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Any reks for a quiet keyboard that has NO - Posted By: number pad? My drawer is small. Thx! NM


Is anyone familiar with an expander you pay for by the year - Posted By: KT

I thought I had heard of one that you could order for a yearly subscription of about $30.  Thanks in advance.  I have Smartype, but it acts oddly sometimes and races to the end of my document and the cursor keeps running down the page.  I had them send me a new copy but had the same troubles with the new copy even with putting it on a new computer.  Can't get the company to do anything, so I am out $200 now and need something else.


Sopranos . . . Has Tony found God? - Posted By: Bella Luce

Has Paulie lost it?

Bless my doggie, Lady, who passed away tonight. - Posted By: Sheri

Lady, I'll love you forever. Mama

Import from SFW to AutoCorrect - Posted By: G. M.

I have been hired by an employer who uses AutoCorrect.  My entries are all in ShortHand for Windows.  Does anyone know how to import (COPY into, NOT MOVE) expansions from Shorthand for Windows to AutoCorrect?  Very much appreciated. 

This guy is killin me - Posted By: pullin my hair out

The 22 minute long dictation is bad enough, but to top it off this guy can't speak English at all, I don't think. My report looks like swiss cheese. It will be an embarassment to send this back when I am done. Well, back to try and make more sense out of it. Sorry, needed to stop and scream a minute   

Does anyone have a good recipe for scalloped potatoes? - Posted By: txmt

I googled it and got a few, but I know the best cooks are on this board.  Any recipes that are easy?  I've never made them from scratch before.



Do you charge for pickup/delivery? sm - Posted By: nn

Can I charge? If I do pickup/delivery, do you give them a 48-hour turnaround time or longer? Wanted to pick up 2 days a week, Tuesday and Thursday. Any suggestions would be helpful. Also need suggestions on what type of carrying case to put tapes to be HIPAA compliant. Any answers would be appreciated.

A question of gift etiquette.... (see mssg.) - Posted By: RadTyper

Okay --- tell me what you think about this odd little experience!

A friend of mine, a woman who is very well-off -- far more so than I will ever be -- over the years has routinely given me bags of her college-student daughter's clothing that she no longer wants.  Her daughter gets tired of stuff LONG before it even looks old, and I really like her particular taste in clothes.  We're pretty much the same size, too!  So I would always get this cool hand-me-down stuff to sort through, most of which I would keep.

Those I didn't keep were usually items that were a bit too small for me, usually skirts or pants.  Usually I would just take those to the Goodwill, but I have another friend that is slightly smaller than I, and also a lot poorer.  She's been unemployed much of the time I've known her, and really needed the clothes!  Since she usually shopped at the Goodwill anyway, I knew that giving her the stuff I couldn't wear would save her even more money.  That way all of my friend's daughter's clothing went to good use, and was enjoyed.  A win-win situation.  Or so I THOUGHT....

Unbeknownst to me, it turned out that the friend who gave me all these clothes could not STAND the friend that I was giving the too-small stuff to.  I didn't know this until one time when I told her how great it was that the other friend was so grateful to have the clothing that I didn't want, because then none of it had to go to the Goodwill, all went to good use, etc. etc.   WELL!  Instead she emails me and tells me that she cannot STAND my other friend, and absolutely does NOT want me to give any of the clothing I don't want to her, because she "doesn't want to see her wearing it."  (?????) 

I emailed back and said that although I respect whatever reasons she has not to like my other friend, that I DID have a problem with being told what I could or could not do with cast-off clothing that was given to me, and therefore MINE to do with as I saw fit.  I certainly didn't want to have to tell my other friend that I couldn't give her any more clothing because the person I received it from didn't like her and didn't want her to have it!  So, since we all have the same large group of friends and see each other often, I decided that I would just no longer accept used clothing from my friend's daughter anymore.  In order to try to keep the peace, I simply told her I "had no more room in my closets for any more stuff", though I'm sure she knows why I no longer want the clothes.  But, because of her control-freakishness about who wears these clothes, now both my other friend and I have lost out on a good thing.

   What's your take on that?  Don't you think that once you GIVE something to someone as a gift, that it is THEIRS to do with as they please, regardless of how you may happen to feel about it?  Does that sound odd to you? 


paid per report - Posted By: llc

I need some advice. I have been with my company for two years and was hired at .10 cpl. I have recently been assigned to another account (radiology) which pays per report (1.15). The dictators are horrible and the reports are long. I am making way less on this account than I did on my previous account which my company no longer even has. Any advice on what I should do or any advice at all would be helpful. Thanks.

