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I've used them several times w/o any probs at all. nm

Posted By: wanderer on 2006-01-21
In Reply to: Bad experience with them here. Looking elsewhere. - x


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Several times w/o probs. You can delete/uninstall it right after the episode, too, if you're
I've done this many times (sm)

My hubby used to travel around the country a lot for his employer and we used to stay in places from anywhere from a few weeks to as long as a year.  We used to just make sure that we stayed at one of the business-friendly hotels, i.e. the ones with high speed internet and a separate work area.  If it's going to be long term, try to get one of the suites if you can, because you'll be surprised at how quickly cabin fever can start to creep in when you're working out of a hotel room.

As far as the C-phone, other than being a pain to lug around with you, just plug it into the hotel's line, but do NOT call out directly.  Most hotels will charge their guests an arm and a leg to make anything but local phone calls.

What I did was to get an account set up with onesuite dot com (very reasonable low cost prepaid minutes), and I would use that to call out with.  Just make sure that your hotel doesn't charge for making 800 number calls, because an 800 number is what onesuite uses.

Many hotels do not charge for outgoing calls to 800 numbers, but be aware that some of them do.  In which case, neither onesuite dot com or a prepaid calling card will work.

All in all, the only real inconvenience of it all was having to dial all of the numbers, PIN numbers, etc., that were associated with using onesuite or a calling card each time I called out to connect up.

If you have any other questions, you can email me if you'd like.

I've done it, many times...sm

I know after 3 days if the job will not work out.  Let's face it hon...we need to make MONEY and if I see the platform is ridiculous, NOT MT friendly and is a waste of my time, poor training, training done by someone who is NOT a MT and has NEVER worked as a MT....HUGE RED FLAG!!!...That means that the company probably just wants "fingers" to type and type and type.....One company who is always hiring on the boards....I gave it a while, and today I was offered a nice position with someone I used to work for!!!!! it is awesome!!! and I quit that other hot mess today.  Good luck!!! Don't feel bad if you quit...hey, we gots to make a living here. with the economy and everything being so bad...you have to look out for number 1 and your family.

I've seen the idea several times,
I've responded to this many times
Look through the archives.

I just don't want to subject people here to the information ... again!
I've heard this a few times- maybe you have too

Do you think anyone would ever be on their death bed, surrounded by loved ones and say, "I wish I had spent more time working."  Doubt it.  My kids are grown now, and the good memories for them are the ones I didn't think were so great.  Like the time we lived in an apartment building in the Northeast, had all our Christmas decorations in the storage room in the basement, and someone stole them.  We made all our own that year with aluminum foil covered cardboard and strung popcorn.  Not even any lights, couldn't afford them.  They to this day call that tree their Charlie Brown tree.  That's just one of many "little memories" that may not seem like much when they are happening, but it's the things they remember.   

I've had it a couple of times.
  Doctor gave me a sheet of exercises to do on my own which just amounted to moving my head and/or eyes around in different positions.  It can be just a horrible thing to have.  Yours is probably worse than mine if you have to "have therapy." 
Any job I've been on has used Times New Roman at 12. nm
Yes, I've called many times and they
tell me the same thing, that it is being reviewed. I havent'sent any money because they want the entire amount, and the mtg payment is more than I can afford. I figure I'd best try and save half of that to go toward deposits on apartment and moving truck and such.
What is a TROLL! I've asked many times, no ans.
Thank you!
RE: What is a TROLL! I've asked many times, no ans.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
In internet terminology, a troll is a person who posts inflammatory messages on the internet, such as on online discussion forums, to disrupt the discussion or to upset its participants. The word, or its variant, "trolling", is also used to describe such messages or the act of posting them.

No big deal. I've done this a few times, can't be helped
Yes, several times. I've learned to listen to them. (s/m)
A very long time ago, I once had a dream that my dog got hit by a car - the exact time, place, etc. And exactly one week later, to the day, place and hour, she got hit & killed by a car.

