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grammar question - Posted By: lain or laid?

....After she has lain down for 30 to 60 minutes, or laid down for .......

Getting my ducks in a row for my big job search. I just bought a Dell laptop for X-mas. SM - Posted By: MissouriMT

It was used when I bought it and I want to make sure that I have everything I need to work from home on it.  The PC I'm on now will be going back to the hospital.  It is a Dell Latitude.  It has a Pentium IV processor, 512 mg of RAM, 40 gig hard drive, wireless internet plus ethernet card, Windows 2000.  Will that laptop suffice for working from home?  I assume it will, but I just want to make sure before I starting applying places.


What status are you? - Posted By: Interesting Info!

An employer should constantly evaluate the employment status of its workers to ascertain if any of them should be reclassified from an independent contractor to an employee. Misclassifying a worker could end up being quite costly in terms of time, money, and resources. If an employer is forced to reclassify independent contractors as employees, the payment of back taxes, penalties, and interest could create major financial problems. Ultimately, the risks of incorrect classification are borne by the employer. 


These factors should be used as indicators to determine whether sufficient control exists for a worker to be classified as an employee. However, they should serve only as a guide. They are subjective in nature, and each factor may not be present in all situations. Moreover, the weight apportioned to each one is not always constant. No single factor can determine a worker's status; all must be used in conjunction with each other to assess whether sufficient control is present to establish an employee-employer relationship. They are as follows.


1. Instructions. If the person for whom the services are rendered has the right to instruct the worker how, when, and where to work, then the worker is ordinarily an employee. This control factor is present if the employer retains the right to require compliance with the instructions, irrespective of whether the employer actually exerts the right to control. The instructions can be either oral or in the form of manuals and/or written procedures that state the details and means in which the result is to be achieved. In contrast, an independent contractor is responsible only for the end result.


2. Training. An employer trains workers by requiring them to work with experienced employees, holding training meetings, corresponding with them, or any of several other methods. By training a worker, the employer explicitly or implicitly states that the services to be rendered must be performed in a particular manner. The employer demonstrates a right to control by teaching the worker to achieve the desired results in that manner. Independent contractors, however, use their own methods and means to obtain a result and do not receive training from an employer.


3. Integration. If a worker's services are integrated into the business operations, then the worker is generally subject to direction and control. When the success or continuation of a business depends to an appreciable degree on the performance of certain services by a worker, those services are assumed to be subject to a certain amount of control by the employer.


4. Services Rendered Personally. The requirement that services must be rendered personally by the worker indicates that the employer is interested in the methods used to accomplish the work as well as in the result. Generally, inability to delegate the services to another individual indicates that the employer controls the details and means by which a result is to be achieved.


5. Hiring, Supervising, and Paying Assistants. if the employer hires, supervises, and pays a worker's assistants, then the employer has control over those assistants and the worker should be considered an employee. However, if the worker hires, supervises, and pays his own assistants and provides the employer with materials and labor under a contract in which the worker is responsible only for the results, he is an independent contractor.


6. Continuing Relationship. Continuous interaction between the worker and employer indicates an employee relationship. Such a relationship may exist in which work is performed at frequently recurring, though irregular, intervals.


7. Set Hours of Work. Establishing certain hours in which a worker is to perform a job indicates an employer's control. The fact that an employer can dictate a worker's hours is indicative of an employee relationship.


8. Full Time Required. If a worker must devote full time to the employer's business, the employer has control over the amount of time the individual actually spends working and, by implication, restricts the worker from performing other gainful work. In contrast, independent contractors are free to work when and for whom they choose.


9. Doing Work on Employer's Premises. Workers required to perform their services on the employer's premises when the work could be performed elsewhere are under the employer's control, which is beyond that which would ordinarily be exerted over an independent contractor. The importance of this factor depends on the nature of the services involved and the extent to which an employer generally requires its employees to perform services on its premises. Control over the place of work is indicated when the employer compels the worker to travel a designated route, canvass a territory within a certain time, or work at a specific place.


