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I left EDiX/Spheris after 8 years there to come to Webmedx. SM

Posted By: ME on 2007-08-18
In Reply to: new Webmedxer - sotiredzzz

I moved over here in 2003 because I knew the recruiter and she told me it was a great place to work. She was right. The benefits are fair, the work plentiful, the bosses fantastic, and the QA staff wonderful. Good luck!

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Left MQ after 10 years for Webmedx, a better place. nm
I left them over 4 years ago. Best thing I ever did. Moved to Webmedx. Quite happy. nm
Spheris, did it used to be EDIX
Spheris/Edix, sm
After working for this company for 6 months and not being able to achieve my normal line count, I started snooping if you will into their computer system and found MT line count and line count (not verbatim but like that). The mt line count was lower than the line count. Sure enough, every report was about 35% lower in that regard. Even a friend of mine saw the same decrease in her line count and we both could not figure it out. I asked my supe about and she said someone would get back to me. Guess what, no one ever did. We both quit.

You are just another victim of that company. Sorry!!!
Spheris Edix side
Notice how you didn't get any responses? That's because there aren't any good things to say about Spheris.
Used to work for Edix - how is Spheris?


Used to work for Edix.  How is Spheris?  Have been out of the field for a few years due to health issues.  Want to hear it all - good and bad.  Thanks,

Hopeful MT

Edix versus Spheris
I worked for Edix a number of years ago, but I never worked for Spheris after Spheris bought out Edix.  Is there anyone who worked for Edix and did not leave when Edix was sold who could tell me what changes were made and if they are worth working for.  I saw some posts below about not being able to make the line count for the day.  Is this a sign that things are not good with Spheris?
when I worked at Edix ... (now spheris) (sm)

when they were trying to get more hospital accounts within a system, they would promise them the moon and assign an absurd number of MT's to my accounts ... so that I got virtually NO work on my regular accounts and had to ask for more accounts -- which became time consuming and more importantly NERVE WRACKING to work on so many relatively new accounts all at once -- again -- some of which I got very little work on .... (very different from really learning one or two accts, adding another -- learning that -- then adding another -- truly I was a wreck -- oh and my line count truly sucked -- so when I saw there was an opening at a local MTSO, I lept ... I was stressed out and making no money ... and I had been on these teaching hospital accounts (my favorite) for over 5 years ... sad)

That's what the message above about accounts up for renewal (as in contracts) meant ... in my case, Edix hoped to get more hospitals in this national chain (most national hospital chains, I think, use more than one service so that if something happens they aren't completely left in a lurch) -- at the time I left probably almost 10 years ago, Edix also had a VERY unstable platform that was down a great deal ... trust me -- it was hell

I can certainly remember Edix and the change to Spheris....
Hi Miss Willy..I certainly remember the Edix days. I LOVED Edix and haven't found a company that truly yet matches what they were and how much they appreciated their MTs. I stayed through the switch, unfortunately, and then left just a little bit later. Spherix really was not the best place to be. Maybe it was because of the changes, but I really disliked it and had to get away. Probably should be grateful that we are both out of there, because they are a global company now.
I have worked for MQ, Spheris back when it was Edix, Transcend and OSI. TransTech is by far the bes
The pay is decent, probably not the highest in the business but not the lowest either. The benefits are good. Pay is always on time. Great bonuses. Great communication and most of all I really like the people and it makes me enjoy being an MT again.
If you made a graph of all the things taken away by Edix/Speris in the last 5 years.....
You would be shocked, although it has been 6 years since it started.....

first charging for errors, about 6 years ago (they stopped that), then insurance changed for the worst, regrading hospitals to their advantage so you would make at least 200. to 300 less a pay period, the list is long, long, long. I can go back 6 years up to 2 years ago when I finally left.
I just left Spheris
I was there for a little over a year and I'm now moving on!

I went on a PRE-APPROVED vacation, only to come home to nasty emails from my supervisor about my not working and messages on my answering machine from someone in employee relations.

I returned the emails, explained that I had been on vacation (which my supe approved the time for), and that I could not call them back because I had lost my voice (which was true).

I got yet more emails, telling me that a phone conference had been scheduled for the very next day.

