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What? - Posted By: msbeanctr

FEMA Chief Waited Until After Storm Hit

By TED BRIDIS, Associated Press Writer 45 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - The government's disaster chief waited until hours after Hurricane Katrina had already struck the Gulf Coast before asking his boss to dispatch 1,000

Homeland Security

Homeland Security employees to the region and gave them two days to arrive, according to internal documents.

Michael Brown, director of the

Federal Emergency Management Agency, sought the approval from Homeland Security Secretary Mike Chertoff roughly five hours after Katrina made landfall on Aug. 29. Brown said that among duties of these employees was to "convey a positive image" about the government's response for victims.

Before then, FEMA had positioned smaller rescue and communications teams across the Gulf Coast. But officials acknowledged Tuesday the first department-wide appeal for help came only as the storm raged.

Brown's memo to Chertoff described Katrina as "this near catastrophic event" but otherwise lacked any urgent language. The memo politely ended, "Thank you for your consideration in helping us to meet our responsibilities."

The initial responses of the government and Brown came under escalating criticism as the breadth of destruction and death grew.

President Bush and Congress on Tuesday pledged separate investigations into the federal response to Katrina. "Governments at all levels failed," said Sen. Susan Collins (news, bio, voting record), R-Maine.

Homeland Security spokesman Russ Knocke said Brown had positioned front-line rescue teams and Coast Guard helicopters before the storm. Brown's memo on Aug. 29 aimed to assemble the necessary federal work force to support the rescues, establish communications and coordinate with victims and community groups, Knocke said.

Instead of rescuing people or recovering bodies, these employees would focus on helping victims find the help they needed, he said.

"There will be plenty of time to assess what worked and what didn't work," Knocke said. "Clearly there will be time for blame to be assigned and to learn from some of the successful efforts."

Brown's memo told employees that among their duties, they would be expected to "convey a positive image of disaster operations to government officials, community organizations and the general public."

"FEMA response and recovery operations are a top priority of the department and as we know, one of yours," Brown wrote Chertoff. He proposed sending 1,000 Homeland Security Department employees within 48 hours and 2,000 within seven days.

Knocke said the 48-hour period suggested for the Homeland employees was to ensure they had adequate training. "They were training to help the life-savers," Knocke said.

Employees required a supervisor's approval and at least 24 hours of disaster training in Maryland, Florida or Georgia. "You must be physically able to work in a disaster area without refrigeration for medications and have the ability to work in the outdoors all day," Brown wrote.

The same day Brown wrote Chertoff, Brown also urged local fire and rescue departments outside Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi not to send trucks or emergency workers into disaster areas without an explicit request for help from state or local governments. Brown said it was vital to coordinate fire and rescue efforts.

Sen. Barbara Mikulski (news, bio, voting record), D-Md., said Tuesday that Brown should step down.

After a senators-only briefing by Homeland Security Secretary

Michael Chertoff and other Cabinet members, Sen. Charles E. Schumer (news, bio, voting record) said lawmakers weren't getting their questions answered.

"What people up there want to know, Democrats and Republicans, is what is the challenge ahead, how are you handling that and what did you do wrong in the past," said Schumer, D-N.Y.

Sen. Ted Stevens (news, bio, voting record), R-Alaska, said the administration is "getting a bad rap" for the emergency response. "People have to understand this is a big, big problem."

Meanwhile, the airline industry said the government's request for help evacuating storm victims didn't come until late Thursday afternoon. The president of the Air Transport Association, James May, said the Homeland Security Department called then to ask if the group could participate in an airlift for refugees.


On the Net:

Federal Emergency Management Agency: http://www.fema.gov

Homeland Security Department: http://www.dhs.gov

The memo from FEMA Director Mike Brown to Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff is available at: http://wid.ap.org/documents/dhskatrina.pdf

counting lines by hand - pls help! - Posted By: bon

I type letters all day and need to count actual lines. MS word does not count accurately.  I need just the lines typed (for ex. salutation is 1 line, signature line is 1 line, etc.)  I have been doing this manually, but is a waste of time, as sometimes they are 3-page letters.  I downloaded Flashcount and was hoping that I could use it right in MS Word to count the actual lines of each letter that I type without having to go to another screen, but have not been able to do that. Anyone know if this is possible or of a good program out there where this is possible???  I am not so concerned about making an invoice, just counting each line typed (no matter how many characters on that line) accurately.  Thanks.

medscribe FLORIDA - Posted By: Borgontia

Has anyone worked for them?


need to order a dell with XP. - Posted By: is it better to talk to a person...

or should I be able to just order it on-line?  Any preferences?  Thank you.  Merry Christmas.

medication - Posted By: cj

Anyone ever heard of the intramuscular mega C Penicillin.  this is a pt with HIV

? for Meditech/Citrix users - Posted By: pdqtrans

Okay, aggravation.  Still have dail-up.  Had appt. to have cable hooked up tomorrow morining they just discovered today they don't run cable where I live, which incidentally is only about 3 miles out of the nearest town!

