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Emdat platform?? Good, bad or ugly? Any info is appreciated. Thanks in advance. NM

Posted By: anon on 2007-01-10
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any info good or bad would be appreciated

on JLG and All Type. Speaking with one, actual offer from the other but not sure about either. Concern for more is flexibility which they both promise, but I heard that one before.

Need some good oncology sites. Any info appreciated. nm
Thanks for the info. Its greatly appreciated!nm.
Thank you Jan for the info and the prayers - so appreciated. (nm)

Thanks for that info! Greatly appreciated!
Thank you both!!! Much appreciated. Will relay the info. (nm)
Emdat platform
What is IT Pro V?
Emdat Platform

Can anyone help me with becoming more efficient with the Emdat platform? I just started on it and it seems like it is very slow going........or could just be me. I tried converting my Word AutoCorrect to AutoText in Inscribe, but none converted. The Emdat help desk said too bad, that happens.

I would appreciate any tips or tricks to using Emdat. Please help. Thanks in advance.

Emdat platform ???
I did a search on archives regarding this platform and was surprised to find so many negative reports on it. Is there anyone out there that actually likes it and able to get good line counts?  Also, how long does it take to get used to it and do you need to use a special foot pedal for it? Thanks for you help.
Emdat platform
Can anyone share their thoughts on this platform? What you liked and did not like about? Was it easy to train on and use on a daily basis or was it fussy?
Emdat platform
I have seen people say they don't like it and feel the could make a decent line count. Can anyone tell me what you didn't like about it and how much difference in line counts you experienced compared to other platforms? What platform do you like best?
Integrity's EmDat/Inscribe platform..sm
I have never used this platform in any of my employments, and I was wondering about the learning curve, is it easy to use/learn, what are its good/bad points??  Any and all responses really appreciated!!  
Is Emdat a decent platform? comparable to DQS?


I don't know anything about Emdat, but if it is not a Word based platform
Instant Text works with EMDAT's platform
Inscribe as it does with eScription's platform editScript.

No adjustments are necessary. You just link Instant Text a first time to these platforms and from then on IT links automatically.

If you have a ShortHand spf file you can easily convert it to an Instant Text glossary.

Textware Solutions
The good, the bad, and the ugly.
I just transferred a whole group of on-site hospital MTs to a MTSO (I'm currently a recruiter). The money they made was amazing, and was killing the hospital. They all now work for a national.

On the flip side, I just went back to work for a hospital as an MT, the job was advertised recently on an MT board. Great bennies, I know the docs already as it is a local account, great pay. They were once with two major national MTSOs, decided they could do a better job themselves...and from what I've seen, I'm sure they do.
Good, bad or UGLY
Geez guys, I see no work, slow work, and when there is work - "it's bad". What does it take to make you people happy???????
Good, bad, ugly...
I've worked for several MT companies and have seen "it all" (no flames, I'm sure there are MTs here who have been working longer than I've been breathing). Anyway, have seen MDs who dictate every few words and expect us to fill in the blanks, had MDs who question in the beginning of the report "I wonder how many days until I get this job back, they must type them on the moon or something" etc.... Then there are the gems out there too, ie "I'm sure you can tell I'm dictating from my car, first of all sorry about that, but I'm on my way to a Steelers game, I sure hope you like the Steelers" As with any profession "Takes all kinds" :)
There are good points and there are bad and ugly points. Unfortunately, the bad and ugly get
deleted.  Just the other day there was info and it seems to be more positive.  Like any MT job, some love it, some hate it.  But, having been employed there, the bad parts are/were true.   The changes sound great but not great enough to make me change my mind about working for them.  I do say she pays well for the area.  She is one of the rare business owners who actually started out as an MT..I think that makes a big difference in pay.
Precyse. Good, bad, ugly?


Platforms - the good, bad, and the ugly!

Would like to know what platforms are user-friendly and which ones slow you down.  Currently working on one that slooooows me down so much!!! 

I have had the good, the bad and the ugly in QA people in the past sm
It shapes the way I do my job, on both sides of the equation.