10. Order or Sequence Set. If an employer has the right to indicate the order or sequence in which work is to be performed, then the worker is probably an employee, particularly if the same results can be achieved in a different order or sequence.


11. Oral or Written Reports. The requirement that a worker submit regular reports to the employer can indicate a degree of control. It means the worker must account for his actions on the job to the employer.


12. Payment by the Hour, Week, or Month. When a worker is paid by the hour, week, or month and such payment is guaranteed, whether or not certain results are achieved, the worker is generally an employee. In contrast, payments made by the job or on a straight commission basis generally indicate that the worker is an independent contractor.


13. Payment of Business and/or Traveling Expenses. The IRS is of the view that when an employer pays a worker's business or traveling expenses, the worker is ordinarily an employee. Conversely, a worker who is paid on a job basis and must pay all incidental expenses is generally an independent contractor. Another issue to consider when evaluating this factor is the agreement between the employer and worker as to how such expenses are to be paid.


14. Furnishing Tools and Materials. If the employer furnishes tools, materials, and other equipment for a job, this indicates that the worker is an employee. Independent contractors ordinarily furnish their own tools and materials. In determining what the classification should be, the value of the tools and materials supplied to the worker should be considered as well.


15. Significant Investment. A significant investment by a worker in the facilities used in performing services for another is a factor that often establishes an independent contractor relationship. Conversely, the lack of investment in facilities indicates a dependence on the employer for the facilities--which means an employee relationship exists. The rationale is that whoever provides the equipment necessary to perform the services controls the use of the equipment.


16. Realization of Profit or Loss. A worker who stands the risk of suffering a financial loss or realizing financial gain as a result of providing services to the employer is generally an independent contractor. In contrast, a worker who has no risk of financial loss is usually an employee.


17. Working For More Than One Firm. If a worker performs services for more than one unrelated person or firm at the same time, it generally indicates that the worker is an independent contractor.


18. Making Services Available to the Public. Workers who make their services available to the general public on a regular and consistent basis are usually independent contractors.


19. Right to Discharge. Employers generally possess the right to discharge only employees. The threat of dismissal demonstrates a degree of control over workers. In contrast, the IRS's viewpoint is that independent contractors cannot be fired unless they violate the terms of the contract for services rendered.


20. Right to Terminate. If the worker providing the services can terminate the relationship with the employer at any time without incurring liability, an employee relationship usually exists. Conversely, an independent contractor engaged to accomplish a task or provide a service may incur a legal liability if the relationship is unilaterally terminated before the results of the task are accomplished.


These 20 factors may not always be appropriate for determining a worker's employment status, especially in the case of a professional, such as a physician, lawyer, or dentist. Control may not be the dominant issue in determining a professional's employment status. Revenue Rulings 72-203 and 66-274 state that other factors should be considered when determining the employment status of a professional, taking into consideration the skill required for the task, the intent of the parties involved in the employment relationship, and the custom in the industry.

Firefox Crashed - Posted By: KC

Anyone know how to restore website/database after Firefox crashes ??

Company requires a C-phone. Will a Lanier Lx-219 work as well? sm - Posted By: Will this work?

What is the difference in a Dictaphone, C-phone, Lanier LX-219 and Lanier Expresswriter or Voicewriter?


Katrina in Mississippi/Alabama - Posted By: Dano

Does anyone know of contacts in Mississippi/Alabama that are needing help for their people who have lost everything?  We chose to donate cash to the Salvation Army.  By the time I got around to cleaning out my closets, neither the SA or ARC were taking clothing donations and I'm one of those people who is very bad about buying things and then never wearing them so much of the stuff has tags still attached, not exactly junk.  Now that it's gathered up, I'll just donate it to our local Helping Hands but would like do whatever we can do to help the people of Miss/AL in particular.   It seems they are the "forgotten refugees."  At least in our area, we see very little about them but did see a news clip last night that looked like they were as devastated as NO, if not more so.  Surely they need help too?  TIA for any info.

want to take the time to mention how hopeful I feel... - Posted By: banshee

reading a lot of the posts regarding the AHDI issue I see so many impressive, educated, eloquent posts that I am feeling confident again that our profession can be saved from being swallowed up like so many other professions that have fallen away.  We need more people like you to stand up for the little guy (no offense intended). 

