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A good tax guy is worth his weight. He will help you find deductions and if any probs with IRS,

Posted By: he will handle that too. nm on 2006-06-30
In Reply to: Need help from anyone who is an IC... - typing4dollars


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Also, good MTs hard to find. Might be worth
Lost the extra weight and have maintained a good weight and size just by walking him twice a day. n
Every MT who is a professional is worth their weight in gold.

Lately, there has been a lot of grumbling on these boards about new versus older MT, less experience, more experience, this, that and the other.  The best and most accurate statement I have heard was from a hospital MT director when she told us (those who were students all of the way up to those who were there to retirement) that ALL of her medical transcriptionists, were worth their weight in GOLD.

Each step of the way most of us, or at least those who consider themselves professional,and who act in accordance of being a professional (Professional in my mind are those who remember patient care while striving for the line count, those who appreciate the importance of our job as we serve others, while we bring home the bacon) act as professionals and our nature will not change  When new we may appear eager and more flexible, but as we grow in the business and gain years of experience we as professionals must daily recognize the value of staying flexible while we are challenged with more difficult work than those less experienced. Just as diamonds in the rough smooth out and have a different kind of worth, so do new MTs and more experienced MTs have different worth. 

What is important is that together they both contribute to a diamond mine of great value to those who they serve (the MTSO, the hospital, finally and most importantly the patient).

I say that we boost each other up instead of putting each other down.  I say one bad apple does not spoil the bunch. And to the boss like mine I had and other MTSO owners who agree with that statement, I say keep your team's self-esteem growing by a thank you for a good job every now and then.  To the MT, please appreciate your boss and MTSO if they show you the respect you deserve and when times are tough and tempers flare realize that a difficult situation has not changed your professionalism or your value, and that tomorrow is another day. 

Bravo to the professionals who remember why they came to this career to begin with, what it was like,and appreciate young and old. Bravo to the supervisors and MTSOs who do not kick the legs out from under themselves by forgetting to appreciate and treat with respect the MTs who hold them up.

Merry Christmas to my friends here who have cheered me this holiday season.  I think no matter who you are or where you are at in your career, if you remember all your blessings when times are difficult or when they are fantastic, when you remain your professional "self", you will indeed continue to  shine in this New Year. Thanks for listening. Peace and prosperity this 2008!

Get a good tax guy. His fee is a write-off. He will tell you what you need to do & deductions you
A good tax guy can help with taxes and give ideas on deductions. His fee is a
It depends. The side effects can go either way - weight gain, weight *loss*... sm
Or no weight change at all, but maybe some other unpleasant side effect. Or you might have only mild side effects, or none at all and it's like a miracle cure for you. ;o) Everyone is so different, you never know until you try a med. for yourself.
Has anyone had good success with Weight Watchers flex point program? sm

I tried South Beach for about 10 days and have lost 10 lbs but I want something that is lifelong and to me SB is too strict....Thinking about switching over to Weight Watchers...Anyone have good long term success with it?  If so, how much did you lose and how fast?


Maybe try to find a good web site to refer to! Good luck NM
Most MTSO want good MT. Not worth losing one
It is worth it though. I couldn't make a good living without.
I just emailed you the link. Yes, it's worth it. Good Luck.

What happent to the MTSO that pays what a good MT is worth.
I'm tired of the MTSO that promises great pay, nice dictators, affordable insurance, etc. 90% is all bull. On what planet is 8cpl or less great pay. You either have WAY more ESLs that you admit to or you have EFLs that talk out their rears. Be honest with your ads!
A good neighbor is worth a million bucks, they say this for a reason
I purchased a house at a remarkably reduced price because of a neighbor who was a lunatic. First thing I will do the next time I buy is try to get familiar with the neighbors bordering my home. Thank GOD, he moved but for several years, I had to get a restraining order and even with that, he used foul language, sometimes directed at me, tapped into my utilities, had loud fights with four letter words. I could even hear them in the bedroom going at it (yes, i know)... What I say is don't make her angry or she could make your life REALLY miserable. There will be times when you will not be home...people like her resort to all sorts of behavior, I have a feeling.
Good article--worth thought, rather than just reacting.Thanks, Anony.NM
How do you find such a good one?!? (sm)

I have only a 1600 sq. ft. house, one floor, 3 bedrooms, one is my office and soon one will be just a guest room (my brother lives with us currently), and two full baths. We have 3 Shih Tuz dogs but no children. I probably wouldn't have anyone clean in my office as I would need to be working while the house cleaning person was here.  

I remember my mom going through many housekeepers as they did just "surface cleaning" and did not get down and really clean like you described. I would love to find someone who does exactly as you described but only perhaps once a month as I can do some things the other weeks. My main problem is DUST! Where do I look to find someone that is as good as you found?!? :)

I just can't keep up with everything anymore and it is just adding more stress to my life and plus I have significant back issues so  it just makes things so hard to do. Would love suggestions on where to begin looking for someone as incredible as you have found!


