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Any ESL websites or resources?

Posted By: ME on 2008-05-09
In Reply to:

I was wondering if anyone here knew of any good websites (or other resource) where I could listen to dictators/speakers who have accents?  I am not really crazy about that idea, but want to try to better learn them so that I can do my job better when I get ESLs or even striking regional accents around the US.  Any advice is appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

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Call human resources. I called human resources about it. Sooner or later they will get tired of the
calls and do something about it. Safety in numbers. I have called twice. I forgot to mention the assinine QA point plan though. Mostly I bitched about the no work thing. Told them the new pay plan based on incentive is another joke with no work. Cant make incentive with no work.
resources i'm sure
not that hard to figure out, all of us make mistakes, esp when under a little stress. Ppl on this board are way too critical, should'nt we be supporting other MTs and now downgrading each other

There are so many resources out there
Do a search for "homeschooling support in _____ (wherever you live)". You will be AMAZED at the homeschooling resources and support groups out there - they can help tremendously with where you can begin. Personally, I would get your son out of the zoo and salvage what is left of his education, and sanity. He desperately needs your attention.
Resources for new job

I've accepted a job as a inhouse transcriptionist/front office person for a smallish physical medicine and rehabilitation practice (one doctor and five other office staff). I've been looking for good fit for my skills, experience and personality for over a year.  It's been especially hard as I've had personal, family and finanacial problems as well during this time.  In other words, this is almost too perfect to believe--I'd given up hoping that anything good would happen for me, so I do want desperately to make this work.  The doctor is a D.O. and, from the interview, she treats fibromyalgia, musculoskeletal diseases, traumatic brain injury, as well as provides comprehensive rehabilitation.  I have had six years of physical therapy dictation and probably 1-1/2 years of family medicine-type dictation all told in three other jobs. 

My questions are:  what are some references to have?  I've been told I can load any software that would help me, after it's checked out by the office manager.  Also, any hints, do's and don't's about working inhouse?  The clerical part will be answering phones and scheduling as needed and filing.  Many thanks for your suggestions!


None- you have no resources on this....now be
I am a newbie looking for good resource sites. Where do you go for all of your questions? What can you just not do without? Thanks. I'm trying to get set.
I have address resources available, but

the dictating physician will often forget to say the doctor's first name, and there will be 20 Dr. So-and-sos listed.  Or they spell the easy names like Smith, but not the difficult ones that they mangle the pronunciation on.  Then they carbon copy six different physicians.  I've got the hospital directory, online hospital website, online physician address lookup, Google, and other resources, but it's still very time consuming.

I'm thinking I like Meditech better.  LOL  At least everything was in there.  F7, F10, arrow down, save, you're done.

Psych Resources

Here are the links from my favorite places. I also have a word list if you need it. Let me know.



















Psych resources

I have done psych work for over 5 years and it's not just every day words.  I use several web sources (as listed by Amy) and also a psych book.  My psychiatrists also have to report the patient's medical history, so you have to know that as well.  Not to mention, a lot of people have psychiatric problems because of medical conditions. 

Stedman's has a great book that has listings of all the psychiatric tests.  Because of reports going to the medical doctors and psych abbreviations not being common, everything has to be spelled out (at least with my docs).  A lot of the psychotropic drugs can also cause medical conditions, like lithium causing hypothyroidism, Mellaril causing heart problems, Zyprexa and Depakote causing metabolic disorders, etc. so there is a lot of medical going on.  I keep my regular Stedman's on hand, lab/path, cardio, endocrine, ortho (a lot of psych drugs cause imbalances causing falls, which in turn fractures).  I could keep going on, but I think you get the idea.

It is very interesting work, but can be a downer. Good luck!

resources for psych
http://www.fpnotebook.com/PSY.htm   Good Luck!!! I'm still trying to find a company that will let me test with only 15 months experience in family practice.  I'm happy for you.
Good Resources
Everyone's suggestions have been very helpful for me i really appreciate it. Maybe i should think electronic over the actual book?