What is an average amount of lines to edit per day? - Posted By: curious girl

I am new to editing. I have done straight typing for 2 years in general surgery clinic work. I was canned and put on overflow work because my computer messed up twice in one month. It put them in a bind, which I really had no control over, and they took me off the account as lead MT and put me on overflow only. Well anyway, I got another job doing editing on the Editscript platform. It is acute care. I am not used to acute care that much. I only did it for a few months before. I am not used to editing either so I was wondering if someone could tell me what is an average amount of lines to expect once I get used to it? I have heard nobody gets double the line count editing. So is it one and a half times the line count or what? What is your experience with lines editing versus typing straight?

Do you get choice of which report types are sent to you? - Posted By: Thank you.


MT Referrence sites? - Posted By: sm

I am searching for some good MT referrence sites to refer to for drugs, Expander tips, medical words, etc.  Anyone know of any?

testing - Posted By: M/L

   Can anyone out there explain to me why when taking a test for a national company they would tell you, Note: The audio is bad and that is part of the test.  Why in the world would a company want to give you a bad audio tape to test on?  Is this a Joke?  I feel this is very humiliating to a transcriptionist.  Just give a decent test.  How is anyone supposed to pass it if the audio is bad?  I do not care who you are and how many years experience, if the audio is bad, then no one is going to pass.  This is totally ridiculous.  I am glad I am starting to look into coding for a new profession because these National companies are making a mockery of this field, which was once respected.



Any body know of a family practice hiring PT.. - Posted By: LM

I am currently working full time doing hospital work but things are slow all around for everybody.  I was hoping to find a small acct to supplement on a perm. basis.  Any help would be appreciated. I am new to this board so I hope it was okay to ask here.

To all the QA/editors out there - Posted By: just a small question

I was wondering what are some of the funny mistakes you've come across and could you give examples?  Also wondering if you think the majority of mistakes made by MTs is due to laziness or just lack of knowledge.  Thanks.

Companies OTHER than Medquist and Spheris - Posted By: DJ

Good morning. I was wondering if any of you MTs work for a company other than MQ and Spheris and would be willing to share with me the company and any pros and cons. I would like to hear about work-at-home companies only, though. Thanks for any information!

Dropping AHDI and CMT - anyone else? - Posted By: VA MT

It took me several years to make up my mind - I decided this year to drop my AHDI membership as well as not do my CEUs for my CMT (due this past January). I've been an MT for over 23 years. I joined AAMT 18 years ago and was thrilled to be part of it including in my local chapter for a long long time. I passed my CMT in 1994 - 15 years ago. I have never been paid any extra for my CMT.

I worked for MQ from 1997 to 2006 and finally found the guts to leave and have been happier for it. I don't make any more money. In fact, I'm making the same cpl that I was in 1997 now - that is no raise in 12 years. That is in spite of my CMT, in spite of taking on every new and difficult account I could, etc., etc.

I will leave AHDI and the certification process because I am finally admitting to myself my thorough disgust with the connection between MQ and AHDI - that started well before this so-called settlement. I sure wish I had checked in here before now, I didn't take note that there was a deadline to send in objections.

Most of my coworkers, with more experience than me and with similar hard-working, transcription loving ethics, long ago left AAMT in disgust at how they were not doing a thing for us to raise wages and how they paid more attention to MTSOs, hospitals, etc... and then, the whole offshore thing.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my 2 cents. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with their thoughts. I've been reading and listening to pro-AAMT stuff trying to wade through and made my decision. My final bottom line was that I listened to my gut, my instincts, and and accepted that I know in my heart and head that for AHDI to still pretend they are for us MTs is a sham - and shameful - and their getting anywhere NEAR a company like Medquist says all that any of us should need to hear. Or, rather, that I need to hear.

sm.. - Posted By: sore cyst-like structure in jaw

I just very recently noticed a small, hard, sore cyst-like structure on my right jaw, feels like it is just underneath the skin.  Anyone have any idea what it could be caused from?  I have no cavities or anything like that.  Just noticed this when rubbing my jaw the other night.  It is somewhat movable.  Do I need to see my dentist or my MD or what?

