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Are you trying to say you work on DocQScribe on dial-up????

Posted By: When they DEMANDED I get DSL? on 2005-09-24
In Reply to: I work at home with Dial-Up - mttee

And I had to pay for connection fee and modem for the DSL????

I hope I am misunderstanding you!grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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DSG has PRN work and uses DocQscribe.
Hope this helps.
Will Vista work with DocQscribe?
Hi!  Going to purchase a new computer - can anyone tell me if VISTA is compatible with DocQscribe?  TIA :D
Does your Infinity pedal work with DocQscribe?

Just wondering if your Infinity foot pedal works in DocQscribe?  Does it automatically recognise it?

My friend has a footpedal that a former employee of Medquist was using, and went to use it as a new employee with MedQuist and it won't work now.  It works in Express Scribe perfectly.  MedQuist says you have to rent one from them and they won't "troubleshoot" problems with the pedal since it wasn't purchased through them......(even though it was by this former employee).

Any suggestions?

does Instant Text work in DocQScribe?
Anyone know? I appreciate your answers.
DQS does work with dial-up
I've used dial-up and high-speed, and trust me, you are MUCH better off with high-speed. Even though it is possible to use dial-up, if you have to do a lot of ADT searches, it can slow you down a lot. Also, splitting jobs is slower because you have to wait for the next job to download, the upload is longer, and it's just a waste of time IMO. Also, signing on and off takes twice as long.

Don't be mad. You are definitey better off in the long run and probably will make up that connection fee and modem cost soon.
Don't think dial-up would work...
even accelerated. It's just too slow and undependable. Have you thought of getting Internet using an air card from your cell phone provider? To be honest with you, I don't have much knowledge on them, but I do know that friends who have them say they rarely have trouble with their Internet service and they are as fast as DSL for them. It may be worth checking into. Here they run about $60 a month for service.
Does Dictaphone footpedal work with DocQScribe platform?
If not, know where I can find a reasonable universal footpedal?
I work at home with Dial-Up
I work for MQ with the DQS platform. It works find, just takes a little longer than with the DSL.
How do you may Escription and dial up work?

Are there any MTs/VR MTs out there using Escription with dial up?  If so, please tell me how to get it to work becuase I have Escription on my computer, but I cannot get the first dictation downloaded.  If there is a setting somewhere that I need to change for my dial up connection please tell me.  I am begging.

Thanks so much

Escription and dial up..Will it work?

How do you make Escription and dial up work together?  I have a slow connection and I can get short dictations but no long ones.  Does anyone have any advice for me? 


Escription and dial up..Will it work?
What type of system are you working with. Editscript and satellite or dialup are not always the best combination.
DocQscribe and Dragon Naturally Speaking.. Can they work together? Thanks in advance.
Use of WiFi versus dial-up for MT work

Hi all,

Posted this on the technical board as well and just wanting to get some imput -- I just moved to an area were the ONLY options for me are dial up or wireless internet.  One of the companies that I work for "gave me the go-ahead" to be able to use wireless, but with the advice to have dial-up available as a "back-up".  The other company said that it really wasn't that stable.  I am in clear view of the wireless tower and about 5 miles away.  I have had both cable and DSL in the past, and have had times when my cable would go out for hours, due to "various reasons".  What I am trying to find out is why wireless is considered "so unstable" when I feel that some of the other high-speed internet connections are just as unstable and if there ARE medical transcriptionists out there that do use wireless and what their experience has been with it.



WiFlyer - Wireless dial up - does it work?

I found something called WiFlyer for "wireless dialup".  I think you plug it into your phone jack and then a little antennae to your notebook and you can move around the house freelying without a phone cord.  I wonder if it makes dial up any faster?  Has anyone used this?  What did you think? 


my dial up works for the company I work for

I work for a company that uses MP Word.  They have an edition that is made to work with dail-up.  I just get the first dictations downloading, make coffee, clean the kitty litter, read e-mail or whatever.  Then once that initial  batch is downloaded, when I have about 10 minutes of dictation left, I just request more work and keep on typing.  I almost never have to wait for work after that, I just keep downloading as I type.

Will DQS work with dial-up (short-term). How long
I only have dial-up, I work for a small local MTSO -sm
that uses a FTP site to send us our work, so dial-up is just fine for that (work is about a 20 hour TAT, so it does not matter how long it takes for me to download my work, and uploads are quick. So obviously a job that has no set hours, etc. is ideal for someone with dial-up. Also get your own accounts, then it doesn't matter does it as you are the boss. I have 1 account of my own and we transfer the files via the internet through an intermediary website (in place of a FTP). Just keep hunting there are dial-up jobs out there.
C-phone help! Dial tone ok, but keys will not work.

There is a dial-tone when handset is lifted.  Keys do not work to program, dial, ect.  This is the same for 2 different units.  Any suggestions?