Right now, I am teaching an MT to do acute care with my feedback. I must be doing something right (she is too and trying very hard) because she is progressing so nicely. She does rad too and she said that my help is making her a better rad MT as well.

I so rarely send anything to QA at my other FT job and I had to send one yesterday, the first in over a month! I was so p o 'd, but the doctor threw some obscure equipment at me and I had 7 blanks, but that was for only 3 words I could not document well enough to suit me. My favorite QA gal grabbed it and gave me some feedback on the words and she went on to tell me what a good job I did (not!) because she said that most MTs have 10 to 20 blanks for this same doctor. I almost never have a blank with him, but this one time...it was a complex lower extremity interventional vascular procedure and I am not up on the equipment for those just yet with the switch to cardiovascular from OP notes. I felt like a fool, but she was great.

I have some really awful ones and there is one in particular who comes to mind because of her extremely condescending and childish manner. I actually have the QA position for a gal who was fired because of a similar attitude problem.

As QA, we are around to be the MT's safety net. We here for an extra set of ears so that the document is as full and correct as possible. Providing feedback helps an MT so that the quantity of their work going to QA will diminish. If you really want a justification for your existence as a QA, it is in the number of blanks you fill in and low numbers of jobs you have to review. IT IS NOT a promotion! IT IS NOT job advancement! It is using the knowledge you have gained to help others.

I can sort of understand the attitude because MTs seem to be having more issues with quality than they used to, or so it seems to me. The quality most lacking is a sincere wish to do the job well.
Need info on platform

Is anyone familiar with the Touchworks/Allscript platform.  Would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this...ease of learning, good sound quality,  and what you generally think about it.  TIA


Someone who unfairly grabs the easy stuff instead of doing the good, bad, and ugly,
I meant it in a good way, and I will not turn this into a huge ugly post.
I am not a "paranoid mass of jelly", for Heaven's sakes! But I have lived thru having neighbor children try to poison my puppies over our fence in similar circumstances - not identical, but similar.  These same kids used to stuff picked flowers in my mailbox, and I never knew how to take it.  I just asked that she be extra cautious. Obviously you ladies have been blessed with not being confronted in life with strange "encounters" like this - I have, and have tried to learn from it. There used to be no more trusting person than myself.  I have learned, though, to be cautious in situations like this - not paranoid, just cautious. Wisdom, some would call it? For what its worth, my sister is a psychiatrist, and she thought the flowers creepy as well, but in a different analytical light - with her mother's and sibling(s) death of late, and her expressing that she wanted the puppy killed, to my sister, she said they could be symbolic of flowers on a grave.  Not paranoid - she's nearly 60 years old and deals with school-aged kids on a daily basis. Her "job", so to speak. Again, probably a 100% innocent gesture, but to those of us who have had encounters with the "children from H*ll", it could be eery.  My post was meant out of genuine concern for Puppy Mom!
Sombeody actually wrote a really good letter to Advance a few issues back. sm
It was in the Jan. 12, 2009, issue, letter to the Editor titled, "What Good is Change for MTs?" by Wendy Keller. She does attack AHDI in a very intelligently written letter.
Any one have any info on Meditech typing platform? I'm not familiar at all. TIA. nm
Info on Documed typing platform -- not company
I have been hired with company that uses the Doc-U-Med typing platform, and I was wondering if anyone can give me feedback on how well they like it and is it easy to get you line counts.  Some platforms are so clumsy and slow that no matter the ease of the dictators, you cannot get line counts because of the platform, so I am asking for feedback.  Thanks
EMDAT is good
EMDAT is a very good platform.  The people that do not like it never learned it.  I also hated it in the beginning.  It's not that EMDAT is bad; it's the fact that it is a change from what they've been doing.  A friend of mine makes more per line, but I make much more money than her.  The demographic screen is already filled in on each job.  That alone gives me two lines before I even type a word.  The Expanders are wonderful, and there is no need at all for an additional expansion program of any kind.  And I've read several times that the spellcheck/dictionary is just awful.  It is NOT if it is set up correctly!  EMDAT's tech team is easily accessible and get back to you very quickly if not at the moment you call.  They will walk you thru any and all steps.  If your spellcheck is not catching words, something is wrong.  I'll get arguments I'm sure, but I've worked on this platform now for three years and wouldn't want to go to anything else.
EMDAT is good
EMDAT is a very good platform.  The people that do not like it never learned it.  I also hated it in the beginning.  It's not that EMDAT is bad; it's the fact that it is a change from what they've been doing.  A friend of mine makes more per line, but I make much more money than her.  The demographic screen is already filled in on each job.  That alone gives me two lines before I even type a word.  The expanders are wonderful, and there is no need at all for an additional expansion program of any kind.  And I've read several times that the spellcheck/dictionary is just awful.  It is NOT if it is set up correctly!  EMDAT's tech team is easily accessible and get back to you very quickly if not at the moment you call.  They will walk you thru any and all steps.  If your spellcheck is not catching words, something is wrong.  I'll get arguments I'm sure, but I've worked on this platform now for three years and wouldn't want to go to anything else.
Do any Co. Pay good on Emdat
It seems that every job I have seen on Emdat/Inscribe is only 7 cpl.  Why is this?  I have 10+ experience and am sick of being offered only 7 cpl! 
Emdat is only good if...A. Demographics load and B.
if you have a limited number of doctors who use a lot of repeats.  I am lucky to make 100 lines an hours with the account I am on.  
Good platform
Much better than some other platforms out there. Once you get used to it, it will go very smoothly.
EXText itself is a good enough platform, but all
What the MTSO sets EXText up to pay MT's for lines is what determines how many lines you can get, and also as you said, the dictators.  You can only get as many lines as the MTSO allows you to get with EXText.  They control those ropes -- tell the platform how to pay and for what to pay on each report from each facility that you transcribe for.  That is the way MTSO makes their money.
My VR platform is sooooo good that
some reports are almost 100% correct, very little editing required. I have noticed, though, it gets he and she mixed up and also does not know its numbering so usually watch those carefully. I am so custom to editing now that I see words everywhere that someone should have "edited."
Webchart MD -- is it a good platform?

