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Questions on Lanier 219 or 230 - Posted By: Tabatha

Could some MTs that use either of these systems please email me.  I have a ton of questions concerning these machines and don't know where to look.  Looking at working on an account that requires one of these machines and have been looking on ebay.  Asked a few questions to one seller and I don't think he knows what he has.  Any help would be really appreciated.

Tabatha in Charleston, SC

Question for night workers..... - Posted By: anon

How do you get your sleep?  I generally get to bed around 3:00 a.m., and need at least 8 or 9 good hours of sleep in order to function the next day.  I set my alarm clock for 11:30, but generally am awake before I ever have to turn it off due to some kind of noise outside.  I sleep with my TV on low and a fan on.  Over the last year or so I have noticed more and more noise in the neighborhood, owners renting out their houses to young people who love LOUD music in their homes and cars, televisions loud enough I could be watching the movie if I could see their screen, things like that.  It used to be kids outside on weekends playing ball and what not, but now it is actually adults making all the noise, very unneccesary noise.  Do they think they don't have neighbors?  Or that the rest of us are as deaf as they are going to end up?  Why is it people just don't care anymore? 

I live in a house, not an apartment.  One of the reasons I bought a house is to escape the noise of the neighbors.  My question is, would any of you actually resort to calling the police on a neighbor if they were constantly disturbing your peace?  There is a noise ordinance where I live, and the police are great at taking care of it, it's just the feeling I would have of actually calling the police on a neighbor.  But at the same time, the neighbors are not respecting me, right? 

Last summer I did go door to door trying to see if people wanted to get together a neighborhood watch, told each person about my concerns with kids tearing down mail boxes, the noise, etc., so from that respect I gathered they all knew that people could hear their noise.  Not one person called to confirm they would be at the meeting, and it was cancelled.  Everyone just wants to do what they want to do.  I'm not going to resort to wearing ear plugs. What if the smoke alarm went off, or my emergency phone? 

I guess I'm just asking for opinions or similar stories to help me out.  Thanks for listening.

Any ideas on how to get a cheap rental car? I haven't had to rent a car - Posted By: AzMT

in a very long time.

thanks so much!

Microsoft Word 2007 - Posted By: Banana

I had to do recovery on my computer and I added a newer Microsoft Office.  This is MUCH different than my old version so I wanted to see if anyone can help me out.  On old version if I used AutoText for saving smaller things after typing a couple of letters it would pop up with the info that I wanted.  I can't figure out if this new version does that or not.  From what I have read I can't find that it does, but if anyone has any information that it does still do this it would be greatly appreciated!

Whine alert! 8 cents/line is killing me! :( - Posted By: SM

I have 17 years experience.  I'm an IC, was getting paid 10 and 11 cents a line for the last decade or so.  After that work basically dried up, I started looking for more work.  No work to be had at at 10 cents a line anymore, rarely find anything even at 9 cents. 

Decided to take an 8 cents/line job.  Hey, I was gettin' hungry.  I swear....I type, type, type, type, seems like all day and all night and still not making the money I need to pay my bills and eat! 

I know, I know, people justify 8 cents a line by saying hey if you can do 200 lph, that's $16 an hour.  Yeah, that's great for those who aren't used to making up to $30+ an hour for the past 8 to 10 years!  Man, I'm soooooooo tired of typing, so burned out, just very unhappy. 

I can see now how some people are happy with MT and some people aren't, just depends on what you've been used to compared to what you get now.  Sad. 

I really don't have any other skills to do anything else, and I'm dying here as far as finances, killing my hands and other body parts trying to make money at this 8 cents a line...maybe could've done it 15 years ago when I was younger but just not able to type like a demon day and night anymore.

Let it be known that this is the end of my vent. I have no idea what I'm going to do

Looking for a good medical spellchecker that doesn't cost as much? - Posted By: Help

Is everyone just using spellex or stedmans or are there lower cost alternatives? 

How did you find them in the first place?  Just curious because I don't want a cheaper product to act cheap also.

Any ideas?


