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Suggestions? - Posted By: SAM

I'm sure many MTs have this same problem, but my upper back/shoulders/neck are EXCRUCIATINGLY painful most of the time, no doubt an occupational hazard.

I've tried heat, massage, pain meds, getting up and exercising my upper body, etc., and found very little that's actually effective.

Anybody have any suggestions or tricks or techniques they use for dealing with this? 

I'd welcome ANY advice....TIA!

Does Meditech work with - Posted By: Instant Text?-Twitters

I am not sure what version of Meditech, but I connect to a VPN/Citrix to get to it and type in word that is on the system. Another one I can't use Smartype with *sigh*, just really not liking ShortHand and I'm afraid I will be stuck with it!

Help me out - Posted By: What to do?

Okay everyone I'm asking for your advice. As of right now I work in a doctor's office doing transcription and filling in for front desk when the girl is off that works there. I love the girls I work with and I love doing transcription. I also have a part-time job at home doing transcription with a great company that I can go full-time with, but I'm scared to make the change. I know in the beginning I'll have to put in more hours to make the same amount of money due to getting paid by the line and get my line counts up, but I would love to work at home again and have a more flexible schedule. What would you do? Help!

Okay, need to vent... - Posted By: WAMT

I just have to put out there that I have THE MOST trouble with dictators with a sing-song voice.  You know, the kind that DICTATE and enunciate THE wrong words SO you are halted WHEN you type.  I swear, they get more than ESL!!!

To the person who emailed me... - Posted By: Steamed TX MT

Thanks for your reply and your time in replying, but I totally disagree.  (I don't reply back in email, as I never know WHO it is replying back to me... could be my MTSO!)

Just because I'm an IC for an MTSO does not mean they own me.  If they want to own me, I had better be getting a hefty salary, insurance, 401K, paid vacation, sick leave, personal days, season tickets to the Cowboys games, and a company car like my husband gets from his job. (And they do own him sometimes, up to 80 hours a week and more, but he sure doesn't get paid per line! Not hardly.)  It was all IN MY CONTRACT. 

You are right, she does not care that I have children. I DO. Which is why it was IN MY CONTRACT that I do a 24-hour turnaround, no less without prearrangement.  I am not asking her to care about my family, but I am asking her to care about the contract.  Sorry, but I refuse to do what you did and have someone else take care of my children.  That is why I do MT rather than make a lot more using my college education.  This is why it was, I repeat, in my contract. 

It does not just come back to what the boss wants.  She's not my "boss". I am my own boss, working within the bounds of our contract.  She is the one who keeps wanting me to go beyond my contract with no consideration for it, and it's not going to happen. 

If, like you seem to indicate, that's just how MT is... then yes, I will end up leaving the business.  However, judging by the other responses, this MTSO needs to learn the difference between IC and an employee/slave combo.


Same companies posting... - Posted By: Renee

Have been a member of MT Stars for quite a while-Has anyone else noticed in the Job Seeker's Board it is always the same "Big companies" looking for new MTs.  Makes ya wonder why these companies are always looking for MTs.  Transcend and Spheris come to mind real quick, but I'm sure there are others who chronically cannot keep MTs as well.  Just talking out loud...What are your thoughts about this???

Company requires a C-phone. Will a Lanier Lx-219 work as well? sm - Posted By: Will this work?

What is the difference in a Dictaphone, C-phone, Lanier LX-219 and Lanier Expresswriter or Voicewriter?


normals, templates, shorthand programs, etc - Posted By: tired fingers

I was reading an earlier post that refers to companies making adjustments in our line counts because we are using these word expanders.  I have been wondering about that because even using as many as I possibly can, it seems like it does no good. I do about as many lines as I would normally do just typing the darn things out.  How are they making these adjustments, does anybody know and is it legal? Seems we have no standard anymore as to how lines are counted and companies are doing whatever the heck they want to us.

Autocorrect in Word - Posted By: Rita

Does anybody know what the maximum file size is for the autocorrect file in MS Word 2000?  Do you know how many entries it will hold before it will start deleting entries?

Need to vent... (If you have time to kill, check it out!) - Posted By: Frustrated MT

I am so frustrated right now I could just scream!  If nobody even makes it to the end of this I will understand, but I'm just livid. 

