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Can't you change it in Format/Paragraph/Line spacing like

Posted By: you do in the older versions? NM on 2007-09-09
In Reply to: Microsoft Word 2007 Frustration!!! - kris


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how about under format/line/spacing? sm
there's a tip in help in that topic that explains it
Is SOAP format always in paragraph form? *sm*

or is it common to transcribe headings within a SOAP report? For example, a SOAP report with a PE section?

Thanks in advance!

change spacing in a document..SM
I know I saw here a long time ago..a way to change your doc to single
space inside Word..I mean to change a typed page that has 2 spaces after periods
back to 1 space..Does anybody know how to do this. TIA
Format change, no announcement?
Here it is after 1:00 p.m., and there has been a big change to the templates for the account I type for a service, which suggests there may or may not be a change in the instruction we have about strickly adhering to this format, no matter what order the dictator dictates, and still there has been no e-mail to clarify what's going on.

We are graded on how closely we adhere to format. Why wouldn't the company send out an e-mail to tell us what's going on? This co is usually good with the e-mails, and since they are very busy and get way too many e-mails, wouldn't it make sense that they'd send one out as soon as they knew something? I know they won't grade us down for not knowing, but if formatting is important enough to grade us on, doesn't a change warrant a simple e-mail? They rather do 20 individual e-mails?

So, no way to change it permanently? I knew about clicking on FORMAT, sm
but wanted a way to change it so I didn't have to do that every time I go into Escription.  Thanks though.
Ctrl+E centers the line or whole paragraph. nm
The ones that I hate are where the doctor dictates a full line or paragraph,
and says, "No, wait, go back, change that."  Then you have to delete everything you already typed and retype the new dictation.  Some of these newer doctors do that to nearly every sentence.  By the time you finish the report, you've typed and erased half the report.  Do we get paid for that?  NO.  I don't get it.  We still have to pay for doctor visits if they misdiagnose us, then we have to pay for the subsequent visit to fix what they didn't diagnose the first time.  We should get paid by them for typing what they said, erasing it and retyping what they meant to say.  They're getting our wallets coming and going.
Chars aren't counted in gross lines. If you have a 4-line paragraph...sm
you have 4 gross lines, no matter how long or short the sentences are. A heading on it's own line is 1 gross line. A signature on it's own line is 1 gross line. The date at the top of a document on it's own line is 1 gross line. Anything on a line going from margin to margin is 1 gross line, no matter how few or many characters, or if there are spaces or not, even if there's only 1 character on that line like 'A' for instance. Does this  help? :)
My line count went from 1200+ to <800 and I never caught up. I did change jobs ;) nm
spacing after sentences

Does everyone space once after the end of a sentence now?  My daughter takes keyboarding in high school and I just realized they are not taught to double space after the end of a sentence.  Should I then change to single spacing after the end of a sentence? 

thanks for that - but I need help with double spacing - sm
not with spacing between sentences. Its when a doctor dictates a paper for a journal and he wants the whole thing double spaced so that he can write between the lines or make corrections or for easier reading for him.
Double spacing in an H&P

Where and when, if anywhere, is it acceptable to double space between anything in an H&P or any other report?  We have a double-spacing queen in our department getting paid by the line like the rest of us so I feel cheated on both line count and paydays. 

Thanks and hope everyone is having a Happy Valentine Day!

automatic spacing


If you have automatic spacing enabled in IT, it automatically inserts a tentative space after every expansion. If you then type a punctuation key, IT will then automatically jump back and remove that tentative space and insert the punctuation.

If you have both the built-in Expander in Chartnet enabled, along with IT, the two programs may conflict with each other so it would be best to disable the Chartnet expander while using IT.

Lastly, be sure you are using the latest release of IT which is 5.44 with a built date of May 2007 and if you are using Vista, make sure the User Account Control setting is disabled.

Automatic Spacing and Decimals


There a few options available with regards to automatic spacing and decimals. For a summary of these options, please see the link below.

Textware Solutions

Automatic spacing in shorthand?

Does anyone know how to set up 2 spaces after a period and 2 spaces after a colon in ShortHand version 10?  One poster here said that this:  {@@key Bksp}. worked and it did not work for me.  It worked once and then it erased the last letter as it put in the spaces.

Also Microsoft Word 2000 doesn't seem to have a spacing feature unless I am not looking in the right spot.  Wish I had IT as everyone says that is a no brainer to use and setup.  TIA.  


