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We have a few Acer laptops in our family. No probs. nm

Posted By: Look for a sale. on 2007-08-31
In Reply to: Laptop advice.... - phillychik


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Family member got an Acer recently. Working great for her. My PC
I have a 19 inch Acer (sm)
I am very happy with it.  Crystal clear, much better for your eyes.
Acer notebooks - anyone?

I just bought an Acer notebook from Walmart.  Anyone have experience with this they can share?

I know they are not much good for transcribing (too small), but I also go to college and seeing as they only weigh 1 pound, I thought it might be good to have.

Do you think I wasted my money?  Should I have spent the extra $200 and got a real laptop?

Acer notebook
I had a Radio Shack notebook several years ago. I loved it. It was back in the days of floppy discs 3 1/2 inch. I never had to have it serviced.

I have a laptop now and would not go any other way. I have used it for transcription for over four years and had very few problems other than spy ware which you can get on any computer. I got mine at Sams with s 3 year service agreement and never had to use it.

Hope this helps. Good luck either way you decide. I am sure you can take it back if you wish since you just bought it.

Acer and Wal-Mart

A netbook/notebook is made to check email, surf the net, do light transcribing.  It should perform as well as a larger laptop and has a better battery life than a laptop (4-6h compared to 2-2.5h).   You can check Consumer Reports or PC World to find out how well each brand performs.  Acer is a nice unit, plus it has XP.  Buy a full-size laptop and you get Vista.

As far as buying electronics from Wal-Mart, I buy all my PCs, cameras, etc., from there and have never had a problem with any of them.  The PCs are the same as the ones in Staples, BestBuy, etc., just a $100 or more less.  They also offer a service contract like the high-priced stores.  No, I don't work there.

Bad experience with Acer s/m

A friend's daughter bought one for college and was never able to connect to the internet.  Unfortunately, she waited past the time to return it before bringing it to me as I would have told her to return it.  We could get her microsoft update to work, but nothing else.  I tried for days to get through to their tech support, which was horrendous. 

First you have to send an email explaining the situation and what you have done to fix it.  They will then email you back with solutions and a number to call if it doesn't work.  You have 7 days from the date of the email to take care of it. I called the number as everything they suggested had either been done or just did not work.  Call was answered by someone in India of course, who could not fix the problem and needed to escalate the service.  You then get transferred.  Once transferred, the system automatically hangs up after 27 minutes.  I was never able to get through to anyone no matter what I did.  I called daily, several different times of the day, explaining that I was being disconnected, etc, to no avail.

She is going to take it to a computer repair shop locally to see if anything can be done, but after paying $500 for a laptop, why should she be paying for service on a new machine? 

My son was just telling me last week that he was thinking of a laptop for college and mentioned the Acer and I told him to stay far away from it explaining what happened to our friend.  I personally have had a Toshiba for almost 8 years (the same one!) and just love it.  I am getting ready to buy a new one and will definitely choose Toshiba again.

Acer or Toshiba?
Hi. Bought 2 computers tonight. Which one do I keep? They are both approximately the same price -- Acer is $50 cheaper. I just want to know pros and cons of the brands. Thanks for any advice.
I bought an Acer monitor from
Walmart for in November of 2007 and it went kaput in December of 2008.    Hope you have better luck. 
I also bought an Acer monitor
from Wal-Mart 2+ years ago and I love it and it's still going strong.
Yes, I have used it - no probs.
I also bought an Acer monitor from there in 11/2007
Mine still works great, though.
I have an Acer laptop, almost 3 years now, no problems at all.
I bought an Acer monitor from Staples

It's been well over a year now...  Towers are a different story, but I've had pretty good luck with e-machines from Best Buy.

Have done it for 2 years - no probs
They guarantee their work - so I'll repeat what the other poster said - if you have the backup, go for it.

I use the online turbo tax and have had no problems the last 2 years. It is easy and fairly fast.

good luck to you.
Satellite/VPN probs

I have the very same problem.  From what I understand, there's nothing that can be done about the download speeds.  Hughes won't give tech support concerning VPN issues.  If anyone else has any other information, I would appreciate it.  I am working with a VPN now and have satellite and can't connect, period.  Does anybody know why that would be?  I get a message saying that the remote computer has not responded.  The last VPN I worked with, I could connect; it was just very slow.


