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Speaking of offshoring MT work, who does not directly send work offshore? - Posted By: OSI?

Just curious.  Has anyone got a list of companies who do not send work offshore?  Precyse?  MQ?  Spheris? 

Don't want to get in trouble but want to ask a ? - Posted By: UT MQ

about our MQ accounts.

I work out of the Amherst office and so far, I have enough work.  This weekend we are a bit out of turn-around but the ladies on this account, and I, are working quickly to change that (when I'm not poking my nose on this message board).

I am wondering though, if it's just a few isolated accounts that are running out of work from the Amherst office, and it is illegal to discuss what accounts those are?  It probably is--just think it would make a lot of us feel better (especially those of us out of Amherst that are starting to worry) if we knew that it's the same few accounts that are running out of work all the time, and not ALL of the accounts.

I don't know.  This whole situation makes me sort of sick.  I'm thankful I have work, but very sad that many of you appear not to and wonder when my account is next.

OK - You Are Really Scaring Me - Posted By: Dianne

Ok - so I read the messages about the lack of work, the hours, and the scary predictions of where these jobs would be in a few years.  What does that mean?  Should I not continue the course?  I read a website that said with the baby boomers getting old, there would be tons of work for the next two decades.  Is that wrong?


advice on c-phone - Posted By: Lynn

Does anyone use a c-phone for their work?  Any feedback would be appreciated.

working on a laptop - Posted By: ann

does anyone here do their transcription on a laptop? I know you can add a normal sized keyboard to the laptop to work on, but are there any problems with working on a laptop full time?

ALL POSTERS PLEASE READ - Posted By: Goldbird (Moderator)

There is no need to play grammar school marm here.  Do not correct other poster's spelling, grammar, etc. 



I'm goign to scream... - Posted By: bjpnc

if this doctor doesn't quit calling Chromagen "Cro-Magnon."  Also, if he doesn't stop calling a proton pump inhibitor a protein pump inhibitor.  The sad part is I don't think he's goofing around.....

What should an MT make with 10 years - Posted By: MT4eight

experience?  I'm afraid I shorted myself when I started my most recent job and am just curious to see what I should have asked for.  Anyone willing to share?

Rapid transcript - Posted By: looking for more

Anyone out there know anything about working for them?

What would you be doing today if you didn't have to work? - Posted By: pollsterama

I'd be sitting outside in the sunshine reading a book and watching the kids play in the kiddie pool.  Hmm, sounds good to me.  I wonder how fast I can get this work done.  oi!

Has anyone been following Psycho Fear Factor? - Posted By: RadGuy

I don't think the Bates Hotel looks all that bad - in fact it looks a lot like MY house! So far I think the worst torture was having that newly divorced couple sleep in the same bed! I guess they signed up for the show B4 they knew divorce wuz pending, LOL.

medical billing or coding newbie - Posted By: Marie


Has anyone tried either their medical billing or coding training courses??

Did you like it, would you recommend it?? I'm tired of working at a restaurant and would like to learn a career but I just want make sure that I am learning from a school that will actually lead me somewhere(specially that it cost 1600 dollars)

So please let me know what you think about them and if there is other schools that you will recomment over them!



carpal tunnel symptoms - Posted By: andrea

Well, it has finally happened.  After 18 years of transcription, I'm starting to have symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.  It has come on very suddenly, over the course of just a week.  What I would like to know is if it is possible to turn this around, since it's just coming on?  I have bought wrist supports, which help immensely, as does naproxen.  I'm taking frequent breaks also.  Can somebody give me hope that I won't end up needing surgery? 

Glossary conversion question...would appreciate ANY help! sm - Posted By: KyMT

I have been using Instant Text for quite a few years, but wanted to switch to Stedman's Smart Type.  My co-worker uses it on the same account and is doing on average 50 lines per hour more than me.  She and I type about the same speed so I'd at least like to give it a try. 

Does anyone know if it is possible to convert my IT glossary into Smart Type?  I guess I'm an old dog, but I just can't bring myself to  start from scratch with a new glossary.  Thank you!

Unlimited long distance in Maine. Please see message. - Posted By: Hanib

Hi all! There was a thread not far down on this board about unlimited long distance, and a few companies were mentioned, like Verizon, etc. I found out today that not all of these services are offered in Maine, where I live.
Does anyone know of any unlimited long distance services at reasonable prices in Maine?
ALSO, I know we have AT&T unlimited long distance here in Maine. Does anyone know if AT&T is one of the "good" companies? That is, can I use a C-phone with them and not be penalized?
Thanks so much for any help anyone can give!

Does anyone ever wake up one day - Posted By: and feel like throwing in the towel?

Just not wanting to deal with the constant worry of feast or famine.  Companies which treat the MT as a big zero if he/she does their job well, although when needed extra, the MT is made to feel guilty if they do not do 10,000 percent in spite of the fact they are previously treated like zero.  Sometimes the paycheck although small, does not seem worth it compared to the quality or lack of quality of life.

