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Is there a way to import autocorrect from Word to EMDAT? - Posted By: MslaMT

I would still have to redo a bunch because they start with . but it would speed things up a bit!  Any tips for EMDAT appreciated.

I need some ideas on benefits and fundraising. - Posted By: please help, not MT related

I volunteered (gulp) to help a friend of a friend with a benefit for a child with a potentially terminal illness.  Has anyone here ever done anything like this before?  Can you help me brainstorm ideas?  I've been making phone calls all day since there's no work.  We're putting up fliers and I've contacted the media.  We're selling raffle tickets and auctioning off gift baskets.  We're soliciting donations and food for the event.  What else?  Any ideas on businesses I should contact?  Thank you.

expanders - Posted By: IndianaMT

I was very interested in trying to get Smartype but I think from what I am reading it is not compatible with Word Perfect which is my main account and then I use Microsoft Works Suite.   I was wondering if there are any other Expanders out that could particularly be used with Word Perfect.  I thought I remembered talk about Fast Type that could be downloaded here from MTStars but I'm not able to locate that and I don't know if it can be used with Word Perfect or not.   Any suggestions or help??

Has anyone here ever heard of, trained on, or worked on Emdat? Any information? - Posted By: Curious


My family went to a flea market that is mostly run and - Posted By: Funny thing about offshoring

attended by Hispanics.  There were several vendors selling leather goods, such as wallets, belts, shoes, etc.  DH needed a new wallet so he picked one he liked and opened it up only to find a tag that said "MADE IN INDIA."   (He didn't buy it.)  We didn't look at any of the other leather goods, but found it very ironic that the Hispanics are now importing their "handmade" goods from India.  

My son is marrying a lesbian, help!! - Posted By: GoingMAD

I posted for help 2 months earlier, but I am still going crazy over this situation. My son happily announced that his girlfriend is a lesbian, but he is still wants to marry her.  His girlfriend does not respect me. She has called me nasty names and boldly flashes her other girl lovers in my face. My son feels he can make it work even though she loves another woman. HELP

Questions for QA/Editor people - Posted By: ?????

What would you say is an average hourly rate for an Editor who is not a certified MT? Do you also do transcription? If so, do you do this during your shift that you are acting as QA or after?

If you do transcription during your shift, how many lines of QA do you average per hour? Also, if there is no work to QA, are you still paid (IC status). I would appreciate any insight that any of you can provide. I just got my first QA position and am trying to get an understanding of how things go. Please don't tell me to ask the company. I want to hear from you guys, if you don't mind.


does anyone have a child that models? sm - Posted By: stagemommaybe?

or in commercials, print ads, etc? My 6 YOS is just adorable (of course!) and he has a very bright, outgoing personality. I am told all the time that he should be in "pictures", but don't know how to go about getting started. I don't have money to invest in all the pictures and things.  I know this is probably a long shot, but any info would be greatly appreciated. 


I think the solution is to send a standardized letter to every major medical facility, as well as the major medical insurance carriers (Aetna, Health America, BC/BS, Medicare and Medicaid), addressing corporate heads and informing them that their doctors' medical records risk being transcribed overseas in a foreign country where HIPAA regulations do not apply and cannot be enforced. Address the big wigs to get their attention because I truly believe many are not aware of what is happening. There are so many U.S. transcription companies who advertise, snag the client, and provide a contract for the doctor or medical facility in no way indicating that they send their dictation overseas, only to have it available first thing in the morning. So what if the time frame is good. If I were a doctor, I would not even consider the risk of sending my patients' personal information to another county and risking the issue of security to save a few dollars. The insurance companies, who pay the insurance claims on office visits, hospitalizations, surgeries, long term care, should be the first to be made aware of this ridiculous situation. Physician practices, hospitals, hospital administrators, and MTSO's need to put a stop to providing services to offshore companies who work for slave wages, takes jobs away from hard working and experienced U.S. MTs, and jeopardize the security of confidential information regarding our U.S. citizens. Let India transcribe their fingers off for their country's citizens. America, quit trying to save a few dollars by jeopardizing our citizen's most private information. This is such a joke!

had to share, doc just said...sm - Posted By: OldeMT

The patient was taped to the operating room.....   Wish I could see that!

