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RE: Need anyone's ideas on how to do this - I work via C-phone but need to go to my son's to - Posted By: Kristie

They do not have a land line but use cell phones.  Is there some way to use my c-pone through my cell phone so I can work while I'm there?  Thanks in advance

Unlimited long distance service? sm - Posted By: VTMT

What is a good unlimited long distance company?  Has anyone used Chatterbug? Pros, cons?

typing test preparation question - Posted By: sandy

Will be applying at a local university hospital for a transcription job. Applied there last year, did not pass the typing test. Am determined to pass it this year - (requesting an ergonomic keyboard which I am used to, instead of testing on what they gave me). Question: They say one must pass a 10 minute typing test accurately transcribing 1437 characters. As I recall the transcription itself was not difficult, it was just using their keyboard that slowed me down. So besides requesting another one, how can I best practice for this? How can I determine how to judge that amount of characters for practice? Thanks for any advice. I am an experienced Transcriptionist with 5+ years.

This is for - Posted By: MT

the person who was looking for this - cafemt.com

Can anyone that is an IC tell me when you send in your quarterly Federal and SS is there anywhere - Posted By: PAMT

you can check to make sure your money had been credit properly to your account to avoid problems at the end of the year.

Cable vs DSL internet? - Posted By: delores

I have cable internet service and will be relocating soon to an area that has DSL.  Just wondering, since DSL goes through the phone line, is there any electrical involved; or should I say, if the electricity goes out does the DSL stop working.  I am wondering, if I invest in a laptop and have DSL also, if electricity goes out, would hardly miss any downtown, with the laptop having battery and all.   Is this correct?

Unlimited Long Distance - Posted By: Siren

AGGHH!!  Can anyone assist me with a question in regards to unlimited long distance through Verizon?   I am new to at-home transcription.  I have been hired by a service under IC status.  The service requires unlimited long distance.  I have two questions.  Will I be on the phone my entire shift of 8 hours a day?  The other question is about Verizon unlimited long distance, which is what I would be using as this is the phone service I have now.   I have read on the forum that they have Verizon unlimited long distance for $20 to $30 a month.  I thought I had this set up with Verizon, only to have them send me a notification letter indicating that I had not chose a plan, and that I would be charged 40 cents a minute!  Now, that is approximately $1000 a month -- YIKES!!!  I called and was told that I would be charged anything over their cap of 5000 minutes.  If I am on the phone my full shift I will be at approximately 9600 minutes a month, leaving me 4600 minutes to pay.  Does this sound right?  

moving auto correct - Posted By: ML

Does anyone know how to move the auto correct entries that you have on one computer and putting them on another computer also.  I have my home computer that I have my side Doc that I do and I will be working for a hospital and want to also have them on this computer.  I tried some directions that I got off microsoft.com with just putting a floppy in clicking files/folders, local hard drive and put in file name to search- normal. dot but nothing came up.  Is there another way, as I would hate to type these all over again?




Help on upgrading drug reference - Posted By: Time warp

Hi all,

I am seriously in need of upgrading my drug reference. I am still using Quick Look electronic 2004 and so many new drugs have been introduced in the past 4 years.  What would you recommend??  I just checked the Stedman's site and really cannot afford that kind of money right now.  Do any of you recommend a hard copy book that would keep me updated???  Thank you for any suggestions.

A very interesting read from 2003 --- sm - Posted By: quite a few of these have come true!


Do you get holiday pay? - Posted By: me

How many of you work for companies who give holiday pay premiums or time off with pay?  Mine doesn't give either and it sucks!

Typing Expletives - Posted By: tradmt

What do you all do when you have to type an expletive?  I am working on an account where this comes up often.  I refuse to type the actual expletive so I usually just put (expletive) and go on.  No one has ever said anything, but I was curious as to what everyone else does.