Even 4.5 is too low. doctors do not change - they still hem and haw, change, change stuff along wit
It is just not enough for the work. Speech is great on the wrists but you are not just reading what is typed, you are making a lot of changes. I have a hard time doubling a lot of days with all the changes I have to make. Just my opinion.
We started the new spacing about 2 months ago. At first I said "oh no". sm
Our QA dept did tell us about the tip Ctrl + Shift + F, 2 spaces, tab, 1 space. I was really surprised how quickly my brain accepted the new one space after periods and colons. I still do the double check, but I'm finding very few doubles now.
That only changes spacing between letters - it's called kerning.
Word does not automatically space after periods. You can only flag spaces in the spelling/grammar settings. There is something else running in the background (such as a text expander) that is adding the additional spaces.
Have a hospital I work for and they consistently change work types and do line counts. (sm)
Management just doesn't understand in order to crank out the work you need to be proficient by typing the same accounts. Go figure, they just don't get it ??
If you know it is a new paragraph, then by
all means make it one. If she does not like the way you are typing them, she will be sure and let you know.
do paragraph, then scan over it
I listen as I go along also.  It really gets to be quite easy.  To reread the report definitely would cost money.  I do a paragraph or so and as the doctor is shuffling papers or gathering his thoughts, not really dictating, I scan down the paragraph to make sure it is okay.
LOL! I love your last paragraph and sm
isn't it the honest to God truth!
Your first paragraph I agree with.
From then on- no. It is not our fault that healthcare costs so much. I can remember (telling my age here) when an office visit at the local doctor was $15- a physical was $30. The last time I went the total cost, including paying the lab separately for interpreting, was almost $400. Medical care has become big business like everything else. The problem is that MT's are not considered as part of the team in the way that nurses, physicians assistants, etc., are. Doctors would never get away with not paying benefits for the rest of their staff. Oh, they would if they could. Your last paragraph is true in the sense that if she cannot find what she needs she may have to CHANGE her career. The good work may be out there, but there is certainly not enough of it to go around.
Don't change. I had to change back to cable. SuddenLink DSL stinks! nm


Or a whole paragraph! Yes, I have actually cussed out loud!
We should get paid for this! It is our time and money!
Read this paragraph closely.....
She was hired as part of CBay's corporate social-responsibility experiment, and although the program reflects only a tiny corner of a vast industry, it has turned up an unexpected truth: Blindness seems to infuse the outsourcing transaction with a warmth and a mystique that the sighted often fail to see, almost as though outsourcing were made for the blind.

"It's our advantage, this imagination thing

Where's the company's corporate social responsibility to this country.........this just burns me up.......

now we know folks......is this ridiculous comment suppose to make those of us losing our jobs feel better?

"outsourcing was made for the blind"

It's this thread, 2nd to last paragraph (See Inside)
Quote from original post:

*It means no more benefits as an employee and I can't get health insurance on my own, but I did without for 15 years before that. I'll have to be an IC, but I have two IC positions and between the two is going to be more than okay financially and with taxes. Plus, I think I am going to have more time because I am not strapped to my desk for the same shift hours week after week. It should allow me to pursue a master's degree and have a life. *

You clearly state you are going to be an IC. Keystrokes does not hire ICs. I'm not picking your post apart; it's just the inconsistencies are pretty obvious and I'm more confused now than I was originally.

I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering what the heck is going on with these 2 posts that contradict each other.

SM for stacked versus paragraph form.

Stacked form would be:






Paragraph is :

PHYSICAL EXAMINATION:  VITAL SIGNS:  Blood pressure 120/80.  HEENT:  Head is normocephalic... etc.

Hope that helps.

Helpful for me was to turn on paragraph marks (sm)
I was told that those are the "containers" for all the formatting codes. You can't see them, but sometimes if you have a tricky formatting problem, you can copy and paste a paragraph mark from one place to another and it quick-fixes problems.

Having the marks on there takes a little getting used to, but it didn't take long.
Change provider vs change to business plan

In your place, I would seriously consider changing providers if there were others available in your area, but I'd ask around about their service quality first.  It may not be any better.  If there are no other providers, then consider changing your service package to a business account rather than residential.  They're usually more expensive, but they also tend to get faster service if there's a problem.

Last summer, I had no electricity for 3 days due to severe storms, but there were some 600,000 in the same boat with me.  We just had to wait it out.  It's a downside of working at home.

