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spellchecker - Posted By: sparky

I need to purchase a medical spellchecker.  Which one is the best one to get?

Don't feel too badly MQ folks. Another large SM - Posted By: Flora

company soon to initiate docking for errors. Whether these errors exist or not.  These may be style guide errors.  It seems the latest version of said style guide contains a lot more pages than the original version which was, perhaps 80 pages long.

Yes, I'm quite sure these companies are only concerned about quality transcription and not the bottom line.


Does anyone know--Is Sean Carroll at Webmedx.. - Posted By: Curious

the same Sean Carroll who was CEO of  a company by the name of Transquick out of Atlanta about 10 years ago?  Just curious.

MT with broken wrist-need advice - Posted By: crispycritterMT

I'm a single MT IC.  I broke my wrist 12/31, had surgery and now have a cast.  I worked a few days, but very painful and slow.  Typing with one hand now.  Haven't worked for 8 days.  No work.  No pay.  Anyone else been in this situation?  Did you apply for disability?   

Any suggestions on a good Vacuum at a reasonable price? - Posted By: Thanks

I would love to have a Dyson but they are a little over my budget.  Thanks!

Have you ever bargained for a higher CPL rate.. - Posted By: (sm)

when made an offer by a national or is that a big mistake?  Want the position, but not for as low as they are offering.  Would just like to see if they would be willing to go up based on experience and quality.  Has anyone ever done this and actually had a good result from it?

What is your absolute favorite cake? - Posted By: honeybun cake

If you had to pick just one cake, what would it be?  I love just about any kind of cake, but I have to say honeybun is my all-time favorite.  I think I could eat the whole thing if I tried. 

Any other absolute favorite desserts?  Oatmeal candy has been at the top of my list since childhood.  My mom always made it at Christmas and now I always like to do the same.  Yummy!

How many people run spell check here? sm - Posted By: confuzzed

Am I missing something?  In word, the errors are immediately underlined in red and so I correct as I go or when doing a quick proofread.  Isn't running spell check more time consuming?  Is there any benefit from running spell check opposed to what I am doing?  Thanks.

Making a list of funny MT names such as Al Buterol....SM - Posted By: need a laugh

Al Buterol
Ana Phylaxis
Candy Sartan
Angie O'Tensin

I know there are others...can you help me out?


Overseas jobs? - Posted By: equineluvr

Does anyone have any sources for info on overseas MT jobs?!  I have been Googling but haven't come up with a single MT position in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, or Costa Rica -- only Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Dubai.



Eye strain...(sm) - Posted By: tired peepers

Any ideas on how to reduce eye strain?  I have tried to minimize the glare on my monitor, look around periodically, etc., but my eyes are still killing me after about a half hour.  Not so good when you're looking at working an 8 hour day...

I posted to the message below about St. Simons.nm - Posted By: Kikicat


Instant Text opinions - Posted By: clhmt

I'm considering buying Instant Text, as it looks like a HUGE timesaver. I've been using a text expander, but I'm getting so many entries that it's hard to remember all the abbreviations that are in there. So, I end up typing out many words I have shortcuts for anyway.

I'm asking for opinions on this software from people who use it and love it, and from those who have tried it and hated it. I'm concerned about a big learning curve, or clunky implementation.

Frankly, I've never spent that much money for any software that didn't give a free trial first, and I'm spooked.


UPDATE RE: D&L TYPING SERVICE!!! - Posted By: Unhappy

So, thus far NONE of us transcriptionists, ICs and employees alike, have received pay from D&L.  We have had the PA Labor and Industry Board on their asses - they received over 40 complaints about D&L in a 24-hour period.  The owners are saying now that they are going to have everyone's checks sent by week's end...the COUNTLESS people who had bounced checks from D&L first, the employees second, and us ICs third.  IF ANY OF YOU HAVE SEEN THEIR ADS AND APPLIED, BEWARE!!!  THEY REGULARLY BOUNCE CHECKS, THEY DON'T PAY YOU FOR YOUR WORK, AND THEY LIE AND CHEAT PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR MONEY.  After all the negative messages posted here and elsewhere about this company, if you read this and still go to work for D&L, you deserve to get screwed as badly as you most assuredly will. 

