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Posted By: sak on 2009-08-26
In Reply to: More work for us - NorCalMT

Transcend as well as other companies will outsource more and more work as they can pay outsource rates of 6 cpl and less. So enjoy it now while you can. YOUR day is coming, I can guarantee it.

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No problem :) No matter how long, it is too long for me - I am broke the day after payday. Kids wi
do that to you!

I know that they have worked very hard to make sure that checks are never late and I can say that in the past two years, I have had one problem (2 days late) and in the past 18 months, they have all been on payday and perfect.

I know that there are a lot of hard feelings in MT in general. I also know firsthand (and I am not mgmt) how hard KS has worked to get things going good.

I would not want to walk in an MTSO's shoes for any amount of money, but that's just me. I like to finish my work for the day, forget about work when not working and get paid on payday. I never want the other things that go with mgmt or owning a company of any kind :)
They definitely rip you off with your line count. Figured this out long ago and quit long ago
What really sucks is that I looked for a LONG, long time -sm
before joining DRC - wanted a highly reputable, not-too-big co. that was LOCAL, and that treated its MTs humanely. I'm very happy with DRC & had planned to stay with them permanently.
Long, long history of not paying...and
similar posts have been made here in the past few months. Everyone thinks they will be different, and then they end up coming back here to warn others that they don't pay.
but those were long, long lines for
most of the reports. You could make more with a 65-character line count.
anyone who has been in the biz long enough should know sm
that summer time is usually slow.  This has been my experience, anyway.  I'm glad I gave MQ a chance, it's worked out wonderfully!
How long ago were you with them?
And how long did you stay with them?  Thx.
well it was certainly not that long ago.
This is just the truth.  I think people should be aware of things that have happened.  She probably won't have any problems, but it does happen. 
How long did it take

after submitting your resume before you heard from them? 

Thanks. May I ask how long ago that was
and possibly why you left, issues with company?
how long have you been there.....
are they going VR?  How long did it take you to get used to the platform and make decent money after training?  Do they doc your pay for mistakes?  How is QA.  How many lines can you do there a day and is the work consistent, i mean really consistent?  Has there been anything that you don't like, if so what?  thank you so much
How long have you been with TH?
Can you give specifics on thier benefits?
How long
have you been working for them? IC or employed?
how long ago was that?
Was it recent or before their personnel adjustments?
How long have you been with them?
been too long for me
it has been months, at least two. i guess i should give up.
that should be not, rather than now. Long day. LOL.
How long have you been there?
How long have you been there? nm
Wow, that's not long at all. nm
You were not there long enough to get (sm)
picked on. Lucky you!! Believe me those people are crazy!!
Not for long....

oh yeh we do if you have been around here long enough
How long did the FBI take for you.
I just want to get working. Thanks
I'm not sure how long it took,

but I started no later than 2 weeks after all my paperwork was signed and sent in.  So I don't know if they finished the background check before I started or not.  About a month later, I got a notice from the DOT notifying me that they checked my driver's license records, but that's the only info I got back.

I also have to agree with several posts above about the comments about being a hospital employee.  I also was hired as an employee of the hospital, and yes, the process is a little more involved, but it was no more involved than when I was hired for an inhouse position at a local hospital.  It is just the hospital's requirements.  Diskriter did pay for everything and I have no indictation whatsoever they they sold my info to telemarketers. 

The pay is average, but I also agree with the poster above that it is offset by the fact that you are working on only one account, plus the benefits are better than any national out there.   I  am making more $$ than in my 15 years of MTing than I ever have (45K+).    

Oh, another plus is that they do pay an hourly wage for downtime (system problems, no work).  This is also a big plus in my opinion.

Good Luck.        


How long have you been there? nm
how long ago was that?
RE: Going On Too Long

I need to find a new IC job.  To make a long story short, I work for a very small local company as an IC (just 3 transcriptionists).  I guess the reason why I stay is because it's so flexible.  I can work in the morning, have the afternoons off and then work again in the late evening when my daughters are asleep.  I have 24 hour TAT.   I'm supposed to be paid on the 1st and 15th of every month.  For the last two months instead of the 1st and 15th, I've been getting my paycheck on the 13th and 28th if I'm lucky.  Right now I'm still waiting for my check from the 1st. 

Again, I know I'm crazy to stay, so you don't have to say it for me,  but this is my first IC job and I'm a little scared to leave. 

I guess what I'm asking is do you know of a good company that hires IC that use lines rather than hours or is flexible with hours so I can try to keep my same schedule?  I know there have been a lot of posts in the past about this, but I was hoping for some recent information from someone who works for a good company.

I'm just so frustrated at this point.