What I meant was use resources
Sometimes I can put in a string of words to come up with something needed as well.  I have found it to be most resourceful.  Sometimes Google can be wrong, so you have to kind of use the sites that are reliable.  That's all I meant really by that.
Favorite Resources?
What are your favorite web resources?  A few of mine are MTStars, Acronym Finder, Dictionary.com, RXList, and http://health.ucsd.edu/labref/labref.html.
Anyone still around from MedRec Resources? (nm)

Allergy Resources
I have an allergy account of my own and I know what you mean. Those tests/allergens can be tricky. I purchased the Stedman's Dermatology & Immunology Word book and I use it often. It has everything you need!
I just found one of the best MT resources ever...has everything! sm
Hope this helps!

Here are a couple of drug resources.




checking resources on computer

Does anyone know how to check resources on Windows-XP, also on Windows 98?  Thanks

Criminal and Civil Resources

Hi Becka ,

I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties. It sounds like this Robin person (I don't know anything about her other than what I have seen you post here) if these claims are true (I have no reason to doubt they are) is committing theft and fraud. Contacting  the Labor Board (federal and state) suggestion is a good idead , but if she is doing this across state lines (that is she is in one state and conducting business with people residing in other states) she is subject to criminal prosectuion by the federal government. I would suggest you go to the U.S. Attorney's office nearest you and see about filing a federal criminal complaint against here. Of course , you also have an avenue for recovery of wages owed you by here through the state / federal district courts , as well.

Why not? There are plenty of reliable resources
There are also other search engines. I am not trying to be rude, I really don't understand why you cannot work without Google.
I only have three books. Otherwise I use online resources...

Medical Abbreviations, Neil M. Davis (you can use the online resource, but I just find it quicker to flip through this little book instead).

Stedman's Equipment Words

AAMT Book of Style

Advice:  Don't go overboard and spend too much money on books.

Good Dermatology Resources?
Hi, does anyone know of any good dermatology resource websites? thanks a bunch
Tons of up-to-date resources;) sm
Make sure you have all the resources you need that will cover a lot of specialties, especially for ops. I wouldn't worry too much. You will basically just be learning more words. Just have the resources you need for quick finds to help you pick up speed. I'm sure you'll do fine!

Can you email me the name of the company you are starting with? Even though I've been in this business for over 15 years, I don't have the "recent" acute care experience most companies are requesting. However, I do have at least 10 years in the past. Thanks!
Don't know about CDs, but there are online resources for op reports

MT desk has some useful samples. A recent one that I've bookmarked  is this.





A couple of my fav online resources are these
The first is Google's medical transcription word seeker - a search engine just for medical transcriptionists. I use this instead of Google - has all the features of Google plus the added advantage of being more focused to the needs of MTs. Here's the link.


The second is a site that has some useful word and phrase lists and a nice collection of operative report samples. Here is the link to this one.


Resources in learning psychiatric work

I work for a large national and am changing accounts to a psychiatric clinic.  I've done a bit of behavioral medicine in the past, but don't have a lot of experience with psychiatric work and would like to brush up on my knowledge before I start with the new account.

Is anyone aware of any resources (books, websites, training classes) out there to help me grasp the psych. basics and terminology?  I appreciate any and all suggestions.


use resources means to use reference books or - sm
look up things on-line to research, like google. A lot of times you can figure terms out by putting in a few of the words you can understand. Being able to reference well is key to being a good transcriptionist, especially when you are doing a new specialty. The company you are testing for should have told you how they wanted blands left, some want just _____, some *, or maybe a highlighted line. I would just go with a ___ if I were you. Type it all up, then go back over it with just your speakers on (no headphones) and sometimes that helps you pick up words you did not hear before, also change the speed, slow them down if they talk real fast, or speed up of real slow, you get the idea. Fool around with it. Tests stink, but when you are a total novice they are really rough. Good luck.
People become annoyed when you ask for answers and don't try you own resources first.
Check your MSWord tutorial and resources before asking for help here.
That's because programs use up memory resources and you can only get them back by rebooting or
shutting down and booting back up. I always shut down at night.
I would compose a list of resources you found and use to answer their question, --sm
a list of the doctors, and simply say you can no longer keep up with your own work load, they are welcoome to contact you after exhausting those resources if they still can not find the answer and you will help when your work is complete; if they can not wait that long suggest they contact the MTSO.
I don't use any websites--
I use Stedman's Radiology Words 3rd ed.and it has just about any word you'll need.
some websites for you :)





Is there any websites

that show over the counter medicine names and homeopathic medical names out there. Have searched some and found some, but would really like a complete listing if possible.



