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Anyone else notice the trend.

Posted By: WanderingMT on 2007-09-21
In Reply to:

I'm just amazed when I look at the Job Seeker's board and every job has at least 400 or even up to 1000 views.  Are that may people really looking for jobs. I think most of us are just not happy where we are and are always looking for greener pastures, but what I am finding..there aren't any..This professional has gone way down. Between the line rate and less-than-average benefits, why do we want to waste our times with the frustration. At this point, I think I can make more at Star Bucks and I hear they offer great benefits including medical insurance. I'd rather make a latte than put up with this stress...At least, those customers are appreciative of their coffee!!!

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Must be a trend
We are having roast with potatoes and carrots too. Cooked in the crock pot all day. Wouldn't know what to do without it!! It's just so hard sitting here all day having to smell it. My tummy has been growling...can't wait to eat!!
I also use Trend. I just bought a new computer with Vista and it came with the computer. So far it's working great.
Seems to be the trend in this business
Sliding downhill bit by bit. I hope you find a solution too :(
You can go to Trend housecall and run

free and it works.  You don't have to buy anything.  Last year when I had a horrible tough virus I was able to get around the virus disabling on my system using the online scanner.  It will clean and correct what it can.  Those viruses it can't, it will give you to the tool (for any worm or trojan viruses).  After you do that and you're clean, get your virus protection on there ASAP.  Here's the link ...



reversing OUTSOURCE trend ?
that I will not make the money that the hospital pays me. But is it true - that outsourcing is being reversed? I'd love to hear that ... so many more options for decent employment would come our way.

THanks !
Trend Net from http://www.newegg.com!
I too believe it is a trend, basically to cut costs. As far as MQ, SM
I don't work for them, but honestly, from reading posts, seems like they were just bought out by a mad scientist who thinks up ways to drive people crazy. Sort of a game of how far can we drive people before they crack.
Thanks, I have Trend Micro. I'll try that.
Just supposedly it might not work with some programs. Has anyone had trouble with Trend Micro having problems with certain software or programs?
It's not deep at all. It's a trend and I am glad to see it go away with Jude Law's
movies miserably failing at the box office.  There's nothing deep about that.  Just the facts maam.
is the new trend to not put spaces after a number and the measurment--sm
6cm?  I got QA back stating that the space I entered 6 cm was incorrect.
Trend Micro is the only security software I use.
Trend? Lets go back to the 60s, Rock Hudson...
Epitome of masculinity by your standards and he turned out to be as gay as a song  bird!   Talk about girly...so you never know, Toby Keith maybe hiding a few secrets too!   
just hope he doesn't start a new trend--ewww!
I can't stand it if I accidentally forget to put mine on. I can usually tell pretty quickly if I do. Just not comfortable to me (or anyone else around probably).
I have Trend Micro PC-cillin and have never gotten a warning for this site nm
well now there's a trend. doesn' t everyone in auburn, alabama live in a trailer?
what college do the trailer park students attend?
How are hiring companies getting away with trend towards IC versus employee status SM
after the lawsuit that determined that IC was indeed an employee because she was told when to work, what days of the week.  The company got into trouble with employment laws because of this a few years back, yet I see most of the job postings on this and other sites are mostly IC.
Adware is extremely limited. Try Trend Micro House Call.
Trend Micro House Call. It is free, and mine moves must speedier now.
Good for you, Linda! SM First, editing's a desirable trend. Higher skill, easier SM
I feel it may be like a train about to rush around the bend at me.

For the discussion, editing is a higher skill and it's easier on the hands--absolutely no carpal tunnel problems since I started editing. And the WAGES ARE ABOUT THE SAME--you go through approximately twice as much dictation (some people more, some less depending on talent) in the same time it would take to transcribe it and get paid half as much for that amount of dictation, ending up without a drop in wages from editing. This is fair and market-driven.

Fewer editors would be needed, but some would be needed for the stinkers, even scary-good as VR gets with most dictators.

The big threat is from the electronic medical record, where physicians and their assistants check boxes on a handheld device they carry around with them and there is NO text report to come to us at all. England has had this for some years; go look and see how MTs are doing on the Emerald Isle.

