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tsk, tsk, tsk..teaching your children to lie and cheat..nice..NOT

Posted By: my 2 cents on 2006-03-24
In Reply to: deductions - Patti

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I was trying to be nice. Even to children like you

I was only asking an honest question.

I didn't realize there were children posting on this board.

My son is only 15, but he is fortunate enough to have parents that want to help him so that he will not end up being an eternal bitter child, such as those whose parents obviously haven't bothered to realize that there was a possibilty of their child becoming a total waste of time.

And speaking of wasting time, I'm doing just that. And you should be going upstairs to check on your parents.

I do this job with young children around and neither my job nor children have suffered...
It can be done...
why your men cheat
they cheat because you expect it as "it's in their nature."  You must not require more from them.  I mean it's like a dog (not being funny).  If you expect that they will pee in the house and train them to go out, that is what they will do.  If you don't have any standards as to how you want to be treated and what lines they cannot cross, then you will get the bottom of the barrell and be treated badly.  You need to have some self-value and make it known from the beginning what is expected and follow through.
I can certainly see why YOUR man would cheat

I certainly would if I was married to you.

Get over the bitterness and GROW THE "H" UP ALREADY!!!   

I'm not trying to cheat either

I just want to be able to eat 2000 calories a day but only have 900 of those calories actually go in my own body and have my husband take the remaining 1100 calories in his body since he's so skinny.  Is that cheating?

I know men cheat, its in their nature. I'm just saying
  They don't commit either, and when we get cheated on or rejected it hurts and its just difficult.  I wish they weren't like that, always wanting to go after something younger, better or sexier, but yes thats the way it goes.  Its awful.  Women get the short end of the stick in just about everything.  I'm not saying there are no good men out there, but for the most part, I just cannot ever trust one or give up my life for one ever again.  Its sad.  Guys can find committment and love easily but we women have to claw, grip and lose our minds to find it and hold on to it. 
can you cheat and make sm
the stuff you want to stay put as a "header", and that way it's unaffected by the centering of the rest of the document?

Or will someone see that and have a problem with it?

I mean, just do that until you can figure out something else, or until someone more brilliant than my good self comes along ;-)

I'll give it some more thought.

If I read this right, you only want PART of this document centered vertically on the page, right? Just a decorative letterhead? I mean, to me, like I said, I'd just set that up as a header and not give it a second thought. If I'm misunderstanding what you are saying, let me know.

HTH :-)
I wouldn't help someone cheat on a test. sm
If she can't pass on her own, how will she do the actual work?
You're a jerk and a cheat. and a disgrace to MT field. nm
You are too funny with the MEN CHEAT post. I had to call my
He's working out of state (isn't that just handy?). He was NOT amused because, of course, HE CHEATS! I am not 100% certain, but he's a lying, dishonest, deceitful person whom I have no trust in whatsoever. He REALLY didn't like your solution to the problem...hee, hee. I DID! It does hurt, though, no matter what. MEN DO NOT HAVE TO CHEAT--it is a CHOICE.  I don't trust any of them anymore.
don't cheat yourself out a really good experience just because of fear...sm
I went to Africa in January to volunteer in a medical clinic for 18 days. Talk about leaving your comfort zone. There were two nights in particular where I really, really, really wished I wasn't there.  But turned out to be a profoundly life changing experience. The word is "feel the fear but do it anyway."
the majority cheat..those who don't usually find the value in being an employee.

And the CEOs keep finding new ways to cheat and bonuse themselves.
while keeping MTs from making any money at all.  We are the ones who pay for the bonuses for CEOs, lawsuits and bad business decisions.
Considering past billing problems, why cheat anyone out of even 2 cents? nm
They dont need to cheat now since they have lowered all the lines pay and will probably push like
crazy now to get everything they can on ASR.
Sick of slow systems that cheat you out of lines!

I am just so sick and tired of going to the trouble of testing and listening to recruiters tell you how wonderful the company is to work for only to learn later that the system is slower than molasses, has a sub-rate spell checker and knocks you off after each report you transcribe.  I haven’t come across a user friendly platform yet.  My current job cheated me out of 63 lines the other week and the new job I just started says in the contract they pay for spaces.  I checked the numbers and used my own line counting software – guess what . . . screwed again.  Are there any small companies left in the world, which allow you type in Word and pay on time? 