No, I am not depressed.  I think this MT has finally wished for some time off to go outside, see the clouds, smell the fresh air, and consider the life passing by.  As well, this MT would like to remember what it was like to have the security of a job which paid halfway decently, actually a boss who showed just a tiny bit of appreciation once in a while for doing a difficult job well, and the days when a person did not flinch when looking at the computer wondering what the day would bring.  Silence, more silence, or an even smaller paycheck.

I tell you, if I were to take 2 weeks off, nobody in my household would even notice the difference in budget, the pay has gotten so low from lack of work.  Used to be a person could make a difference with this job. Wondering if it is time for a change.

Do you ever feel that way?



What if MTSO doesn't send me 1099? - Posted By: NMT

I don't think she will send one any time soon. Last year I had to send her all the invoices I did for her to tally them up for her to send me a 1099. I don't work for her anymore. It's her responsibility to maintain records on her MTs, so I'm not doing that this year.

Is there something I can do to at least account for the money but let IRS know I didn't get a 1099 from her?

Scared about future - Posted By: MT4eight

Hi all, I've been wondering this for some time and especially these past couple of weeks when work has been low, I'm 33 years old, do you all think MT is a profession I could retire from? Or do you think that MT'ing is going to be phased out before my retirement age? I'm just worried about in the near future when I'm in my late 40s, early 50s, I will no longer have a job and then what will I do, it will be too late to start over. Does anybody else think about these things or am I just being crazy?

Windows Vista - Posted By: flutterby

Does the new Basic Windows Vista come with any type of word processing program or do you have to buy that separately? Thanks.

emtjack/Transcription Star - Posted By: Jamie

I did a search on this company and yep, they are from India with satellite offices in New York and CA.  I took a gander at their pricing - holy smokes! $10-12 an hour for audio transcription of police interviews, multi-speaker conferences etc?!!!???!!?  That is insane!  Who in their right mind would send this company verbatim work or work of a sensitive nature when they can't even command the English language!  Time to give India the boot!

Bayscribe problem - Posted By: Cuppa

Has anyone ever gotten an error message when attempting to use the foot pedal to transcribe in Bayscribe that says "Bayscribe Player Digital Transcriber Module has encountered a problem and needs to close. Please tell Microsoft about this problem"? I use Bayscribe for two different agencies; it works perfect with one agencies work and I get this error message when I log in to the other agency's Bayscribe account to download voice files. I've tried reinstalling it and still get the same error message. Help (and Thanks!)

Question for Rad MTs.... - Posted By: Emma

In your opinion what is the most popular method in which clinic Radiologists dictate.....handheld recorder, over the phone or through PC. 


Question on number of posts - Posted By: smashboxfan

Someone emailed me and asked why i had posted 22 posts in a certain period of time using different names everytime.  Why would anyone be that interested?  I'm not - I am either working or trying to dig up information on my neighbors and relatives, searching for past loves or again working.  Is there a way to find someone's email address through this website.  I much prefer it to the other, but if I cannot keep my identity concealed, I guess I will have to resort to posting on the other board.

care package for military in iraq ideas?? sm - Posted By: anon

i have a very close friend who is in iraq and i went to send something but no idea what?  he ideas or someone know anyone in military and what they like to receive or need?  FYI, they are on a ship.  TYIA!

3-1/2-year old still not completely potty trained...help - Posted By: Need lots of advice!

My son is 3-1/2-years-old and is not potty trained.  Actually most of the time if we put underwear on him he will forget and use the bathroom in them like he does in his pull-ups BUT if he goes without any underwear or pull-ups he will go to the potty.  Any clues?  Bigger diapers are expensive and I really feel like he is lagging in this area.  Thanks!!!!



Help with Meditech - Posted By: radgirl

can anyone tell me what are the function keys for Meditech.  I hit F6 and lost a report.  My lead Transcriptionist only "knows" the F keys we use, not any of the others. Shift F6 moves up a line, but what if just plain F6?  Thanks


Does you company require a specific number - Posted By: sm

of lines per day? If so, what are they?

"The Letter" - Posted By: nss

I got my "letter" from MQ today, and immediately called my supervisor to tell him that once that goes into effect I will no longer to ASR..........  hopefully everyone will do this (or at least the majority) and MQ will hear us ?? 

Hey Moderator - Posted By: Nancy Rushing

I won a scavenger hunt.  Forgot to put in there that I live in Florida.  Thanks again.  

Word and Drugs boards (SM) - Posted By: Moderator

Please use the appropriate boards for these questions.  This forum has been set up so that these questions can be more easily navigated.


per diem and on call in job ads - Posted By: Newbie

When a hospital places an ad for an "on call" transcriptionist, what exactly does that mean? Does it mean they can call you up at 3:00 a.m. to come in for an emergency report?? And per diem means you just come on for a job here and there, right? It isn't regular work?

I am sorry if these are dumb questions. I'm new. Thanks for your input.