TransTech - Posted By: Wonkers

Anyone know anything about this company. They sure do sound "good". Anyone who can give some insight please post, especially if you are currently with TransTech.

Voice Recognition - Posted By: desertflour

After hearing about it for years, I finally did my first VR work a few days ago.  My fellow MTs, I think we have nothing to fear from this technology.  It will take years, probably a generation, before it is perfected enough to replace us.   I actually found it rather entertaining to edit - it just prints out exactly what it hears phonetically, including the instructions - "Go back up and add...."  

I think they should show some Voc Rec printouts and transcribed reports of the same dictations at all Medical Staff Meetings so  dictators can see just what we do in our job. 

whoever posted awhile back about Tahiti Sweetie -thank you! - Posted By: ER MT

My 18 yo daughter and I went to Bath & Body Works - I bought one for her and one for me - what a treat !  Yum !


HELP!!!  Can anybody tell me how to create macros or easy text in Word 2003?  I need to create macros that will allow me to just fill in the blanks......any help appreciated.

Anyone with experience using ShortKeys expander and - Posted By: Christina RTMT

does anyone know if FlashType is compatible with ChartMatrix?

Depressing reports - Posted By: A little bit sad

Anyone ever get depressed after typing certain reports? I sometimes find that abuse reports on kids will bring me down and I have to get up and do something else for a little while. Does anyone else have this problem sometimes?

Does SR work in same manner at different - Posted By: companies? I mean SM

if I do it with one company, will it be easy transition to do it for another company?


New to MT - Posted By: Sarah

I am looking to become an MT but I have no training or schooling. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do or where to start? Does anywhere hire and just train you on the job? Will anyone give you a starting chance? Any information anyone can give me would be so helpful. Thanks!!!

Docshuttle? - Posted By: NE MT

Can anyone please explain what this is?  Is it just another platform like Emdat or Escription?  Do companies usually provide it or is it something an individual MT has to purchase themselves? 


Claiming.. - Posted By: Sage

Just curious how this works?  If I bought a new computer this last year, do I get to claim all of it on taxes or just a percent of it?  I am an IC. 


anyone ever order from comfort keyboard or - Posted By: ergonomic resource dot com?

I'm waiting for my keyboard now for two weeks, when I was told it would take two days.  I just spent 300 hundred bucks on this thing, i've called several times, there is a tracking number and everything, but no one seems to know where my package is??  Just wondering if anyone has ordered successfully from these people and if I should just be patient.  This is why I do not order on line very much!

help - Posted By: ksm

I see that people are looking at what I wrote but no one is respoding with help. Can someone be kind enough to hel out a person trying to restart in transcription?

How many reports is an average - Posted By: amount to do per day?

I mean hospital work, the basic 4, and not short reports, or overly long. Most are between 5 and 9 minutes, some talking fast, some slow, and some average. Also, no radiology.

If you are a member of the AAMT, how have you benefitted in her career? CMT? SM - Posted By: ShowMeMT

I have been at this for about 15 years and have thought off and on about becoming an AAMT member and about getting my CMT, but always stop short because of the cost and basically the inconvenience of having to find the testing center that seems to be located in some obscure office building I've never even heard of.

However, I have recently started working for a facility that actually encourage their MTs to further their education, to network with one another and share information, and offer pay raises for the CMT credentials.  So, once again I am considering the pros and cons of membership and taking the CMT exam.

Pediatrician - what age to stop - Posted By: desertblossom

I'm typing reports for 20-year-olds who are being hospitalized in Pediatrics and seen by pediatricians.  Some of these patients are already parents themselves.  I don't think I would want my 7-year-old in the same room as a 20-year-old with a baby of her own. 

At any rate, does anyone know the age nowadays when pediatricians sent their pts to adult care providers?  It used to at age 15 or 16, but that was eons ago. 