How long ago where you at WMX? sm
Been there 4 years and we have only had 1 male supv during that time, and he is the best MT supervisor I've come across in 20 years as an MT.  
not too long
I applied late one evening to a job they had posted last month. They called me back that morning and the next day offered a position. I have been working for them for 3 weeks now.
We have a long way to go on that...
And it isn't MTs/Editors/or Recruiters specifically, but A LOT of MTSO's hold us back from being completely professional. However, in a different view, a lot of us are housewives, moms, etc. and do this job because it is laid back and sometimes we just simply are NOT in the mood to be professional!! If I wanted a career like that I would have gone to law school, gotten in to advertising, or some other career where you dress in something other than your pajamas with your hair a wreck LOL. There are a lot of ways to look at this career and that makes it different than other careers. Therefore, I doubt you will ever see the level of professionalism you are looking for. Be happy with what you see in these people. Most of these jobs pay no more than working at McDonalds and you certainly do not see professionals in there. That goes back to the MTSOs...pay more and you will have that.

I guess the AAMT think they have that professionalism covered and I agree..they are professionals at making up stuff and making money off it...KUDOS for them; however, it makes them NO different than the majority of the MTSOs. You know, the ones charging rental fees etc. Well if I wanted to do that I would have gone to beauty school spent less money and rented a booth at a salon.
How long?

Can anyone who works for Transtech tell me how long it took to get your test results? I tested last night and I'm wondering how long before I hear from someone at the company.


Thank you! Have you been there long? nm
Well, as long as another MT. sm
Or a couple of MTs continue to do the jobs that are kicked around management does not care.  It makes one feel well if they can get away with it, so can I and I am stupid to continue to take all the hard stuff.
How long does this take? (SM)
Thanks for answering.  How long does this usually take?  I returned everything over 3 weeks ago.
How long?
Sorry, it took so long to respond. I was off yesterday for my anniversary. I have been with DSG since December 2004 and love it! I know that not every company that works for me works for everyone else. I just am very pleased with the communication, work, feedback, and timely/good pay. I would recommend them to everyone to at least try. The gang there has been very helpful to me and very understanding and flexible during a recent health problem that required missing a great deal of work. I had other people in my chemo group who actually lost their jobs due to the missed time and some who were made to feel so uncomfortable that they ended up quitting. So, I really appreciate my job with DSG!! I can only tell you my experience and that I know of several MTs who have been with them as long as I have if not longer and are very happy there! God bless in your search/decision!
SPI -- How long . . . .
How long after testing with SPI until they let me know if I passed or failed?  Just wondering . . . do any of you know?
How long have you been doing this?

How long
have you worked there?
And how long have you been with them?
just curious. you obviously have not been with them long enough to get screwed or else you are probably one of those brown nosers that are so common there. They love liars and thieves, too.
how long they take
to get back after you apply and fill out their questionnaire.
Then it must have been a long while ago. sm
There is a whole separate department that handles the new graduates. The regular QA people do not edit new MTs work unless for some reason their account is complete. Then, I would have to say any work is better than none.
how long have you been at MDI-MD?
Do you need your own computer?  Thanks!
I did that for a long while.
I had 2 part-time positions. Now, my production put me making the same as full-time in each one but I was officially part-time in each company.

This is what I can tell you:

-- You will need to be very disciplined and stick to a very committed schedule for each company - allow yourself adequate breaks from work.

-- You will need to be extremely organized - keep company information, rules, standards, expectations separate.

-- You will need to STOP trying to remember everything! Keep your mind clear and open and utilize your support documents/resources always.

-- When comparing your experience between the 2 companies, make sure you include the whole realm of experience. Don't just compare line rates to line rates, incentive to bonus, etc.

-- Take care of yourself. It can be quite a challenge with 2 different companies. However, for me, it worked great for a long time.

Good luck!

How long at your new job? sm
How long were you at MQ and how long did it take you to get to that lph rate there? Even for the best MTs with loads of experience, there is always going to be an adjustment period at a new job. It took me about a month to really start feeling comfortable with new job. I felt same way, like I should've been at top speed within a week of starting. I was just being impatient and wanting to be my usual productive self, which is understandable but unrealistic. My speed increases daily now and I'm right on par with my usual lph save for a few things I still have to look up now and then as far as specs, etc. You'll get there. :)

I think as long as you pay well.
do not make promises that you can't keep, your company should be okay.  Also, a big  in my book is treating ICs as if they are EMPLOYEES.  I know it rhymes, but there is a difference.  Have a great day! 
How long........sm
I feel it is dependent on the company - i have actually gone from 6 months to actually starting the day a company received my resume and everywhere in between (have worked for several companies)
I'm not - was doing this long before CMT came to be.
In my case they wanted experience and quality work, which a CMT doesn't always guarantee. If you've got years of MT behind you, you've earned the 'common law' version of CMT!
Long, but just had to say it ..sm
I have been doing medical transcription and editing for almost 25 years. I started this type of work back in the hospital using sticky paper on charts. Now I am telling my age. A lot has changed over the years. One thing that has changed - and most definitely for the worst - is the work ethic in our industry. I am actually ashamed of what I see, hear, and read.

