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Foot pedal Alternative - Posted By: michelle

is there an alternative to the traditional foot pedal? I know i could probably use the keyboard, but I am wondering about devices.

A different kind of job - Posted By: Patti

I have no idea how these things fall into my lap and don't how this will go but just met and got offered to do "formatting and editing" of finished documents for a Waste Recovery Company -- fancy name for garbage and recycling company.  This manager has to do long reports, handouts, employee manuels, etc. and just wants to type the report and all I do is edit -- not grammar or punctuation -- use a consistent outline form, do title pages, do headers and footers, make sure pages are correctly numbered for $25 an hour.  She wants me to make it have "eye appeal and look pretty."   She spends hours formatting and hates it and so I am going to try it.  Decided I had nothing to lose to try.   Depending on how fast I am probably not more than 6 to 12 hours per month so we will see how it goes.  But she did say if it worked out well, they have several other branches in Montana, Idaho, California and they might be able to use me more at those facilities also that have to do the same reports.  So guess I am branching out somewhat.   Just as one door closes, another open as had one of my most profitable account, suddenly retired due to ill health.  So was thinking of looking for another account when I got this call.    SOmething different at least. 


Prescription medications...sm - Posted By: Penny pincher

If you don't shop the price of your prescriptions with various pharmacies you should do so.  I just checked around on a prescription that I take and I got a variance of up to $9 a month depending on which pharmacy would be filling it.  Now that adds up in a hurry! 


Need good internet reference for doctors - Posted By: Sharon

The several places I have stored for some reason gone out of the business. Need to look up these names when not spelled which is almost never. Thanks.

Help, Mediscribe of Indiana, NOT MedScribe of FLA, need to know....sm - Posted By: lilsoxxer

I am so confused, the recruiter called me out of the blue last night, don't remember dropping a resume there, but she had my resume....anyway, offered great IC position, great pay, lots of good points, sent contract....but I THOUGHT I was speaking with MedScribe, does ANYBODY know/know of Mediscribe of Indiana?  It all sounds great, but I want a GOOD company, and whenever I do a search, I keep coming up with posts about MedScribe.  TIA!!!

I just saw an interview with Chris from AI - Posted By: me

on our local Fox news.  Everyone was figuring he was going to win and he was supposed to fly home tonight and there were going to parties all over town tomorrow.  Anyway, he couldn't get out a complete sentence that didn't have "well you know" in it.  Articulate he isn't. 

Love at first sight? - Posted By: Lisa

Hey - I know this is the wrong board for this but if anyone would switch over to emotion/depression and/or chit chat I'd like your opinion. Thanks

Spoke Way Too Soon - Posted By: LinK

Well, I spoke too soon when talking about EMR impacting my job.  I just found out last week that as of September I'll be without a job.  Supposedly they didn't realize just how much of an impact EMR was going to make on the transcriptionists.  They offered us two months (July and August) of working in-house in the medical records department.  I really think that I'm getting out of the MT business.  I never thought I'd say that.  I'm most likely going to have to find a job outside and just work my part-time jobs at night from home.  I'm planning on staying with transcription though and just going the safer general or legal route. 

BNP abbrv definition - Posted By: Diana


Function keys with IT - Posted By: New IT user

I have a doc that says the same thing over and over. I have made a template for him and I use my F11 key to jump from field to field to "fill in the blanks". How can I get this to work with IT. I have added it to my glossary using the formated option and the F11 key does not work. I have tried using the command key (I insert the F11 key before every field in the template and then save it to the glossary) and this has not worked either. Any suggestions?

Looking for Nellie sm - Posted By: Anon

Looking for my friend, Nellie, VA trained, went to Saudi Arabia. 

Help..I lost my word file. How can I retreive a file that has been changed? sm - Posted By: Please help!!

I was working on a large file and had saved it in Word. I then went back to work on the file and hit a key that made the page go blank.  When I went to close the document it asked me to save any changes on the document. I answered yes, and now when I click on that document it is all blank! Shouldnt the previous info saved be there, even if the current stuff is not? Please help me!! Thank you

Line counts in MTS.....sm - Posted By: another MQer

My MQ account is still on MT Shell. Over the past couple days, I've noticed that when I check my line counts under "Work Summary," they seem much less than what I was expecting. Have been doing this for over three years, so I have a good feel for the approximate number of lines I've transcribed. Of course, in MTs there is no way to see the gross number of lines you've typed, as far as I know. You can see the "gross" lines for each report under "Edit Transcriptions" but that doesn't allow for empty lines. I wish it would give the actual line count you are being credited for. Again, my line counts seem pretty anemic for the amount of typing I've been doing.

