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HELP! cardiology question - Posted By: Margaret

when dictating...He has a dominant _______ (circ) which is 100% occluded....colaterals for a AV ______ (circ)

what is circ? circumflex artery?

Shorthand 10.0 and Docuscribe - Posted By: csmrmt

Would any know if ShortHand 10 works with Docuscribe platform. 



OSI transcription? - Posted By: Margaret

Anybody have any experience with OSi transcription, good, bad or anything?  I am going to be testing with them.  What is their pay scale (I think most companies range from 7 cpl to 9 CPL).

MT courses and pay - Posted By: Chicagogirl

I was hoping to get some recommedations for online courses and find out what the going rate is for a new MT per year. 

I do medical coding & billing right now, but would like to work from home since I am a single mom of 3.  The only thing is I currently make $44,000 per year and cannot make much less then that because of mortgage and bills.  Thanks for any info.

I have never worked for a transcription --sm - Posted By: Anna

company before.  Have always had my own clients but lost 3 last year so went with a company.    Has anyony ever had a pay per line decrease for not meeting the required daily limit?  I started at 10 line for 1600 lpd.  Just was told that I dropped to 1345 and would now be making 9 per line.  Jobs were extremely low from Nov-now and there were just no jobs to be had.  Is this normal procedure?



x versus X - Posted By: Anne Davis

I need to know if it should be x or X.  IE  8 mm X 7 mm.

What companies hire.... - Posted By: Just curious

international/over seas MTs? I have been looking and looking for a decent job that hires MTs from Canada, are their any?

Does anyone have health insurance with AARP? sm - Posted By: Winnie Ruth

Have any of you older ladies used AARP health insurance?  If so, what is your opinion of it?  Is it expensive?  Do they hold pre-existing conditions against you?  Thanks!

QA editors, this is how I would - Posted By: QA people, this is how I would

like to be corrected (general format):  (a)  Here is your error.  (b)  Here is how I want it done (c)  If this is a change, this is a notice of the change (d)  If I have had to correct you on this before, consider this a warning.  (e)  This correction deserves some explanation, so here it is. (f)  Research this first, but if you really do not understand it, contact me.    There are no unnecessary remarks either way.  There are no attempts to toss mean shots, because they serve no purpose.  A professional QA Editor can teach a new MT a great deal, and get that newbie to work WITH her, by setting a good example in terms of professional behavior.

Errors & Omissions Insurance. - Posted By: Is it necessary?


On-call transcription in a small hospital - Posted By: Jamie

I work for a very small rural hospital with only two full-time transcriptionists and one part-time transcriptionist.  We have recently been told that the administration of our hospital is entertaining the idea of on-call Transcriptionist for uncovered hours.  We already work alternating Saturdays (day shift only).  I wanted to know if any other hospitals out there do on-call transcription (Not from home and not outsourced).  They want us to physically drive in and be in the office to do this transcription.  Any information at all would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks. 

Converting Shorthand to AutoText - Posted By: How do you do this

Well I have used my trial versions of Shorthand.  Speedtype has not responded to my trial version request.  So is there a way to convert my ShortHand dictionary so that I can use it in AutoText?  Not Autocorrect but AutoText.   Thanks

Question about wave pedals...please help - Posted By: tia

I know this may seem like a simple question to most but I have always worked through phone lines to receive dictation.  I did purchase a USB port pedal from Expresscribe a couple of years ago in hopes of finding part time work to go along with my full time but I never could get it to work.  My computer would not recognize that it was connected.  Anyway, I am will to try again but at $189 for a universal pedal, I do not want to get stuck with something I can't use.  So, if anyone has the time to fully explain this to me I would appreciate it.  How does it work?  Can I use my MP3 player on my computer?  If I can use my MP3 player, wouldn't any pedal work in the game port?  Sorry for the questions but I would appreciate some answers as I am really looking for something I could move around with, like on vacations or business trips with my husband.

working away from home - Posted By: clueless mt as well

I am curious about working with a laptop away from home.  I don't have any idea about how to get the programs from the desktop to be on the laptop to make this possible.  I also do not want to do anything uncool with the company I work for.  How does one get away with this.  What do you do?  Give me a hint someone please.

