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Softscript not counting lines correctly - Posted By: DiscouragedMT

Anyone else having this problem.  Trying to get an answer as to why LINES are NOT being counted correctly and not one answer.  The fact that our lines do not show up immediately anymore should have been our first warning.  How can they GET AWAY WITH THIS.  It there anyway a company can PROVE how they are counting lines.  This is totally unfair and they are ripping off their MTs while fat cats sit there and get richer.

Way off subject, but I need opinions... - Posted By: hope this doesn't get deleted...sm

What, in your opinion of course, do you consider being unfaithful to your spouse? I know this is a LOADED question, with many different opinions.

Is it having a full-blown affair (you know what I mean...we are adults here)?

Is it simply talking to/seeing someone without your spouse knowing, but not being intimate? Kissing, talking, becoming emotionally involved?

Do you think one must *go all the way*, to us a teenager's term, before it would be considered an affair?

I really need some help here...I'm going through a very hard time right now and need some support. I don't want to go into my personal details here, but just need opinions...thanks everyone!

Dragon - Posted By: Old Me

Anyone using Dragon? I was thinking about buying a unit for home - you know listen to the dictation and repeat it. My hands need a rest now and then. I had it when it first came out but it was lousy and I wasn't happy with it. Are they any better or is there something else in place of it. Thanks

Sixe of MTSO Market - Posted By: Tom

Does anyone know the size of the MTSO market (how many service providers, how many software co's etc. or a good source for this info?

Orion - Posted By: Dawn

I posted a message in the company boards but did not get any reponse.  Has anyone worked for this company?  I got an offer and just would like feedback on the company itself, good or bad?  TIA

Mary Morken expander system - Posted By: Where can I find this?

I need to make at least $150 a day every day.  Where can I find a Mary Morken's method?


quick help on word board, please! nm - Posted By: thanks

When testing, do they expect you to know names, places.. - Posted By: Dawn R

and spell them correctly, like the names of the patients, hospital names, doctor names?  I'm testing right now, and they didn't supply any names or anything, and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to guess or what. 

I'm used to working for a small company where I didn't even have to test!  This is all new and a little scary and a little overwhelming for me!

MT obsolescence - Posted By: oldie

At the hairdress today I was speaking with a pharmacy tech and told her I was doing MT work.  She then told me that she had heard that the medcal Transcriptionist will be obsolete very shortly, if not already.  I said, hmm I've got work, do you mean because of VR or SR.  She said yes they're all going electronic.  Even in the pharmacy the doctors do their prescriptions that way, however, they never get it completely right and they always have to call them. That's when I said, well then I don't think the transcriptionist is that obsolete.

Are we obsolete??? Anyone??

Any ICs working with microcassettes - Posted By: cz1

Having a problem with one of my docs tapes.  One report will be fine and then the volume gets really loud and muffled sounding....so muffled that it's hard to determine lab values accurately.  He's ready to ditch the microcassette and go digital.  I have no clue what I would need to transcribe digital.  Right now I'm using a Sony microcassette transcribing unit.  Any suggestions ??   Thanks !!

downloading dictation versus telephone - Posted By: rad_mt

ive been transcribing 220-250 lines per hour using the following:  I dial into the telephone system using a Dictaphone to access the dictations and use Persona Client and Telnet software. It is all just straight typing, the dictation is waiting for me as I don't have to download nething.  I get paid by minutes dictated.  For example, if I transcribe 1 hour of dictation it would equal 600 lines.  600 lines at 8 cpl = 48.00.  I'm lookin elsewhere for employment, and I'm worried about the downloading of dictations (which seems most are doing now-a-days) slowing my daily production down.  Does anyone seem to be more/less productive as far as using a telephone to access dictations as opposed to downloading.  Also, is there a big difference between getting paid per 65 character line or by minutes dictated.  TY

Suggestion/Abbreviations - Posted By: Trish O'Neil

I'd like to make a suggestion to MTStars.  There are so many abbreviations used on this web site and I often am unsure what they refer to.  I'd like to suggest that you create a board with the definitions of these abbreviations that we can refer to as we are reading.  I've been in this business for 18+ years and still many of the abbreviations are unfamiliar to me.  I am sometimes able to figure them out, but sometimes I'm just not sure.  I find your newsletter very interesting and helpful and a help tool like this would only add to it.  Thanks for taking the time to consider this.