Question about lines - straight typing to.... - Posted By: mb


I have a job currently where I basically am straight typing the dictation without an Expander program except for the basics, stuff like patient and high blood pressure.. Not really that much..  I currently type on average 185 lines per hour.  what do you think that equates to typing with an expander.  I know its not an exact science or anything but I am trying to gauge how much I can expect as it will likely influence my decision on the different jobs.  Anyone know how much their productivity increased with a good expander program?

Pay by line versus pay by characters; what is - Posted By: the difference? What more do I need to ask?nm


Did anyone ever have any problems when you bought a new computer with your foot pedal not - Posted By: MQMT

working with the DQS program.

Hospital Job - Posted By: Happy MT

Would 9 cpl be considered good pay for an in-house employee hospital position?  No hourly pay, just pay on production.  Benefits available such as PTO, paid training, health/dental insurance.  Have option of working from home.  Is it worth considering?

Wow!! I'm in shock... - Posted By: NCMT

I transcribed a Hospice note earlier today.  The patient is a 99-year-old woman with end-stage coronary artery disease.  She lives in adult foster care.  The caregivers at the adult foster care have a problem with Hospice for some reason and are threatening to raise this woman's rent by $1000.00 per month if she goes on Hospice.  UNREAL!!

Anyway, Hospice will contact the proper law enforcement agency if this happens as it is discrimination...but I just couldn't believe what I was hearing when I transcribed it.

Dictaphone Help!!!!please!!!! - Posted By: mt-WA

I am on the road right now and trying to work from a family members home on my laptop, however my 2-yo knocked my dictaphone off the desk and now although I can get a dial tone I cannot get any of the keys to work!!!!!

Anyone have any experience with anything like this

WORD 2007 HELP WITH "JUMP CODE" - sm - Posted By: greenie

I have researched on this board for help with inserting a "jump code" in a template, but all the examples do not seem to work or I cannot find the sections needed in Word to set this up in Word 2007...this is not a trial version.  Any computer savvy person out there to help?  I have tried with the Ctl +F9, but although the brackets show up in the document, hitting F11 doesn't move the cursor back up to the place of insertion.  The other tip I found suggested going to View - toolbar - check forms, etc, but I cannot even find that in 2007 - I found View, but that's it.  Nothing near close to what the rest of the tip says.  Any help would be appreciated.  I have lots of normals that I would like to have this "jump code" in.....TIA.

Article in Advance - Posted By: jami

Did anyone read the article in Advance: Is Mandatory Credentialing Next?

The article says: "we have more and more companies paying premium for credentialed MTs." Is that true? The author is president-elect of AHDI. You all know what that is? Never heard of em. Or is it that new organization that used to be called something else, what was it... I think it had the words Medical Transcription in it. Maybe we should write a letter to tell about the reality of working out here.

Can you use a different spellchecker with Bayscribe? nm - Posted By: goldfish


Hand-held digital recorder question - Posted By: tbpmt

Thinking about purchasing a digital recorders to give my doctors the option of using.  Which has the best quality of sound and easiest to use?  Also, need an FTP site information.


Pages are very slow to open for me tonight, some not at all. Anyone else? nm - Posted By: Wanderer


Lee Perfect - Posted By: stay at home mom

Hi was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about this company. Thanks.

Smartype and Scribe? - Posted By: How to make them work together?

Has anyone gotten Smartype and Scribe to work together?  If so, how did you do it?  Thanks so much

I'm being overpaid! - Posted By: kyradmt

I just discovered that I was paid for overtime I didn't work on my last paycheck! How could MedQuist do this to me???