Query: How many have reference books and how many? - Posted By: MSMT

Wondering if I should expand my library.


All I stated is that I grew up in the Utica/Rome area, and now it is deleted.  Who did I offend????

Most comfortable chair please! - Posted By: DJ

I am on a quest for a new office chair.  Cannot afford the Aeron.  Any other comparable ones out there????? Thanks!

Anyone using MyDocsOnline? - Posted By: RMT

Looking at different options for my business and was hoping to get opinions about this service.  Thank you

Just offered an IC position at 7 cpl, lol.... - Posted By: tia

Could be worse, I saw one advertise at 6 cpl

DocShuttle Express help please!! - Posted By: sh

How do I import a voice file sent via e-mail in into Docshuttle and play with WavPlayer.  Have never used this and can't figure it out.  Thansk for any help at all.

VR Editing - Posted By: Jennifer M

What would be a good rate per line for IC, experienced VR Editor (already experienced with hiring company platform)?

Does anyone know of any websites where I can find different types of x-ray views? TIA - Posted By: anon

no books here - Posted By: help please

is it Grey Turners or Gray Turners sign?  thanks

Dictaphone MVP 3920 - Posted By: Joyce Powers

I am looking for a dictaphone MVP 3920, either one working or one to use for parts.  Please email me.  Thanks.

Question on Word board, radiolgy MTs! - Posted By: Small bowel obstruction

I have lines through everything on Main board toooooo

Has anyone experienced diminished hearing from transcribing with headphones/headsets? sm - Posted By: T

I don't think I hear as well as I used to as I'm always asking DH to turn up the voice on the television, and he used to play in a rock band!  He would be more likely to have hearing loss.  Just curious as there has been a lot said lately about MP3 players and hearing damage.

Webmedx shifts - Posted By: Birdlady

Is it set in stone that you have to work a weekend day with Webmedx?  Is there any way around that?


Pay issues. - Posted By: Frustrated

I don't understand.  I hear people complaining about their wages.  Yes, I know we aren't exactly paid that great of an amount, but seriously.  I see people complianing about making $20/hr or more.  I am lucky if I make $11.50 an hour right now (including shift differential and 5 years experience), but I don't care.  I have the luxury of being at home so that I can work while my son is sleeping (thus not paying $500/mo for day care).  I don't have to pay for gas to get to and from work.  I don't know about most of your situations, but I would be forking out at least $100/mo with gas prices at $2/gal in order to get to and from an outside of the home position.  And, I even qualify for benefits.  Add all that up, and it is more than worth it.  Why can't we just be happy that we have a job and can make money?  I am the sole supporter of my family right now, and $11.50/hr, I still can make it.  Yeah, I don't even have an extra $5 at the end of the month, but I can make all my payments, provide a roof over my family, and provide food and clothing.  I have a nice house (only 4 years old and +2300 sq ft), with a nice chunk of land, so it isn't like I am living poorly.  I don't understand how those of you making $20+/hr can sit here and complain that you aren't making enough and can't pay your bills.  I think instead of complaining about your wages, you should reevaluate how you are living.  I know different parts of the country are more expensive to live in, but I could easily make it on my income alone in most of the country.  Every position is suffering right now.  Our business is not the only business where people are taking pay cuts.  Why can't you just be happy with what you have? 

You all are a pretty nice bunch of people, you know. - Posted By: thanks!!!

Donating to the kids of fellow MTs, taking the time to email people and encourage them on how to be better MTs.  I'm really touched.  This month has been pretty rough but y'all are certainly putting the reason for the season out there.  You'll never know how much one email can impact somebody's day.

