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Tell me about headsets! Which do you use/like best? - Posted By: Jai

I have to invest in a new pair, my are crackling and the sound quality is getting very poor. 

What are the best sets out there?  The stethoscope style that go in the ear, stethoscope style that only go against the ear, tubular style, ect? 

I have a toddler at home and need to be able to hear her, so I don't think the noise canceling ones would be a good option for me.


Just an observation... - Posted By: mttee

I was noticing in looking at posts of folks who need word help that often they are stumped by the most BASIC words.  Sometimes I notice that words within the posts that the poster DOES know are even misspelled.  Don't mean to bash here, but how are these people qualified to do medical transcription?  Could this possibly be contributing to the decline in pay we are seeing?  Shouldn't QA be telling these folks to work in-house somewhere for more training? 

I remember when I first started I thought the dictator was saying "AT&T" when he was actually saying HEENT.  That's how green I was!!  That was 15 years ago and I worked for FOUR YEARS in-house full time before I tried ANYTHING at home.

Autocorrect - Posted By: countrymt

Is there any way to move all your Word Autocorrect shortcuts from one computer to another?  TIA

How long before they give you the boot? - Posted By: NewbietMT full time2

When starting out entry level at a company, what is the norm for probationary period?  I worked partime as an IC MT for a year for a friend, did inhouse TX for 7+yrs for specialty MD's office. All this and never had a problem.

Now that I am doing IC work with a national, it seems that everything I thought I knew about grammar and terminology couldn't hold a candle to the expectations of the nat'l companies.  Now I am begining to get self conscious about every little thing to the point where it takes me a rediculous amount of time to get it done.

It's not like I'm making huge mistakes or anything.  For the most part I do have my terminology and grammar down......its just the little things.  For example, I never knew that there was a difference in the way the phrase 'follow up' should be written-as two words, hyphenated or as one single word.  Didn't know that it depends on if it is used as a noun, adjetive, verb, etc.

I like the company I work for, but man do I feel inadequate. 


gross line - Posted By: justcurious

Not to show my ignorance, but what is a "gross line?"

Just good news - Posted By: Lara

Just heard on the TV where a teacher got choked on a salad at school. The only person around her was an 11 year old student of hers who asked if she was alright, she told him no and he immediately got behind her to do the Heimlich maneuver and dislodged the stuck food. Now get this, he said it must have been intervention from above- he did not know the name of what he did, had never even seen it performed and basically he said just had to move and move quick to try to help her. Is that not a good story??

Been away for a bit.... - Posted By: Silly Sally

What do I need, absolutely positively need to get brushed up on?  Tell me where to go to get the info I will require.  New rules, etc. 

Why does this India site still keep popping up? - Posted By: omt

Humorous MD blooper - Posted By: desertflour

I have had awful dictation this afternoon - sheer torture, as most of us are familiar with.

Thought I would share this to lighten things up: "Discharge instructions were given in both verbal and oral format."   He whipped through this report in about 45 seconds - they don't even listen to themselves.


tendonitis relief - Posted By: hardatwork

I'm looking for ideas for symptomatic relief of tendonitis, sleeping in a brace doesn't seem to be helping much.  The pain started in my left pinky finger and is now traveling up toward my elbow.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Woo-hoo - 1st day of school!!! sm - Posted By: Georgia gal

Both kids survived it quite nicely.  That's 1 down, 179 to go!!!

Rerecording - need help sm - Posted By: Speedqueen

Client needs to rerecord some old micro cassettes. I have no idea where to send him, important stuff going to court. Any ideas for us? All help appreciated.

Link to watch live OR procedures - Posted By: Fan of the OR


Fascinating stuff! 

Feedback on SoftScript - Posted By: Terry

Does anybody know anything good or bad about this company?  I am looking for a good MT employment position, and I have been burned before (by Voice Systems--they don't pay!). 

SoftScript Inc.
501 Colorado Ave.; Suite #206, Santa Monica, California 90401

wedding gift - Posted By: nn

I need some ideas please.  I have a very close friend who is getting married for the third time, and this will be the second marriage for her fiance.  Of course, they have everything they need, and probably more.  But I don't want to go to her wedding empty-handed.  I'd like to get her something nice, even if just a little something, so does anyone have any ideas?  Thanks very much.

John Feehery, Pub pundit, admits - Posted By: mae

on Hardball with Chris Mathews that Obama DID NOT call Palin a pig!......of course, I knew that, but there's the proof!!!

How do I disable Shorthand for more than - Posted By: 1 entry at a time? See message

I know Esc stops one entry at a time, but sometimes (and I can't think where at the moment), ShortHand in general works but hitting Esc causes problems and throws me out of my document.. 

And for instance, if I'm typing here on MT Stars and I don't want Shorthand to work at all, do I have to pull up the Shorthand box and uncheck AutoReplace, or is there a quick keystroke that acts as a toggle?