What is it with OM anyway? - Posted By: Carmi

MT Light" color=navy size=4>So the OM calls me from doc's office last night. Every time she opens the Olympus program so she can dock the recorder and transfer files, she gets an error message. The error message is from Microsoft so there must be some kind of conflict. She did a reboot twice and it didnt get rid of the error message and when she sent the error message, it didnt give her any feedback on it, like it sometimes will give you a link where you can update your drivers or something. So I suggested she call the toll-free help number in the back of the Olympus booklet so they could try to help her figure out if it is Microsoft problem or Olympus problem but since I just installed it on a new computer and it was up and running for the past week and we transferred files just fine, I dont see how it could be an Olympus problem. The other computers either dont have a working USB hub or Internet access. When I went in to do the install I found this computer has an outdated Norton Anti-virus that they havent fixed yet! I suggested she try doing a system restore to an earlier date, closer to when I did the install for them.And I asked when was the last time a complete system scan was done. She was all frustrated and said, Im not the IT person for this office. And I told her, well, Im sure not either. I came in and installed the Olympus and FTP transfer program as a favor, on my own time, but I cant be coming over fixing your office computers for you. If you have an office that has computers in it, somebody has to manage them. You cant just expect them to run without any problems. I told her I could find somebody that might come in and do some cleaning up on their system but she didnt ask for their number. The doc likes to think he is a computer wizard but Ive been through some glitches with him before and it wasnt what he thought it was, it was what I thought it was. ... this OM is a big baby. If you have her do anything with the computers, like talk her through some settings over the phone, she gets all frustrated right away and sits there making noises, like uh! I cant do this! For Petes sake, just do it step by step. She cant even figure out how to use the Help function. How does she think the rest of us learned? Same way. Get on the Help button, use the toll free numbers, go online and look up the problem at the manufacturers site, get an IT person for assistance. Sheesh. Just had to vent.

honest transcription company - Posted By: Private

 Does anyone know of an honest transcription firm.  Looking for names.

NEED HELP WITH WORD 2003 - Posted By: Confused MT

Does anyone on the board here know how to subtype in Word?

Vista - Posted By: ER MT

Has anyone heard much about Vista, good, bad or otherwise?  I'm wondering if it's worth getting.

it is not wrong to eat meat - Posted By: sm

and that comes from God's own word.  It is not unhealthy either, done in moderation. Our ways of growing or cooking the meat may be unhealthy, no doubt esp combined with lack of exercise. and yes, it is wrong to be cruel to animals.  Much of our problem is based on mass production, which is now the 'norm'.  We have all but eliminated the small farms in favor of this mass production.  Small farms don't need to have cesspools of waste, they don't stink and the animals live a natural pleasant life as intended. But when we go to using feedlots, and finish the beef out, for example, with grain, which is unnatural to their digestive system (starting the grain has to be done methodically and gradually or it kills them), we create different physical reactions in the meat which I believe has caused ill health in humans (along with the unnecessary vetting).  Yes, the chicken farms and slaughter houses etc are managed terribly, nasty and mostly with inhumane operations.  How to avoid this and still eat meat?  Seek out those who raise range-fed chickens (a natural environment), or raise beef that are not given growth hormones or unnecessary routine antibiotics. You will never have mad cow disease for example on purely grass-fed beef. These growers are around.  I have a nephew in MO who offers this alternative.  We ourselves used to offer such in the way of chicken -- these "natural farmers" generally struggle to make a living, but if you want healthy meat, want an alternative to mass production, seek them out. 

For DSL users..... is it possible to use a C-phon - Posted By: Anon

and still have your home phone hooked up and running for calls?  I remember trying to get a fax machine to work about a year ago and I ended up getting a new phone line for that because it ended up being too much trouble and SBC was of no help.  Any suggestions?

Is it possible to use 2 separate monitors with just one computer? - Posted By: Kiki

I'd have two monitors but only one computer.  I guess there would have to be somewhere to plug it in...and I only see one place to plug in a monitor but was hoping someone knew of some kind of adapter or a way to get around this?  Thanks!!



stiff keyboard - Posted By: Cindy

I have a new keyboard (Belkin) but it seems kinda "stiff" to me.  I have an especially hard time with the space key.  Can this be fixed?

Transcend! - Posted By: sm

Is anyone able to work??

better line count - Posted By: stargazer

I am only a year into MT and have been wondering something for a while.  Do most MT's relisten to the dictation to edit it once they are very familiar with the dictators?  I have been tracking my errors when editing and have almost none and I thought how much that would improve my line count if I did not have to relisten to every one.  I'm thinking about cutting that back to just the difficult dictators.  The QA people are happy with my work.  Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks. 