Thanks!  I'm just curious. 


For those who started a new job before leaving current job - sm - Posted By: greenie

Any pointers on how you did this?  I'm sure the answer is plain as day, but I can't figure it out...do you call in sick on the first day of the new account training and see how it goes?  And if you're not sure after that, and keep working at the new account until you are sure, how do you handle both jobs?  I don't mean to be dense, but this has always been a puzzle to me how you do it.    Any tips?  TIA

Is there truly a way to get your spouse to....sm - Posted By: Worried out of love...

really help out around the house?  I am young, lower 30s, and my husband is too.  He is on disability due to a mental health issue that is totally controlled with medication.  The problem is he does not help out around the house without me begging or getting mad and then it is just the basics.  We are supposed to go to counseling tomorrow, but I feel it is not going to help.  Another issue is he is not clean like he used to be.  He does not make an effort in his appearance, does not get cleaned up hardly ever, etc.  This has impacted my feelings for him a lot and I hate that it has.  Sometimes I feel like I am trapped in a place where I don't want to be.  When we had first gotten together I could not imagine my life without him.  I thought about him all day, couldn't wait to be around him, etc.  Now, it is the same 'ole, same 'ole.  We have only been married 5 years.  We do have a small child and that is the main reason I think I am staying.  I have told him time and time again that this is pushing me away, but still nothing changes.  I bust my butt every day trying to work and even pick up.  I do all of the laundry, do all of the bills, do all of the cooking and most of the cleaning. After all of this, our house is still a disaster area.  I am tired.  But I want that love back - just unsure if I can ever get it back again.  Any advice?

This was a shock to me..... - Posted By: SM

My DH works in public education and some stupid kids have gotten hold of his cell phone number and have made prank calls over the past few months.  They've blocked their number so we can't trace it.  The cell phone company can see the number but won't divulge it due to privacy rights.  Recently they've gotten our home phone number and have called a couple times.  Nothing threatening, just stupid kid prank call stuff.  Our home phone company doesn't record incoming calls, so no luck there either.  Last night I got a very WEIRD phone call late at night which was a text relay call from a computer, much like the TTY calls that the deaf make.  The relay operator just reads what it typed.  This call was vulgar and sexual.  We just hung up.  After a little research I find out that these relay calls are not recorded in any fashion, so you can not find out who made them.  The laws TOTALLY protect the privacy of the caller.  Even the police cannot trace them.  Can you believe that these operators have to relay ANYTHING under the umbrella of privacy, even death threats, not to mention sexual stuff.  I am in shock.  From what a read, it would take an act of congress to stop this.  It just seems like the criminal has all the protections and the victim has nothing.  Upside down world.  Have you ever heard of these relay calls?  I had not.

fluroquinone??? - Posted By: spelling help needed

The patients presentation and findings were briefly discussed with

DR. XXXXX  Our plan is to begin him now on some IV Vancomycin along with a fluroquinone. 

Nurse practitioner - Posted By: stacy72468

Does anyone have a good website to find Nurse Practitioner addresses?



QA score formula - Posted By: mt

Can anyone post formula for figuring QA score.  Thanks!

Rerecording - Posted By: carneyl

I have a client who often challenges accuracy of my transcription.  I would like to rerecord his tapes to digital format for my own backup documentation.  I have tried rerecording directly from transcriber to hand-held digital recorder, but the sound quality is horrible.  I assume I can rerecord directly to computer, but I would appreciate any input as to method, software, etc.  Thanks to all!

Three-tier pay plan? - Posted By: tired

What is a three-tier pay plan starting at 1200 lines/day?  I have only ever been an IC so this is new to me.  Thanks:)

POLL - sm - Posted By: Shorty

Can anyone else not type well if their nails are long?  I have to keep mine trimmed short....anyone else type better like this or does it not matter how long they are?   Just curious if it's just me.   

Everything is okay. - Posted By: Jodi - Starting Over.