Everything is so underhanded with this company. With all the crap going on, I am nearly ready to jump ship.

Meditech Magic Platform - Posted By: PoorPoorPitifulMT

I am about to start working on a radiology account that uses the Meditech Magic platform. Can any of you tell me the good, the bad and the ugly about this platform?


WiFlyer - Wireless dial up - does it work? - Posted By: KC

I found something called WiFlyer for "wireless dialup".  I think you plug it into your phone jack and then a little antennae to your notebook and you can move around the house freelying without a phone cord.  I wonder if it makes dial up any faster?  Has anyone used this?  What did you think? 


Doanyofyouhavedoctorswhospeak - Posted By: me

in monotone and run all of their sentences together? Does it not frustrate you to no end? I find myself nodding off! LOL

Instant Text FRUSTRATION! - Posted By: michelle

am i using this software incorrectly? because it seems like my autocorrect is better than this. any suggestions? any tips for making glossaries? I'm confused , and when i type for phrases, no matching phrases come up! i'm getting really frustrated.

Any Atlanta MTs? - Posted By: MQMT

I am getting so frustrated with this office.  The supervisors have turned into a bunch of robots.  The only explanation you can get for what is going on is "I don't know, that is just what they told me to tell you."  Who is THEY?  Why are statutory employee being allowed over time and the full time employees are NOT allowed over time?  What is going on here?  Why has the whole atmosphere and morale changed?  I don't mind typing the crappy accounts or working the crappy hours, but I will not be treated like a no count and be told things on a need to know basis.  I just don't understand... and who is over the Regional MT Manager??

Exttext/Transnet - Posted By: Wen

Does anyone use this software on a laptop; if so, have you experienced any problems.  I am thinking of installing on my laptop to take on vacation with me this summer so I can work a bit if needed.  Thanks!

Anyone out there with Axolotl- see message - Posted By: KS

One of my accounts is going to hook up to an EMR system- Axolotl. Anyone heard of it? Do you work for the company, or are you a contract Transcriptionist who uses the system? I've never heard of it. TIA

What companies besides MQ use DocQscribe? nm - Posted By: Job seeking... TIA


Long distance headaches - help! - Posted By: info_seeker

I'm in Ohio and work for a service in California.  It's been a real problem finding a true unlimited plan. 

Have tried Vonage (call quality was substandard), ATT "unlimited" long distance (got one of those nice letters), and now the phone card company I had been using apparently decided to jack their rates way up.

Looking at ATTCallVantage, using satellite internet service (no DSL where I live).  Anyone have experience with this, and do things work well for you? 

All help is much appreciated!



Bawling my eyes out. - Posted By: Starting over.

My husband is the BIGGEST JERK on the planet.  I have been out of transcription for a few years having children and he has been working nights. We had agreed that I would go back to work after my 3-year-old gets into school (two more years).  Recently, however, he decided he is tired of working and quit his job.  I took a job and just started last week.  He is already complaining that I'm not making enough money.  I'm just so frustrated.  My family and friends are ready for me to leave me, but I have three kids under 7 and I'm scared to death.  I know I could support us, but I fear what the future holds, so it keeps me here.  He is verbally and physically abusive to all of us and I know better than this.  Please don't yell at me.  I'm looking for some support.  My family lives very far away. I'm sorry to dump this here, but you are all transcriptionists too and I thought maybe someone had a similar situation and could suggest something for me.  Thanks.

How many of you transcribe with your arms on armrests? nm - Posted By: sore neck/shoulders


getting forums on pers computer?? - Posted By: sm

I can't seem to figure out how come i can't get the full list of forums (left column) as i have on my job computer, put onto my personal computer...i used the exact same address in the address bar ...any help would sure be appreciated! 

Anyone here have a dog grooming business? sm - Posted By: mlstoo

Thinking it would be a good parttime thing to supplement our income.  Wondering what is all involved in training, education, set up, etc. 

TVPS gift certificate winner is Carolyn of Vermont! - Posted By: Happy New Year! Administrator (nm)


The ad above for Naukri is a Google ad & is not allowed on this site. It has been added to our - Posted By: Administrator (sm)

our Google filter, however it takes about 4 to 6 hours for it to be removed.  We have no control what Google ads appear, but we can filter them out.

Only US MTSOs whether they outsource offshore or not can post on MTStars, however offshore services and offshore job banks cannot.

images - Posted By: Shawna

I am hearing (sac-high)resolution images..any thoughts?

Applied to tons of companies and hear nothing! - Posted By: looking for work

Anyone else applied to lots of places and never hear anything?  I have 5 years experience and a good resume so I don't understand. 