I was told I would dial directly into the system/Will I need to get dial up internet service?

had any luck yet?  I'm thinking of getting a few hour's sleep and logging back on later. 
Intellitype does
I'm on DocQscribe and I get
about 225 lines per hour; however, that is with 3 kids (2 little ones and 1 in school most of the time) so I think that slows me down -- waita minute, I ~know~ that slows me down. LOL.

Good luck!
Does any one use DocQScribe for their home business?  Is this an expensive program to purchase?
New to Docqscribe....
How do you add a template?  I can add short phrases, but can't figure out how to get longer things in, like a paragraph or two.  TIA!
I recently left MedQuist, and the only thing I miss is DocQscribe!


I must admit, I also like DocQScribe.  I think there are a lot of advantages to it. It sure is better than what we used to have!!!


 I was wondering if you can explore DocQScribe without having jobs download?



IT DocQscribe
Hi all,
I'm currently job shopping and found a position that uses DocQscribe, but I was told that I can't use instant text, that I have to use what is provided inside of DQS. Can anyone give me some insight, is there a workaround?

DocQscribe and SH
Thank you so much!  I used SH in the past and found it was a lot faster than Instant Text and since my trial copy is already populated, should be on my way to more lph!
IT and DocQscribe
Make sure you are using release 5.44 of Instant Text V Pro.
For further assistance please contact tech support at 1-781-272-3200 ext 2

Textware Solutions
DocQscribe expander
When I switched from MedRite to DocQScribe the tech in my office transitioned my entire glossary over to the new platform. I had to make a few changes, but very few.
Trouble with docqscribe
I can't log on either and I have been on hold with 888-dictate for over 45 minutes.
What I meant was DocQScribe
What companies besides MQ use DocQscribe? nm
Is DocQScribe the same thing - sm
as WebCorrect?
DocQScribe system help

Anyone use ShortHand and docuscribe together?  With my old company i was using Word and shorthand.  I had a macro set up to take me from blank to blank.  I am lost on this new system.  Any ideas on how to set this up?  Thanks in advance!


Could someone tell me something about how DocQScribe works......
Just wondering
DocQscribe normals

I will be leaving my company at the end of the week without a job to take its place.  It's taken me several years to accumulate all my normals, and I hate to think I will have to start over creating them.  Does anyone know how to transfer/move all the normals from DocQScribe to Word or to save them on my hard drive.  I hate to think I'll have to start over creating all new normals.  Thanks for your help.


What companies use DocQscribe beside MQ & DGS. Please help!
Working for two companies is not enough, so I need another that uses DocQScribe (for easier training) and a flexible/PRN type of schedule.  Willing to work PRN weekends too.
that ding sound occurs when they Transcriptionist hits a "wrong" key unintentionally.....like accidently pressing a key repeatedly. 
But MQ is NOT the only company that uses DocQscribe. nm
DocQScribe platform
Is this an easy platform to learn? Productive? Fair reporting lines? I'm considering working for a company that uses this platform. Any input appreciated.
DocQscribe Platform
Does anybody know anything about companies other than MQ that use DocQscribe?
DocQscribe vs. ExText
Has anyone had experience with both of these platforms, and if so, could you offer your opinion as to how they compare? 
Check DocQscribe
Need tech help with DocQScribe

I just started working for a service that uses DocQScribe and for another service as well and use the same foot pedal for both.  However, I noticed that when I log into DocQScribe and start to play the dictation file, it will start to play and then suddenly jump back to the beginning of the dictation.  The footpedal that I currently use is an Infinity IN-USB-1.  Or is DocQScribe the type of program that tends to conflict with other programs?


DocQscribe users sm

Does anyone work for more than 1 company that uses DocQscribe.  I work for 1 company with DocQScribe and just got a part-time job at another company that uses DocQscribe.  Is there any way to use DocQscribe for 2 companies on 1 computer?


DocQscribe question
Is there a way to do automatic numbering in DocQscribe?
DocQscribe question...sm
Can you use ShortHand word Expander with DocQscribe?  Also, can you see all your line counts on DocQscribe?  Hoping for a great experience.  Any info appreciated.  TIA
DocQScribe and two companies
I work for a company right now using DocQScribe and I am considering working for another DocQScribe company.  Do I need to have two instances of DQS, one for each, or with the separate log in can I continue to just use the same installation?
I don't use DocQscribe nor do I know what the expansion

formula looks like, but if you can open it up in Notepad and manipulate the formula to look like this, tp=the patient, then you can import them into EXText.  I don't have my EXText in front of me so this is from rough memory.  Once you have your expansions in the above formula, save them in Notepad on your desktop.  In EXtext click on Options, Import file from Text(?), in the drop down box click on Desktop, click on your saved list, put an = sign in the delimiter box, click on Ok or import or whatever the next step is (lol...told you it was from rough memory).  Once these are imported you'll need to save your ESP list.  It is really simple to import once you have your expansions in the right formula.  I'll check back here in a little bit and answer any questions I can.  I'll be working tonight and may be able to give better step-by-step instructions once I have the actual program up and running.