I have had him served with a Restraining Order today and he is gone.  I am safe and I don't feel scared.  I actually pity him if he comes back to harm me.  My children are fine and I feel incredible.  Thank you all deeply and sincerely for looking out for me and sending up your prayers.  I don't think I could have had the courage without all of your support.  Thanks again.  I'll keep in touch.  Jodi

MTS Platforms - Posted By: bones

For at home-transcribers, what is a good software platform - Express Scribe, Transcription Gear???  How about ExText - is it available for purchase to ICs?

Before you sign up for Vonage, read this - Posted By: Dial-in MT

I signed up with Vonage a few weeks ago. I have 2 phone lines and signed up both. The verification process was only completed on 1 phone number, but they immediately charged me 49 dollars for both phone numbers. A day or 2 later I received 2 modems in the mail, although 1 modem was supposed to be good for 2 phone lines.


When I called Vonage to cancel service on the number I had not verified, they kept me on the line so long I put my little head on the desk and considered an alcoholic beverage.


While the quality of the service is great - crisp and clear the service does not work with dial-in dictation. The dictation continued to play after I raised my foot from the pedal. Also, if I placed my foot back on the pedal immediately after raising it, the dictation would not play, I had to wait a few seconds.


I was disconnected 3 times while working. I lost work one of the times and therefore lost that money.


When I called to totally cancel service, it was a very long process, but I was told I had to stay on the line to get a verification number or I would not get a refund. It took AGES or so it seemed.


If I had searched mtstars before I signed up, I would not even have called Vonage, as others have noted some of these problems.

Tips 'N Techniques by Cheryl Flanders - Posted By: Jennie

I have Tips 'N Techiques in MS Word 97/2000 by Cheryl Flanders.  Does anyone know if the newest edition 2005 is that much different?  Any good MT websites where I can sell some used books?



Losing account--please help - Posted By: DepressedMT

Hi...I am an IC who has been doing several doctors from a hospital account by way of picking up tapes.   I just found out yesterday that the hospital account I have been doing has decided to have the doctor dictate into their system and have a MT service do those accounts.   Is there any way I can propose to keep those accounts as what would I need to access their system so that I can still ....I need help fast......and just need to know what to do.  Thank  you anyone that can share some insight into this....... 

Docuscribe platform - Posted By: nancy

Can anyone tell me if Docuscribe platform will support dial-up 45 to 56 kbps speed?  Live in remote area without high speed internet service.

Escription users, question. - Posted By: Bella

Anyone using an adapter with their foot pedal?  I got a Belkin adapter to use my footpedal with my laptop.  It has been working pretty well but I am having one problem and wondering if anyone has a solution.

When I stop and try to start again sometimes I hear no sound.  The audio is playing but I'm not hearing it.  A few taps and it works well again.  Not a huge issue, but pretty annoying. 

Anyone have similar problems?  Anyone know how to fix this?



PT - Posted By: Briana

I just started a physical therapy account and I was wondering if there are any sites with sample reports or abbrev lists for PT.  I would like to do a little research before I get started.  TIA! 

s/l zidea, xydia, videa - Posted By: Jean Petree

The patient has bipolar disorder, hypertension, type II diabetes. Have searched Google and my medical word program -- can't make out this drug. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Would anyone be able to tell me how to back up my ESP file (ExText platform) to a CD. - Posted By: sm please

I know they are backed up to the server, but I get really nervous having spent so much time creating them. The hospital I work for tends to run into computer problems all the time, and I just don't want to take any chances. Thank you.

Florida rates - Posted By: Expander

I have been asked to bid a hospital HIM/RIS account in Florida, which is outside my home state. Does anyone have an idea about the Transcriptionist compensation in Florida and/or the rate for transcription work there? I am in the mid West and know there is a difference.


Thanks,   looking for business

How hard is it to get a job? - Posted By: Wendy

I'm considering getting a Medical Transcriptionist Certificate at a local college.  I was wondering how hard it is to get a job after graduating?  I've noticed on the Job Seekers Board that most of the jobs require experience.  Any advice?