FYI Blew motherboard. Need new puter. Was told not to get Vista as not compatible with work program - Posted By: Beeworker


Not ignoring everyone - Posted By: Patti

In the past month I have had many many requests for help with getting new clients, how to do short-cuts, drug lists for new clients, etc.  I would love to help you all out but right now going through some family health issues -- not me -- and quite busy so please don't get upset when I don't answer as my life is upside down right now.  I wish you all well but right now I just don't have the time to answer one on one questions or give out my tips or drug lists, etc.  Hopefully in the next month more time will become available but right now am maxed out.   Am putting this on the general board as someone just got nasty and upset with me when I e-mailed back that I did not have the time to help out at this time and it took me so "long" to get back to them.   I try to help as much as I can but right now just cannot.  Thanks.


1/2 rad and 1/2 acute care - Posted By: 1/2 Acute care/1/2 Rad

Does anyone have an acount where they do some radiology and some acute care?  Do you get paid differently for rad/acute care on this account?  I get paid the same and have one radiologist that slows me down considerably (I transcribe for 2 radiologist alternating weeks).  I make 1/2 with him than what I would make doing acute care or the other radiologist. 


training school to produce quality transcriptionists using something like HPI's CD and cassettes.  I have purchased several from different transcriptionists and I wonder if anyone has ever attempted to start a training program.  I know the local colleges are going to come after me in every way they can just to prevent me from infringing on their multi-million dollar Transcriptionist training, but they teach them and charge them for soooo very much that transcriptionists do not need, and they stretch their programs out for two years.  I already have a transcription service with 6 employees, but want to expand and I have just interviewed about 8 applicants who knew absolutely nothing about the meds we use now, and especially about the AAMT guidelines about not using q.d., q.i.d. q.h.s. etc.  One woman had been seeking a position for a year, but everyone in our area wants "experience."   She is a very fast learner, intelligent, and I only have to tell her things once.....but after a two-year college, making the Dean's List, I am training her!!  I want to start the "training" school cuz as it is now, I am doing it for free, just so I can get an excellent, long-term employee...  Has anyone every tried doing this and did the colleges really come after you with lawyers?  How can I term it, charge for it, but not require a "teaching license" so I do not get in trouble?  I am clueless on this, want to be careful not to step on toes, but am very tired of training students who graduate for free.  Feel free to email me if you need to...... PLEASE HELP ME!!! 

Sorry about my ignorance here, but what does EMR really mean for the MT? - Posted By: Penny

Even if the system goes electronic, won't MTs still be needed?  Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question! 

This is a hoot!!!!!!!...... - Posted By: sm

This is a job listing for PT MT....50K-60K ????LOL

Have you owned a degree on Medical transcription? (owned a degree?)
Do you have some idle times to be spared? (idle times to be spared?)

Give me a break............


Two years without a raise - Posted By: MTTX

I have worked for this doctor for five years and have not received a pay increase for the past two years. His patient load has increased very much in the past few months. Is it OK to to type a letter requesting a pay increase? It is very difficult to get a hold of this doctor???


No Experience - Posted By: lt

Alll the jobs state they need expereince.  How do you get hired with no experience.  Very frustrated.  Appreciate any help.  Want to do transcription from home.  What is the best way to get started.    

Adjustable keyboard tray? - Posted By: emmaMT

I'm a short person and need to get an adjustable keyboard tray that I can move up or down to accommodate my height better (one that slides under my computer desk as well of course).  Can anyone recommend a particular brand and model?  There are so many out there and I need a good one.  Thanks!

I average only 1100 lines per day (sm) - Posted By: MDmtMom

Does anyone know some ways I can increase my productivity.  I have many expansions...maybe not enough.  I do a variety of clinics, so there are not many norms or standards (which would help).


