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A good place to get reasonable, objective info regarding ADHD is CHADD

Posted By: MT2RN on 2006-04-15
In Reply to: My 4 yo is having trouble. - Lynn

just keep it in mind for the future. www.chad.org. Also there are some informative videos at coolnurse.com. About 10 videos regarding ADHD. you will have do a search on the site but it's worth it. If it's in her father's family it could be possible that she has it, and if so, you needed to get educated about it and be her advocate. School systems respond very well to confident, well prepared parents who come in to meet for a plan that allows for reasonable accomodations. I've been doing it for years.

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There are at least three objective tests now to show ADHD objectively...sm
PET scans, TOVA, quantitative EEG's and the UK just came up with a new one that has to do with the eye following a red light. So much for your bull theory. Maybe you should get out the chair once in a while.
Any suggestions on a good Vacuum at a reasonable price?
I would love to have a Dyson but they are a little over my budget.  Thanks!
Subjectve, Objective, Assessment, Plan. nm
Where is a good place to

I am looking at IC jobs and most require Word 2000 or above.  I have a Dell computer and it came with WP.   I need the full version, not an upgrade.  Does anyone know of any deals online?  or is it best to go somewhere like Staples?



It's a format, Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan. - nm
DSG is NOT a good place at all!! Stay away please
MQ was a good place to work
I have been with them for 6 years and before that with another company. I have been extremely happy working for MQ; but too many things are changing and it is a very uncomfortable feeling. I wish I still had my old office to work from but unfortunately I have no say.

I might be checking out the grass on the other side to see if it is really any greener. What do I have to lose? I am no longer happy.

I wish you well and hopefully your office won't be closed and you are transferred into unfamilar territory.
Need a good place to get ink cartridges.
I have been ordering my HP ink cartridges for Office Depot.  The expense is getting out of hand, and the ink does not last any time at all.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Walmart seems to be higher than Office Depot.  I have gotten burned before ordering from some place online.  The cartridges were an off brand, and although they said they would, they would not work in our printers. 
Where's a good place to find curtains?
My new office is ready to paint and decorate, so I want to get everything ordered.  They didn't have anything I liked at eBay, K-Mart or Shopko.  Any ideas?
Be very careful!!! Does not sound like a good place to go. nm


Any MTSO find a good place for their own website?

I recently received a quote for a local web design company, and it was close to $1,000! I don't have that kind of money. I would just like somewhere to tell a little bit about myself and the services I offer to Physicians.



Very nice around there. Good place to chill, hmm, mentally that
Not a sightseeing place but for a good lobster meal, sm
Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier, Kittery Point, ME.

You bring your own cocktails, appetizers, tablecloth. It is creekside, very casual, parts are open air and parts under a tent. You pick your lobster, they cook and bring to your table. Just fabulous, just get there early because parking is limited.

New Hampshire, there is no sales tax on liquor.

Just driving up the coast of Maine is fabulous.

Have fun!
Good place to search for doctor names?
Sounds like a good place, where you work! BTW: the other 2 posts are not mine
Somebody is cloning my username now and posting. Guess on a board like this anyone can troll. So, I guess I will change my username again, so as not to be taken the wrong way. Wow, people really have a lot of time on their hands!
Gotta find a good place to live. My kids play outside.

They know to come in when the street lights flicker on.

Strength in numbers though. I'd never let one of my kids go to the playground on the next street over by themselves, but my parents never let any of us wander off too far by ourselves either. It was always with a bunch of other kids.

It is only easy if everything falls into place, i.e. good docs, repetition, macros/expander -sm
This is not the norm. I average 130-175 lph, so it would take me a bit longer than 3 hours to make $100 (I am only PT now so I don't make much more than $50 a day) , and as she would be starting out fresh at a new job, probably with a national doing nothing but ESL the odds are she won't be making $100 in 3 hours.
Okay, Thanks for all the good info
I am so glad I checked the chat line here before I quit for the day. Thanks for all the helpful info. I think the major problem with MQ and the employees and why so many are so upset is that they leave us in the dark so much. Plus, every office seems to operate by a different formula, which gets some people understandably upset. AND, MTing as a career is definitely NOT what it used to be, meaning a respected, good paying career. With nationalization, the pay has decreased, there is offshoring, which MQ participates in, AND, most of all, we all seem to be no more than an employee number now instead of a valued employee! Hey! I'd better get down from my soap box and go join the family before hitting the sack! Thanks again.
Looking for Info, good or bad, regarding
TC Transcription out of Florida.  Taking on a second position with them and wondering if anybody has had any experience with them.  Good and bad appreciated, if any.  I posted on the company board but did not get any response (that could be good or bad).
THANK YOU! You have given me some good info!
I was just looking for information and not just opinions. Your post was very helpful. Thank you again!
Good info - Thank you! (nm)
really? Good info, thanks.....sm
Thanks :) -  I do have great skin and told I look 15 years younger than I am...*LOL* - I like hearing that
good info - thanks !