Do not cheat you chose to retire earlly deal with it
That is part of the problem everyone wants everything.  If you took early retirement, stay retired. Do no try to go around the system or the rules.  If everyone pays their full share it is fair.   But when you try to cheat hopefully it will come back and bite you as we do not need this .  Everyone needs to pay taxes on their income whether it is IC or employee.  If everyone pays their share it is fair. You chose early retirement, deal with it.
I am well aware of that - just angry that parents teach their kids to cheat! nm
How nice is this keyboard? Nice light touch?
I have a regular Microsoft ergonomic one now but I'm thinking I should probably get a replacement and use mine as a backup. 
Thats why im getting into the teaching GIG
I am not currently teaching.

Perhaps I will teach again someday, but as I stated, I am now at home with my children and would like to do something at home.  The grass is always greener on the other side.  Teaching can be great, but it can also be horribly exhausting and emotionally draining.  Also, the schedule is inflexible to the extreme, and I am just not ready to jump back into that right now. 

I appreciate any advice about how to get back into transcription, as that is what I have decided to do. 


RE: Teaching Hospital
I am the transcription supervisor at a teaching hospital and the residents are so long, especially family practice docs. They can go on and on and they are foreign, all of them. This makes it especially hard, but that is all we get. The Americans are going into specialty services such as Surgery, GYN, etc..
Teaching hospital

I'm on a teaching hospital account it is THE most interesting, challenging work I have ever had.  Maybe ask if you can be on a different account?  

I'd say stick with teaching.
This is not an industry I'd recommend anyone to enter anew for so many reasons:

1. Inconsistent pay and work available.

2. No respect from employers who lie to us and treat us like second class citizens. Slavery went out in the Lincoln administration, people.

3. No respect from people whom I tell what I do for a living.

4. No future in this job. Voice recognition and outsourcing are putting it in the same category of obsolete occupations as the blacksmith.

Be glad you have a career to fall back on in case the MT one doesn't pan out, but I sure wouldn't put any money into learning how to do something that's going to cease to exist in the next decade.
Former MTs Teaching English
I heard that too. its in the newpaper last week, they will be looking for teacher. Man, this board is really updated.
Is it possible that teaching can be outsourced?
the date is 2014, It a nice day. You drop off your kids to public school to for them to watch a huge plasma screen that has a teacher in it. And guess what... Its via Satellite, from India. Im getting goosebumps.... Arg. Its also outsourced. Oh im having a nightmare. I hope its its just a nightmare.
Just 1 in 12 yrs. 1 other was teaching hosp, I was
one department's Transcriptionist for 2 years.
Going into QA, getting a supervisor job or MT teaching job... SM

is easier said than done.  A lot of times, transcription supervisors at a hospital are required to be an RHIT, in the old days it was an ART.  Took me forever to break into QA.  A lot of companies hire you as an MT and tell you they promote from within.  And teaching jobs are even tougher to find, they are few and far between.

You best bet, if you choose to stay in the MT business, is to strike out on your own.  Start your own online school and charge MTs $1200 or more a pop.  Or start your own MT business, but it's hard to do that with the monster services out there buying up every little guy they can sink their claws into.

I've decided coding is the best avenue for me and that's what I've been studying on my own, but it's taking forever because their so much to absorb, not to mention up to date books are MUST in coding and the books are $100 (ICD-9-CM and CPT) and that doesn't include HCPCS book.  And if you don't buy the new books every year, you can't pass the test.  So I'm trying to do it on my own without paying another school for another education that might end up outsourced overseas anyway.


You said have experience in teaching
transcription and medical terms but have you actually done the transcription yourself, not just the teaching part?
IMO, BOS made as teaching aid for when they
Why work for a co who is teaching sm
people in Barbados how to do MT so they can compete with us too?  No thanks.
Whatever they're teaching them
So far as I know the term "basic four" didn't come along until the advent of MTSOs.  I think it is far more important that students learn how to actually DO history/physicals, ops, discharge summaries and consults than to know that they are sometimes called "basic four" or they might be labeled as "acute care" which is the same thing.  I have personally never been asked if I could do "basic four"  or "acute care" in an interview.  They have always asked me what experience I have.    My standard answer, "send it to me and I can do it," whereupon I expound as appropriate regarding my experience and answer questions as asked.  Again, I have never been asked anything about "basic four."
Teaching hospitals & residents...
I work for a very large university hospital account and hate how long-winded some of these residents can be! Argh! Especially 1st year - just a plain chest xray turns into a thesis! And the attendings aren't much better - they love to "teach" on my time! What is your preference - teaching hospitals (which admittedly are great teaching grounds for MT's) or regular, plain old boring regular hospitals? These residents make me want to........
RE: Teaching hospitals & residents...
Teaching hospitals.
How funny; I'm going from transcription to teaching soon!
I already have my teaching certificate, just need to get out there and teach.  Been doing MT for about 10 years now, so I can stay home with my kids.  It's been nice, but I really need the retirement and other bennies that teaching will provide. 
Teaching MT at an unethical school....sm

