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What would you do if ..... - Posted By: TD

I have been offered a job at a local elementary shool as a school principal secretary working from 7:00 - 4:30. The school is about a mile away from home, be off all the days that the kids are off (Christmas break, Spring break, etc. as well as the summer off). I like working from home, but my job offers no benefits, no vacation, and I work everyday of the week except Saturday. 

I am having a hard time deciding, please let me hear what you'll would do in my case - Thanks!    

help on word board please - Posted By: theresa


Mid-afternoon Slump - Posted By: niki

Any suggestions on what to do for that mid-afternoon slump? I get so blah about this time of day, it's all I can do to stay awake.


I Chart - Posted By: ginny

Is anyone familiar with I chart dictaphone platform?  If so, I would love feedback - negative or positive!   Thanks!

Can someone help with an internet trick... - Posted By: Mary

If I was looking on the internet at something and saw an address to respond to, I could click on the email address and it would pop open a box in my yahoo and put the address right in the "compose" a message part of my yahoo mail.

A couple of days ago, this feature stopped working, and now I am cutting and pasting the email addresses off of the internet and pasting them into my yahoo mail. 

Does anyone know how to get this feature back.



HELP -- advice/info please. My son sat on my new laptop. - Posted By: MSMT

Is it fixable?  The screen is all messed up.  And no, I didn't buy the warranty, but I think I still can.  I bought it at Sam's and they told me a long time ago that you could buy the warranty up to 30 days after your purchase.  That child. 

WAV players - Posted By: LieseOrlita

What kinds of .WAV players does everybody use to play voice files. I am having a hard time trying to use it with TouchType 2.


how do get rid of password protected -sm - Posted By: Cindy

computer.  I had it so a password needed to be entered on my PC but would like to change that now.  How do I do that? Thanks.

patient denies change in bowel habitus? shouldn't this be habit? MD says habitus. HELP! - Posted By: newbie

Why do so many people LOVE operative notes? I see posts about it all the time... - Posted By: jj

how they make good money on them, they could do them all day, feel cheated when they don't get them? I have been doing this for years and years and still kind of groan when I see them come up on my screen. Fill me on the secrets and maybe I won't whine so much when I do them. Thanks gal!

Here's a funny typo for you. I saw this at work today on a chart. - Posted By: Diagnosis: Leukopenis

How many Weekend Warriors do we have here? Those - Posted By: jus me

who particularly work weekends and very little if any during the week?  Just curious.  I'm the weekday worker who jumps in on weekends when the workload is very heavy (which it is today).

platforms - Posted By: landroverlady

Can I get some opinions as to what you think is the best platform to work in?  Does anyone think Scribe is slow?  What is best, what is worst?

Do wi-fi places let you plug your lap top into - Posted By: an electrical outlet? My battery stays weak. nm


Barbara Grow expander method - Posted By: Where can I find her dictionaries?

I am in search of Barbara Grow's or Mary Morken's word Expander method and dictionaries.  I googled these and am not finding any place that has them free or for sale.  Do any of you know where to find them?

Estrin-D and CortiSlim - Posted By: Potential Java the Hut

Has anyone tried Estrin-D?  Does it make you jittery?   Also CortiSlim.  Has anyone used this, and is it effective?  Thanks!  

Macros - MSWord - Posted By: Barb

When I do clinic notes I need to make a log, so have been copying the heading over to another document.

However, someone told me that in WP8 there is a macro that can do this automatically. If true, is there such a thing in Word?

If anyone keeps a separate log, can you tell me how you do it.

Thank you.

What are good Medical Transcription Schools? - Posted By: Hunter

The response I got when asking about the credibility of MTAtHome.com wasn't very good.  So now I'm wondering, what are some good Medical Transcription schools that you can do online.  I'm looking for an online program.  Can anyone send me in the right direction?  I definately don't want to be jipped by a school that is not credible, which will then affect whether I get employment or not.  Thanks for your responses.