Again, I replied stating that I could not speak. I was told that if I did not call for the conference, I would be let go due to job abandonment.

Someone, PLEASE tell me when being able to speak became a requirement to be an MT. And when is it job abandonment if you go on an approved vacation?

It's all a bunch of bull there. I was a great employee, worked my scheduled shifts, met production, and had a consistent 99% QA rating.

OH, yeah, the insurance. They asked me to go to the doctor for my voice. I told them that due to the insurance being so poor I couldn't afford to go. ($3000 deductible, no co-pay) I told them that it was just a case of laryngitis and I would be fine in a few days, but of course didn't know when EXACTLY my voice would return.

I wouldn't go back to work for them if they doubled my line rate...and that's saying something.
I just left Spheris
and move to webmedx as well. Seems that is a common theme right now. Spheris needs to get on the ball.
I left Spheris to go to OSI
and it was the best move I ever made. I don't have low self esteem and I'm definitely not desperate for work as I have been offered positions with a number of other companies but chose OSi and I am quite happy there.
I left Spheris because of SR
I worked at Spheris for 3 years and was doing quite well. I left right before my account transitioned to the new platform and SR. I knew I couldn't make any money at SR. I went to a company that does not use SR (smaller company), and love it. If I were you, I'd get out now. The big companies are not the place to be right now.
I left Spheris to go to
OSI 3 years ago and it was the best move I ever made! I would not return to Spheris for any amount of money.
May I ask why you left Webmedx? nm
I left WebMedX Too
They did exactly that.  They hired like crazy and all accounts kept running out of work.  I got so far behind on my bills I was afraid I'd never pull out, but thank goodness, I got a better offer and so far I do feel more secure.  WebMedx has nice people, but they don't keep their word, and they DO OVERHIRE.
may people have left spheris sm
Yes, I worked for them for 9 years and finally had to leave because they cut may pay in half. At least 4 people from my team alone have left, and I suspect many more are leaving. Horrible insurance with sky-high deductables, abusive team leaders, no holiday pay, expectations to work most holidays. I never got a raise in 9 years. Terrible place, they just keep cutting benefits/pay/perks.
I would recommend a PT job. I left Webmedx because
I was having to take money out of savings to pay bills.  Some days I got 4 reports during my 8 hour shift.  I would work my weekends to try and make-up lines and I would work 12-14 hours/day.  I worked they schedule they told me I needed to work.  I was okay with it at first, but then they hired people to work Friday-Monday only and there was not enough work on my weekends to come anywhere close to making up lines.   They didn't tell me when I was hired (or anyone else on the account) that it was just an overflow account.  I figured out my looking at the past reports that they weren't getting all the work.   I stuck it out 4 months, but finally left when it became apparent that they weren't a bit concerned that I wasn't making lines.  I got 2 more accounts and managed to get a few more lines in, but neither account had enough work to make up the difference.  There were always a few accounts that had lots of OT, several of them were difficult accounts.  I even asked to work on one of them and was told I couldn't work on it as a secondary account.   There have been lots of complaints lately about lack of work, although there area always those who saw they have plenty of work.  It doesn't matter if they do if you don't, unless they are going to pay your bills for you.  
I left Spheris in September and glad I did
Went to Webmedx and LOTS of work even over the holidays, better base rate, too.
Left Webmedx and have yet to see computer deposit
Has anyone out there left Webmedx and had their computer deposit returned? I returned the computer on 8/22 and have not heard anything since. All the phone numbers at the Operations Center in PA go straight to voicemail. Any ideas?
Just left after 5 years...

Up until Jan 1, it was fine, although my line rate was low.   They had bonuses that made up for that.  Then came Jan 1.  They took away the bonuses, which halved my income.  They promised a raise in my line rate, but it always got lost or forgotten, until I finally got sick of asking about it and gave up.  Before Jan 1, I ran out of work twice in the entire 5 years I was there.  After Jan 1, I ran out at the very least twice a week. 

If you do decide to work for them, make sure you get the line rate you want up front.  Once you are there, they never give raises.  Even when they promise them to you, it won't show up on your check, someone will have to check on it, and they will never get back to you. 

