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Looking for Jan Dowdy - Posted By: MT for small MTSO

Jan (JED) as advertized on classified, several weeks ago.  She is an MTSO with hospital accounts in Michigan.  It seems that she has dropped of the face of the earth.  Does not answer telephone call, messages, or e-mail.  No jobs available for several days, and a promised check has not arrived in the mail.  All contact numbers that I have are either "blocking" my number are :not in service".

If you have any information about the lady, please post.




Speaking of TV, anybody watching Being Bobby Brown? - Posted By: What a train wreck!

He is coming off as the most normal between the two of them.  I honestly believe Whitney Houston is certifiably crazy.   It is really sad and scary to watch her.  And her child!  Is she going to have issues or what.  Her mother is/was beautiful and crazy drug abuser.  Her father is in jail on and off and a bit of an abuser himself. And the child at best is very plain and overweight.  She looks sad and depressed most of the time.  On a rerun I happened to be watching last night she told her mother to get away or she was going to hit her.  This is a very sad reality show.  I don't get why they would let cameras into their dysfunctional life.

Looking for Info, good or bad, regarding - Posted By: MI MT

TC Transcription out of Florida.  Taking on a second position with them and wondering if anybody has had any experience with them.  Good and bad appreciated, if any.  I posted on the company board but did not get any response (that could be good or bad).

Encrypted info - Posted By: ML

May be taking on a new account where the Doc may Fed X the tapes and I send back through E-mail. What is everyone ideas of free encrypted mail and even ones that you pay?  I tried to convince him digital and then FTP site but I think he is from the stone age and would not adhere.  If there are any other ways to send files(completed) let me know.



WHY do companies say they hire QA from within? Do - Posted By: sm

they not understand that MT and QA are two completely different positions, and that if an MT wanted a QA position, she would've applied for it in the first place?  This has got to be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of.  Rather than hire someone with 10+ years of QA experience, you'd rather 'promote' an MT to become a newbie QA & have to train them from scratch how to QA? Or make someone who's been a professional QA for years become an MT again, when the reason they became a QA in the first place probably had to do with their hands giving out?!  Again, it's not a promotion -- it's a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT JOB.  Sometimes I wonder if the people in charge of making these decisions have any MT experience at all.  <end of rant>

RadNet Platform with Keystrokes - sm - Posted By: Kim

I would like some information about the RadNet platform with Keystrokes.  Is it easy to learn?  Is it word-based?  Is it productive?

Thank you!


What am I doing wrong? - Posted By: aprilinparis

I've been transcribing for 4 years now (not a long time) and am struggling to make 900 lines a day (hospital work).  It's not so much the transcribing but the proofing that slows me down.  I won't say I'm a perfectionist, but I am very conscientious about each report being error free.  I just don't know how to produce a higher line count (which I really need!!!) without sacrificing quality.  Any advice to be given out there?

Does Smartype work in Emdat? - Posted By: I need more $$$$$$$

I am working in Emdat and I feel like I am fighting the platform.  Does Smartype work in Emdat? 

my observation on some recent posts - Posted By: debbb

there is the thread about podiatry, posts about companies, posts about cherry picking,  ESLs taking over, this company is the best.     How many hundreds of us are on these boards???   Its a good thing we are all individuals - and there is so much work out there because one type of person could not do all the types of work.  Not everyone wants to work for big corporation  - not everyone wants to run their own MT service.

Some of us hate short little clinic notes, some hate long operative reports.  Some love radiology, others want to type IMEs. Never work for a company that IMs you all day vs  this company never gives feedback.

Where I  recently worked - we always used to leave behind certain reports for the late shift person, stuff we all thought she loved until one day she complained - how come I HAVE TO DO ALL the _____ studies..  Its kinda funny- you might think someone is cherrypicking all the CT's and they think they are doing you a favor by leaving short reports. 

Of course NO ONE likes the really awful individual dictators, whether it is ESL or chewers, the accounts that have a million details or QA that keeps changing. I think most of us know you have to take some bad with the good and when you TRY to do the tuff stuff, the good stuff becomes easier.

So  when someone comes to vent - cut them some slack - who cares about typos here - we all know that when we are working, we use our spellchecks and pay attention to details. 

When I take time to answer on this board, it is never with judgement - I always try to say "in MY experience, psych reports are bad because ..."  or when I worked for  XYZ company, they did not count lines correctly.  You cannot make generalities about  a profession as varied as this one. 