I am SO glad this guy is not MY doctor... - Posted By: gmg

I have an ESL that mangles the language so badly and seems to pull lab values out of the air.  I thank heaven everytime I get him that he is not my doctor. 

Just today - Temperature is normal at 201.  Yikes!

Word Board Help Please--Thanks! - Posted By: MRI Brain


Please help - Posted By: on Word Help board

Thank you!! 

Thinking of challenging a class - sm - Posted By: me

I have been in transcription for nearly 20 years but I'm back in school.  One of the classes I can challenge for the nursing program is Medical Terminology.  It has been years and years since I took the class and the credit is too old.  My options are taking it over or challenging.  I would prefer to challenge. 

My question is.......... does anyone know of a website where I can take a FREE practice medical terminology test? 


Wordscribe - Posted By: Teena

I recently got an invitation to work for this transcription company, Wordscribe.  I was wondering if anyone can give me any feedback on the company.   So far, everything I have heard from the owner sounds good.   Any information you can share would be greatly appreciated  :O)

foot pedal with escription - Posted By: Amanda

I am having a problem getting my foot pedal to work with escription V8.  If anyone has any ideas about how to solve this problem, I would greatly appreciate it.  thanks

Medical grammer website - Posted By: Carla

Does anyone know of a grammer website for medical words and uses.


Pedal question - Posted By: Sue

I just got an Infinity pedal for my MTEC course and it is working great. My question is....for my current job I needed to get a pedal to play files from a CD and when I insert the CD it will play these files, but it doesn't start and stop with the pedal. Once the CD starts it will just play the whole thing.

Any suggestions? Should this work?

60 min of dictation - Posted By: ML

How long should it take someone to do about 60 minutes of dictation on average.

Thanks you.

Another fine cherrypicking day. - Posted By: Must be end of payperiod.

Man, would I love to go on all day about this company and the cherrypickers here.  This is totally 100% unbelievable that they let people do this every single day. 

how much do editors make on average - Posted By: esp MQ...PLEASE ANSWER

Per hour?  I'm struggling so bad with hand and arm pain, I will have to quit typing, I have no choice.  I have no other skills, I am in school right now and the pain is incredible.  Please tell me how much you get paid per hour, if it is worth my while to switch or just take on a second job having nothing to do with MT and type less.  If it is under 15 an hour, I cannot afford it, thanks in advance. 

Escription playback question... - Posted By: Bella

When using Escription how do I get the playback to rewind 2-3 seconds when I release the foot pedal?  So when I stop and restart it will replay a few word rather than starting out exactly from where I released the pedal? 


I'm hoping this makes sense.

Does anyone else feel like this today? - Posted By: Tired of being an MT


To Patti - Posted By: MSMT

I want to go out on my own but don't quite know where to begin.  Please e-mail me.  TIA. 

I don't understand these companies.... - Posted By: sm

I am a newbie, have been doing this for a few months.  I work for this company, Sten-Tel.  They only send out QA'd reports every once in a while.  Their QA sucks.  One QA will say this and another will say that and all the time, it looks like you are the one making all the mistakes.  The QA supervisor does nothing but send you the corrected reports in an email and if you email her about something you are questioning, she does nothing about it.  I get an email from her today and all it states is "We need to have you out of editing by July 18.  Please review account specifics and thoroughly check your work before sending to QA."  What does that mean?  I do thoroughly check my work!  I sent her an email asking her to clarify what she is saying.  I mean, am I doing a sucky job or what?  I am confused.  I thought I was doing good.  How am I supposed to know when I don't hear anything from anybody?  Now I feel depressed.  I guess I am going to get fired.  I am not good at anything it seems like.  Are there any good companies to work for?

KEYSTROKES-YOUR OPINION - Posted By: radscriber



Does anybody have the website...(sm) - Posted By: Frazzled

where you can change your address online for multiple magazine subscriptions?  I did this a few years ago and am moving again...cannot for the life of me now find that website. 


Med. coding and billing - Posted By: Maria

Hi, I am currently a transcriber.  (leaving the field because as you all know this field is getting too ridiculous).  I am planning to attend a billing and coding school locally.  I was wondering if the hours vary for coding/billing or are the working hours typical 9-5 or 8-4, etc.    TIA

Barbara Grow expander method - Posted By: Where can I find her dictionaries?

I am in search of Barbara Grow's or Mary Morken's word Expander method and dictionaries.  I googled these and am not finding any place that has them free or for sale.  Do any of you know where to find them?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Craving! - Posted By: sweet tooth

Serving size: 1 cookie
120 calories