Good nephrology/urology site? Thnks, nm. - Posted By: HappyCat


I am finally loving MTing again. - Posted By: Finally found the right placement.

I was going to leave transcription because I was so dissatisified with the low pay, being treated like a number, constant account switching, sweatshop mentality, etc., etc., etc. After going through several different employers in the past few years, I have finally found a wonderful job and am enthusiastic about the field again. I feel it is not always the MT, or the profession, but some of these companies are just not ethical with their clients or employees.

I am glad I did not give up, but kept looking and finally fund the right fit.

There are some really great companies out there. I am planning on staying in this profession.


Wireless or satelite? sm - Posted By: LMT

I am in a really urban area and have to need to get higher speed internet than dial up.  For anyone who knows, can you compare the two for me?  Which is faster and more reliable?  Are there companies that are allowing one versus the other?  I know some companies do not allow either, but just curious before I make the move as to which one has been more MT friendly.  TIA!

Once you give notice and quit working, how many days/weeks/months - Posted By: sm

are you covered by your medical/dental insurance?  My employee handbook does not mention this.  Is there a "standard" period of time that you remain covered?  TIA for your reply. 

Insurance - Posted By: tlb

I am just curious about liability insurance for people that have IC status.  Is it required and if so where can I find out some info on this?  TIA

Help please, word board won't let me post...sm - Posted By: urology

a question and webmaster emails are not going through, so...   has anyone heard of  s/l "obtrex, optrex" TVT?  "Patient is post obtrex TVT." 

Voice Recognition - Posted By: Lyn

What can anyone tell me about VR? I have never used it, but I am about to start working for a company that does.  Thx!

Anyone know of MTSO's using Vianeta platform? - Posted By: Terry

Anyone know of MTSO's using Vianeta platform?  Could you let me know who they are?


Career change to E-Bay? - Posted By: NYMT

I have read on these boards many of the MTs leaving for different career choices.  Many for nursing or such, but are there any of us out there that has consider or is doing E-Bay sales?  I have dabbled in this.  I am wondering if anyone would like to e-mail me what they are doing and if they find it a nice change.


-Losing faith- 

Shorthand ? When I type the word I the - Posted By: MW

first letter in the next word is capped.   There is no period so don't know why it caps.  Anyone know how to fix it. I'm new to ShortHand and I really HATE it.   My company offers a short class in it, but they want me to have more experience with it before I take the class. 

Unionization WILL NOT ship jobs - Posted By: overseas anytime soon...sm

If American MTs were to unionize today..jobs would not magically clear up and go overseas.  Why??  Because if Cbay, MedQ and other large MTSO do not need the threat of a union to ship jobs overseas...if they had the manpower set up (as they are busily trying to do....training the little Indian people as quick as they can to decipher american medical language...most likely very poorly)....then these jobs would be gone now...  We do not have jobs because we are not unionized.  we havwe jobs because at this point in time..India, Philippines and any other third world country they can set up their server is not able to handle all of US transcription. 

If we were able to form a union....the first order of business would be severely limit the amount of transcriptinon that goes overseas...as well as provide informed consent to the docs, hospitals, and clinics that their dictation is going overseas...  Also..I would demand to see examples of transcription provided by these third world countries.  I would also demand ASR is paid NO LESS than 20% of an MT Line rate and I would ensure cost of living raises just like every other industry.  I also would dismantle the worthless AAMT as their only purpose is to sell exhibit space to MTSO.  They have historically servied the MTSO...NOT the individual transcriptionist...

Transcription Gear user questions - sm - Posted By: sammypot

I just started using Transcription Gear/FTP and have some questions.

Do you keep TG open all the time? Do you keep Gear Export open all the time?

How do you send your work to the doctor? Right now I create my document in Word XP, save it, exit, and then go through several steps to paste the document to the medical records FTP site.  Seems like too many steps.

Any help with this and/or with TG in general would be most welcome.

Thank you.


Figuring line rate - Posted By: Very confused

Hello my fellow MTs, all of whom seem to be so much more knowledgaabe about  online transcription.