thanks to all of you for the good info!
I appreciate you taking the time to give me the tips!  Now if I can just get used to the fact I will have an empty nest
boss this to me the other day and really has a lot of good info; sm
cancer classifications

stage and grade
Lowercase stage and grade.

Use roman numerals for cancer stages. For subdivisions of cancer stages, add capital letters on the line and arabic suffixes, without internal spaces or hyphens.

stage 0 (indicates carcinoma in situ)
stage I, stage IA
stage II, stage II3
stage III
stage IV, stage IVB

Use arabic numerals for grades.

grade 1
grade 2
grade 3
grade 4

Staging system for colon cancer from the least involvement at stage A and B1 through the most extensive involvement at stage D.

The patient's Aster-Coller B2 lesion extends through the entire thickness of the colon wall, with no involvement of nearby nodes.

Broders index
Classification of aggressiveness of tumor malignancy developed in the 1920s by AC Broders. Reported as grade 1 (most differentiation and best prognosis) through grade 4 (least differentiation and poorest prognosis).

Lowercase grade; use arabic numerals.

Broders grade 3

cervical cytology
Three different systems are currently in use for cervical cytology: the Papanicolaou test (Pap smear), the CIN classification system, and the Bethesda system.

The Papanicolaou test uses roman numerals to classify cervical cytology samples from class I (within normal limits) through class V (carcinoma).

CIN is an acronym for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and is expressed with arabic numerals from grade 1 (least severe) to grade 3 (most severe). Place a hyphen between CIN and the numeral.

CIN-1,CIN-2, CIN-3
or CIN grade 1, CIN grade 2, CIN grade 3

A cervical cytology sample that is within normal limits in the Bethesda system corresponds with a Pap class I or II; Bethesda's atypical squamous cell of undetermined significance (ASCUS) corresponds with Pap class III; Bethesda's low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (LGSIL) corresponds with Pap class III and CIN grade 1; and Bethesda's high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (HGSIL) corresponds with Pap classes III and IV and CIN grades 2 and 3. In the Bethesda system, the next higher level is labeled simply "carcinoma," corresponding with Pap class V and with "carcinoma" in the CIN system.

Clark level
Describes invasion level of primary malignant melanoma of the skin from the epidermis.

Use roman numerals I (least deep) to IV (deepest). Lowercase level.

Clark level I into underlying papillary dermis
Clark level II to junction of papillary and reticular dermis
Clark level III into reticular dermis
Clark level IV into the subcutaneous fat

Dukes classification
Named for British pathologist Cuthbert E. Dukes (1890-1977). Classifies extent of operable adenocarcinoma of the colon or rectum.

Do not use an apostrophe before or after the s. Follow Dukes with capital letter.

Dukes A confined to mucosa
Dukes B extending into the muscularis mucosae
Dukes C extending through the bowel wall, with
metastasis to lymph nodes

When the Dukes classification is further defined by numbers, use arabic numerals on the same line with the letter, with no space between.

Dukes C2

FAB classification
French-American-British morphologic classification system for acute nonlymphoid leukemia.

Express with capital M followed by arabic numeral (1 through 6); do not space between the M and the numeral.

M1 myeloblastic, no differentiation
M2 myeloblastic, differentiation
M3 promyelocytic
M4 myelomonocytic
M5 monocytic
M6 erythroleukemia

FAB staging of carcinoma utilizes TNM classification of malignant tumors

See: (TNM staging below).

FAB T1 N1 M0

FIGO staging
Federation Internationale DE Gynécologie et Obstétrique system for staging gynecologic malignancy, particularly carcinomas of the ovary. Expressed as stage I (least severe) to stage IV (most severe), with subdivisions within each stage (a, b, c).

