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Word Autocorrect question... - Posted By: tia

I have a part time position that does not want abbreviations typed out if the doctor says them as an abbreviation except on diagnosis.  I use auto correct in word as an expander.  Need to know how, if it can be done, to stop the auto correct from extending out word or phrase when I just want the abbreviation without having to backspace to erase and correct.  Anyone?

Anyone ever get a pill stuck in their throat? - Posted By: wimt

I took an ibuprofen capsule on Wednesday morning (for a sore throat I'd had for a week, rapid strep neg).  The first one went down but the other one seemed to stick. It's still there and I just can't get it to go. It's not really down in the throat...it seems to be higher than that. It's making my throat hurt down to the collarbone and up to the ears. I can get it to move around some, but it just won't go down. I don't know whether I should call me regular doctor, go to urgent care, just wait for it to go down or what?

Another SR funny. - Posted By: RockinMT

SR:  Ureters happy with a stent extraction.

Should be:  ureteroscopy with stone extraction

One transcriptionist, three doctors--HELP - Posted By: AnahShae

I work from home as an independent MT and presently, I am working for three doctors.  Anyone else out there working for a few doctors.  I am beginning to think it is impossible for one person to do this, as I am working 7 days a week, long hours.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! 

Long hours of dictation for translator - Posted By: Terry

Hello. I do transcription for a medical translator and it is very lengthy work and yesterday I spent 14 hours working on medical journal articles. I use MS Word and have only used the autotext feature for inserting regularly dictated words. Is there a better program out there that is easy to use and reasonably priced that will help me not have to do so much repetitive typing. I make a lot of tables and charts too. Any help would be great.

Toth Transcription - Posted By: Very old MT

I have to admit that not often do I completely discount everything that I read, but this time I had a difficult time believing that a company who wants to stay in business would actually refuse to pay people.  So I have to admit that - yes - I did send in a resume.  I have been working in the MT field for over 30 years so I felt fairly safe in knowing what I was talking about.  First I got an email saying to call this guy and then when I did, he said he didn't send it, his wife did.  Great communication between the two.  Then, he proceeds to start putting down and degrading everyone from MTs to QAs to hospitals (he only does clinics) and was as rude and ignorant as anyone I have ever seen and I have seen a few.

Then, as if this wasn't bad enough so far, he actually does only offer 5 cents a line!  I told him that I felt that was an insult and that anyone with as many years experience as I have or even anyone working as an IC who has to pay their own way in everything, would never work for that kind of ridiculous pay, and then said goodbye.  Believe it or not - this jerk called me back and left the nastiest voicemail!!!  This guy shouldn't be allowed to own a dog let alone a company. 

If he has not paid you and you are due money for your work, call the Better Business Bureau, the Labor Bureau and if you are in the same state, I would contact the police and file a report for theft of services.  If they say it is a civil matter, then head to court and sue him for every penny he owes you - with interest!  People like him give service owners a horrible name.  Good luck to all who work there, have worked there and if you are thinking of working there - run away!

Jobs on dialup/satellie - Posted By: Joyce

Anyone know good companies that will hire MTs with dial-up...or satellite, & pay something towards internet connection (satellite very expensive).  I live in a rural area where cable & DSL not available.

Has anyone been fired or dismissed on an account - Posted By: Frustrated MT

So frustrated when you ask for help and people do not help who have experience.. Oh well

Any ho t dirt y bitc hes here! - Posted By: MARIO BOSIO

i am on het wanna fuc k hard and deep  so that my 12 inches long black rod reaches the thoroat of all the old MT bitc hes here.

Mobile internet - Posted By: Lindabel

I need to go mobile with my laptop so I can work away from home.  Anybody else out there who does this?  Any suggestions.  Good carriers?  Any advice greatly appreciated.  Thanks. 

