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And that is why the managers and CEOs make big

Posted By: IC on 2007-01-04
In Reply to: No interest in running a business... of ANY kind... been there, done that. - Soon to be food-stamp-bound

$$. You are making a case against yourself. You want more $$, but you don't want the bigger responsibilities. Guess you are opting for the food stamps.

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MT's often make more money than managers too
I agree, the managers make or break you...some are hideous
and it sounds like you had the same one I did, kind of schizophrenic.

I also could not get even 1000 lines/day, either, also had to literally plead for work, with no response.

since leaving, I am right back up to 1200-1400 lines/day with NO problems...

best thing I did was leave.
I heard one time that the CEOs came from
Lernout & Hauspie. Don't know if it's true.
silly wabbit, take a look at the CEOs of the largest
The MT industry IS male- dominated. The ICs and small mom-and-pop MTSOs may still be predominately women, but when the higher echelon of the larger companies are in fact males...well, you just don't come off sounding like you have it all together. Additionally, most of those male-dominated large MTSOs have sunk huge amounts of money in offshore facilities/employees. Our government has made it lucrative NOT to do business in the US.

About this work stoppage thing and organization efforts you advocate, you must not be well read in MT circles on the 'net. There have been some serious people making serious efforts to organize the MT industry and time and time, these efforts fail. The biggest reason for this failure are anonymous message boards like these (no offense to the board owner/administrators) because people don't want to put their name behind what they say, don't want stand up for what they say. There are too many people who simply want to keep their jobs. I DO believe that if the US MTs collectively stopped working for a week, services WILL find alternatives and there will be loss of jobs. Remember the air traffic controllers? Best example I can offer.

I could go on but I got weary from reading your post as I have seen it time and time again, and unless you personally are willing to stand up and organize it, why are you stirring the pot?

Milton's Red Stapler
I suppose if CEOs had their way, we would be eating worms
and be thanking them for paying us the few pennies to afford our tasty worms, lest they give us another cut in pay while increasing their profits...
but I'll bet the CEOs find it funny. After they

checked the CEOs salary of Transcend. See inside.

Maybe if we lowered his salary we wouldn't be paid peanuts.

Salary $265,000.00
Bonus $0.00
Other Annual Compensation $0.00
Long term incentive plan payouts $0.00
Restricted stock awards $0.00
Security underlying options $0.00
All other compensation $0.00
Option awards $ $68,523.00
Non-equity incentive plan compensation $132,500.00
Change in pension value and nonqualified deferred compensation earnings $0.00
Total Compensation $466,023.00

Options Granted

You are correct - also the millions CEOs took off the top for the Katrina supposedly home reimbursem
Well, I don't know I think it is the lobbying. We don't have lobbyists. With employment going up, mortgages defaulting, no one mentions in the news about all the US jobs going overseas causing this. I was so pro Hillary Clinton until I read about her being an advocate of outsourcing jobs and was overseas promoting it, I don't remember what country offhand - that broke my heart. Look back to before this president took office - you didn't hear of outsourcing to other countries or jobs going overseas, maybe I am wrong but if it brings lots of money to companies - they are certainly going to be hiring the lobbyists to keep it going.

I don't know why the new does not report what is happening - they seem to skirt the issue big time. Talk about unemployment and mortgage defaults by not the reason - we are all being replaced overseas. I guess if you can retire with millions of dollars in your pocket from stealing from the American people then it won't matter when the downfall happens to the rest of us.
Same goes for managers
If you kiss a** you can get into a position of power there regardless of whether you have experience, knowledge or even are a newbie. They hire very few people for their power positions who actually know what they are doing for fear of being one-upped by them. That is why so many of them are on their power trips so they can feel important. People with real knowledge and experience usually don't have a need to do that unless they are jerks.
Considering what the managers have
to deal with between the clients and staff, as well as the weekends they have to work and I don't, I don't begrudge them (or anyone else) a spa weekend. It's not as if it's a trip to Tahiti. I would rather work with people who have had some sort of stress management anyway.
but one of our managers
sent out a thoughtful token, probably did it out of her own pocket, would never expect the company to give a dime more than they have to.
there are managers and then sm
there are managers. Some of then ignore all emails from MTs. I just is according to who you get as STM. They are not all created equal and some are incompetent.
A lot of the managers at OSi came from MQ
Must be from QA managers at OSi
consider the source
SPI managers
Ditto to that.  All of the managers seem to be replaced by MQ former managers.  The director of OP is MQ and every time you turn around new MQ manager.  Run run run
How are the managers there?