No Chicken Little here, guys, AND not burying my head in the sand either. I don't have a view into the future, but the one thing that's clear is the future will require developing new skills, professional or trade level, of one kind or another. I just hope and pray it doesn't require going back to suits and office politics. School's okay, even at my age, but am guilty of putting it off to see if I'm going to be allowed to continue pretty much as is until I'm too old to work...huh--maybe there's some sand obscuring the picture after all. Best wishes.
I did not notice the OP asking you about what to do.

Mind your business if you have no answers to the question OK?


Bye now! 


PS:  I hate when people come on here with an agenda and preach when all that is required is a simple answer relevant to the original question. 

or did anyone else notice that
every time someone says they are struggling with lines that it is automatically assumed that they are "messing around on the internet" or doing anything other than working. The problem could not possibly be a difficult account or anything reasonable. I know yesterday, on one account, I typed 37 different dictators. The majority of which were residents, who don't know what they want to say and repeatedly says "uh" or "no go back and change that" or ESL doctors speaking broken English. I find it very difficult to adjust to an account where there is no consistency in the dictators. You cannot get familiar with them as you more than likely will not get the same one very often.
I am trying to tell her right. If you will notice
it says it once, but the examples do not include it with the hyphen. We are moving away from the hyphen. As I stated, some still allow, but most of the companies do not use the hyphenated version any longer.
You may notice here, and it has been
depends on the area somewhat, but also how you receive the work and the work type (direct from the doctor, local MTSO, national MTSO, acute care/clinic/dr. office).

Clinic work in my area, SE region, it seems is about .12 gross line or about .16 65-character for what the dr. office pays. Subcontractors from the contract holder recieve between .06 and .09/gross line.

Nationals usually pay .07 to .09 for clinic work on a 65-character line. I think that acute care probably pay would start around .09 or .10 and go up depending on experience, etc.

Also, a lot of them will pay a little more for full-time (a very little).

Yes and without notice

It depends on what your contract calls for, but if no stipulation then most only give 30 days. That should be more than enough time for them to find someone else.
My contract stated 30 days.  I gave a 30-day notice but I did not have any work in my pool after only 3-4 days after giving notice.  I would have gladly worked for those 30 days.
Anyone notice...
These new "changes" take away quite a few characters for us? Not the hyphen thing; that's probably because they are tired of some people not "getting" when to use hyphens and they just said "screw it!" but the i.e., etc., Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc. How dumb does "John H Smith III" look? Throw some punctuation back in there! Although it wouldn't surprise me if the companies are the ones saying that they don't REALLY need all of those periods and commas, after all...

It's just like some new dictionaries; can't spell a word right, change it! (I've read where judgement is becoming more and more acceptable because a lot of people can't seem to drop the e.)
Did you notice that those
who claim that they are able to do key commands to make speed, so that they are making $20 an hour doing editing, also more than not are trainers in a position where they can pick their own work, knowing which doctors the VR actually does well with... And who have also been with the company itself over 10 years? Basically VR is designed so that the company gets more for the report and the editor/transcriptionist actually gets less. IF they want me to edit again, its only going to be for the same rate as the transcription work pays.

Yup, quit the company I worked for that used it about a month ago and I am still steaming out the ears from it.
Always - it's the professional thing to do.  Easy for me to say because I'm not in your shoes, but we've probably all been in a position at one time or another where we couldn't wait to move on to greener pastures.  If you've been able to stay this long, you can probably do 2 more weeks.  Best of luck.
Did you notice?
She tells how much it costs an Indian MT to be a member, but not how much it costs to test.
Anyone every notice...
When you put your notice in (2 weeks or not) at any of the MT companies out there they suddenly have had problems with your work recently and some even accuse the MT of doing malicious things in the system?

Just wondering if I'm alone with that.
did you ever notice
the ones on here who wonder why we complain about working so hard for so little are the ones with husbands paying all the bills?  Sorry if I offended anyone but the above poster just proved it to me once again.
Is it me or does anyone else notice...sm

Ever notice that most of these platforms/programs that we work on make it very difficult to keep track of lines, view how many lines in a given time period etc...seems that is the last consideration... for us to see how much we make. 

