

I know you can only have 1 firewall, but I'm not sure about the other security software.  Any input?  This computer stuff is SO and confusing and oh so frustrating!

Thanks in advance.

Need help, QA says no to type-2 diabetes, please advise????nm - Posted By: MI MT


Failure to pay and your options - Posted By: concerned MT - long message

If you are currently an Independent contractor, you are a business. You are hired as a business to conduct work for a MTSO. I strongly urge everyone to be sure that any contract they sign with a company includes a date of expected pay. Also, when hired, note that late payment of services, after a reasonable amount of time for posting, will be cause for a late fee or interest. Be sure to save e-mail or correspondence. The fact that a company notes when payment of your invoice will be ill give them a set time with a reasonable amount of time for postage to get to you.

If, payment is not made, within that reasonable amount of time, and conversations give you the assumption that they will not be paid (especially if it is said we did not get money etc) then it is theft of services. Contact your DA, and the DA of the MTSO. Think of it this way, if you were any other professional, late fees get tacked on if YOU DO NOT PAY, so pass it on. Put it in your correspondence and stick to it. You are an independent contractor supporting your business.

Now, for all of those who think they are an independent contractor but have any of the following terms, you may be considered an employee through the US Labor Board - including scheduled hours of work.

These factors are used to determine if an individual is classified as an Independent Contractor:

* Is the worker required to follow INSTRUCTIONS?
* Does the firm provide training to accomplish the work?
* Is the worker REGULARLY employed at the firm?
* Is the work performed personally by the worker?
* Does the firm DIRECTLY pay the worker's assistants?
* Is there a continuing ongoing work relationship?
* Are there a set number of work HOURS?
* Is the worker engaged full time by the firm?
* Does the worker work on the firm's premises?
* Does the worker work according to a SCHEDULE set by the firm?
* Is the worker required to submit regular reports to the firm?
* Is the worker paid based on time rather than by project?
* Is the worker REIMBURSED for his/her expenses?
* Does the firm furnish the tools and/or materials?
* Does the worker have a vested INTEREST in performing the services?
* Can the worker realize a profit or suffer a loss?
* Does the worker work for more than one firm at a time?
* Does the worker make his services available to the general public?
* Does the firm have the right to DISCHARGE the worker without incurring a legal liability for non-performance under the contract?
* Does the worker have the right to TERMINATE the relationship without incurring a legal liability for non-performance under the contract?

Depending on your responses, you could be an employee or IC - check with your Labor Board BEFORE a problem pops up.
As a professional, we all must protect ourselves and information is key.

I hope those who have problems get them cleared up sooner rather than later.

Question about Keystrokes - Posted By: Viki4

I am considering applying to Keystrokes for a MT job as I see they are advertising for a variety of MTs. Has anyone here had any experience with them or know anything about this company.
I just want some feedback before I jump in. Thanks!

Is it ridiculous - Posted By: sm

to list a Brainbench certification for medical transcription on your resume?

Anyone use the Kinesis Advantage keyboard? see msg.... - Posted By: Kiki

I would really appreciate any kind of feedback on this keyboard.  It's expensive but my hands/wrists/fingers are killing me.  Since I do VR mostly, I'm wondering where the arrow keys are.  Can't tell by the pics on the Kinesis site.  Also, are the keys really low-force and do you think that helps reduce pain and discomfort when typing?  Anything you could tell me, good or bad, before I spend this much money would be so appreciated.



How often do you update your spellchecker? nm - Posted By: SS


Instant Text and abcz - Posted By: Irish

Happy Holidays everyone!

I was wondering if anyone uses the abcz method with Instant Text and if they were pleased with it.

Does anyone know of a place where it can be downloaded? Or any other suggestions?

People have been helpful and my productivity is inceasing but still need more help!

As always, thanks to all for your willingness to help!!

This is Hilarious, ROFL. Sm. - Posted By: JJ

This is rofl, for real



Is 13 CPL a good rate for - Posted By: IC status for hospital work?


Any fans of The Office ? - Posted By: CAMT

Can I just say that I LOVE this show!!! I think it is so funny and well-written. Steve Carell is perfect in that role, and all the characters seem to be perfectly cast. You gotta love Dwight! This is my favorite show to come along in quite a while! My husband and I both laugh out loud, and not too many shows do that to you anymore. 

just curious about typing styles - Posted By: curious

Do you type every word continuously as you go along or 

listen for a few words/phrase, stop and type it, then listen again and continue in that fashion?


I was always taught to do the latter but sometimes it seems faster NOT to do it that way.

Question, please help me out - Posted By: TX

I quit my transcription job to work for the school district (what a big mistake). I am thinking about going back to my old job (transcribing). The new Transcriptionist they have hired is not quite working out, so I have been helping out in the evenings. 

The problem is that they have transferred over to EMR (Medinotes). Will I still be able to somehow input all my stuff from AutoCorrect? If anybody out there knows about MediNotes, please let me know - Thanks   

OMG! laughed right out loud at this one sm - Posted By: Lorie R.

brand spanking new PA student dictating for the first time this week! (hoo-boy).  I thought I heard her wrong when she said "uncontributory" (I didn't), but I about fell on the floor when she gave me.....wait for it......