-Hunter DuRant

times 3 or x3? Which is okay? nm - Posted By: just me



is a platform... - Posted By: maryann

i using express scribe and have been reading here about platforms, is express scribe considered a platform?  I have did MT for over ten years in an office setting but this is my 1st at home position and am unfamiliar with the platform. In the office setting we only used microcassettes and typed verbatim. So please forgive my ignorance in this realm.  Would someone be willing to explain or give an example.  I would appreciate it. I like to be knowledgable in the aspects of mt and feel you're never too old to be knowledgable. Thanks!!

Word/phrase Autocompletion - Posted By: Software. Any MTs use these?

Does anyone use any of the word/phrase autocompletion software programs for MT work?  Which ones work productively?


? about "cold calling." - Posted By: tips, please??

For those of you who have acquired accts through cold calling, what do you suggesting saying?  I did get one account this way, but cant remember how I managed.  Any tips appreciated!



Florida girl!

Question for those using EditScript MT (sm) - Posted By: ES MT

Lots of MTs use laptops to work.  How do you get rid of the footpedal lag when using EditScript MT?  I use an adapter from USB to serial port for the footpedal. Using ES 6.0. 

prosthetics/orthotics reference book needed - Posted By: omt

Does anybody have one for sale or know where I can get one for a reasonable price? I've just started doing occasional notes for Prosthetics and I'm not having much luck finding reference materials.  I've checked Barnes and Noble and ebay and have Googled like crazy, but I really don't have $150.00 to spend on a good reference book, especially as I only do this account occasionally.

Thank you!

Word 2003 or 2000 or 2002? - Posted By: L Beilstein

Hi y'all. I have to change from WOrd 97 to Word 2003 or 2000 or 2002?

Do y'all have a FAVORITE, and can you tell me WHY? Just a short email would do it and would be so appreciated here.

Thanks everyone for input. I really appreciate it. I'm using XP Media Center 2005 and it has 2003 on it that I can buy. My main thing was that with it I could not do like 5mg and have the space between the drug dose automatically come in from my expander. But, as soon as I get the new version of Word, I'm getting Instant Text and maybe that will help. I need to upgrade so I can purchase the IT and Steadman's, and Steadman's needs a newer version. Also, I'd like to get some newer features than 97, hopefully one of the newer versions will be more conducive to production?

Thanks to all who reply. You can email me or post. Thanks much.

Does anyone work with speech recognition? sm - Posted By: ruff

We are currently learning this, and I hate it.  It's not editing others' work, its doing your own transcription with speech rec.  Does anyone else do this, and like it?  Anyone had success with it, or failures?    I'm seriously thinking of quitting my company, as we have to give this three months trial to get used to it, before we are considered for being taken out of the program.     

    All I hear from work is how wonderful it is, how positive, how everyone hates it at first but once you get used to it how you love it.  I don't think so.  This just isn't for me.   There are others who feel the same way, but you never hear about them, unless you happen to stumble across those particular people somehow; which I have. 

Coder vs. Transcriptionist - Posted By: futureMT

Honestly, which is better?  As far as job market, earnings, and essential functions of the job? 

Does anybody have a GOOD home remedy for fleas... - Posted By: MI MT

I have two "sons" (shih tzus), one has long hair and the other has short hair.  My short haired baby has fleas that I cannot get rid of.  I have tried all kinds of over the counter medicine and I have done everything including cleaning this house top to bottom and bathing him 3 times a week.  One would think the long haired one would have them worse, but he doesn't.  He enjoys being groomed though and brushed daily whereas my short haired guy thinks the brush is a toy.  I used the Zodiac line last year and had absolutely no problems at all but it is just not working this year.  Any good ideas would be appreciated!!!!

Hospitals vs. MTSOs - Posted By: cmyu

I am applying at both a hospital for a prn position and with an MT company for part time work. I have the option to work in-house with the hospital, which I may do because I have to drive 25 miles to the city to bring my kids to their preschool anyway.  My question is, what are some of the differences between working for a hospital and working for a company?  (Pros and cons for each)  I have less than 2 years experience, and some of that time was spent doing chiropractic transcription, so I am concerned that I might need more experience or training for the hospital work.  Is it more difficult to work for a hospital?  Thanks in advance for any comments.  