Typing in Meditech via Citrix metaframe.  Due to current with delay from dail up I am typing body of report in Word and pasting into Meditech which has speeded things up a great deal.

I was planning to have satellite hooked up next week.  Before I chunk out that money, I know satellite is very slow with a VPN and that the Citrix metaframe may work similarly. 

Anyone out there working in Meditech via Citrix Metaframe ON SATELLITE without problems.  I read that it can slow it down 50-75%?

Anyone out there deliver newspapers? - Posted By: paper "boy"

Just wondering if I'm the only crazy fool.  My younger son took on a paper route and then lost interest.  I helped him with it for a while.  My older son used to do the same route and it became available again.

I'd been trying to get motivated to walk in the morning and would always turn the alarm off.  When I helped my younger son,  I saw him counting his cash and thought "okay, I walk for an hour every morning and make $85.00  or more a week while I'm doing this."

Only drawback is that it is 7 days a week 364 days a year (no paper at Christmas) and you have to be up at 4:30 a.m. When my older son did the route, he would get over $500 in Christmas tips.

Maybe I'm trying to convince myself to keep it up?  I do know that I feel great and am in much better shape than I was even a few weeks ago.

All you paper "boys" out there get back to me.

Is there any way for the e-mail address to stay - Posted By: permanently in the box on all boards?nm


Line Count Method Question - Posted By: Brandy

Can anyone help me compare two offers that I have? One is 9.5 cents a line for a 65 character line including spaces and the other is 7.5 cents a gross line. I am trying to figure out which would be better. Thank you very much.

Shorthand - Posted By: rand_man

Saw a post from someone who is/was having ShortHand expansion issues - try this:  Open Shorthand, File, Preferences, Operation, set Pause to 0 or 1 - hope this works for you!

Is your company going to BOS III? - Posted By: JS

I received an email today that the company I work for is going to follow the BOS, 3rd edition, when it comes out. I know that there are companies and/or accounts that do not follow the BOS or have specs that are contrary to it. Of those of you that do follow BOS II, how many are switching to the 3rd edition?

Anything to help you focus? - Posted By: Jen

I am very distracted by everything while I work.  I don't think I have ADD.  I hope not anyway.  I just cannot focus for more than 20-30 minutes at a time.  Is there an herb or over-the-counter medication to help you focus?  I have tried Ginko and it seems to help a little.  I just want to be more productive during the day rather than going back and forth to the Internet and taking breaks constantly.  Thanks.

newbie - Posted By: knittngranny

Just wanted to know if there are any services that will hire anyone without experience.  Just completed a course at the local community college and itching to get started.

Is it my imagination? - Posted By: HolidayMT

Please, if any of you out there who are working today (Thanksgiving) would you please validate me, or let me know if I am imagining this:  Working on Thanksgiving is very nice, but it seems that the very worst dictators are the ones covering the holiday!  How about working third shift on the holiday...(moi).  I did 3 reports in 2 hours albeit long, they were some of the worst 2 ESLs I have in my long career ever encountered.  Please, I need a little hand holding, or a shock into reality that this is every day, I am just noticing it now! LOL. Thanks in advance for your comments.


Diskriter - Posted By: info?

Anyone out there working as a hospital employee for Diskriter?  There is an ad on MTJobs for a hospital in Florida.  Any info appreciated.     

IC question..... - Posted By: NoName

I have a couple girls working under me as subcontractors and I am an IC for a few doctor's offices.  I recently lost an account due to the office learning I had another girl working under me.  I was under the impression this was ok to do, but they said it crossed HIPAA guidelines.  I was just curious and wanted some feedback on this.  Thanks

Golden Isles Transcription - sm - Posted By: Looking

Question for anyone who has been with them long enough to form an opinion!  How is work availability and pay scale?  Do they offer vacation time?  If not, do they allow you to take a week off (unpaid) for vacation.  How flexible is scheduling? How are the QA people?  I have checked the archives and cannot find a whole lot.  Maybe a fairly new company? TIA!

What is the charge to the hospital for QA/editing? - Posted By: sm

I have an account that is going to voice recog but the quality is not there. They have asked me to put in a bid to edit or QA their reports. I am thinking 7.5 cpl and paying the Editor 3-4 cpl. Is this competitive?

question about express scribe - Posted By: ld

I use express scribe but now when I download .wav files they are opening in windows media player. Any idea how to fix this? I went into the file types and checked the .wav but when I go back into it, it is not checked.

HELP WITH NEW COMPUTER - Posted By: Questions

I just got a new computer delivered this week and found out now it only has 1 plug in in the back (for monitor), no place for foot pedal. Can I have one installed or ? I ordered from Dell, said I wanted XP on it but also noticing on the top they are only showing Vista, no mention of XP. I guess I would find that out when the person comes over to set it up but gotta find out about that extra plug in. Thanks.