I have to say I used to think it amusing to pop on here once in a blue moon and read the comments, help out on the word board, answer a few questions or perhaps even follow a topic of conversation. Nowadays, it is actually almost sickening to read some of the posts, especially on the company board.

Maybe it is from a lack of interaction because the majority of us do work from home now given the advances in technology and the evolving Internet age. One could even say that it is a way to blow off steam and vent our feelings like we normally would around the so-called water cooler at the office or in the lunchroom.

Have you ever noticed that the same posters hop from company to company, never staying very long, and then end up on here complaining about that company (be it a large national, regional or a small MTSO), whining on and on about how unbelievably they were treated, or how unfair the management was, or that the pay was terrible, or they could not meet their line quotas, or some other drama that obviously was not their doing, but the companies. [Insert excessive laughing here]. Maybe it is actually not the company, maybe it is actually the whiner's fault. Maybe you were not doing your job. Maybe that was why management was on you about this or that. They are not there to hold your hand. You are supposed (I emphasize the word supposed) to be a professional at your trade. You knew the line quotas when you took the job, but then when you cannot meet what you have promised, you whine because the work is too hard or it is crappy dictation, or a dozen other excuses. Well, honestly, there is no excuse. You either do your job and do it well, or you no longer have a job. It does not matter if you work in-house at a facility, clinic, or office - or if you work from home doing the same type of work. You either know what you are doing or you do not. And it does not take long to see the cream rise to the top and the rest sink to the bottom.

The same ones, over and over, bash company after company. Rare is it, although a very welcome change when you do find it, a positive note about anything these days. Rather disheartening indeed. I am sure it was not intentional that you neglected to state that you showed up for work when you wanted to, or you were piddling around with other things and did not get your work done, or you have poor time management skills and cannot seem to discipline yourself to work productively from home, or the fact that you fibbed a little about your experience and knowledge of the industry and work at hand just to land the job and now cannot handle what is required. What happens? You either quit the job (most often without notice) or you get fired. Then you come on here and rake the company over the coals. In a semi-management position now, I see both sides of the coin. I have been the one sitting there pounding the keys and still do quite often when someone does not bother to show up for work, or were two hours late because of some lame excuse so I had to stop my job to cover theirs. Just do your job and do it well. That is a simple solution to your woes.

Here is an idea; maybe the administrators of this site should allow the companies to post their experiences with the MTs and editors they have dealt with. Actually provide a list the names of those who lied to get the job, did not work what they had agreed to work, or had QA scores that looked like a monkey typed the report, or quit without notice. Oh that's right, they cannot do that - the whiners would slap them with a lawsuit so fast their heads would spin right off their shoulders.

I have worked for one hospital, two nationals, and two MTSOs throughout my entire career. Some of the posters and whiners on here have worked for more than that in a year! THIS SHOULD TELL YOU SOMETHING!!!!!! WORK ETHIC - IT IS PRETTY MUCH NONEXISTENT IN THIS PROFESSION.

In fact, I was doing some interviewing recently and happened upon a post with a name (that is a rarity in itself) from an MT who was bashing a national company for the way they treated them. Conveniently this same MT neglected to list that company on their resume. In doing a reference check on the candidate, I called the company and confirmed that they did work there and they were fired for not showing up to work consistently. Seems that they were of the impression that because they were an independent contractor, they could work when they wanted to despite their obligation to the company to provide services Monday through Friday, so their contract was terminated for nonperformance. I revisited the posts by the candidate on the boards and they adamantly claimed that they quit because they had taken enough crap from this particular company and advised everyone that they would be fools for working for them. Needless to say, that resume hit my file 13 right quick.

The same ones whine and complain about not making $20 bucks an hour, but honestly, most do not deserve that rate. The ones who do make that earn it by doing their jobs and doing their jobs well. You want to make a set hourly rate - then go back to your local hospital and apply for a job - or were they mean to you too? Maybe you have already burned all of those bridges and have no other option but to work from home. Pitiful.

You want the convenience of working from home, you want to set your own hours, you don't want to work weekends or nights, you want benefits, you want paid vacation, you want holidays off, you want a very high wage - but what are you doing to earn all of these things. Instead of coming here and whining, you should be using that time to build and hone the skills of your craft so that you can demand better wages, better fringe benefits, and better hours.