First of all, I was due my paycheck on the 15th.  I work for a small MTSO, and our checks are frequently late at the end of the month.  (The checks due the last day of the month usually get paid sometime during the first week.  I'm used to that now.) But the paycheck on the 15th is consistently on time.  Our mortgage is due on the 1st with a grace until the 15th.  With the terrible economy and struggling like we tend to do, we usually pay on the 15th.  We save half our checks from the 1st week of the month then pay the mortgage when we both get paid on the 15th so that we don't have to take the huge mortgage hit out of one paycheck but rather spread it out over two.  (Hope that makes sense.)  Well, I was told on Monday that we would PROBABLY be paid by FRIDAY, but that it's not for sure.  Since I won't have my check, and we will be paying after the 15th, we will get a $75 late fee on our mortgage.  Is it too much to expect to be paid ON TIME? 

It gets better.  The very next day after this news, my MTSO emailed me saying that a client was missing 5 patient reports.  She kind of went "high and right" on me saying that she didn't have them, the client didn't have them, I didn't send them, where are they, etc.  I was calm, knowing that I didn't make that mistake.  I went back and found the files.  I sent the files.  I then went back and searched my email until I found the email that contained the missing files.  I forwarded the email in its entirety, complete with headers showing the time and date it was sent, and put in the email what basically amounted to, "The original email contained 20 files, 7 of which were for other clients and 13 of which were from XYZ Ortho.  Since the other clients never complained of missing files, and since XYZ Ortho isn't complaining about the other 8 files, I am confident that you sent the files on to XYZ Ortho and they just lost them."  (Which this client has done over the last four years, losing files that have been sent and then blaming us.) I finished with, "I have forwarded the original email so that you can use this to show the client that the problem is not with their Transcriptionist - don't let them blame us!"

I graciously did not point out what I really wanted to point out, which was that I sent my boss the files like I do every morning.  If the client lost their files, there is still no reason why my boss shouldn't have been able to pull them up from her computer!   

The next day, however, I get a pissy email saying "I never got your original email.  I searched my computer and I searched my computer and the files are not there.  You will have to get a more reliable ISP, because I'm not getting your email.... " She went on to blame me for the problem in SPITE of the fact that I already pointed out that the problem could not possibly have been with me.

Now I'm really cheesed, because either she's just plain dense or she thinks I'm just plain dense.  I wrote back reiterating that I just forwarded her the original email.  She's only missing FIVE files.  The original email contained TWENTY files for DIFFERENT clients (including one that is VERY picky about getting their files back in less than 24 hours -- if they hadn't gotten their files I would have heard about it weeks ago! ).  I told her that why she can't find the five missing files on her computer or in her email is obviously a problem on HER end, but considering that my other clients aren't missing anything and the problem client is only missing a few of the files, the problem clearly is not with me.  I sent the files.  The files were recieved.  What happened next, either with her or with the client, is not something I can control. 

The next day I get an email that said, "Found the problem.  Thanks."

WHAT?  She accuses me of losing files, not sending files, put it on me and then when it's pointed out that she's the one who did something wrong there's no "Sorry I blamed you, it was my fault."  I'm telling you, I am HOT. 

This on top of the fact that I'm not getting paid is the reason why I am currently interviewing for a work-primarily-from-home analyst position with a local company.  I really expect professionalism, and this isn't it! 

If you've made it this far, you deserve a hug.    Thanks for listening!   






Trying - Posted By: losinit

to get out of transcription completely.  Anyone have any good or bad comments for coding and insurance billing?  I have a friend that does this and thinks it's 10 times better than the transcription industry. Makes twice what I make.  I need to find something that doesn't make me feel so bad at the end of the day and a paycheck that doesn't give me a stomach ache.  Any thoughts?


If you haven't signed non-compete forms... - Posted By: Curious

with a company you are employed by now, and you leave the company, is it acceptable (legal) to contact a client of theirs and offer your IC services if you really want that account as your own?  Any suggestions from anyone having ever done this before would be much appreciated.

Fleas - Posted By: new puppy

Picked up my new Corgi puppy yesterday, and she has fleas!  My other 2 dogs (Cocker & Corgi) dont have a single flea and I dont have any flea shampoo (which probably can't be used on a puppy anyway).  Any quick natrual remedies I can do until I can get to the store?

Lanier versus C-phone - Posted By: C.J.

I just started a new account and they have sent me a Lanier 219.  I have been using a C-phone for another account and hate to clutter up my already messy desk.  Can the C-phone do the same thing as the Lanier?  Besides, I have no idea how to hook this thing up.