Any advice on finding balance... sm - Posted By: struggling MT mom

with working as an MT, the ebb and flow of the business of IC working from a pool, being a mother of a 10 year-old and a wife.  How do you find the time for a well balanced family and work life?  Finding time to be with your growing children, teaching them values, finding time for your relationship with spouse so that all of your family are happy, working as and MT at home.  I find I work way too long although I am still in the learning phase of my company just starting full time.  I find my daughter is growing up and I barely have time for her or for my husband.  I want to provide a happy home and I want my daughter to learn values.  She is having trouble at school and at home with her attitude. 

Due to finanancial difficulties we had to move in with my mother-in-law and father-in-law and it really is not the best situation but could not be helped.  I am slow as an MT.  I just have a hard time finding a good balance for my family and working.  I wondered how some of you out there do it and are happy with your work life and family life raising children and finding time for a well-balanced relationship with your spouse.   My huband is trying to find a job now working as a cook in a hospital.  He just has to wait for the hiring manager to contact him. 

I appreciate any advice.

What makes ICs tick? - Posted By: Mandi

I have heard the following soooo many times, and I have been very guilty of this in the past myself, namely:

Fear of booting out one client and going after new clients who are professional - ones who are amenable to actually working with an MTSO/IC as a partnership so to speak, realizing that it takes the individual dictator AND the MT to produce an accurate report, and both will mutually benefit in ways too numerous to count?

Why is it that some ICs will continue to work with a client that they know is a gigantic pain in the tush and will never give them heave-ho, no matter how how bad they become and how good the IC is and no matter how many hoops she jumps through versus just going out and getting a new account?

I have had this fear myself, but thankfully, my self-confidence has taken over this fear and my common sense has directed me in the right path, and do not think I'm slamming anyone because I'm not.  I'd just like to know.  What makes us - ICs - tick in this regard?

All replies welcome............................ 

POLL: Is The View better or worse without Star Jones? - Posted By: MT


Short Stay Summary - Posted By: bwood

For those of you who work in acute care, work type does your facility use for short stay summary?   HP or DS?

Looking to buy Instant Text V sm - Posted By: Vicki

I posted this on the classifies, but thought I would post here as well to have a better chance at finding a copy.

I am interested in purchasing a copy of Instant Text V with license that can be transferred to me or where I can register it.





Please see my question on company board -posted on wrong board - Posted By: Don't get it


Express Scribe question--please help. - Posted By: MTG

When you dispatch a dictation with attached transcribed Word file, is it automatically encrypted?  I'm new to Express Scribe.  I read the "help" files, but it didn't say one way or the other.  Thanks!

Hospitals vs. MTSOs - Posted By: cmyu

I am applying at both a hospital for a prn position and with an MT company for part time work. I have the option to work in-house with the hospital, which I may do because I have to drive 25 miles to the city to bring my kids to their preschool anyway.  My question is, what are some of the differences between working for a hospital and working for a company?  (Pros and cons for each)  I have less than 2 years experience, and some of that time was spent doing chiropractic transcription, so I am concerned that I might need more experience or training for the hospital work.  Is it more difficult to work for a hospital?  Thanks in advance for any comments.  

Mobile transcription - Posted By: traveler

I'm a fairly new MT, and my husband and I are going to start living in our RV and traveling around the country moving about every 3 months. Is there anyone out there doing something similar? I'd love to hear from you.

Editing question/poll - Posted By: curious

I am curious about production with editing as I have been offered a position with Focus and am exploring other companies as well.

What is your average lph with transcribing vs. editing and what is the pay for each (if you don't mind sharing)? 

Also, do you have anything to comment on about doing editing - nice change of pace vs. boring, etc., etc. etc.?


help with foot pedal - Posted By: ML

I have gearplayer- serial foot pedal.  I purchased new computer and have only one port for the serial which my monitor is hooked up to.  I now cannot plug my serial foot pedal up since there is no port.  Is there any adapter connector that I can use to go from a serial to a USB so I do not have to buy a new foot pedal.  I thought I read somewhere that this could be done. I would hate to purchase a new foot pedal just because I have port to install.  The foot pedal is only 3 months old when I had to use when I was in school five years ago and have been doing tapes all this time for my local Docs and may now go to a national where I have to use the wave pedal.



All things being equal, do you prefer to work with a C-phone or use WAV files over the internet? sm - Posted By: anon

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.  I have only ever used a c-phone but think I may bet getting ready to use WAV files and foot pedal for an account and am a little anxious!  TIA

pocking from pustular acne - Posted By: Anyone ever hear this? pocking???

