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I think horticulture is a fine word. :-)

Posted By: no problem on 2009-03-30
In Reply to: I prefer the Dorothy Parker version - Mythbuster


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Sure you can: You can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think. sm
She came up with this while playing a game in which she was asked to use the word "horticulture" in a sentence.
You cannot type it word for word, just provide a link.
I remember the debate. And of course this is not word for word, I NEVER said...sm
*because I'm not.* This is a LIE that I got tired of arguing with them about then. Unless you are confusing me with an old poster that went under the moniker Demo.
Sambo thinks last word=best word...
yep. Its Fox. Just googled it. word for word. nm



Not one word. One defitinion of a word.
Cult: 1. A system of religious worship or ritual.

Or how about this:

Cult: A system or community of religious worship and ritual.

Or my personal favorite:

Cult: A self-identified group of people who share a narrowly defined interest or perspective.

then you should be fine

This is yet another fine..
reason to stay out of Wal-Mart. If everyone who is so upset about words would put the same amount of energy into confronting Wal-Mart about all their real sins we would all be a lot better off.
It's fine....
I'm probably still upset about Howard Dean being run out of the race way back when... I'm just sick of the whole scene.
Fine: s/m
Then you can sit down for crumpets and tea with all the madmen who hate America for our freedom.  Keep in mind that unless you believe in this radical Islam (2 more words which the drive-by media has completely eradicated) you (including Obama) are an infidel.  A close friend of my husband (mine, too) is from Iran.  He's as active in conservative politics as many of us are.  Gee, I wonder why...
Fine by me........
As far as I'm concerned, the UN definitely has no credibility and never has. It is a joke of an organization and one the U.S. DOES NOT belong in!!! They wouldn't know credibility if it slapped them in the face let alone credibility of a good woman.
no name is fine and not every uses me and
maybe I've missed something but I've never seen anyone sign their messages I. I could be wrong, but I've never seen it.

The reason is your and my viewpoints differ so much. There are too many people switching names on a daily basis and I prefer to just keep it to me. That way people won't think I've gone off the deep end or taking any drugs when you spew your fabrications about O'No.
If that happens, fine. But at least I will have had NOTHING to do with it...
and I can live with that.
Thanks, she's doing fine
have to wait for bx results.  I think no news is good news.  Appreciate the prayers!
That's fine with me
it's been needing some livening up anyways! :)
Thanks. I will be fine
I could see it coming for the past few months and had cut my hours back. Also, I have always had 1 or 2 other jobs just to protect myself.

I had sent out some resumes over the past few months because I had a bad feeling about the hospital, and actually started a new job the day after I got the bad news. The money is not as good, but it is better than not getting paid at all!
Everything is not fine in our country

... but I will put my flag up on the 4th of July. 

I find it so sad that our country is so very divided and the ugliness and meaness has come out of everyone's mouths.

It seems that some of it is the religious versus the nonreligious, the gay and the hetero, our way or no way..

no matter who is president, we are all equal and should all be treated wiht respect.




Yes, they are very fine words..
 written by some very fine minds. Ghandi says much the same. I think I'll stick with the great minds. Cat bites and scratches dangerous ?...sometimes...people who mistreat animals or wish them harm dangerous ?...always. 
Those are really fine words.
However, if the cat is harming human life, and everyone knows how toxic a cat scratch or bite can be, and the owner refuses to maintain her animal, what is the solution?  Maybe a new home. 
That's fine if you want to be told
you aren't worthy of an MRI, right? Because it's too expensive?
Oh I don't know, you are doing a heck of a fine job...
passing off insult as intelligence. You have it down to a fine art. Verrryyy impressive. "Certainly the issues seem to be a big taboo." Well I suppose so...since I have asked you a very simple question repeatedly and you can't seem to stop with the insults long enough to answer it....lol.

As to plagiarizing...rather than do that, you just post under different monikers...to support your own argument I guess? Ahem. Ego need a little stroking there?

Hope you find some of that substantive conversation. Heaven only knows who would sit through a 20-minute dissertation hoping that at some time a point would emerge or just one little question would be answered. Good luck!
that's all well and fine, but today's
world never sees any racism as funny, so given the serious nature of this particular board, humor just did not come on the radar.
Sure she was fine with you until she wised up
and brings up talking points that represent concerns of the democratic party. Nothing wrong with considering all sides to a story.
She will handle herself just fine....
better than O, at the very least as well. And she is the #2 person...not the #1. We elect him, we get him day 1, and all the experience (limited though it is) is #2 on your ticket.
Just fine isn't good enough. nm
You have your opinion, and that is fine....
I have mine.
No need to ridicule. If you don't believe, fine....
but no need to ridicule. If a rabbit's foot was lucky it would still be on the rabbit...?
not to put too fine a point on it, but
It was because gas was too expensive this summer, so people just skipped the soda at the gas station. (that is actually the truth).
We're actually fine, thanks for asking...
we are pretty good at managing our finances; we were also taught at a young age to save our money, to not put it all in the stock market, plus we are debt free but the house. Should something happen to our jobs, we have a year's living expenses put away for that. The media would have you believe everyone is living hand to mouth, has lost all their money in the stock market, and are one step from declaring bankruptcy or being homeless, and that just isn't the case.
She seemed just fine. Comedy might be a
Another fine example of the "pot" again
Fine. Then you should understand it when I say....
Obama will get my respect when he earns it. Just as I would expectg if McCain had won he would have had to earn your respect...and would never have gotten it, right? Can't we just be HONEST about this? lol.
Okay, fine. That is hypocritical
Did you ever think that speaking is fine, but
I'm perfectly fine with that.
Thanks Amanda - you explained it well. I had never heard the term anchor babies. If they are born in the US then that's fine for president.
fine point

