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Bawling my eyes out.

Posted By: Starting over. on 2006-01-29
In Reply to:

My husband is the BIGGEST JERK on the planet.  I have been out of transcription for a few years having children and he has been working nights. We had agreed that I would go back to work after my 3-year-old gets into school (two more years).  Recently, however, he decided he is tired of working and quit his job.  I took a job and just started last week.  He is already complaining that I'm not making enough money.  I'm just so frustrated.  My family and friends are ready for me to leave me, but I have three kids under 7 and I'm scared to death.  I know I could support us, but I fear what the future holds, so it keeps me here.  He is verbally and physically abusive to all of us and I know better than this.  Please don't yell at me.  I'm looking for some support.  My family lives very far away. I'm sorry to dump this here, but you are all transcriptionists too and I thought maybe someone had a similar situation and could suggest something for me.  Thanks.

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He backed out on the deal you had, now he is being abusive.

I'm not yelling, but you need to get out NOW. By staying after he has hit you or verbally used you, you are telling him that it is okay to do those things. You are also telling your children that it is okay for Daddy to be mean to Mommy. How safe do you think they feel? If Mommy doesn't stand up for herself, why would she stand up for me?

If you are doing MT work at home, move back to your family if you will find support there (my family would be the last place I would look for or find support). You can do work-at-home MT from anywhere.

You know what you need to do. Take care of yourself and your kids - get out.
Doh! My EYES, EYES opened, lol.
I cannot believe my eyes!
Can you please tell me where I can go to get some of this "coddling"? Do you hear yourself. "Them"????? Ignorant bigots.
I am sure you are...or at least in your own eyes,
you sound like you either think you are better than every one, or you are lying! That may not be how you mean it - but that IS how it comes across, to me anyway!

When I turned 40 is when my vision started changing.  Needing reading glasses only.  I now wear bifocals for driving and reading, but I bought a pair of glasses from Wal-Mart that have become my computer glasses.  I refuse to wear trifocals as that is basically what it would boil down to. 

Good luck with your eye exam.


me too - have always said I don't do eyes...

Just what are you looking for?   Transcription or yourself?

It was not about bad eyes!
Yes I do wear glases. So do a lot of other people in this world! He revealed my field of vision tests results in front of a crowd of other patients. It was normal by the way so I guess my eyes are not that bad. Still this violated privacy laws! And just what do you do for a living? I hope you never type any of my medical reports!
That's the one! Love his eyes 8-) nm
what does that mean rolly eyes?
is it an old time joke before my time?
He IS easy on the eyes! lol (nm)

Wow..my eyes, lol. In Word (sm)
up under Tools there is Word Count. You can get gross lines, characters, characters extended, etc. Is that what you mean? Not sure about the Dictaphone question.
sorry I don't do eyes but it's ophthalmology...

Can't you get any samples from your doc? Eyes are
Help me out here, I thought eyes were ENT as
in eyes, nose and throat?
Yes I like it larger..helps my old eyes! nm
Congrats on still having your eyes open!
Your 11 p.m. to midnight hour will be credited to the previous day since it technically is yesterday.

Okay, don't think that made any sense.

11 p.m. to midnight on 08/28/2005 is credited to 08/28/2005

midnight to 7 a.m. on 08/29/2005 will be credited to 08/29/2005, and then when you go back to work at 11 p.m. tonight, that hour will be credited to today, so you will get your 8 hours, just kinda split.

Good luck! I'm dozing. Sunday/Monday is the hardest for me.
How about "Smiley" or "Googly" for the eyes! nm
My eyes are terrible now, 10 years of this job has
taken it's toll. My ears are terrible and I am 45. I think the hearing loss is hereditary but the tinnitus is definitely tied to the job. This job is definitely not worth losing any of my senses over.
In God's eyes, you're not an orphan...
Each and every one of us belong to Him. I will keep you in my prayers. Read Psalm 23. It uplifts me during very trying times, and I hope it helps you. Sometimes, only faith keeps us going, faith in better things to come.
Board went bonkers, right before me eyes! SM

I was trying to say - before board splattered TWO unfinished messages out there - that I don't know what shift you work and I don't care. I don't know what time Junior goes to soccer, and I don't care.

You are not working in an office. I don't know why I keep answering this post, when it is obvious that you think everybody should back off the work so you have bingo money.

Trying to contact Rolling Eyes
I am trying to get an email address for someone who regularly posts at "Rolling Eyes"  e.g. Rolling Eyes on Sun, etc.   If have a question about a prior post and want to send a private email.  Thanks
for the back...and disks for eyes.....nm
No and I didn't and don't cross the eyes....sm

And I do it alone in front of a mirror in the bathroom...*lol* - not a pretty pose, you're right - but it WORKS for TMJ.....*S*

Have a nice day!!!! 