I come here for information AND entertainment - it does take a certain type of person to do this work -  that has nothing to do with the skills involved - and I think we share an understanding of each other, even as we argue over everything.    We all saw a part of ourselves in the recently posted "You Might Be a Transcriptionist If..." and we all laughed as we shook our heads. 

Sad to say I am about to make the decision to try a career change - I cannot push myself anymore (after almost 30 years) to produce enough lines to make the money I need - thats not to say it can't be done these days, just that I don't want to/can't  work that hard anymore. 

question about computer usage...sm - Posted By: justme

Hey, y'all!

Do y'all let your kids/husband/family use your work computer when you're not using it? I do, and so far haven't had any problems, but I am just wondering if this is a good idea!

Does anyone know other than Radio Shack were you can purchase the recorder control cord -sm - Posted By: Wilson

the hooks to your phone to record through your phone???  Thanks so much. 

Did the MTs who had the Microsoft 4000 keyboards ever start to like them or get used to them? nm - Posted By: kdy


Med-Line school: anyone know anything about it? - Posted By: Lolly


I'm seriously considering applying to Med-Line for MT studies. They are AHDI approved and provide a paid internship. Has anyone heard anything good/bad about them? Has anyone gone to this school? Were you satisfied? Found a job? Do employers hire folks who studied from that school?

I'm trying to keep all my options open - I realize Andrews and MTech are the top schools - but I was also impressed with what Med-Line has to offer.


CONGRATULATIONS! Eileen K-D of Canton, OH just won a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate - Posted By: courtesy of Transcription MatchMaker! Congratulati


Need advice: I have some Acute Care exp. - Posted By: RAD-emtee

 but mostly Radiology, as well as some multispeciality experience, both in-house and MTSO.  Any of you gone from Radiology and/or Clinics to Acute Care?  Any tips on making the transition successful?  I have been offered the opportunity of a lifetime (seriously), but want to make sure I don't set myself up to fail. 

in advance.


Does anyone work on Expresiv and be willing to explain how--sm - Posted By: Debra

you like it, pros/cons, how to maneuver around in it?  Thanks

ASR funny - Posted By: mini haha

She has had significant tragedies in her family life, so she is carrying very heavy rodents. 


Things that make you go hmmm.... - Posted By: Just me

I have been with my new company for a few months now and on Monday's payday I noticed they did not take out my insurance premium so I asked about it. Found out that usually twice a year we do not get insurance payments taken out in the last paycheck of the month, which happen in the months that we have 3 paydays because the premium is broken down into 2 payments. That got me to thinking about why my previous company did not do that, the one that I worked at for over 12 years. We are told we are going to pay say 500 per month or 250 per paycheck for insurance and yet the months where we got 3 paychecks, that would mean we paid 750 for insurance. Makes me wonder if my old company knew about this since that company has already been in trouble with their state for not taking out state taxes, getting in trouble for how they handled their 401k, etc. The things that make you wonder!

Tests! - Posted By: MM

Anyone testing/tested with Transolutions? Why is it that the first of four transcription tests are easy breezy? The remaining tests have me backed in a corner. If/when I actually get a job, I hope the transmission is better.

I haven't gotten paid for my services....sm - Posted By: Ria

I was wondering if anyone knew how I should go about getting paid for my services. I provided over $700 worth of services to a social worker and she refuses to pay. I have a signed independent contract with her. I also have all the emails she has sent me promising to pay me. I also have the recent email that she sent that she is not going to pay. I have since sent her 3 letters and emails. She hasn't responded to any of them. I also tried calling all the numbers I had for her and they are all disconnected. She has since quit her job and they don't know where she is. I do know where she works now. I would like to take her to small claims court, as I mentioned it to her in her final notice. I think that is why she disconnected everything. The only address I have for her is a PO Box. Is there anyway I can file a petition at small claims court and have them subpoena her at her job? Please help me. Thanks.

Could anyone recommend a good headset and where they got it. Mine keeps cutting out. - Posted By: Need new ears,,

I have had a heck of a time finding a good set of ear phones.. Everytime I buy a pair they either break, cord isnt long enough or sound quality isnt good.. HELP...

Need kind strangers again! - Posted By: Irish

Hi! Happy New Year to Everyone!

I am again relying on the kindess of strangers. I have so often asked for help on this board and have not been disappointed. In fact, I have been overhwhelmed with kind responses.

I am getting better with my Expanders and am achiving more lines on a daily basis..............thanks to many people here.

I have IT and have 2 questions however:

Anyone familiar with IT knows expansions are by 1st letter. How  do I  handle duplicates such as: has been working, had been working etc. Is each chosen indvidually by line or do you put something different in to differentiate?