Using virgules - Posted By: annie

Is it still okay to use the virgule in place of the words "out of" as in Strength 2/5?  Or are we supposed to write out "2 out of 5?"  I am confusing myself trying to remember if that changed ... anyone know?

2 cpl for editing post - where is - Posted By: this industry headed??? sm

I can't believe this is a valid offer (posted on MT Jobs).  They claim these are "high quality" txs.  Who cares?  2 cpl?????  Is it even worth it to listen to and read these?

Aces UP Medical Transcription - Posted By: Trish O'Neil

Does anyone know anything about this company.  I spoke with someone on the telephone this morning and am considering working for them, but want to make sure they are legitimate before I send any personal info.  They sound wonderful to work with.  Anyone have any experience with them?  Thanks.

FTP site question?? - Posted By: Don't mean to sound dumb, but

How do FTP sites work? I've never worked on one before and am just wondering if someone would give a little info? Is there a platform when you sign on to site? How do you play files? etc. Thanks!

ASTAT Transcription--Can't find anything in archives - Posted By: Interested

Any information on ASTAT Transcription?

Where to get a DB9 serial footpedal? - Posted By: jlo

I'm needing a serial DB9 foot pedal ASAP but can't afford to spend $70+ on it right now.  I have an ad on the Classifieds board but I don't think I can wait for someone to reply to me. 

Anyone have any ideas where to get one reasonably priced and quick?  I already tried ebay and I found one for $54 but that means waiting for the auction to expire, then shipping.

What is the job code number or category to use for MT on the Schedule C? Thank you! nm - Posted By: first time IC


HELP - Posted By: Theresa

I am behind in the public voting for Y-City Star. I come from a very small town and so I need all my fellow MTs to take just a minute and vote. PLEASE!!


www.whiznews.com and follow the Y-City star link to vote. You can listen to my audition there too.

Thanks so much,

Theresa Asire

DocShuttle Client - Posted By: working925

Does use DocShuttle Client?  Can I use Express Scribe or do I have to use the Wav player by Bytescribe?  I really like Express Scribe.  Does not matter either way, just wondering . . . . Thanks!

Let's do some prize giveaways! ENTER NOW! Running 3 now! - Posted By: See inside for what's being given. Administrato


$100.00 CASH courtesy of MEDITEC


$10.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE courtesy of TVPS.


Regarding medical records going overseas... - Posted By: ndmt

have you ever asked/educated your friends and family about the fact their medical records may be transcribed overseas and their personal information may be shipped over there, as well?

I was talking with my husband about this issue, and he was oblivious even though I have done transcription for almost 7 years.  (He was also pretty PO'd that with all the money we pay for insurance, our medical records could be coming from third-world ESL transcriptionists).

What if every person who went to their doctor said I want my medical records transcribed in the US by US MTs.  While writing to the president is a good idea, isn't educating each and every healthcare consumer a better idea?  I like the idea of a hospital/clinic having to post a disclaimer that your personal medical information is being transcribed overseas. 

I bet then their pockets would get a little deeper and all these MTSOs that are making money off shipping our work overseas would have a lot less business and a lot less power over us.  If veterans hospitals and Washington DC area hospitals cannot send their records overseas, why don't the rest of us have the same rights?  Are the politicians really going to be responsive to our letters if they know their records are safely done in the US?

I think this movement has to come at least in part from the healthcare consumers, i.e., everyone, as we do not have the money or the mouthpiece that MTSOs do.  It will empower the MTSOs trying to keep jobs here to offer better wages and expand their businesses while keeping American MTs employed. 


other MT message boards - Posted By: your opinion?

I was just wondering how many of you go to other MT message boards and if this is your favorite.  I have lots of them posted on my favorites but this is the only one I check every day.  Once in a while I might check the others but I'm usually bored after a few minutes.  How about the rest of you? 

Opinions wanted from experienced MTs, please! - Posted By: Just an MT...

  I may have commented on this before, but now my boss wants me to handle it in a different way, and I am not sure if it's the right way to go. 

One of my docs makes up his own words.  He will often say that the results of a test are "equivocable".  We know that's not a word.  I can't just substitute in "equivocal" or "unequivocal" because this is a verbatim account.  My boss used to tell me to just make a note in my log, which is sent with my work, that the doc had used that word.  I liked that, because it provided documentation with the file (of which I retain a copy) that while the doctor may not know that's not a real word, *I* do and I am just typing what he's saying. 

