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Let's Do the Math!!! - Posted By: Deenie

Okay, here and on other boards there are many questions as to "which school to attend" and "best schools" and "only three schools matter" and so on and so forth.

There are at least 100,000 MTs working in the U.S., according to the BLS stats.


Not even 1/10 of the working MTs could have possibly gone to those schools.

That leaves 90,000 MTs trained elsewhere, for those of you following along at home.

And yet, the constant refrain is "Andrews, M-Tec, and CS."

And they are good schools, certainly, especially the first two. But they aren't the ONLY schools and people who are spreading the hysteria that "you won't ever work unless you attend on of those three schools" are not helping the profession. Some of the message boards on other forums (fora) are so obviously biased that it's laughable, yet the newcomer to the field might not pick up on that.

A challenge: Tell where YOU went to school.

I went to Meditec and I'm working, folks. And doing well. And enjoying it! I have several "online buddies" who attended MT Advantage. They are working, too!

And to those who will say it was "mere luck:" 90,000 people gettin' lucky -- I like those odds!!!


Hi Everyone! - Posted By: Michael M.

I am new to the boards! I just started MTing and these boards are hilarious. It gets lonely when you work from home, so it is a nice place to go! 


Do you listen to every report twice, to review it, - Posted By: or just once to transcribe? NM


Well Trixie..what about this... - Posted By: RadGurl

Since MTs are given QA evaluations and if we don't maintain 98%+ then we are put on probation, fired, etc.

I think we should be allowed to "QA" the docs shouldn't we?? If they have a run-on sentence that lasts longer than the airing of Survivor...or if they change their mind and want to reword a statement for the 1900th gagillion time...that should be grounds for slappin' their butts with probation and they have to step aside and let the good docs dictate!!!  Yayyyyy!!  (Shhhhhh...not going to point out the fact that there would be almost no docs left then..which would end up putting us out of work for good)


Newbie Training suggestions - Posted By: GeorgiaMT

Good morning everyone..I have been an MT for 12 years and have a friend who would like to be an MT also.  She has an educational background in anatomy, physiology I think--that kind of stuff.  She wants to give it a try without getting formal MT training.  I know what you guys are going to say, but you know how it is.  I am sure all of us have had people who think we are just "typists."  Even though I know this will be a HUGE challenge for her, I have agreed to try to help her  Do you guys have any ideas where she should start?  I am interested in only positive responses please--thanks ladies/gents!!!!

health insurance - Posted By: melissa

Ugggh!!  Any ICs out there have any good advice for obtaining affordable health insurance on your own?  I have gotten quotes which are completely unaffordable !!!  I live in NY state.

line count comparisons - Posted By: need some input

was offered a job for 9 cpl, 50-character lines, spaces not counted.  Does anyone know how this compares to 65-characer lines with spaces counted?

Emdat/Inscribe - Posted By: question

For anyone who has used the Inscribe program - if you have more than one report on a dictation file, do you know how to get the voice file for the 2nd report after you have got the demographics for that report?   I can get the 2nd format but not the voice file.  Thanks. 


Express Scribe question... - Posted By: Tami

I don't use Express Scribe so I'm hoping someone will help me.  I have tried sending a file to be typed.  The file I am sending is a dss file.  The person with ES says it shows there is 00:00 dictation and they can't get it.  When I pull up email I have sent I can play it just fine.  There have been some with ES that can type it and others that can't.  Is there a setting in ES that a person needs to change in order to play dss files?  Thanks for your help.

Help on word board please! - Posted By: anna


About laptop for MT work..sm - Posted By: worried

i just got a very nice, widescreen laptop for work. I have medical issues and could not withstand working at my desk any longer. People are telling me that it won't last for MT work becuase the keyboard is not durable enough. Well, i still use my ergo keyboard hooked up and i only use the laptop keyboard for work when I am completing my work for about 2 to 3 hours at night. My question is, has any of you ever had a laptop keyboard go bad with MT work?

I hope not, took me years to even afford this one. :)

Google - Posted By: MTqueenB

Merry Christmas, everyone!  

