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Do you think patient care will suffer any?

Posted By: Like say they get preoccupied with the computer -s on 2007-05-16
In Reply to: Not VR alone, but they will - do away with us yet (sm)

will treat the laptop like it is you, and ignore you, the patient.

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Probably something in patient care, maybe CNA. sm
They make about as much as I am making and with benefits on top of that at the hospitals around here.
I think the average patient would care and
would think, 'Wow, they sure don't know English.' And what about all the abbreviations a lay person woudl certainly not understand.
where did you get the idea we were involved in patient care?
We are typists with a specialized vocabulary. If we were doing this for NASA, it would not make us rocket scientists.

I am neither advocating, nor participating in, low quality - I do the very best I can with the experience, knowledge, and tools that I have. The fact that employers do not want to pay me enough to survive, thus making my trips through *QA* a little more thorough, ensures that I will get through reports as absolutely expeditiously as possible.

My bottom line is MY survival. Good luck with altruism - it doesn't buy much at Safeway.
vent on failure in patient care

My husband took my son to see the doc for a tetanus shot after he stepped on a nail.  I'm always transcribing and couldn't go there myself.  After coming home from the doctor's office, my son and husband tell me that his foot was never even looked at by even a nurse, let alone the doctor.  My son got the tetanus shot, and the paperwork said "do not give if a fever is present."  Woops, they didn't even take his temperature.  Rather than looking at his foot to determine if it was infected, they just asked my son if it was infected.  I called the office totally irate, and they reduced the charges from $88 to $7.  Wow, didn't expect that.  It's a crying shame that we're a society so hung up on paperwork and billing (HIPAA, etc.) that a doctor or nurse would not even take the time to actually look at a patient's wound.  What's really ironic is that very day I transcribed a report where the doctor states the patient shouldn't self-medicate with vitamins and supplements.  So, we're not smart enough to determine what vitamins and supplements to take, but we are expected to determine whether or not we have an infection?   


OR, instead of being funny, it could hurt patient care.
A 2-day strike will not hurt patient care
it will give the physicians something to think about when they have to hand write their STAT H&P for patient's surgery tomorrow.
just like quality care for the patient is going out the window-nm
Anything an MT can do when you have grave concerns about patient care?

Is there anything at all an MT can do when you have grave concerns about the care a patient is receiving? I know the answer to this is probably no, but I am so completely frustrated with my one of "my" doctors right now.  I know that one of his patients is not receiving the proper care, and I am really worried for this patient. I wish I could contact the patient's mother and let her know my concerns, but I know that is not allowed and I would be fired for doing so. I know that I'm not anywhere near as smart as a doctor, but my son has the same condition that this patient does and I know that the patient is not receiving the proper care or even the correct diagnosis. It is hard to go into all of the details for confidentiality reasons. I just know, 100% sure, that this patient deserves better care than he is receiving. 

Sometimes the virtual world that we work in is great, and other times it really stinks. If I were working in the doctor's office I could gently share my concerns (maybe I would still be fired but I could give it a shot). Here in this virtual world where the doctors don't even know I exist I can do absolutely nothing.

I'm just so frustrated at the doctor and so very worried for this patient.

ONLINE nursing program? Do you not care about the patient's well being?
I agree that if it hurts the patient's care you should speak up.
And all this time I thought the bottom line was patient care. nm
Could your hubs become a patient of a home health care agency and then you could work for them
The hosptial administrators aren't interested in safe patient care.

I venting as a patient! No doctor cares if I live or die--could care less in my eyes!!!

Study found that electronic health records did not boost patient care. sm

Link to article on yahoo news stating that electronic health records fail to improve care, study says.