Burn out - Posted By: NY MT

HOw do you combat burn out from MT. MT is all I can do right now. I do not want to start at the bottom of any job....Maybe a WalMart Greeter for a few days a week would work, but I am not about to go to work in an office where some 20-yo chicky will tell this late 50-yo chicky what to do.....

so how do you deal with burn out?



IC status and 2-week notice - Posted By: cjs

As an IC, do you have to give 2-week notice if you are moving on to another company?

s/l Oseo splint HELP - Posted By: nm


Question: How can someone send me SM - Posted By: Chickadee

a large file (more than 20 MB) over the internet?  They tried to send the file, but their e-mail server wouldn't allow them to send a file this big.  He is probably going to have to burn it to a disk and mail it out to me, but I was wondering if there is a way around this.



Recording files from C-phone to tape??? - Posted By: Tami

Hi, has anyone ever recorded files from a C-phone onto cassette tapes?  I have an account that is accessed via C-phone.  I am going to be going out of town for a couple days and wanted to record some work to take with me.  Can this be done?  I have a Lanier micro-cassette player and a Dictaphone C-phone.  Is there an attachment of some sort that could accomplish this?  Thanks for any help you can offer.


Hubby made dinner tonight, yum! see inside - Posted By: MTbird

Pad Thai with jasmin rice.  Delicious.

Bayscribe problem - Posted By: Cuppa

Has anyone ever gotten an error message when attempting to use the foot pedal to transcribe in Bayscribe that says "Bayscribe Player Digital Transcriber Module has encountered a problem and needs to close. Please tell Microsoft about this problem"? I use Bayscribe for two different agencies; it works perfect with one agencies work and I get this error message when I log in to the other agency's Bayscribe account to download voice files. I've tried reinstalling it and still get the same error message. Help (and Thanks!)

Anyway to fix a sticking foot pedal? SM - Posted By: Looking

It is an IN-USB-1 foot pedal.  It just recently started sticking.  I will press the play button with my foot and sometimes the dictation will just flicker.  Other times, the dictation will keep going.  Even after I released my foot and it just goes on and on and on... I cant stop it..   I would hate to have to spend the money for a new one....  I mean if I have to I have to, but if anyone knows of a way to fix the problem, maybe clean it with something....  then please share your knowlege!!!!  lol.  Thanks guys!!!!

doctors lie - Posted By: what do you think?

What do ya'll think about doctors who lie in their dictation.  I have come across this twice within the year - so I am sure it happens quite often.  Once was my own personal MR - doctor came in and told me I had a coronary spasm but when I got my records there was no mention of a coronary spasm or anything else having to do with coronary - he basically said he didn't know what the problem was - other than my blood pressure was 220/114 - which I had to take my own medicine in the bathroom to get it to come down -


then - a friend of mine had a bariatric procedure and developed a stricture - he then had an egd under conscious sedation (he is 21 years old) and he became combative on the table.  The doctor came into the RR and told us all about how he had been up and down on the table and how he was not able to do a dilation because of this - then when we got his records - the report said that he had used 3 different balloons and dilated the stricture successfully.  However, my friend was not able to keep anything down - so the doctor went in and did the egd again under general - and could not even find the anastamosis site - he was sent to a specialist who did an egd using dye and fluoroscopy.  Another stricture is forming and the specialist is going to place a stent which is not approved for bariatric patients - it is something they place in people who have esophageal cancer which allows them to eat until they die since the cure rate for esophageal cancer is so low.  I wouldn't let them touch me again - but this is a young kid and he doesn't know any better.  I might also add that the anesthesiologist and the nurse that was in the room on the first EGD came to the RR and told us how bad the situation had gotten before the doctor gave up.

long story long - do ya'll think this is common?  can we no longer trust doctors with our lives?  I realize they are scared of malpractice suits - but, as with my friend, we know that the doctor messed up his tissues - and the specialist told us how bad the tissue looked - like it had been "stabbed through with a knife, inflamed and beginning to scar up".  But do you think that they lie in all of their reports where something goes wrong - or that they color the situation so that they come out smelling like a rose?

