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word97 HELP...please - Posted By: Tiffin

I have a form that I need to use for a client and can not get it to set right.  They sent me the form which has their logo down the entire left side.  They want me to start the dictation at approximately 1.75 or 2" from the left and 0.5 from the top.  I opened the document, set the margins and did the "saved as" so I could use it as a template, but when I started typing, it did not wrap around or stop at the margin, but went all the way over to the left side through their log.  I tried moving the tabs things at the top and setting it at the 2" and when I looke at the print preview it looked good, but when I typed, again, it did not do a wrap around, but went all the way to the left margin....HELP...very new to using word97 like this as never really used forms, always had templates given to me...

thank you for any ANY help...



Autotest - Posted By: Shelly

I am using AutoCorrect in word as a text expander. I want to add normal physical examinations in AutoText but I am not sure how to do this. Can someone please tell me how this is done? Thanks in advance!

trouble sleeping - Posted By: Eileen

Anyone have any suggestiongs, except for Tylemol PM or Advil PM.  I am just afraid that these can cause liver problems.  Any other suggestions would be appreciated.



to the person seeking J from RX Transcription - Posted By: JoV

email me. I used to work with J too and I live in the town next to her. I can help you get in touch.

waddels sign or waddel's? - Posted By: just moved/not unpacked yet

Medgarde - Posted By: mh

Have anyone heard of Medgarde before? How are their tests like?  thank you 

Laboratory transcription - Posted By: Lucy

I'm going to have an interview at a hospital after Christmas for a laboratory transcriptionist's position.  I've only done physical therapy, family practice and orthopedics.  Is this easy to pick up?  What resources would I need?  Thanks for any input.

Paid by the word sm - Posted By: MT2

I was recently offered the position of doing IME transcription, but the pay is by the word.  They pay 0.125 per word (5 characters, no spaces).  I have absolutely no idea how this compares to being paid by the line.

Anybody being paid by the word?


What can you tell me about the Scribe platform for transcription? - Posted By: old_MT

I have been offered a position using this platform, but I have had no experience with it.  I use ShortHand as an expander, will it be compatible?  When they load the program on your computer, does it disable the WORD program in any way (I worked for a short time for a company whose platform did do that (unbeknownst to me), which created a world of problems.  Is the program hard to get line counts on?  Any information would be wonderful.  You may reply via email if you rather not post here. 

blue smiley - Posted By: wondering

what do the sad looking blue smiley faces mean beside some of the threads? 

I am so mad!!! - Posted By: Angry

I took a position with a transcription company as a Manager.  When I began it was to oversee the MTs and help with the QA.  At first the owner did not want to introduce me to the staff until the time was right.  I worked for a month behind the scenes, I even went to the home office a couple of times which is across state with a 5 hour commute to learn the system and go over policies and procedures.  Without being able to contact the MTs directly I was very limited in what I could do.  He has me come down to the office today (remember 5 hour commute) to have my replacement "let me go"!!!  Apparently, my age was not going to sit well with the "seasoned MTs" that he employs.  (His words not mine) I have been doing transcription for 10  years and I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management.  He could have told me this over the phone!!! What do you guys think?  Am I overreacting and this is just the business?

CPL - Posted By: Elssa

Do any services out there pay an experienced (20+ years) MT 11 cpl?

Shorthand users: When I need to transcribe in all caps and use my caps lock key my abbreviations.sm - Posted By: zoe

are only lower case.  Is there anyway I can use get my abbreviations to expand in upper case?  The only way I can do it now is by holding down my shift key.  Thanks for any help you can offer.

I bought a desktop and laptop in December. Can I claim on taxes.. - Posted By: Seeking tax help. New to IC..

and is there a limit to how often you purchase computers for your work? A friend thought you could buy one a year and claim it.  I bought the laptop and desktop in December and already hate the laptop, but I hate to purchase another one if I cannot claim it this year. Oh, also if I charged the computers on my Dell account in December but did not start making payments in January 2006 can I still claim for 2005 taxes. Thanks.

Shorthand users - How can I keep headings bolded in PE. I want to make - Posted By: pkmt

a shortcut for parts of the PE and headings need to be bolded.  I cut and copied what I want into SH but when it pulls up they are not bold.  TYIA.