PT transcription.... - Posted By: anon

Has anyone typed for a PT Department, and how is the dictation. On a level of 1/10 what would you say. I'm currently doing neurosurgery, family medicine, orthopaedic, and pulmonary and thinking of possibly taking a position for a PT Company to do transcription in house. Any info would be greatly appreciated.javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');

Stage IB s/l thego 1 adenocarcinoma - Posted By: HELP..what is s/l Thego???


Rush Rate - What do you charge? - Posted By: Tired of doing it for nothing

If you had a client consistently dictate Friday or Saturday and ask for a large volume of work to be returned by Monday, would you charge a rush rate?  What percentage hike to your normal rate would you give?  This particular client dictates the majority of the material over the weekend and always asks for it back ASAP.  I have reiterated my work week consists of Monday through Friday.  I have decided to implement a weekend or rush rate so to speak and I am seeking opinions or experience.  Thank you.  

Opinions wanted from experienced MTs, please! - Posted By: Just an MT...

  I may have commented on this before, but now my boss wants me to handle it in a different way, and I am not sure if it's the right way to go. 

One of my docs makes up his own words.  He will often say that the results of a test are "equivocable".  We know that's not a word.  I can't just substitute in "equivocal" or "unequivocal" because this is a verbatim account.  My boss used to tell me to just make a note in my log, which is sent with my work, that the doc had used that word.  I liked that, because it provided documentation with the file (of which I retain a copy) that while the doctor may not know that's not a real word, *I* do and I am just typing what he's saying. 

Now my boss has asked me to leave that off the log because it is annoying the doctor.  I totally understand her point, because we know how snotty docs can be.  Lord forbid anyone point out that they're wrong about anything, or the world might spin off its axis.  But I am not sure... 

Do I need something on my log so that I can prove that it isn't my mistake being made?  Is it okay since my boss knows that and the doctor should know his own non-word since he's the one who made it up in the first place? 

I am probably worrying about nothing, but just thought I would see what you wiser, more experienced MTs were thinking. 


8 cents per line 65 character - Posted By: Leanne

At 8 cents a line, to me, that should be just straight typing.  No looking up - leaving a blank, and no struggling more than 1 time to make out what some doctor is mumbling.  I am sorry, please don't tell me I have a bad attitude, but each and everyone of us is worth more than 8 cents a line.  When we were paid (in the past) at a higher rate, it made up for the researching or trying to figure out what the doctor is saying.  I had been out of this work for quite some time.  Worked in a hospital for 22.00 an hour for years, worked part time for a service for about 9 cents a line - maybe 3 days a week for 4 hours a day.  I did not pay attention that closely then as I had the hospital job.  But now, working 8 hours (or more.)  This is complete and total B.S.  This p_____s me off so bad.  But I have to do it in this economy, I am not in a position to do anything else.  Everytime I try to really pick up my speed - as there was a time I could about 200 lines or more an hour.  (I cannot do it anymore straight through 8 hours.)  The QA people find something (a comma or whatever) and then I get nervious and slow way down.  I know they have a job to do, but come on.  There are some, but very few,  doctors who care where a comma goes.  Give me a break.  It just infuriating for everyone that does this.  I had a few doctors on my own accounts years back, but they would not pay on time, regularly, etc.  Anyway I just had to vent. 

Wanting to land my own local account - Posted By: HR

I am currently working part time IC for two different people, I have a little less than one year transcription exp, all in family practive or GI...I have been thinking about trying to get my own account locally but not sure about some of the "in's and out's".  Those of you who do this, do you have someone who covers for you when you have to leave town?  I have always had someone to QA my work, so if I do my own account and have a question(blank) do  you call the office and ask or do you leave it blank?  I am kinda back and forth w/ the idea, I know I would make more money, but not sure if I want ALL the responsibility. 

Bless my doggie, Lady, who passed away tonight. - Posted By: Sheri

Lady, I'll love you forever. Mama

report samples - Posted By: newMT

Does anyone know of a web site with surgical report samples and EMG reports?  I've searched google for hours and can only find informartion ABOUT them, not actual reports....

Thanks for ANY help!

For profit versus not for profit organizations - Posted By: Maria

Does anyone know if there is a difference (in salary or benefits) between being employed by a not-for-profit versus a for-profit hospital or medical center?

Anyone ever transcribe police reports or anything similar? - Posted By: ThankfulMT

My mom was applying for a job transcribing reports and she has to take a spelling test.  Just wondering what type of terms she would need to spell.  (She's not the best speller in the world and it would probably be to her benefit to study some before the test.)  Thanks for the info.