Another time I was driving on the freeway, and suddenly in my mind got a very clear picture of a pickup truck on fire. Yet there was no truck on fire where I was, and no smoke or anything. About 10 miles up there road, I came around a bend and there was a truck exactly like the one I'd seen in my "mind-flash", and it was on fire.

Go figure, but yes, I definitely DO go with my hunches and premonitions.
I've traveled and worked many times

To try to answer your questions.. Whether your foot pedal will work in your laptop depends on the laptop that you buy. When you're looking to buy one, try to find one with the correct kind of port for your pedal.  The one I recently bought doesn't have a serial port, so I bought an adapter at Circuit City that plugs into my USB port, and then I can plug my ergo keyboard and mouse into that.  In any case, your laptop will definitely come with at least a couple USB ports, so you could always buy a USB pedal to use with it if you have to.   As far as the headphones, every laptop I've ever used has had a place to plug in a pair of headphones so that should be no problem. The thing is...if you're going to buy a laptop specifically for this, then look at the ports on the laptops and make sure it has what you need.  I would say if you don't mind buying a USB foot pedal, though, you're not going to have problems because every new laptop will have USB ports, and I'm sure a place for your headphones.

If you're staying in hotels, try to stay in places that have free high speed internet which so many of them have now.  You can plug right into that and work.  If not, I know Verizon has a wireless broadband service now for around $60 a month you could check into.

I hope this helps some.


Yes, about 65K and I've given all my tips multiple times.
no message
Hey, I've had them stumble over their OWN name (3 times in 1 report). nm
I've heard people have to try a new food 10 times before they know for sure they won't like it
I heard that somewhere.

I had a SIL who actually SAT on her young children and force-fed them new foods if they refused them at the table. We were appalled, but weirdly, the kids often got up from the floor and happily ate the food they were just force-fed!
I've tried to quit 6 times in the past 6 years but

always went back to it. The longest I've quit was 3 weeks. My mom died from COPD and she had smoked from age 16. She really enjoyed smoking and although we kept trying, couldn't get her to quit until she was on 24 hour oxygen.  She told me if she couldn't enjoy anything in life (smoking), why live. She died 3 months later.

I started smoking at 13...you know, the "try it, you'll like it" phase. We both tried to quit when I was 19 but we only lasted a day. There was only cold turkey then.

I've tried the patch (3 weeks off cigarettes), cold turkey, herbal meds, hynosis (only lasted 5 hours), you name it. I've used all the suggestions possible to no avail.

With a cigarette dangling from my mouth, I told my boys never to start smoking because they'd never be able to quit easily. Two took my advice, one didn't. He also tried to quit smoking but failed. He was on Wellbutrin for it.

My husband started smoking at 8 while working in a coal mine. He quit cold turkey 19 years ago. He was smoking almost 4 packs a day and one day he got so disgusted with it, he  just threw them out the window of the car. Never touched one since and smoke from other people doesn't bother him.

He told me you really have to have the willpower and just get disgusted enough to quit. There's no other way. I guess I just don't have that willpower.

I've tried to go back to the office a number of times and

I never can make the transition.  One consideration is your wardrobe.  You have to start dressing in office attire which is something I don't miss and found irritating when I went back into the office.  I also found that after working at home for as long as I have done it, it's kind of stressful to get out there and try to be social and friendly.  Office politics is another negative.  Offices are very much like high school, very cliquey and filled with gossip.  There is more to working in an office than just doing your job.  At home, it's just me and my PC.  I do the work and I get paid.  In the office, there's you, your PC, the person who shares the desk with you, the person who sits across from you, the person who sits next to you, your supervisor right across the hall, the doctors knowing you by name and seeking you out to complain about their dictation, the constant ringing of phones, chattering of voices.  The people you share office space with, one will always be hot, one will always be cold, one thinks it's too bright and there's a glare on her screen, and one thinks it's too dark.  You can't wear perfume because the girl next to you is allergic...

I could go on... 

