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Anyone who has worked for Milner in the past, SM

Posted By: GaMT on 2008-02-24
In Reply to:

would you please email me?  I am sending in my resume but would like some information beforehand.  Thanks. 

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I too worked for Milner and left sm

2 years ago.  I experienced alot of the same treatment the orgiinal poster experienced.  Everyones situation is different but don't discount anyone's experience.  Just because one MT had a good experience doesn't mean everyone will and visa versa.

I too worked for Milner and left sm

2 years ago.  I experienced alot of the same treatment the orgiinal poster experienced.  Everyones situation is different but don't discount anyone's experience.  Just because one MT had a good experience doesn't mean everyone will and visa versa.

who have you worked for in the past - sm
Sometimes it's just getting into the right place at the right time, but if you have already worked for a few places, I don't want to mention their names.
Worked there in the past.
But frequently ran out of work. Finally had to leave.
Well, I worked for them in the past (sm)
and had trouble being paid.  There has been info here over the past 3 years showing that it's still going on.
No ad, just though maybe someone worked for them in the past...
I got the same info you did, a few companies by the name of PRN Transcription but I could not find any in MA.  One in Illinois, one in Ohio.....?
I worked for Medware in the past, and
at first it was great!  They were advertising for ER which was what I wanted, but when I applied they said no ER so I was given Acute Care.  The first few months were great.  I was in hog heaven.  Then overnight things changed and I had nothing but the worst ESLs and my pay went downhill big time!!  I tried to get things resolved, so no luck.  Otherwise it was great.  Easy platform, good communication, etc.  If you are lucky enough to get and KEEP good accounts, then it is great! 
They must have stopped doing so. I worked there as an IC for a while in the past.
I worked for them in the past. I would not recommend
them to anyone. It was my worst experience ever in my long career in the MT field. Yes, they've relocated to TN.
I worked for a company in the past that was having

financial problems.  They wanted MTs to quit so they didn't have to pay unemployment and they would give me the worst of the worst.  I refused to quit, they would have to fire me, but when it became clear that my check might not be good for much longer I quit and they were out of business about a month later.

I don't know if they can manipulate TAT times, but I am getting work that is only minutes old.  I know they don't get a lot of work at one time so I don't really think they are hand-picking stuff.  I work my schedule, when there was OT I worked extra every week, my QA scores have never been below 99.8 and I feel like they want to keep me.  I'm not paranoid, but I am frustrated.  On my accounts I know what the situation is, but I wish they would keep us regularly informed about what is going on.  I don't want lies, but a little reassurance sure would help. 

What is your favorite company you've worked for in the past??
I'm just curious if anyone has a favorite company that they've worked for and why are they your favorite?
I work for MDI-MD and have worked part-time for Cobb in the past. sm

It has been about 3 years or so since I worked for Cobb Transcription in Georgia (very nice woman, by the way), so my info may be old, but I'll try to help.

Good dictation quality?

Yes for both MDI-MD and Cobb


Steady work?

MDI:  For the most part, yes.  There have been a few times, but you usually have enough secondary and tertiary accounts to make it through the dry times.

Cobb:  I was doing clinic work -- do not recall any times without work.


What are the work types?

MDI-MD has a few radiology and clinic accounts (I think), but probably the majority of the accounts are acute care.

Cobb may have hospital accounts, but all I did with them was clinic work.

Good platform?

MDI uses Bayscribe -- very easy to use.

Cobb used Word.

Pay rate?

MDI pays better than any other company I have encountered.

Cobb's pay rate is kinda low, as I recall, and it was based on being paid by the character.

Paid for 65 cpl with spaces?

Yes for MDI ... as I mentioned above, Cobb paid by the character.

Do you have a flexible schedule?

Yes to both.  MDI gives you a 24-hour turnaround time to do your work, and I think the same was true with Cobb.

Weekend work mandatory?

MDI:  You are asked to work 2 weekends a month, I think.  I pretty much work every weekend, so not sure about the official rules.

Cobb:  No.

Employee or IC?

MDI:  Statutory employee (they take out FICA, nothing else, so you do not have to pay self-employment tax)

Cobb:  Was IC only


No for both

Low or high volume ESLs?

Probably vaies with the account -- probably average with MDI.

I don't recall any ESLs at Cobb.

Dedicated accounts with the same doctors?

MDI:  You have a primary account and usually a secondary account -- pretty much the same docs.

Cobb:  Yes.

Dialup accepted?

Yes to both, as far as I know.  I have had cable so long, I do not recall.



Good luck with your job search.  Hope this helps.   If you have an offer from MDI, I'd take it -- it is a great place to work!   