Right Arm Pain - Posted By: Shelly

I just started doing VR a few days ago. I am using the arrow keys a great deal and started having severe pain/achiness in my right arm. I have tried ibuprofen but it doesn't really help. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I am really wondering if I am going to be able to complete my shift today. Thanks in advance!

Visits to MTSTARS...sm - Posted By: Addicted

How many times a day, on average, do you come to this website?  Just curious.

3rd giveaway for Scavenger hunt started. Good luck! - Posted By: Administrator nm


Nonpayment for Services/BBB will not take report...sm - Posted By: paulap

Hi, I would appreciate any help as I do not want this to happen to someone else.

I worked for a short time for a company who did not pay me.  The BBB says they do not help with collection of this type (which I understand), and she said she could not put a complaint against this company.  I tried to tell her that I just do not want it to happen to anyone else.  Before I started with this small company I did check the BBB for complaints of which there were none.  Now I know why.  You can't report nonpayment of services to the BBB (or at least that is what she told me).   She gave me the number for the US Dept of Wage and Hour or something like that.  The lady will be gone until 07/02.  However, I am not sure that this is the right place to report it anyway since I was not an employee.

This lady jerked me around, had me buy equipment (although as she said I could have worked without it), told me I would make 10 cents a line which 2 days before I quit said no it was only 9 cents, and gave me virtually no instructions.   I daily had to beg for work which would arrive whenever she wanted to send it, and she had excuses for everything, i.e., her assistant had surgery, she was sick, she pulled an all-nighter, the doctors needed time to adjust sending it to a different box, etc.

We did not part on good terms, but I do have an email from her stating that she will pay me as soon as possible. 

Has anyone else had something similar happen to them.  To be quite honest I have pretty much given up on actually receiving the money but I don't want it to happen to others.  It is a very small company.  I could take her to small claims but for $300 I would have to drive 2 hours each way to file the claim, drive 2 hours each way to go to court, plus take at least one day off.  It does not seem like it would be worth it.  The BBB suggested a collection agency which I may try.  I probably would only get half, but I would have the satisfaction of knowing she paid the entire amt. 

Any suggestions would be very much appreicated.

Thank you!

long distance plans - Posted By: sharon

I live in NW Ohio and having a difficult time finding a LD carrier that allows for medical transcription.  Anyone have any ideas?

Home Video to computer anyone? - Posted By: tia

Does anyone know anything about transferring home videos to computer?  When I got a digital camera I had to play with the program which came with the camera for a while before I got the hang of it.  I now have a digital video camera and trying to get the video to the computer.  I think I have a program that edits video but it asks me about a source.  All I did so far is plug the camera via USB port to the computer.  Oh, the camera did not come with any special program.  Any ideas.  Thanks.

TEXAS school - Posted By: MTme

Does anybody know of a good MT school in Dallax, TX

Has anyone increased their production with - Posted By: simple change of keyboard?

"high state" - Posted By: Lori

I am wondering what docs are meaning when they say "high state" as I am from Canada.. and the term is not familiar?

example "she is going to school and is planning to transfer to a high state  in January.

IC Taxes?? - Posted By: Vermont MT

I have recently taken a job as an IC, this is my first IC position and I was wondering if any of you wise folks could give me some advise regarding income taxes and such.

In the past I have always used TaxCut or TurboTax for my income taxes.  Is there a similar product for the 'self employed' that is as helpful?  Does anyone have any experience with any of these?

Also, MUST I pre-pay taxes and/or SSI quarterly?  I ALWAYS get all my taxes I pay in back in a refund and my income is essentially the same as my previous employment.


Anyone know where one can get a - Posted By: medical spellchecker download?

Lost mine somewhere out in lalal land.  Thank you in advance.

Thoughts on dangerous abbreviations - Posted By: diddles

You're partly right.  Joint Commission has no jurisdiction over a private office setting; however, this was adopted by Joint after it was first given to the national pharmacy assocition.  When a doctor has his/her nurse phone in a prescription or writes one himself regardless of private office or inpatient setting, s/he better follow these guidelines. 