Amen, and I will add one more thing. If I had a penny for all the times I've heard, "just a ty
well, maybe I wouldn't be rich, but I could buy a months' worth of groceries! LOL
Yes, I have used it - no probs.
Have done it for 2 years - no probs
They guarantee their work - so I'll repeat what the other poster said - if you have the backup, go for it.

I use the online turbo tax and have had no problems the last 2 years. It is easy and fairly fast.

good luck to you.
Satellite/VPN probs

I have the very same problem.  From what I understand, there's nothing that can be done about the download speeds.  Hughes won't give tech support concerning VPN issues.  If anyone else has any other information, I would appreciate it.  I am working with a VPN now and have satellite and can't connect, period.  Does anybody know why that would be?  I get a message saying that the remote computer has not responded.  The last VPN I worked with, I could connect; it was just very slow.


I also use mydocsonline with no probs! nm
Probs with Editscript

One of the companies I work for have recently switched over to Editscript.  I have been moving and have finally settled down and for the first time this week attempted to type.  The company says that you have to buy a special footpedal that goes with the software.  Instead you have to use hotkeys.  I could not even make my way through one dictation without giving up.  It is so hard not being able to use my footpedal.  Has anyone else had this kind of problem?

me too, no probs, not even questions.
what specific probs are you having to make you want to
The Sted's works with just about anything, as does the ExText. No probs w/the
We have a few Acer laptops in our family. No probs. nm
Anyone having probs searching for docs on ExText?
Is anyone else having this problem lately? In ExText, when I search for a physician's name by using the Cntrl-A function, it is extremely slow, and about half the time, the search seems to freeze, and then I get a message that the connection has been lost. I click on "Retry", am connected, and physicians' names are displayed. The whole process is as slow as molasses, and occasionally, I get completely kicked out of the system, or everything freezes up solid. This has been happening for about 2 to 3 days.
Lingo that is who we use...VOiP, $22.95/month, six months already, no probs.
You might want to investigate further the post someone made about 2007 and VOiP. Seems the government is all hot and bothered because they need to tap phones and cannot do so with VOiP. They probably will end up taxing and surcharging eventually, as well, but for a while it can save you a lot of money...
A contact of mine worked for them for 6 years w/o probs, FT. She retired from them, too. nm
A good tax guy is worth his weight. He will help you find deductions and if any probs with IRS,
My fones have been in my tower for years now as sound is so much clearer. No probs. nm
I use EXText with my current job and I've used at a couple of other jobs I've had. I've ne

used DocQscribe, but I have used Meditech, Cerner, Vianeta, the Precyse platform (I can't remember the name), Dolbey, and  Lanier platform I think was called Cequence (?). 

Out of all the different platforms I have typed on, I have liked EXText the best.  In my opinion, it's very user friendly, easy to learn, and I really like ESP which is the built in abbreviation expander.  Plus it is very easy to create your own normals which I love.  My fingers literally never leave the keyboard because there are macro keys for everything.  You can use your mouse if you prefer or learn the function macros.  I love it.  I think I'm more productive on EXText than with any other platform.

hit left Shift key 3 times, then right Shift key 3 times -
Spell as best you can or blank them and keep going. I've passed many tests when I've left blan
As you can already see, you've come to the wrong board! By using the word professional, you've
excluded about 99% of the population of "whatever" it is that hangs on these boards. Certainly not professional for sure! But you sure are doing a good thing for someone! Its the thought that counts. Sorry you met the dregs right at the start.
HELP! I've turned my screen sideways, I can't straighten it up. I know I've seen sm
this before, but I can't remember what it is.  Do you realize how hard it is to read sideways?  TIA.
I've lost track of how many people who've asked about it to NOT
I've always verified every line I've typed (I have my ways) -sm
If you're supposed to be paid a certain $/line, that's what you should be getting no matter how they do billing unless of course it's specified in YOUR contract with THEM.

