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Anybody ordered computer from Ebay to get

Posted By: Windows XP on 2007-07-17
In Reply to:

I just bought new computer which has Vista on it.  Until companies upgrade to be compatible with Vista, I need a XP computer.  Just wondered if you had bought off ebay and it was a good deal.  Thanks.

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I actually saved $400 on the same exact computer going on Ebay.
I originally bought it from Dell but they couldnt ship it here fast enough as I needed it so I went on ebay and found the same exact computer with Windows XP for $400 less. It had all the standard warranties, plus I got an additional 3-year warranty through Ebay for $69..
RE: I keep getting an e-mail from Ebay as a reminder for aun upaid item - a Dell computer - sm
but I've never even ever bid on one.  Anybody know what's up with that?  It keeps saying respond to this e-mail but I haven't done that - is this some type of scam?
Ordered one!
After doing some searching on-line, including local office stores, and E-bay, I decided on the Pearlcorder T1100 (hopefully built to withstand a little heavier use) from digitalfotoclub.com It seemed to be the best price for what I was looking for.

Thanks everyone for your feedback.
I just ordered one of those but thru AT&T - sm
Sprint did not have coverage where I am. It is enroute to me as I type.....probably have it in a few days, cannot wait!!!!! I just hope it works. Verizon offers it too. 595U AirCard/Wirelss modem. I wanted this one and not just the card since I can use it on my desktop and the laptop since it connects via the USB port and not a card slot (on laptop). I will post and let those interested know if/how it works when I get it. This is my last ditch effort to get high-speed where I am; told my neighbor I ordered it, she said you know now we will get DSL next month. Well we will see (doubt it though really). I'll worry about that when it happens!
I have not yet, but just ordered on of those MS - sm
Natural Multimedia keyboards that were being discussed here last week or so. Hard to find, but got one used at a place called Tech for Less, only $22. Shipping was $18 I think. This is a great site, great prices, ended up also buying a floppy drive I needed for my new laptop and a modem, each for $10 and brand new too. They have both new/new opened/and used. I will probably end up buying the external hard drive I have been putting off buying from them too, just need to do a little research first. But check it out, pretty cool stuff there.
I haven't actually ordered it yet sm

But I don't think it will be too difficult for me since I already use a split keyboard. This just means less mousing while working. I will still use my mouse when web surfing, etc. Hope you find something that works for you.

I ordered them and used them for about a week or two...sm
I had the same concern about the batteries near my brain, almost a slight buzzing when you foot is not on the pedal. I ended up calling customer service and they gladly switched them for me to the less expensive QC1 headphones. I love them.
Has anyone ordered through PCDictate?
Are they legitimate?  I would like to order a foot pedal and they seemed to have the cheapest price.  TIA.
I just ordered a gel cushion....
with a section cut out in the back for the coccyx...I sure hope it helps, by the end of the day my bum is tingling and my back aches. Anyway, if it is helpful I will post another note.
Has anyone ordered pet meds from Entirely Pets?

My dog has Cushings and is on $200.00/mo worth of meds and we are going broke between them and the $1000.00/year testing needed,  not to mention shots, etc.  We are paying about $80.00/month for one medicine.  I found it at Entirely Pets for $32.00/mo - a big savings.  The package they show is the exact same as what we get from the vet, the dosage and the # of pills is also the same.   I read the description and it doesn't say anything about it being a generic or anything else that would raise a red flag.  I checked this med at 1800PetMeds and it is $60.00/month there. 

I'm going to ask my vet tomorrow what she thinks.  I don't think she'll have a problem with me getting meds from another source but I'd like to hear feedback from an outside party too. 

Has anyone ever ordered pet meds from 1-800-petmeds.com?? sm
I have to buy heartworm/flea meds and love the Sentinol product. It is much cheaper to buy it from petmeds, but I have never shopped there or know of any one that has. Also, do you need a "Rx" from your vet to buy the med? Thanks!
Anyone ever ordered Adipex on line? (SM)

And, if so did you have any results?  I am starting Weight Watchers and exercising 3 times a week but thinking about Adipex to help control my appetite.  TIA

Have ordered it and am waiting for its arrival.
the tutorials, I think it will work for what I do.
I ordered online, but make sure to
select a computer from the "small business" section rather than the home version and that is where I found you could select XP or Vista.

