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Posted By: fatcat on 2009-08-26
In Reply to: It gave D lots of profit? - Walking MDI-MDer

I am walking right along with you. I cannot and I will not be part of the selling out of the American worker. My father spent his life serving our country and I am a proud American. I live in a state where unemployment is stratospheric. (And where there are tons of MTs who are hungry for work.) And we are sending work to the other side of the world? Um, no. I'm outta here, too. For me, it is a question of taking a principled, moral stand. Wasn't it Cuba Gooding who said Show me the money? Well, apparently money will buy anything.

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I don't know why I am walking you
through this.  The info is there, plain as day on page 1.  Here is 1 post from 2008:  http://forum.mtstars.com/company/v/1/60540.html and yet another http://forum.mtstars.com/company/v/1/64665.html
Sounds like you are walking on egg shells or at
Why worry about them, when you need to worry about you, and the utilities and rent to pay. We MTs are really brainwashed. I used to be that way. I worked for a highly regarded company and barely had a check at Christmas. I complained and complained until I finally realized that I was walking on egg shells trying to do anything I could to please them to get work, and yet, they had no problem overhiring. Come to find out the bill collectors did not care I needed to walk on eggshells. Especially my car loan. They sounded like they'd break my legs when I got 2 mos behind. So, I looked at the big picture and realized it is not the company which is shorting me that I need to be good to, it is me... the person who is providing the labor I need to be good to... how to do that? Boost self-esteem, and do research to find a company which appreciates my skills and gives me full-time work and benefits (if needed) to keep the bill collectors from calling. Why do bill collectors think we are irresponsible? Well, we are if we sit by waiting for work to show up or not, working hard for a boss who openly states we won't have work or who does not provide as promised in the interview. I say, talk to the hand, I walk on solid ground, not egg shells, and I pay my bills on time and have a goal to put money toward savings and someday a vacation. Now that's the kind of company you want to work for, so you can realize those kinds of goals. Not the kind of company where you hope you can get by for the next month, the next week, the next day, on a box of mac and cheese not affording the milk. Believe me, I know where you are, BTDT... and trust me... do your research, work for a truly reputable company and pay those bills, rather than worrying about dysfunctional bosses. Good luck to you!
Many have paid their dues and see what they get? AAMT has MTs walking the plank
When you start walking water feel free to critique,
but until then you're human just like the rest of it and we all make mistakes occasionally.   Maybe you're the management that made the original posting.