I left there maybe 3 years ago and
the part you mention about the 'medical lesson' reminded me of an embarrassing episode - I was taken to task because I put peridium instead of Pyridium - was just typing what I heard and meant to go back and fix and missed it on my reread and you would have thought I was in kindergarten the way I was taken to task for it.  I do  QA now myself and I know it was a bad error but give me a break - I'm the type that beats myself up and don't need to do them for me!!
I left for 2 years...
Boy was I happy. Then DH's business slowed down and I had to get a part-time job, figured I might as well get back in MT. Man, was I rusty after 2 years.

Now, I'm really wanting to get out but am afraid of that Rusty period if I decide to get back in.

I think I'm going to just help market my DH's business and maybe try to find a couple of accounts on my own.

I am sooooo miserable doing this. I have worked since this morning and barely got 500 lines. I'm bored and miserable.

I thought about going back to school. My kids are finally in school all day so I do have options now. Jobs are slow around here though, right now. Wonder if I can deal with 'office politics'. Of course it's not like I don't deal with it now, just more of a passive-aggressive-type office politics.

Anyway, going to take something for this borderline migraine!
I was there for 3+ years and still left
Things started going from good to bad.  Like I said it has alot to do with the account you have.  Lost an account that was absolutely the best, but had in-house hospital girls cherry picking there also, proved it and was told that was a HIPAA violation and not to be doing that.  I had just stumbled onto the fact and was in a position to prove it, which I did and had been saying so forever and a day.  We had in-house hospital girls along with the KS girls and cherry-picking going on a daily basis and that is still going on more than one account.  We were told there was nothing that could be done about it. If you want to deal with that crap and be told that I say go for it.  There are not many out there that care to deal with that.  But you will never know until you try it.
not me, left there over 5 years ago. just trying to help out sm
a fellow MT so she does not take a job that will make her unhappy, like it was your business anyway.
I left 2 years ago for same...
they are like this always. A revolving door. They just keep hiring and people keep dropping out for this, but they are always covered. the only ones paid are the recruters.
I left MQ after 11 years too...sm
I made the move about two months ago to KS - and I love it! No more time clock! And REAL PEOPLE to talk to if you have a problem. ALSO, ONE ACCOUNT and all the work I want. I don't know if this will apply to your account, but be sure you dont use ATT long distance for ULD. I did, and had to miss a few days of work while waiting for Charter to come out. (No one at KS told me I couldn't use ATT, but they did tell me they are advising future employees so they won't have the same problem. Other than that, the freedom from being out from under MQ will overwhelm you! Congratulations!

I left the Q after 18 years for TT. I am very
happy here. You are treated like a real person. Work can get a little low at times, but that happens everywhere. I think you will be happy here.
over 2 years ago I left WMX because of $200
a payperiod cut in pay after working on VR there. you mean they are lowering even further? I was there 2 years and when I had started it was the best company around.

boy was I wrong. once that pay cut hit and I started questioning, they turned on me as did a lot of people on this board.

that was at a time former MQ people had almost completely taken over and they sort of turned it into MQ philosophy, in my opinion. attitudes changed, everyone got meaner/nastier, and that wonderful job I had with all the nice people, GONE in a heartbeat. my supervisor got changed and well thank goodness I left when I did.

I feel your pain - there are no jobs out there really. 1 job opening and probably 500 MTs apply. anyone who tells you it is easy or there are jobs is I think in denial. who cares what those people think, we know differently.

we missed the boat on forming some type of (labor) organization. I know 'union' is a bad word and as with anything these days not to be trusted, but we have absolutely no representation or advocacy whatsoever. this is ridiculous, like living in China. ever see how Chinese people work? I saw a documentary and trust me we are not far from it.