My son has terrible allergies and...sm - Posted By: NCMT

in past years has been on Singulair and Nasonex for them.  They have always worked well together in the past to keep him from ending up with an upper respiratory infection and eventually nausea and vomiting from all of the mucus.  This year; however, those two drugs do not seem to be doing the trick.  I took him to the doctor and they switched him to Flonase and an Azmacort inhaler.

I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with these medications and what type of results you got.  I know Flonase is supposed to be wonderful for allergies, but I'm curious about the Azmacort.  His nasal congestion does seem to be a little better than yesterday but I have not been able to guage any benefit from the Azmacort yet (I know, it's still early to tell).  The doc said that if these meds do not work he will have to start getting allergy shots. 

He will be 8 on Sunday.  He has been suffering every year (this time of year is horrendous) since he was 3.  Just curious to hear any comments and/or suggestions.


Anyone seeing the Rolling Stones on tour? - Posted By: KYradMT

I've always wanted to see 'em in concert - can't believe they are all in their 60s....but Mick Jagger still knows how to shake it!

If you are a member of the AAMT, how have you benefitted in her career? CMT? SM - Posted By: ShowMeMT

I have been at this for about 15 years and have thought off and on about becoming an AAMT member and about getting my CMT, but always stop short because of the cost and basically the inconvenience of having to find the testing center that seems to be located in some obscure office building I've never even heard of.

However, I have recently started working for a facility that actually encourage their MTs to further their education, to network with one another and share information, and offer pay raises for the CMT credentials.  So, once again I am considering the pros and cons of membership and taking the CMT exam.

Just needing to vent - Posted By: me

Hubby and I had a stupid fight.  I was watching a television show last night, really engrossed in it when DH decides to fuss with the candles on top of the entertainment center and stands right in front of the TV.  I thought it was rude as he had just walked into the room and had not been in there previously plus he knew that I was just sitting there spacing and watching a show.  So then after 2-3 minutes he turns to me and says he needs help with something he's holding in his hand, a model he's working on.  I just say, okay, now that you've stood in front of the TV and I was watching it, what is it you need?  He storms out of the room and doesn't say another word to me the rest of the night.  HOW STUPID IS THIS!!!!  I can hear that little girl Stephanie on that old TV show saying "how rude." LOL.

So he didn't really need my help obviously, I guess he's survive.

Bait and Switch, tired of it! - Posted By: mtfor2long

Oh, I just had to come here and vent. So, thanks in advance for listening!

I have had 1 employee job and 2 IC jobs since Christmas-time and have been bait and switched up and down in all 3!  Applied for certain types of work type, certain types of benefits (the employee job), and got zip.  Then, went IC and again, applied for certain work types, certain accounts, hired and promised the world, and then never ever got the work types, instead got all the ESL and all the resident's ESL discharge summaries and that is it. 

What is the deal? These places think that when we don't get the benefits promised, the paycheck promised, the work promised (I will do all work types mind you and am very flexible, just hired for certain kinds of work and then only put on the very worst ESL discharges at all jobs), we will be broken down because we are afraid of not having a job, or not having the ability to get another?

I am truly burnt out at this. I worked for years at one hospital, and when they cut incentive and sent work to outsource, since I have been in the world of MTSOs, bait and switch up and down. And this includes the very well thought of and highly rated companies here from last fall (you probably can guess the ones).

Of course, perhaps they think the MT needs to be quiet and be happy to have a job (which by the way, all 3 ran out of work and slim pickings recently) since everything is going to India.  Is this some kind of scare tactic? Shut up and put up? Really. I am interviewing as an employee again, and hoping to stay because I just cannot take this bait and switch, no promises kept, demeaning treatment anymore... Thanks again for listening, and hope there are people on here who do not have the same sob story, who actually get the pay, benefits and work types they were hired for and promised! Have a nice day.

CMT exam - Posted By: mtme2

A couple of weeks ago someone posted under the name MT in Texas and was taking the CMT today, was wondering how you did, if you can share any info such as are all questions multiple choice, some essay, some fill in the blanks, getting ready to take mine and would like some info and also hope you passed with flying colors.  Know mentioning the CMT on this board creates a lot or havoc, those of you who have no desire to take it, please don't voice your opinions, we have all heard them.