Stedmans Medical Dictionary or MD for the Health Prof and Nursing? - Posted By: Tracey

Which one do you prefer?

DQS/Instant Text and continuations - Posted By: teaser

I would like to use the continuation feature in IT for DQs. Would someone be able to share how they accumulate the documents, etc., so I can do this. (I hope that made sense)

There must be a quicker way than the way I'm thinking.

Opinions please, which work type equals $$$? - Posted By: DJ

Who is making the most average rate per hour?  Radiology MT's, ER/Clinic MT's or Basic 4 MT's (DS, OPS, CONS, H&P). 



Quick grammar ? You should already have OR You should have already (nm) - Posted By: can be confusing


Lartech Healthprime very good - Posted By: s lyons

Ok first off, let me say that alot of negative things have been posted about this company and I can only speak for my own experiences, so what I am posting is my own opinion and should be taken for what it is...only my opinion of my experiences with this company so far.   I finally spoke with the people that run the company and I admit I hestitated at first, but I have nothing but good things to say about this comapny so far, they did send me my contract which I have signed and sent back. They DID ask for my social security number, so I dont know why people were saying that they did not, and as far as the communications, since today is the day after TG, they were not available, but I finally did get an answer.  I have complete faith in them and am taking the job. The gentleman that I have been dealing with has been nothing but polite, extremely helpful and well -mannered and has gone out of his way to help me with anything I needed, which is more than I can say for many American born people I have worked for.  For the most part, my experiences with them have been horrible and most of them should  have taken a lesson on how to treat people with respect before they were given positions as QA managers or Supervisors. I dont know what happens to people in this business sometimes, but they get so caught up with being competitive and being number one, that they totally forget how to treat people as human beings.  As far as those folks that did not get paid, I cannot speak for them but perhaps they were just disgruntled ex employees, I am not sure. I will touch base on that in two weeks when my paycheck is due.  As far as where they are located, at this point in my life financially....I am sorry but I could care less and I admit it. I dont care if the company is based on Mars at this point, I have a mortgage to pay for and if I get a check biweekly, thats all I care about.  Its ok for folks to buy foreign autos and half of the crap we use in our life is "made in China" but if someone works for a company that outsources or is based in India we are horrible and unpatriotic and at the same they drive Toyotas or BMW's, neither of which are made in this country. I believe probably 7 out of 10 MT companies outsource, they just dont admit it. This is my opinion as of today.  I got a pay schedule from them and if in 2 weeks anything happens to change my mind I certainly will post it, but for now this is what I have to say.

incentive pay - Posted By: NewbieTypes

I would like to know how icentives usually work. If your base rate was .10 per line up to 10,000 lines per pay period, your incentive was .15 above 10,000 and you typed 15,000 lines, would you be paid .15 for all 15,000 lines or just .15 for the 5,000 lines over the minimum and .10 for the first 10,000?

Need help on technical board - doing search on MSWord. tks. - Posted By: (nm)


Landmark Transcription - Posted By: krispy

Does anyone know anything about this company.  I am thinking of working for them?  Thanks.

FusionVoice/FusionText - Posted By: Gracie

We are looking into a new dictation and transcription system.  Has anyone had any experience wtih FusionText or FusionVoice by Dolbey ? 

Does BOS 3 now not push a dash between things like 3-cm incision or - Posted By: PAMT

what is the rule for this.  I dont have BOS 3 but I do have BOS2. 

Hi there - need help for *A to E* resection?...sm - Posted By: Need help on word board please *S*

thanks in advance!!! 

Difference in Word 2007 from older versions - Posted By: Computer Geek

I have a trial version of Word 2007 on my computer, and I really like its layout.  It's not a fully functional version, so I can only try it out so much.  Has anyone made the switch from the older versions of Word and liked it better?  Has it improved your productivity in any way?  Any problems with it?  All feedback appreciated.