I have repeatedly tried and tried and cannot figure out how to calculate what a 65-character line is and how to figure out your earnings.

Does anyone have any advice about where I can look this up?


Challenged once again.

What does DH stand for? - Posted By: b

I'm assuming it's _______husband, but is it dumb, dear or ________?

Administrator, is the Belize Company Formations link/ad - Posted By: allowed to be here? nm


google...anyone having trouble with it this morning? - Posted By: MTless

Just curious...

To formerNOLA who asked about Houma... - Posted By: tia

When my friend was is Houma earlier this week, some of Houma had electricity and some of them did not.  I do not know the latest though.  If I hear anything else, I will let you know.

how would you type this? - Posted By: Tabatha

How would you type "section 8 housing"?  Would it be Section 8 housing, Section -8 housing, Section-8 Housing or Section 8 Housing?


Tabatha in Charleston, SC

Need help finding a file converter. sm - Posted By: Help, please?

Unfortunately, I had to bite the proverbial bullet and buy a new computer, which came of course with Vista.  One of my accounts uses dvf files and the sony plug-in for that for use with my gearplayer is of course not yet compatible with Vista.  (sigh)

Does anyone know a good converter I could download to convert the dvf files to wav or dss and IS compatible with Vista? 

Thanks for any help. 

Frustrated with SmartLines - Posted By: Frustrated with SmartLines

Does anybody else have the problem of tons and tons of SmartLines being added to Smartype, squeezing out all the space available for typing. 

I actually have to keep going into Tools/Customize/Toolbars and individually uncheck all the SmartLine 1s, 2s, and 3s. 

I have had this issue with more than one MT company's software, so I need to either find out how to solve this with Smartype or find another word-expander program that is as good as Smartype--with a very small learning curve--and which will import all my thousands of Smartype words and blocks. 

Can anybody help?  Has anybody else had this problem and solved it?

Ruling against DeVenture - Posted By: anon



Interesting reading here for anyone thinking about applying with DVHP.

Looking for call-in systems with editing and electronic sign. - Posted By: Dixspot

Do you guys know of any that are good and reasonably priced?  Thanks for the info and if you have other advice I am willing to listen. I have an office that wants a call-in system with the ability to edit online and use an electronic signature if possible. I use DocShuttle right now with handheld recorders and this is new so any help is appreciated.

moderator, is there a way to copy photos - Posted By: from an email onto this board?

I just got the funniest forward and wanted to share it.

Looking for accurate line counting software.nm - Posted By: Thanks in advance!

Are MDI and Transcend one and the same? - Posted By: curious


Crockpot timesaver tip. sm - Posted By: Kool

I came across something new (at least new to me).  Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners.  No more scrubbing baked on food out of the crockpot.  They work like oven baking plastic bags.  Even big enough to use in my oval-shaped crockpot. 

Question about pre-existing exlusions on new - Posted By: insurance if you have COBRA. nm

I'm leaving my long-time current MT job.  The insurance at the new job  won't be effective for over 90 days (I"m not sure if it's PPO, POS or HMO).  I will be paying COBRA to my old job in the meantime, though I sure am tempted to go a couple of months without it and hope for the best.

I'm hearing that many insurances are not covering pre-existing conditions.  Is this true even if I  have COBRA? Is there a federal regulation on this or will it vary from company to company? 

Question about voice recorders - Posted By: Rad MT

I am going to visit some family members in a couple of months and I would like to record some family stories and family history. Any suggestions on a type/brand of voice recorder that willl pick up sound very well but not require that it be right next to the person who is speaking? There are likely to be two or three people talking, and also I don't want to make people self-conscious about being recorded, so I would prefere to be able to place it somewhere unobtrusive.


Anyone using MyDocsOnline? - Posted By: RMT

Looking at different options for my business and was hoping to get opinions about this service.  Thank you

I got a REAL present for MT week from my part time employer. I love it! - Posted By: Holey Moley

Any experience using Embarq high-speed internet? - Posted By: ktmom

Hi, wondering if anyone has experience with Embarq for phone/high-speed internet access.  They merged/absorbed Sprint a while back, apparently. They are the only provider for a nearby small town and I'm wondering if it's even a good idea to move there...