Tax write off - Posted By: Bunion

Anyone know if we can write off our losses in the stock market last year.  I have no clue as I have always made money.  I sure my accountant is busy or I would call him.  Just curious, as my hubby took a big hit, should have listened to the bunionmeister.    Listen next time hubby. 



Copy and paste the above link to view info on ordering the fundraising cookbook to benefit the NICU for the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.  Over 400 recipes and all proceeds go towards purchasing equipment for the NICU.  Thanks!

I tried posting on State Board, but is anyone else from TN? - Posted By: Am I the only MT from TN?

How about Celebrity Fit Club?? - Posted By: Jodi McBodi

Does anyone get into that?  I think this season will be good.  I'm Tempestt Bledsoe's age and I loved her in Cosby Show.  Go Vanessa!!  I'm also curious about Young MC.  That's good ole school stuff.  Tee hee.

Need digital help! (Sony) - Posted By: Missy

Anybody have docs who use a Sony digital recorder?  My docs are recently using them and it is turning out that a single 2 minute dictation is coming across as 2 MB or more, thus 10 dictations are coming across as 20 MB or more, which in turn are being rejected by the email server.  I have another clinic who uses Olympus DSS and it would take 30+ of 2-3 minute dictations to equal 2 MB.  Is there a setting within the recorder that needs to be adjusted to make the files smaller?  These individual files just seem so huge and it is making it difficult for the office to get them out via email because they have to be sent one at a time and I have to be on the other end to download and delete off the server before more will go through.  (I only have a 10 MB email box).  Any help would be appreciated.  TIA!

Halloween party for 6 year olds - Posted By: Any ideas?

Any ideas for a Halloween party/slightly haunted house.  Food, games, spooky decorations?  Thanks in advance.

Aggresivity - Why do docs make up words? - Posted By: Lllls

Dictates: The patient has increased aggresivity.

Sigh. And NOT an ESL dictator.

EMR Question - Posted By: TD

What is it like typing into EMR? I will be starting that soon and would like to know if it would be easier to type report first on Microsoft Word and then cut and paste to EMR or is that even possible? 

And how about spellchecker and all other short cuts? Is it the same amount of typing or not as much?


trannsfer of converted files - Posted By: quiet MT

I have to convert voice files and at time transfer them through FTP to another computer - long story - anyway - my FTP can be so slow because of the type of file - converted .wav - no so much the length, it is just slow - does anyone have another option for transfer that is faster? I have cable modem and all other files are quick - just these. Even zipped they take forever.

My foot pedal is broken, Whats the best to buy? - Posted By: LITTLE MT

Im getting a new foot pedal, I need a heavy duty one cause this last one is about to give way.

So what is a great buy? Any recommendations?



How many of you have given your company a christmas gift? (new pole) - Posted By: no name

Curious to see this answer.

radiology pay - Posted By: dee

Can anyone tell me how radiology transcriptionists are usually paid?  Per document?  Per line? 

I need some help... - Posted By: not MT related...sm

Any way to get spray paint off the pavement? Long story short, my DD and her friend spray painted the street out in front of our house...my DH is going to freak when he gets home...any ideas on how to hopefully get this up?  They've scrubbed with soap, bleach, and Comet to no avail...please say there's a way this will come up...

Expander-How to get the most - Posted By: out of it?

I have Instant Text word Expander and would like to know how to get the best results with using it.  I do clinic work for multiple doctors.  What settings should I use to get the most phrases and words so that I can type 600 lph?  Thanks  My bill collecters will thank you

C-phone/Dac question - Posted By: NM

I just started an account using a C-phone. The rewind is so slow. Does anyone know how to speed this up or is this just the way a C-phone works? Is a DAC any faster at rewinding?