Accuracy of the BOS 2nd (sm) - Posted By: CuriousMLS

Has anyone else on the board had problems with the revised edition of the BOS? I recently tested for a high level client and they had their "own way" of doing things. Since they were in the business of teaching academic subjects at a very high level, the argument about the new BOS went over like a lead balloon. They had their own rules. I was ashamed of what I turned in, although I did follow our own MLS new rules. Anyone else getting demerits for changing over?

Smartype and Scribe? - Posted By: How to make them work together?

Has anyone gotten Smartype and Scribe to work together?  If so, how did you do it?  Thanks so much

Poll: Is MT a profession or vocation? nm - Posted By: MT student


Colonoscopy - Posted By: mt47

Okay, ladies, I need some feedback.  I just scheduled my first screening colonoscopy (family history of colon CA, plus my age are the reasons).   They gave me a choice of scheduling either conscious sedation or with an anesthesiologist who would administer propofol. 

I scheduled the conscious sedation, but I have time to change my mind and reschedule. 

Anyone had this done?  How much discomfort is there during and afterwards with the conscious sedation?  

I realize each person differs in their tolerance and response to such things, but I have no one to ask about it and would appreciate any info you might share.  TIA.

Lab tests - Posted By: :)

Does anyone know of a good website that lists lab test reference ranges.  The one I have has in depth information about the test, but not reference ranges.  Thanks!

Has anyone had the spider veins sm - Posted By: spider veins anyone?

fixed on their legs?  Wondering which is better - laser or injections?  These are not varicose.

working in a pool - Posted By: MrsBTFuller

Hello, I have been doing medical transcription for 11 years, most of them as an IC. 2 years ago I changed companies from which I get my work and, for the first time, I am in a pool situation. Here's my question. Is it standard procedure (or normal) when you are working in a pool to not be able to pass on doctors that you cannot do well or just find too frustrating to do? In all the years I have been doing transcription, this is the first time I have not been able to say I can't or do not want to do that doctor. I am expected to do whatever comes up in my pool, regardless of whether or not I do them well, and at the same time keep my accuracy up at 97%, and not send all of the jobs to QA. It is a very frustrating situation and honestly, for the first time in 11 years, has me thinking about quitting altogether. MrsBTFuller

Instant Text, Stedman's, etc. - Posted By: EL

Which software is best to use?

Offshore concerns blog - Posted By: mg

I mentioned this a few messages below, but the blog has its first post. I am NOT supporting any Ad things on there and will not be making anything off this. 


If you have a link that would be useful to others to write their gov't reps, companies, news sources, etc, feel free to post them or e-mail me so i can get them up there.  I am also looking for any news stories or any information we can get.  One way or the other, we might be able to make a difference. 

Andrews or M-TEC - Posted By: mtstudent

Andrews and M-TEC. Do a search on either one of them and you will find they are the best of the best in MT training.

what would you do when your 10y/o told you - Posted By: she has boyfriend

honestly, I don't know how to handle this without hurting her feelings. please help!! need some good advice. Thanks in advance 

Anyone with experience in charging by the word? - Posted By: nm


Looking for an MT - Posted By: Pamela Copeland

I am trying to locate someone who is an MT.  Her name is Novella Smith.  I met you at the STOP Organization in Suffolk, Virginia.  I am interested in talking with you about some training.  Please contact via e-mail at ladyp85@hotmail.com.  Thank you.



Is there a new format on Forum Section - Posted By: PT2MT

or am I the only one experiencing this....

about two or three days ago, I've noticed that when I go to the main board, other forum or topic options were not listed on the blue portion of the page, and it feels weird to go back to the home page every time I want to change topic/section.

I hope this is okay - Posted By: AnonMT

A friend of mine is in second place right now in the Staples invention contest. Please vote for Julie Savage and her Glue Swabs. Right now she is neck and neck with a musician, who has the online musician community bucking for him to win.

Hopefully MTs have more pull than musicians.

Oh, and you can vote once a day from each email addy you have.

Tax difference - IC vs. "regular" employee? - Posted By: GA MT

I am a little nervous after reading an earlier post about holding back 30% of your paycheck for taxes if you are IC.  I went from regular employee to IC out of desperation for more money - just took the first thing I could get after being cheated on line counts for over a year at a job.  I started about Sept. 1 last year and have not had my taxes done yet.  I figured I probably had enough withheld at my previous job to cover taxes for last year but now am wondering.  As a single (adoptive - no ex!) parent barely making ends meet, I am wondering if there is a big difference in how much tax you pay when IC as opposed to regular employee.  Would really appreciated input!  Just sign me "Worried in Georgia!"

What's the best wavplayer? - Posted By: LH

I need to purchase a wav player. What would you recommend as the best?

Thank you!

Secrets of Highly Successful MTs? Please share! - Posted By: RSG

I'd really be interested to learn if there are any tips you 40k&up folks could share with those of us who are... more financially challenged.  What is your schedule like?  Do you log off every time you get up to get a cup of coffee, etc?  Obviously you don't spend your work days on message boards; do you have any tips for how to Stay Focused? 