Could you possibly recommend some websites?  Or maybe books?  Any help much appreciated.

Anybody know of any websites sm
for reference material for Cardiology?  I do strictly cardiology right now and lots and lots of cardiac caths, TEEs, Echos, Holters, PTCAs, etc.  Would be nice to have a website with just cardiology stuff.
AAMT has wonderful resources on their site. QA Primer and scoring guidelines (and explanations)
I do that with the hospital websites, too.
But I'm lazy.  I'd rather keep a browser window open or save the list to text format and use the search feature than print it out, find my notebook, and hunt through a hardcopy.
Always go to the manufacturer's websites and use it they way they have it!
It is DERMABOND - all caps. The Stedman's books are incorrect.

I know for a fact, as I even called the manufacturer on the telephone to clarify. I was so annoyed because my QA person just kept changing it to lower case - until now of course when I cleared that up.
What are some helpful websites?

I have found some very helpful websites by browsing the boards here.  Just wondering if some of you may have favorites you use. 

My most helpful for finding bacteria is listed below.


some helpful websites
Great websites (sm)
Thanks for those websites.  Out of necessity, I am able to do pretty well with my grocery bill.  I checked the sites you listed and there is some great information--I learned a few tricks!  Speaking from experience, it doesn't get any easier when you are in a bind.  I've lived this way for a very long time since I am a single mom.  Things just manage to work out and everything manages to last just as long as you need it.  Thanks again for the tips. 
You should research other websites because sm
Most of the information in the article doesn't coincide with any of the Biblical principles followed by the Christian churches in America today. Throughout the entire Bible, old and NT, we are taught to refrain from witchcraft, mediums, those who speak to the dead, or any kind of honoring of the dead. Christians are only to pay homage to God through Jesus Christ.
You can check out these websites...



Or you could always call around to local offices to find out what they charge.  Good luck.

Try manufacturers' websites
I have the newest Stedman's CV book, but things change so fast in this field that even it is behind.  Sometimes I find it easier to check manufacturers' websites for a listing of their newest products and then I bookmark it.  Here are some companies to try:  Medtronic, Guidant, Bard, Boehringer Mannhein Corporation, Boston Scientific Corporation, Cordis, Datascope, Kontron, Marquette Electronics Inc., and St. Jude Medical Co.  These aren't just for catheters; they make pacemakers/AICDs, leads, guide wires, stents, balloon pumps, EKG machines, heart valves and the like.  I know there are more, but this is what came to mind on the fly.  If you have Stedman's Medical and Surgical Equipment Words, they have a listing in the back of medical manufacturers and their web addresses if you'd like to do more looking around.
Physician Websites

Here are a couple good ones:



More helpful Websites

I ran across this website and hope that it might some out there.


MT chats? websites for?
Hi, are there any medical Transcriptionist chat rooms?  the board is fun, I just want to chat live.
You can't always trust websites. I have
googled something and have 3 or 4 spellings come up, therefore having to do more research. Books are your best get.
Try the company websites
A lot of the companies will advertise on their web sites the range of prices that they offer clients.  That may be a good place to start.
Go on the websites and search them
Some of them still have XP available. Another poster said they though Dell still gives you this option. I know for a fact that they do but you must factor in that they most likely will be downgrading a Vista computer to XP for you and so it may take a little longer to get it shipped, so I hope you don't need it in a hurry.

Whatever it is that you are doing, I would suggest you do it soon. I just did a bunch of computer shopping myself, and have been told numerous times that XP is on its way out around July this year in prep for the new Windows 7 platform.

I hope all these companies have decided what they are going to do with that situation. I know my company ran on Windows 98 until Microsoft wouldn't support it anymore, and then the new platform they had come out was compatible with XP. I hope they will make them compatible with newer OS because choices are going to become limited really soon.

You might call the tech people at the company and see what they have to say. Will your platform work with Vista at all? I have a platform that will, but only with the 32-bit version and not the 64-bit version. And, let me just tell you, that is a real headache to find.

I wish you the best of luck on this. I know exactly what you are going through because I was just there.