Long reports that drone on and on.... - Posted By: sleepy

it's terrible...I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the line counts, but it's only 9:40 in the morning and I already want to take a nap LOL.

Anyone here do Windsor Pilates? Are you getting results? Is it a good - Posted By: workout? Thx. nm


Hello! Please SM, ? about how this line is paid. Thanks! - Posted By: IAPTA

65 character B&W line + ICP

What does ICP stand for and can you explain "black and white line" to me?


Anyone ride motorcycle, have your license, etc. - Posted By: me

I've decided to get my motorcycle license, already passed my permit test and am starting to learn to ride.  I don't know yet if I'm going to learn on a 350 or a 650, but am starting to get excited.  My state offers a weekend course where you go both days for instruction and training and give your license all in one weekend.  My dad loved motorcycles, my sons both have motorcycles, and now it's my turn.  So, satisfy my curiosity, anyone else have this interest?


I still remember when DRGs came into healthcare - before that - you could just go to the hospital and get yourself admitted - relax for a few days or a week - have nice nurses to wait on you hand and foot, and then leave - with the insurance company picking up the tab.  Oh, they would give you some aspirin or tylenol - something to charge for and do a complete routine lab panel on you at each admission, but you didn't have to have anything really wrong with you in order to get in.  Then came the DRGs, insurance coding and the end of the primadonna transcriptionists - This also ended the big bucks to the physician's (for the most part).  Some still make a lot - but it is due more to savvy investments than it is from healthcare.  Google DRGs if you want to find out more, especially those of you who are new transcriptionists.  Our days of the "big bucks" is over, as well.  I have seen about a 50% decline in pay from when I started working 15 years ago.  Most of that within the past 5 years.

Happiness is finding a small stash of frozen Snickers bars - Posted By: chocolate before noon

left over from Halloween.  Today is a really bad day for me.  Can't I just go back to bed and start all over again tomorrow?

To Sad MT: I've noticed your moniker on a couple of boards. Why are you sad? - Posted By: Is there anything we can do? / GaMT


DragonNaturallySpeaking? - Posted By: LoveHate

I'm looking into getting VR software for some of my projects outside of MT work and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this software?  Is it really as good as they say as far as accuracy goes?  How long does it really take for it to "learn" a person's dictation style? Can I play recordings in ExpressScribe to be transcribed into Word? The site is not very helpful giving all the specifics as to how it REALLY works with other programs so I'm a bit hesitant. 

Again, this is not for MT work so it doesn't need to have a medical vocabulary or be able to work with EMRs or anything like that.

STRAWBERRIES/MOLD - Posted By: Need info

Does anyone know how to keep strawberries from going moldy.  I have tried taking them out of their orginal container and leaving on the counter or putting them in the refrigerator and they go moldy after a day.  I have left them in their container and they still go moldy.   TIA

Vianeta Users - Posted By: TL

I have read old posts from users who do not like Vianeta.  I would like to hear from those MTs who have used this software and like working with it.  Is it better since the new owners took over?  Do you prefer Vianeta to any other software?  What is your favorite feature? I am not a Vianeta representative, just interested in your opinion.



tech help, new wireless router, now can't connect to clients - Posted By: katy

I am using a wired PC with a DSL connection.  Last night I set up a new wireless router and a laptop.  I had to have Linksys help me so I know we did it how they told me.  Both computers can connect to the internet, but now on my wired PC I cannot connect to my clients.  I have one I connect to with VPN and another over the internet through Citrix.  That one I can connect to initially, but it keeps disconnecting itself.  Help anyone?

MT salary - Posted By: Fingers-to-the-Bones

Greeting everyone!

There was a recent post form someone inquiring about salary etc. Many replied you may even start below minimum wage. I can confirm that because that is what I am making.  I am not complaining........few expenses involved and my family situation forces me to be home, which I am blessed to be able to do.  The company I am with has also been great up until this point but now getting stricter. (Do not blame them.)

How long does it usually take to get up to say 150 lph? On pirmary account dictators are the same. On secondary acoout you may get dermatology, ortho, psych, neuro, OB etc. Enjoy the variety but hard to develop speed.


Thanks for any and all advice!

