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Pretty Amazing

Posted By: Geesch! on 2008-10-10
In Reply to: What an idiot this person is. Thinks he has all - OMG

I'm amazed at the lack of professionalism.  In looking back at past posting, this is not the first time management at SS had attacked posters on this board.  Like I said previously, this guy has sent me two very, very nasty emails, in addition to what he's posted here.  According to him, everything is wonderful at SS and every MT who says they had a bad experience are hallucinating.  Unbelievable!

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Amazing that someone wants to pay that well -
As well some of them should! I talked with several MTSO ladies recently, and they told me their contract with the hospitals and clinics they did was for from between 20-24 cents per 65-character count line. These were at different places around the country. Seems like a lot of profit to me?
its amazing to me why some MTs sm
think that THEY are the only ones who are owed a response from a recruiter. To me if a recruiter doesn't answer, they don't want you, move on! For whatever reason. I have almost 30 years experience, not every place I have applied to answers and I don't expect them to.

I do have concerns about MTs who say they have worked for many companies blah, blah, blah. Why are they working for many companies anyway? Sounds like job hopping to me and there is a lot of that in this business. Some MTs think that if one thing doesn't go their way, move on to the next company. Personally, I will not hire a job hopper no matter how good they are! It is not worth it. I will wait it out for someone with experience who has a stable work record.

Recruiter, just do what you need to do and ignore all of this nonsense. Obviously there are some egos that need to be stroked and MTs who can't stand it if that does not happen.

Now if it is a matter of scheduling an interview or start date and then not showing up by a recruiter or trainer that is a different story but that was not the question to begin with.

I have worked for two different companies in almost 30 years and one of the companies I just started. I don't feel anybody owes me anything I can exist on my own skills and if I send a resume with no answer I ignore it and go on. I can only say I had that happen one time and the rumor was the company had no work at the time. They did me a favor.

Ignore the idiots, you owe nothing to anyone!
I only graduated 4 months ago and have been working for a national since then. My QA is at 99.4-100% consistently. I do acute care all day long. It seems that some of these schools need to sit up and take notice if they are turning out such poor quality MTs. I went to Community College to get my MT education.
I quit working there almost 6 months ago because I had a feeling that this type of thing would be coming when SPI took over Cymed. All of the changes that were going on just did not seem right at all. Now I'm REALLY glad that I left when I did! Unbelievable.
Just had to follow up on this because, 2 years later, the US MTs still have tons of work to do and there are several hundred US MTs employed at Spheris. Considering that all the work was being sent to India and US MTs were being forced to quit or being laid off...wonder how this is possible?! This just goes to show you that some people overreact and get their undies in a wad over silly things and blow things way out of proportion. If everyone would just calm down and think rationally, sometimes they wouldn't end up making stupid choices.
Not amazing
It's the difference in gross lines and pages versus 65 cpl pay.  Thank AAMT or whatever they call themselves now.  Going to paint gourds.
Wow. Amazing. You are still trying your best
spinning it around and around in circles in an attempt to make it into something that supports your own false premises? Why do you keep repeating yourself on this and instead address some of her replies and the points she raised like why she stayed or the fact that you are the only one here who has hallucinated blame, misery and loss or your repeated pleas for someone, anyone to help you make sense of it all?

While you are at it, I would be interested to hear your answer to the the notions of pride, being part of the medical community, patient care or maybe one of the most important things you continue to avoid, which is the right for her or any of us to have a different definition of success and/or failure.

I have a question of my own for you. Just where in the devil do you get off being so outraged and condescending toward an MT who told a simple story and expressed an opinion about TTD? What in the world is it about that OP that has gotten you all worked up into such a lather? It's really not a pretty sight.
VR amazing on this end also
The time I started it was exactly the same way and yesterday mine was extremely good, picking up I would say at least 98-99% of all said. By the way, were you working for a company, hospital or just what. I know our place has been on for years now and am thinking some EMR is different from another kind.
May I just say..500 lph...is amazing! sm
That is absolutely wonderful, and although I do not work for MDI, I do know that the VR there is relatively new....for you to be achieving 500 lph is blowing me out of my chair right now. Congratulations (even though I am a tad jealous since I can only achieve approximately 300, and I have been doing it since last winter)! Keep up the good work...and share your tricks!
YES! It's amazing what you can find out there.
Some counties used to post bankruptcy records.  Most states have databases where you can search marriage and divorce records online; property records including title, taxes, value of home, and square footage of the dwelling; criminal records even for nonviolent offenders; obituaries; social security death index; professional licenses; assumed business name records; business licenses.  It's amazing that all that information is just out there to be seen.  I snooped on myself and there's quite a bit out there.  Scary.  That's not even to mention people's autopsy reports and police records that have been posted.  The general public does not need access to all that information.
Amazing. You are training ASR, and they cut your pay. nm.
It's amazing how you criticize MTs

for wanting *money in the bank*, and yet, you want the exact same thing for yourself.  As for the starving foreign MTs, I guess we must not have any starving Americans.  Your post makes me sick and my skin crawl.  You may not be losing any sleep now, but when the tide turns on you (and believe me it will) someday, don't expect any sympathy from your fellow Americans. 

It's pathetic MTSOs like yours that's making this country what it is.  It was your greed and others like you that caused the many problems this field has. 

It's amazing how much we do for free
these days, isn't it. In the old days, we were paid for EVERYTHING, templates, headers, footers, demos, etc... and even better with gross lines. Sigh :(
These posts are amazing
The word *need* was never used, the word *gimme, gimme* was never used.