Some feel that because they have CMT behind their name, that they are in an elite group that can automatically demand higher rates, hours, etc., based on their certification. I will be real honest with you, and I can say this because I am a CMT, that some of the work I edit for co-workers who are CMTs is some of the worst work I have seen come down the pike in quite some time. I have newbies who do a better job and are hungrier to learn and improve at their jobs than some so-called CMTs.

Everyone whines about the MTSOs - they have to offshore their work, they don't pay squat, and a million other complaints. If you don't like them - donít work for them. Plain and simple. But then you are back in two months complaining about the regional and national companies. You complain about them by saying things like I am just a number to them, it is so impersonal, management is terrible, and on and on and on. Give me a break!

I even saw a post while reading before deciding to type this up about the invasiveness of instant messaging and emails. I can understand if excessive emails and IMs were causing problems, but we work remotely. It is a very productive tool if used properly. Would you rather them rack up the expense of calling you when they need something? They can do that, but then you get to forfeit another penny a line to pay for the overhead expense of phone calls. Maybe you donít like the emails or the IMs because they happen to catch you when you are not at your desk doing your job. HmmmmmmÖÖponder that one for a while. If you were working in a hospital and a patient was sitting in the ER waiting on a radiology report for surgery, the supervisor would either ring you on the phone or walk up and tap you on the shoulder to pull the dictation and type the thing. Do you think that disappears just because you are sitting at home in your PJs?

You want companies that pay weekly, you want companies that pay every so many days or on set days, but you want to be an independent contractor. Well it does not work that way on this planet. They might have openings of that sort on Venus or Mars - please check your local listings. If you are an independent contractor, you actually donít have a job. You have a working arrangement to provide a service for a set fee (your line rate or hourly rate or whatever your contract stipulates). You are your own business. If you don't like how the company you are working with does business, then don't do business with them anymore. I mean honestly, if you were to go into a restaurant and received poor service, would you return? Would you go in, sit down, ask for the menu, and then start complaining to anyone who would listen at how much you dislike the service of the restaurant? Be real!! Of course you wouldn't. You just would choose not to return to that restaurant.

It also amuses me when someone complains who is working for an MTSO claims they did not get their paycheck. What paycheck? You don't get a paycheck. You sent the MTSO an invoice. There are usually terms on invoices - what are the terms of payment. Granted most MTSOs setup a payment schedule so that you have a reasonable idea of when you will be receiving payment for your services and most MTSOs pay at least twice a month, but honestly, they can only pay you once a month if they like - again it depends on the terms agreed on by you and the company. But just like any other business, cash flow generally dictates when checks get written to vendors. And you ARE the vendor for that MTSO. You are the management of your own little 'company', but you are not on the payroll. It is just like the electric company - they are your household's vendor. You have a contract with them to provide electric service to your home. They invoice you each month by sending you a bill for service. How often do you pay them? Once a month. You don't pay them every Friday or twice a month on the 15th and the 30th - you send one payment for services billed to you by their invoice a month. You probably donít even pay that bill the same day of every month - now do you. You wait until you have funding available to pay the bill. Right? Plain and simple, if you want a guaranteed check on a guaranteed schedule, then you need to put yourself out of business, and go back to work for a company as an employee.

I even saw a post about unionizing the industry. HA! I grew up in a union family. The majority of MTs do not possess the work ethic and sense of personal responsibility to belong to a union. The union employees worked - and they worked hard - they never gave management any reason to complain about their work, their productiveness, or their anything else. That was their major bargaining chip! Then when the union employees had an issue with management, they had a leg to stand on. The union employees were doing their jobs and doing them well, so they were in a position to demand things like better working conditions, better wages, better benefits, and the like. The medical transcription community does not have enough MTs and editors doing their jobs and doing them well to unionize.

Now do all MTs and editors fit with the above - of course not. There are quite a few of us out there with solid work ethics who are hoping that the industry as a whole will continue to evolve and improve. To those of you who fit this bill, thank you from a fellow worker who takes pride in what we do. Hats off to you. And yes I acknowledge that some companies may have management problems - mine does - but every company goes through that in any industry. Grow up - that is life.

For the rest, I have no sympathy and hope that you find your way back to some other industry because you are giving my industry a bad name. We wonder why our wages are going down instead of up. Why pay top dollar for substandard work and workers. We wonder why our work is being shipped offshore. Want to know why - because it is cost-effective and THEY DONíT WHINE. They do their jobs. Granted - they do not always do it well, but they get it done and they DO NOT WHINE IN THE PROCESS. To businesses, that is the bottom line. Do I agree with it - of course not. But business is business.

Spend more time fixing the problems you whine about instead of chattering on here whining. Maybe they should come up with a new profession for the whiners.

How long have you
been at TT Pam I Yam?
How long did it take them to let you go?
How long ago was this? NM