She is still there now, but I keep getting different account managers. nm
The problem with their QA managers is
in the MT business. One was a former nurse who was absolutely horrible - power trip from hell - unreasonable, mean, nasty, rude.  Now she's been replaced by a some hick who 2 years ago was in an OSI company email  being introduced as ". . . is working towards learning to be an MT well enough that she can work at home without supervision soon. For now she's working in-house."  Too many people in their QA department who have no experience and weezled their way in by kissing a$$ or "knowing someone" who can get them into OSi in a position of power and then WATCH OUT.
Interpro managers
Anyone have experience with Interpro management where they were made to feel stupid, lazy, an inconvenience and almost accused of lying about something demonstrably untrue...trying to figure out if it is me being over sensitive or if they treat everyone this way...need my job, but need respect, too..
Not all managers were transcriptionists.
I know of one manager who used to be in marketing. She is still there now. She is and/or was not very well liked because she was not a transcriptionist. There is no teamwork. I tried teamwork, until the manager put an end to it. They could care less if you get a lunch break as long as the work is done. You only know about your manager and co-workers. You would know nothing about other account managers and their employees. They changed their name because TSI has a bad reputation. They were losing accounts. They laid off people. They can't afford incentives. The insurance premiums are insane.
Put it this way, the managers over the supervisors
are lucky to make that in some companies! That is way over the top, I highly doubt it.
All managers want yes people but OSI is
Which companies allow managers
to work from home, other than MQ, and does not require the manager to type on the accounts? Thanks in advance for your help.
SPi Managers Mtg and Stuff

OldTimer, are you a current SPi employee?  Maybe you are and you have some inside information I don't have, or maybe you are a past employee with a grudge, it's hard to say.  Your information doesn't seem current. I am a current employee.  The managers did have a quarterly account manager's meeting in Nashville.  I don't know who your AM is, but I have a great one and I trust that she discussed with the other AMs with regard to line counts and work availability, etc.  I do know that it is not as you said at all, there is not a condition whereby only a few MTs are trying to do the work for a whole bunch.  There are plenty of MTs who have worked for SPi who are not going anywhere in spite of the fact that things were slow getting back to normal after the holidays.  Things will pick up.  We are all sure of that, this is a big company with new accounts on the horizon. I am not going anywhere, I love my account, my account manager, and will work through the recent changes.  No matter where you go, there is always going to be changes.  You just have to ride them out.


Those new micro-managers -sm
need to justify their full-time salaries (that we wish WE had)  by putting in their daily 2 cents' worth  with daily email (to show management that they are actually doing something) -- by either:  (1) chewing us out about something, real or in their minds (See, boss, I'm on the ball     -- or, conversely,  (2) the condescending email telling us what an awesome group we all are when we get them out of trouble and back into TAT, which we, up to this point, we happy to do.
Account managers
All I can say is GIVE ME A BREAK!   I hear nothing but complaints!
The managers are so out of touch!
They are so counting their money and bonuses they make by overhiring and having great TAT, they completely forget that we are making zero dollars because each of us are battling for each job. How self-centered and ignorant is that? Like a table which shoots its legs out from under itself, the table will soon be unable to stand!
Shall we bet these managers are getting a bonus to do this. I bet so. Wonder how many bonuses they
will get when everyone quits or they lose all the accounts. Do you think these managers ever did transcription. Give me a break.
Ever notice that most of the managers and QA people


Amazing isn't it how most of the managers and QA specialists live in that little area while they have experienced MT's working for them from all over the country that they refuse to promote to these "positions of power".  Yep.

Well they get what they pay for.