I also use mydocsonline with no probs! nm
Probs with Editscript

One of the companies I work for have recently switched over to Editscript.  I have been moving and have finally settled down and for the first time this week attempted to type.  The company says that you have to buy a special footpedal that goes with the software.  Instead you have to use hotkeys.  I could not even make my way through one dictation without giving up.  It is so hard not being able to use my footpedal.  Has anyone else had this kind of problem?

me too, no probs, not even questions.
what specific probs are you having to make you want to
I've used them several times w/o any probs at all. nm
The Sted's works with just about anything, as does the ExText. No probs w/the
Anyone having probs searching for docs on ExText?
Is anyone else having this problem lately? In ExText, when I search for a physician's name by using the Cntrl-A function, it is extremely slow, and about half the time, the search seems to freeze, and then I get a message that the connection has been lost. I click on "Retry", am connected, and physicians' names are displayed. The whole process is as slow as molasses, and occasionally, I get completely kicked out of the system, or everything freezes up solid. This has been happening for about 2 to 3 days.
Lingo that is who we use...VOiP, $22.95/month, six months already, no probs.
You might want to investigate further the post someone made about 2007 and VOiP. Seems the government is all hot and bothered because they need to tap phones and cannot do so with VOiP. They probably will end up taxing and surcharging eventually, as well, but for a while it can save you a lot of money...
A contact of mine worked for them for 6 years w/o probs, FT. She retired from them, too. nm
Several times w/o probs. You can delete/uninstall it right after the episode, too, if you're
A good tax guy is worth his weight. He will help you find deductions and if any probs with IRS,
My fones have been in my tower for years now as sound is so much clearer. No probs. nm
Laptops sm
I would appreciate knowing how much memory the laptop needs, as mine is pretty slow. My desktop has more than enough, so could I plug my laptop into the tower of my desktop? Sounds crazy, but I would not have to move the monitor, just the tower case if I'm going to be at another location, that in itself would be so very helpful. Is this possible? Have USB ports available on both. Also (dumb question) do you use a footpedal or function keys?
for those of you using laptops
I've been looking into getting one for my son who's going off to college - which ones do you use and are happy/not happy with?  Thanks!

Do any of you work on a laptop and how do you like it?  Which one do you have?  What do you consider the pros and cons?  Thanks

We bought our son a Toshiba, satellite series laptop 3 years ago and it is a good one, added memory to it also, hope our luck continues with it.
A laptop will work FINE with ANY platform including Dictaphone ExText -- I have had mine since 2006 and it is an HP and I run XP Pro on it with Word 2000 -- I also purchased a four hub USB port to plug into my bottom USB port and have four available ports for my other devices -- I also run a Sprint USB card on my laptop and have NO problems whatsoever -- also, for you people that want to know about "wireless" -- if you DONT have a wireless network setup at home be it a laptop or desktop it WILL NOT work!!!! If you have a neighbor that has a wireless network, if it is a private network, you wont be able to access it -- people want the convenience of a laptop and "thinking they can work outside" -- think about battery life etc -- my laptop is plugged in just like a desktop would be and NEVER outside -- also, being outside half the time you cannot see the screen -- wireless keyboard and mouse as well for comfort and footpedal to work with -- think about you "home setup" before buying a laptop cause it may be more headache than it is worth
I use my laptop and my cell phone as internet connection. I do not use the card slot for the PC but am Bluetooth directly to connection with internet.. I have used my laptop while in the car, hubby driving, of course. It is really great. I use an external keyboard so that does slow me down in the car when i use the keyboard from the laptop but if I need to begin my weekend early I can and travel for the last few hours of my shift
Laptops now have just as much memory, hard drive size, and use the same CPUs as desktop or tower computer systems.

Also, the Acer (or other brand) you get from Walmart is identical to the one you'll buy from an electronics store...and you'll pay more.

The only reason I'd go to an electronics store is if I needed something installed on the system, like additional memory or a different operating system than the one that comes "standard" (Vista Home Premium for Acers and many others now) or something like that. And, even if I needed something like that I probably would just order it with whatever "customizations" I needed directly from the company over the Internet.
family is family wheter 3 or 8 sm
i live in MA and $1200-$1400 a month is what good health insurance costs, ie $20-$40 copays.  it was just passed into law that if you live in MA you have to have medical insurance so without being self-employed, you can go right to BCBS etc and get a plan directly from the major health insurace companies, but for a family plan and a decent income bracket, forget it.  the prices are outragous.  right now my husband pays $120 a week for family plan and this is after his employer pays 30% of the total cost.  we have $20 copays, but we have a $2000 individual deductable per year with a $4000 family deductible cap.  so when my daughther needed her tonsils out, $2000 and when my son broke his arm, $2000.  someone on this board has to be able to tell you what they pay for insurance through their company as an employee.  good luck.
Advantage of Laptops?

Another poster asked how many MTs use laptops, and that got me wondering what the advantage to a laptop would be.  I understand traveling, but it sounds like some use it for home. 