Congrats to Deidra O. on winning the scrapbooking stuff! - Posted By: Next giveaway running now! See inside for details.

The second Secret Santa giveaway
is a
$20.00 gift certificate courtesy of
Find the Secret Santa post that could
be anywhere on the website and email
to enter.
HINT: This is not the post to enter!

foot pedal differences - Posted By: Dawn

What is the difference between a 9-pin and a USB foot pedal?

Off-topic story about off-shoring - Posted By: with JCPenney

Recently, my father cancelled his JCPenney credit card b/c he was furious that they had outsourced their customer service dept to India. Long story short, he cancelled his credit card & wrote them a letter complaining about the language barrier and told them that if they want to accept American dollars, they should hire American workers.

A few days ago, he received an incorrect billing statement from him. He called the customer service dept and quickly realized he was speaking to an American. The woman on the phone told him that JCP had received so many complaints, that they are closing their India office and bringing the jobs back to America. She said it was b/c of the lay-offs in India is how she got her job.

Sick to death of this! - Posted By: Just me

Now, I'm sure that this has been covered again and again, but I am so upset that I just have to say something!  I am so SICK and TIRED of every single job listing saying, "New graduates need not apply," etc.  It's like a slap in the face...you're not good enough, we just know it, don't even THINK about submitting you resume to us you subhuman.  I have worked at previous jobs in which I was as good after two months of experience as some who had been working there 3 or more years.  (I'm sure everyone has had this feeling.  I'm not trying to insinuate that I'm a genius or anything.)  Why can't anyone just give me a chance?  How do they know that I'm not good enough?!?!?  Meanwhile, I've invested a moderate amount of money and a huge amount of time into this for what???  Anyway, that's my rant.  Thanks for listening and sorry for the negativity.

Whoever posted the link for the Geek site...THANK YOU - Posted By: nwmt

  You don't know how hard it is to shop for my husband!  I've never seen that site before, but I found at least THREE things I could buy him for Christmas!  It's a miracle.



How do you handle no work? - Posted By: Poorer by the minute

I have not had work for most of July.  I am an IC and have been doing this for years.  This is the slowest I have ever been and I'm stressed out.  Luckily, hubby pays the majority of the bills so I am not starving!  I have applied several other places with no luck.  Is this just a summer slow period or what?  How can I keep from going a bit crazy?  I am getting rather depressed.  TIA

needing info on billing/invoice programs - Posted By: Me

Can anyone give me a good program to invest in that would allow me to keep a line count and also provide invoices? Also, is there a recommended HIPAA approved transferring site to transfer files through the net? Thanks a bunch!

Meditech (sm) - Posted By: Anon

I remember someone giving instructions on formatting in Meditech, something to do with the F8 key.  Could you please post that information again, I meant to print those instructions out.  Thanks.

tips for VR editing - Posted By: Jay

Lately I have found it very easy to be distracted while doing VR editing and I have made some silly mistakes. I do not make these type of mistakes when straight typing, but somehow lose my focus easily with editing. Does anyone have any good tips for staying focused while editing? 

asr funny - Posted By: mini haha

There was lots of scar tissue, and the nurse could not be identified. 




Please see message - Posted By: Need help converting voice file

I am using Express Scribe on my laptop and need to convert a dss file into a wav or mp3 file.  Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you!

Question about EMDAT... - Posted By: hate Emdat...sm


I have a question about copying a Word document into Emdat.  Has anyone working on the Emdat platform done this successfully?  I am looking for ways to increase my lines but worried about how a word document will look on the client's end.  Will the margins and formatting be okay since Emdat isn't really a Word program?

thanks for input.  :)


Good secure FTP site.... sm - Posted By: Carol D

I just got overflow work from a local hospital and I am trying to get started as soon as possible.  I have done searches on this site, but wanted to know if anybody could recommended a secure, HIPAA-compliant FTP site that won't charge much as this is my first account and I have almost no start-up cash.  Any information would be helpful to me.  TIA.

