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Guess our work will eventually go to India now. Going to start looking for another job! (NM)

Posted By: Another MDI-MD on 2009-08-26
In Reply to: I believe I called this one about a month ago - MDI-MDer


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Just dont ever forget the work that goes to India and other countries. I guess they will be doing
weekends etc. I am sure MQ has this all very nicely figured out.
then I am going to aim to work for them eventually
Then I am going to aim to work for them eventually, ASAP. Excellent benes and computer provided, sounds awesome! Thanks for the info. I will be aiming for that.
HealthScribe did not start in India
However,I think they were probably one of, if not the first, ones to offshore to India.
Yep, it will eventually happen; just don't be stupid like I was and train them to do YOUR work.
You will eventually knock yourself out of your job if you allow it. Don't agree to it, don't allow it, and don't train ANYONE not even a backup MT, and most importantly DO NOT edit. Once they get it down, bye bye to you it will be.

Good luck to anyone going through this with Medware. I feel for you as this happened to me in the past as well back when I made real good money and cannot ever make that now.
Guess I better start watching for it. sm
I sent in my papers last Friday.
So sorry, how awful. I guess I better start
pounding the pavement AGAIN! I thought I finally found a good match for me and now this! I would've never known anything was wrong.
I guess India got too expensive.
Glad I quit.
Well by golly I guess I oughta start learnin me some grammer.
TransHealth has some that start the next month after you start work. nm
Ever thought of a home health care aide? Usually paid training and start work right away. Can work
they are eventually going to change everything over to Triton and voice, but all of my accounts are on the same platform now (Extext). The pay is going to be 4 cents....no way near worth it for me. I can type most reports myself just as fast as I can listen to it and edit it so that means to make the same I'd have to be able to double my line rate...don't see that happening.
Much good work going to India. Bad work left
What goes around will come around and eventually your clients
They see that all the other doctors are hardly paying anything per line for it and they'll expect you to adjust your rates accordingly. This is precisely what happened in my area. All the doctors started thinking they should get bargain-basement prices because they could use the threat to send it offshore. So wallow in the green while you have it, at the expense of your offshore workers (and hey, if they're truly so great, why not pay them US rates and really do something really noble to improve their lives?)

You might be helping the economy in third-world countries (they'd starve w/o you?! Get over yourself!) but you are INDEED helping to lower ours here. You can justify and deny that all you want, and frankly, I don't care that you sleep at night. The fact that you are here defending your stance so vehemently tells me you know deep down.

You can also claim there are no good workers here, but you're wrong. We just don't work for MTSOs with your attitude. And guess what? There ARE plenty of doctors that DO care where their work is being done. You might have found a few who don't care (if you truly told them), but that's not par for the course in most places, my dear. Most ESL clients are the most adamant that the work be done here because the US MTs are the only ones who could clean up their grammar!
Do you know if they have plans to eventually sm
start up SR on the DocQScribe accounts?
it will change eventually when the sm
companies get tired of the crap being pounded out in India. Then what will happen is the MTs who have hung in there are the ones who are going to have the jobs. It won't be the entitlement crowd or the whiners.
My 2 cents on whether my pay will be cut eventually
From 1991-97 I worked for a small company that was bought by MQ then (97-98). MQ took a long time to make major changes (except they cut pay for QA by $4 almost immediately from 20 to 16 per hour), and I mean YEARS. I believe this was because they had gobbled up SO many small to midsize companies in a span of 4 to 5 years (the company I was with was the 14th or 15th company they had merged with since 1994). So, as I said, no immediate changes that affected me personally. I had a great transcription supervisor, and actually asked for a raise that year 97-98. I was raised to 10 cpl. Over time, one of the things MQ did was try to standardize all of its companies slowly but surely to all one thing. At first the allowed us to remain SE (you pay some of your taxes)... then IC (you pay all of your taxes)... did away with bonuses that I had had with original company. Years later, you all know MQ forced everyone to become employees, no longer offered IC status, enforced strict scheduling and punching a clock and no overtime at all unless approved. I'm assuming it is still the same, it was when I finally left in 2007. I will say that I did not get a pay cut directly from MQ, but, in essence, received one when they did away with a tiering bonus program.

I took a lateral move at 10 cpl. What amazes me is that this is a great cpl for here and now, but the reality is is that I have been making the same amount since 1997. Twelve years with no raise, no cost of living, and prices of everything including my health insurance (individual policy) have shot through the roof. And to be faced with the choice MDI made for its MTs - to have to negotiate and possibly lose a pay rate I have been making for twelve years - to go down even more? Or be forced to VR to take even less? and my options, because of the upside-down-ness of this industry is to find another job for 8 cpl?

What is wrong with this picture? My guess would be greedy CEOs telling us that it VR and offshoring cutting our pay not them. Everyone from the CEOS who say we are family to AAMT has not advocated for us, for keeping work here - because of the bottom line, money. If the CEOs, if D were TRULY struggling and about to lose her house, barely making payroll, changing their eating habits and lifestyle to make ends meet - then I might buy that VR and offshoring are the direct cause. More and more I think the direct cause is simply greed. They want more and find ways to do it, and that means happens to be VR and offshoring. Okay, nuff said. That's my 2 (and then some) cents on whether my pay will be cut by Trancend.