Lowercase stage, and use roman numerals. Use lowercase letters to indicate subdivisions within a stage.

Diagnosis: Ovarian carcinoma, FIGO stage IIc.

Gleason tumor grade
Also known as Gleason score. The system scores or grades the prognosis for adenocarcinoma of the prostate, with a scale of 1 through 5 for each dominant and secondary pattern; these are then totaled for the score. The higher the score, the poorer the prognosis.

Lowercase grade or score, and use arabic numerals.

Diagnosis: Adenocarcinoma of prostate, Gleason score 8.
Gleason score 3 + 2 = 5.
Gleason 3 + 3 with a total score of 6.

Jewett classification of bladder carcinoma
Use capitals as follows:

O in situ (Note: this is the letter O, not a zero)
A involving submucosa
B involving muscle
C involving surrounding tissue
D involving distant sites

Diagnosis: Bladder carcinoma, Jewett class B.

Karnofsky rating scale, Karnofsky status
Scale for rating performance status of patients with malignant neoplasms.

Use arabic numerals: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100. (Normal is 100, moribund is 10.)

TNM staging system for malignant tumors
System for staging malignant tumors, developed by the American Joint Committee on Cancer and the Union Internationale Contre le Cancer.

T tumor size or involvement
N regional lymph node involvement
M extent of metastasis

Write TNM expressions with arabic numerals on the line and a space after each number.

T2 N1 M1
T4 N3 M1

Letters and symbols following the letters T, N, and M:

X means assessment cannot be done.
0 (zero) indicates no evidence found.
Numbers indicate increasing evidence of the characteristics represented by those letters.
Tis indicates tumor in situ.
Tis N0 M0

The TNM system criteria for defining cancer stages vary according to the type of cancer. Thus a stage II cancer of one type may be defined as T1 N0 M0, while one of another type may be defined as T2 N1 M0.

Staging indicators are used along with TNM criteria to define cancers and assess stages. These are expressed with capital letters and arabic numerals.

grade GX, G1, G2, G3, G4
host performance H0, H1, H2, H3, H4
lymphatic invasion LX, L0, L1, L2
residual tumor RX, R0, R1, R2
scleral invasion SX, S0, S1, S2
venous invasion VX, V0, V1, V2

Lowercase prefixes on the line with TNM and other symbols indicate criteria used to describe and stage the tumor, e.g., cTNM, aT2.

letter determining criteria
a autopsy staging
c clinical classification
P pathological classification
r retreatment classification
y, yp classification during or following treatment with multiple

The suffix (m) (in parentheses) indicates the presence of multiple primary tumors in a single site. Other suffixes may be used, such as the following in the nasopharynx:

T2a nasopharyngeal tumor extending to soft
tissues of oropharynx and/or nasal fossa
without parapharyngeal extension
T2b nasopharyngeal tumor extending to soft
tissues of oropharynx and/or nasal fossa
with parapharyngeal extension

Good info here. As for the mail........sm
I just write "refused" on the envelope and put it right back into the mail. It may take a couple of times for them to get the message, but they will take you off their list if you do this.
any info good or bad would be appreciated

on JLG and All Type. Speaking with one, actual offer from the other but not sure about either. Concern for more is flexibility which they both promise, but I heard that one before.

Lots of good info Ace...Thanks. NM
just need a few good pieces of info
from what i understand, name, address, ph#, esp w/SS#, birth date, maiden name .... everyone should definitely educate themselves about this, as its very widespread now.
surgical equipment info is good
Some good info! Would you mind another question?
Do you know what causes the discrepancies in character counts between Word and Dictaphone (specifically ExText)?  I have been wondering about this for a while. The line count at my company is 65 characters including spaces.  TIA
any bit of info is good to know; ignore the post below
Good cardiology info site?
I don't think you'll get a good answer from the info...
you provided. It varies too much from location to location.