dry eyes office humidifier help
Hi, am looking for recommendations for a good little humidifier I can use in my office.  The dry air from the central air is making my dry eyes very uncomfortable.  I have a Reli-On that I just brought in, but it doesn't seem to be doing the job.  I'm pretty much limited to shopping at Walmart in this town.   I use eyes drops of course, but really need the moisture in the air.  Thanks for any advice. 
George Clooney...something about those eyes! nm
My eyes are wide open. Believe me, I know his
faults better than anyone. I can't keep religion of it, though, because it is a huge part of my life. It's not a crutch, it's simply a way of life. I, too, wish you the best. I know we all have our opinions and may not always agree, but that's okay, too. I hope you have a happy 4th, too!
In the eyes of the IRS an IC needs to work for more than one company (sm)
There are actually 20 important points - Google under worker status and IRS and you will find... I'm not good at links.. but you must use your own equipment, set your own hours, do work at your own pace, be allowed to hire subcontractors, etc.  And this is why companies have a difficult time with ICs.  But it can be done with a little understanding on both sides... For your sake and your company's sake - you really need to have a second or third job or at least be actively looking!
oh, that just made my eyes water!!! (sm)
I can't imagine with all of the toys that are available that someone would need to turn to fruits and veggies for thrills. OMG, you know, potatoes are the worst smelling ick when they start rotting. I wonder if the poor doc who removed it puked. and it was sprouting??? blech!
Wow! you brought tears to my eyes sm
I was all ready to be blasted and your post actually brought tears to my eyes.  I know it isn't ME because the same ME was barely making $10 an hour average on the account I was assigned before I got the one I'm on now and have been on for the last 2 years.  I thank my higher power every day for my luck and will never forget that awful account I had before this one. 
snow hurts my eyes

too much glare.  It blocks my rays! 

This brought tears to my eyes. sm
I loved this. I love animals and this shows how loving an animal can be.
that should be sympathize, man, my eyes are bad these days...also, about the cherrypicking...
how do people know that, if they are not doing it themselves...in my experience, those who complain the worst about that are usually doing it themselves...

that is my opinion.
"edit my reports with eyes closed"? what has that got to do with anything?
i don't live in a cave. i have a circle of local friends and family. i don't need an e-mail from a supervisor from gawd knows where to tell me i'm doing a good job. i'm doing a good job as evident by my paycheck twice monthly and my friends who want to spend time with me.

Now about this phrase - "I've been doing this over 10 years, independent and believe me I could probably edit your reports with my eyes closed my dear" WTF is that all about?
"edit my reports with eyes closed"? what has that got to do with anything? -
What are you rambling about about and could you PLEASE address the question asked of you in my TWO posts.

"edit my reports with eyes closed"? what has that got to do with anything?

WTF does this mean?
Continuing the post from "bawling my eyes out"
I am sure your head is spinning with what to do and how to do it. You need to plan this out, but do not delay. I know from personal experience how expensive it is to be on your own, but consider this. He is not working right now, so he is more of a financial burden and liability than anything else. There are many ways to support yourself and your children. First and foremost, consider moving back home near your family. Family pitches in at times of need. I am sure they want you out of there. Do not be proud. ASK FAMILY FOR HELP. That is how I got my new start. Make an appointment immediately with legal aid and find out what your options are. Under no circumstances DO NOT LET HIM HAVE THE CHILDREN. You will never get them back if you do. He will say you abandoned them.

This jerk you are married to has brainwashed you to the point where you think you cannot survive financially without him. You are entitled to legal aid, and food stamps for your children until you get back on your feet no matter if you stay where you are or move closer to your family.

Ask yourself this question when in doubt...Is he your last hope? Of course he isn't. He is your road to a dead-end life. Sorry. I just hate men like him. Even though we are strangers to you, you need to listen to voices of experience. Some of us have been in your shoes. By the way, what state do you live in and how far is your family?
I loved it. Brought tears to my eyes nm


Thank you all for your support... it brought tears to my eyes.

Seriously, I really appreciate all your supportive advice and thoughts! I have decided after being treated like this and putting up with it for too long, to look for another job or maybe even another career.  I wish I could quit on them right on the spot without notice, but I have decided to show them what class or professionalism is, even in this bad situation. (Of course, if they do not pay me, then I will quit immediately.)  I can only hope they treat their next MT with some courtesy and respect which we all deserve. 


Hugs to you all ~


they haven't, you might just have flies in eyes. nice try. NM
They finally started poking me in the eyes
so I decided it was time to take a break! :-D
Wish I were a candidate for LASIK. My eyes are extremely dry.

The font size could stand to be a tad bigger here for us w/old eyes! Thx. nm
Could be the yellow hair but his eyes are puffy too, like Tom Cruise.
Bring back the old fun loving Brad and Tom. 
wait a minute. not PSN or OP but what "innocent people sob their eyes out"
from a response to something they posted on a board? If there are people who post on boards and expect everyone to go along with them or they cry, they really shouldn't be left unattended and certainly shouldn't have a computer. I am serious here.
I use disc for eyes and disk for ortho/neuro but
We were taught Disc - eyes, Disk - back
Harder on my eyes than my ears but I find it hard to

believe that listening to dictation could cause hearing loss.  Blasting music through headphones maybe, but not dictation.  I've been doing this for 20 years and have not noticed any difference in my hearing.

However, my eyes get soooooo tired.  I've started zooming in to make the print look bigger and that helps a lot.

Hmm, I learned discs for eyes and disks for back.
I agree! My bill was $324.00 for gas heat. I couldn't believe my eyes! NM
Thanks for the input, all! I'll hang in there for a while, but will sorta keep my eyes
open for something else too, I think. I'd love to find a mix of clinic and acute.

Thanks again!
Open your eyes. Poverty is very much alive in our own country.