Their management is sub-par. They only call themselves managers though all
they do is gossip amongst themselves and stab each other in the back.  They do not manage at all.  They wish they could. They have no clue
Is it true that one of the managers quit over the .....sm
pilot program? Was it the one who posts on here a lot? If you are familiar with the company, you will know whom I'm referring to.
acct supervisor/managers
do you have one or multiple accounts to manage ?? at our company each acct manager has about 2-3 accounts to keep track of, just curious how others do it, i.e. one acct per manager or several per manager
This is one of the managers/owner fishing again - I
Didn't mean to sound harsh, just tired of the game playing they're doing.  They come on here to see how their employees like working for them. 
Anyone have a ballpark salary for managers?
Two years ago I made $51K as an MT, and it is gradually going down because of line scalping. Thanks for your input.
Do the managers take turns being on call 24 hrs a day?
Managers are double dipping
Most companies do not require their managers to type. Most of them are there to make sure YOU are working and TAT can go to h#ll before they would lift a finger to do something about it. In fact at every single company I have worked at least one of the managers was double dipping - working at more than one company at the same time, same hours, etc. for double salary and obviously the other company didn't know about it. That is rampant today.
If you want to be manager somewhere you better be in cahoots with somebody.
Agreed.. I think the managers are getting aware of that now...
I got a memo that said unless you are scheduled, DO NOT WORK. This business is kind of crazy; I have found it is the people that hog all the work on holidays that don't work regular shifts.
Not all the middle managers have everyone's email
I personally thought it was nice of the person to answer the questions people were having.

Don't know why it would bother you; the messages are clearly marked, if it doesn't interest you you can pass it by.
SPI account managers meeting

Well, Well....The account managers are at a conference in Nashville once again...I have heard rumors that some of them are going to fight for the MTs to get paid for headers/footers once again!!!  GOOD LUCK TO THEM!!  The last time they had a big account managers meeting like this (sometime last year) both my account manager and senior account manager left the next week!!!!  Wonder how many they are going to lose this time???   I heard there is plenty of work now, but the problem is there isn't anyone left to type it, so they are trying to work to death the ones that are left...what a mess!!!

actually not MDI, but I suppose there are insensitive managers everywhere! nm
It is per line and managers are all in India
Have any of your company managers or owners (sm)
Have any of your company owners or the managers sent out politically-charged emails company-wide? I was just curious as to whether this is a common thing, since my company owner has sent several out. It's bothersome, to say the least. Work is the one place where I feel I should be completely safe from the political circus.
Talk to your supervisors and managers...
Do your supervisors and managers offer an open door policy for you to bring your frustrations and concerns? If they do (or don't) take those thoughts and bring it to them. If you haven't done so, that is the best place to start to resolve these frustrations. If they don't show any interest in what you have to say, then let them know you are dissatisfied with their replies and let them know you would like to proceed discussing your concerns with their supervisor. Hope it works out for you!
Of course managers can control workflow.
That is their job. The alternative would be to toss everything into one giant pool, and you would get whatever comes next regardless of account or work type. As far as deleting jobs, wouldn't a job deleted from Escription be deleted entirely thus not reaching the client and no being able to charge them for the job? That doesn't make sense at all.
They replaced the offshore managers
still offshore transcription work
Yes, I'm sure the managers have time to sit and post sm
all the time - like they don't have better things to do all day??? You are silly. Just ask your STM instead of being so doubtful.
I've seen a lot of managers come and go, so assuming MTs do too! nm
It is by account. It helps that the owner and managers are
transcriptionists! It is determined before contract.

I asked about this when I started last year, so I know that is the way it is done.

I make great money there.

I know there have been bad posts here, like with any company, but I have had a great experience and plan on staying through my career if they will have me.
I have heard of managers etc who have taken lists of employees
for their company when they left and contacted them announcing that they were with the new company and telling them to write them if they were interested in positions.

It definitely IS unethical but yes it does happen.

Someone who values their name in this industry would not do this. People do not want to work for someone who resorts to underhanded tactics. Too many people do this. Those who care about the business practices of any company or manager would not condone this. Just ask yourself this question, if they would do that, would they hesitate to give out personal information of the MTs who they have done this to? I personally think if they are unethical in one area, they would be in another. I would avoid any company or person that would do this.
Not all managers stay forever with OSI and no ax to grind
I totally agree, the KS leads and KS managers
the negative posters.  Boy the defenses sure are up if this has gone all the way to management and even the owner.  Take a deep breath everyone.  Keystrokes is asked about on this board all of the time.  If something negative is said, then so be it.  Do we not all take any of these posts for what they truly are, which is an opinion.  Some posts may contain facts, but you must be aware that a message board is also full of opinions.  I have seen Transcend bashed on this board, and I had quite a lovely experience with them when I worked for them.  To each his own.  I try to comment in a positive manner when asked, but I do not know all of the facts.  I still would like to be able to post my OPINION.  I do not however feel the need to defend them every chance I get!  My goodness.  We are adults here, but you really could not tell from some of these nasty posts especially the ones claiming to be in a managerial position.