Good luck!
Would you'all mind telling me where you ordered from? sm
I plan to order mine in the next month or two and understand you can order from distributors. Of course I would like the best deal on price and shipping and want to be sure I order from a reliable source and wonder where each of you ended up buying yours. Thanks for any help!
If this was something worrisome I would think they would have already ordered a core biopsy.
My boyfriend ordered me flowers last week from....sm
1-800-flowers but they dropped the ball and still haven't delivered. They sent him an e-mail at 6:30 last night stating that they wouldn't deliver as promised yesterday and we've both had a lot of problems getting through to a "human" to get this resolved. They still haven't been delivered and it's now 1:15 p.m. the day AFTER Valentine's Day. So much for ordering ahead and paying an extra "delivery guaranteed on time" fee.
tvps.com is offering same day shipping if ordered by 3p. nm
Well I've ordered mine! I'm so excited! nm
I liked the way your looked and ordered the Ergohuman from the same line! Thanks! nm
we have regular TV satellite (Directv) but had ordered - sm
WildBlue for high-speed internet. Apparently they need a totally clear view of the southern sky. I am surrouned by very tall trees. Previous owners had one of those huge TV satellite dishes on a pole (still there but hidden by the trees) and we had Dish Network before. So I am not a happy. I do plan on contacting Verizon and seeing if a petition would help, I live less than 2 miles from a tower/verizon substation so I would think that putting in DSL here (boonies) would not be a hard thing to do. I know plenty of people who want it out here too. Just add it to my list of things to do and no time to do them in.
I just bit the bullet and ordered a Sierra Wireless - sm,
AirCard 875U via AT&T. This way I can use it on both my desktop and my laptop is it connects via the USB port, not a slot. Paid 0.01 for it (normally about $300-$350) on Amazon as a new customer; the plan is $80 a month though for unlimited access. The fees for the aircard for the laptop were cheaper at $60 a month, but I'd rather have it on my desktop. Figure I have nothing to lose to try it; can cancel in 3 days of activation and it is free, within a month and all I pay is the $36 activation fee. Sprint has one too, called a 595U, but they did not have coverage here, but AT&T did, so they got my business. I should have it early next week, very excited about using it and cannot wait. Just hope it works! (will have to beat the kids away from my computer though which is the only drawback for me)
I ordered it direct from Dell ---- talk look at your - sm
foot pedal connection. Does it have pins (metal rods),if so how many, 9 or 15? There are both 9-pin and 15-pin foot pedals. If it is rectangular and slides into a rectangular slot it is USB type connection. If it is not a USB that is where you may have an issue, you would either need an adapter that works (and as I said I could not get it to work but you may not have a problem), or the right port, if a 9 or a 15 you will need that on the back of the computer. There is a 15-pin on mine but it is for the monitor. So obviously you would need 2 of these if you used a 15-pin. But you most likely either use a 9-pin or a USB type foot pedal. If you have any doubts as to what you use get on line and look at pictures of what each looks like, or ask someone you know who would be able to help you with this. I have heard too much bad about Vista. My brother is an engineer and programs building systems, etc. he told us to avoid Vista (which I am), plus it does not work with a lot of programs so until I have to upgrade, I won't, I plan to stay with XP for now.
I just ordered a cheap tower with XP on it. See inside
Vista Premium Down Grade Transactional Desktop
Inspiron 530s,Intel Pentium Conroe Dual Core Processor E5200(2.5GHz,800FSB) with 2MB cache

This was 390.00. Had to get it as Vista has deemed my laptop useless to me.

I really do think Microsoft should refund all of us for this useless program.