Yeah, and look WHO gets to suffer through the (nm)
Does anyone else suffer from ophthamologic migraines?
If so, how long do yours last and what do you do for them.  I have been almost blind for the last week.  Doctor said might take up to 6 weeks go clear up. 
I suffer from seasonal depression
and am using light therapy.  This has been about two or three weeks now, and I cannot believe the difference in my mood.  It is wonderful.  I put in a fluorescent light fixture in my office that takes four 4-foot bulbs  I bought bulbs at Home Depot.  They had a large selection.  I bought ones that say they imitate sunlight.  Now working under them for my regular shift, I have felt a huge difference in my mood.  I thought I was going to have to go on medication, but now I feel so much better. 
Agree...no animal has to suffer for me...
I have been using the wild yam - so far, so good. ?
Why make your child suffer...
just because you think medication is wrong? If the medications will help, why not use it? My son was on dexadrine from the time he was 2 until he was 12 and is now excelling in high school at the age of 16. Yes, his growth was stunted while on the meds, (he's now 6 foot 2, 290 pounds!), but what a trade off!! He was able to concentrate and get his work done without disrupting the class and we never had to do an IEP or make things difficult for the teacher. (By they way, they do have other chidren in their classroom who need to be taught, not just yours.) We also didn't just limit his sugar...it was forbidden! He did not have anything with sugar or sugar substitute (same reaction) until he was around 14. Now he doens't even like it and does not crave it. He's a big guy because of his family genes.

Meds are not a bad thing if taken corrently and monitered. My son say his doc twice a month for weight checks and to see if any changes needed to be made to his meds.

Another thing you need to look at is the childs IQ. My son tested at age 4 with a 168 IQ, which was part of his problem, not just his ADHD. He was bored in school and that caused part of his 'attention' problems.

You can't rely on the school to make changes for just your child, you need to take control and if that means meds, it means meds. It makes me sad knowing that a child is suffering because they aren't getting the meds they need. Same way I would feel knowing a child wasn't getting an antibiotic or asthma medicine if needed. It's sad. javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');
Think this has been discussed before, but the sound quality will probably suffer if you do it. nm
...don't suffer needlessly. You don't have to feel a thing if
eternity is a long time to suffer for being wrong.
If you live as if there is no God -- you'd better be right.

Putting patient versus The patient (sm)
When did this "rule" come about? I've been an MT/Editor/medeical records tech/ART for 30 years - Never, ever was I told to put that. You cannot make the sentence be "The patient sent to Radiology" but you can put "Patient sent to Radiology."

Thats just insane.
Kinship care versus foster care/adoption
Having been placed in a position where I now have custody of my 3 YO granddaughter and going through the legal system, I sought an online network of relative caregivers for children. I would encourage you, especially since you are in Georgia, that if you take any children into foster care with the idea of adopting them, there is federal law that requires the state to take certain actions in a specific time frame. When a child is removed from it's bio parent(s), the state is required to investigate any possible relatives who can take the child before foster care is considered, but even before that, reunification with the parents is the priority. Once a child enters the system and is in the system for 15 out of any 22 months, the state is required to find permanent placement for the child.

The problem with this is that there are case workers who may favor a foster family and do not seek out relative care. I have a good friend in Georgia who had to fight all the way to the state level to get custody of her grandson after the child was placed from the hospital into a foster care home with the promise that the foster parents would be allowed to adopt. She has now adopted her grandson, but it was a long, hard battle to get the state to admit their own interests were placed above those of the child and/or family.

If you get a child placed through the state, please make certain there is not a relative who wants that child before you get your hopes up. The courts are now favoring return of children to relatives even after a child has spent years with a foster family who hoped to adopt them.

States get bonus federal funds by complying with the time lines and being able to close the case, so some states place children in foster care because it is easier than trying to locate relatives.

Didn't mean to go off on a tangent, but I can't imagine my sweet bella going to someone outside her family.
If it was a clinic, it might have been urgent care, but it was NOT acute care. sm
Acute care refers to work in an acute care setting, a hospital, doing at least History and Physicals, Discharge Summaries, Consultations, Surgery notes, Emergency Department notes, and much more, including GI procedures, Cardiology procedures, Neurological procedures, Pulmonary Function Studies.  It goes on and on and it means and acute care hospital setting, not a clinic.
I always figure if they don't care about their dictation, they probably don't care about their
Dont care how many languages you took. Care
oh, so if I don't care about my job, I "should" care
you come off as narcissistic.
Is the patient
patient name
It's surprising your company lets you put the name in the report.  The trend has been to use "the patient" instead of the name.
The patient is...
The patient is a 2-month-old elephant.