What's a C-phone? - Posted By: Looking at Other Jobs

Help.  Just need some education on what a C-phone is, how it works.  Thanks.

report samples - Posted By: newMT

Does anyone know of a web site with surgical report samples and EMG reports?  I've searched google for hours and can only find informartion ABOUT them, not actual reports....

Thanks for ANY help!

Anyone - Posted By: Siren

have unlimited long distance with Verizon?  I was just hired with by a transcription service out of Florida and they require unlimited long distance.  I have Verizon as my phone service and so went with them for unlimited long distance.  I am sure I will be on for a full 8 hours and I am wondering what the cost will be.  I understood it to be $50.00 a month.  TIA

Need new computer, anyone have advice? - Posted By: They said what

Only requirement:  If Vista OS, can't be 64-bit

errors - Posted By: blondie

I have a question.  Ok say I want to go in to my system tools and do a scan to check for errors and if any fix them.  Well I thought this should be in my system tools section.  It was with my old computer.  On this one which is Windows XP it has disk scan cleanup or something like that to get rid of unnecessary files.  Well what about scanning for errors.  I don't see that option.  Maybe I am missing something?

Anyone w/ hypothyroidism...sm - Posted By: Wondering


I've been hypo for about 10 years and have always had a large thyroid gland.  For the past 10 days, I was getting tingling sensations in my face, heads and hands. Finally broke down and went to a doc.  Now, my regular doctor is out of the country, so I went to a doc I am unfamiliar with.  She seemed pretty convinced that the reason for the tingling was the enlargement of my thyroid gland creating pressure on a nerve.

This sounds reasonable, as I had already self-diagnosed (you know how we MTs are about these things!) as some type of nerve issue because it goes away if I lie down for a while, etc. 

Has anyone ever experienced anything similar to this?  Of note, my dose of Levoxyl was cut in half about 3 months ago.  I'm slated to have a thyroid profile done this week.  Thanks for any input!



Important - Telemarketing to Cell Phones - Posted By: Bella


Cell phone numbers going public tomorrow

REMINDER....all cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies tomorrow and you will start to receive sale calls.


To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone:            


It is the National DO NOT CALL list. It will only take a minute of your time
It blocks your number for five (5) years.  You must call from the cell phone number you want to have blocked.  You cannot call from a different phone number.

It take about 20 seconds


can't find prior post answer - Posted By: Tracey

I read a post awhile back about fast dictators and the settings for Express scribe to slow them down without distorting the voice but I can't find it now. Can anyone help?

PayPal question - Posted By: Penny

I have looked on the PayPal website and can't figure out how to do this...don't know where else to ask this question, so perhaps one of you might know the answer.  I have an existing account that I use for PayPal when I win items from E-Bay, but I have recently gotten a job with a small MTSO who actually uses PayPal to pay transcriptionists.  She informed me it doesn't cost anything to utilize this service, but my first check I got charged $10 to transfer it from PayPal account to my bank account.  She tells me you have to set it up differently to get this to work.  I have gone on my PayPal account and read everything I can find but nothing that states how you set this up.  Anyone have a clue?  If so, thanks for sharing.

How do I find out if a local hospital's transcription is done in-house or not? - Posted By: Hospital Transcription

Can someone please give me some advice?  I am trying to find out if one of our local hospitals has in-house transcription or what company they use for their transcription.  I called the MR Dept. and the lady acted like she did not want to tell me anything.  She said some was done in-house but most of it was done electronically and would not elaborate as to what company they used.  How can I go about finding out who does their transcription for them.  I never see any actual job opening in the MR Dept. or for transcription for them, so I am assuming they outsource most to a transcription company.

To ALS: Any luck on your computer problem? (nm) - Posted By: MTMom


Why are so many podiatrists bad dictators? - Posted By: Frustated with feet

Is it because they have to look at ugly feet all day? They talk too fast. They use obscure abbreviations. Do they have inferiority complexes because they work at the bottom of a person? What is it?

anyone used Chronicle as a TASP - Posted By: just curious

Any feedback is appreciated as our hospital is interested in using them for server management.

Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to all...sm - Posted By: Pocahontas

  and I am sure gonna try to not overeat!! 


Which do you prefer, Shortcut or Shorthand (sm) - Posted By: opinions please

I've always used Expanders already built in to program, but making a change and need to purchase an Expander (Word-based platform).  So I don't know much.  Please enlighten me.  Which do you prefer?

Thanks, guys :-)

Anyone ever heard of WebChartMD - Posted By: Terry

Anyone ever heard of WebChartMD

Wireless keyboards and KVM switch question - Posted By: curlersmt

I would like to know if anyone has had a problem using a wireless keyboard with a Belkin KVM switch and Microsoft wireless keyboard. I am trying to connect two computers to one monitor, one keyboard, and mouse and it does not seem to work with the wireless keyboard. I would appreciate any help with this. Thanks.