Sorry if I sound ignorant; I have been doing this for many many years and still struggle with the same self-discipline issues I had way back when.  I'd love to hear from those who have actually made good money at this how they did it.  Thanks!

Aah, music... - Posted By: The Singing MT

Taking a break.  Listening to some tunes to relax.  I think some other people should too.  Anyone ever heard of Jill Scott or Erykah Badu?  Common?   

Line count verification in MS Word. - Posted By: See message.

I get paid on a 65-character line with spaces, no headers/footers.  When I highlight the text I type (nothing else), and then check under Tools, Word Count, characters with spaces, and then divide by 65, I'm still coming up about 6-8% higher than my company's line count.    Am I doing something wrong?

need help on drug board please -- TIA! - Posted By: luvnMT


Do you always consider 8 cpl too low a rate? - Posted By: What if it is a clinic account and sm

you have one doctor that you have every day unless he's on vacation, the doctor uses a lot of the same phrases constantly, usually does 900 or so lines a day, and it only takes you about 3 hours to do his work?  I have one like this.  He's an ESL and does have an accent but I understand him perfectly.

Also have another account, same situation but instead of clinic notes is an endocrine doctor dictating letters to referring physicians.  Again ESL but I can understand him perfectly.  I have to put in addresses but I just make macros for all of them so after a while I have most of the addresses he uses.  Again, 8 cpl and I average 250 to 300 lph.  Usually 900 to 1000 lpd.  Is that so bad?

I guess it would be different if you had a bunch of different doctors but doing the some ones every day you get used to them.

? about job listing for Nebraska Heart InstituteSM - Posted By: NE_MT

Does anyone here work for them?  They stated they have "excellent" benefits.  Could you tell me what that means/what it includes?  Could you tell me (approx) how much they cost for a family and what kind of co-pay and deductible there are?  How do you like working there?  Are the dictators fairly clear (for the most part)?  Is it difficult to make the required 1500 lines per day?  Also, (if you don't mind) could you share the payscale (just low to high would be fine)?  I've left my e-mail if you'd rather correspond by e-mail.  Thank you for your help.  :)


Thinking of starting MT - Posted By: ra11en

I'm contemplating becoming a MT.  My computer skills, not just typing, are top notch.  I already work full time as an engineer for one of the #1 computer corporations, and a friend suggested I look into MT when he noticed my typing speed.  I've started to look into it but there is soooo much information that I'm not sure where to start, and even if I should start.

Anyone else's experience / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I've seen countless ads for online training, train at home, college courses, etc. and I'm a bit overwhelmed.  I'm looking to do this part time just to make some extra cash.  I am in no way looking for a new career - I already have a very fulfilling one.  Any suggestions on how to start??  Is it steady work?? 

i hate doing transcription - Posted By: tynkerbelle

i used to love doing transcription.  now i hate it.  hate it. hate it.  i work in a hospital and it is one of the only hospital jobs left around here that has not outsourced.  the manager/team lead are two of the dumbest pieces of work anybody could ever run into.  if they were not purposefully put here to make us quit and they really are this dumb, i would hate to have to come to this hospital if i ever got sick.  what other kind of dumbbells do they have working here (like duh...guess who works here....me!!!!).   i put in an application for the community college.  tomorrow is registration.  classes start may 11.  i am going over in the morning and signing up and paying for a class.  what to take, what to go into?  i have been doing this for so long i don't have a clue.   but i gotta get outta here, for my sanity and for the sanity of the world.   this tooth and dagger stuff has got to go.  i want somewhere that treates me nice.

I LOVE THIS WEBSITE sm - Posted By: NewHere

I love reading the good, bad and just ugly. It really helps when trying to make a decision about different companies, etc. Plus I think it is good that the bad and ugly be exposed. Maybe they will clean up their acts.

These services/companies are making a fortune off of those who work at home, providing everything ourselves, i.e. office space, computer, high speed internet, unlimited long distance, desk, chair, etc. To get an offer of anything less than 10 cpm is ridiculous and I hope no one takes any of those jobs!

bye bye
keep postin!

Did a search and cannot find - can someone - Posted By: sm

repost the link to someone I can contact about housing some of the pets from Katrina?  TIA

Need help on drug board please. TIA - Posted By: JoH


Speed - Posted By: michelle

what speed do you all keep your dictations on? normal or chipmunk style?

Another day of waiting endlessly for work - Posted By: wanting to work MT

But come Thursday and throughout the entire weekend wil come a stream of e-mails saying there is work now for us to make up our lines!!!  Are we to be available 24/7 at these places?  Does ANY company hire enough people and have enough work for those of us who actually WANT to work at a steady pace?  Anyone?  Really tired of this.  I am a very dedictated MT.

pay per dictated minute versus per line - Posted By: JS

which is better being paid per dictated minute or paid per line? 

what does MTSO mean? - Posted By: ri

not trying to sound dumb but new to the boards and keep seeing MTSO, just curious what it stands for

Man, its HOT in Indiana! Talk about global warming! - Posted By: AC-dependent

How 'bout where U live?