Does anyone know if Nursing Homes have MTs? Thanks. - Posted By: nm

Question... - Posted By: RadGuy

If I make $1.35 per report doing radiology, what would be the equivalent line rate? I'm mathmatically challenged. In other words, what if I want the same rate of pay as I have now, what would be an acceptable line rate as I apply with other companies? I've never been paid by lines so its all Greek to me. Any help would be appreciated - I don't know what is good or bad as far as line rates.

Sibling babysitting pay question... - Posted By: Inquiring one

Do you pay older siblings to babysit younger ones?  If so, how much and what are the parameters?   Our 15-year-old currently gets paid $3/hour to watch her little sister when my husband and I are on a date night  (i.e. movie and dinner) but not if we're out of the house doing things like grocery shopping or attending meetings (we're foster parents and have meetings to go to for that to keep our certification up as well as occasional church meetings that take us both away at the same time).    She wants to get paid for when we're at meetings but I told her that these things are things that we're not exactly partying at and thus she shouldn't get paid and it's her contribution to the family.  What do you think?   

What do you think of this? - Posted By: CrispyCritterMT

I was offered an employee job with a hospital, hourly rate with benefits a month ago.  This would entail working in-house for 3-6 months for training and then coming home.  The hospital is 3 hours away so would have to live there temporarily.  I told them upfront I have wireless high speed from Verizon.  No access to cable or DSL.   I sent in all my paperwork a month ago and have yet to hear back from HR concerning what my pay rate will be.  Anyway today, a month later, the transcription manager calls and tells me she doesn't think my wireless will work.  She says they have 2 others who work on wireless and they have all kinds of problems with it going out, etc.  I have had no trouble like that whatsoever and I told her that.  I'm using VPN with it.  I was even going to use eScription on it but decided I didn't want to do VR. 

I can't understand why it took her a month to call me back to tell me this.  Anyway she is going to talk to some other people and will let me know.  This is the same place where I was offered a job in March and then 2 days later told they had a miscommunication and had already offered the job to someone else before they talked to me. 

I don't know.  Its almost like there is something else going on and they just don't want to hire me.    Maybe its because they would have to pay me too much.  Maybe its karma trying to get me not to take this job. 

Anyway would appreciate your feedback.      Thanks!

NEED RECOMMENDATIONS on foot pedal compatible w/Express Scribe (sm) - Posted By: CAMT

I realize they sell them on the Express Scribe website, but I was just wondering if anyone found any that were cheaper, worked well, and were still compatible with Express Scribe. TIA!

Any ideas on a letter to possible clients to get started at home? sm - Posted By: Looking for a nice change....

I am wanting to gain some clients in my hometown to do their transcription.  I was trying to figure out the best way to go about it.  Should I type up a fancy letter telling them a bit about myself, experience, and rate range of what I should charge?  What could I say or do to make it REALLY stand-out?  Any ideas on fees?  I am looking for a monthly charge and I know it depends on the amount of work to be done, picking up, dropping off, use of my paper, etc....PlEASE any and all info wil be helpful! 

Just curious about Transcend - Posted By: and why they do so much hiring

I am not looking for a job but am curious as to why about every month or so you see so MANY jobs listed for them and usually on or about the same date. It looks like about every month or so they clean house.If I were looking for a job, seeing all these postings on the job board would certainly be a red flag for me.

I know you can learn accents - Posted By: Renee

Ever wish you could take your post back after more thought?  I spent alot of time thinking about this topic of ESL/accent/ignorant dictators, and I guess I would like to clarify now.

I understand that if you listen to the same dictator or dialect repeatedly, you learn to understand it, and there are several that I have become quite familiar with.  But, my point was that for the $2.00 +/- per page that I get paid, I choose to listen to someone who is willing to take the time to speak with courtesy and clarity into the microphone.  I understand that at some point I may not have the choice, but while I do, I choose to work for someone who gives what they expect.  They expect clear reports, I expect clear dictation.  And they get paid ALOT more than I do to hold up their end of the bargain.