I've seen some MTs on here that say inhouse in their area make less than $10 an hour. Our local starts newbies (providing they pass the tests) at $16.79 an hour.
Our son had a tough time in kindergarten that they labeled as behavior problems, not true, the teacher told me he did well in cleaning the classroom, but horrible time doing his tasks, well that should have turned the light on. Luckily, I have a special needs teacher who is my sister and a speech pathologist who is my sister also. They set up a meeting that we went to for my children with the teachers, got an IEP and got him all of the resource room and extra help he needed. He is on Adderall now, in college and still procrastinates, but is a good kid and not into any trouble. Our other son was reading in the 5th grade at a 2nd grade level and the other town we moved to thought that was okay, so another IEP, the school had to hire a tutor that came to our house during the summer and he was receiving resource room help here also. Some of these teachers cannot be bothered with ADHD because, they don't want to take the time or they think they don't have the "budget" for it. My sister told the head of special needs she did not want to hear the words "no money in the budget" again, because she knows the laws. Get the IEP and they have to by law work with your child. I even was told by a teacher "you don't want to get an IEP or services", it is a waste of time, how wrong that person was. Fight for everything for your child. Americans with Disabilities Act will inform you and if necessary will get you a liaison person to go to these meetings with you. My sons were tested in the school system and also outside and the schools had to pay. Good luck, but get your IEP it is your right as a parent.
I transcribe for two psych's that do 90% ADD/ADHD consults for schools, etc.  There are a lot of "natural" supplements and other recommendations that can be used and made before the trial of a stimulant medication is used.   Especially at that early age.  I also have two nephews that went to one of my docs and both have been on medication and it made the difference between D's and fighting about getting things done to B to A's with getting the work done with no struggle.  One went off when he went to high scholl the other is still on in the eighth grade.  But again testing is the only way to go before doing anything and pick a specialist in that area.  Good luck, again my docs try the natural supplement, LOTS, LOTS of exercise especially across the middle, book called Brain Gym, calcium/magnesium to help sleep, etc.  But again get testing you will feel better knowing that what you are treating.  If your child had diabetes or thyroid problems you wouldn't feel bad about changing diet and exercise and taking some medication if necessary -- true in this case also.    Good luck.  Find a good psychologist/psychiatrist.   Patti

It is just absolutely amazing how many people do not understand ADD/ADHD and how it affects your work.  Our son was told in Kindergarten he had a behavior problem, had him tested and he certainly had ADHD.  The concentration on school work was the most difficult.  You need to get your hubby a book about ADD/ADHD and have him read it.  I went to a seminar about this, by a doctor, last name is Holloway I believe.  I learned so much to help my son.  He could not concentrate, was depressed, had no friends.  After medication trials (the other person is right, meds take 3-4 weeks to show any benefit), he has gone from a D student in college to getting A's and B's, studying criminal justice.  I helped my son as much as possible, never yelled at him.  He would start many projects and finish few.    You do need support from your husband. Give your meds another three weeks.  The expense of gas is probably why your husband is not supportive.  But, if you cannot do the commuting, then find another job working at home.  Get into a routine and schedule and stick to it.   I bet you will do just fine.  You just need encouragment.  Yelling and cursing at you will not help.    Do find a book on line or at a store for your husband to read though about ADD/ADHD, maybe it will sink in and help you too.  Good luck.







Need some good oncology sites. Any info appreciated. nm
It's the only place I have ever lived.. Great place to retire or raise a family. Low crime rate e
living is pretty easy here. Low stress..
ADHD is real! sm
I cannot believe as a teacher and an MT that you think ADHD is bull. I happen to have 2 children who have ADHD. When they were both in kindergarten and could not sit still for even 5 minutes at a time, I told myself, "They're just 5." However, each year, it was the same thing. My children happen to have been seen by at least 6 different physicians, facilities, specialists, psychiatrists, pychologists (as I tried everything to not put them on medicine). They all kept telling me the same thing. Now, I have 2 straight-A students who can stay in their seats and pay attention and get their work done. Yes, I believe it is WAY overdiagnosed; however, I do not believe it is bull. When my daughter was 9 years old, if she did not have her meds for a day, she would need anywhere from 20 to 30 reminders per day to get back to work and pay attention. JMO. No flames intended!
ADHD diagnosis
When our son was having trouble in school, we brought him to an expert in the field of ADHD, and after hours of testing he made the diagnosis, and, then after that got an IEP at the school. Every state is different in their different programs, but they all have to provide help for children with special needs. Our son was at a college at another state, they had his IEP and went there for two years, came back home and is at another local college and they told him he never should have had a full load of classes and he is given extra time for testing, etc. The school system should have a special needs department, like they do here in my state and you can contact them about extra help for autism, learning disabilities, etc. It makes a big difference in getting the kids all the help they need to succeed and not fail in any of the schools. Also, I believe the Americans with Disabilities web site can help also.
Bells palsy and chronic headaches? Does anyone have any good info or help out there? sm