Probity versus SoftScript - Posted By: Diana

I have been offered a position by both Probity as well as SoftScript.  Can anyone out there give me any advice as both of these companies are unfamiliar to me?  I would appreciate any and all responses.  Thanks.


Help with Meditech - Posted By: radgirl

can anyone tell me what are the function keys for Meditech.  I hit F6 and lost a report.  My lead Transcriptionist only "knows" the F keys we use, not any of the others. Shift F6 moves up a line, but what if just plain F6?  Thanks



My 20 year old daughter was just diagnosed with partial seizures.  We could not wake her up on Sunday morning and had to call the paramedics.  My question is does anyone take Trileptal and is there side effects or are you having success with it.  Are you able to drive?   My daughter says her lip goes numb when she first takes it.  I have done research but I would like to know if anyone had first hand experience with it.  THANKS IN ADVANCE.

Vista question regarding Stedman's - Posted By: electronic spell check

Is anyone running Vista and also running Stedman's spellcheck 2007?  Thanks in advance. 

Any ho t dirt y bitc hes here! - Posted By: MARIO BOSIO

i am on het wanna fuc k hard and deep  so that my 12 inches long black rod reaches the thoroat of all the old MT bitc hes here.

Just need to vent a bit.... - Posted By: PAMT

Why is it that the doctors you know can speak perfectly perfect English...don't?  This guy is slurring entire sentences and when I slow him down, he sounds drunk.  And he doesn't even sound as if he is old enough to drink!

Thank you.  Venting over.  Have a good evening.

Lines per day - part time - Posted By: MKC

I am just wondering, how many lines per day would be a good average if working part time? 





Enterprise Platform - Posted By: Boogie MT

Have any of you used Enterprise Platform and what are your thoughts?

Anybody working at home, that - Posted By: works more than 1 MT job at home?


How to get my docs to go digital - Posted By: NY MT

I have an account that I love. Problem is that the work is voluminous, and they are still in the dark ages. What is the easiet way for me to entice them going digital? I would be able to take on so much more work and subcontract it out, but  they are stuck on tapes and I have been unable to find anyone to help TX in my area. My plan (dream) is to get some of them on digital, take all the work I can get, subcontract it out, do some myself, QA the work myself and Voila.....eventually the rest will see the light of the 21st century and the backlog will be a thing of the past. I do not want to spend the $ to purchase the recorders myself, and have only a limited knowlege of the software and set up needed on THEIR end.

Any suggestions from someone who has done this, or where can I go to get the education I need to walk them (drag them) through this process?



alternative keyboards - Posted By: Sharon

Is anybody using an alternative keyboard? I have seen some pretty nifty designs and wonder which one has the most sensitive touch. Any users of the kinesis contoured keyboard?? Please give your comments, as I am currently shopping...

CMT credentials and AAMT - Posted By: rambling

The post below about AAMT certifying offshore MTs made me wonder. Do you think an offshore CMT is just as good as an American CMT? I ask because I am quite certain most doctors would think so. I remember hearing once about an Indian MT that took the test over 6 times before passing. They just kept giving him money to take it until he passed. Doctors may not know or care what CMT means as far as we are concerned, but if an Indian company telemarkets your doctor with a too-good-to-be-true offer, and oh by the way, did we mention we were certified by the AMERICAN Medical Transcription Association? All of a sudden your doctor and my doctor and all doctors will care what CMT means, and to them it will mean, same quality - but cheap.

So, the CMT definitely benefits someone, though if the transcription service doesn't live up to the doctor's normal quality standards, what does that tell him about the CMT or the AAMT in general?

Am I ranting or rambling? You decide. :)

If a doc dictates CHF, do you type s/m - Posted By: Questioning

CHF or expand into congestive heart failure; and for any other shortened word, do you expand.  The guidelines for my company state type what is dictated and only expand things in the diagnosis section.  Well, someone I know who works for the company said that they just always expand regardless.  That doesn't seem right to me.  I was just curious as to what anyone else does.


anybody bored with this summer? favorite month/season? - Posted By: just curious

too hot to do anything.  give me late september or early october please.

ENTER NOW! Goodies given courtesy of Transcend! - Posted By: See full details inside


(Pulling numbers 50, 68, 82)
Click on the Reply by Email blue link or email to freebie@mtstars.com to enter
One entry per person, only one email address allowed.
Please give your name, city, and state for when we post congratulations.
You must enter each giveaway to be eligible to win.
All entries are put in a hopper and the number shown above will be pulled.