I work on Docuscribe (not MQ) and have also worked on Chartscript in the past. My line counts went
down significantly when I went to the DQS platform.  Don't know if it is being manipulated or not, just simply stating the facts as I have seen them.
Milner is not affiliated with Medquist that I am aware of. I believe the site you are referring to was one that referenced Escription (VR) they both have experience with it. Milner is a small and growing company. I have been there four years and love my job. Those that can work independently, reliably, and do quality work will do well there.
I don't know anything about that company, but I was in a similar situation where work was constantly interrupted by demeaning emails and there was nothing I could do to please my boss. I had never had a work experience like that in my life. Don't they realize how counterproductive that is? They're really is a human being on the receiving end of those emails, and they don't have to be so hateful.
Tried sending resume but keeps coming back. Is there any other way to send it?
TTS or Milner
Does anyone know which is a better company to work for on escription account?  Who pays better, etc.?  Thanks
Anyone currently work for Milner.  I was just offered a position and wondered if their platform was easy to learn, affordable benefits, etc.  Any info helpful.  Thanks!
Very easy platform to learn. Insurance is about the same as everywhere else. I like it there. Only way to find out is to give it a try.
Milner QA
How is their QA department? Do they hound you?
Do you find that you can make decent money with their pay tier?

site has a button to request info on employment.  When I use it, my E-mail bounces back. anyone know how to contact? TIA



If you want to put up with being instant messaged and micromanaged all the time by QA, then Milner is the place for you! No thanks.
Any current information about this company? I see some older posts, but nothing lately.
Love working for Milner, platform easy, awesome company, no lack of work!
That be Milner, UGH.
I can't say that I worked for them recently but I did back in 2004 for a short time   and although I don't remember the system, I do remember I left because I couldn't make any money.  Most of their work was VR but maybe things have gotten better.
I am really sorry you had such a bad experience with Milner. I have worked for Milner for the last 2-1/2 years and I love working for them. They are flexible with my schedule, work with me when I need time off, and get right back to me when I have questions or need help. I think work supply is slow at a lot of places. I know 3 other MTs whose work has slowed to crawl and they work for other companies. Again, I am sorry for your experience with them, but I am sure not everyone who has worked for them or does work for them feels that they are a place to stay away from. I hope your new job works out and you are happy there.
Milner transcription...sm

Hi there-

Anyone have any info on Milner Transcription.  I believe they're located in Georgia.


Anyone every heard of Milner
Transcripion?  They have an ad for a radiology MT on mtjobs.com
To Barbara S regarding Milner
I have said what I wanted to say about this particular company. I know all the MTs outsourced from our hospital job who went to work there are no longer there. Most left because of no pay raises (even though always told we were getting incentive program in, more pay, etc) and the QA was unbelievable. I am thinking probably 8-10 transcriptionists in all went there after outsourced.  One girl was constantly belittled about her work, watched like a hawk, made her so nervous and yet she had been employed for years before at the hospital doing exactly the same work. She finally left as did the others. We got IMs from QA 1 right after the other and unless you want to work where you are under a microscope (unless they have changed since the middle of last year), then go for it. Oh, yeh, forgot to say the rules changed back and forth, 1 time do this way, the next time do this way. By the way, have a new job where it is pure heaven! Know someone might want to say just down on QA, but this job now gives constructive criticism and not constantly an interruption so you can work in peace.
Possibly Milner ? .... nm
Milner Transcription SM

Any info on Milner VR pay?  You can e-mail me if you like. 

Recruiter - Would Milner consider
PT hours for those who could get the 100 mins in fewer than 8 hours? Is pay per minute or per line? Might consider applying, but won't consider an 8-hour committment when I can get the FT lines in fewer.
Milner or Amphion?
Has anyone had any experience with these companies?

Any info would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.
Milner, Any work for them?
All I know is that they use the following platforms IntraScript and Dolbey Fusion Text and there are a whole bunch of ESLs.  Does anyone know anything else about Milner? 
Milner Transcription in Georgia
I'd love to hear comments on this company. Do they pay well and in a timely manner? Platform? Workload? Any info is appreciated.
Milner Transcription company

Has anyone had any experience with Milner Transcription Company ?

Milner is a great company, IMO. nm
Milner, accept satellite? nm
Anyone hear back from Milner


Milner Voice & Data
Anyone work for and enjoy this company? Can you give me details on benefits, schedules, pay, etc? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
Any information on Milner Transcription
Out of Georgia. Not much in the archives. The name sounds really familiar though. Thanks!
What is the pay scale like with Milner and what kind of accounts do they have?
Just wondering.
Anyone have experience with Milner? Looking for a new job and had one person recommend them
so I thought I would come here to ask around before applying. Thank you
Background check Milner Transcription
Does anybody know if Milner Transcription in Georgia does a background check?
Any info on Milner Voice and Data? sm

I did a search for this company on the site, but came up with nothing.  Does anyone know anything about them?  I would appreciate any information someone could offer!  Thanks in advance!


Milner Voice & Data provides equipment
Great company to work for. Feel free to email me for more information if you are interested.

Good luck and God bless!
Anyone work for Milner in Atlanta who would share your experience? Thanks! nm