Thanks for any info.  Have a great day!

Start/stop and ExText - Posted By: ssmt

Is everyone using Dictaphone ExText also using start/stop? 


I need a wav USB pedal today.  Is there any store in NY that supplies them?

Depressing reports - Posted By: A little bit sad

Anyone ever get depressed after typing certain reports? I sometimes find that abuse reports on kids will bring me down and I have to get up and do something else for a little while. Does anyone else have this problem sometimes?

Toth Transcription = SCAM! Please read - Posted By: Lindsay

Please contact me via email if you have had an issue with Toth Transcription, either nonpayment or otherwise.  I am compiling a list to see if we can stop this from happening to anyone else.  Thank you. 

.32 caliber handgun - Posted By: sm

This pops up in my Stedmans Smartype when you enter thtwch

I keep having this happen because I accident leave out the "a" in "that."

Is everyone's like this, or is it some glitch in mine?

Yes, you can Transcribe Privately in public - Posted By: NightOwl

1) Use your own USB wireless access card, NOT the public WiFi. They cost between $40 and $60 per month and are available from Cricket, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, USCellular, Alltel, etc. If you can get a cell phone signal, you can transcribe. I've transcribed in my car parked at a Pilot station before. When the battery ran low, I plugged it in to my cigarette lighter adapter and kept typing. (I did have to turn the car on while recharging).

2) Invest in GOOD headphones that keep your dictation IN and external noises OUT.

3) Buy a 3M privacy screen for your laptop screen. Once installed (it's a cling-on thing) NOBODY can see your screen EXCEPT YOU.

People work on laptops in public ALL the time, and nobody cares. If you have a privacy filter on your laptop screen, nobody needs to know that you're working on confidential information but you!

Player other than Express Scribe - Posted By: NDMT

Does anyone use their windows media player to play transcription files?  Does this work well for you?  What other players would you suggest?

POLL - sm - Posted By: Shorty

Can anyone else not type well if their nails are long?  I have to keep mine trimmed short....anyone else type better like this or does it not matter how long they are?   Just curious if it's just me.   

Making a list of funny MT names such as Al Buterol....SM - Posted By: need a laugh

Al Buterol
Ana Phylaxis
Candy Sartan
Angie O'Tensin

I know there are others...can you help me out?


Need info on platform - Posted By: Olive Oyl

Is anyone familiar with the Touchworks/Allscript platform.  Would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this...ease of learning, good sound quality,  and what you generally think about it.  TIA


Boss asking for normals - Posted By: Boss asking you to share your NORMALS?

Is anybody working for a company where your boss is asking you to share your NORMALS.  Be very careful.  My company is asking us to share your normals and come to find out who they want us to share with, overseas.  Also asking questions like, who are the best dictators, etc. Also experiencing block of work just disappearing.  Several hours just gone.  Anybody else.

Has anyone ever had benign vertigo and - Posted By: question

had to go for therapy.   If so what kind of therapy and was it successful.  

MRT Services - anyone familiar with them? - Posted By: Cathy

Anyone ever heard of MRT Services? I saw them online. Please provide feedback.

Has anybody tried the new Windows Vista...sm - Posted By: curious

If so does it work well with the voice file/foot pedals we use for transcription. 


CHS transcription company? - Posted By: pat salazar

Has anyone worked for CHS (Comprehensive HealthCare Services) which is based in Georgia?

MTs: What, if anything, can be done? - Posted By: FootOnMyNeck

Hi everybody!  Well, upon completing my 2005 return, I made $13,000 less at my full time job than I have for the past 3 years.  So, I have been scrambling around typing this and typing that for various doctors, filling in for MTs who are sick, and typing for a national.  I currently work full time for a local hospital that is part of a health system.  Things used to be so good, and now it seems like every other month or so, they are finding a way to squeeze every penny possible.  They have even resorted to labor "loopholes" where they can force you to work mandatory overtime at less than your actual overtime pay.  It's like the harder we work, the more they take away.  I'm curious to know, how many other MTs are experiencing this or have experienced this.  Can anyone offer any advice/suggestions?  Are they trying to make us all so mad that we just quit?  I might add, the transcription dpt is comprised of some very good MTs, most who have been with the hospital at least 6 years, some 10-20 years.  If anyone has been in similar situations, do you have comments to offer?      

