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Tell 'em typing fool, because I tend to agree with you. nm

Posted By: luv2type on 2007-01-07
In Reply to: Don't get discouraged and don't - Typingfool

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acting a fool or fool? semantics. are you a bill clinton fan?

it depends on what is is? or acting a fool or being a fool.  because we have fun with MQ.  who died and left you boss or arbitrator of what mqmts should or should not do or who is acting a fool or is a fool?  frank?

I tend to agree.
I am concerned because someone I know transcribes for the doctor I use. But then again, I know the entire office staff, and I have heard the receptionist talking about patients when she was having lunch in a restaurant. Although I hate outsourcing, and I do worry about terrorists sabataging the systems and causing information to be lost, I don't really worry as much about confidentiality as much as I do with local MTs.
I tend to agree with you sm
I used to like her a lot too, but not anymore. Funny, she got rich in this country, courtesy of us.
I tend to agree with you

I agree.  When Angelina Jolie first started bringing to the forefront the terrible African situation, I think that changed the entire focus of this country.  Unfortunately, with that also came complacency.  At least, I give her kudos for bringing up subjects we, as human beings, didn't want to face.  But that was then and this is now.

So...I guess, as just a lowly humble human being, I will throw my hat in the ring and see where it falls.  For me alone, I will feel better just knowing I tried.

Have a great rest of your day!


I tend to agree with you. sm
Many times, I was called in the wee hours of the morning to type a stat. This was years ago, and it could have been any time. I never questioned my employer's right to ask me to type a stat even when it was not my shift or even when I was not working that day or that weekend. If there was no one else available and the client was calling with a stat pre-op, then somebody had to type it.
I tend to agree with this. I was thinking this earlier--sm
when I read the OP, but everyone seemed to conclude that it was none of her business what the other employee did. However, in my opinion, if the MTSO found out about it from another source, and believe me, she would eventually, it could come back on the other MT as having known about it and said nothing. Everything in this world, these days, is a cover your butt situation. If you knew about it and said nothing, then you are just as much to blame as the one who was doing it....against the contract with the MTSO. Protect your own interests first, and do not worry about the one who is doing wrong. silence is condoning her wrong doing and that makes you (the other MT who knows about it) just as guilty. JMO. So, I guess I am on the side of the MTSO. Sorry.
I tend to agree with the above poster. I know, for a fact, that some hospitals sm
have inadequate QA people. Heck, where I worked, it was nothing for a newbie transcriptionist of
maybe 4 months to QA another newbie of 1 day, hired right off the street with no training or eductation in transcription. Sad, but true. I had 1 QA person, there for over 40 years, and 2 QA people there for 6 months. How fair is that? I referenced the BOS many times. They didn't even know what it was.
As far as company VR for critical care it is not very good and I agree with the other poster. I tend
to leave little words in or if I have to take a lot of words out an extra word gets stuck in. It is a mess. If you are speaking of your own person VR at home to help I know nothing about that. With companies at this stage of the game you will not increase your productivity as you think.
I so agree - ESLs once ya get 'em ya really

I happen to be very_good w/accents, also living in a very diverse area (and let's not forget, being an MT am we are also supposed to be excellent listeners)

what I think the OP doesn't get is ALL LANGUAGE commences in the heart - we are all the same - just *hearing* different words for much of what we all talk about on a daily level.....they say the similar things about similar issues ongoing in the world, and, instead of getting ALL freaked out when one *hears* an accent, my suggestion (unsolicited as it is) would be to try to become a better listener.

To the OP, about your hypothetical blurb telling them to *go back to their countries*...guess what?  Your relatives came from elsewhere, unless you're native American....and somehow I doubt that you are;

Would you have liked your ancestors to be told similar, holding that same exact thought as you, about they should all go back to their own countries?  hmmmmm?

Time to open the brains nice and wide to things that are different but ongoing all over the world 24/7/365....better late than never...I have some great ESL dictators and some not so great, but first and foremost have AMERICAN ANGLO mushmouths who just care less for the most part.....