Venting on job interviews - sm - Posted By: Disgusted

I'm so disgusted and discouraged.  I've had three interviews in the last week, about three more in the last month, and ALL of the recruiters I spoke with had absolutely NO clue.  After listening to their canned speech about their company, they invite my questions.  My main concerns are the platform, how a line is defined (with or without spaces), headers and footers included, progam compatible with Expander that I have (IT or Shorthand), do they take out MY state taxes, (some don't), how is PTO paid, and a few more, but for each interview, but the time I got to this point in my list of questions, I'm totally disgusted because the recruiters cannot or won't answer my questions.(They are good about skirting the major points of things).  They have to contact someone else, who is not available at this time, etc...and will get back to me - yea, right.  WHAT is wrong with these people?  Can't they answer simple questions?  I don't feel that my list of questions is that outrageous, do you?  Am I out of line for even asking these things?   I've been burned too many times to agree to a job without asking these, and quite a few more questions, but can't get past first base with these recruiters.  Are they so far removed from the actual transcription aspect of their companies that they can't find these things out beforehand and be ready for an appplicant's basic questions?  The recruiter makes the first impression for a company, and if they are so far out in left field, what is the rest of the company like?   ANYONE else have this experience?


Gail Rabinowitz of Charleston, SC has won the amethyst/pearl necklace. - Posted By: Administrator sm

Please email admin@mtstars.com with your full mailing address and we will ship out your necklace.

I've got a stupid question about wireless internet providers. SM - Posted By: QALady

Simply put, I want a PCI card that I can insert into my laptop while I'm at the pool that will allow me to connect to the internet and work.  I have a PCI card that I use, but can only connect through my own wireless network at home.  I want to know if there are services that provide such a service and how much am I looking at spending.  Basically, I want to take my kids to the pool and work while I'm there, but I'm too far away from the home network to connect and there were no other available networks in range of the pool.  I tried!


Who was the US president when U first became an MT? - Posted By: HoosierBoy

President Clinton for me.

Need advice - Posted By: Trish

I recently was offered jobs with two companies, accepted the one that was almost custom made to the days and hours I requested, but otherwise has turned into an absolute disaster.  Has anyone ever done this?  Am very disappointed because all I have done for 2 weeks is jump from account to account which I was told would not be the case, even jumping from one platform to another.  Any suggestions on how to move on gracefully?  I cannot go back to my old job because they filled the position and after I declined to accept the other, I would imagine they would not be interested either.

help - Posted By: texan

on word board please !!

I just HAD to post this! Unreal! - Posted By: Love2BTyping

Yahoo had an article about careers that you can "do from home to earn $30K to $70K.....I KNEW the MT biz would be on there.    Although I don't agree with everything folks say regarding the eventual decline and demise of the profession, this particular snippet could be a reason why things are going in the downhill direction.  I'll highlight my favorite parts! 

Medical Transcriptionist

The job of medical Transcriptionist involves a lot of listening and typing. Medical transcriptionists listen to doctor's notes on a headset and type out the information, editing for clarity when necessary. Their duties might include medical discharge orders, autopsy reports, referral letters, consultation notes, and the like. The medical transcriptionist must have a good working knowledge of medical jargon and the ability to convey information with the utmost accuracy.

To become a medical transcriptionist, an associate's degree or one-year diploma from a medical transcriptionist training program is recommended. Being familiar with medical jargon is a plus.

Salary: Medical transcriptionists brought home a salary of $31,250 per year in 2007.

Best reference books to get - Posted By: Tarah

I am going to buy some reference books to have.  Can you all help me in getting the ones I need.  I will doing a variety of reports...cardiology, radiology, emergency departments ect....

I appreciate it!!!!  :)

Medical Insurance - Posted By: Superkeys

What do you IC MTs do for medical insurance? I'm looking for coverage for my husband and myself, and we're not spring chickens anymore.

Has anyone looked into other work at home jobs (sm) - Posted By: Wandering MT

Like customer service or taking orders?

I started looking around and ran into a lot of ads and scams.

Any info would be appreciated, I want to get out of this field before too long.

question - during slow times - do you find - Posted By: mttinker

people playing real, real nasty games with either you or the system to get lines? 


I want to buy a good computer for transcription, mine seems to be bogged down, what I need - Posted By: Kat

How much Ram, processor anything should I be looking for?  I have the Windows XP office to put in it, so I'm not concerned about that, but I want something with speed and can hold the software and everything.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated!  ~ Thanks

What does VPN stand for? - Posted By: dumb & dumber

What does it do?

Any ho t dirt y bitc hes here! - Posted By: MARIO BOSIO

i am on het wanna fuc k hard and deep  so that my 12 inches long black rod reaches the thoroat of all the old MT bitc hes here.