Could anyone explain the Google page to me?  I mean the "Google" header with the cat and mouse.  I usually enjoy their little embellishments for the different holidays, but I can't figure out what this is supposed to be.  

to all MQ'rs sm - Posted By: MQgaMT

I do not understand why all the MQ MTs continue to get all riled up and make fools out of ourselves.  If you have been with MQ for anytime at all, you should know that any major changes made, you will be advised! Especially if it affects your pay, production, etc.  Apparently, policies vary from office to office, so what is going on at one office may not pertain to your office.  If you have a question, the best place to address it is with your TC, not on this board, where you get answers from God only knows who! And no, I am not MQ management, I am just an MQ MT, but a happy one. I work for Monrovia, as many of you all do, and never has a policy been changed without my prior knowledge.  so please, people, quit making fools out of us and get a grip!

Please do not post job-wanted ads. (SM) - Posted By: Goldbird (Moderator)

If you are looking for a job, we have a free Job Seekers board and a free resume bank available.  The job postings are very specific.  If you have questions about a job posting, please contact the company as directed.

If you wish to ask about specific companies, please do so on the Company board.


Jobs??? - Posted By: Renee

Is it just me or are there no jobs available right now? I have been looking for a couple of weeks now, and all of the companies tell me that they are not hiring at this time. Many of the companies that list an opening, tell me that they do not have any available positions. Why advertise if you have no jobs!?! Do they realize what a pain it is to go through the testing for each company? I mean, don't get me wrong, i don't mind testing as long as there is a chance that I will get offered a position. Am I alone on this one???

If any of you know of any openings anywhere, please let me know. Thanks!

Silent Type - Posted By: Mary

Can anyone give me info on Silent Type? Thanks

Statutory versus employee - Posted By: Stargazer

Are there any advantages to being statutory versus an employee?  Anyone out there working statutory who can help?  Thanks!

Any information on this anyone? - Posted By: EDTA??

My husband came home from work hearing about something called EDTA (Ethylene~Diamine~Tetra-acetic~Acid).  It is suppose to break down the minerals and heavy metals out of your body and make your risk of heart disease a lot lower.  Does anyone have an information on this.  He would like to take it if it true because of heart disease in his family, although I am not certain he should, as I always worry about the things they don't tell you about the stuff your taking.   

Any information would be great.


Typing Speed - Posted By: Katie

Is there an easy way to calculate word-per-minute typing speed using the lines per hour I can do?  -Thanks.

Pay by line versus pay by characters; what is - Posted By: the difference? What more do I need to ask?nm


Bad quality dictation - Posted By: Fasttype

What in heavens name do you do after starting work with a company and the dictation is so lousy qualitywise with static and the voice fading in and out.  Is this normal? Left lines in every report.  ??? Help?

Vista - Posted By: tech-challenged MT

I just purchased a new computer (desktop), cannot connect to the Internet.  I have a wireless system, put the CD in for the USB adaptor and it does not detect my wireless modem.  Any suggestions? 

IC status with set hours? I was looking at an ad - Posted By: honey

on the job board. It was an IC position but they want you to work specific hours...10am to 4pm or 12pm to 6 pm and rotate weekends.  I thought IC's didn't have to work set hours???

I've never worked as an IC and was considering it so please forgive me if this is a dumb question.

NEED RECOMMENDATIONS on foot pedal compatible w/Express Scribe (sm) - Posted By: CAMT

I realize they sell them on the Express Scribe website, but I was just wondering if anyone found any that were cheaper, worked well, and were still compatible with Express Scribe. TIA!

anyone have tips for testing? - Posted By: Dawn

I'm one of those people that don't test well,  I never have been able to test well, even in high school I had problems.  I just took a test today, and I actually think I did pretty well.  I went back and listened to each sound file a second time while reading through the transcribed file.  I found a couple of mistakes and corrected them.  Any other tips for better testing would be appreciated greatly. 