Question on expanders - Posted By: Patti

I just use my auto correct in word and it works well for me but thinking about an Expander and have a question.  I have several accounts that use different fonts.  In auto correct if I have the same phrase for two different accounts but they use different fonts I have to save it twice -- does this apply to the Expanders as well or will it type out the word/phrase in the font you are presently using or in the font it was made?  Hope that this makes sense.   Example, two doctoes give the same heart and lung exam but for one I have to use Arial 10 and the other Times Roman 12 so therefore I have to save it both ways, is this the same in ShortHand or any other expander.   Thanks for the info.   Patti

Is it just me... - Posted By: Anonymous

I've been doing transcription for over 20 years (my own accounts). I recently began supplementing my work with an MTSO. I can't believe the amount of "errors/corrections" I'm getting back! It's enough to make me feel like I don't know what I'm doing. Has anyone else had this experience?

Need some help on how to cut down on spam - Posted By: Enough of this

I don't know if there is a free web site I can install or just how to get rid of all this unsolicitated spam I get each and every day. Anyone out there, help!!

legal transcription - Posted By: outofhere

I am so burned out on this MT stuff, with all the work going elsewhere, etc.  I also have an associates degree in legal but that was MANY years ago.  Any idea about some online class to take for refresher course, etc.  Is there any more work in the legal field than medical? 

I do not live anywhere near a community college to take classes so that is really not an option.  Anyone hear anything about being a scopist?  I did take a couple semesters for that some time ago, but maybe it has changed since then. 

Thanks for any information. 

What do you make of this? Sorry so long - Posted By: Paulette

Hi All:

I am a little upset about something and needed to vent.  First off, I have been with the same company for 12-1/2 years.  I was recently promoted to shift manager about 3 months ago.  My indian nation tribe decided to build a very large casino across the interstate where we currently are.  I had actually put in for a transfer to the new facility, but the general manager of the one I currently work offered me this position.   This woman is very critical of people, quick to judge and a very emotional type of woman.  I accepted the position because the start out pay was not bad.  I would have full benefits at the end of 3 months, which consists of the company paying 100% of my insurance, for my dependents it will cost 25.00 a month. 

Well, my mother had been in ICU from May 20 until August 23, which she ended up being taken 2 hours a way from home to an extended-care facility.  So, about every 3 weeks or so, I like to have off on a weekend to be able to go down and see her.  I have been arranging my time off with the assistant general manager, mainly because she is easy to talk to and most people feel comfortable coming to her when there are any problems, and she KNOWS what she is doing. 

I had spoken to the assistant GM 2 weeks ago about me taking off this weekend to go visit my mother.  She arranged it to where I could do that.  Well, Sunday I became ill with a cold and I called the assistant GM at 6 am and asked her if there was anyone who could cover my shift, there was.  On Tuesday, I had to call in because my son was running 103.4 temperature.  I didn't use any of my vacation time or sick time for these days, but was planning to fill out the paperwork to do this when I returned yesterday. 

When I arrived yesterday, assistant GM, pulled me to the side to let me know that the GM told her to tell me that I was not going to have off this weekend, that the days I called in could be my 2 days off for this week.  Actually, it worked out well since I have been ill and my son has been ill, but it is the principle of it.  She did it out of spite.  Even the assistant GM thinks that.  So, I will work 9 days straight in order to have off on next weekend.  She also told the assistant GM that if anyone needs any special time off that they have to go through her to get it.  She (GM) does not work her fully scheduled hours during the week--in fact, she was just off for a week and a half for her daughter's wedding about 2 weeks ago.

I have not done MT since June, and I have really been thinking about quitting the casino and finding another MT job, but I feel trapped mainly because of the good benefits I get at my current job.  I make 28157.00 salary, and my benefits will start on the 24th of this month.  Not to mention the fact the length of time I have been there.

Also, during the time the new casino opened and was moving to the new facility,  she did not have a shift manager for 3rd shift, so I was working 12 to 16 hour shifts to cover until they got one, which was about a month and a half ago.  Because I am on salary, I got no overtime for it.  Plus, she knows nothing about the electronic gaming of the casino games, just the bingo. 