Advantage of Laptops? - Posted By: Just Curious

Another poster asked how many MTs use laptops, and that got me wondering what the advantage to a laptop would be.  I understand traveling, but it sounds like some use it for home. 

I guess what I'm getting at is that I'm trying to figure out how I can transcribe outside on the back deck with a C-phone and computer (I live in a rural area).  I guess a laptop, extension cords, and moving with the sun would probably be logical, but are there any problems with that scenario that anyone can think of?  Does anyone have any other ideas for outdoor transcription?  I get kind of lonely during the day, so I thought the outdoors might help.  Also, work wants me to transcribe 2 hours before breaking!  Even though I'm new with this company, I haven't met that goal yet.  Thought I would try some new scenery, if it's possible!  ');>

Anyone using the Expanderic expander?? sm - Posted By: Shortcut MT

I'm a longtime Instant Text user.  I also have a few things stuck in AutoText and just started using Bayscribe.  The idea of having everything in one spots sounds appealing.  Anyone using this program?

Laptop cases sm - Posted By: Bella

So, I'm getting a laptop for work.  Anyone know of cases where the laptop, keyboard, headset, and foot pedal will all fit into.  If nothing else at least the keyboard and headset.  I could always carry the footpedal seperate or use hotkeys.  Something that isn't too terribly big if that is possible. 


Windows XP Professional & Word - Posted By: Barb

Searching Word help section I see where it is possible to email directly from Word and also encrypt the document. If anyone does this, I could use some direction in doing it.


Thank you.  bw

s/l Seifer stent, Sifer stent, can't reference! - Posted By: gmg


Should provide equipment for doc?sm - Posted By: typinaltime

Am IC who does transcription for local MDs -- want to go digital - Should I purchase the equipment or should ask MD to do this??  help

Using Instant Text Commands? - Posted By: Need a little help

Could someone explain to me how to create a command/macro in Instant Text for changing a period to a comma and uncap the next letter in a sentence?  Please do not high tech words because that just confuses me. Lol 

If anyone knows of any other command/macros that can be used in Instant Text to help with improving line counts I would greatly appreciate hearing about them. 

Yes, I do know about the the forum at textware and productivity talk but they are so high techy over there that I am lost. 

Thanks a bunch

Son suffering from traumatic brain injury. - Posted By: b

My son was hit by a car 7 years ago and sustained a traumatic brain injury. He was in a coma and went through over a year of rehabilitation. He was 15 at the time and finished high school, went on to Junior College and has just finished a year at a state university. He has struggled with learning disabilities and short term memory problems since the accident and has barely passed his classes. It looks as though this was his last semester at school because his grade point average isn't high enough to let him continue school. He will be put on academic suspension. He wanted to go away to school so badly and worked so hard to make it and I know he will be so disapointed when he finds out he won't be going back in the fall.

He is definately a miracle and I thank God everyday that he is alive but I don't know what to do to help him anymore. My question is "Is there anyone out there with a similar situation who can give me some advice on where to go from here?"

And speaking of ChartScript below, pls see message & help me decide....SM - Posted By: Anon

if this sounds like a potentially good deal. 

There's a hospital job open in my area that I think I'm going to apply for. I've talked to a friend who works there, and this is what I know so far.

Can work at home after ? time at the hospital.  ChartScript.  Lanier C-Quence.  1200 day quota paid at .09 cpl, then lines 1201 and up paid at .11 cpl.  Family insurance coverage is $105 per 2 weeks, and dental is $27 per 2 weeks.  They have vision but not sure of price.  Medical insurance is a $250 deductible but then they pay 90%.  You get your medications from the hospital pharmacy, and they are 10% of cost, and you don't have to meet the deductible for them to be paid for. PTO is paid hourly but not sure how much - varies person to person, I guess.  Hospital has choice of a 401K matched up to 5%, or a 403b and a pension plan (I don't know what this is).  Also 2 weeks vacation and 7 holidays for the first 5 years, then 3 weeks vacation and 7 holidays. 

What do you all think of this?  It sounds good to me but is the software productive and the dictation system reliable, in your experience?  Thanks!