Just had to vent, thanks! :)

What is the difference that you notice mostly.
Oh, and I notice you have posted ONCE as JK???...

Lost job without notice
I worked for over a year at a company called New England Transcription. It is in Connecticut. They found out today that the hospital dropped their account. It is not associated with New England Medical Transcription.
No notice required
Since you are still in the learning the job stage just inform them that you are resigning effective immediately. Usually the first 90 days are a trial with employee and employer and no one should take offense. They could let you go with no reason either.
giving notice
Depends - either wait until you have a new job, if that's what you want; or, just tell them you quit and do they want you to finish out the week or? I guess I don't see the problem. If they wanted to fire you, it would be "bye bye now."
Do they give you notice
Do you think they would give you notice if they decide to ship your work overseas, or give you notice that they are going to hire more MTs to take your work away from you. NEED I REALLY SAY MORE.
You've got that right. NO NOTICE at all.
They just wake you up one morning with a 5:00 a.m. phone call and tell you that your account is gone.
Giving Notice
I feel you should treat them the same way they treated you. Did they try to work with you or did you ask them/tell them their reports weren't your "cup of tea"? Myself, I am very professional, but an MT's job is different than an office job. They're like McDonald's; either they won't even replace you or they probably have 50 resumes to pick from and hire the same day. So my answer is no, don't give notice if they were tacky. I wrote an email and asked for a shipping label form a large company. They finally sent the slip after two requests and are open to hiring me again!! So I feel any more, MTs are a "dime a dozen." If you are ethical enough to sit there and type two more weeks while you could be spending your time finding a decent company to work for ASAP, I think it would be stupid to waste your time on them ... depending on your circumstances of which I know nothing about.
You will notice difference after one use... but
I did have an issue with getting some of the gel in my mouth and getting nauseous from swallowing some of it. Just be careful.

benefits after notice

the norm is a cobra period of 3 months - most states require cobra benefits. But you have to pay.


I used to notice that, but strangely...
with my new MTSO, all of the PAs are very good, most of them better than many of the doctors.  And this is also the first place where nearly all of the women dictators are my favorites.  Strange, like I said, and certainly not my usual experience, but I like it.
Yeah, and did ya ever notice, (sm)
that lots of the stuff in their nit-picky book is WRONG?

(Or else totally irrelevant to a properly transcribed medical document.)

Where I have been, you have to work out your notice
to get it back. My last company had a policy that you could only be paid for a certain number of hours, but they must have had enough people quit without notice that they changed it so you could receive everything if you worked your notice. Check on the policy, and if your company does have this rule, state in your very professional letter of termination that you are willing to work out the notice.
I know if you work your notice you will get - sm
any vacation time due to you. I have no idea about sice time, but I would think that is not paid to you. You only get that if you are sick, not if you quit. My DH has about a year of sick time (they are allowed to carry it over luckily) and I know if he quit he would not get it, but he would get his vacation time as long as he worked his 2 weeks notice. If you quit without notice you will not get a penny.
Giving notice
I think it is a kindness. After all, they will need to replace you, and possibly need to train somebody for your account. Otherwise they could come up short on turn-around time. However, if they have been extremely unfair with you, I would give 2 weeks and tell them if they did not need 2 week's that I could to leave at any time.
IC. How much notice to give?

There is no contract besides on saying to say for six months.  I have been there for almost 1 1/2 years.  If I wanted to give notice, what is usual for doing so?  Is it 1 week, 2 weeks....



if you do this and notice problems
with ShortHand running, remember that shorthand supposedly likes to be loaded last. Maybe it's possible to load it last this way?
Giving notice as an IC...

I have been an IC for multiple years at a clinic and wish to resign due to extremely long hours and very little time off.  I rather have more time off and a smaller income, rather than no life with more money.  I would like to leave on a friendly note too, but I am confused on how to tell them.  Do I tell them in a letter or speak to them in person?  I also want to give them a few weeks notice.  All opinions and advice are welcome. 


Thanks again~