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Like anything else, it's the fit that matters

Posted By: NorCalMT on 2009-08-26
In Reply to: There is a reason for that. sm - scared

Just like people, some relationships work and some don't. It's called choice.

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No not that it matters
But the QT tech office with the office help is off Race Track Road, have been there personally, the address on the checks on East Lake is a small office complex, someone else from QT told me it is the office of the accountant.
It's not the cpl that matters (sm);
it's what you can make per hour. I'd rather work on an account at 8 cpl where I'm paid for everything and easily do 350-400 lph than be given 9.5 cpl but struggle do to 150 lph.

Unfortunately, there's no quick way to judge an account's productivity. One has to work at it for a couple weeks.

Good way to judge account: what is average lines/min dictation? 10+ is decent.
It's HOW they tell you that matters,
but to be fair, QA in general is often a mismanaged part of the picture...

It's not enough to just to HAVE a QA department, you have to make it work WITH the MTs in cyberspace - Team effort versus playing the GOTCHA! game.

I don't know if this matters or not
(probably it does) but the recruiter who helped me also works as an MT for the company.  She was able to provide lots of details that most recruiters can't and she had a true understanding of my situation and my needs.  We talked for quite a while and I felt like she was being straight with me. 
Only experience matters....
and even though I was impressed with the Atlanta office it was really Florida that I was interested in.

I don't think I said sex/love had anything to do with anything. So I'm laughing at your response. I'm just dissappointed at the financial picture and it doesn't look good. High turnover in the corporate office is not a good sign.

Forgive me if I implied anything, a mind has the freedom to wander, I don't know why Tara said that, maybe she had an off morning? Maybe his personality was cute? I don't really know why the comment, but it is funny and odd. Not what I was expecting either.
They are the best company for ME and that is all that matters. sm
I love the account I am on and make the amount that I need to make and want to make. I know my check is correct and it is in my bank when it is supposed to be. I am treated with respect and have a good rapport with my lead. I know that I am fortunate, especially as the other companies I worked at prior to Keystrokes were missing at least one of those important ingredients for me.

I have found that they are the best out there, but that is my opinion.

What I hate about these boards is that those who have bad things to say act as though those of us with good things to say are recruiters or managers or crazy or lying. What gives them the right to say that they are right, and I am wrong? We may just have had different experiences. The ones that bother me the most are the people who jump all over you when they have never worked at the place they are working. I contacted three nay-sayers when I was interviewing with Keystrokes two years ago, and ALL OF THEM told me that they had never actually worked there. UGH.
Of course the recruiter matters

They are your first impression of the company.  If the recruiter is not honest, it is very likely the rest of the company will be the same. 

I personally interviewed with them in the past and the recruiter was very shady.  I asked her if I would be paid for templates and she stated she didn't know what I was talking about.  I asked her if she could find out for me, but I never did get a straight answer.  I received an offer, which I declined.  An MT friend of mine decided to accept an offer with them right around the same time and she ended up leaving within a few weeks.  She said the recruiter made promises which the company did not keep.  She was promised a certain report type and would receive 8 or 9 reports in 1 day...definitely not enough to keep anyone busy.  Anyway, I am glad I turned them down.  I knew right away by the recruiter's attitude that it wouldn't work for me, and my friend confirmed that with her experience.

I don't think it really matters! Too twisted at
I think you have to use their equipment, if that matters at all. I prefer my own. nm
There are clicks. Too many companies on the net that it matters though. nm
Think they are an Indian run company if that matters to you.
Any info about Transcription Matters?
not that it matters, but I'm thinking maybe it wasn't
a reputable site.  I've never seen catastrophe spelled with a y.  I could be wrong, but we all know you have to be careful when it comes to these sites, and I don't think there are 2 spellings.
Just did a mapquest and JLG is off Race Track Rd, not that is matters, but.... nt
Almighty computer matters - not MT or quality

My primary is going to VR this week.  Here are my instructions:

We don't care about BOS rules any more.  It will only confuse the computer.  If the doc starts a sentence with a number, its OK now.  Verbatim, verbatim, verbatim.

We don't care about demographics any more.  That's the price the hospital pays for switching to VR.  I'm no longer paid to be concerned about HIPAA violations, and my ability to do so has just been removed.

We don't care about cleaning up the sentences any more, so we won't worry about tense agreement, pleural agreement, a vs an, etc.  My job now is to train the computer to make me obsolete.  My only interest should be to make sure the computer typed exactly what the doc said.  EXACTLY - if he said there is multiple lesions, that's what the corrected report needs to say.  If I change is to are, the poor computer will get confused, and its what matters.

See, before they were paying me to fix the garbled mess they dictated, and know what they meant and make it so.  Now they're paying me less to train their computer.  The computer is all that matters here.  Not what's right and wrong IMO.

OK, I'm not an MT any more.  I'm a computer trainer, and so are the docs that prefer it over me.  Everyone agrees I'm worth less pay in this capacity.  The docs will be directly in charge of fixing their own mistakes (yeah, provided they even NOTICE them).  I may, out of the kindness of my heart, put a note on a report with a glaring doctor error, but its not required or expected of me any more, and I'm certainly not being paid to fix it and in fact must now train myself not to do so, for the sake of the computer's learning curve.

I think I understand.  Garbage in, garbage out.  My job is simply to make sure the computer PERFECTLY understands the garbage coming in, and when it does, I will have no job any more.  I can simply trust that the docs (who are smart, important college graduates) won't speak any more errors, and not concern myself if they do, as I have relinquished my MT status and MT pay for the glory of making less money to help a machine hasten my obsolesence.  Ain't progress great?

Very heavy Indian affilitation and tech support, if that matters to ya. nm
Font size matters for gross line, so do margins
less lines because more fits on a line. First person asked how a gross line compares to 65 chars. If it's 12 font with 1 margins, it's about 1-1/2 to 2x 65 char line count, i.e., 7 cents per gross line would be around 8.5 to 9 cents per 65 char.
They told us in the Monday Morning Matters, they are already starting to train people...nm
It matters more on the company than the method. Go with a company that does a lot of sm
radiology or it won't matter because you won't have a big check no matter what. Ask them how many radiology accounts they have, if they are overflow or complete department, how long they have had them and do you get a back-up account.

There are very few out there that have good radiology accounts. Stick with the ones that do. I am with Keystrokes for that reason after going with 4 others that kept running out of work.

In his ad, he's asking for Word Perfect, not Word, if that matters. nm