In IT, a paragraph is always in entry screen (from Wordpad). How do I get rid of this 4ever?
Disgusted, your last paragraph is so true! Thanks for voicing it out loud! nm
Actually, it does check the body of a paragraph, but not the last sentence of a document....what'
You can set Word to not count blank lines by changing your paragraph style
to automatically double space after the paragraph.
ExtText by Dictaphone -- Word 2000 - won't capitalize when making a new paragraph or after lists?
Hi. I am new at a job. The Word 2000 running in ExtText (Dictaphone) will not capitalize at the beginning of a new paragraph (never had that happen before), nor after numbers in an automatic list, and sometimes even just after plain periods, not just periods used in numbers (like hemoglobin 7.5).

What is going on? It works fine in the Word version on my computer, but when it ties with ExtText, it "forgets" to capitalize. It is especially annoying with lists, and also at the first of paragraphs, I never had to babysit that before.

Any help? TX
change attitude, change life
The first thing you need to change is that defeatist attitude! I know that's hard at times like this, but that's when you need to most.
I won't go into detail, but my financial situation is also at an all-time low, we couldn't even exchange gifts., daughter in hospital twice, & no med insurance)..but then I heard about how much worse things were for others around me this season. Now I'm thankful instead!
A gross line is anything on a line is a line. A line set at 65 characters means it sm
has 1-inch margins on each side. The maximum number of characters on that line would be 65 and that includes spaces. If there is 1 character on that line it is a line.

A standard 65-character line usually consists of 65 characters with spaces unless, of course, the employer does not pay for spaces and then it would be 65-characters without spaces.
Here is our format.






The example given by the other poster is good, but you may also want to add the date of the exam.

DSS Format
If you download Express Scribe which is a free program that does play .dss formatted files, you should have no problem getting the files to play. Good luck.

Just use all caps for headings.  They aren't testing you on format.  Worry about terminology, spelling and grammar. 

Also, I have never heard of "acute care clinic" work.  Acute care is hospital work, clinic is office work.   Don't bill yourself as having acute care experience if you do not.  They are quite different. 


I use Wordperfect at work.  There are approx. 7 people to have access to my files.  Over the past 2 months, I am finding "Word" symbols in some documents and the format is changed, font, etc.  No one is supposed to change one iota on those pages. Can anyone tell me what's happening??   I hope I'm on the right message board.  This is my first.   and thanks!

Get out while you can. Things will *never* change unless you change them. (nt)

WAV pedal-.dss format
My doctor just switched from using the regular WAV pedal program using the WAV format to using the .dss format.  This is coming up in Media Player and I cannot get the WAV pedal to work with it.  What am I doing wrong?  It leads me to believe I have to work online rather than download and work off line.  It brings up My Documents and it looks like I should be saving it there.  (I used to have in My Documents in Word a file set up for My WAV files, and one to Archive the dictation to keep for a while before deleting).  This does not come up in My WAV any more, but is still in Archive.  Any help or direction is appreciated.  Please email me at maplehil@rea-alp.com as soon as possible.  My work is piling up and I cannot be typing one line at a time.  TIA
Start with Format...
Tee hee, I just learned this like last month!  It took me long enough and it's really simple.  Start with Format, go to Paragraph, you'll see the alignment of the paragraph is Left, change that to Center.

Then the arrow at the bottom to bring up more choices.  Pick "background", then choose the color you want.

You would need to learn format.
Perhaps if you take an at home MT course that would be sufficient, and with your medical background might be able to land a job. After getting a dentist's salary for so long, might be depressed when you see your paycheck, and with all the ESLs out there might not be so much fun. Not trying to disillusion you but just stating the facts. Also, need to be able to type pretty quick, and have listening/typing coordination - takes some getting use to in the beginning.

If you decide to do it, good luck.
Format heading
Tt the top, under format, check 'bullets and numbering'. Or, you can click on 'reveal formatting' under the same heading, then click 'show all formatting marks' and it might show you what is turned on that you don't need. Make sure you un-click the 'show formatting marks' when you're done to get rid of them.
What is the file format - wav, dss, etc.
What program are you using to try to load? 
One thing I do is use the same format
for many of mine. (Old PRD formating)

Example - admin - administer
admins - administers
adminj - admininstration
admind - administered

also for diseases like -
chf - CHF
chff - congestive heart failure

hpii - history of present illness


Also - if you have words you constantly transpose letters in, put those in -

teh - the
adn - and
eh - he

Every little bit helps.

If you are consistent on how you add your expansions, no matter what you put in, they will be easy to remember and become second nature.

It depends on WP format,
Spellcheck is no longer available for WP5.1.