Wow - talk about lowballing --- - Posted By: S/M

I noticed an ad for an MTSO above the messages on this site for a company that offers to do MT for clients for 9 cpl?   I make that as an employee, and can barely survive on it.  I wonder what it's employees have to work for?   Oh, let me guess -- 2 cpl perhaps?  It says it's a "US-based company", but I'll bet all it's employees are slumdogs that are anything BUT millionaires.


performance review - Posted By: mh

How do you find the performance review going.  Are yout satisfied with the way the QA people are checking your reports?  I will get a correction from one and another QA will let it stay the way I typed it.  One MT said that most of her reports were OP notes and the doctors say mostly the same thing over and over, so she made templates and she just has to punch in a few strokes and the OP note is done.  How can you do this when the QA people are checking it word for word.  I cannot set up any templates because a few words may be changed.   Just curious.  . 

Anyone use only 1 space after sentences? - Posted By: Sheryl

This is new to me on one of my jobs.  I have always typed 2 spaces after sentences for 25 years.  Going to be hard to break this habit now.

line counts - Posted By: Dawn

What is the difference between lines and weighted lines?  We just switched from total lines to total weighted lines.  Is this good or bad?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Need advice about dog hiking leg - Posted By: mini-dachsund lover

I have a mini-dachsund, whom I absolutely adore, who is 2 years old.  When we got him, I was working at home and he was potty-pad trained (if you know what I mean--meaning, that he did his business on the throw-away potty pads).  I didn't really want him to do his business outside anyway, so I just continued to let him go on his potty pads.  Then, I had to leave him for about a week with my husband last summer, who is not as diligent about changing the potty pads like I was, and when I got back home, he had begun hiking his leg on furniture.  Shortly after this, I also went to work outside the home, and so my doggie is now home alone all day.

Here's my dilemma....For the past 4-5 months or so, he sometimes will use the potty pads and other times he just hikes his leg on the furniture or whatever.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason for this.  He's home alone, and he mainly "hikes" his leg when I'm not home but sometimes will do it even when I am there with him.

What can I do?  Is there any way to retrain this dog to NOT go on the furniture and back to the potty pads full-time?  Please don't suggest I keep him locked in a room or locked in a dog carrier/cage because I can't do that.  He definitely suffers from separation anxiety and I have tried putting him into our laundry room while we are gone, and he has dug up the linoleum and tears up anything in that room while we are gone.  When left in a dog carrier, he pees all over the dog carrier and then has to be bathed when taken out because he smells so bad.  He must just go "CRAZY" when locked up in the carrier because when we get home from work, he will have moved the carrier across the room, apparently from jumping up and down so hard in the carrier. 

Other than this whizzing on the furniture, he is a wondeful dog--we love him, but he is ruining my furniture, ruining my carpet, and I don't know what to do. Any advice is MUCH appreciated from fellow MT dog lovers!  I'm wondering if having him neutered would help calm him down and keep him from "marking his territory?"

Unemployment question - Posted By: MYD

I was laid off last Friday.....but already have another job. Actually it's a better job, so all is great.

BUT I have a question. I applied for unemployment just in case I had a hard time finding something. I got a notice today that I did not make enough money the last two quarters. I was steadily employed there the last 6 YEARS. It showed wages for 1st and 2nd quarter of 2006, but showed $0 for the last two quarters.

Where does umployment get their numbers? Do they get them from the quarterly forms filled out by the employer? Or do they send a form to be filled out when someone applies? I used to handle claims eons ago....but I don't recall ever supplying that information when a claim was made....In fact my boss fought and won every claim(whole other story)

The company is having financial problems and I was just wondering if this company is NOT filing the required unemployment forms/payment...and if not, what about SS, withholding 401K etc....

Has anyone bought special mattress like Tempurpedic or the air mattress that let's you select - Posted By: Just curious

comfort level.  I'm in the market and can't make up my mind.  Definitely want something a little better than box springs and regular mattress.  Do they make water beds anymore?  I had one in the past and that was really ugly but comfortable.