Now my boss has asked me to leave that off the log because it is annoying the doctor.  I totally understand her point, because we know how snotty docs can be.  Lord forbid anyone point out that they're wrong about anything, or the world might spin off its axis.  But I am not sure... 

Do I need something on my log so that I can prove that it isn't my mistake being made?  Is it okay since my boss knows that and the doctor should know his own non-word since he's the one who made it up in the first place? 

I am probably worrying about nothing, but just thought I would see what you wiser, more experienced MTs were thinking. 


does anyone have advice for this situation... - Posted By: anxiousMT

I am working through my anxiety/panic attacks without medication, and am finding typing pysch reports is exacerbating the symptoms.  Does anything think it would be helpful to let my work manager know to possibly get them taken out of my work flow (which I really doubt would happen).  Up until now I have been able to avoid doing them a bit, but work is slow and I am afraid I am just going to be told something like 'that is too bad' or I may even get them more, if you 'know what I mean.' 

this really is a problem for me but I do not have money to spend to actually go get some kind of psychiatrist to sign a paper for me that I cannot type 'psychiatric' reports.  seems a bit silly but what is not silly is sitting typing things that happen to me occasionally and then I get all depressed again, etc

do you think I have a chance if I share it with my employer, or will it possibly cause me even to be fired?

Does anyone know how to make Express Scribe default player for .wav files? TIA.....nm - Posted By: AllieCat


Bare Minerals - Posted By: makeup

Anyone use Bare Minerals makeup?  If so, how do you like it?  I was thinking of trying it.   

great motivational tool - Posted By: wizenmt

I have found that this greatly motivates me to keep my speed up.  I set one of those metal change counters that you wear on your waist next to my screen. Everytime I complete a line I press the nickel lever and a nickel falls out. Just the sound of that makes me want to type faster.  For those of you who make 7 to 8 cpl, it is a few more presses per line, but definitely will keep you going as fast as you can.


Six feet under drama - Posted By: what will they do for the finale?

Nate sure left a mess, so far they've bad mouthed the Iraq war, fantasized brother and sister romance (shudders), where else will they go?   Who's going to be a goner in the finale, I feel its coming.  They've set it up where anyone can either off themselves or do something crazy and accidentally die. 

Anyone using VERIZON long distance? nm - Posted By: this may be available to us soon - anyone working


Where do I order Shorthand expander? Can't find anywhere NM - Posted By: Mtn MT


help - Posted By: ksm

I see that people are looking at what I wrote but no one is respoding with help. Can someone be kind enough to hel out a person trying to restart in transcription?

Ooma - Posted By: deenibeeni

Just stumbled across this new VOIP that sounds too good to be true. Normally I'd say "Then it must be," but judging from the number of 5-star reviews on multiple websites, I'm seriously thinking of trying this out. Anyone here tried it? Apparently you buy the hardware & if you don't keep a landline you have no more monthly phone bills at all. You can add on features, but the basic service includes more stuff than I have now. The computer doesn't have to be on to get a call, & everyone has commented on the voice quality. I imagine it works like Roku does with Netflix; like a mini-router that just routes a single IP address.

Anyway, it looks like it would pay for itself in 4 months, & after that phone service would be totally free. Anyone here tried it? I might just jump in but keep my land line for awhile in case it doesn't pan out.

Crock pot recipe with milk - Posted By: Really hankering

Months ago there was a recipe for something and onions and milk -- It wasn't chicken but that's what I substituted and it was awesome.  I can't find the recipe.  If the original poster will reproduce it, I won't lose it again -- promise!!!

Off the subject - wedding reception -sm - Posted By: Wedding guest

So the wedding season is upon us.  I went to a wedding this weekend.  It was an afternoon wedding with reception "immediately following" but it turned out the reception did not start for 1-1/2 hours after the ceremony ended.  I thought it was a bit rude to keep the guests waiting without even as much as a glass of water on the table and no announcement about where the bride/groom, bridal party was.  The reception hall was only a few miles away.  Was it just me, or was this a long time in between the wedding and the reception?