I also just realized that letters can subsitite for numbers. Can anyone share how they choose between 4 (f), 5 (f), 2 (t), 3(t) etc? The double digits such as 40, 50 etc really baffle me.

Thanks again to all who have helped me in the past. Although my medical skills are fine, I am still working on my expansion skills and am not sure where I would be without the help on this board.

Thanks again!




Any suggestion for a monitor that - Posted By: Thanks!

does not cause eyestrain. It would be much appreciated.

Please answer about starting as an MT - Posted By: SarahE

I have a question.  How did you get started doing MT work.  How did you GAIN the experience that seems to be required in order to get ANY job?  I am a medical assistant and the previous doctor I worked for got behind on his transcription and he let me fill in doing it for him off of tapes.  I did that for a year and loved it.  The doctor since moved his practice to another state and I would like to work again as an MT, but I cannot find a company online to hire me with my little experience and only having clinic experience.  Even if I take a course it seems I am still going to have a hard time finding a job.  I was just wondering how everyone got started and what would be the best route for me to take.

Clay Aiken Lovers..this is a ..sm - Posted By: casey


great site to hear his AI journey....


Unemployment question - Posted By: MYD

I was laid off last Friday.....but already have another job. Actually it's a better job, so all is great.

BUT I have a question. I applied for unemployment just in case I had a hard time finding something. I got a notice today that I did not make enough money the last two quarters. I was steadily employed there the last 6 YEARS. It showed wages for 1st and 2nd quarter of 2006, but showed $0 for the last two quarters.

Where does umployment get their numbers? Do they get them from the quarterly forms filled out by the employer? Or do they send a form to be filled out when someone applies? I used to handle claims eons ago....but I don't recall ever supplying that information when a claim was made....In fact my boss fought and won every claim(whole other story)

The company is having financial problems and I was just wondering if this company is NOT filing the required unemployment forms/payment...and if not, what about SS, withholding 401K etc....

I AM FREAKING OUT..... - Posted By: what to do, what to do...

Here is the deal.... I have worked for a mid-sized company for about 4 years now.  All of a sudden some jerkass MD thought that I was "comma crazy" and picked apart one of my documents and there were a couple of very minor typos, but nothing huge.  All of a sudden they QA me and tell me that I have a little above 97% and that they are going to give me 5 notes a day, until when I don't know.  Well, that is just not going to work for me as we just put a for sale sign on our house and have an offer in on another house.  Do tell them to stick their 5 notes and look elsewhere or do grin and bear this BS?   Mind you, my average QA is well above 98% for my entire period of employment with them.  I also would like to get my own MD, but have not clue as to how to go about this and what to charge.  Thankfully I have another account I work for who said she will give me all that she has until I get this situation resolved, but it is not enough for me to count on.  HELP..........phew........like I said, I am freaking out.

working today - Posted By: Eileen

Happy New Year!  Is anybody other than me working today?

getting the wrong work type - Posted By: CS

I work for an MT service and do discharge summaries per my request.  My production is quite good when I work on this work type.  However, quite often I end up transcribing an OP note here and there.  This really slows me down and affects my line count.  I realize that it probably happens because the doc keys it in wrong.  Or it could be that when they are out of summaries, my 2nd work type is OPs.  I am really out of practice with OP notes and just getting one here and there throws me for a loop.  Any advice on how to handle this? TIA

tips - Posted By: grocery store

Do you have one of those old-fashioned grocery stores in your area that still take your groceries out to your car?  Like a Piggly Wiggly for instance?  Do you tip the baggers that take your groceries out?  I seriously had never gave it a thought until a friend of mine went to one of those grocery stores with me and she said that she does.  I've never noticed anyone doing that.  I tip my beautician, at the car wash, and for a manicure/pedicure, but it had honestly never crossed my mind until she said that she did that.  Now everytime I go I'm looking around to see if anyone else does and I still can't figure out if they are or not. 

Emdat question - Posted By: Kristi

Does anyone know how to get the "degree symbol" while using Emdat?

Need help on Word Board please. TIA - Posted By: JustMe


Melissa Leonard - please contact me....thanks - Posted By: Happy MT


Accents (Kim Komando's Cool Site of the Day), 8/10 - Posted By: Jadie

Always something interesting in Kim's world:


MT ANNIVERSARY - Posted By: Julie

Just wanted to say hello to all and say that I have reached my first year in the MT profession. I had always thought about doing this, worked in retail, which I hated, and wanted to be more available for my kids. I have to say I do love it. I have always loved typing, weird I know, so this is obviously perfect! To everyone out there going to school, good luck and hang in there. To those newbies still looking for a job, keep testing...something will come along!! It is hard for me to believe that just a year ago, I was so slowwww and so nervous, it seems like forever ago. I remember thinking how does anyone make a living at this! While I only work part time, it has become a great second income to our home. Again hang in there newbies!