ENTER NOW - Pulling from Santa's Bag $50.00 Amazon Gift Cert. courtesy of Transcription - Posted By: Matchmaker! Click on Santa's House banner (sm)

above to enter. Choose Transcription MatchMaker from the drop down menu.

Please do not email you entries as they will be discarded.

Good Luck!

What do you think?? - Posted By: Curious

I work for a small MTSO on an account that I handle by myself. This includes calls for STAT reports at all hours of the day and night and all contact directed to me personally. I handle everything except the billing. The MTSO is making 7 cpl off the work I do and it just seems a little unfair. I know that I would not have the account if not for them, but they don't even have to think about it except at billing time. I guess I am just a little bitter at handling EVERYTHING and them making that much off the top. A raise is also out of the question. I tried that one! Any opinions?

inhouse work - Posted By: ae

I am thinking about going inhouse to work for a family practice group.  What is the going rate per hour or per line?  I have 10+ years experience.  It would be working for 2 family practice physicians 25 or so hours per week.  Because I have only done IC the last few years, I don't know what to charge when taxes are taken out. 

Please advise what a reasonable hourly/line rate is .  I am not sure at this point.



You know there is an old saying what goes around comes around and the Warminster office always - Posted By: MQMT

enjoyed running everyone out of work and now they are all losing their jobs and have no clue what is coming and I think that is very funny. They were so smart and lied so much to everyone about the lack of work that now they are getting theirs and Amherst will get theirs when enough MTs that get transferred there raise holy hell. Mark my words. Why in the world arent all the MTs up there getting together on this and ringing the phone off down at Corporate.

OB/GYN sites - Posted By: MTOhio

Can someone tell me of some good OB/GYN sites out there?  For that matter, any good specialty sites.  I'm fairly new to transcription and still gathering good reference sites.

Thanks in advance!


Editing question - Posted By: transcribe versus editing

The company I am with wants me to start working the editing side soon.  The pay is like half.  I am interested in hearing from any editors here. Do you go twice as fast and is half line rate pay normal.  All information would be appreciated.


ASR strikes again..... - Posted By: MT and worn out

ASR version - PMH: Depression and finds that testicles circumflex me.

Dictated version - PMH: Depresssion and sinusitis. PSH: Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

schools - Posted By: Michelle

I need help deciding which MT school to use?  I am debating Career Step, Mtecinc and Andrews?  I want to be sure I make the right decision. 

Can I do just 1 month of COBRA? sm - Posted By: Old Broad

I'm wondering if I can sign up for just 1 month of COBRA health insurance after the fact. I'm nearing my COBRA election cut off. My last day of regular insurance was 10/31. I would just like to pay for COBRA for the month of November, but the paperwork says you must pay all months up to the day of election. I had an ER visit in November, which is why I only want to pay November, but if I made the COBRA election today, I'd have to make 3 months of payments. Has anyone ever done this? I thought maybe I could just send in a payment for the 1 month with a note that I didn't want it after that. TIA. I know I should probably ask the plan administrator, but I'm embarassed.

Good Company to Work For - Posted By: PJ

I really need to make a change.  Can those of you out there that REALLY LIKE the company you work for send me a line?  I have already applied to quite a few, and now it's decision time.  I appreciate any input you can give me.    Thanks in advance!    PJ

MODERATOR could we have a msg board just - Posted By: for the topic VR.

I started using this board about 10 years ago, then quit for about 9, and just started using it again this year. I remember being on the board the day a poster asked if we could have a separate board just for MQ. We did, but now after coming back after 9 years, not much has changed on here....except we that are jobs are changing. It would be a nice to have a place to share experiences.

Word help - Posted By: Tabatha

Transcribing notes for urgent care center.  Physician states "plasms perox".  How would that be spelled?  I cannot find it in my word book, online med dictionary, and there are various spellings on Google.  Can anyone help me?


Tabatha in Charleston, SC

Can someone please tell me what $5.00/1000 words converts to in cpl when 5.5 char=1 word? nm Thanks! - Posted By: Curious MT

WebMedX - Posted By: geni

Has anyone worked for MebMedX?   Was thinking about applying.

What do I need to do to become IC? - Posted By: MT mom of 3

Not sure what I do in order to pay taxes or whatever needs to be done.  I'm new to all of this.  Any tips would be appreciated.

psych eval pricing HELP... sm - Posted By: Melanie

I had a call from a psych office to do psych evals.  I had quoted them 12 cents per 65 characters but they called back and want to get cheaper.  I think they are thinking maybe total eval cost or maybe per page.  Evals are about 30 pages.  What would be a good per page rate?  I was thinking in the ballpark of 2-3$.  I have no clue.  I need the work badly but don't want to work too cheap.  Any help would be appreciated.  I meet with them tomorrow.  Thanks!

Moderator, why the sudden slowness of this site? nm - Posted By: SLOW !


Share 2 reasons (or more) about why you love your DH? - Posted By: Pollster

I love him because;

1- He knows me better than I know myself sometimes.

2- After 17 years together... he still makes me believe that I'm
the most beautiful girl in the world.