Spread the word - Posted By: Weazyzy

What I've been doing for quite some time is telling everyone I talk with, and I mean everyone, about the possibility of their personal information/medical records going overseas.  Most often, they have absolutely no idea this is even possible.  We the patients pay the deductibles and the insurance premiums, we have every right to voice to our physician/medical facility that we absolutely DO NOT want our records leaving the USA.  You could even ask that the statement be included in your medical record for written documentation.  If the physicians/facilities hear it enough from enough people, maybe they'll realize what a big deal this really is to us as American citizens.  It may not stop offshoring completely, but it could certainly slow it down.

how many 'pages' is 1000 lines? - Posted By: JoanneNY

Let's say using standard margins, and standard font.  I'm from the old school of 'pages', and hourly salary.  As I take on f/t employment in the world of 'lines per hour' and 'lines per day' .... what does that equate to, approximately ?

thanks guys ....



Platforms? - Posted By: Kimberly

I have never heard of a platform many of you are speaking about.  Could you please explain?  Thank You!!

which companies still have SE status - Posted By: just checking


Looking for Nellie sm - Posted By: Anon

Looking for my friend, Nellie, VA trained, went to Saudi Arabia. 

To all of you Escriptionist out there...Laptop question. Have any of you found a laptop that you can - Posted By: Escriptionist2

thing. I tried one of those adapter that goes from the 9-pin to the USB but when I plugged in the USB my foot pedal did not work right. I know supposedly there is a help section on the escription website that says the adapter may work and how to make them compatible etc but it never worked for me. Has any of you find a solution or a laptop that this foot pedal with work with. I'd like to work while traveling and get a laptop but it never worked on my old one. Ideas??

To MsIndigo - Posted By: Molly

I just now checked back and found your long note regarding expansions.  I appreciate it.   

It sounds like I am on the right track.  Just using a bit different basic pattern.  I, too, get frustrated when I don't have an Expander for something.  Hopefully, I will eventually get over the hump of needing to make less and less.

Thanks again! 

Comfortable headphones - Posted By: Aunt Suun

I get a headache from my Spectra headphones if I use them for an extended time. My old ones (Sony?) did not have that problem, but the sound was not great and now they are broken anyhow. Suggestions as to something that would not put much pressure on the ears/head, but would have decent sound quality for digital dictation? (no earbuds)

What to wear to a wedding-sm - Posted By: Undecided

I just can't decide.  It's an evening wedding, outside in a park.  Apparently the bride is going to be barefoot and the groomsmen are in khaki pants.  That's about all I know.

Could I wear slacks and a casual top? Or go with my original plan to wear a dress and sandals?  Or does it matter at all?  Lol.

Still only $12/hr - what to do???sm - Posted By: Weary and broke

I have been doing MT for 25 years. I have two of my own accounts and do very well on those, no complaints.   I have a third account that I have subcontracted on line and get paid 8 cents per 65 characters.   Have been on this same account for 2 years and still cannot average more than $12-$13 an hour.    I used macros and have done everything I can think of.   Now it is beginning to just feel like a waste of my time when I know I should be making more.    Sitting for 3 hours, only to make $36 is irritating me and I'm feeling unhappy and not making much money for the time involved.   I guess I should try to find another account of my own - but those are far and few between.....what would you do?????   Thank you for any suggestions.

Demographics/extra work - Posted By: SCMT

How many of you are being asked to do more demographic work and other extras in your job that do not apply to your line count?  An email went out telling us that these areas "had to be filled in" because it caused too much work for the hospital if we didn't do it - but these demographics do not add to our line count - so I have a hard time understanding why we are to take 2-5 minutes in each report to do work that we are not paid for - for one report it doesn't seem like that much - but add it up to all that you do in a week - and well, that's a big pay decrease from where I stand.  How many of you are dealing with this problem.  It is probably not a new one - just new to me.

Someone pinch me..... - Posted By: Dream Job!

I have just landed a really great job and had to share!! I have been doing just some overflow stuff and have been searching for something to fit me for months now! I have just landed a job that lets ME pick my schedule and they have no problem with the hours I want to work and the days that I want off during the week to accomodate being with my kids over the summer!! I cant believe it....so someone better pinch me so I know its real!! I am just soooooo happy I had to share! Have a Happy and safe 4th everyone!

keyboard shortcut/make letters larger - Posted By: sandy

Somewhere I saw a simple keyboard shortcut that would make the letters in a program appear larger without changing the font size. I have a program I have to access at work and the letters are hard to read, but I'm not allowed to change the size. Does anyone know about this? Thanks!