I guess what I'm getting at is that I'm trying to figure out how I can transcribe outside on the back deck with a C-phone and computer (I live in a rural area).  I guess a laptop, extension cords, and moving with the sun would probably be logical, but are there any problems with that scenario that anyone can think of?  Does anyone have any other ideas for outdoor transcription?  I get kind of lonely during the day, so I thought the outdoors might help.  Also, work wants me to transcribe 2 hours before breaking!  Even though I'm new with this company, I haven't met that goal yet.  Thought I would try some new scenery, if it's possible!  ');>

More about laptops, would you share?
What brand do you have?  What specs, actual screen size, hard drive, RAM, ports?  Do you have a parallel port for your foot pedal?  Do you have a docking station?  I'm looking and am curious what everyone else is using.
should not use laptops on laps....sm

Read months ago in news articles that men should not use laptops on their laps due to radiation to their male body parts and affecting sperm counts...

it can be googled for verification

I have 2 laptops, 1 in case something happens to the other, but
99% of the time I have used the same laptop the entire time.  I do work full-time and until recently worked 7 days a week, so it has gotten lots of use.   I've also traveled quite a bit with my laptop so it has taken lots of wear and tear. 
laptops are no different than desktops.

You most likely won't have a serial port or game port connection on a laptop unless you have it customized, but there will be several USB ports and most everything these days comes with USB connections.  There will be a place for headphones on any computer.  As far as the rest of the stuff it is the same and you would look for the same things as if you were buying a desktop.  I was told recently though that the Sony Viao run hot and that they weren't really made for a mobile type situation. 

If you want to travel you have to know all your internet options because you'll find yourself in various situations and your primary option may not be available for some reason, so you always have to have a backup plan. 

Opinion on laptops.....sm

Would anybody mind telling me which type of laptop pc they prefer....Toshiba  vs. HP, type of processor etc. that they prefer  ex.AMD, core duo etc.  Considering getting myself one but there are so many out there with so many different specs it is getting quite confusing.  You are welcome to e-mail if you wish.  I would appreicate any input that I can get to help sort it all out. 

Thank you so much......

speaking of laptops
how do you sit outside when you need a foot pedal??  laptop knowledge is  sort of new to me also.  Thanks!! 
Looking at Dell laptops, need help plz..sm

I am going to purchase my first laptop with Dell but have no clue which one to get.  I will be working from home with it so I am not too concerned with wireless internet connection and all that.  Does anyone have any advice?


I use laptops exclusively...sm
I have used a laptop exclusively for years and years and have never had a problem with the screen. I currently have an HP with a 17" screen and keep it constantly during the week. It is about a year old and is just fine. My old one that is for personal use is still going strong after 3-1/2 years.

Any advice on laptops? sm

I'm searching for a laptop to use occasionally.  I have a Dell desktop, but have heard some bad things about their laptops.  A friend did tell me that Acer has a good reputation for their laptops.

Any/all advice appreciated.

Ish will never by a Dell again!!!
Laptops - I am clueless!
Sorry if this is a really dumb question but are all laptops equipped for headsets and foot pedals?  I hate all my wires and am considering going with a laptop and wireless connection to do my work but I'm not sure if you can plug in your foot pedal and headset? 
Laptops and traveling
I have two accounts that I work on. My account during the week we don't have strict times, just a time you have to have files done by, so that does allow for a little more ease. On the weekend I cover for a small 50 bed hospital, so sometimes I may have 20 files, sometimes I may have 2. The one on the weekend has a special footpedal that you can only use with their program, but it really isn't that awkward in the car. The one during the week I can use a foot pedal or use F2 to start/stop, F3 to rewind, F4 to FF. At first I was a little slow with this but now I don't find my speed any different with using F2 or with the foot pedal.

It takes some getting used to, but where i live it takes forever to get somewhere, and it's really nice to be able to get some work done. I actually got to make some extra money the other day. My mom drives for a trucking company and they needed someone to take her to get her truck. So she drove my truck to go get it (about an hour away) and I worked the whole time. Got paid a $100 bucks to ride in my truck and work! Of course that was like a one time deal.

The best for me though is getting to go to Florida and visit my dad who is 6 hours away. I can still take my work and work on the road with a pc card (about $60 a month) and not have to take time off. Just have to make sure you discipline yourself to work and not chat with hubby! :)

Like I said, it takes some getting used to, but it comes in handy!
Employees Using Laptops

If you are working from home as an employee, do any of you have employers who allow you to use laptops?  If so, does the company provide those, or are you required to buy your own?

working on laptops
How nice for the MTs out there who can work on their laptops.  At Amphion you work from their computer.  I tried to be able to get to work on my laptop and got shut down, confidentiality reasons, etc.  I only wish I could go outside or be more comfortable than my desk and chair setup.  I bet I would be much more productive.  Anyone from Amphion who is working on their laptop please let me know how, I would really appreciate it.
Verizon has a card for laptops (sm)
$60 a month for unlimited high speed access from anywhere you can get a signal. I have a Verizon cell phone and get pretty good coverage with it.