Have a nice evening....

I agree, too. I'm just so tired of it all, don't have the energy left to argue with 'em any
LOL! You calls 'em as you sees 'em, girl!
Love 'em or leave 'em
I don't have a real solution, but I have been known to log off of that account whenever I see this happen.  I then try to find work on one of the other accounts to which I am assigned, but there is often no other work available.  I conclude that the only choice is love 'em or leave 'em.  A private client might be nice, but that brings other headaches.
If U can't beat 'em join 'em
This is NOT the only industry that outsources and you are fooling yourselves if you think that it will stop.
I agree with Typing All Day below
I've *only* been doing this for 6 years and my favorite saying is still that line from the movie The Edge (Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin) - *sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you*. As you can tell from the posts below, there are still days that will kick an experienced MT's behind. But everything you look up adds to your knowledge. I'm unclear what types of things you look up, but Expanders can help. If it's drugs, abbreviate and/or capitalize as appropriate in your expander. I posted this a while back, but since I always had a problem with peroneal and perineal, I expand the one that means between your legs with a four-letter nasty word. And you can do this with other words that you *always* have a problem with - find a plain English short word (not commonly used, of course) that will bring up the medical word. I also create a lot of abbreviations for words like elsewhere (ew), as well as (awa), therefore (tf), and many, many others that are commonly used, and that really helps shorten up the easy parts of the report. I use Shorthand, by the way.

I'm a single mother of a 9-year-old and, believe me, although the bear has eaten me more days than I care to remember, I wouldn't trade this for the world. I currently earn about 3600/month (and it wasn't always anywhere near that!) but - one other piece of advice - if your current company isn't working out for you, switch. There are plenty of companies out there. I'll never forget, one year I had FIVE W2's to file!! I kept switching until I finally ended up with an account and a company that suited me and it increased my income by 1000/month. The down side is, of course, that it is a pain learning a new account and new procedures, but it was worth it in the end.
I don't think I'd fool around with it, I'd see a doc.
If it is your heart and you wait you could die.  If it's not your heart, you'll at least know that.  I don't think the heart is anything to fool around with.  Too many younger people are dying from heart disease. 
not a fool, but
how foolish would a woman feel if she found out later that they were at social gatherings where everyone knew what was going on.

Most MATURE men don't stick to the code. They tell their wives. They want their wives to stay out of it of course, but I think they also realize that in telling their wives that it is KNOWN that the wives will probably blab it to the point that it will become public knowledge (blabbing is the female unwritten code, LOL).

I don't really think the OP should contact this *woman*; however, I think she should ask her husband to tell his friend to inform her to not involve him AND to not give out his number or involve him in friends affairs ever again. If OPs hubby won't do that then there are already existing problems.
You are NO fool...
Don't let that fool ya'...

And, here I sit after my job was outsourced to C-Bay even though my "manager" claimed she did not want to outsource.

You need to consider the fact that your manager probably does not make those decisions, but the higher ups that are above him/her do!  This is the very first signs of outsourcing (new system) to comply with the outsourcing company.

The best way to get a new system set up for outsourcing is by using the staff on hand.  No, I doubt you'll get a raise, but you may get a big surprise once you set that system all up for that outsourced company. 

It happened to me, and I had a manager just like you are stating.  If I were you, I wouldn't make any waves regarding a raise right now.  If you are hourly, then I wouldn't worry too much about the line count and when asked why your line count isn't up to par, then reiterate the fact that you've been instituting a new system.

The hospital I worked at also asked the MTs to help because the managers had no clue.  So sad...

Oh, and they did all of this after hiring a very older lady (partially retired) from a hospital that was outsourced so she had to quit.  That lady lost her job at the hospital I worked at about a month after I left.  I left before the outsource because I refused to help outsource the work I had done for the past 17 years. 

P/S:  Just keep your eyes and ears open very wide!!!!!! 