ENTER NOW! $10.00 Gift Certificate to TVPS.com! - Posted By: See full details inside


(Pulling number 56)
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You must enter each giveaway to be eligible to win.



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Looking for a part-time Lanier account - Posted By: tia

Are there any small companies that use Lanier?  Just looking for a couple to three hours a day to fill. 

An InScribe foot pedal question. sm - Posted By: Thank you.

I've just installed a USB pedal in order to work with the built-in player in InScribe.

This pedal is not like any other I've ever used. The voice continues a few seconds after I release the pedal and when I push down again, it has backspaced several seconds, which slows me down like you wouldn't believe!

It's bad enough with not being used to the pedal, but with the built-in player, there doesn't seem to be any way to speed up the voice or adjust the backspacing.

Does anyone know of a way to do this?

I would really appreciate some advice as it takes a while for the Emdat folks to respond.

Yahoo IM - Posted By: Elsie

Does anyone know how to download Yahoo Im? I need it for my job and when I try to download it, all I get is that advertisement/questionaire, which I can't seem to get past. I looked for other sites and they want to charge me. javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');

Dictaphone/Nuance WordClient Questions - Posted By: equineluvr

Does anyone here know how to:

Print a physicians' list from Ctrl-A in alpha and by specialty?

Print the contents of an ESP file?

Thank you in advance.

Poll: If you could only pick one..... - Posted By: flutterby

If you could only pick one each of a medical book and an online reference, which would you choose?  Mine would be Stedman's Medical Dictionary for the book and onelook.com for my online reference. 


I use the dvorak keyboard for typing.  The keys are in different places from the 'querty' keyboard.  All the most used keys are on the home row.  This requires about 10 times less hand movement.  However, it makes you look like an idiot when you try to hunt and peck on someone else's querty keyboard!!

regarding post below - How not to hire Americans - Posted By: CLKTranscription

I sent an e-mail to Hillary Clinton's website with the article and video - visit and leave your comments - democrat or republican - I just want an American to work on this very important topic. Low or middle class - to strengthen it we need our jobs - not to mention the security of our personal information by not off shoring.


Now I am off to visit other politicians websites.

Please, help a sista decide what - Posted By: to do. TIA

The   company I work for is changing to more  cumbersome and slow platform and pays 7.5 cpl.  I know that is low but the Director of Operations is VERY good to me otherwise and it is on a platform that iis very user friendly and I have almost total control of document handling, which I am whittling down to a fine, fast art.  I just talked to a hospital about IC at 10-11 cpl but would have to "rent" software at $20 per month. (Was told this was for IRS reasons, which I don't know that I believe, but whatever, it is how they do it.)  I am trying to decide which would be the better deal.  10-11 cpl and pay "rent" or 7.5 and no rent.  7.5 cpl job is fairly flexible, accts I have there are easy for me to do, and staff is great.  The new job sounds like an "MT friendly" kinda place with no ESLs.  What to do, what to do???

Anyone know anything about... - Posted By: BK Broiler

a place called USTranscriptions? Just saw ad for them on board today.Also thanks for info on Transcend. I am considering them.

Wow!! I'm in shock... - Posted By: NCMT

I transcribed a Hospice note earlier today.  The patient is a 99-year-old woman with end-stage coronary artery disease.  She lives in adult foster care.  The caregivers at the adult foster care have a problem with Hospice for some reason and are threatening to raise this woman's rent by $1000.00 per month if she goes on Hospice.  UNREAL!!

Anyway, Hospice will contact the proper law enforcement agency if this happens as it is discrimination...but I just couldn't believe what I was hearing when I transcribed it.

Jana Richmond of St. Louis, MO has won the Blissful Spa Gift Basket - Posted By: Administrator (see message inside)

Ms. Richmond, please send an email to admin@mtstars.com with your full address and we will ship your gift basket to you.  Congratulations and Merry Christmas in July!