BTW, I've never caught a company cheating me ever.
I've used it. It's the worst piece of crap I've ever seen.
seriously. I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy, or their Vianeta program. Awful, just awful.
Wait until you've been there six months and if you've improved
quality and quantity, I'd say go ahead and ask.  Otherwise I'd say annually...  good luck
I've seen the same every place I've done acute care, and
pointing out dangerous or repeated errors (often in normals for goodness sakes!) never got the result I expected. When I would press the issue, supervisors said if the dictators didn't complain, then the mistakes must not matter!

It didn't matter if the MT changed what had been a cardiac med in the beginning of the report to an antifungal by the end - I kid you NOT! One poor girl used facial for fascial and fascial for facial!

I've used a few expanders, and of those I've used, all must be "coded" to get things lik
One thing I do to get around this, is to create a macro and then link the ShortHand command to the macro. It works for me, but I do the same five clients every day and only have about 20 or 30 macros/Shorthand commands that work like this. This may not work well for you if you have lots of formats and hundreds of docs.
I've been doing this doc for many years, so I've learned how to function with him. sm
I can tell what's a stutter, what's another word, what's just an "uh." Years of experience will get you through a lot.
Wouldn't want to do his charts all day, of course, but a few per day aren't bad. I haven't had to send his to review in a long time, but they do take a little longer to shuffle through.
I've worn contacts for 30 years. I've had both
hard and soft.  My vision is much better with the soft ones than they were with the hard ones.   When I first started trying contacts soft ones were still new and they couldn't get me to 20/20, so I went to hard.  Hard were okay until my eyes started changing shape and then I could no longer wear hard ones.  The soft should give you better vision as they conform more to the shape of your eye. 
different times
Question to a long timer. I have been transcribing for 15 years. I have been with one hospital for 10 years. I recently added a part time national using the same equipment and same format as my original account. For my original account I average 15-20 minutes an hour. After a month with second account, I am still only at about 8 minutes an hour. They do have a lot of ESL but so does my primary account (just not as bad, even when I first started them). I'm suppose to do a certain amount of minutes for this secondary acount, thinking I could do it in 2-3 hours a day, but I just can't reach my goal and I just do not have the time to work any more hours. Any advice?
Too much, several times a day.....but usually only for a
End of times?
Does anyone think this unusually hot weather in practically all parts of the U.S. has anything to do with Bible predictions?
Can be done..but at times it can't...(SM)
I am never amazed at people that are in "awe" over the fact I work at home, which of course to them means I can keep my kids there and save tons of money on daycare. I have had countless people that have never touched a keyboard ask "So how do I get started doing that so I can stay at home with my kids?"....sorry..butI can't help but just giggle inside..much in "awe" of their cluelessness.

I did this job for years in house before ever finally being able to work into an at home position. I worked in house with my 1st child and was of course broke...so needless to say he was in daycare as early as they would take him. About a year and a half ago I had my 2nd child and really milked this one for all it was worth. Wanted to keep her home with me as looooong as I possibly could. I made it to 5 months and honestly, should have probably stopped at 4. The age of your child makes all the difference in the world. When she was a very young baby and slept most of the day..yeah it was fine, worked out really well. But the older they get..the more they are aware you are there but not paying them 100% attention...and the harder it starts to get. He's 19 months old now..and even if the daycare is closed for a day that I have to work we end up having to send him to my mother in law's house for the day..it's nearly impossible to get anything done with him here. He sees mommy sitting here staring at this screen and will bang on the keyboard, stand here and scream for the attention he wants to be focused on him instead. At this age..keeping him home is not a good thing. My oldest child now is in grade school..days out of school..he's fine to stay home. He can play and entertain himself and needs nowhere near the attention the baby does. If you have a schedule that you can work a couple hours here and a couple hours there and late evenings after bedtimes, then you might be able to make it work out fine. I'm an employee, not an IC...therefore I'm required to work a set schedule and keep up a required amount of production...cannot be done with a lil one interrupting that on a constant basis. Look at your schedule..look at the age of your child..look at your obligations/requirements to your employer. It can be done in some situations...others it cannot. Be realistic...be fair to your child's needs when considering this as well as yours and those of your employer..it's a whole big picture to consider. Best of luck in whatever you decide to do :)