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Okay, excuse me for upsetting other people. Anyone who has SM

Posted By: GaMT on 2008-02-25
In Reply to: Anyone who has worked for Milner in the past, SM - GaMT

worked at Milner or works there now, would you kindly post about your experience there so that everyone can see the information.  Thank you very much.

My sincere apologies to those who are upset by my asking for an email answer before. 

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This is quite upsetting NM
I don't think anyone was saying anything upsetting.
Having possible maternity benefits was what YOU brought up so don't get ugly with posters for giving you answers to your questions.

Good luck to you.

What is so upsetting is this is a great company, it is new to me
and I personally have never had this experience here, that is why I wanted to know if it was just me, or if others were going through it.
Yes. The other thing that is upsetting is the fact we are QA'd on all these accounts we as you sa
flip around on a report in one and a report in another and are monitored for blanks yet besides. I think this is totally unreasonable to expect this of a person. Odd but I think whoever thought all this up must not be looking at the whole picture for sure and not to mention if you dont do the ASR you get the other dictators which I find to be more difficult. So what can you say.
Excuse me.....what?
we need more details please.
Excuse me, but...
I would say 200 million in DEBT is pretty much going down the tubes.  HS was a great place to work, but Spheris leaves much to be desired.  I won't even dignify your last comment with a response. lol  I was with HS since the very early days, so I am sure I was with the same company longer than you were, as I just recently left myself.  Oh wait, every company I ever left? Let's see, 8 years at one and 7 years at the other one.  I would say that was a pretty good track record, dear.  Sorry you had to make it personal.
Excuse me? But where, exactly did
I simply expressed that radiology and pathology will always be around and need to be transcribed and that the school sounds like the cost is too much. Where am I missing the bullying/harass?
excuse me? you don't know me...sm

ooh - someone woke up nasty or stayed nasty all day, huh?

IF you are presuming to know me, you're coming out of left field...and you have a choice - you did not have to respond.......

Go enjoy your weekend - hope it doesn't rain anymore on your parade.......          


Excuse me! Wow.
Excuse me? If I say they did, they did. I ought
to know. My start date was the 1st of the month. Actually my first payday was supposed to be in the bank the 15th of the next month. So do not tell me NEVER when it happened to me. I also know others it happened to also. I do not post things that are not true. I have all of that information and the emails that went with it saved so if you want to post an untruth and say it never happened, you don't know what you are talking about or your memory has lapsed...depending on which KS MT or mgmt person you are. You won't intimidate me dearie, not when my bank account is the best proof along with the documents that support it.
another excuse
I worked for a company that said they maile dchecks Tuesday but it was postmarked friday, and the best excuse was that their bank had an error and they had to wait to send checks, and when they went out - they bounced, so another week or two before the money actually came - anybody ever have dealings with a bank that in themiddle of having the account they began holding your checks for mor etime - usually that is beacuse you bounced to many outgoing, so they hold your deposits - but as MT we are stupid and must believe the hype. I say if a check bounces, press charges, show them we mean business, and if oay is late - tack on surcharges, after all you are contracted for work and pay date is part of the contract. there should be no ecuses, we are not allowed any room for our TAT, we work very hard for the money
There is no excuse for this
The company I work for I don't have to rely on the dictaphone website for my line count where I work now, I look under the sessions stats which are DISABLED on your system. Even if there is a lag there is no excuse for the awful line count, the line count lag has nothing to do with your production. You can put all the shortcuts you want in but your're still gonna work your fingers to the bone. I do about 270 lines/hr now, where I used to do about 150 there if that and that was really struggling. When there is that much descrepancy then I have to wonder what the difference is. Headers and footers are not counted on the account I work on either. Hope things have changed for your sake, if so, thats just great and i wish you luck!
Excuse me but...
I am not the one calling someone small minded. I do fit in at DSG. It is a great place to work if you are a dedicated hardworking MT, so thanks for the compliment and good luck with your job hopping. Hope company #26 will be able to please you.
Well, excuse me!!!!
make roughly $15 an hour? But you REFUSE to do high ESL's. I am glad to know that you can find a job and be able to REFUSE work and make your coworkers pull the load. HEY, KSMT2, how does that make you feel? LMAO. You two are a joke!!!!!!
That's always the excuse

You must not have met their standards.  No, they are just a lousy, disorganized company.  They did not meet my standards, and I am not the only one.  There are many MTs who have had the same exact experience.  This is not new information.