Honey, I am NOT the one being a FOOL
You are on her ranting and raving about something you have absolutely NO control over. I am living my life with a good job and paying my bills without problems. That is not foolish, that is life.
He's a damn fool. That's what I say. nm
You are a fool..so shut up
Why do I work two jobs?  Do you have the need to know?  Because I like to live well and have money in my pocket.  Why dont you work two jobs?  Because you are the lazy one and most likely no other trans company would hire you except MQ, who it is well known will hire newbies and transcriptionists that other companies would not give their 2 cents to.
Call me a fool
but I guess I don't understand what you're saying.  I went to a hearing and just didnt receive any paperwork from my lawyer, had to go get it myself from the courthouse.  I hope that's what you mean. 
Don't fool with Vista yet
My son beta tests these programs and this one is not ready yet.  It conflicts with other programs at present, especially any older programs (pre XP).  Better to wait until it has been out for quite a few months and the bugs are worked out. 
No, but then the fool doesn't have my email ads so how could he?

You mean he has figured out a way to lower my income even more?

Why doesn't he just send me a bill for the opportunity to sign in to type the

junk they have now?  And it is junk.  There's not a decent hospital left.  Have you noticed how many accounts are g-o-n-e? disappeared, vamoosed, gone poof.

I'm sitting here thinking it is way past time to leave this business.  It is too complicated.  It has not become more standardized.  If anything it is more loopy - each place has a different platform, hospital rules they want you to follow for each thing.  Used to you could turn on a typewriter, put paper in the machine, type, put a sticker on it, and you were done.  Now it takes sometimes 3 months to get up to speed - NOT because you don't know medical terminology - you have to learn a specific platform (go buy special parts to use it), figure out new expanders, get special internet thingys, get wave pedals, throw away $$$ super stations and C-phones.  It's a joke.  They want us to cover all that just for the right to make squat for money.


Nope, I think it's time to pursue something else. 



She didn't want to look like a fool on national TV
Trust me as soon as the cameras stopped rolling she was calling him on the sly.  As for all those fake crying pretty boys,  I couldn't stop laughing , does everyone want to be an actor now?  sheesh
He's a jerk and I'm an intermittent fool.

When was the last time you linked to a website link and got the response "too many hits?"  It just looks all too contrived.  I have to admit that I did link there, but won't try it again.  Maybe he's just getting a big kick out of the attention this is bringing, and our resultant frustration.  Now, I will be running my Spyware and deleting any new cookies that are found.


Exactly true. And you don't have to fool with new drugs and stuff, either. nm
When you play Balderdash and can fool everyone with your definitions.

MTs at my hospital tried to say 20 cpl was average. The director is no fool.
Working fool, Thank you for your wonderful post!

God bless you for telling your story as it gives insight into how we all have to be our own advocates. 

My aunt "trusted" the trusted old surgeon who told her not to worry, we'll deal with it IF it becomes an issue.  Well, it did but to late to treat and she died within 3 years. 

That had to be hard to post this, again, thank you! 

hold that thought. also known as fool's paradise. nm
First name Bonita? I got ripped off. Feel like a fool. sm
She said she had been burned before and needed the money upfront. Then she never sent the Lanier. I think was should be able to post identifiers on things like this to protect each other.
Then you are an absolute FOOL. Down the road, you'll wish you were never involved


I tend to do that
with the fast talkers. I notice that I type faster. Too funny about turning blue though....gotta remember to breathe. :-)
DH will be right over. I tend to toss them out, myself.
Because surgeons tend to be
fast, succinct dictators. Because there are very few drugs to dictate, and the surgeon is familiar with all of them (as opposed to trying to dictate lists of meds as the patient wrote them in a history). Because surgeons tend to do the same sorts of procedures over and over, and the smart, efficient ones learn to dictate the same reports over and over so they won't leave anything out. That means an MT who gets him frequently can make normals to use over and over and save time. If an MT is fortunate and the software is very, very good, she can put jump codes in so she can jump from one particular spot to the next to fill in details that change. An example would be doing cataract surgery, where the main thing that changes is the IOL specific information. Because surgeons usually hate to dictate, so the reports are often as short and efficient as possible. Because it's not psych (or whatever the MT hates most, lol).
Typing. This is NOT typing, it is transcribing. There is a BIG difference. sm
Transcription includes typing, but so much more.
Posture. How many of you tend to sit on one leg while working?