"no ee-lik-it drug use"  BWAAAAAAAHHAAAAAA. 

Is anyone able to find a new job right now if they want to change from their - Posted By: PAMT

present company. 

RE: Anyone know of a real light touch keyboard that is a reasonable price? - Posted By: Kristie



Voice recognitioin, Avg pay per line or per hour. TIA. sm... - Posted By: babs

I have an opportunity to work on this platform and wondered what is fair and equitable.  Thanks so much.

Top 10 dead end jobs.... - Posted By: tia

Article in CareerBuilders

This was one of a few clerical positions that were listed as the tope 10 dead end jobs.  I really am thinking of doing something else now.

Word Processors and Data-Entry Keyers
This sector of workers is expected to decline due to the proliferation of personal computers. Employment growth of data entry keyers will still be dampened by productivity gains, as various data-capturing technologies, such as bar code scanners, voice recognition technologies and sophisticated character recognition readers become more prevalent. In addition, employment of these workers will be adversely affected by businesses that are increasingly contracting out their work.

Can anywone recommend a good vacuum cleaner? My old one broke and has to be replaced. Thanks. NM - Posted By: MTSO


unbelievable - Posted By: ER MT

In Shanghai because of a rabies scare, 50,000 dogs have been clubbed to death. This is so upsetting to me because I love animals.  They even offered dog owners 63 cents to kill their own dogs before they sent out the teams to kill them !!  They actually "seized dogs from their owners and beat them to death on the spot."  What a bunch of barbarians.  Wow.  Glad I live in the U.S.

Imagine that!! - Posted By: Mom-CMT

My DH just got a promotion at work.  It is a pretty big promotion.  He sat down and talked to me and told me how happy he is to have me at home working, because he feels he is where he is because I pick up so much of the slack with the kids, etc. and he gets to focus on his career.  For a while I was considering getting out of the business (major burnout), but now I'm here to stay!!!  He told me now that he is making more, not to worry about working so hard -- take some more time off for myself!!!  Am I lucky or what!!!!

Hmmmm. So, India doesn't want Wal-Mart, but they want OUR jobs. - Posted By: What's wrong with this picture?


Word help - Posted By: Sue

I have a dictation where the doc says the patient may have 'middlesmertz' .. but I can't find anything to verify this word. Anyone ever hear of this and direct me to a site to verify it?  THANKS!

WP 12 quickwords not working - Posted By: need WP help

I was typing a report with no problems in WP 12, quickwords were working fine, and then my desk tray that my keyboard sits on got knocked and fell down (the screws fell out long ago so it's been rickety for a while but this is the first time it has fallen), so my keyboard fell with it along with my mouse.  My keyboard seemed to be working fine after the fall (it didn't fall far and it was on a carpted floor), but as for the mouse, I am having to click twice most times instead of just once (you know, normal double click is now a quadruple click) but not all the time.  And again, this quickword thing happened just after this fall.  I've rebooted twice, and even changed keyboards, but they still aren't working.  Anyone ever heard of this before?  Thanks very much.

Please explain to me what an - Posted By: Question.

expander is. I have been doing this for 25+ years- I have shortcuts (these in my definition are words that I spell wrong and the shortcuts changes them for me or say a hospital's name I use all the time, just put in initials and it pulls it up for me) and then I use what the job has for templates and that entails a complete dictation that a particular dictator uses time and time - but what is considered an expander?

AI - I think Elliott is history tonight-NM - Posted By: NM


Swollen legs & ankles - suggestions? (sm) - Posted By: Puffycalves

Does anyone else have a problem with leg and ankle swelling from sitting in the same position all day?  Mine is worse than ever lately.  Any suggestions of getting rid of and preventing this from happening again?

Anyone know where one can get a - Posted By: medical spellchecker download?

Lost mine somewhere out in lalal land.  Thank you in advance.

Do y'all think the size of the font matters in line counts? - Posted By: MSMT

If your font is smaller takes more characters to make a line?  I just wondered this today. 


Does Andrews Accept Salliemae?

How do you encrypt a document before using - Posted By: FTP transfer? TIA nm


Any idea how to convert - Posted By: Angela

bytes into lines? On one of my accounts, I get paid by the byte and transcribe in WordPerfect. I am trying to figure what that converts to as cpl. Any ideas on how I would go about doing that?

Acusis QA - Posted By: happyfingers

Has anyone noticed something weird going on with the QA??  It seems like all my work is being QA'ed...This is happening to anyone else?

Indenpendent contracting ? - Posted By: Backwoods typist

I am just curious.  I was thinking about trying independent contract jobs, but I have never been one.  One question that comes to mind at the moment is..do I need a business license to be one?  I know there are several benefits to being one, but just never really had that experience.  Any insight would be appreciated.

Dictaphone question? - Posted By: op4me

I have only worked straight internet/platform transcription and I am curious how the Dictaphone works? Does it connect to the phone line? If so, can it connect to my cable phone (ie Sunrocket, Vonage, etc)? Any help is appreciated.


dysthiakinesis?? - Posted By: xx

is that a word?  Can't find it anywhere