To Excuse me?
Well stated!
Excuse me????
Who do you think you are to say this has never happened to me?  I have been an MT for 20 years!!    Aren't you doing the same thing as the cherry pickers by whining about the crappy report you got?  You guys actually look up the job to see if someone dumped it?  Are you that pathetic as well that you can't handle transcribing the thing either?  It boils down to this - If you are good, not a single report will slow you down.  If you are a terrible MT who only can do easy reports, well, I could care less what you throw back in the pile.  If my child happened to see a doc who was ESL and an MT started whining about getting the crappy report and spent even a second trying to see if someone was cherry picking - well, I would fire their lazy butt!!  All I'm saying is do the darn reports and quit worrying about people who cheat, they aren't any good anyway!   You guys call yourself MTs?  Please!  More like a bunch of babies!   This is why being an MT is no longer considered a profession.  There was a day when we cared about doing our part for the physicians and the patients.  Now we have a bunch of typists complaining and whining.  We actually used to get paid very well!  I can see why rates have gone down - there aren't any real MTs out there anymore. 
Excuse me?
You guys are such a joke! 
Excuse me?
When did I defend anyone?  No wonder you get so upset about having to do the lousy reports, you can't even read!   This is a waste of time.  Have fun being paranoid....wah...wah...everyone else is getting the good reports....poor us!    Sheesh!
Excuse me?

I say again - you can't read nor do you understand the definition of words.  Ignore means refusing to take notice of or to reject.  if does not mean to defend.  MyGosh!  Please tell me you are not an MT?  You are just making it worse for yourself.  Give up now, ok?   

Excuse me? sm
I don't work for TT but, in my opinion,  if your statement rings true that lead MTs take/get work when others don't have any, that's gross mismanagement and should be delt with somehow, through emails to upper management. It's bad everywhere, low work, ASR lower wages, but there is no excuse for such behavior.
Always an excuse
Sounds my company.   Raises are as rare as hens teeth. I know that the economy is bad but they always try to find an excuse not to give us a decent raise.
Excuse me mis Desertflour, but unless you have my name - sm
I suggest you shut your trap. I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. And as a matter of fact, Miss knowitall, you do not know who I am whatsoever. And if you do have my name, I suggest you go ahead and type it on this board. Because I can bet your pathetic paycheck that you do not know who I am.
Excuse me.... but I beg to differ!
MDI MA is a great company, pay 10 cpl, and I am assuming the software depends on the particular account, as I work in BayScribe and it is very user-friendly and productive, everything right at your fingertips. Everything is on one page, i.e. your demographics and transcription page, one click and you have your physician roster, one click spell check, one click to bring up a previous report. I am loving it.
Excuse me??? Just because my experience with them was different than yours was

doesn't give you the right to be so rude.  Don't tell me what I have or have not experienced.  Don't tell me what I did or did not receive from them as far as software or packages.  YOU DON'T KNOW!  Man, you are the pathetic one, you egotistical BLOWHARD.  If people don't agree with you, you insult them personally.  I feel sorry for your family, that's what!!  Having to live with you.  I'm glad I left MW because I don't work at the same company as an offshore-supporting know-it-all like YOU!!!  Has it ever occurred to you that I'm not wrong?  That my experience with them was nothing like yours?  No, because you are omnipotent and think you know everything.

BTW, I made $60 so far this morning in less than two hours on MY OWN account.  You can keep MW.  I know how much, or rather how little, they pay.

Oh excuse me but I DO work there

You say that just because someone has great things to say about a company, this does not make them a cheerleader.  Okay, I can give you that.  However, just because someone posts negatives about a company, this in turn does not make them a liar, troublemaker or a troll.  Why are people so blind?  YOU may very well have a great experience there but that does NOT mean that everyone there does.  We do not always get treated the same and if we don't, it doesn't always mean that it is because of a poor job or work ethic.  I am sick of people acting like they know everything about their company.

excuse me, why do you care? NM
Im sorry did you FAIL? LOL what an excuse.
Please excuse the typo - buy for by! (duh on me)
Please excuse the typos...been up since 4 a.m.!
excuse my type, their AD .. nm
No excuse for their behavior.
I have also worked as an MT and as a manager. I worked in QA for DSG. Those ladies are the rudest individuals that I have ever encountered. All managers at all MT companies are under lots of pressure. Each company, until DSG, did not take out their frustrations on the MTs. There is no excuse for their behavior. Period.