On the same token, for the hundreds of dollars that I pay out in medical expenses every year, I choose to give that money to someone I can understand and that I am relatively sure understands me, without the language barrier.  I don't want to chance a compromise in care because of a misunderstanding in communication; there are enough other things that can cause a compromise in care.

The medical language is hard enough when everyone is speaking the same language, with all the sound-alike words and similiar words, etc.  I don't want to confuse it even more with any extra variations.  I know it is here to stay, but I want to stay under my rock as long as I can.

Hope I haven't I haven't worsened my "foot-in-mouth" disease, or made anyone else even more upset...

So what is it?? - Posted By: Sunshine05

I am considering getting into MT.  I have decided to train with the Andrews School if I end up going into this profession.  However, now that I have read this message board, I am having serious doubts.  I've read the various reasons why MT sometimes drives you guys crazy, and I can certainly respect that, because every single job in the world has SOME things that are undesirable.  But after reading this message board, "undesirable" doesn't seem to do justice to the way MANY of you are describing this profession.   I have a lot of positive images of how life will be after I graduate from Andrews (assuming I get accepted), but now I am starting to think that this career is akin to torture.  Is it tortuous to sit--presumably with a good posture--all day, every day, for hours upon hours, in the same spot, typing and typing and typing and typing?  Is it tolerable?  I hope so, because I've done a good bit of research on this profession and I am convinced that the Andrews School would be a quality education and that MT is a great field.  Can some of  you give me some direction here?  It's probably not even clear what I'm asking, but if anyone can make any sense of this, I would appreciate the help.  Thanks!

Any tricks on making work more pleasant?? - Posted By: mountain typer

Hey guys:

Does anyone have any ideas or tricks to make work more pleasant??  Been doing this a long (too long) time, and the isolation is getting to me.  Any ideas?

Thanks all.


A question for the QA folks - Posted By: Curious MT

I realize that every company/employer is different and some want verbatim transcribed.  At my company, it's never been specified, and so sometimes I trust my judgement to change things as I see fit, and other times, I flag a questionable item and explain my thought process to QA.  Oftentimes, when I do the latter, QA just leaves the questionable item as dictated, and does not respond directly to me regarding my question, which makes me feel ignored.  This leaves me feeling frustrated and feeling like the report may have returned to the doctor not 100% accurate.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about, but it's not necessarily the best example from a cesarean section note:

Rectus muscles were then separated in the midline and the peritoneum identified, tented up and entered sharply with Metzenbaum scissors.  The perineal incision was then extended superiorly and inferiorly, with good visualization of the bladder.

The bolded word is obviously incorrect and should be peritoneal.  Do you think QA and everyone else concerned would appreciate if I just used my brain and fixed this without taking anyone else's time, or is there a chance that using my judgement and changing it would come back to haunt me if this report were pulled for a QA review and someone saw that I didn't transcribe what was dictated?

I'm not a newbie.  I'm been in the MT field for almost 8 years.

Very excited about the Sopranos coming back - Posted By: tonight!!!!-nm

A test for the doctors - Posted By: Renee

Just once (maybe twice) I would like to dictate something, then have it transcribed by all the doctors that I have a hard time understanding.

In fact, I think that should be a requirement for all new accounts... the doctor has to pass the test, too.

It amazes me how much common sense and common courtesy seems to fly out the window when these doctors get a chance to hear themselves talk and then later see their words in black and white.

Just once....  I'm already imagining the things I would put in that dictation, too.  

Does anyone use MySpace.com? - Posted By: XtremeMT

I'm just starting out but it seems somewhat involved...is it worth the effort? And why do some people have 8,000 "friends" ? Altho I must say my sister has a very elaborate "space" with music and videos - but I just don't know if its worth it. Anyone meet Mr. Right?


My Lanier LX-230 will NOT turn on when I push on/off button .  I tried *99 1 to see which buttons are programmed, and the on/off button did not light up .  Does anyone know what (if there is one) the code is for on/off button for the LX-230.  To check, pls. try *99 then 1 while your LX-230 is off, then push the on/off button once - the code should be displyed...PLEASE reply to me with the code.


Since so many of y'all work in the bedroom, here's a link for you. - Posted By: silly stuff

Adult footy PJs!