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Why should you apologize for your post?

Posted By: anon on 2008-02-25
In Reply to: Okay, excuse me for upsetting other people. Anyone who has SM - GaMT

Why are people crabbing about asking you to e mail? I thought the lunar eclipse was last week...but is there a full moon out there today? LOL

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I apologize ... that post has apparently

been deleted.  After posting above I went back to look at the post that I referred you to and I cannot find it.  It was posted either last night or this morning and there were several discussions concerning this. 

I apologize,..this post is INCORRECT...SM
this was incorrect information and i humbly apologize for any further postings below. you are correct...they are accountants. i ask forgiveness for anyone i have offended. i was offered a job by them and i could have sworn they said they were lawyers, not accountants. went back thru my stuff and you were were correct. i ask forgiveness of those that read here and i will be more cautious in my posts in the future, if i ever dare again.
I apologize for any discord my post may have caused.
Again, despite other claims, it was not my intention to stir up such a big argument or to cause harm to anyone (including the company), and at this point the argument isn't even about the issue anymore. It seems to have morphed into an entirely different argument about whether people have the right to post pros and cons about issues within a company and where to post them. I think people should be allowed to express themselves freely on this board (under the discretion of the administrator) no matter what side of the issue they may be on, especially if all avenues internally have been exhausted . I have no desire to rehash, reargue, redefend myself, or re-anything. I think people can make their own determinations from everything that has just transpired that bad feelings have come from both sides of the issues. I just want to apologize for my part in it.
Actually, I apologize; your post just rubbed me the wrong way. sm
I get so tired of coming here and seeing the high drama and the name-calling when an obviously content employee is called management or recruiting by someone who is unhappy.

Anyway, I do still wish you luck in finding something more to your taste. Personally I trust what my STM tells me; she hasn't lied to me yet and I don't see why she would start now.
I apologize if this sounds unkind, but it seems kind of cheesy to post sm

how great your company is and solicit referrals.  Perhaps you mean well -- I will certainly give you the benefit of the doubt.  But in my 30+ years of transcription, I have rarely found that it pans out to refer someone.  Granted, you say that the recruiter knows that you do not know these people and are just soliticiting the referral bucks, but it just sounds wrong for many reasons.  Heck, I have referred FRIENDS to companies I was happy with and either they hated the company and were mad at me (using the word mad loosely .. perhaps disappointed/whatever is a better choice) or they didn't measure up and the company was disappointed that I had referred such a person. 

Regardless, I am happy that you are happy where you are working.  THAT, for all of us, is the bottom line it would seem.  I want to have a home where I can just work and be happy for the rest of my working days, which will probably be until I'm 100, so I guess I had better make sure I AM happy! 

Good luck to all of us. 

Don't apologize
I was looking to see if you left an address. Good luck.
I do apologize

I took the fact that DRC was in California (I couldn't remember what town she said) and that it was a work from home company and just assumed....You are right, though, it's not the same company, and I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions.  She assured me they are certified with the AAMT (or whatever it's called! :) and they are legit. 

By the way, I got the job :) at 1-1/2 times what I am making now!!

I do apologize
Delete away.
I apologize...
....for my foul language; I'll refrain from using such offensive terms in the future. 
Don't apologize
Many of us have had these issues to deal with at certain times in our lives. Don't be sorry for coming on here to fellow MTs to vent. Worrying will not change things, of course. All you can do is your best. Are your bills paid? Is there food in your cupboards? If your needs are met, you're doing a lot better than some. I don't have much money at the end of my paycheck to put away, but all of our bills are paid and my kids' bellies are full, so I'm happy. Things do get tight, especially this time of the year, but it always seems to work out, and I will give credit for all of this to God. I have yet to see one promise He has made that has not been kept in our lives. Just keep doing your best!
I apologize (me), but
I have read a lot of posts and I do not know about which company you posted, but do agree that no one can guarantee work! I have read bad on both companies, but also good. Thanks, LOL.
I apologize

Getting ahead of myself and got misinformation.  *MDI-Maryland people are moving to Transcend as they are if they are ICs then they will remain so.*

I guess we are too early in the game....


Here, Here!, Welcome To, Although I don't apologize SM
for those who certainly wouldn't want me to, I enjoyed your description of the torch-bearing mob I've been imagining myself these past few days. :)
I apologize for the typos.
I guess I shouldn't try to type when I'm upset. 
Ok, I see your point. I apologize. (sm)
There was a point in my life where I had kids and a family to support and so it was more crucial at that time for me to have work always.  Now I can be more flexible about it.  Didn't mean to be mean.  Sorry.
Okay. I apologize. Didn't know
anyone was allowed to have Monday off. That's what I was told when I started. Good thing for you because you don't have to worry about Monday-after-the-end-of-the-pay-period.
No need to apologize for length!
I am hoping for logical thinking in-depth reasoning such as yours. :)
Glad you feel better and we apologize, but sm
Administrator requested we come here.

I'm just reading up on the new changes, not posting except here, just for you!! :-)

Thanks for letting us invade this board for a while. This won't last forever. Probably a few MQers will be coming here soon to use the board as it is intended -- to find a new company LOL.

That wasn't meant as a "dis" to MQ, just that from what I read, the new program might not work for some. I'm just going to roll with the punches and come here later if necessary...