The patient is a 2-month-old infant.

Work from India.
The patient will . . .
be maintained on a clear liquid diet. He is specifically instructed that beer does not constitute a clear liquid. (pt in for alcoholic gastritis) Still chuckle every time I think of that one!
Also that few MDs can say a patient is
slurring without stuttering or slurring the word, "slurring."

the patient
The client preference is to type "the pateint"    To be even more exact, my account instructions state:  "NEVER put patient's name in the body of the report, even if it is dictated.  Always put 'the patient.'" 
Usually if it's a no patient name
allowed either. 
yea, but me as a patient...
when i asked to have copies of my medical records, i was APPALLED at the crap that was in them, by this I mean the errors ran rampant throughout, even if it was just a capitalization error, or incomplete sentences (which i consider errors).

I did not like what I saw at all, but would the average person care, if it doesn't change the meaning?

Patient logs
We are required to do a log for each batch of reports that we do.  I will fill the info on the report and then control + end to the log and record the same info.  Says time for me at the end of the whole document.
Patient info?
Where is my post on typing in patient information???????????
It took me 30 minutes to look-up a patient.
All FIVE of the patient's extremities....
Okey, dokey.  This one's American, too.
Yes, and patient demographics.
I'm not going to compare myself to others, though.  I've made a lot of progress, and that's all that counts.  I've only been on this account for three months.  Who's to say what I'll be able to do next year?
My doc would put that patient on protinix --nm
patient names
This is a problem that I am currently struggling with. My accounts are not 'searchable' and some docs don't spell out the patient's names. I have QC'd these many times with a note AND my e-mail address asking QC if I should be sending all these reports to them minus the patient's name, or send it to them GUESSING the spelling, or just spell the names phonetically and NOT QC them. About 15 requests now, and NO REPLY!! Very frustrating!!! Otherwise, the account is really good. I am new, so did not realize that other platforms gave credit for footers, headers, etc. I know on DQS you get a fair line count on just the body of the report. Don't know about the rest.
when I can't figure out the patient name (sm)

I just leave it blank because, like the other post said, I cannot get any feedback on what is protocol, so I make up my own.  I aint gettin' paid enough to fool around trying to figure out what the dumb doc is saying!


Wow, I think I have PMS or something..I don't usually gripe this much!

Patient Names
You'd be surprised how many facilities have the patient's name on the report. Its not that uncommon. Depends on the facility and the company you work for.
No patient transfered to the LSU
I'm in the procedure section where I cannot abbreviate...Help
RE No patient transfered to the LSU
ICU or CCU maybe - Intensive Care Unit, Coronary Care Unit, can't guess what LSU is in relationship to other than what was said above about football.
The patient is a male

The doctor said:   "He denies bloody or cloudy urine, pain with urination and vaginal bleeding."

I crack up laughing and quote this to my husband, stating the patient's gender.

And his response was, "I hope so."
(think about it)  


This is actually between the doctor and patient.
Your job is to transcribe what the doctor wants. He's the one who needs to be compliant by having the paperwork in order to send these copies on. It's not your problem.
Tks you all for being so patient. Looks like I'm out to buy WORD. I

computer and I don't see much, and nothing that says "autocorrect" or auto anything. 

Yes, after being jerked around for several months now and starving to death I will feel better to get my feet on solid ground again with a local company that I know will be around and I know what the rules are (wink wink). 

I'm off to find WORD.  ((I don't know how people who have no time with computers at all, get geared up to work for MQ and do all this stuff with no help.  I know a little bit/very little! and I just can't imagine just starting to work on a computer))