My 20 year old daughter was just diagnosed with partial seizures.  We could not wake her up on Sunday morning and had to call the paramedics.  My question is does anyone take Trileptal and is there side effects or are you having success with it.  Are you able to drive?   My daughter says her lip goes numb when she first takes it.  I have done research but I would like to know if anyone had first hand experience with it.  THANKS IN ADVANCE.

BOS 3 changes - Posted By: me

Has anyone documented the changes from BOS 2 to 3?  Or is there a site online that shows the changes?  This would be so much easier than reading the whole darned thing (and staying awake).

New to MT - Posted By: Sarah

I am looking to become an MT but I have no training or schooling. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do or where to start? Does anywhere hire and just train you on the job? Will anyone give you a starting chance? Any information anyone can give me would be so helpful. Thanks!!!

I have to know....how whas Paula Deen's - Posted By: meatloaf and cake? nm

RE: Need anyone's ideas on how to do this - I work via C-phone but need to go to my son's to - Posted By: Kristie

They do not have a land line but use cell phones.  Is there some way to use my c-pone through my cell phone so I can work while I'm there?  Thanks in advance

I'm bored and dateless on a Saturday night... - Posted By: RadGuy

Is it my basic personality?

Anyone interested in an orthopaedics account - see message - Posted By: dizzi

If you are in the Connecticut/Massachusetts area and are intersted in a digital upload orthopaedic account - 3 doctors and PA - probably keep one person fairly busy, please email me. I can't handle the extra workload so would like to find a nice match for them.

By line or page? - Posted By: wondering

Hi all...if you had an account with progress notes where you use a previous visit note for the patient and then only change the date and the vital signs on the new note for the patient, would you charge by the line for those reports or by the page? These are physical therapy notes where the patient comes for HUMS therapy just about every day to every other day of the week, so everything in the note stays the same except the date and vitals. Thanks in advance.

sentencing hearing for serial killer - Posted By: justme

Did anyone watch the sentencing hearing yesterday and today on that nut job, Dennis Rader?  I watched both days through the internet.  OMG, what a sick puppy that man, or should I say monster, is.  Gave me the willies watching but I was fascinated by the detectives detailing everything and the evidence they showed.  Sure glad he is under lock and key for the rest of his life.

can now donate your vacation time - Posted By: another mtpocket

The IRS will now let you donate your vacation time to the evacuees.  They will convert it to cash and you can deduct it at the end of the year.  For those of you feeling so generous, this is for you.

Express Scribe - Posted By: siren

I am beginning employment with a service who utilizes Express Scribe as their platform.  I hear you can use the function keys or a foot pedal to transcribe.  Can anyone tell me which way is more efficient and user friendly?  I have only used a foot pedal.

Naturally Fast? - Posted By: Kristy

I am fairly new on here and realize I am asking a lot of different questions (hope you don't mind).

I am wondering if most people who end up fast enough to make a decent living at transcription are fairly fast from the start, or if one can really increase over time.  I am really struggling financially and don't want to give up, but I also don't want to spend endless time in a field that just isn't for me.

Any stories?

Help me decipher this pay description. - Posted By: huh?

Chronial Transcriptions:  MT daily:  Line rates based on 55 black character line, 0.08-0.09 DOE and test results.  Let me venture a guess.  A 55-black character line would mean 55 strokes, spaces not counted?   DOE?  What's that?  I thought that was the (US) Department of Energy. 

Ditto / Palabrio expander program - Posted By: debbb

Recently there was a post here asking people to try the above program - and then the guy came back and thanked participants   

???  Anyone who tried this software - are you willing to share your opinion - for price alone it is definitely worth considering  but I am wondering...

Is it fast, easy to use?   Are the popups annoying?    Can you do functions with it or just expand words/phrases?  

Any info appreciated  /    thanks

Is CyMed good/If not who is???? - Posted By: lcb

I have worked in transcription at home for over 8 years but for local practices.  I am new to the national companies.  I recently looked at the Cymed web site.  Is this a good company?  If not can someone please tell me where to start looking.