Need advice about contract - Posted By: Pammie

Any helpful hints or tips would be great (maybe a website, etc.).  I have started working from home for a local doctor.  He and I both were talking about a confidentiality agreement to protect me and him.  He has a mom and pop (just he and his wife) family practice.  I told him I would try to type up a contract for work and/or release of liability to protect his practice.  I want him to know I am totally trustworthy and want to follow all HIPAA laws, regulations, etc.  Does anyone know how to word a contractor's agreement between a doctor and a transcriptionist/biller/coder.  I haven't started coding/billing yet but will in three months after I finish some schooling.  Please give me any advice or direction.  Thanks.

How does outsourcing dictation allow doctors to see more patients? - Posted By: tia

In an article in the MT News section, it states this.  Do they really need to see more patients?  Most of them herd them in and out like cows.

Satellite internet and VPN - Posted By: elsie

Is there anyone out there who has Satellite internet and is doing transcription work? I just finished my training and am searching for a job. Testing is going well, but I am being told by companies who use a VPN that it cannot be used with satellite. My research is telling me that they can be used together, just that it will be slower. Does anyone have any info on this? Also, I assume there are companies that don't use a VPN so it wouldn't be a problem. Is there any way I could weed out companies that use one before I test with them?

My son is marrying a lesbian, help!! - Posted By: GoingMAD

I posted for help 2 months earlier, but I am still going crazy over this situation. My son happily announced that his girlfriend is a lesbian, but he is still wants to marry her.  His girlfriend does not respect me. She has called me nasty names and boldly flashes her other girl lovers in my face. My son feels he can make it work even though she loves another woman. HELP

Pregnant or not pregnant?? - Posted By: MTMommy

Okay, I have a total non-work related problem that I need some feed back on.

I am 1 day late on my period, (my periods are usually right on time), and I took a home pregnancy test and there was a very faint line. So, I went to the store to get one of the digital ones, because they tell you "PREGNANT" or "NOT PREGNANT".  Well, it says "not pregnant", but then I ejected the stick out and there is a pretty bright, while still a little faint, blue line. The ClearBlue Easy website says if there is any line at all, faint or not, then you are pregnant.

I am just confused. We have been trying for months now and I just want to know. I guess I will find out sooner or later, but if anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it!!


Monitor... please check out an ad...sm - Posted By: Concerned citizen

on jobs.mtstars.com... Two inappropriate ads placed.  Both came up under search under sears all and Workers' Comp.

Thanks for maintaining a great board and your attention on this!

MT work after total knee replacement - Posted By: mthanded

I'm having a left total knee replacement next week and was just wondering if any one out there has had this done and if so, in what time frame did you return to transcription.  thanks.

Need advice from a few Texans. - Posted By: M

My family is interested in relocating to Texas.  Since I work at home, I can pretty much live anywhere, so I'm hoping some of you can give me the scoop.  What are the best cities to live in?  Best schools?  Nicest area? 

Thanks in advance!

MS Word - print preview - sm - Posted By: sammypot

Don't know what I did, but when I "print preview" in a multipage document I now get two pages side-by-side instead of just a single page at a time.

If anyone can tell me how to change the setting, if that is what needs to be done, I would appreciate it.

Thank you

Info on Documed - Posted By: WV MT

Anyone currently or ever work for Documed?  If so, would like to know what you think of the company, platform, etc.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

Price and location of having a website made? - Posted By: Curious

I have been a MT for 12 years, and I now have 2 Independant Contractors working under me. I believe I am reaching the point of needing a website, and I would really like a way for my clients to upload their .dss voice files through my website. Anyone know where I should begin looking or what I can expect to pay?

Chairs! - Posted By: txtom

Need opinions on Steelcase Leap Chair. Please. Thank you.

I have been experiencing right hand/finger tingling. Could this be - Posted By: carpal tunnel? nm


With MDI, the PTO - Posted By: jt

, at what rate are employees paid for PTO? Or with any company, how do they determine what to pay you for PTO or what is the average?