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Thanks for your support but, really, not a problem. :)

Posted By: nm/OP on 2008-02-25
In Reply to: Why should you apologize for your post? - anon


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try transriptiongear.com's tech support. They do gearplayer tech support whereever you bought yo
Thanks for the support
Wow, thanks everyone. Working at home alone sometimes you don't wonder if it's all your imagination. And no, doesn't start with a P -- it's Webmedx.
Thanks for the support... you are right!
They already got in trouble once. An Indian employee was holding patient information in an extortion attempt for money from the company. I guess they didn't learn their lesson.

That's why they got US MTs in the first place, to land the big accounts. Once they start slipping away again and they need new accounts, we'll see them posting hiring bonuses. LOL!
I support you in this
and just sent a letter to the appropriate instructor in the sociology department at our biggest university. I will send it out to some other sociologists over the next few days. Thanks for suggesting this.
thanks for the support!
She got me on the wrong day. I just resigned today, and cried while I was typing the letter. I am not a fighter, and have never gotten into it with anyone on these boards, but she jumped down my throat, acting like I was a thief. I will ask my supervisor if it is alright, if not, I won't bother, just make new ones. However, they are my expansions, ones that I painstakingly made up over the last few years trying to keep my income up with all the changes. I was not a cheerleader the last few years, but I hung in there by my fingernails thinking things would get straightened out and get better or at least somewhat back to where we were, not worse. My income has dropped by $150 to $200 a week. I don't know many people who can afford that, and I know I can't anymore. I don't think its going to change anytime soon except maybe for the worst, but for the MTs there, I pray it does.
US Support????
In two years with Focus I had contact with only ONE support individual that was US based. I stayed for wo years so no, it was not as bad as some would lead you to believe, but to say the support staff is US based is misleading at best.
Actually, it's nice to know there's some support out there from fellow employees. Nobody in this discussion got me personally riled up. I was more riled up and concerned than when I came on this board and read the discussion, so it did me some good. We mostly just want some reassurance from you MDI-MD veterans that this isn't the norm. I'm appreciative of all the suggestions from my fellow employees, even though I'm a newbie to MDI-MD. The liaisons sound like they're pretty understanding and will work with you, so that works for me. :)
Thank you for your support.

You know what, I don't understand any of this and kind of confused right now.  But thanks a lot for your support.  I have done cardiology reports for quite a long time and worked at Cardiology Clinic, where that is all I did 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.  This is what they were testing for.  So, I really do believe I did very good on test.  I know all the medications without looking anything up in reference books.  Also I have transcribed hundreds of echocardiograms and stress tests, etc. 

Anyway, I am not going to fret over this.  In fact, Keystrokes just called and would like to offer me a position with their company.  So, who cares about MD-IT.  Also Keystrokes is starting me at higher rate of pay.   Maybe this was a good turn of events that I got turned down by MD-IT, because look what happened.  I believe that sometimes we do not always understand things that happen, but in the long run things usually work out for the best.  I am definitely an optimist in life and try to always look on the bright side.  It helps in this line of work.  

Thank you everybody who had positive things to say and for your support.  

Thanks for the support. This is what I think
When I started with the Q, I had an office with humans I could go to for things. I actually got 2 days of really good training on the accounts I had and could call someone and get a live question answered at that moment. They could even listen in on something and help me figure it out if I couldn't understand.

You know what it is now. I never had a dread at working for the Q until the last year or so. Now it is severe irritation when I log on because I have used half my PTO up due to no work and all. When I emailed my supe a couple weeks back about no work, he said oh it is just because of the weather. I am sorry, I have been running out of work for the last MONTH straight. It is February. I have never had no work on these accounts in February. EVER--in over 9 years.

I wouldn't care if I wasn't required to put in the hours. I would go do something else. But here I sit and I hate that more than anything.


You sound like you are so happy at your new job.  I am feeling so discouraged at mine and really want to quit.  Do you know if your company is hiring?  I have lots of experience.  Would really love to hear from you either way.


Discouraged Debbie


Are you SERIOUS???  Two years ago they had a terrific support group, now you're lucky if you get called back within half a day...There was one instance where I had to upgrade a program, it was mandatory, and I called support.  This person talked to me and asked to sign on to my computer (standard procedure).  They then asked that I stay nearby my computer in case of questions on their part.  Well, I did that and after an hour and nothing happening, I gave up.  Called shortly after and was told the person was at lunch!!!  Can you believe this???  Mind you, this was one of my days off (I purposely did this because I knew how much work I would lose on one of my regular days).  I was told it would take up to an hour, well after it all had been done, it took over 3!  Yeah, some day off.  It was almost like they were chatting with other people in the office or on the phone, or SOMETHING, cause they would never respond to their prompt for the next step for minutes at a time.  I was very irritated by it.  I absolutely cringe when support is needed at TT and avoid it at all costs!   