Having worked in a pharmacy, I understand how critical it is to be able to know EXACTLY what the doctor wants the patient to have presribed.  Pharmacy is going down the same path as MT work.  Notice how many insurers allow for your prescriptions to go to a mail order company who will fill up to three months of your prescriptions at a time.  The first line of defense these companies have (well, really just one anymore as they are becoming the MQ of pharmacies), is to scan the prescription.  If it is not written clearly, a body must contact that physician.  Addtionally these mail order companies allow MDs to relay prescriptions online.  These guidelines better be followed or they will be contacted.

Depending on which division within the mail order pharmacy you work, a tech may fill more than 100 prescriptions an hour.  If ONE of those prescriptions is filled incorrectly, it is reported to the State Board of Pharmacy who requires a monetary penalty be forwarded by the company depending on the error classification.  If there are too many errors in a given month, the pharmacy is shut down, the supervising PHARMACIST receives (typically) a $5000 fine and a one month to five year suspension of practice, all actions of which are published and distributed to all 50 states in a monthly newsletter.

To say this is all AAMT's fault is ludicrous.  To say the doctors are not going to change their ways because they have god complexes is ludicrous.  This happened because too many mistakes were being made through haste, bad handwriting, lack of time to thoughtfully write prescriptions, etc.  This is today's reality.  If you do not adapt, you do not survive.  Just ask a Cro-Magnon.


outside job - Posted By: Typer

I was curious as to opnions. I am negotiating a job at a hospital through an agency. Have a couple of my own accounts.  Was wondering if that would be a good move.  I very rarely see outside transcription jobs anymore and what is a good hourly rate? I have years of experience. 

Dial-up internet - Posted By: X MQ

Does anybody know of companies who will hire those of us who only have dial-up.  We live so far out and cannot get high-speed internet.  Every place I have applied says I cannot use satellite or wireless.  What's the deal?  I was able to get 1000 to 1400 lines without all that.  Now I'm aced out.  I could use some help.

All animal lovers - check this out. Made me cry. - Posted By: txmt


Does anyone know when the Safe ID bill comes up for vote? - Posted By: concerned citizen

(regarding our medical records being sent out of the country).  I have already emailed my senators and am encouraging everyone to do the same.

The Shack - Posted By: spitfire

Has anyone read "The Shack"?  Can't remember the author's name, but for me, this is one of the most interesting books I've ever read.  No, I'm not a religious nut, don't even go to church, however, I am spiritual and this book is amazing.  Any other comments out there?

Is there federal money available - Posted By: to those who have lost their job to offshoring? sm

It occurred to me that it may be something we mention when writing/calling our government. 

I know that when Levi Strauss closed their factory in Roswell, NM, and sent it down to Mexico (thanks, NAFTA), they gave their workers money to retrain in a new profession.

Surely this is something that can be fought for.  We know darned well the MTSO's won't take money out of their own pocket to do this, but there was/is a government program called TAA which is supposed to help people who have lost work as a result of imports.  I think a case can be made for medical records transcribed overseas as qualifying as "imports". 

I found an old document on line at http://www.edd.ca.gov/pdf_pub_ctr/de8714x.pdf which describes that 3 or more workers who have been affected by imports can petition for federal money for assistance and retraining.  There's also JTPA/WIA which established one-stop career centers and I believe being laid off because of work being sent offshore (or just laid off, period) would qualify people for this program.

There's also this article, which I included a part of, that is talking about IT workers for Computer Sciences Corp (my brother happens to work for them and has survived the layoffs) filing suit....

*The department has long held that programmers who've lost jobs to cheaper, foreign workers aren't eligible for the TAA program because their employers, or employer's customers, are not importing a physical good in the same way as, say, steel manufacturers. A number of federal and state lawmakers have introduced bills that would automatically grant eligibility under the act to IT workers and other white collar professionals, but none has become law.

The labor department initially said that although CSC moved production of its Vantage-One insurance software from East Hartford to CSC India, the software was not an imported "article" as defined by the act. In a lawsuit, the workers asked the U.S. Court of International Trade to overturn the department's ruling. In January, trade court judge Nicholas Tsoucalas ordered the department to revisit the case, noting that, "Labor's interpretation of the law, that software code must be embodied on a physical medium to be an article under the Trade Act, is arbitrary and capricious."

