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Adware is extremely limited. Try Trend Micro House Call.

Posted By: very limited on 2006-10-09
In Reply to: Adaware is equally as good and there too..nm - or perhaps you're running out of....sm


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Trend Micro House Call. It is free, and mine moves must speedier now.
Thanks, I have Trend Micro. I'll try that.
Just supposedly it might not work with some programs. Has anyone had trouble with Trend Micro having problems with certain software or programs?
Trend Micro is the only security software I use.
I have Trend Micro PC-cillin and have never gotten a warning for this site nm
ER report on poor guy who had no heat in his house, extremely sick
poor old man trying to make it on his own without outside help.  Poor soul nearly froze to death.  He was brought in lethargic with pneumonia and admitted.  Paramedics stated the pt was living in deplorable conditions, sleeping on a floor, no food, etc.
Most in-house hospital jobs allow only 30 minutes for lunch! So I wouldn't call an hour lunch
"rigid."  If you are an employee, there are rules, set schedules, etc. that you have to expect. 
do u HAVE to open it - it has adware! - sm
WARNING: WinZix is advertised as a compression tool however it appears from analysis of the files produced that it simply adds information to a file so that WinZix needs to be installed to access it. The program contains an adware component that must be installed with the program and the EULA for that component says you cannot use anti-adware software against it. In addition, use of such software may damage the component and make it difficult to remove. FILExt has removed links to this software and advises that you install it AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you receive a "compressed" ZIX file you are advised to warn the sender and ask them to resend the file in a more conventional format (e.g., ZIP). .....
adware removal site

You can download Ad-Aware SE Personal for free.  It works pretty well for me, but make sure it's Ad-Aware and not Ad-Ware.  Ad-Ware is BAAAD !  

free adware removal site? NM
Multiple antivirus/spyware/adware on at same time?

  Can you run multiple programs for antivirus, etc. at the same time, such as this PC Tools free antivirus that I keep talking about, and the AVG that I keep reading about?

I know you can only have 1 firewall, but I'm not sure about the other security software.  Any input?  This computer stuff is SO and confusing and oh so frustrating!

Thanks in advance.

Zone Alarm Pro also protects against adware & spyware.
It also protects against pop-ups. I've been using Zone Alarm Pro for years and never had a problem (with Windows XP or current Vista). It doesn't bog my system down like Norton did. The free programs don't protect on all levels like Zone Alarm does.
Micro cassette...

I already have my machine.  Do love that ebay though! 

What is the best micro-cassette transcriber? SM
Believe it or not, some docs still use tapes.  I have a Sony transcriber but the tape fades in and out.  If I let off the foot pedal and then play again, the tape will get louder and clear and then gradually fade again.  It's really annoying and I'm thinking it's the transcriber.  Is there a machine out there that will play a tape with more clarity and consistency?
recommend adware, free, but if you can do a system RESTORE, it is much, much easier than battling it
i used to spend days trying to get crap off my computer. learned to back up to system restore from a few days prior to when i noticed everything happening and works like magic!! so much of an easier solution. but several tech support have told me adware and i run it weekly.
Are you talking standard cassettes or micro? (sm)

If you mean micro, then the transcribers are fairly cheap on ebay (under $60).  If you mean standard cassettes, then I have no idea.  :)

As for rates, you could charge a line rate and then a mileage fee if that would work for you.

CA Bay area, two accounts still on micro, one at 0.15 the other @ 0.17 gross line. nm

Looking for a machine or something that will convert micro tapes to wave files
Any suggestions?