Hi there,
Can anyone tell me if WebchartMD is an efficient platform?  I'm thinking about subcontracting with someone who uses it but would love to know beforehand if it's a good platform before I commit.

Any advice would be appreciated.


I have an extremely good platform,
and like I said read extremely fast and just easy. My VR is apparently not like others on here because very few errors and we have to catch them, cannot just do half. One will not be able to do the basic amount for work on VR IF they do not have a good platform and are not fast. I always go fast forward on audio 8 hours a day. That is the way I work.
MS Word platform--who are the good companies?

I have been applying for and training for jobs for weeks now.  I have been accepted by a number of top companies, but I have found their word Expanders to be a big problem.  I have trained on a couple of sites already and ended up turning them down because of this. 

By now I have thousands of entries into MS Word/Smartype, and if I have to start with a new Expander without the ability to import my words, phrases, templates, etc., from Smartype, I just cannot afford the time for the learning curve. 

The technical aspect of transcription has always been my weak point, so this is perhaps a bigger issue with me than it would be with others. 

Right now I am willing to take even a mediocre line rate, providing it is an employee position with benefits and it is in MS Word so I would have some hope of making a living. 

Is there any hope for me?  Does anybody have any good companies to recommend who work in MS Word? 

We are at the point of losing our house and land.  This is serious! 

iChart...is this a good or bad platform to work on?