I cannot break this habit.  I do not think about it until my knee starts aching midday.  Do you practice good posture?

Unfortunately we as women tend to be raised to think that
our lives aren't complete unless we "have a man". Men, on the other hand, are raised to value their careers, educations and be as financially successful and independent as they can be. Therein lies the problem. We're supposed to dream of a big wedding, they're supposed to dream of being president of a huge corporation.

Moms, raise your daughters to be independent, educated and successful and if someone fits into their lives after they are, that's great; and if not, so what?
Yes, I tend to only respond to ads that list how

It seems like posts tend to disappear...
every once in a while. lol
No, I tend to hold grudges though I have become - nm
more tolerant in my old age (40, ha, ha). I told my husband only 2 things would ever make me divorce him, (1) he cheated, (2) he ever hit me/abuse. So far so good, though some verbal abuse has happened though much of it is due to circumstances at present but if it continues or grows worse I will seriously consider leaving and I suspect a nasty divorce would ensue (2 kids involved) and I'd be entitled to over $100K....money is what he loves most so it would get dirty I am sure. But hopefully it will never come to that.
My "on" days tend to be when I don't (sm)
have bills waiting to be paid, dishes needing washed, errands to be done or in-laws asking me to do things for them. Not that I stop and interrupt my shift to get up to do those things, but I think the underlying stress distracts me, no matter how hard I try to fight it.

I saw some postings on another board about listening to classical music helping them concentrate. I tried it and it doesn't work for me (I keep stopping to listen!) but that might be worth a shot.
I now work for an MTSO, but when I was inhouse we did tend
to send the difficult dictators out (our supervisor did this). That is just part of working for an outside service. We do not get to pick and choose we get what they choose to send.
I tend to proof my reports as I type,
during pauses in dictation I read the paragraphs above and also while spellchecking. Unless it is a difficult report, I do not relisten.
Some who do ops tend to speak faster than lightening sm
I also see it as an excuse for a CYA for them. You have to watch them dictate to appreciate this, there's no need to talk that fast. You almost have to use their boiler plate op as they are unintelligible. They can always say, "That's not what I said." I don't trust those guys. Some ops are great, interesting, some are totally boring and monotonous, all have good and bad points. Psych reports are interesting but if you do them long enough you start to go "batty" - or perhaps it's just me. I like a mix.
I AM A PSYCHIATRIST. You are too much in others business and this reflects the inability to tend
to your own problems. I suggest you schedule an appointment to see why you butt your nose into other peoples issues and leave yours to fester and grow. Get off the computer and phone your health care provider. I am too Busy MD'ing to solve your problem over the internet. I am just here to see how I can make my dictation more pleasing to MTs and I can't take care of your psych problems here. Once again, too Busy MD'ing.
40-year-olds tend to make much better students
than 20-year-olds!

In four years you will be 42 years old either way. Do you want to be 42 with or without your Batchelor's degree? :oD

5 minutes tops; if not tend to waste too much time - sm
google what you think it may be, or key terms in the phrase and usually you can figure it out that way pretty quickly.

People tend to "embellish" the answer to this question, especially on this board.
Some people seem to feel a need to impress strangers on an anonymous message board. Sad, but true.
We had two different sizes. The problem is they tend to flatten out instead of standing upright. sm
So if you buy one that says it is 42" deep you really only get about 36-38" deep out of it. You are better off to buy a different kind of pool. We bought one that is a kit, but has a frame to it and is much, much better than the ones with the blow up ring. It is made by Intex and it is blue also, but made of a tough liner type material. It has a metal frame that you build (only took 45 min. to put it up)and it actuall stands up like a real above ground pool. Very nice and not much money..about 350.00 at Walmart for the whole kit, pool, filter, et cetera.