Thank you!
Must be a trend
We are having roast with potatoes and carrots too. Cooked in the crock pot all day. Wouldn't know what to do without it!! It's just so hard sitting here all day having to smell it. My tummy has been growling...can't wait to eat!!
I also use Trend. I just bought a new computer with Vista and it came with the computer. So far it's working great.
Does anyone know if there are a limited
Seems to be the trend in this business
Sliding downhill bit by bit. I hope you find a solution too :(
Anyone else notice the trend.
I'm just amazed when I look at the Job Seeker's board and every job has at least 400 or even up to 1000 views.  Are that may people really looking for jobs. I think most of us are just not happy where we are and are always looking for greener pastures, but what I am finding..there aren't any..This professional has gone way down. Between the line rate and less-than-average benefits, why do we want to waste our times with the frustration. At this point, I think I can make more at Star Bucks and I hear they offer great benefits including medical insurance. I'd rather make a latte than put up with this stress...At least, those customers are appreciative of their coffee!!!
You can go to Trend housecall and run

free and it works.  You don't have to buy anything.  Last year when I had a horrible tough virus I was able to get around the virus disabling on my system using the online scanner.  It will clean and correct what it can.  Those viruses it can't, it will give you to the tool (for any worm or trojan viruses).  After you do that and you're clean, get your virus protection on there ASAP.  Here's the link ...



My limited experience with DQS
Tech transferred my PRD (expander program) for me. Had to make some changes to
it, but it works just fine. I recommend checking ahead, if possible, about
getting your expander program switched over, so it will be ready to go for you.
My experience and therefore my info to share on DQS is limited, as I was trained
last Apr. but have not made the permanent move over (I'm the one still on INET)
because it is a nightmare to try to use the DQS system on
dial-up, at least for me. High speed not available where I live. Anyway, I will
say this much, the actual transcription part of it, the screen where you type...
that part does seem like an improvement to me. The rest of it though seems so
top heavy with data from other hospitals that I will never need, the ADT
searches are mind numbingly slow... again, on dial-up. On INET, we just type in
pt name in seconds... DQS requires searches for various demographic info; this
is where dial-up fails miserably. I felt training was pretty adequate, and the
manuals they send out are helpful. I hear some MTs do great with it and
production is increased (though it seems not MTs who were on INET before).
Hopefully you have high speed or cable and the transition will be smooth. Know
whatcha mean about dreading/looking forward at same time. I tried to keep an
open mind as best I could. Good luck!
I look but am limited because I only have dial-up - SO I look to see if I can -sm
find something that is a little better than I have now (.09/line without spaces)---would love to find a .09 a line (or .10 of course) that paid spaces had consistent dictators so I could get a good rhythm going. So I look a lot, but cannot apply to many since I don't have high speed internet. I could get satellite of course but many don't want you to have that, so I am kind of limited and always on the lookout for a MTSO that allows/uses dial-up.
I think with just the limited background you have had
probably will need more training to do the 4s. Some folks say they just started in it but places looking for experience, most of them anyway. You might find a place to hire a newbie. The 4s mean everything so you have to be versed on any kind of medical dictation they can throw at you.
May be my limited experience, but
I like the platform. I worked for local doctors in WordPerfect before this, but I have worked in InScribe for two years, through two versions, and beta tested this current version. I like everything about it except for the lousy AutoText. It's too much trouble to enter individual shortcuts....have to save a list of 20 or 30 to make it worth your time to add them. Other than that, I'm satisfied.
Because they have a limited vocabulary
The results of dumbing down of education in general.  The "I make a lot of money, so big deal if I'm careless, let the rest of the staff cover my butt" syndrome.  Call it doctor ebonics for this century.
yes, in limited fashion
and handwriting to me was more challenging than the voice at times, and timewise, i believe it took longer.
reversing OUTSOURCE trend ?
that I will not make the money that the hospital pays me. But is it true - that outsourcing is being reversed? I'd love to hear that ... so many more options for decent employment would come our way.