MissAnthrope or Xanax - would you please reply - Posted By: dixierose

Would you email me about Van Belkum?

Instatext/word expanders - Posted By: Shawn

I am looking into word expanders.  I researched SpeedType or SmartType and it says you can make up a shortcut to expand to up to the size of a 9-page document, which is great.  Now, I have used InstaText in the past at another job, but we were never able to make an entry that was more than about a paragraph long.  Is this the limit to IT or is it capable of expanding to more?  If I cannot create a whole document, then I will shy away from IT.  Any input is appreciated.

Are you held to a standard of lines per day. - Posted By: Horski

If so, what is that standard.  We have 1200 lines a day or 150 lines an hour.  Is this the average out there?

what do you use to clean computer screen? - Posted By: nm

can i use lens cleaner like for my eyeglasses? alcohol?   thanks.

Does anyone use of those DataHand Ergonomic keyboards?.... - Posted By: Kiki

I'd love to hear opinions on this.  It looks interesting but is there a learning curve...do you have to learn a whole new layout?  I've got to try something different as my hands/wrists/arms are killing me and I think I may be going down the carpal tunnel road.  I do mostly voice recognition editing and wonder if anyone has had a good experience using this with VR as well as regular transcription.  Please, any comments or opinions are very much appreciated. 



It's 12:00 noon, time for a line check. - Posted By: I'm at 682, got a whole lot more to get today.

What % of pay should be set aside to pay taxes for an IC? - Posted By: KimG

Can somebody please tell me what percentage of your pay needs to be set aside for paying your taxes if you are an independent contractor?  I certainly appreciate your help.

style ? - Posted By: elonmt

If dictator says April 16, 2008 and then later says 04/16/008, which is correct?  Do I change the long version for the shorter one or vice versa?  Thanks.

Different Test than Position - Posted By: ILOVECARDIO

Does anyone else get frustrated when a company advertises a Cardiology studies position yet sends a general 6 minute OP note for the test?  Why don't they send an actual cardiology test of some type since that is what I would be hired for?  Instead they say if you can't pass this OP note for an acute care account to which we are needing a cardio MT and you will not do anything but cardio....i am sorry you cannot have the position.

Anyone else run into this?  Also anyone know of anyone hiring just cardio BESIDES cardioscribes (i didn't like the platform)? 


If anyone knows how to reach Margaret Mitchell of VTS other than via email, please let me know.  I am trying to reach her, but her email is not accepting my return email to her.  Thanks for any help

KIA- anyone own one - Posted By: lb

Does anyone own a KIA? Like, dislike, what model?

Do you wear rings or other jewellery while you transcribe? - Posted By: mt

I am finding I cant stand to have anything on when I work now.  Weird.

Slow pay? - Posted By: AnotherBrokeMT

I recently worked as an IC for a few weeks for a company, but it did not work out because I could not make any money with their platform, ADT, etc. Sent in an invoice 2 weeks ago, and when I emailed the owner to ask when paycheck would be sent, she replied that she has not billed client yet and when she got paid, I would get paid.

Anybody ever hear of this type of arrangement before? It is not a lot of money so it makes even less sense that I have to wait for her to get paid. I did not know this beforehand. I was just told to invoice twice a month. Stupidly I assumed I would get paid twice a month! I am just glad I quit when I did before I was owed too much money.

to all you pro cookie makers - Posted By: Mom-CMT

How do I get my sugar cookies to look like the pictures?  Mine keep spreading out and the Christmas trees look like a big blob.  Thanks!