Thank all of you for your support!

I appreciate every kind word.  It helps me knowing that you have all been where I have been. 

I am so fortunate to get the opportunity to work for TransTech.  I have heard so many great things and part of me can't wait to dive in but the other part says don't let go.  I have been so darn loyal to the Q and they never cared. 

I hope Transtech appreciates my loyalty.  I want this to be my last job change! 

Thanks again. 

Thanks to all of you for your support. s/m
It makes me feel very humble.  I never back down and they have made me ANGRY.  I'm not sure if I will have to attend court in Texas or not since I haven't lived there in 20 years but if I do, so be it.
Good support when I need it
Precyse has set up an excellent system through IM and what they call MT Mentor. Not only can you get instant messages for STAT, but get feedback on reports requested. "Fill in the blank" has never been so rewarding.
tech support
The tech support is very good and very reliable at Spheris. A nice solid company.
They are also in support of TRS training
women in Trinidad to do transcription, so I'm sure more work will be leaving the states.    I was not going to accept their offer anyway because the line rate was 2 cpl less than what I was currently making, but then when I asked if they offshored the recruiter reluctantly said they did if they client requested it.   Now who in their right mind thinks that CyMed, or any other company for that matter, goes into a facility to sell their service and says we offshore to xx country, would you like them to do your work?  
Thank you for caring. We need the support right now. nm
Support I think is needed

The first and foremost would be promotion of US-based transcription for US-based patients.  I feel there are major, major privacy issues at hand there, and I would personally have trouble with my personal info being shipped overseas.

Certification I think is very, very debatable.  AAMT has tried to make a standard practice, but really it isn't.  You have to be certified and continue with education to be a nurse because those practices are standard and regulated pretty  much across the board without too much difference.  MTs have to do what the client at the time asks, and there is a ton a variation between companies and clients.  I have worked for a lot of different places and have yet to find one that follows even half of the important rules of the BOS. 

I also think another organization should point out certain advantages to being an MT, at home or otherwise.  AAMT wants you of course to buy books and whatnot from their store, but there are many other resources online that are available to us simply because we are members of the medical field; most are free.  Working at home gets you discounts on things like car insurance (cut mine in half).  There are many advantages to ousourcing companies that hire at-home employees as well which are growing all the time.

I would absolutely participate as much as I can in getting something like this going.  AAMT as decided where they are which is perfectly okay.  They just now need replaced.


People Support. sm
I have worked for these guys for 1-1/2 years. Pay always on time, every time. I have had one raise in pay, as was promised when I started. I've never worked with better folks. Please email me with any questions.
Seems like a lot of companies are hiring inexperienced management who cannot even type an op note, do not have the skills a manager should have, which should be equivalent to a MT/QA/Editor - but maybe they pay them less just to scooter people around on accounts and make out schedules. Everyone suffers because of them -they do squelch communication, do not promote growth, and want absolute power. Theres no way of dealing with these kind of people other than to just shut up and let them have their throne and their little cutout paper crown.

I work as support for MTs and am an MT myself.
Just look at your view compared to the other answers to this thread.

Such support! What a community of MTs.
I have been in this business for 20+ years and wasn't confident in answering, as I'm not really sure myself. Feel good insulting people? Have a nice day.
How is their tech support ?
People Support...

Does anybody have any information on People Support?  I see they have several job offers available and I have never heard of them.  Any info would be greatly aprpeciated--good or bad.


Uh, how about Tech Support?
People Support, Inc.
Are they an off shore company? 
People Support
People Support
Did work there in the past. Pay was a little too low for me.
People Support
Sounds like just what I am looking for.  Are they hiring?
JUST FOR KICKS - Who here would support

and/or participate in UNIONizing?

Serious replies appreciated - on board and/or privately via email.

And - unfortunately most of the tech support
... I've ever dealt with is not as savvy as they make themselves out to be. I have worked for several companies and to be honest I know more about general stuff like this than they do. You definitely came to the right place at MT Stars.
people support
thanks so much for the feedback on people support. Do they provide equipment? I plan to check their website out again as I never heard from the first time.
Yes - tech support should be able to help

you with that.  When I switched from MQ to MDI, the tech at MDI converted my files so that I could transfer them.  If you have an MQ computer, I would suggest holding off on turning in a resignation with MQ until you have started at your new place and have a chance to get your files converted. 

Also, in regard to your question above, DSG uses DQS and I think maybe Precyse.  Someone else asked that not long ago - might want to check a related posts search or archives. 