Any info appreciated.  I have never worked on this platform.  TIA

I would like some information about the ExText platform, good or bad. Thank you. nm
An excellent platform and a good line rate with plenty of work -
Then leave me alone and let me do my thing! :-)
Okay, Thanks for all the good info
I am so glad I checked the chat line here before I quit for the day. Thanks for all the helpful info. I think the major problem with MQ and the employees and why so many are so upset is that they leave us in the dark so much. Plus, every office seems to operate by a different formula, which gets some people understandably upset. AND, MTing as a career is definitely NOT what it used to be, meaning a respected, good paying career. With nationalization, the pay has decreased, there is offshoring, which MQ participates in, AND, most of all, we all seem to be no more than an employee number now instead of a valued employee! Hey! I'd better get down from my soap box and go join the family before hitting the sack! Thanks again.
Looking for Info, good or bad, regarding
TC Transcription out of Florida.  Taking on a second position with them and wondering if anybody has had any experience with them.  Good and bad appreciated, if any.  I posted on the company board but did not get any response (that could be good or bad).
THANK YOU! You have given me some good info!
I was just looking for information and not just opinions. Your post was very helpful. Thank you again!
Good info - Thank you! (nm)
really? Good info, thanks.....sm
Thanks :) -  I do have great skin and told I look 15 years younger than I am...*LOL* - I like hearing that
good info - thanks !

thanks to all of you for the good info!
I appreciate you taking the time to give me the tips!  Now if I can just get used to the fact I will have an empty nest
Emdat Software Question for Emdat Users


I have a question about the Emdat software.  Regarding the cc: box, sometimes, you have to type in the address, because the address is not in the database.  I have found that when you try to pause the audio with either the foot pedal or the "F" key assigned to pause while typing the address, the audion will not pause; it keeps on playing.  You should be able to pause the audio while trying to type the address into the database.  Anyone else notice this, anyone?  Thank you kindly.

boss this to me the other day and really has a lot of good info; sm
cancer classifications

stage and grade
Lowercase stage and grade.

Use roman numerals for cancer stages. For subdivisions of cancer stages, add capital letters on the line and arabic suffixes, without internal spaces or hyphens.

stage 0 (indicates carcinoma in situ)
stage I, stage IA
stage II, stage II3
stage III
stage IV, stage IVB

Use arabic numerals for grades.

grade 1
grade 2
grade 3
grade 4

Staging system for colon cancer from the least involvement at stage A and B1 through the most extensive involvement at stage D.

The patient's Aster-Coller B2 lesion extends through the entire thickness of the colon wall, with no involvement of nearby nodes.

Broders index
Classification of aggressiveness of tumor malignancy developed in the 1920s by AC Broders. Reported as grade 1 (most differentiation and best prognosis) through grade 4 (least differentiation and poorest prognosis).

Lowercase grade; use arabic numerals.

Broders grade 3

cervical cytology
Three different systems are currently in use for cervical cytology: the Papanicolaou test (Pap smear), the CIN classification system, and the Bethesda system.

The Papanicolaou test uses roman numerals to classify cervical cytology samples from class I (within normal limits) through class V (carcinoma).

CIN is an acronym for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and is expressed with arabic numerals from grade 1 (least severe) to grade 3 (most severe). Place a hyphen between CIN and the numeral.

CIN-1,CIN-2, CIN-3
or CIN grade 1, CIN grade 2, CIN grade 3

A cervical cytology sample that is within normal limits in the Bethesda system corresponds with a Pap class I or II; Bethesda's atypical squamous cell of undetermined significance (ASCUS) corresponds with Pap class III; Bethesda's low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (LGSIL) corresponds with Pap class III and CIN grade 1; and Bethesda's high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (HGSIL) corresponds with Pap classes III and IV and CIN grades 2 and 3. In the Bethesda system, the next higher level is labeled simply "carcinoma," corresponding with Pap class V and with "carcinoma" in the CIN system.

Clark level
Describes invasion level of primary malignant melanoma of the skin from the epidermis.

Use roman numerals I (least deep) to IV (deepest). Lowercase level.

Clark level I into underlying papillary dermis
Clark level II to junction of papillary and reticular dermis
Clark level III into reticular dermis
Clark level IV into the subcutaneous fat

Dukes classification
Named for British pathologist Cuthbert E. Dukes (1890-1977). Classifies extent of operable adenocarcinoma of the colon or rectum.

Do not use an apostrophe before or after the s. Follow Dukes with capital letter.

