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what specific probs are you having to make you want to

Posted By: quit if you don't mind sharing. on 2005-11-05
In Reply to: Attention QA people - PLEASE READ :) - Anonymous QA


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Former Bank Manager, Could you be more specific. I want to make sure I get this right.
That is great...I used to have to make coffee a specific way...
screw that...Now I may it the way I want it, in my jammies---lol
I was hired for a specific account/specific

work type.  I've learned the dictators, done the macros, now  they need to hire new MTs because the workload has increased, so they switch me to a very difficult account, doing everything but my normal work type.  Does this make sense?  I'm productive on my original account, not productive on new account, plus I'm majorly stressed. I do ESL 90% of the time but the new account is really horrible, not only ESL but they mumble and the quality of the dictation is bad.  If you took a new hire and put them on this account and they stuck it out, maybe they wouldn't think these dictators would be so bad.  I've talked with the MTSO and they say they'll switch me back and that lasts 2 weeks and then back to this horrible account.   It would be different if they called and said we need you to do this account for a couple of weeks, but it doesn't pay enough for me to do from now on.

I understand this is the way the business is and my griping probably isn't going to help anything, but I just had to get it out.

Yes, I have used it - no probs.
Have done it for 2 years - no probs
They guarantee their work - so I'll repeat what the other poster said - if you have the backup, go for it.

I use the online turbo tax and have had no problems the last 2 years. It is easy and fairly fast.

good luck to you.
Satellite/VPN probs

I have the very same problem.  From what I understand, there's nothing that can be done about the download speeds.  Hughes won't give tech support concerning VPN issues.  If anyone else has any other information, I would appreciate it.  I am working with a VPN now and have satellite and can't connect, period.  Does anybody know why that would be?  I get a message saying that the remote computer has not responded.  The last VPN I worked with, I could connect; it was just very slow.


I also use mydocsonline with no probs! nm
Probs with Editscript

One of the companies I work for have recently switched over to Editscript.  I have been moving and have finally settled down and for the first time this week attempted to type.  The company says that you have to buy a special footpedal that goes with the software.  Instead you have to use hotkeys.  I could not even make my way through one dictation without giving up.  It is so hard not being able to use my footpedal.  Has anyone else had this kind of problem?

me too, no probs, not even questions.
I've used them several times w/o any probs at all. nm
The Sted's works with just about anything, as does the ExText. No probs w/the
We have a few Acer laptops in our family. No probs. nm
Anyone having probs searching for docs on ExText?
Is anyone else having this problem lately? In ExText, when I search for a physician's name by using the Cntrl-A function, it is extremely slow, and about half the time, the search seems to freeze, and then I get a message that the connection has been lost. I click on "Retry", am connected, and physicians' names are displayed. The whole process is as slow as molasses, and occasionally, I get completely kicked out of the system, or everything freezes up solid. This has been happening for about 2 to 3 days.
Lingo that is who we use...VOiP, $22.95/month, six months already, no probs.
You might want to investigate further the post someone made about 2007 and VOiP. Seems the government is all hot and bothered because they need to tap phones and cannot do so with VOiP. They probably will end up taxing and surcharging eventually, as well, but for a while it can save you a lot of money...
A contact of mine worked for them for 6 years w/o probs, FT. She retired from them, too. nm
Several times w/o probs. You can delete/uninstall it right after the episode, too, if you're
A good tax guy is worth his weight. He will help you find deductions and if any probs with IRS,
My fones have been in my tower for years now as sound is so much clearer. No probs. nm
You need to CLARIFY - Not sure why you can't be specific - or is it you don't even know what you are talking about?
how do you do that, could you be a little more specific?
to be more specific....sm..

You, the parent, want something done.

They, the child, want something(s).....

When the something you want gets done by the child...

The child gets something.


Deals and contracts - works every time....*S* 

can you be more specific.
How much more specific does it need to be?
It says to save the TEMPLATE to a disk, flash drive, etc. Short of coming over and doing the work for you, now sure what you are asking for. Did you know there's a Help menu in Word that spells out all the details?
More specific help?
I am only using about 25% of my hard drive, and I defrag regularly. I am always getting rid of stuff that I am not using anymore, but my computer is still SUPER slow a lot of the time. It is almost always sluggish, and seems like there is something downloading that I can't see. Does that make sense? I check the running processes and programs and can't see anything there, but there is definitely something going on.
Any ideas on how I can find my gremlins?
Can you be more specific?
There are numerous programs, legit and not so legit, which have similar names. There's a CA Anti-Spyware 2008 (legit) and then there's one referred to as "Zinaps" Anti-Spyware 2008 (which is a trojan). In any case, you need to correctly identify what's actually running in order to know whether it's a threat or not and how to remove it in either case. For the latter (mentioned above), see http://www.precisesecurity.com/threats/zinaps-anti-spyware-2008/

Beyond that, downloading and running either Ad-Aware or Spybot Search and Destroy would presumably detect (and possibly remove) what's running if it's spyware/trojanware.
To be specific...

The "account" that I do - I currently transcribe for only one facility - does not offshore - so only transcriptionists are hired that can produce the work required without needing someone to edit the transcription.  I understand that editing can be in either form - correcting or filling in the blanks of someone who isn't qualified to produce a final document (as in a new transcriptionist's work) or VR (which I have done with past accounts).   As I said, I am fortunate to have that opportunity and not all are so fortunate.  I also have the luxury, because of years of only acute care experience, to have had a choice in who I work for.  I know that isn't the case for everyone.  I am also not currently the sole supporter of my family and I have been in that position in the past. 

However, I think that if each of us who personally has the ability to do so - economically-speaking - that we try not to make it easy for those companies offshoring who are asking for our years of experience to train their transciptionists.   In a perfect world..... 

anything that does not have a specific board
look to the left

if there's not a spot for it there, then you can post it here

how hard is that? rofl
Is there a specific panel/s you are looking for?
This is specific and helps.
That's not working, could you be more specific please
Yes, you would need the specific software.
DocShuttle integrates with the other pieces of the Bytescribe system which basically allows the software to do the work of uploading and downloading. Without your piece, you wouldn't be able to send or return work.
is this regarding a specific post?
Radiology specific CMT

How can I become a CMT which is radiology specific?  Do I contact AAMT?  It is my hope that the focus of the test is primarily on radiology and anatomy as I have been out of the other fields for such a long time, it would be impossible to pass the test (I have heard the standard CMT test is quite difficult, is this true?).

Thank you and Happy Holidays Inspite of It All!!!! 


specific points
Any specific points that you feel are meaningful to you. Whereas in my situation I am going to make the point that I applied at a hospital and intended on working for the hospital and not being outsourced after 10 years. The benefits aren't going to be as good for me, and also with outsourcing like that they put so many people on the account to get that turnaround time real fast that you run out of work. Those are just a few of my points. What I am going to do is make an outline of why outsourcing is a bad idea for the hospital and bad for us on a personal level just to sum it up, and then I am going to proceed on with my letter.
That's a specific problem
that the Canadian gov't has promised to address. I think it has something to do with very expensive MRI equipment and a huge country to cover. I don't think anybody is demanding that their single-payer system be abandoned over MRI delays.

Naturally people who can afford to go somewhere to buy "fast track" care are going to go there. Ever hear about the private Saudi jets lined up in Rochester, Minnesota?
Would you mind being a little more specific
on the hospital? It's always nice to know where there might be some potential job openings if needed.
There you go. They hired you for a specific shift SM

What comes with that is that sometimes there is no work. The people who were NOT hired for a specific shift don't have to "save" work for you. They shouldn't have to.

No, I don't sit for 40 hours and then do another 20, but as an IC, if I needed money, this is exactly how I'd get it.

What you do

There you go. They hired you for a specific shift SM

What comes with that is that sometimes there is no work. The people who were NOT hired for a specific shift don't have to "save" work for you. They shouldn't have to.

No, I don't sit for 40 hours and then do another 20, but as an IC, if I needed money, this is exactly how I'd get it.

What you do with

I would just ask for it -- unless you have a contract with them for a specific price and is due to
expire on a certain date, otherwise you may have to wait until then to renegotiate a new line rate. 
So, if I hire someone to cover a specific
eight-hour period and she decides she wants to stop after six hours and spend the last two hours of her shift making dinner, how is the work that comes in during those two hours supposed to get done? Or does that not matter in your world? I have contractual TAT to meet, and I determine schedules on that basis, not on someone's dinner plans. If an employee of mine agrees to cover a specific period of time but fails to do so for something other than a legitimate emergency (and the OP was clearly already making plans not to work the full eight hours of her shift), then that employee is fired. I can do that. I have done that. I don't care how much work gets done in the first six hours. If someone has a specific eight-hour shift, it's because there is work to be done during all eight hours. Leaving the last two hours of work undone on a whim could put me out of business. I will not allow some little princess to do that to me.
I wonder if you could have made the contact more specific

You made a really good point! When I re-write my contracts in the future, I may add that in that 30 day period, whether my account provides me with my regular work load or not, that I would receive pay equal to an average income I would normally make with them, once they give me the 30 day notice! I would have never thought of that without your post and this certainly could happen to anyone.  At least you would still have that income for the 30 days until you could hopefully find a new client/job even if you didn't have the actual work to do.

I personally knew a small MTSO that had a contract with a hospital that did not adhere to their end of the contract and they ended up having to paying her quite a bit of money when they dropped her services as they dropped her without notice! She had to fight for it and it took awhile but she ended up and won in the end as it was a legal, binding contract that had been signed by both parties

I guess I should have been a little more specific in my post. sm
the only rental property that doesn't house family members is the one not paying. My husband and I have bought property for family who couldn't otherwise get a house on their own. We have huge hearts, we really do. We give our percentage to the local church, every paycheck, and if we do make a cash or lump sum of money in investments we either invest it some more or give, give, give to unfortunate family members. We are very happy to do that. LIke I said, we are able to give to our familly and friends in need and we love doing it. We feel we have been blessed to do it.
If you read my above post, we always have a cushion for emergencies and daily living, but we had to write a big, unexpected check this time. Hence, me asking for advice on cheap food, etc.
As far as my SUV, it is a used, 2002, bought on ebay (we have 4 kids and an economical car just won't fit all of us), so that is why I drive an SUV.

Sorry for those of you I offended. We do have a lot, more than others, but we also give way more than anyone we know, too. We know we could sell a house to make money, but that takes time. The reason we have these homes is: 1. To house unfortunate family members. 2. To sell when each kid goes to college for their college fund.

Sweeping generalization -- please be more specific......sm

You don't say what type of violation this is.  It may be that it is not a violation at all.  There is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to HIPAA.

Not inquiring about a specific company. sm
Just trying to find out how many reports on average are to done during the course of a day.
I am going to look into their specific wording on this today
and post here tomorrow what i find.
sorry, but some ICs have specific hours to work (nm)
COBRA is not a specific insurance sm
policy. It is simply a continuation of what you already had with your employer, except you pay all the costs. That is what you need to find out, how much the full coverage will cost you without an employer contribution.

You might put "flexible" instead of a specific number

I never put a specific salary in my resume or on a job application. I find I usually end up coming out ahead by letting the employer set the amount - IF I know the market. As mentioned below, 6-7 cents would be good starting out.

So if, for example, a company offered you 5 cents a line, get it IN WRITING that after a period of time (say, 90 days), if you have met and/or exceeded their standards, you will get a raise to 5.5 or 6 cents. And by IN WRITING I don't mean email - tell them to make it a contract.


Can you be more specific about what you're talking about?
Without information about what peripheral you're talking about, it's hard to answer your question. If you're talking about a foot pedal, you should be able to switch between computers without problem. If you're talking about something that needs to be registered (like an iPod), it's not as easy but not impossible, either.
More specific-hope this helps
They are having me type in Word and then cut and paste from there instead of typing directly in Meditech. I have tried to type directly in Meditech, but my ShortHand nor spellcheck work at all. I am thinking there should be an icon there for spellcheck. Like I said it has been awhile, but I did ? them and they said they just cut and paste, so in other words they do not know either and I know there is a simpler way.

Maybe better to send to more specific program