Thanks for listening,


ITVPRO help pretty please - Posted By: Straggling struggler

I run my Expander stuff on the left side and something on the right that has whole words. I use them both. I don't like to put medications into the expander part for many reasons. I'd love to put them on the right hand side list...but I don't know how. I have read the manual and I am just as confused and no closer.

How does one get an entry into the glossary that runs on the right side?

Many thanks.

this sentence by an ESL made me chuckle... - Posted By: sm

The patient is 69-years-old and has 6 children so far.

(so far!!)

Just have to share - sm - Posted By: bjpnc

I have a discharge summary - the guy was in the hospital for a month.  It's 42 minutes long.  The doctor is dictating every consult that saw the patient every day, their impression, and then just reading the assessment and plan, numbering the recommendations, and then....."Thank you for allowing us to see this patient."  Do they even think about what they're dictating???????

Benefits - Posted By: Desperate

Just found out benefit premiums are going up over $100 more a month.  I am hardly getting by as is, let alone when benefits go up.  I have to carry the insurance for my entire family (husband is self employed).  If someone works for a company that offers good coverage (deductible $1000 or less and copays $30 or less) and cheap premiums (i.e. less than $500/mo for family coverage), could you please let me know.  I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you. 

platform called CPSI - Posted By: truffle

Has anybody ever worked in this program?  It is easy to learn?  Is is MT-friendly?   Is it Word-based?  Any input is appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

Could someone tell me something about how DocQScribe works...... - Posted By: Ella

Just wondering

I want to be a consultant to attorneys, to show them where - Posted By: all the mistakes are for malpractice cases

.  I'd like to reduce the allowable error rate for patients like you and me.

logitech wavepro - Posted By: maltesemom

Does anyone have this keyboard  and if so can you share some insight concerning battery issues?  i read where you can keep charging the battery while you work.  My question is it necessary then to replace the batteries at any time?  I need to purchase a keyboard for a new laptop and I really like the ergonomic keyboards and would purchase this if it is not costly with having to purchase batteries all the time.  thank you so much for any info :)

electronic medical records - Posted By: anon

Does anyone have info regarding EMR rules for doctors.   I was told by a physician today that by 2010 that all doctors were supposed to be EMR.  What will this do to our transcription jobs?  Any info appreciated.

Do many of you use ergonomic keyboards? - Posted By: Thinking about going from my old "Dell" keyb

a microsoft one I saw. I am just wondering if there is a adjustment period where it feels awkward or are any of you out there that just could not get used to them at all. I have been at this for many years, and I still have no hand/wrist problems. Could ya'll list the pros and cons. Thanks MTs!!! Have a good evening!

DAC-125 united needed - Posted By: Tiffany

would like to purchase a DAC-125 unit for transcribing.  Please let me know if you have one of these for sale.



Instant Text transfer to PC - Posted By: Pat

I am getting a new computer and I wonder how can I take my entries from the old computer, Instant Text, and put them on the new computer.  I do want to keep Instant Text on the older computer in case I need a backup but I hate to input all that over again on the new one.  Anyone copied it to a new computer successfully or know how to save the entries

IC Business Insurance - Posted By: AB

I've been asked to provide general business insurance, not liability and errors and omissions (the company supplies that). In my 15 years as an MT working for several years on and off as an IC, I've never heard of it.   My state does not require a business license either for where I live.  I can understand the liability and errors and omissions, but does anyone know what "general business insurance" is and how does it differ from what's covered in my homeowner's policy.

Thanks for any help out there.   AB

Vonage - Posted By: sm

I am thinking of getting Vonage phone service.  Does it really work that well and how easy is it to set up?  I know the ads say that it is 24.95/month, is this really accurate?  Has anyone experienced any hidden costs.

Just trying to test the waters before jumping in.  Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks!