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That really stinks! Guess I should feel lucky.

Posted By: omt on 2005-09-25
In Reply to: Wishing I had so many options!! - vastar

Now I feel foolish for complaining without thinking there were others worse off.  Sorry.

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Guess I am lucky

I guess I lucked out.  I just informed my accounts of an upcoming increase on June 1st due to cost of gas, supplies, etc.  First one in almost three years but going up 1 cent per line and they were all acceptable of it.  No questions and only said, "thanks, keep up the good service, appreciate all you do."  I was a little squeemish to do it and would have gone down 1/2 cent a line if necesssary but doesn't look like I will have to.   Wish it were better for the rest of you. 


Guess I am lucky..
My docs for an Ortho clinic always say thank you. It is really nice to hear. I did have one of them once say something along the lines of "apparently I said something different in another report", and it made me wonder if I had screwed up somewhere, but I let it roll off my back.
I guess I got lucky...sm
I didn't really have to do anything. I was working in-house and asked if I could do medical records because I knew we were going to VR in radiology and didn't want to find myself without a job. It wasn't a big deal to them. But I ended up without a job anyway because as soon as they went to VR, they outsourced everything else. Sigh. I got hired doing acute care mainly ER and DS after I lost my hospital job, but now Im back in Rad and actually prefer it.

I got started in MT working for an Ob-Gyn practice. From there I went to clinic (the practice merged with the hospital and I got put into a pool). Then I moved into Rad and finally acute care. I think you can probably do better with Clinic or ER because it is very repetitive and between normals and making your own IT macros, you can really jam. Good luck with whatever you decide.
We never have to change. I guess we are lucky..sm
I can't believe it gets dark in Maine at 4.  That is amazing.  In December in Arizona it gets dark about 6.  At 4 some kids are coming home from school.  Wow.
I guess I am lucky, but I only pay my accoutant
a little over $100 to do my taxes and he is great. He's been doing my family's taxes for a long time now, and I recently started using him 2 years ago. I wouldn't do them any other way now.
I guess I will count myself lucky too then.
Guess I'm pretty lucky
The company I work for actually does stand up for us and has worked with difficulty dictators on improving their dictation, which of course is a win-win for everyone. I have been in this field for 25+ years although and this is the first time I have ever experienced anyone actually helping us out. Usually, we get "do the best you can", like they are afraid to approach the doctor.
Guess I was lucky then. I recently left MQ...sm
After 9 years with them. The entire time (until the recent 'cesspool' changes - the reason I left) I worked on a large children's hospital and all their clinics.

There would be the occasional crying/screaming, etc. in the background (s/l off in the distance though, not in the same room as the doc), but other than that, I really didn't hear much noise from the patients or their parents.

Not that it was an easy account by any means, and there were those docs who seemed to just love to dictate from the NICU, right next to the loudly beeping machines, or in the cafeteria, next to clattering dishes. But overall, not as much noise as I expected. (Thank goodness. My tolerance for screaming kids is pretty low! LOL) I actually miss that account... *sniff*

BTW, my account now has a lot of elderly people, which I find a lot more depressing. Seems I've gone from one extreme to the other.
Good point. I guess if you do not feel comfortable dislosing sm

a list of your clients to your subcontractors, you could only hold them liable if they try to contract work with the clients they know about, i.e. whichever accounts they work on.  If you have accounts with Hospitals A, B, C, and D, but the MT only works for and knows about Hospital A, then seems like she would be within her rights to solicit work from the others since she does not know they are your clients.  I am curious, though, if you have them sign a noncompete clause already and they are working for you, why would you be reluctant to share that information with them?  They would be bound by the contract.  Maybe I am missing something .. I usually do (ha).

Hope you figure out a solution to your dilemma.  :-)

And we all think our pay stinks -- nm
That really stinks...sm
That supervisor doesn't have a clue about her job! You didn't do anything wrong, and you definitely don't deserve to be removed from the account. But, I've been right in your spot, which is against a brick wall, and my experience has been that you can try to make them see the facts, and they may even agree, but you still will not win.

I'm sorry you have to experience such unfairness, but MTs are often used as scapegoats, most times without their even knowing about it!

Really though, a team leader removing someone without having all the details? ?Without even asking questions of you, and then tell you to "hold tight." It's not worth it to even wait for her to find the facts because they won't be about you anyway. There are MT companies that value their MTs. Find another job ASAP. Kindergardeners need to "hold tight," but where does that fit in at all here? Maybe the supervisor can "hold tight" while you find a better company to work for!!!!

Good luck to you!
One job yes! The other no, and it stinks!
And it takes a very long time for that check to arrive by mail! Why don't all do DD? Just wondering...
Well that just stinks :(

I'm so sorry that happened to you.  At least you tried to communicate with them to find out what went wrong...seems like they are the ones being rude and inconsiderate with not even responding.  Even though I'd say just try to forget it and move on, I can understand how it would be very hard to let something like that just roll off your shoulders, you know?   I'd want to know if it was personal or if they over hired or what...just tell me so I can start to heal!  I hope you either get an answer or are able to come away from this unscathed.  Best wishes and hang in there!    


That stinks!

Something similar happened to me.  I started work at the end of March and didn't see a paycheck until mid-May - AFTER I had quit.  Got in a HUGE fight with my boss.  It's such a risk when you go with a small mom-n-pop company.

I do hope it all resolves for you.

Hi, EL. That stinks! SM
I'd strongly suggest taking advice only from those doing quite well overall with MTSOs. There are reasons why they are, and you want to be in that group.

Seriously, whatever you do, don't avoid VR. Go specifically for it, perhaps looking for accounts that are going to it but still mostly transcription. It's here now and will be the future, and you're already behind the curve. It requires a somewhat different skill set than transcribing, but plenty of people love it and make more at it. Like me. Mine that old can-do spirit and continue developing the skills to continue in this field until retirement if you wish.

Doing well with editing, as well as transcribing, is highly dependent on extensive Expander use.

Regarding MTSOs, lots of people have all the work they can handle, with no bottoming out, but getting that steadiness and having it continue can't be depended on. Just in case, expect to occasionally have to flex somewhat with the work flow just in case.

Webmedx is a good company that specializes in medium-sized regional medical centers/hospitals. Lots of ESL, but higher pay rates balance it out. Expander provided, and classes in its use and other productivity-raising techniques. Good health insurance. Very good incentive pay scale.

Best wishes.
Yep, that stinks, I have one like that - sm
she will do a 17 min consult, I will be lucky if it is 80 lines....stinks, I also have an "ummer"....he will ummmmmmmm for a minute or two, on a 12 minute report, though he redeems himself when he has me "send it in letter format" as well as the report, sometimes to 3 or 4 different doctors, no cc notes for him, so that is quite nice, I can make $25 in 5-10 minutes that way sometimes. He doesn't do it all the time, but still it is a nice perk.
VR pay stinks
I just don't get it and never will. You still have to listen to a whole file to edit, and usually at regular or slower pace to VR which is just another job description for traditional VR which also sucks pay wise. Either way, you still listen to the whole file, and usually the docs put on VR are the better dictators, so you could type them as fast as you listen. The crap docs are the ones that don't make it onto VR, but if you can type as fast as the good ones are speaking in VR, which I have happened upon more than once, then with a good expander, etc., I could be making twice as much just typing their butts. Sorry, this whole VR crap situation is just that, CRAP, and another reason to pay us less than we are worth.

I REFUSE to do this crap work for 3 cpl, and I was shocked as a student at what my mentor made editing my work and giving me invaluable feedback.
Editors in general should be paid hourly and that's a fact. We need to really consider the crap rates we are offered while the middle/man/woman makes the other half of our pay and say enough is enough. Rates are simply pathetic knowing what the middle person is ACTUALLY making!! PLZ............
If no spaces, it is more like 5.75 which stinks! - nm
yeah that stinks

Its not like with a car where you have a choice whether to drive or not. 

They should make an affordable plan scaled to income available to anyone who cannot get coverage otherwise and set criteria like - if you have to pay more than 10% (or whatever is fair) of your income for insurance, you are eligible for the plan.  Cutting it off at 4X poverty level screws the middle class family, again.  Just like for financial aid for school. 

JMO.  TG we have good insurance. (military)

that really stinks, BIG TIME !!
here is the other web site that goes into more detail,
Comcast really stinks.........
I used to have their cable internet here in Cresson, PA, but I have switched to Verizon high-speed DSL, and I absolutely love it.  They do have special sign ups, which you can you lock in at that rate, I did!  Sure hope you get rid of Comcast! 
No pay for spaces, which stinks. Your

I have heard low work volumes if full time. Not getting paid for spaces was a deal breaker for me.

The new BOS perpetuates this and it stinks. It is
That stinks. Must be the office you work for because

I had nothing but STAT reports for 5 hours straight this a.m. and then reports went back to last Friday's dictation.  I wish there were some way I could send some out to you.

Weird thing is that in the last couple of weeks I have logged on to find no work, but within an hour, I have plenty of work.  Uh oh.  Is it my turn?

Oh that stinks-LOL!! Sounds like my luck.
RIU or RUI let's you type in a raw document, but their pay stinks! nm
Well that stinks, my vet just built an addition onto the "house" she was using - sm
It is now basically 2 houses connected with a wide hallway. She has 1 partner, who she has had for the last few years, and has not changed her services/prices at all. She now does have a $25 visit fee but you only have to pay it once a year, if you are regular customer she won't charge you for it everytime you come in. She does not charge for putting an pet to sleep either, as long as you are a regular (She knows us pretty well, I was there a lot with my old dog). She is very helpful to me, recently boarded our 16-y/o schipperke though she has not had her shots this year (my normal kennel would not take her since she was not current on her shots -- was due in 9/05) but as she is on her last legs I see no point in getting her vaccines. The dog is deaf and blind, having kidney failure very slowly but seems happy and my DH can't bring himself to put her to sleep yet. Our vet agrees with us on this point too.
Yeah and it pretty much stinks so far this season.
Agree---and work on those expansions..it stinks at first
but it WILL pay off in the long run. Especially once you're familiar with the doctors and you can *almost* type what they're going to say before they say it. When you're that familiar, it makes for a fabulous line count:-)
How is the health insurance? Mine stinks.
Thanks for your replies. I like my account alot but I don't like the pay so that stinks!!
It stinks. You can type it faster, it's tedious, it's tiring, and it's
It depends entirely on the company you work for. If their tech support stinks, then
the program will not do well, but if they have good tech support, they can tweak it to work just fine.
GearPlayer customer service stinks - if you need to reload onto another computer (i.e. you get a new
You have to call them to get a new install code,but first they have to fax you a request sheet to be completed and faxed back,then they have to okay the reinstall and give you a new code. They are NOT available after hours or on weekends, so if you have an emergency such a computer crash,you are out of luck.
Verbatim stinks! As a MLS, you're educated and trained to edit
Really really stinks to fire someone in a conference call for gosh sakes. nm
and accrording to my physical therapist whose company uses them, the quality stinks royal
if you feel like that after 12 years, and I feel like that after six months
what hope is there?
I feel people who feel like this post
needs to a) either be a stay at home mother and not work or b) realize that she is no queen bee and I could care less about a degree. What company out here that you know of compensates for having a degree? Means nothing to them. Your working and being there when they assign/need/require/whatever is what you should do IF YOU WANT A JOB in this field, otherwise get out and do something else or become that babysitter.
If it's different for each report, my guess (only a guess)
would be no. I think the macro would work if it was the same each time, but not sure if it will if the documents are different each time.
Don't change. I had to change back to cable. SuddenLink DSL stinks! nm


No need to feel badly for me - feel badly for an adult who has no control of his/her own life!
I hope these people didn't produce any daughters! Bad, bad example!
I think I was lucky....

I was raised in the Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains, of course this was a very, very long time ago in an ancient and far off place!  We had no neighbors except for maybe about 10 miles away or so.  Nearest town was 25 to 30 miles.  We raised, trained and showed the most beautiful show horses.  Of course my daddy always kept a couple of "not so good ones" around for my brother and me".

You know back then, when I reached the age of 10 and my brother reached 12, momma would let us take off on those horses for an entire day, (all the time), to go on up further into the mountains and enjoy life!!  However, she would get really angry if we tried to ride within sight of a "populated region"; we did that once and got in big trouble!!

Since I've grown up and had my one and only child, my son....to be quite honest, I don't know how she could have lived through all our adventures.  I would have had at least three heart attacks and two strokes.

I agree there is more media coverage, HOWEVER, there are a lot more people, and a lot more people brought up with lesser values than in the past.  We also allowing many illegals into this country to our detriment.  I was "fondled" by my grandfather when I was around 8 years old, in the dark broom closet of his house", but I never told my mother because she loved her father so dearly.  I did not let it jade my outlook on life, however, I did become more aware and was ever so watchful raising my son.  As far as I'm concerned, things ARE worse and it is not just because of more media coverage....what we have here is a major decline in the moral values of the human race.  We can thank parents of those perpetrators and the ACLU for that and probably a few others.    


ha ha ha ha

you are lucky to have such a job...
In the last 8 years, working for 3 nationals, I have never had the option of only working 3 hours/day.  When I first started at MQ, years ago now, I was statutory and was able to do that (when I made what I wanted, I would stop for the day, and it was okay with them as long as I met my minimum lines), but it was not long after they began with the mandatory requirement of a dedicated amount of hours. 

From then on in I have always had to commit to the hours, even when working for no benefits and whether part- or full-time...and the hours are tracked, with threats to accompany them (especially when I worked with PS) if I went under at all, ever, period.

Normals are also a thing of the past for me since the last few years...and same account?  Consider yourself triply lucky - I have to work on 5, 6 accounts, and more, to make sure I get my minimum hours and lines.  This is with a 99-100% quality, good work record and ethics, 8+ years of hospital experience etc, etc (like most ladies here). 

You are truly lucky.  Would you even consider mentioning your employer?  Could it be home-based from a national, or from a hospital, or do you have your own company?
You may be lucky sm
The Phoenix office was terrible to work for, sitting around waiting all day for a report or 2.  They would occasionally farm us out to the Dallas office but their accounts were pretty terrible, at least the ones I worked on.  Good luck with your venture.
You will be lucky if SS
in the MT field. They will chew you up and spit you. Get out, there are more companies that will hire you that are much better.
Lucky You!
I'm jealous as all get-out! I'd love to do that. I'm an MT student, as well as a scoping student. Currently, I work as a land secretary, typing up oil/gas leases, agreements, etc.
Lucky you!

I sent out about 220 nice brochures and did not get one line of work out of it.  And I have a lot of experience!

Really pissed now and wondering if I should waste my time soliciting a different area.

Lucky You! Wish we were all that lucky!
And also you are lucky to be