Thanks again!
I stand corrected and apologize to OSi
And, love the red coffee cup and candy. 
I apologize if I sounded rude to you
It just gets my goat when somebody seems to show a lack of professionalism and others of us work so hard to try and be the best MT we can be, and are working very hard to support our families.  The attitude of working whenever I feel like it causes companies to overhire and then the reliable MTs don't have enough work.  I am truly not trying to be rude to you and I do apologize if I sound that way, but your attitude is detrimental to the other MTs and also to any company that might hire you.  I am sorry, but I still would never hire somebody with that kind of a work ethic. 
I TAKE IT BACK and apologize. Someone out there truly believes we are
worth something. I think we have all been taken so many times and have become so paranoid that people are taking advantage of our desperation and vulnerability, we sometimes forget to people there are people out there that still value us and not DE-value us. Apologies to Ms. Reed!!!! 
I apologize for the mess, I actually was stupid

You didn't do anything wrong to apologize for.
It is totally appropriate to want to discuss some sensitive career matters privately. If someone is uncomfortable in e-mailing you, then that is absolutely their choice, but no one should dictate to you how you can and cannot communicate. Anyway, hope you get the information you're seeking.
I misread what you wrote and apologize.
My response below was a result of my misunderstanding!

My apologies, MtMommyof2!

Apologize for the misinterpretation, but I DO have a life .. sm
and a very good one at that!     
fatcat, your "heard" was in the right place! No need to apologize! nm
My post should say the post above not the post below, Sheryl's post to be specific. nm
If you see a post that needs deletion, please post the link on the Monitor board and we'll

review it.  This way, requests for post deletions won't appear in the newsletter.



It's a "fishing" post. Same post a few days ago with numerous errors
You are not allowed to post their link on this site. Post
will be removed. It was up last night and post got removed.
Read Spherson's post below, who admits, in the post, they do pay it.
Peachy, your post is interesting, but my post now is irrelevent but
A few weeks ago I went to my clinic where they had recently implemented EHR or EMR, whichever you call it, and the doctor's back was to me the whole time he and I conversed because his nose was stuck in his laptop. To me, it felt a little more impersonal, but I understand he was doing what he had to do, but it seems like the bedside manner may go to the wayside if the doctors can't even look at you when they are asking you questions or you are speaking to him/her. I know this is relevant to your original post, but just an interesting fact that I had not anticipated. Anyone else experience this?
This is why I NEVER post my cpl. I'll post the range of
what the company pays, but NEVER what I make.  I know that I make more than probably 70% of the people there, because they know I produce a client ready report and that I can do anything they throw at me.   We don't have levels, but I guess if we did I'd be at the highest level.    Telling how much you make isn't so bad, but when people know what company you work for and then what you make that isn't a good combination.  The ONLY people I have ever discussed what I make with, are my husband and my MTSO owner.   Talking about your salary/pay is enough to get your fired in lots of companies. 
Post edited -- DO NOT POST NAMES. (SM)
If you continue to post names, e-mail addresses, or phone numbers on this website, you will be banned.
Your own post verifies other post about MTSO not
This post is in regard to the post w/ the heading below
Nothing is closed. Anyone free to post or not post.
One post was another "run" type of post and the
the recruiter. Once you are in with the company, the recruiter has nothing to do with you or your job. I want specifics about problems with THE JOB, not the recruiter.  Specifics such as no or late checks, line counts being messed up, no work, taking bennies away with no explanation. Things that matter, not the recruiter. 
everytime you post, where ever you post
unless you go through an anonymizer, your IP address can be traced back to you, even through the guises of this web site.  There are web sites you can find on the internet to do this for you, or if you are 18 years old and like to hack, it's an easy enough thing to do.
I post a pay range, DOE; however, most don't post..
I wish some MTs would start thinking about the business aspect of the industry.  For example, this is a public site, so go to Google or another search engine and type [the co's name] and per line, and voila! now everyone knows how much you pay your MTs.
Post removed, you can re-post.
Last post
No, after I read a followup yesterday that said there were apologies and answered Michelle, I realized that and someone said to just get back to work and they were right.. even an apology was too much, plus it would look like I was just tagging along after JMO, which is what you are accusing me of now.

I just didn't understand where the posts went, it was odd, and I wanted to reiterate some things (the point I mentioned earlier, about seeing BOTH sides), but I see it really doesn't matter WHAT I say, you've already made up your mind about me and my motivations without even knowing me. Why am I explaining myself to you? I dunno.

It doesn't matter. Good luck to you and don't worry, God will take care of/deal with me, and I ask him to bless you all too.:)

Would you please e-mail me at jcarros213@aol.com.  I "really" need information.  


This post should have gone under OP.
On Greenlight Transcription keep getting erased?!

mine got erased too..I asked a question about eTransPlus and now it's gone???

Above post
Oh my.....I didn't know Wal-Mart had "greaters". I thought they were greeters! I am sure they are hiring though so you should do well there.

Why don't you sign your posts? Are you also the one that said SoftScript is the worst? Wow....there a lot of worsts out there. Guess we will all starve.
Will you post when you do?

Are you a SS transcriptionist?  Will you post your acknowledgement of e-mail?

It gives YOU something to post about right?!
What else would you post about?! LOL
I like your post!!
To Can't Say: Regarding your post below about
Can you say which recruiter told you that Transcend was buying MQ?