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You'll have to go to their websites and see what the coverage area

Posted By: me on 2007-09-11
In Reply to: Which wireless card plan - works best for MT work?

is for each.  That may eliminate some choices.  You can also view their plans on-line.  As far as I unknow they are unlimited and the monthly fee is $60 to $70.  The cards can cost as much as $200, but they often run promotions if you sign a 2-year contract.   Lots of companies do not allow wireless as it is not secure. 

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Sprint advertises they have the largest coverage area. They should have

a map on their website showing coverage area.  I haven't used a broadband card yet.   I know someone who used a Verizon air card and they said they were able to get service everywhere they went.  They were on the west coast, where it seems more reasonable that there would be a wider range of service.   You can check Verizon's website for coverage area too.  Another option may be for you to get dial-up at your mother's house.   You can get People PC for $10.95/month, but I don't know if they require a contract.   If none of the big ISPs have a local number you can get service through a small local provider and they usually do not require a contract.  I have traveled extensively and have spent several weeks in some places where dial-up was the only available option at the time and even though I had an ISP they did not have local service.  

Another option is to try the free trials with various ISPs if they have service in your mom's area.   There is no charge is you cancel before trial period is up. 


PA - Pittsburgh area is one locale, Philadelphia area also.
TriState area - PA, NJ, DE.

I think it's great to see a thread discussing this subject. 

However, when it comes to "prejudice," it has always been with us, since the beginning of time.  It is a human problem, not a white American problem, as so many people seem to be saying.  Some of the most prejudiced people I have encountered in my few decades of life have been non-whites.  When I lived in Latin America, I learned that brown-skinned people discriminate each other based on how light their skin tone is - the lighter the skin, hair color and eye color, the more prestige they had.  Some of our U.S. African-American soldiers were called derogatory names by the Somalians when we were over there - a real eye opener for them.  They thought they were "going home" and then were assailed with hatred and expletives because of their dark skin.

We all need to guard against letting our attitudes harden our hearts towards other people.  It is a life-long process.  I recently realized that my financial concerns because of income loss from this job of MT - with losing jobs to overseas, the foreign-born dictators making it so hard to earn a decent line count - were hardening my heart towards immigrants.  I am in the process of reassessing my attitude and thoughts about that.  I don't want to turn into an angry, hateful, bitter old bigot. 



That is the one problem with own accounts.  After three days to Tahoe-Reno I came back to 14 tapes as no one wanted anyone else.  But am thinking of taking nearly a week off later this year and so I would like some coverage.  I used to work for a small local MTSO here as an IC and still keep in touch and I might see if there is someone there that wants to do an extra tape or two during the week I am gone.  Also see if there is a chapter of local AAMT in your area -- and I am not sure if it is the national AAMT but here in Portland there is a group of MT's and I got a list of names from them who will do back up and overflow.  I haven't joined but have talked to a few people there and we do some networking.  I have been doing this for so long in the Portland area that I continuously run into people that did either the OHSU account I did or worked for one of the offices previously, etc.  It is a small world.  That is also how I get my people contact.  Also run an ad in the paper well ahead of when you are going to leave.  But there is always the fear that they could "take away" your account but since most of the gals that have helped me out I used to work with -- I don't worry about that.  And you know how it is the first few days on the account -- you don't do that well so they are either ready to kill my docs since I am so used to them or the office says -- "don't ever leave again" because that person does things different that we all appreciate each other immensely when I get back.  But there are ways, just gotta put a little effort into it.  They don't need to do it all but I came back to 14 tapes and if I could have had half done, it would have been nice.  Good luck. 

What coverage?
say what?????
Thanks, we already have a used car without full coverage.

The payment's not that big on it, except when there's a mixup at the bank and they deduct one check twice with the same amount and same check number.  It just feels like the money mojo magnet is gone from my life this week!  LOL  Everything seems to go wrong all at once. 

Vacation coverage

I have five accounts and two I have IC's who work for them -- psych accounts no problem when I leave town.  But my other three, have asked that I have NO ONE work on the account but me and they hold the tapes and I do them when I come back as fast as I can and sometimes wishing I had not taken time off.   No they work with me but then I don't take off much time and when I do it is usually a couple of days and the weekend so we are all not stressed.   If I were to have surgery or something I have friends that would help out and the accounts realize that it would be necessary.  That is one of the drawbacks of having your own accounts.  No work --no money.   But it does make you appreciate your time off.

If you are looking for single coverage, you

S/B able to get something reasonable.  If you're looking for family coverage it is doubtful you would find anything under $350.00/mo.  You might want to look into medical savings accounts.  You have to qualify for these and I'm not sure what the criteria is, but Google it.   If you are a non-smoker and have no pre-existing medical issues, aren't grossly overweight, and not planning a baby anytime soon, you might want to look at getting mainly a major medical plan that would cover you in event of hospitalization or something catastrophic, and just pay routine care out of pocket.