Sure, there are emails that are not urgent. How about the emails that they NEVER answer? Huh? Most emails that I sent to any of them were NEVER answered. They obviously do not know what they are doing. They kept piling new accounts into the same work pool instead of creating a separate work pool - to avoid MTs having to keep up with specifics on several different accounts. The messages that they included in the backlog reports were also rude most of the time. I marvel at the fact that they are still in business.
Well excuse me. I AM a KS employee and

you don't know my situation.  The communication has been horrible all the way around.  I've had several other KS MTs e-mail and say the same thing, some who have been there 3 to 4 years. 

I prefer to be left alone too and work very well independently, which is a good thing, but if I need help I want it and not 2 days from now. 

Excuse me...Axolotl nm
ummm excuse me...
First of all, a company is a company, no matter what size it is. Next, there are a lot of people who want to keep their company small for many reasons. For one, they have so much less on overhead and therefore more money to make their employees happy! None of the mom and pop companies I worked for EVER had serious issues (stayed in business for years), and had plenty of potential for growth just by word of mouth. Where do you get off?? As far as being turned away when sick, etc., the opposite of what you say is true. Mom and pop love your work and need you, know you as a person, and will treat you well as long as you are a good MT. The dog knows the hand that feeds it.

The rest of your post is babble...you are defending your love of TT and what a great MT you are, not afraid to work on more than one account, etc. Has absolutely nothing to do with my post. BTW, I am not complaining about the company I am with, and I make twice what you state for 2 weeks, even after all deductions. Maybe tomorrow you will be in a better mood. I was simply stating MY opinion about a topic I have been thinking about and don't appreciate your B****y post. Take a chill pill. I've been reading your posts and you definitely need one. Good day mate.

Are you insane?  You don't even know me!  I work a 3pm-3am window, typing radiology.  I've never worked in HR in my life!

That excuse is why they get away with paying us

Excuse my bad grammar, there are
Excuse me, so you are saying that in order to (sm)
get a raise in this business and be compensated correctly for years of knowledge and medical terminology, that we have to increase our speed?

Ummm...NO! In 12 years of doing this profession (and I choose to so someone else is not raising my kids - and don't you dare call that a benefit either because it is harder) I have NEVER gotten a raise.

I should be compensated for the 12 years of knowledge that I have, not told be work faster and harder. Every other profession does that - REWARDS THEIR WORKERS FOR THEIR KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE.

It is not a matter of being selfish and want, want, want. It is a matter of what is right and wrong.
It is the BS excuse to offshore. There are too
Excuse me, but what does TTD INC stand for? nm
Correction **4.5-5.5 cpl VR** not MR. Please excuse
Excuse me, but we are required to use
excuse me Ms. perfect MT who knows it sm
all. Did your acknowledgement of MT week make you feel wonderful? I hope it just made your day, week, month, year since obviously you have to be pampered to feel worthy.

Isn't doing a good job for a company and getting a paycheck enough?
Excuse me, I LOVE VR
Dang, having a bad day?

I never said I DIDN'T like VR; I do VR and love it.

I also used to work at LandMark and was told just a month ago that they were converting a couple of accounts to VR in the 'very near future.'

Just warning the OP ahead of time.

Pop a couple of Midol and get over yourself. *eye roll*

Excuse the typos please
MTSOs will use any excuse they can to cut our
Excuse me...not everyone from NY is rude n/m
Excuse me, but why do you assume that every post...
is directed at YOU? For crying out loud, I was merely posting my experience with Transcend and how *I* was getting 20K per payroll period. YOU need to a grip - or something?? Sheesh!
Well excuse me! It sucks for you. Hate that!
Like I said it is part of the software bundle. It is downloaded on your PC. What else would you want to do with it?

What content and whose quality sucks....yours? Are you confused..... 'cuz you sure are confusing the hell out of me.
Excuse my typos. Not enough coffee yet! :) nm