Per page versus per line - Posted By: CrazyMT

Does anyone know how to compare a per-page rate versus a per 65-character incl. spaces rate?

Didn't California pass a law that their health records - Posted By: can't be sent out of the U.S.? nm


2975 lines yesterday! (sm) - Posted By: Exhausted

Yes, I'm bragging.  I'm rather proud of myself with that.  Would have been more, but my foot pedal unplugged itself 1/2 hour before day's end!

Stupid nonholiday means there's no more work. 

Speaking of nonholidays, my children did come up with a nice Rosa Parks Day tradition -- meatloaf, since that's what Ms. Parks was planning for dinner that night.

What is paid by page per sliding scale? - Posted By: tia

New one on the job board.  Never heard of such.  Just wondering.

Per minute editing/proofing rate - Posted By: dkm

Can anyone give me some good numbers here?  For editing, if you are paid by the minute of dictation, what would be a high and low pay rate per minute?  Thanks for any help on this!

Operative report question...curious... - Posted By: MTallover

What is the most popular or should I say proper way of setting up a heading for an operative report, order, spaces, tabs etc?  I know the doctor's way is always right but some doctors do not give enough information and some give too much.  Just wondering if you tab over diagnosis and align or place list under headings.  And spaces after each heading.





















Travel to Florida/Disney - experiences? - Posted By: Lynne

We are planning a trip to Florida for the Daytona 500 in February - we are having problems lining up a hotel in the Orlando area that includes suites with kitchenettes and also has shuttle service to the major parks in the area. We want something in the mid range, maybe 3 star or 4 star, and will only have 2 tweenagers traveling with us - the rest will be adults. Can anyone recommend a place to stay with some atmosphere, pool area, restaurant, etc.?

We've been there before when our kids were young and stayed in very basic motels which was fine. We hardly spent any time at the motel anyway. This time, with some going to the NASCAR race, there will be down time for others, so a nice pool/outdoor area would be a plus.

I have a question about Dictaphone ExText - Posted By: sm

I have emailed this question several times to my supe and haven't gotten an answer, so I'm hoping someone here may know.

On Dictaphone ExText how do you go back and re-listen to a dictation after a document has already been submitted to QA?

I can pull up the document and look at it all I want, but I don't know how to get the voice file so I can listen to the dictation. I know there has to be a way to do this because it was suggested that we do this once a document goes through QA so we can see/hear what the error was. I'll keep trying to get an answer from my supe, but I was just wondering if anyone here might know?


Is there product that can get a stain off a - Posted By: monitor?Very fine sandpaper? Thanks.


anyone else think British accents are sometimes difficult? - Posted By: SA

There are few doctors with British or Australian accents compared to Indian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, East Asian etc....but perhaps because I don't hear them as often I am sometimes really thrown off by them..  not ESL! But I find myself relistening before I get some of the words.   Also difficult are some of the other European dictators...do not get as many of those either. Used to get a guy - I looked him up on the hospital web site - it said he spoke about 6 different European languages - he had a very unusual accent.

Global Trans in Florida - Posted By: ever heard of them?

I posted this on the company forum, but no one replied.  I thought maybe it was overlooked.  Does any work for or know anything about Global Transcription in Florida?  Thanks a bunch

only 1 alert from MTStars since Sunday?? - Posted By: MT and worn out

Is there something wrong with the site or have the storms from Michigan hit the MTstars website?  It seems like I should have more than one alert from this board. Is anybody else having the same trouble? Just wondering and trying to stay dry. (As best I can since Michigan has had 4 days of rain and more forecast). 

Transcript USA anyone worked for? - Posted By: DB

Has anybody worked or work for Transcript USA.  They seem to be a good company, but I can't find any info on I-net other than their site (good or bad). Just like someone else's opinion about them.