We currently have insurance through DH job, but when I was looking for independent coverage Celtic had the cheapest and then Medcost was the next cheapest.  I called several agencies and they all quoted me on Medcost, but the premiums varied as much as $200.00/mo.   BCBS has something caled Blue Advantage that you might want to look at.  I hate BCBS because they are such a pain to deal with and deny a large percentage of claims, but it might be an option. 

If you have private coverage on yourself, you would not--sm
need workers' compensation on yourself. your private insurance would cover anything happening to you. If you have employees, they may need it, but only if you offered them employee insurance benefits. JMO.
I had individual coverage - sm
when I was IC and SE for a while.  It was expensive - but now I think it would be impossible as I am older.  Considerations are preexisting conditions.  My daughter lost her job and has Graves disease.  She is 23 years old and was flat turned down - no amount of money could get her coverage.  COBRA is costing 380 dollars a month until her new job's coverage kicks in.  If you have any preexisting conditions it may be extremely pricey.  Also do not let insurance lapse  - because anything you might have will not be covered for a period of time - usually a year.  If you are young and have no problems and depending on where you live - individual coverage can be found - before my daughter had problems we got it for under 100.00 a month.  Our state does have a program for people who cannot get coverage but I have not checked to see what that entails - you might call your state and see.
Work both jobs until you get new coverage or
buy your own policies.

It is a choice and you're making it.

If you're going to stay in hell, please do not complain about the temperature!
Diskriter needs weekend coverage - nm
no msg
Thanks for your response. If I opt out of the cobra coverage,
does my current coverage stop immediately (last employment day), at the end of the current pay period, or at the end of the final pay period? Thanks!
medical insurance coverage
My dept. here in radiology transcription is possibly going to be outsourced.  I have been looking at possibly working at home for an agency if this happens.  I have done some looking and found that alot of agencies do offer medical insurance, but does anyone know how good it is and can you cover dependents?  Any information would be appreciated.
Offer vacation coverage (sm)

I have offered just coverage for vacations, etc. and have networked that way, but I know that is tough when you are full-time from home and not in a medical type setting.  I think it is a shame that more do not frequent the State Boards here.  I like hearing everyone's opinions, but if the State Boards were frequented more, I think we could all really network a little more.  I'll scratch your back, you scratch mine type of thing.  Most people do not like to do that because they are afraid you will take their account, but I believe in being trusting, and that is bad karma!  JMO.

Whatever you get, just make sure there is no break in coverage or (sm)
pre-existing conditions will not be covered.  Check archives.  People in the know.
So this does qualify as continuous coverage, right? Thanks for your help. NM
wants to work weekends and they need weekend coverage.
Most companies now are going a Tu-Sa shift of Sun-Thu.   Clinic work usually is M-F.  
Caught a bit of it on Fox ticker but no live coverage..
yet.   Where do you live?  How horrible for you and all the kids to have to go through a nightmare like this :(  Our thoughts and prayers are with you all!
I only have single coverage with them. but as I recall from the literature it was about
$500 a month or so, maybe a little less. Give them a call or e-mail and I am sure they will tell you.
If you keep it digital, it will be much easier to find coverage (sm)
if you have to leave town or if you go on vacation. I use the TASP on the sticky note above (MetroScript) and when I went on vacation I simply told all my docs I would be gone for that week and they all agreed to hold the dictation except for one. That one account I did on vacation because all I needed was my laptop and an Internet connection to do the work. It was a very cool solution. Additionally, if the work is digital you have a much larger pool to choose from when it comes to getting someone to cover for you. You're not bound by any geographic restrictions. Hope this helps!
Any idea what the premiums are for family coverage
Even if she doesn't need it during that 3 months, she needs it not to have a break in coverage if
Health insurance coverage question...sm

I just started a new MT job and will get health insurance when my benefits quick in.  I want to put my husband on my insurance.  My question is- he has spina bifida and I am concerned that the insurance company will deny him coverage.  Can they do that?


Radiation Oncology vacation coverage
Does anyone out there with a private radiation oncology account want to exchange vacation coverage? I have three doctors in a small clinic, average 600 lines a day. They are very particular about quality and need 24-48 hour turnaround at the very most. DSS digital voice files, and all three very good dictators--no accents. I really need to be able to take a few weeks a year and some long weekends here and there and would love to find someone in a similar position willing to exchange time with me.
No belly. Full coverage, as previously stated.

I did not say I looked like a teeny bopper or hooker.  I said I traded my stretch shorts and t-shirts for denim shorts and a tank top.  Yeah, the shorts are somewhat low rider because they don't come up to my bra like the stretchy shorts do, but they've got a full rise that covers the crack and belly button.

Oh, no!  I must be a wanna-be trampy teenager!  Maybe next I'll go out and get some red satin thongs, a belly button ring and a butt tattoo because y'all are jumping on me like that's what I'm trying to do.  If you can't understand the concept of "full coverage", stay out of the conversation.