Dukes A confined to mucosa
Dukes B extending into the muscularis mucosae
Dukes C extending through the bowel wall, with
metastasis to lymph nodes

When the Dukes classification is further defined by numbers, use arabic numerals on the same line with the letter, with no space between.

Dukes C2

FAB classification
French-American-British morphologic classification system for acute nonlymphoid leukemia.

Express with capital M followed by arabic numeral (1 through 6); do not space between the M and the numeral.

M1 myeloblastic, no differentiation
M2 myeloblastic, differentiation
M3 promyelocytic
M4 myelomonocytic
M5 monocytic
M6 erythroleukemia

FAB staging of carcinoma utilizes TNM classification of malignant tumors

See: (TNM staging below).

FAB T1 N1 M0

FIGO staging
Federation Internationale DE Gynécologie et Obstétrique system for staging gynecologic malignancy, particularly carcinomas of the ovary. Expressed as stage I (least severe) to stage IV (most severe), with subdivisions within each stage (a, b, c).

Lowercase stage, and use roman numerals. Use lowercase letters to indicate subdivisions within a stage.

Diagnosis: Ovarian carcinoma, FIGO stage IIc.

Gleason tumor grade
Also known as Gleason score. The system scores or grades the prognosis for adenocarcinoma of the prostate, with a scale of 1 through 5 for each dominant and secondary pattern; these are then totaled for the score. The higher the score, the poorer the prognosis.

Lowercase grade or score, and use arabic numerals.

Diagnosis: Adenocarcinoma of prostate, Gleason score 8.
Gleason score 3 + 2 = 5.
Gleason 3 + 3 with a total score of 6.

Jewett classification of bladder carcinoma
Use capitals as follows:

O in situ (Note: this is the letter O, not a zero)
A involving submucosa
B involving muscle
C involving surrounding tissue
D involving distant sites

Diagnosis: Bladder carcinoma, Jewett class B.

Karnofsky rating scale, Karnofsky status
Scale for rating performance status of patients with malignant neoplasms.

Use arabic numerals: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100. (Normal is 100, moribund is 10.)

TNM staging system for malignant tumors
System for staging malignant tumors, developed by the American Joint Committee on Cancer and the Union Internationale Contre le Cancer.

T tumor size or involvement
N regional lymph node involvement
M extent of metastasis

Write TNM expressions with arabic numerals on the line and a space after each number.

T2 N1 M1
T4 N3 M1

Letters and symbols following the letters T, N, and M:

X means assessment cannot be done.
0 (zero) indicates no evidence found.
Numbers indicate increasing evidence of the characteristics represented by those letters.
Tis indicates tumor in situ.
Tis N0 M0

The TNM system criteria for defining cancer stages vary according to the type of cancer. Thus a stage II cancer of one type may be defined as T1 N0 M0, while one of another type may be defined as T2 N1 M0.

Staging indicators are used along with TNM criteria to define cancers and assess stages. These are expressed with capital letters and arabic numerals.

grade GX, G1, G2, G3, G4
host performance H0, H1, H2, H3, H4
lymphatic invasion LX, L0, L1, L2
residual tumor RX, R0, R1, R2
scleral invasion SX, S0, S1, S2
venous invasion VX, V0, V1, V2

Lowercase prefixes on the line with TNM and other symbols indicate criteria used to describe and stage the tumor, e.g., cTNM, aT2.

letter determining criteria
a autopsy staging
c clinical classification
P pathological classification
r retreatment classification
y, yp classification during or following treatment with multiple

The suffix (m) (in parentheses) indicates the presence of multiple primary tumors in a single site. Other suffixes may be used, such as the following in the nasopharynx:

T2a nasopharyngeal tumor extending to soft
tissues of oropharynx and/or nasal fossa
without parapharyngeal extension
T2b nasopharyngeal tumor extending to soft
tissues of oropharynx and/or nasal fossa
with parapharyngeal extension

Good info here. As for the mail........sm
I just write "refused" on the envelope and put it right back into the mail. It may take a couple of times for them to get the message, but they will take you off their list if you do this.