C-phone & cigarette smoke - Posted By: So not happy right now

I just bought a C-phone off of eBay. I unpack it and it smells like smoke, something bad. I'm a non-smoker. How do I get this smell out? If I had known it was owned by a smoker, I wouldn't have purchased it. The auction didn't say one way or another, so I figured I was safe.

Yuck. Please help! Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. Febreeze isn't working so far and I'm sitting here smelling this. Gross.

Being paid gross line - Posted By: Susan

I have been offered a job that pays 8 cpl per gross line.  Is that a good rate? Thanks for your input.

Bait and Switch, tired of it! - Posted By: mtfor2long

Oh, I just had to come here and vent. So, thanks in advance for listening!

I have had 1 employee job and 2 IC jobs since Christmas-time and have been bait and switched up and down in all 3!  Applied for certain types of work type, certain types of benefits (the employee job), and got zip.  Then, went IC and again, applied for certain work types, certain accounts, hired and promised the world, and then never ever got the work types, instead got all the ESL and all the resident's ESL discharge summaries and that is it. 

What is the deal? These places think that when we don't get the benefits promised, the paycheck promised, the work promised (I will do all work types mind you and am very flexible, just hired for certain kinds of work and then only put on the very worst ESL discharges at all jobs), we will be broken down because we are afraid of not having a job, or not having the ability to get another?

I am truly burnt out at this. I worked for years at one hospital, and when they cut incentive and sent work to outsource, since I have been in the world of MTSOs, bait and switch up and down. And this includes the very well thought of and highly rated companies here from last fall (you probably can guess the ones).

Of course, perhaps they think the MT needs to be quiet and be happy to have a job (which by the way, all 3 ran out of work and slim pickings recently) since everything is going to India.  Is this some kind of scare tactic? Shut up and put up? Really. I am interviewing as an employee again, and hoping to stay because I just cannot take this bait and switch, no promises kept, demeaning treatment anymore... Thanks again for listening, and hope there are people on here who do not have the same sob story, who actually get the pay, benefits and work types they were hired for and promised! Have a nice day.

Something interesting I found regarding offshoring... - Posted By: suzylyn

I check the Craigslist website quite often, and on a whim I clicked on India and then jobs.  SO MANY POSTINGS FOR JOBS AVAILABLE FOR U.S. BASED COMPANIES - customer service, call centers, computer techs, and yes even MTs.  There was even one posting a few weeks ago from a "company" that would set you up with a U.S. based physical address, phone number, fax number so that you could have your business "based" in the U.S., obviously to actually be in another country and get the U.S. tax break.  Sickening

Foot pedal/express scribe - Posted By: dd

Can anyone tell how to get a DVI/USB pedal to work with express scribe - the pedal works with DocQScribe and Emdat - but cannot get it to work with this one??? T

Sleep disorder transcription - Posted By: Angie

Does anyone know of any companies that do strictly sleep disorder transcription, that are looking for IC's?


References--who? - Posted By: Job applications

Just curious--I don't know if it is just me or if anyone else has this problem, but besides your employers or former employers, who do you use for professional references if you work at home all the time and don't socialize with other MTs or belong to any MT associations, etc? I have been working at home in my own cocoon for 7 years and am filling out an application for MDI. They ask for 4 professional references. Anyone else run into this dilemma? I always just give my employers' names, but I don't want to list my current one.

Word expander use....sm - Posted By: curious girl

When you all use your Expander and put in abbr., do you typically put in shortcuts for a word or a short phrase or do you do both?  For instance, would do you put in a shortcut such as "fol" for followup or do you typically just do phrases such as "ope" for On physical exam, ?  I am just curious who does what. 

Emdat Inscribe Auto text - Posted By: Sandy

New to Inscribe and when I try to expand my word in auto text the cursor jumps to the next line.  Even did this when I tried a key other than the enter key.  Also have Instant text(older version, Instant Text III Pro, but seems to be taking a long time to get used to.  Any thoughts on these two expanders, which is better to use?  Thank you

Help on Word Board please :) nm - Posted By: funsize