Insurance is good, but I'd recommend you don't get too specific in coverage.
You could contact a company like Colonial Supplemental Insurance to get accident coverage and consider what other policies you might need, not just for your hands. After all, what if you are in an accident and it's your back that's keeping you away from your desk?
Chamber of Commerce or your own state might offer coverage for IC/SE

If you are an IC and work from home, join your local Chamber of Commerce and sign up for one of the plans they offer.

The premiums are not cheap, but at least you have a chance for health insurance. 

If you are under a certain yearly income, many states offer plans. I live in NY.  Besides coverage through my local Chamber of Commerce (I had to drop the plan as it was too expensive), I was covered under Healthy New York (something like $150 per month), then went to  Family Health Plus, but am now on Social Security Disability and am covered under Medicare (NOT cheap, either!) 


Don't give up. Go to your state's web site. Somewhere there you should be able to find a "health" link. Or, try your state's department of health site and see what they have to offer. Many states offer insurance for the self employed, unfortunately you have to search for the link!

I think pre-existing stuff may kick in if you have have no certificate of previous coverage.
Yes, it does constitute "creditable coverage." The only policy I found that was not considere
short-term policy. As you can tell, I've done this  A LOT... So, I've hit every scenario..
I use the Simply Sheer. Love it. Great coverage and feels like no makeup at all. nm

I don't use any websites--
I use Stedman's Radiology Words 3rd ed.and it has just about any word you'll need.
some websites for you :)





Is there any websites

that show over the counter medicine names and homeopathic medical names out there. Have searched some and found some, but would really like a complete listing if possible.



Could you possibly recommend some websites?  Or maybe books?  Any help much appreciated.

Anybody know of any websites sm
for reference material for Cardiology?  I do strictly cardiology right now and lots and lots of cardiac caths, TEEs, Echos, Holters, PTCAs, etc.  Would be nice to have a website with just cardiology stuff.
It'll be the most expensive magazine subscription you'll ever get! No point in joining. nm
I'll go! I'll go!! I won't take hormones and will be ready to defend your honor :) n/m
No. It'll be the most expensive magazine subscription you'll ever get, and it's unnecessary
I do that with the hospital websites, too.
But I'm lazy.  I'd rather keep a browser window open or save the list to text format and use the search feature than print it out, find my notebook, and hunt through a hardcopy.
Always go to the manufacturer's websites and use it they way they have it!
It is DERMABOND - all caps. The Stedman's books are incorrect.

I know for a fact, as I even called the manufacturer on the telephone to clarify. I was so annoyed because my QA person just kept changing it to lower case - until now of course when I cleared that up.
What are some helpful websites?

I have found some very helpful websites by browsing the boards here.  Just wondering if some of you may have favorites you use. 

My most helpful for finding bacteria is listed below.


some helpful websites
Great websites (sm)
Thanks for those websites.  Out of necessity, I am able to do pretty well with my grocery bill.  I checked the sites you listed and there is some great information--I learned a few tricks!  Speaking from experience, it doesn't get any easier when you are in a bind.  I've lived this way for a very long time since I am a single mom.  Things just manage to work out and everything manages to last just as long as you need it.  Thanks again for the tips. 
You should research other websites because sm
Most of the information in the article doesn't coincide with any of the Biblical principles followed by the Christian churches in America today. Throughout the entire Bible, old and NT, we are taught to refrain from witchcraft, mediums, those who speak to the dead, or any kind of honoring of the dead. Christians are only to pay homage to God through Jesus Christ.
You can check out these websites...



Or you could always call around to local offices to find out what they charge.  Good luck.

Try manufacturers' websites
I have the newest Stedman's CV book, but things change so fast in this field that even it is behind.  Sometimes I find it easier to check manufacturers' websites for a listing of their newest products and then I bookmark it.  Here are some companies to try:  Medtronic, Guidant, Bard, Boehringer Mannhein Corporation, Boston Scientific Corporation, Cordis, Datascope, Kontron, Marquette Electronics Inc., and St. Jude Medical Co.  These aren't just for catheters; they make pacemakers/AICDs, leads, guide wires, stents, balloon pumps, EKG machines, heart valves and the like.  I know there are more, but this is what came to mind on the fly.  If you have Stedman's Medical and Surgical Equipment Words, they have a listing in the back of medical manufacturers and their web addresses if you'd like to do more looking around.
Physician Websites

Here are a couple good ones:



More helpful Websites

I ran across this website and hope that it might some out there.


MT chats? websites for?
Hi, are there any medical Transcriptionist chat rooms?  the board is fun, I just want to chat live.
Any ESL websites or resources?
I was wondering if anyone here knew of any good websites (or other resource) where I could listen to dictators/speakers who have accents?  I am not really crazy about that idea, but want to try to better learn them so that I can do my job better when I get ESLs or even striking regional accents around the US.  Any advice is appreciated.  Thank you in advance.