THanks !
Trend Net from http://www.newegg.com!
I too believe it is a trend, basically to cut costs. As far as MQ, SM
I don't work for them, but honestly, from reading posts, seems like they were just bought out by a mad scientist who thinks up ways to drive people crazy. Sort of a game of how far can we drive people before they crack.
It's not deep at all. It's a trend and I am glad to see it go away with Jude Law's
movies miserably failing at the box office.  There's nothing deep about that.  Just the facts maam.
is the new trend to not put spaces after a number and the measurment--sm
6cm?  I got QA back stating that the space I entered 6 cm was incorrect.
I have entire reports in SC, though not many. Is it limited? nm
New computer - dictionary seems limited

My desktop crashed so I bought a laptop.  The dictionary for the system does not seem to be picking up near the medical terms my desktop did and the new computer has a newer version of MSWord.  Is there anything I can do to expand this?  I have Stedman's but some of the things it is saying I am misspelling are very basic medical terms and I did not have this problem with my old computer. 

sprint limited usage
Do you work more than your 5GM? I just wondered since I am thinking about getting a card. I think Verizon and ATT do the same. My daughter has 5GM on her cable and she went over once, but they did not charge extra.

Thanks a lot.
I agree, especially regarding limited use of expanders...nm
Trend? Lets go back to the 60s, Rock Hudson...
Epitome of masculinity by your standards and he turned out to be as gay as a song  bird!   Talk about girly...so you never know, Toby Keith maybe hiding a few secrets too!   
just hope he doesn't start a new trend--ewww!
I can't stand it if I accidentally forget to put mine on. I can usually tell pretty quickly if I do. Just not comfortable to me (or anyone else around probably).
My accounts aren't limited to how much they can dictate...
in one day, so on the "catch-up" days, I work from early morning, sometimes 14-16+ hours to get everything (or most of it) done.  Otherwise, I hear, "Do you need help on that account?  Do you want to share it with someone so you don't get behind?"  Uh huh.  Sure.  I mean, of course.  They haven't dictated in days and decided to slam me all at once, but I'll share and then have days and days of a few hours' work.  Plus, sharing means constantly having to watch the incoming jobs so the other MT doesn't download them all. and leave me with nothing.  Geesh.  Sometimes you just can't win.    My accounts are MY accounts.  If companies would have set guidelines for clients (like don't expect to send 10+ hours of dictation once a week and get it all back in 24 hours), it would work better for both sides. 
Prosthetics/orthotics - limited references available

If someone out there has a good web site for this speciality, I'd appreciate it.

The service area is limited, though growing.
I don't know if they are talking about WiFi or an Air Card.   WiFi connectivity is cheap, but unless you live in a large city you'll find limited access.  An Air Card (called different names depending on the company selling them) I then they start at about $249.00 and the fees are pretty hefty.  Not sure how good it works though I've heard people who loved theirs and they traveled a lot and said they never were unable to get a signal. 
radiology is NOT difficult..while the "language" is different, its limited.

and worried if limited installs, I wouldnt be
Easy to do when you are doing a limited amount of docs.
I work on 2 accounts with a handful of docs. I have created templates for each one. Each template has approximately 30 lines already transcribed because the docs use the same ROS and PE all the time. In addition, I use IT which does about 50% of my Keystrokes for me. On easy clinic accounts like this with limited docs, 300 is easy.
well now there's a trend. doesn' t everyone in auburn, alabama live in a trailer?
what college do the trailer park students attend?
How are hiring companies getting away with trend towards IC versus employee status SM
after the lawsuit that determined that IC was indeed an employee because she was told when to work, what days of the week.  The company got into trouble with employment laws because of this a few years back, yet I see most of the job postings on this and other sites are mostly IC.
found a senior citizen on limited income,
word of mouth from someone else who uses her. She charges $10.00 an hour and does EVERYthing - including windows, oven, frig, at least once a month, bathrooms, floors, laundry, changes linens, and all surface areas weekly - all in less than 4 hours for 1600 sq foot condo. You might try posting a note on a senior citizen bulletin board in your area or go to a limited income residental facility and post a note there.
Will last forever, body will fall off before the engine ever quits.
You have a baby, you have limited time to devote to work. sm
This career requires strict, constant concentration. It requires a lot of time to gain knowledge. It's not like stuffing envelopes or making bead necklaces or making telemarketing phone calls. You have to sit at your computer, with no distractions, with ALL of your attention highly focused. The thing is, your baby requires this, too. One of these 2 things will suffer. You wouldn't bring your baby to an office, and trying to do this job with a baby right there is the same thing.