You are not going to find a good company
didn't pay. Well, SS will work you to death and with the ESL's you will have to work 24/7 just to make enough to buy 10 gallons of gas. Does this tell you anything?
to find a good husband......
You have to know the "One" who makes husbands good. A good husband can only come from God and then all other things fall into place
Still, I say find a good attorney way outside your
You're right, can't find a good one
My platform is down and I'm always up for a good challenge, but I think part of the problem may be is that just a "physical therapy" reference/search site is too general as there are so many facets to PT,such as ortho, cardio, etc. I've looked for a good site for this for over an hour, hopefully someone has one right at their fingertips. Good luck.
Yes, I have used it - no probs.
I find myself willing to research more for good dictators...SM
if I get a lazy, mushmouth speedtalker, I don't bother much. I mean, I definitely strive for accuracy with what I *can* hear, but if there are unintelligible parts, I leave a blank rather than playing it over and over and over and trying to get it. If they obviously don't give a rip, why should I?

Maybe a bad attitude, but why should I gyp myself out of $$ because some a$$ can't be bothered to E-NUN-CI-ATE!!
Where's a good place to find curtains?
My new office is ready to paint and decorate, so I want to get everything ordered.  They didn't have anything I liked at eBay, K-Mart or Shopko.  Any ideas?
You can go to school, but will you find a job after all is said and done. Good Luck. nm
Acct fee is a tax deduction. Find a good one.
Good post! What I find especially ironic
is at least in our state all the phone work, etc. related to welfare and foodstamps has now been outsourced overseas.

Uh, hello... how about giving those jobs to the people who are on welfare or foodstamps cause they can't find jobs?!?!? Since when did the government care about saving money anyway?
Good to hear it. Hope you find it useful. NM
MTSO knows hard to find good MT,especially 1
Good jobs are tough to find
Before you jump ship, you might want to kee up your MT skills.

This economy is going to make it harder for even new college graduates to "make it." Professional jobs are really going to be tough to get even with advanced degrees, i.e. masters.

Just think of going back to school and spending all that time and money and then finding that you were between a rock and a hard place with paying off loans and no job in sight.

You hear of it every day.
You'd find links to some good ones on this site
Have done it for 2 years - no probs
They guarantee their work - so I'll repeat what the other poster said - if you have the backup, go for it.

I use the online turbo tax and have had no problems the last 2 years. It is easy and fairly fast.

good luck to you.
Satellite/VPN probs

I have the very same problem.  From what I understand, there's nothing that can be done about the download speeds.  Hughes won't give tech support concerning VPN issues.  If anyone else has any other information, I would appreciate it.  I am working with a VPN now and have satellite and can't connect, period.  Does anybody know why that would be?  I get a message saying that the remote computer has not responded.  The last VPN I worked with, I could connect; it was just very slow.


I also use mydocsonline with no probs! nm
Probs with Editscript

One of the companies I work for have recently switched over to Editscript.  I have been moving and have finally settled down and for the first time this week attempted to type.  The company says that you have to buy a special footpedal that goes with the software.  Instead you have to use hotkeys.  I could not even make my way through one dictation without giving up.  It is so hard not being able to use my footpedal.  Has anyone else had this kind of problem?

me too, no probs, not even questions.
Any MTSO find a good place for their own website?

I recently received a quote for a local web design company, and it was close to $1,000! I don't have that kind of money. I would just like somewhere to tell a little bit about myself and the services I offer to Physicians.



Even with multiple GOOD dictators, I still find it hard - sm
to do '8 hours' worth of transcription in less than 11-12 hours, mainly due to the lack of ability to make templates, as each doc does his H&P entirely differently. Also they want extraordinary accuracy, grammar clean-up, and proofreading done on each report. So a longish H&P can sometimes take an hour.
Anyone have a good source for Alabama doctors, where you can find them by just last name or a few le
what specific probs are you having to make you want to
I've used them several times w/o any probs at all. nm
I do not get when "in a rush" became a good reason to not find your own answers..
better up my meds I guess.
What I think is so sad is that people may give up good jobs to go there to find out these things all
to late. The newbies can learn and use MQ and move on which they do but of course the clients suffer then with all the people learning on them but this is what MQ causes and when they lose clients with poor quality or people that just throw out work then they caused their own problems. You cant keep good MTs with no work I dont care what incentives you offer because they mean nothing with no work ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I wish people would understand that when MQ hires them.
Does anyone know of a good site to find sample op/procedure reports
I have found very few sites that have sample op reports.  Anything would be appreciated.  Thanks
do a google search-were many hits and should find good info--nm
A good MT is hard to find. Check back with those 2 companies
The Sted's works with just about anything, as does the ExText. No probs w/the
We have a few Acer laptops in our family. No probs. nm
Anyone having probs searching for docs on ExText?
Is anyone else having this problem lately? In ExText, when I search for a physician's name by using the Cntrl-A function, it is extremely slow, and about half the time, the search seems to freeze, and then I get a message that the connection has been lost. I click on "Retry", am connected, and physicians' names are displayed. The whole process is as slow as molasses, and occasionally, I get completely kicked out of the system, or everything freezes up solid. This has been happening for about 2 to 3 days.
Gotta find a good place to live. My kids play outside.

They know to come in when the street lights flicker on.

Strength in numbers though. I'd never let one of my kids go to the playground on the next street over by themselves, but my parents never let any of us wander off too far by ourselves either. It was always with a bunch of other kids.

They're supposed to be good luck. He'll find his way out when he's hungry. nm
Not to discourage you, my concern would be if you can find someone to hire you. Good luck. I agree
Lingo that is who we use...VOiP, $22.95/month, six months already, no probs.
You might want to investigate further the post someone made about 2007 and VOiP. Seems the government is all hot and bothered because they need to tap phones and cannot do so with VOiP. They probably will end up taxing and surcharging eventually, as well, but for a while it can save you a lot of money...