you've made there. 


I think it is perfectly fine -
You also have to take into account the differences in what one generation feels is appropriate and what the next generation feels is appropriate.

I can remember when I was younger being told I could not even wear jeans to McDonald's when applying for a job, that I needed to wear a dress. Now, with the new generation, you don't even need your "BEST" jeans on - anything goes.

Going for a business interview? Well, forget the dress and panty hose... wear a pantsuit or a dress with bare legs.

At least Obama still has on a dress shirt and a tie, and I am sure the jacket is there available when it is needed.

I also read that one of the problems is that Obama does not like the cold and he keeps the thermostat turned to an uncomfortable high if you have on a jacket.
The Lake is just fine
It used to be horribly polluted but it is fine now.  My uncle and aunt own a cabin on Middle Bass Island which is right across from Put-In-Bay.  My uncle fishes for Walleye out of the lake all the time.  In fact, I was worried he was one of the idiots caught out on the ice that had to be rescued.  LOL!  Thankfully he was not, but he could have very easily been.  He loves to ice fish.  We used to vacation there every year with my aunt and uncle. 
I think he would handle it just fine...(sm)
However, I don't believe a man should be measured solely based on his ability to fight.  I'll take brains over brawn any day.
That's OK. I'm sure you can put your trust in fine,
Fine, don't answer the question. SM

I am more than happy to vacate this board. I was just waiting for proof of the heinous allegations that were made against Laura Bush, but obviously you don't have any and can't be bothered.  I will not post here again.  It might be nice if you stopped your pot shots on the Conservative board as well. 

agreeing to disagree is fine ...
But it never seems to stop there. I don't own a gun and probably never will. I don't think anyone should, but I do believe it is their right and I would never fight to try to take that away. That is agreeing to disagree.

I believe in a woman's right to chose, you don't. I respect that (that is why it is a choice), but when people starting trying to take that choice away from me, that is not agreeing to disagree, that is telling me what to do, not to do, and that is what I have a problem with.
Fine, put Sarah in his place. She has more
READY TO BE PRESIDENT!! Which is worse??? Geez.
I agree. She will do fine and has MORE credibility
Which would be fine EXCEPT he wants to be president of that same country nm
I thought she did a fine job, And I guess...
the mainstream media just can't help that looking down your nose condescencion when they talk to her. Couric certainly couldn't. And enough with the gotcha questions already. Do you honestly think Joe Biden could answer that question either..."say Joe, give me specific examples of how Barack Obama has done anything about regulating mortgage companies?" Oh, well of course how silly of me, that's easy. There are NONE. And Katie Couric dismissing what McCain did in 2005-2006...like it meant nothing. And I am supposed to find her credible?

Sarah Palin does not need to know how many times Mccain was for or against regulation. What does that have to do with being Vice President? When will that ever come into play?

Palin's answers were good, they were correct, and she is not going to play the gotcha game. I think that puts her above the mud and the mainstream media wallowing in it.

The media in the tank for Obama during the primaries treated Hillary almost as bad....and for the life of me, I cannot understand people who encourage this behavior in the press and even engage it in themselves, and have the supreme arrogance to call it journalism or fact finding...instead of owning up to what it is...looking for Palin's head on a platter and why let a little thing like the truth get in their way?

Yep, I agree...it was pathetic!!
fine sam -- feel superior now? of course
I give up.  You're not worth it.
Fine with me. I'm confident in my party.
How 'bout you?
It opened fine for me...all 451 pages! nm
well that's fine if you live in the city
but like I said, people who live in the country like myself and our neighbors also have livestock to protect. What are they supposed to do when their guns are taken?

We have a single shotgun in the home. It is unloaded. We have no children. Now if we do have children we will have a locked gun cabinet and they will be taught from an early age that guns are not toys. It's called teaching responsibility. You can't just "do away" with all things dangerous in this society. Rules do not apply to crooks and criminals.

Yes, there needs to be legislation on guns. There is no reason for people to own semi automatics and stuff like that. But I believe we have a right to own shotguns, handguns, and rifles (rifles are used for deer hunting and other big game hunting).

Why would you say I need counseling? Just because I believe we have a right to bear arms? (I think some other folks believed that too...)