It was a private school that once students enrolled for any programs they would basically lie to them and never would fail anyone.  If a student failed a test the instructors were told to give them the same test again, after reviewing the test questions and answers prior to giving them the 2nd test.  Honest to goodness 1st graders have it harder than that!  The icing on the cake was when I told my students the reality of what to expect for pay scales after graduation.  The school had enrolled everyone with the "you'll be making $60-80k after graduation" crap.  I lasted exactly 2 weeks there before I quit over their unethical behavior. 

Depends on which grade you will be teaching, but
Another thing about teaching hospitals
is that you will see things there that you might not see at your 90-bed facilities.

These hospitals do everything and if I were you, I would just wait and see. I think you will find that the experience alone will be invaluable to you.

I know MTs who have been MTs forever that have never had the experience of a teaching hospital and are limited in the surgeries that they have transcribed.

Congratulations on your new job.
This has jumped from "mentoring" to teaching....sm
Starting a school would be the last thing I would want to do.  I have thought about simple "mentoring," not all the other hassels.  I think the original poster means that also but maybe as an employee.  I would want to do it on my own just for a few people at a time.  As I said before....not big bucks.....
I think teaching pre-teens how to do laundry

I think 10-12 year olds can help do some laundry - it helps them develop a work ethic and shows them that if they go out on their own, what they will have to do....well, the ones who don't continually bring their laundry back to their mothers.  *LOL*  AND they love eaning $$$ - it's a great way, instead of *tossing* allowances at them.....chores/laundry/etc. = few dollars in their little pockets *S*

It's all about deals and contracts w/kids I think....and I'm a pro...on the subject, as I have some....*lol*

Your exactly correct, schools are teaching (sm)
My 8th grader has to do 1 space after periods in all typed reports for school, that is what they teach for formatting typed documents now.

Also, I am in nursing school and we follow APA format, which also specifies 1 space after a period.

2 is definitely not the way things will be soon, so hold onto it if you can for now.

I still do 2 spaces for work because I get paid for spaces and those spaces do add up to $$.
I would advise you to continue teaching! nm
teaching dictators to dictate better
Exactly! But where is the motivation for them to do so? Yes, if you point out to them that they could be spending less time dictating and more efficiently whereby freeing them up to do patient care, maybe they'd listen. Certainly, if it hit them in the pocket there would be motivation to improve. For instance, if really, really, notoriously bad dictators were charged higher rates there would be big incentive to get/teach the providers how to use the equipment and how to dictate better. Money is a strong motivator!

I think about how there is going to be greater and greater emphasis on reducing costs of providing medical care. There's a huge opportunity for clinics/doctors/hospitals to improve and become much more efficient with transcribing. And who better to train them than us!!
I was nice today, and people were nice to me.
If you steer away from the nastiness, there are a few nice and encouraging posts in there. 
I have one now where we CAP, bold and underline them (teaching hospital) -
and on one I used to only capa and bold. Everyone is different.
275-310 lph - one account-large teaching hospital
Hmm. My account (huge teaching hospital) has it, and
I still think the healthcare game is in for a huge shakeup in the not-too-distant future. Quality and confidentiality of medical records will be part of the picture when it finally all gets examined under the new government's microscope. And I don't think they're going to like what they see one bit. If the general population finds out how shoddy their records (and affected health care) are, you better believe some U-no-wat is gonna hit the fan.
I guess teaching took away your sense of humor
That WAS advice. The MT industry STINKS right now.
I wonder if CS is ALSO teaching Coding to India & other countries?
I know they teach MT to India and other countries, the latest one being Jamaica.

Yet they still take money from US students, even though they are training overseas to help them take more jobs away.
Philadelphia - $25 per hour at a large teaching hospital. nm
The MTSO should be compensating you if you're teaching people!
And if they won't, then I'd politely refer their questions to the MTSO. And the email request is perfectly reasonable, IMO.

It's been my experience as a lead MT and trainer over the years that some people just would rather have somebody give them fish rather than learn to do it themselves. When I got that "vibe" from somebody I promptly handed them their fishing pole and bait and refused to give them any more fish, if you know what I mean!