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So Christians aren't supposed to political? Or we aren't supposed to let our morality, faith

Posted By: Lu on 2009-01-31
In Reply to: That needs to be rejected. (sm) - Just the big bad

our conscience guide us politically?

I'm sorry, that is a separation I cannot make.  My faith and religious convictions are part of the whole person that I am.  I vote my conscience.  I want political leaders who reflect my morality.  I also happen to believe there are many Christians out there like me.  There is no "separation" of church and state for me, which by the way was a concept (nowhere specifically mentioned in the constitution) meant to protect the church from the government more so than the government from the church.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that commercial.  There are condom commercials, "personal" lubricant commercials, and penis and sexual performance enhancing commercials -- why would anyone be offended by a pro-life commercial?  The fact that anyone would be offended is a testament to just how twisted society has become!

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Aren't you supposed to be
working right now for the worst Transcriptionist company in the world, MQ/Cbay? Get back to work and spare us your opinion.
The fundamentalist Christians aren't a very

And I was supposed to know this how exactly?
You assume I know this by what means? Osmosis.  Of course, this is a tragedy.  I have know tragedy.  Again, I ask, what makes you think we cannot relate?   Your gross overreaction is disturbing to the extreme.  How, in fact, does one extend condolences without knowing the circumstances?  And why do you and Carla assume no one else has tragedy?  Who owes who an apology? 
They are supposed to be. nm
And I am supposed to take ....sm
"Just the big bad" to be a reliable source? You are anonymous, why should I trust you? But, I will do a little more checking around and see what I can find.

FWIW, I don't believe I have ever mentioned the LA Times before this prior post as I really do believe that a journalist has the right to not divulge their source. HOWEVER, I do not believe that any politician has the right to squelch potentially incriminating evidence from the public. This, in my opinion, is government getting bigger by the minute.
You are supposed to be an MT
and supposed to know how to spell
So, exactly how is anyone supposed...(sm)

to distinguish you in particular as not being a pub when you use no moniker? 

Well how else was he supposed to

pay for all the spending his administration is doing?  I hope this is the final nail in his coffin so to speak.  Remember when Bush #1 said read my lips...no new taxes and he went back on the promise and wasn't re-elected.  Well....let us hope that the 95% of Americans that he professed to not have ANY kind of taxes raised on them will get p!ssed and we can say goodbye to Mr. Obama in 2012. 

Sorry. This was supposed to be in response to LOL
Someone should actually read an article before saying untrue things about it.  But that doesn't surprise me.  It's in line with the way this administration lies about everything.
Was supposed to say didn't see any
Yes, and I thought they were supposed to be

And these are supposed to be our allies...nm

That's what the troops are supposed to be doing
The key word is *securing.*  It's an extreme exaggeration to say that the U.S. was supporting Hezbollah by making sure a Suni and Shiite combined rally did not get out of hand, but it's par for the course of for the dramaticists known as the mainstream media.  Poor and misleading reporting is what they specialize in.
what in the world is this supposed to mean? nm
Exactly......since when is RICH supposed to be
Whoops...supposed to be a lot
of people and not I lot of people. 
And these are supposed to be grownup
adults, working MTs. I have never in my life (and that be 6+ decades) seen so much hate and bitterness rolled up in someone! I sure hope they don't be transcribing my medical records while in this state of mind!! And, just for the record, I am a registered Democrat, not that I am proud of it, nor that I voted it. These posts, however, have nothing to do with politics, just personal attacks, childish at that.
Well we were supposed to be "privy"
but that didn't happen, remember? Didn't have anytime at all to read those 1200 something pages.
Isn't that the way it's SUPPOSED to work?

Obama outlines the mission to his military leaders, relies upon their input, and, if in his judgment the plan sounds good, he says "okay."

During the last eight years, Bush (who had his "mission" in mind long before 9/11 happened) insisted on invading and occupying Iraq, and every single military leader that advised AGAINST Bush's plan was fired by Bush, right down to Rumsfeld at the very end.   This is NOT how it's supposed to be.  The Bush way was the wrong way, which is one of the reasons people were (still are) so upset with him.

Okay...so all this money is supposed

to help us.  So when does it start?  Where has all that money gone?  So far I've seen nothing but our government take control of more and more things and want to institute more government programs to tell us what we can do with our money.  That is what YOU don't seem to get.  As for the GOP....they are crooks just like the crats.  None of them care unless they are in power and that is all either party wants and that is something that amazingly both pubs and crats don't see  because they are too blinded by their party lines. 

And for the last time....I understand that this didn't just happen during Obama's watch.  In fact, a lot of this crap started way back in ole Bill's administration but all you seem to remember is everything is Bush's fault.  I admit....he had both greedy hands in the cookie jar but if you are going to hold him accountable, you need to look at so many other politicians than just him because a lot of them had their grubby little hands in the cookie jar of greed. 

You have people like Barney Frank who made money off of Freddie and Fannie and him telling us that they were completely sound right before they took a huge nose dive. Then we have Dodd who got money from AIG, got sweetheart loans through them and slipped in the bonuses for AIG for congress to pass.  You have Clinton who pushed for high-risk loans, etc.  There are just so many people who you can point the fingers at here.