OUTSOURCING PLAN... - Posted By: old grandma

Okay, here is the plan.  For all of these hospitals with heavy ESL dictation loads, outsource these yourselves to India, Pakistan, Trinidad or where ever they speak that English as an unknown language.  It won't matter if it is correct as typing those documents is just a best guess scenario anyway.  Leave all of the English as a First Language (EFL) here in the US for those of us to type as we have been working long and hard to gain our experience and deserve to have decent work.  If a hospital has a lot of ESLs that they have brought stateside to staff their hospitals as hospitalists as they work cheaper then it should be their responsibility to give them English classes and monitor their progress until they can speak English clearly, concisely, and accurately.  The solution to this problem with ESLs  is in our HANDS and we know it.  The large companies and hospital clients need to take note before it is too late and we are all retired.  You need us more than we need you.

Toll-free call-in system - Posted By: Merry Christmas

I have 3 doctors that I am going to be taking on as clients of my own.  One is going to be using a recorder, the other 2 are still wanting to use a call-in line for their dictation.  They will not be dictating a large amount just a couple times a week.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a service that provides a toll-free call-in line for a decent price?  I am thinking about mydocsonline for my doc that will be using a recorder.

Thanks in advance and Merry X-Mas to you all! 

Everyone Please Read This - Posted By: Dianne

Hi - I'm Dianne from Austin, Texas, and being an RN for 20 years and a teacher for seven, decided to order an online MT course to change professions.  So I paid my $1300 to The VLC and was promised materials within 10 business days.  I began using the online resouces to study and take the tests and exams, as the materials never materialized.  I passed the terminology, A & P, and pharmacology sections with a 98 average.  But then I could go no farther without the foot-pedal and CDs.  So I began complaining more loudly, as I've taken off of work to finish the course.  Getting no response except 'it's in the mail,' I demanded to speak to an administrator and posted my frustration on their discussion forum.  The next day - today, they have blocked my email, removed my posting and access to the forum, and have wiped out all of my grades from their website.  So I'm out the $1300 as well as about 160 hours of studying.  I've reported them to everyone I can think of, but need advice.  What would you do?


Please Help!!!

Does anyone know if there are a limited - Posted By: number of installs on my XP disc? TIA nm


I'm Back to Transcribing - Posted By: Lynn

I just wanted to drop in and say hello to everyone.  I don't know if anyone here even remembers me.  I left the MT industry about a year ago, coming home to work on cottage industry things.  However, I was recently offered a good job doing MT again, so I'm back!  Just wanted to say hello to everyone.  I had let my office get into a huge mess,   but I've had a lot of fun undertaking an office redo.    If anyone cares to see pictures, I've put some on my blog.  Link below.


hypertype - Posted By: Diane

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any info on Hypertype? How is the platform, how are the dictators ( any ESLs), how is the pay? Thank you very much!!

Achy legs - Posted By: ama

For the past couple of days my legs have been aching nonstop.  I walk 30 minutes per day for exercise and make sure to take breaks and get up out of the chair.  I don't know what is going on but it is really driving me nuts.  It makes it very hard to sit here and push this pedal.  I'm hoping it will go away in a day or so, hopefully as quickly as it started.

Anyone else have this problem?

Companies out there that use ShortHand? - Posted By: Just wondering

Anyone know which companies (that are hiring) use/allow ShortHand for word expansion?

ASR funny - Posted By: mini haha

She has had significant tragedies in her family life, so she is carrying very heavy rodents. 


Is there a way to use my C-phone with my Vonage setup? SM - Posted By: Technically Challenged!

I need to plug my C-phone into a phone jack.  My Vonage setup is completely wireless set up by my local cable company.

I've got an analog telephone line, but the local phone company in this area is incredibly incompetent and I am at the end of my rope and am desparate to figure something else out.  I have called this company of Keystone Cops four times trying to order their unlimited long distance plan.  Each time they have apologized for the inconvience and said "somebody dropped the ball" and they are just so sorry.  This morning I called them for the 5th time because I got a letter in the mail yesterday thanking me for signing up for the 5 cents a minute long distance plan!  Now I'm told that they are making "notations" on my account and when I get my bill at the end of the month I will need to call their "investigations department" to get the long distance charges reversed.

So as you can see, my frustration meter is maxing out with these people!  Help me figure out a way I can use my Vonage with my C-phone and tell these people to hang themselves with their telephone line!

How To Save Word Autocorrect Entries - Posted By: David

Would someone kindly tell me how to save your Word 2003 autocorrect entries?  I need to do a complete reinstall of Word?  Thank you very much !

ChartNet - Posted By: curious

Has anybody used this platform?  Migrating to it from Word and concerned about the "learning curve."  Any comments on ease of use?  Wondering how many (if any) use it besides us or if it is proprietary.