you think it will not happen? it will exactly happen. this profession for some reason attracts a lot of sadistic people...too many with really bad attitudes.
I also vote for Webmedx - used to work for the Q, left long ago sm
Have not worked for Transcend or SoftScript so can't judge. I agree with the above poster; pay good, shift diff, PTO, decent bennies. Lots of work. Keep in mind there are two parts of Webmedx - the one on Enterprise platform and ChartMatrix; the ChartMatrix side seems to have more negative reviews.
I left a couple of years ago
From what I heard they still deduct like crazy but maybe they are better now than they used to be.
I was with MQ for 11 years and left last summer.
The changes after 1/1/06 were not to my taste. And from what I can see over on the MQ forum, it hasn't gotten better. I started with TT last October and have really liked it. I've only run out of work a few times, and have had work in my backup. The office staff is wonderful. It was a very good move for me.
IMO is it that bad. I left after 12+ years. As of July 1 no
incentive, replaced with a quarterly bonus that is almost impossible to obtain - also the amount of bonus is subject to how many MTs receive it and how much they decide to pay out for cpl. Also if you like transcribing 8-10 or more different accounts a day then go for it. A good many of us lost our primaries and went to a national pool and some were reporting 25 different accounts in 1 day. Impossible to obtain line count and/or quality. They are now apparently losing many accounts because of the poor quality of dictation.
I left after 7 years, and am much happier,
after MTing for 30+ years, i too dread learning new things. I find the bayscribe platform to be not as perfect as DQS in some respects, but much simpler in others. It was a heck of a lot easier to learn! another big bonus was being able to transfer my Expanders over. but like another poster said, my stress level is 0 now, i am not reduced to complaining all the time and i suggest you go on with your thought to move on. i don't regret it one bit.
I left more than 2 years ago and went to Keystrokes...
I am way happier
I worked for MQ for 12+ years, left in
6/07. Up until 1/07 it was a good place to work. But in 1/07 they started losing accounts and in 6/07 changed the incentive plan to the point I was losing $600 a month, not to mention the inflexibility of schedules, no communication, lack of raises (did not have one in 5 years), etc. I have never once regretted leaving especially after reading the MQ Board. If you just start there and did not go through the changes it might be okay, but if you have a choice to not go there.
I just left there last month after 2 years -
I had been really happy with my job until about last November. I finally even applied for and received unemployment. Not only was my line count down from 20,000 a pay period to sometimes 7000-8000, but that also meant my line rate of pay was down because of their tiered schedule. It did not seem to matter how much I asked or complained about the work and begged for more, there was always an excuse.
I worked there for 2 years and am glad I left
However, I have several friends that still work there, love it and probably will never leave. I personally choose not to work for a company that outsources overseas. Just my opinion though.
Been here about a month, but worked for them 3 years ago and never should have left.
I left the first time cuz DH (now my EX-DH) was less then cooperative to say the least.

I LOVE it here.
Poster said she left there at least 4 years ago. did not say she knew what was going on now.
Well, I left MQ after 8 years last summer to go to Keystrokes (sm)

so I would have to say Keystrokes.  I have plenty of work and love my account and Keystrokes gave me primarily what I asked for as far as what specialty I wanted to type. I work in Meditech but there are other platforms there, it just depends on your account. MedQuist was a great place to work for about the first 7 years.  In January 2006 they introduced what they called the Rewards Plan and after that my work dried up in a hurry and I lost a LOT of money by staying there. But there are still people at MQ who have plenty of work and like it there, the way I felt about it in the old days. Both places have positive qualities but I am happier now at Keystrokes. It also depends on what you are looking for as far as how large of a company you want to work for...MQ is a big national, KS is much smaller and more personalized.  Good Luck!

I was there 12 years, left 3 weeks ago. Many are leaving. (nm)
I left after 14+ years. I loved MQ and my PS until July 1. sm
I left for another company. I started with the new company and also with Instant Text on the same day....threw myself into the fire! I so struggled the first 2 weeks and even questioned both on here. I decided to stick it out, and I have to tell you that I definitely am getting settled and love it. When you see dictator names and report types come up that you actually RECOGNIZE, the feeling is amazing. Even tho I felt that i was struggling, I made a bonus for my first full pay period. The grass..IS GREENER! Good luck
Run, run away. I just left after working for them for 12 years . Go to their forum
and read a little bit.
I just left MQ after 12 years, read their board before
thinking about them.
Read their board. I left after almost 12 years. (nm)
I just left a company after 10 years, making only
I left MQ for KS 2 years ago and love it. They have a lot of rad accounts. sm
I make great money even though I took a report pay cut because there is always work!
left after 6+ years - loooooong wait
on invoices and they are very good at finding deductions and telling you after the fact (that is, when you finally DO get your invoice). Great account (not EMDRAT) but I can't work for free!