As for these bailouts and pork bills that are supposed to help us, how in the dickens are we supposed to pay off this deficit?  The only way is to raise taxes and you can't just do it on the rich because even they can't afford it all.  Obama will raise everyone's taxes....mark my words.  He may want to help others by healthcare, but he is going to cause many more to go under when he gets cap n trade passed like he wants to.  That will hurt so many people.

I'm tired of Obama going to every country and apologizing.  What the heck do we have to apologize to the French for?  It if wasn't for us, they'd be speaking German right now.  I mean.....come on. 

As for the liberals outnumbering the conservatives.......I highly doubt that considering that Fox News ratings are way higher than any liberal media's ratings are. 

And exactly what is this supposed to demonstrate? (sm)

There's a huge difference between a demonstration and the real thing.  Hannity goes in knowing he won't be killed and that the situation is controlled.  However, prisoners of a foreign country who do not speak our language and are already scared don't have that luxury. 

So let me guess....After Hannity does this, he'll turn around and say there can't be anything wrong with it because I'm okay.  What a moron.

Isn't he supposed to be the commander in chief

of the troops?  And his love affair with war is the entire reason they need to be recruited in the first place.

Too bad you think it's just fine and dandy to recruit handicapped people.  Speaks volume about the kind of person you.  The despicable kind that doesn't deserve any further response from me.

Now hurry along and don't forget to kiss King George's ring as you kneel at his feet, worshipping a false god.  What a fool.

The media are supposed to be acting as sm
civil and political watchdogs, not government censors and apologists.
AAMT was supposed to be our voice
in Washington. I finally dropped my membership in disgust at their lack of action. All I saw them do was puff themselves up, making up all sorts of education and standards wish lists that have never been applied to the field which certainly would have helped keep work on shore and our wages more in line with our knowledge and services to the medical community.
Is that supposed to be scarey? We're already there.
Shhhh! That's supposed to be a secret.
Do you know how much it costs, in today's economy, to snooker one billion people?

Their messiah hasn't spent all those millions and millions of dollars on advertising for nothing.

If they know he's a blowhard fluke with a goose egg for experience, how will he win the election?

It's best just to keep them in the dark. Like cattle lining up to have a bolt shoved through their brains.
This Joe the Plumber is supposed to represent

Well this is a quote from Joe the Plumber.

"The media's worried about whether I've paid my taxes, they're worried about any number of silly things that have nothing to do with America," Wurzelbacher told the former Republican presidential hopeful on his show, "Huckabee."

This is what is so funny.  In Joe's eyes "taxes" are silly things.  So, you see he's not worried at all about his taxes being raised IF he were to purchase a company.  He thinks taxes are silly and have nothing to do with America.  So, you don't think we're footing this Joe the Plumber's bill already?????    He can't even pay his own taxes.  How will he ever purchase a company worth more than $250,000.00 with an "outstanding" bill?

It was supposed to be a smiley face
I guess I must have accidently deleted some of it.

When you do a post (not a quick reply) it will give you some smileys at the bottom that you can drag into your post, but if your not careful you can accidentally delete or add a letter into the javascript and it will just put a bunch of crud in there! (Like I did!)

How many Hamas do you supposed they killed
when they bombed the women's dormitory at the University? Explain to me what threat the five Ba'lousheh sisters, ages 17, 14, 8, 4 and 2 and residents of Jabalya refugee camp, posed to Israel? All five were buried today. It is not enough for Israel cripple and starve the refugees with its ongoing strangling blockade of food, supplies and medicine and turn Gaza and he West Bank into one huge armed prison camp. These blood thirsty barbarians will not rest until they have satisfied their appetites with their latest fix of Arab slaughter. After all, it's already been 2 long years since Lebanon....way too long for the more ravenous among them to endure.
Reporters are supposed to ask those questions....
OUR government is supposed to be transparent....the citizens are supposed to run the government, not the other way around....but our society has gotten so far away from knowing what freedom actually feels like and GOd knows they aren't taught true patriotism through history in school, so most citizens don't realze they have every say in what their government does and says, and the reports have every right to ask those questions. If Obama thinks they are irritating, then he is in the wrong position to begin with; answering those questions is his job. He is supposed to be working for us, as so many have forgotten. Of course, Obama is a dictator and has already shown he doesn't want the press around, unless he hand picks them, he doesn't want talk radio around, unless they are Obama lovers, etc.
Either way, Obama was supposed to be CHANGE
Here is what full lips are supposed to look like:

I hope this works - I have never posted a picture before.  This is my daughter right after she had her braces off.  She has the most beautiful full lips. She got them from my mother.  Notice they are not puffy!

I'm assuming that was supposed to be a picture sm

of an angry mob, but I was unable to view it, but I get it!!  That's hilarious.  But I will say the comment about "first they laughed and then they died" will haunt my nightmares -- not so funny.