Unfortunately, I have had Bells palsy for the past 8 years. I got it while pregnant and had a pretty severe case. I was extremely sick with that pregnancy and then ended up with the Bells palsy. In fact, my baby quit growing after I got the Bells palsy! Thank God I was about 32 weeks when I got it. Anyway, over time the symptoms have not been as bad. For the most part to look at me you couldnt tell I had the Bells--until I smiled at you. Then, of course, you would know it. I have regained some use of muscles, but not all. I have been able to get my eye to close, but it is not tight, so I still battle with dry eye every night/morning. My forehead has been completely "dead" since this happened. Even electric stim could not move the muscle! Whenever I get a headache it always seems to settle on the dead part of my forehead. My headaches have been increasing lately, and currently I have had a headache for five days! I have tried Advil, Tylenol and Excedrin Migraine with no relief. My neurologist cant see me until January since I havent been to him for years. I can not afford an MRI right now and have no desire to start taking any type of pain med. Does anyone have any experience with Bells or have any ideas. I was wondering if a TENS unit might help. I have been reading about that on the internet. Sorry this is so long. Thank you for any help. As you can imagine, I am having a very hard time working all day at my computer with this!

do a google search-were many hits and should find good info--nm
Do an archive search - good info posted a few weeks ago.
My son is also ADHD, but we brought him home

in third grade and he is now in 10th.  He is no longer medicated.  He was in therapy for 2 years because he was bullied, had horrendous teachers, and had low self-esteem because of various school issues.   He came home 3 days after starting K saying his teacher yelled at the kids.  I should have taken him out then, but didn't think I could do it.  I fought the system for so long and continue to fight it today as I help other parents advocate for their children, but at least now my son isn't caught in the middle.   

Lots of parents bring their kids home for the high school years, at least for a year.  There is no law that says they can't go back for whatever reasons.  I know lots of parents who have homeschooled K-11th grade and then their kids want to go to high school for their senior year.   If your son is failing and miserable why send him to school.  

Parents with ADD/ADHD kids....sm

Does your child's school work well with you on educating them or don't like having to give your child extra attention? 

My 1st grader is having problems staying focused in class with her 24 peers in the room and being asked to stay on task for an hour at a time.  At home she does just fine when things are broken down into 15-20 minute intervals.   The 2 teachers she has don't want to spend extra time with her or eliminate distractions so I've now officially requested an IEP meeting to force this with them.  She had no problems at the same school last year in kindergarten because her teacher had worked with other kids like her in the past and was able to teach her on her level using the techniques recommended.  

We met with her 2 teachers yesterday and they actually had the audacity to suggest that we work extensively with her at home on the areas she's struggling in.  I'm not home schooling this kid just because they don't want to help her stay focused when my taxpayer money is being paid to support the schools and federal laws require they meet her needs.

Interestingly when I had a prior foster child that had ADD this very same school and teachers were very accommodating and worked very well with me on meeting her needs.  Not sure why her current teachers don't want to but we're going to have to work on that.

What about you and your child?  Did you have to go to the extremes of getting an IEP and forcing them to do what they're required to do or did you get immediate cooperation?   I'm not going to put my child on ADD/ADHD medication just because they don't want to deal with it. 

Anyone have ADHD/ADD and do medical transcription?
If so, how do you keep focused?  I have a really hard time with this.  Are you being treated?  If so, what has worked or not worked for you?  TIA
Emdat platform?? Good, bad or ugly? Any info is appreciated. Thanks in advance. NM
Thank you fellow MT. I love that site.....good source of info without the complaing....
Thanks again.
Thank you fellow MT. I love that site.....good source of info without the complaining....
Thanks again.
ADHD is bull. Just maybe try to spend some time
working with her (not pushing her but just introducing new things). I am sick to death of the ADD/ADHD diagnosis of kids. I do not believe in it. Some kids DO have a little harder time adjusting to school and again there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Just talk to them every day, help them in any way you can but most importantly be there for them no matter what. It will all work itself out but DO NOT stress yourself out over what some teacher says. Most of the time they are wrong and can be proven wrong. I am a teacher, although I teach adults/teenagers in college and really..... I truly believe elementary teachers try to make it easier on themselves rather than try to work with a child that needs it.