It's a conversation about MT week because we are MTs.

Unbelievable. Must be fun to be around these naysayers.
wow, amazing and impressive!...nm
look at the whole package! their benefits are amazing.
They must have an amazing sales team!
I wanted to hear their pitch on how it was better to outsource to India rather than use a U.S. company. The sales team knew very well that the MT quality was poor. In fact, U.S. editors would receive phone calls from some of the sales team and they would 'scold' the editors and put the pressure on us. They were eventually told not to do that as some editors were very uncomfortable receiving personal phone calls from the sales team. Not a fun working environment at all.
Amazing how a little communication here and there helps. I wish they'd
That's the amazing thing about the internet...
you have the freedom and anonymity to claim anything you want and you don't have to prove and better yet, people believe you!
I have those days and hours. What's so amazing about it?
Question re: your amazing productivity
I have read a couple of posts now which stated that working with Chartscript decreased their productivity tremendously. In all my years as in the biz, Chartscript is all I've ever used and it makes me wonder if that is contributing to my lack of productivity. Also, I am interested as to where you can work to make the type of line count you have - I think I'd throw myself a party every day if I reached levels such as that!!
It's amazing what sort of goodies can come your way
Been there, done that, and just can't wait to do it again.

I ['heart'] the Labor Board!
Wow! I'm impressed. You NEVER have to use reference material? Amazing!
I don't work at Amphion but it's amazing that they expect
Isn't it amazing! It is kind of a brainwashing thing
It becomes so we don't even realize the mistreatment, and we end up apologizing for low pay checks to our bosses, etc. I wonder if they are laughing all the way to the bank... as an industry, we all need to remember that battering is a choice, however, the people who control the jobs are the ones who control our lives, and if we choose not to be battered, we may be out of luck! I just wish on the whole there would be a way to revamp the system, like some kind of regulation so that workers aren't so abused... what other profession is there where extremely intelligent and scientifically talented people are conned into believing they are worthless? I can't think of another... but at least knowing it isn't us is a nice validation that we are not crazy!
It's amazing to read this board and see how many rotten MT companies there are out there!
What the heck happened to this business!
It's amazing to read this board and see how many rotten MT companies there are out there!
Only if you believe what you read on this web site. Personally, I would not put one ounce of thought into what someone anonymously writes.
And you just started on DQS brand new account and make 260 lph. You are extremely amazing but to be
honest I dont believe you.
I have to agree here. Been in this biz for long time - amazing to see that every MT is owed somethi
Yes it is! I got mine today -- think it is great. I'm happy to be part of such an amazing compa

I feel like I have FINALLY found my home.  :-)

Must be pretty far SM
I've worked for them for 2 years and never a problem.
Pretty Bad
I have no interest in working for Keystrokes, but had to check out their new and improved benefit package. It is pretty bad unless you are unlucky enough to have a couple of deaths in the family.
You could say that about pretty much every co.
You know what they say about opinions...I have seen just about every major national company being asked about on these boards at one time or another and there are always people who will have negative things to say about them.  On the other hand, there are always people who will say positive things as well.  The only thing you can do is educate yourself about each company by going to their website and contacting the company directly to get answers.  Otherwise, it's all a lot of hearsay. JMO
I appreciate that!! I am pretty used to getting
flamed for not-so-positive comments so you are a breath of fresh air!! I hope they work out for you, I really do. I was one who loved Spheris until, well, I guess I should not say, but I hated MQ, so I guess we have both BTDT. Good luck to you, too:) I really think I have found mine with this company that just hired me. Sure hope so:)
That's pretty bad...
most editors I know make way more than that.
Most of them do, I am pretty sure.
They pretty much
change things to suit themselves....  not the mt
Pretty sure they do, I have seen their
banner across a board....
Pretty much par for this course, it seems. nm
Pretty much
It is very difficult to go after foreign entities due to cost and resources. I won't work for one ever. This is why many con artists in different countries get away with it. There is not much we can do.
Pretty sure
for some reasons with all the new accounts for administrative reasons they felt easier to catagorize that way.  It is all one company and everything is the same.  Only the accounts are designated 1 and 2. 
Thanks, that's pretty much what
I am getting from everyone I ask.  I just thought with them being as big as they are maybe they would have better benefits and a better rep.  Thanks!
I'm pretty new
at TT myself. I've only been there a few months, but I'm very happy working for them. Have any of you asked to be taken off an account and given a different one? There are times when I really struggle with my account, and I wonder what would happen if I asked for a different one? I'm a little nervous though...what if the newer account is more of a struggle? I would be anxious about learning a new account too. Sigh. Any thoughts? Thanks!
i think that is pretty low
look elsewhere. did you try looking for jobs on mtdaily.com  they have many legitimate firms looking for workers.
Pretty please.
I am pretty sure you do
need a USB.
I think I pretty much said it all, but if you have
specific questions you can e-mail me. 
Im pretty sure this is it. SM
Seems pretty low to me. NM

SE and IC are pretty much the same - sm
The only difference is with SE you get part of the tax paid, whereas IC you pay it all.  You have no benefits with an SE status except being able to set when you want to work, that's it.  You do get to have the same tax deductions with the SE as an IC would have too.
It has been pretty low for at least the last 3
months at my company.  Some accounts will dump a bunch of work on Saturday and then we have OT for 2 days, and then not enough work during the week.  We do get paid for downtime though, so it isn't as bad as most have it.