In a Federal Register note published April 11, the Labor Department conceded the point and ruled that the four CSC workers would be eligible to apply for TAA assistance. In ruling, the department said it would henceforth look upon software, whether shipped into the U.S. on a disc or transmitted into the country via telecommunications networks, as a physical product.

Software and similar intangible goods that would have been considered articles for the purposes of the Trade Act if embodied in a physical medium will now be considered articles regardless of their method of transfer," the department wrote.*

Something to think about.

Also, I'm pretty sure we've been far OVERestimating how much money offshore people are paid for transcription.  Their companies might get 1 cent a line after it goes through 3 or 4 edits, but I'm pretty sure the person typing the report and mangling the English is paid more like 1/5 cent per line, which is still pretty good money for them.  My math is based on there being 40 rupees to a dollar, and 1/40 of 8 cents per line is 1/5 cent.  There was that article quoted on the company board from Manilla where they were gloating that their workers got $1 to $2 an hour and, if they're required to transcribe 1200 lines a day, that comes to 1/10 cent per line.  But that was back in 2005.

Back to the 1/5 cent.  So if the report goes through 3 or 4 edits, each getting paid their 1/5, then the Indian company keeps the 2 cents per line which is left over and our dear old MTSO here in the States charges the hospital what...11 cents?..pays our US MT 3 or 4 cents to edit.  So, 3 cents/line to the offshore company, 4 cents/line to our US editor, and the MTSO still pockets the 4 cents/line left over?  Why do you think we're seeing 7 cents/line more and more often as the going rate of pay?

Well, just some things to think about - I get my best ideas late, late at night!

Is it common for doc's to change or add more information to their patient's original report af - Posted By: MT

prior?  I am an IC for four doctors, and they are constantly adding or deleting information from their already signed reports.  Is this the norm?  They keep telling me it is because of insurance issues. I was just curious.  Thank you. 

what line rate do you get - Posted By: tm

As an IC what line rate do you get?

What should I charge.... - Posted By: tiredhands

what should I charge for a "transcription" job which does not include tapes BUT does include taking doc's charts and combining them for a single report? Don't know all the work this will take but going for the interview and hoping to set a good hourly price. They agreed to hourly, I just didn't give a price yet. They have TONS of work but don't want to outprice myself. This is an at home job that I found after tons and tons of searching......I have 12 years experience.

Is Goldbird and Busy MT one and the same? - Posted By: Please don't get mad, just wondering.


Question for Rad MTs - Posted By: Curious

I've been an MT for over 20 years; primarily acute care and clinics.  It's been several years since I did any radiology.  I'd really like to "bone up" on radiology terms and familiarize myself again.  Can anyone suggest a good workbook or websites to visit so that I can start studying again.  I have the Stedmans Radiology Word Book but I really want to bookmark websites that Rad MTs find helpful in their day-to-day work.  A friend wants me to help her do some radiology work in about a month.  She primarily does CT, mammograms, MRI.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Keyboard that the letters won't wear off - Posted By: Kathy

Does anyone have a suggestion of a keyboard where the letters don't wear off. Got a new keyboard one month ago and I can hard see the letters. I have tried the flexible keyboard and totally hated it. (I think I have too much acid in my body or that is what I have been told).


Mass affect on brain or mass effect on brain? - Posted By: which is it? (NM)


does anyone know any natural way to replace estrogen? - Posted By: old and dried up

Admin, can we get a blooper board? - Posted By: sm

I think everyone really could use a good laugh these days and now with ASR, MTs can contribute as well as QA. I get some really funny ones but forget to write them down so was thinking it would be neat to have an ongoing blooper board on this site. The comedy board is great; and being an MT site, I think a blooper board would be very appropriate and appreciated.  Thanks for your consideration!

To adminstrators. Love your new format. Could you please back the actual time of the post. - Posted By: I miss that.