Don't be too hard on yourself. You'll get it eventually.
just started and so far so good, i will eventually
be a reviewed but I am typing while in training to become familiar with the accounts. I do recall the the pay per line rates were in the 7 to 9 cent range with incentives to make more, which I believe is about the norm these days. Also, while in training you get feedback on every report you type.
in my case, eventually found out
yeah, she wanted the easy stuff, even though she was making money, she wanted to add to her income and took all my easy jobs
MTs working for offshorers will eventually be let go
American MTs working for them now, gives those companies time to develop their Indian resources and once the Indian MTs can pass muster, the American MTs will be looked at as high overhead and they will be eliminated in a heartbeat.
But if you report them to the IRS, they will eventually stop -
The IRS will determine if they are breaking the law, and if they are, then they will be seriously fined and penalized -- and the IRS loves to get those fines and penalties!!!
Eventually codes are going to be "attached" to
There will no longer be a need for coders.  The diagnosis will be entered into the computer and the code will already be coded in with the diagnosis. 
Now most of the work is done in India.
QA will eventually be replaced by Indian QA/editors.
Start looking and get out. Yes, they do route the best work
to the favs. No, I don't believe it happens at all companies. The supervision at OSi have wayyyyy to much time on their hands.
Has your hubby & son's work start

slowing down, like not many jobs around? Mine has been off since October and only started at the end of May this past year.

We always dreamed of taking our vacations in the middle of winter when he was off, too, but every year, the work is less and less for him.  Yet his broker has given what little work there is to his favorite guys and he was told some of them are working a day or two a week. It's frustrating. For his type of work (federal and state highways), he needs a broker and there is only one around here. Plus, he still hasn't been paid for work he did in October (2 whole days). We're afraid the broker is going under and, if that's the case, I guess DH will be forced to retire early.

To say the work that comes in from India is awful...

... is an understatement. I would pull some of those jobs that had beentranscribed in India and there were some that had entire sections crossed out and retyped because they were wrong (and scary wrong too - wrong medications...). The hospital I used to work for uses them and when I still worked at HealthScribe India was doing this hospitals discharge  summaries. I refuse to use that hospital because I know the transcription will be of very poor quality andI refuse to play games with my health and the health of my loves ones.


Work is going to India or some other country. nm
All of CBays work goes to India. nm
Most of their work is done in India by Indian MTs. sm
Tell your lead person you need more work and commit to it. They will work with you if you are good with a high accuracy rating.

Good luck - been there, done that, ain't going back ever!
Thank NAFTA for work going to India
AAMT cannot discriminate because of this law (I asked them years ago).  I think 50% of new MTs being from India shows their determination and pursuit of excellence; perhaps American MTs need to follow their example and compete! I challenge MTs to be the best they can, and that is at this pont determined by their ability to pass the CMT exam. Go, girls!
Exactly. India work stinks.
You are a fool to think US work won't go to India
Happened to a group of us. We had a US force and India force, and guess what, it was more cost efficient to send ALL work overseas, hence all US employees laid off. You really are naive to think they won't do that someday, but I hope you drain their pockets dry before they do.
What has sending work to India done?
We have upset the economy of India, creating an even larger rift and making the poor even poorer because we have inflated the economy in the cities and of those who have had a chance to be educated. The poor have lost even more footing.

We have lost job opportunities for our own Americans, but the companies continue charge the hospitals the same amount for transciption, however their overhead continues to drop, corporate salaries continue to increase and our rate of pay stays the same or drops.

India is a country that allows very very little importing of anything made in the US, so it is a 1 way deal for them.

The individuals from other companies do not pay taxes, so we continue to pay to support those in our country who have gone on the public roles for aid and assistance.
Wouldn't it be nicer to have some of these people working again?

Yes they do send work to India
I know because they told someone I know who is a facility that they would if they wanted their work sent over there.
go to India and work with those people sm
you support so well.
I wonder why they don't send a lot or all of their work to India? That's where a lot of work&
I *do* work at Precyse and most of the work is going to India
Promised to call you to start work?
I'm sorry, but as a recruiter it's hard to believe that a company looks at your testing and assumes that you'll buy in to what they're selling before having a long discussion between the two of you. Something's fishy here.
Not out of work here...it was a slow start yesterday
but it picked up in the afternoon and evening.
Why were you supposed to start work at noon?

Duh! You are just as anal as they are. No wonder you love working there.

FOR THE LAST TIME....IF YOU ARE A TRUE IC, YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE A SCHEDULE!!! Whether you emailed them or not is NOT the point. Sheesh!

If you have scheduled hours/a scheduled start and stop time, YOU ARE BEING TREATED LIKE AN EMPLOYEE. GET A CLUE!
Yes that is the company MQ uses to send work to India.
I edit the work that comes back from India. (sm)
Not sure why they did not tell you the truth. That REALLY bothers me.
Anyone know anything about Cbay out of Maryland and if all their work goes to India. Do they use any
American MTs or what is the deal.
Yep, all the work is in India now. I bet the quality is great! sm
They'll get theirs in the end. They should be ashamed of themselves. What a crappy way to tell us too. The supervisors didn't even have the balls to tell us, they made HR do it. We should file a lawsuit.
MDI-FL has India contact they supply work to. nm
Yeah..they are dishonest. They most certainly are in India. Do you really want to work for someone
that is dishonest?? not me..
Check the archives. Most work done in India, they
have office in India.  I have never seen anything good about them. 
Webmedx does NOT send work to India.
Transcend most certainly does send work to India.
And they are proud to have these partners
Plenty of work if you live in India