JTBB, I have to admire your tenacity dealing with these people.  Tell me, what is it like being a pariah?  I know this won't jive with your atheist beliefs, but you know that Jesus was the most famous pariah, so your're in good company!!   LOL

Marriage is supposed to be a sacred union

but unfortunately many see it as a temporary situation.  Some people honestly cannot help their marriages dissolve, however, even if you throw the religion aspect out of it homosexuality doesn't even make sense in Darwin's theory.  Homosexuals would naturally die out, because they aren't procreating.

I've not had children either, but just because I haven't and you haven't doesn't make a case for homosexual marriages.

Was supposed to read 2006 campaign
The way I understand it, he was supposed to tape letterman....
to tape letterman at a certain time, and letterman's people wanted to change it. The time they wanted to change it to was when he was taping with Couric. He can't be two places at one time. Letterman should be happy...he still got to skewer him, this time to his back and not to his face, but he still got to skewer him. It's not like Letterman is not in the tank for Obama...lol
He is not supposed to attend since he's only the President-elect.
This summit is for leaders of the country, not leaders that will be.
Your supposed "friend" who is a lawyer is a farce. nm
I does not matter what Indonesian law says. US law says that NO ONE can involuntarily take away ANY American's citizenship without their consent which can only be given at the age of majority, 21. Tell that to your friend.

On the reverse side, if a couple legally adopts a child from China, at the age of 21 they may decide whether they want to be an American citizen or a Chinese citizen.

Another example is if a pregnant woman from another country gives birth in the US, that child is automatically an American citizen and remains so until 21 when they can legally decide for themselves what country they want to be a citizen of. Get it?

David Rees is a satirist. This is supposed to

Make TOO MUCH? Wasn't 95% of Americans supposed
Yes, he is supposed to justify every move he makes...
He's supposed to be working for us! Everything he does reflects on us and I have to agree with the OP - he's not making a very good impression.

I've said many times before that I wasn't a fan of Bush and I don't necessarily think he made us look very good either, but everyone was all over him to justify what he did all the time, so why all of a sudden is it not okay to expect the same from Obama?
Obama was SUPPOSED to do his own thing? Remember?!
There is no spin, no excuse, no reason. The govt did not do as they were supposed to do.
Scare tactics? If it was supposed to be scary....it wasn't...
it is just odd that the combination of the names worked out that way. Freaky, yes. Scary...not hardly. It it was meant to be scary it was lost on this Independent.
The real story is that this is supposed to be a stimulus package.
I can see from your post how this would help save states money over time, but how would it help stimulate the economy now? It wouldn't and that's why people are so upset.
The real story is that this is supposed to be a stimulus package.
I can see from your post how this would help save states money over time, but how would it help stimulate the economy now? It wouldn't and that's why people are so upset. Even Obama has said that if it doesn't create a job or save a job, it doesn't belong in there.
How much are we supposed to stand for???...government keeps trying to turn to the taxpayer ...sm

to fix all these messes when we are not the ones with the money.  Go to the CEOs, etc with the huge bonuses and golden parachutes, and ALL the money, and have them bail the banks out.  They are the ones who made this mess.  I live in a state that already double taxes me on my vehicles, has one of the highest sales tax rates in the country, and we even have taxes/fees our loved ones have to pay when we DIE~!!@!@ I am so sick of this!  Think I'll quit paying all my taxes and when the IRS comes knocking on my door, I'm gonna hold my hand out on my way out the door on that Bahamas cruise NOT paying taxes paid for, and say oh please bail me out, I can't pay this.  Yeah I'll get bail alright, but not in a good way! 

gee, I thought conservatives were supposed to post on their own board.....proves all you want sm

to do is fight with someone.  What possible reason could you have for being over here?  Obviously you are not creating dialogue or trading ideas....the only reason is to start something and then here come the insults.  Guidelines posted when they started these boards were to post on your own board. 

I do notice that conservatives post more on that board, but instead of discussing opinions and ideas and their reasons for them, all they do is bash the left. 



AWWW....you weren't supposed to tell anyone!! Can't keep a secret worth a dang!!

Totally! Personally, I would "smack" the politicians first, they are supposed to be "publi
Adam lived ,after he produced Seth , for 800 years? What's that supposed to mean?
I am not bashing ANYBODY and ANYTHING, I just only expect the Bible to say the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH and not being a FAIRY TALE.

Isn't it all about creation theory versus evolution theory?
The evolution theory explains in a very believable way all of God's miracles as natural happenings.

Even your answer to my question: 'Whom did Cain marry and produce children with?' takes the explanation and defence from the evolution theory, I quote your explanation:

..' and yes. Cain married and reproduced with one of his sisters. At that time, incest would not have been an issue, as DNA and blood was pure, and the risk of disease and complications or birth defects was zero.'

This is the justification by the evolution theory. What about the creation theory? Brother sleeping with sister?

I want to emphasize that it was YOU who started with the bashing in this your post:

'But it sounds to me like you are just one of those that just wants to bash, with no real search for the truth at all, so thanks for not wasting anymore of my time.
And yeah, Christians can be snippy too, sometimes.'

(BTW, I filled in some commas).

I cannot believe this. It seems that YOU are the intolerant one.
You also believe that somebody can live 8OO years?!?

I am Roman Catholic and I believe in God.