Good luck.
Ordered from Medical Arts Press catalog
on a previous job. They have different styles and sizes to choose from.
DH ordered it and I made him send it back unopened
I think that was 2005 edition - using 2004 which I found at the time (2004-2005) not to have a lot of the drugs and actually Google and the many, many drug sites were more helpful.  Agree with Wise below.
I ordered on-line with no problems. Just check and double
check before you hit the submit button.  Their customer service is in India, don't know if ordering is offshored as well, in which case you'd be better off ordering on-line. 
I ordered a clamp-on one, inexpensive, from Miles Kimball or one of those places.
I just ordered a Dell off the website on credit and was approved!!! Yay! Man, I love the web!
It will be delivered by the end of the week!  I'm back in business and not so limited on options.  Thanks again for the advice! 
Ordered a Dell with XP Sunday night, arrived here Wed morning!
This is my 3rd Dell computer over the years.  My current one is more than 5 years old and is just getting a little slow and outdated, so my hubby the computer guru suggested I get a new one before you can no longer find XP.  He is still getting it set up for me (I am pretty picky!).  Been VERY happy with Dell.  Never had a single problem with their computers.  My current computer still has lots of life in it, so he is going to use it as a backup for his laptop.  BTW, we went right to the Dell website and ordered.  Good luck to you! 
They're great! Lots of sweating, jumping, dancing. Fun! I just ordered more. nm
Oops..sorry your right. I forgot that. I specifically ordered my Windows XP as Vista is compatible w

Just about every computer has Vista now but I went through Dell and found the computer I wanted with Windows XP and then went into ebay and got it $400 cheaper than what Dell was going to charge..The one downfall, it didnt have Office Word etc.. installed so I had to buy that but I still came out ahead.

Is it their computer? Why are they installing a firewall and autocorrect on your computer? That sm
is usually the responsibility of the transcriptionist, especially if an IC or SE.  Which company?
Yeah I went onto the website and just ordered a Belkin adapter. It's worth a shot at this point.
I'll let you know if it works at all when I get it.
Question about transfering computer into to another computer.. sm

I have a dumb question - Just bought a new computer and someone told me to get a flash drive to transfer all my info.  But I'm assuming that ExText that I work off of and Escription will have to be downloaded again by the tech people onto my new computer.  I can tranfer these can I?


How does one find out the computer specs on my computer?

I should know this, but I just don't remember how to do this.  I am hoping I have enough RAM, or whatever, to load work platform on my own computer and begin working on it, rather than paying *rent* on the company-furnished computer.  Thanks so much.

A computer is a computer, whether it be laptop or desktop.
I have both and use both and I bought both of mine...most companies do not provide computers...
My sister does eBay on and off but was doing it full time a couple of years ago and made probably $40K that year selling mostly popular dietary supplements.  She was able to find a distributor and then sold them at a profit on eBay.  She always tells people, watch infomercials, keep an eye on what is popular on eBay, find a distributor (I think this would be the hardest part), and figure out a competitive price.
I sell & buy on eBay. I was a MT in the cardiopulmonary dept of the hospital but needed to expand my terminology (went to nursing school in early 70s) and managed to purchase the entire 2005 ed. of the SUM program with all books & up-to-date reference materials for $0 with buying packages, keeping what was needed and reselling. This included a second Dell computer system, a dictaphone and new Infinity USB foot pedal. After completing this over the winter, I am hoping to transcribe from home as an IC. I did work for many years as a legal transcriptionist. I had to leave my hospital work due to health problems and am now on Social Security disability but am still able to do a limited amount of work from home, just at my own pace and only to earn under $700/month.

I guess I rambled on about this but my daughter and I have sold quite a bit over the last couple of years. We have our "eBay closet" where we pick up extremely cheap new items (such as we find on $1 racks) or sets after holidays. It's a fun way to earn a little extra money. She also sells her kid's clothes for way more than she would get at a garage sale. We just don't purchase large items that are hard to package & ship or are difficult to store.
Just remember you have to pay taxes on it now. Last year the IRS busted thousands of people for not reporting the income.
Try Ebay
Be sure to search for "foot petal" or "wave peddle" because you can find things cheaper with typos.
I got a brand new Stedman's on ebay for 30.00 including shipping.
you could try ebay
You can find Dictaphone C-phones on ebay for about 200.
I just bought a new one on EBay.  They have all different kinds and you can ask questions of the seller if you are in doubt about something.  A new Panasonic Standard Tape usually sells for about $200 new, and I was able to get a Sanyo which is a much fancier, nicer machine that usually sells for about $350-399 for the $200.  They also have used ones.  Check it out. 
Try Ebay
I needed a computer with Windows XP, and it is where I got mine. You're most likely not going to find a computer with Stedman's on it. You'll have to buy that separately.
Have you tried ebay? NM
Yes, I tried ebay. Thanks for
the info though.  Guess I'll have to pay full price.  Oh, well.
I have about 6 different kinds.  Hubby likes his Sennheiser, but I prefer my RCA WHP 170.