Love the little smiley faces that can be added too.  And the print.  Just bring back the time along with the date of post if possible.

anybody have any good PT sites/books?? - Posted By: JanieB

I do a lot of PT reports and some of the exercises dictated are not very clear and spelling is unknown, and having a tough time finding reference material on the web.  I have the Dorland's Orthopedics book and that helps sometimes, but wondered if there were other things out there that other people use?? 

medtech career - Posted By: laura

Hi Everybody,

I'm thinking of changing careers and becoming an m.t, but I have some ?'s...I've been reading and researching MT careers and I'm a little concerned about Voice Recognition Technology. Do you think it will have a serious impact on this industry? Also, what about work going off-shore? Those are my two main concerns. I don't want to invest a lot of time and $$ and not be able to get a job

Salary.com listed the average salary somewhere in the high 30K a year range...does that sound about right?

Last but not least, what program is best? I've been checking into several. I've been corresponding with a very nice lady from medtranscription.com. Does anyone out there know anything about this program? They're not an ahdi approved school, but they do provide actual transcription for you to do, so when you graduate, you actually have bonafide transcription experience. And they've been in business for quite some time. It sounds good to me, but I need some advice from "veterans"

Your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks! Laura

Technical help please...... - Posted By: Zajicek

I work in Word 2003 and am needing to make headers in some of my reports with the following information (page #, patient name, date and report type).  My problem is that the page number stays the same (#2) for all pages and when I go into change it all pages change.  I know there is something with "sections" and all that, but I'm just not getting it to work.  How can I make a header with the numbers to change from page 2 to page 3 and so on?  Thanks for the help guys!

DocShuttle question. - Posted By: New

OK, when a company says you have to have Docshuttle, what exactly is this?  Does this mean you have to buy the $200 or so bytescribe software?  Is it worth it?  Isn't that like paying to work for someone?  Sorry, I'm new to this and find this confusing.  I can understand needing a specific pedal or such, but why certain software to play files? 

Thank you for any advice/insight.

Re QA, has anyone stopped - Posted By: MT****

looking at their edited reports? I simply cannot do it anymore. For 18 years I have been transcribing medical reports, and the more I type the worse QA seems to think I am. It is to the point I cannot bear to look at my reports anymore...it is crazy with tiny little errors and it only makes me sick, literally. Then if I want to take 1/2 hour out of my time I can relisten to all my reports, and 8 out of 10 times it is a 50-50 chance of who is right but of course it is always the editor. I get through the 'grunt' work, piecing together a puzzle from some horrendous dictator, with a 99% completed report, send to QA for 1 blank, and it comes back with 3 or 4 ridiculous noncritical errors which matter nothing to the content of the report, and all because someone was able to 'listen' against my already typed report (aww, that is so hard!) and found 'is' where it is totally questionably there or not, and I am sick of fighting it anymore. I have spent WAY TOO MUCH time worrying about this ridiculous stuff. What I want to know is: Does anyone else not look anymore, and how much can it hurt. There are editors who just want to mark off for something, anything, and make a name for themselves it seems even at the expense of ruining someone's QA score. How about I just stop looking and let a manager fire me one day because my score is down...who cares anymore. I will not even respond to posts with the attitude that we need to provide quality to the customers blah blah blah - hey, if hospitals wanted quality the work would NOT be going overseas to ESL transcriptionists in the very first place, nor would capitation be in place and all the woes that has brought, nor would our personal information be 'out there' floating around so some day it can be breached. That argument is totally lost on me. American MTs get constant abuse from not only the dictators but again also from editors, all the while reports come back from India or elsewhere with never a care or problem from hospitals at their quality or errors...oh it is a big joke all the time how many errors they make but that is okay, that is acceptable for them. For us - look out, you are constantly harassed and repeatedly tormented on a daily basis over this. It is not right, it just is not right.


Needing to make some money..... - Posted By: Is everyone else low on work?

I just started a new job and really like it when I have work but the problem is that I do 2 or 3 reports and then it's gone for 20 or 30 minutes.  I can't make any money doing a report here and there....I've asked for a backup account but they are saying everything is low right now.  What do I do?  I don't want to switch companies again when I just started this one, but my bills aren't waiting simply because I don't have any work.  I didn't get to work Friday or Monday at all.  Yesterday, I finally did my minimum (I want to do a lot more than that) but it took me until 11:00 last night to do it because I had to work here and there all day long..........Just wondering if this is the case for a lot of people.  Guess I just needed to vent.