As far as working extra hours, it depends on whether you are employee status or IC/SE.  Most IC/SE will let you work as much as they have available, while employee status may not let you go over 40 hours because they'll have to pay OT.

Good luck.  Hope you get out of the Q soon.  I did and don't regret it once.

Thanks to both of you for the support. I *think* I am finally done with the Q...sm
after spending a productive day with potential employers.

I'm just afraid someone is going to pinch me and wake me up from my dream of finally escaping.

If you are using Spantel, it does not support it. nm
Tech Support
I would like to access this board as well. I don't have my log-in info yet and actually know very little. My pedal should be here today, and then I have to call to schedule an appt with tech support. I hope that I can get ShortHand from them.

Short on support
Questions/concerns often answered with one word or not at all. Three different supervisors/leads in a very short time.

The pleasant and friendly recruiter turned snarky as soon as she was asked *any* questions after the initial contacts. That should have been my warning :)

My QA contact was good - the best part of the company.

Pay didn't match invoice sometimes, but discrepancy was not significant - and pay was on time.

Fortunately I had another opportunity - this was definitely not a match for me. Perhaps you'll have better luck!

Note to person above: Not all experiences are the same; yours was/is good, mine was not.
Where should tech support come from?

Do you think IT support should come from the company you work for, or the account you are working on?

I had a problem over the weekend, could not sign in at all.  I contact tech support at the company, which is always what the lead says to do, and they emailed with with, XXX support desk, that was it!  No explaining why I needed to call them or anything, just those three words.

I have tried calling the account support directly before, its a total joke.  I just gave up and didn't even bother trying.

Personally, I believe the support should come from the company that you work for rather than the account you are working on since there may be more than one and I don't want to chase support people all over the planet.  It has been my experience also that when you contact the account you are treated like a complete idiot and a nuisance and for .0x cpl I really am not inclined to be treated that way!!!

Just wondering what everyones thoughts were on this.

Your job should support your life...
You life should not support your job. You should not have to get rid of your (dogs)family to work. My opinion though.
Moral support
I got offered a job at way more than I make now.  Thing is, I have to quit the current job completely.  I have worked there forever and a day and get paid on time for the most part.  However, the pay is dwindling.  I am trying to get past the uncertainty of it all.  What is the responsibility factor in quitting what you already know and jumping out into the unknown when the economy is soooo bad?  I need some moral support so I don't chicken out. 
moral support
Go for it whole hog. I did and don't regret it and have not looked back since. Work and the company are fantastic. People have a tendancy to give critism but not support. You CAN DO IT!!!!
Next generation won't need to support us-SM

The next generation won't need to support us because according to Obama's health care plan we will die earlier as they will be restricting medications, tests and procedures the older a person gets.


No Thanks, will not support anything AHDI is doing.

They haven't been worried about the American MT in years.  I used to be a member and a CMT, and was on the State Board of Directors of AAMT in my state.  Almost all the folks at the national level work for companies that offshore and most are Indian owned.  In fact, to be politically correct, most of them welcome the Indian MTs with open arms.  I saw this with my own eyes at several AAMT Annual Conferences.  They must be worried about losing their own jobs.  That's the only thing that could spark an interest of AHDI to suddenly try to save American jobs.  Sorry if I'm cynical, but I've been with 2 companies that were bought up by Indians and then I was out a job.  AAMT/AHDI didn't care then and I really doubt they care now.

VERY well said Tech Support!!

Wow - way to support a coworker

You have no heart!  How can you be so degrading to a fellow coworker...  are you a brown noser for Keystrokes or what?  The poor thing needs the 30 bucks - no one knows until we walk in another man's shoes what they have to deal with on this God's green Earth. 

The fair thing to have done would be for keystrokes to eat it and take it out the next pay after a fair warning has been given.  Geez.... that's all she meant by the post and I don't even work there.  But then again, these companies always seem to somehow get the muffin top and we get the muffin stub, huh? 

As far as pay goes, almost all companies will go ahead and pay out the money they owe their workers before the pay date if it falls on a weekend and not after the pay date which is just plain wrong...  bad mark on keystrokes... too bad, so sad....  all these MTSOs seem to be just alike...  never for the MT; just themselves.

Whatever. You obviously support greed,
The money all goes to support
the yacht.
It's a better place to work, IMO. The support is better too.
They are separate companies.
Not me. Call tech support
Stay away - maybe they have no tech support! LOL!
Transcend tech support - ???- sm
They are the absolute worst I've ever seen....probably why all the technical PC questions.  You won't get any support after hire, that's for sure - at least not within 6-24 hours of your problem!!!!