Why is there an ad for MT in india at top of this page? - Posted By: Amazed

I thought this site was strictly for US MT and no ILP advertising allowed.  I also saw an ad for India MT on the side of a post the other day.  Is MT Stars now following suit with the MTSOs with offshoring?

To Working Your Schedule - Posted By: diddles

I'm not trying to flame you but just ask a question.  How is it you know for sure this "greedy" MT is "him"?  What I mean is, how do you know specifically who THE person is?  Does your system allow you to see who is on at the same time you do?  If not, has that information been given to you by someone in the company?

Again, I'm not flaming.  I'm just wondering how you know to place blame on a particular person and have knowledge that someone is getting your lines rather than it just being a lull in the work flow.


poll: Would you forgive your husband if he cheated? - Posted By: MT58

Assuming you have children and assumming he seems remorseful, would you save the marriage?  

dictaphone - Posted By: Sherry Pohorelsky

I am beginning a transcription job for an allergist on Monday and they are looking to me for advice on what type of transcriber to buy and where to purchase the machine.  Since it has been awhile since I have transcribed, I would like some assistance.  I live in TX. Thanks~Sherry

Lanire voicewriter - Posted By: frustrated

Does anyone know if and how to brighten up the backscreen on the lanier voicewrter.  Thanks for any help.

Putting things in perspective... - Posted By: kyradmt

I was talking (actually complaining) about the usual MQ stuff with someone in the office when I noticed they weren't laughing and/or sympathizing with me like they normally do. I asked her if something was wrong and she said she lost a friend. I stupidly thought she meant work-related fighting and said "Another cat fight?" to which she replied "No, my best friend was killed yesterday in Iraq by the roadside bomb." Talk about feeling VERY VERY small....but it put everything back into perspective for me. I am so fortunate in so many ways...

Proofreading and had to laugh. sm - Posted By: smile

In one of my word programs I noticed I apparently typed does not too fast and it came up as "doe snot."  The spellchecker didn't pick it up.

After I got done laughing about the poor female deer with post nasal drip, I entered a quick correct in my expansions.

unfair . - Posted By: Ratna

What's up with this warning and banned from visiting the website etc.. I am currently in US and have no idea as to why the administrator sent me a message saying I am banned from visiting the site.
Is this how professionals are treated for visiting the website and spending a lot of time reading their website.
Well I would rather look jobs somewhere where one is respected and qualifications valued than for MTStars.com
I am really upset with the mail they have sent to me.

MT recognized as apprenticeable occupation - Posted By: sm

First link under news.

POLL: Is The View better or worse without Star Jones? - Posted By: MT


Use of slang - Posted By: Hmmmm

Back in the day, over 20 years ago when I started transcribing, it was unheard of to transcribe slang in a report, but now you get your hand slapped if correct the slang.  Thanks AAMT for making it so acceptable.  Thank you AAMT for supporting outsourcing overseas. Thanks AAMT for making easier on those who taking our jobs away to not have know proper English.

brands for stoves... - Posted By: dcc

I need to buy a new stove (and frig) and was wondering if you guys could tell me what brands you prefer and why.  I don't need bells and whistles just something that's going to last.  Thanks for sharing

Does anyone have any experience with TRS Institute- thinking of applying - Posted By: Nicole


paying for spaces question, sm - Posted By: roadrunner

when the company says you get paid for spaces, shouldn't that mean all spaces you type? where i work, we get paid for spaces; however, i noticed recently that in our system when viewing old reports for questions that all the double spaces was changed to single spaces. i am talking about like two spaces between each sentence. i know the system is changing it as i also looked up reports that i, myself, typed and i always double space. not really sure if they are counted in our line counts or not as the system does our line counts, but i am gonna try to play with it and see if i can figure it out.

my question is, is this standard to change the double spaces to single spaces? i am thinking maybe the acct requires that but our specifics say to double space in between sentences. sounds to me like a way to cheat us out of some line count; what do you think?

Ganglions and the such - Posted By: Teena

Just wondering if any MTs have experienced a ganglion on their foot from using their foot pedal for so long. (15 years for myself). I also have two small weird feeling bumps on my shin as well which I am assuming are also from the foot pedal maneuvering all day. I guess that bodes well with the carpal tunnel!

Thanks and have a great Christmas!