Unionization WILL NOT ship jobs - Posted By: overseas anytime soon...sm

If American MTs were to unionize today..jobs would not magically clear up and go overseas.  Why??  Because if Cbay, MedQ and other large MTSO do not need the threat of a union to ship jobs overseas...if they had the manpower set up (as they are busily trying to do....training the little Indian people as quick as they can to decipher american medical language...most likely very poorly)....then these jobs would be gone now...  We do not have jobs because we are not unionized.  we havwe jobs because at this point in time..India, Philippines and any other third world country they can set up their server is not able to handle all of US transcription. 

If we were able to form a union....the first order of business would be severely limit the amount of transcriptinon that goes overseas...as well as provide informed consent to the docs, hospitals, and clinics that their dictation is going overseas...  Also..I would demand to see examples of transcription provided by these third world countries.  I would also demand ASR is paid NO LESS than 20% of an MT Line rate and I would ensure cost of living raises just like every other industry.  I also would dismantle the worthless AAMT as their only purpose is to sell exhibit space to MTSO.  They have historically servied the MTSO...NOT the individual transcriptionist...

Sorry bout that - Posted By: Retta

Sorry... I have two forums open at once.

Docuscribe trouble tonight - Posted By: gooseegg

I'm having serious problems with DocQScribe loading tonight.  Anyone else with this problem?



It's time to move on from these phrases that I've heard ad nauseum from people who can't think of anything on their own.

"At the end of the day."

" . . . amazing."

" . . . awesome."

Anybody else?


So true, LOVE - Posted By: see message

You may not realize it,  but it's 100% true.
   1. There are at least two people  in this world that you would die for.

   2. At  least 15 people in this world love you in some  way.

   3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because  they want to be

      just like you.

   4. A smile  from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if  they don't

       like you.

   5. Every night, SOMEONE  thinks about you before they go to sleep.

   6.  You mean the world to someone.

   7. You are special and  unique.

   8. Someone that you don't even know exists,  loves  you.

   9. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it.

  10. When you think the world has turned its back on you take another look.

  11. Always  remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks.

Meditech and Stedmans - Posted By: pauline

Does anyone use Meditech and Stedmans Medical/Pharmaceutical Spellchecker together?  I just purchased Stedmans to use while typing in Meditech and now someone told me it would not work? I have not tried it yet though.   I will keep Stedmans though to use in Word so no big money loss.

Paid by the minute... new to me... does $1.14/minute sound reasonable? - Posted By: Easy account, pay on time, IC status. TY


Hiring doctors as editors - Posted By: Chris

Hello all,

I am an optometrist.  I recently opened a new practice and I am actively looking to do something productive while I wait to build my patient base.  Being self employed, I would also like to find a way to qualify for group health insurance for me, my wife and my son.  Does anyone know if medical trascription companies ever hire people in specific fields (i.e. eyecare) to read over documents prepared by qualified transcriptionists.  I figure it would be good for the company to have someone like myself employed in order set themselves apart from other transcriptoin services.  It would be great for me because I could come and go from the work in between patients and finish up in the evening.

Thanks in advance,  Chris

Difference in Acute Care vs. Clinic reports - Posted By: Newbie2MT Full Time

Being new to MT full time and coming from a hospital setting (specialty clinics) for most of my career.....How does acute care transcription differ from "speciality"clinics (i.e. ortho, GI, oncology, etc.) when applying for jobs?   Acute care is the same as emergency medicine right?

Aside from the differing terms, doesn't the basics of format apply to all H&Ps, clinic notes, etc. when transcribing notes regardless of specialty?  Therefore, even if you have mostly specialty 'experience' wouldn't you still be qualified to do acute care?  Just wondering....

Web site - Posted By: jenny

Can somebody point me in the direction of a good web site for cardiology - I have recently started doing PTCA and cardiac caths and have no clue as to the majority of the catheters, guides, etc.  Any help will be truly appreciated.

What are some helpful websites? - Posted By: mac

I have found some very helpful websites by browsing the boards here.  Just wondering if some of you may have favorites you use. 

My most helpful for finding bacteria is listed below.


What general search engine do you use? (sm) - Posted By: mz

Does anyone use anything but Google for a general search engine? Google seems to be down today (is google down for anyone else?), and I'm trying to find another one that is as good for my general searches.