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Do you have a word you can never type correctly

Posted By: without getting zinged by the spell-check?? nm on 2005-12-08
In Reply to:

Mine is "initiated."  It makes me nuts.  In 20 years, I have never typed that word correctly and I keep forgetting the expansions I develop for it.

What are your least favorite terms to type?

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Shorthand users: Is there a way to type a word, use a slash and then type another word..sm

immediately following the slash and have it expand.  For example if I needed to transcribe mass/sebaceous cyst, is there a way to use my expanded sebaceous cyst without having to back space after I type the slash mark?  TIA

does anyone else have a problem with Word not capitalizing correctly on sm
the first word in a sentence?  i will get 2-3 lines down and realize it didn't cap something so then i have to waste time going back up there to cap it.  any solutions on fixing this annoying problem? 
Asking you to spell a word correctly after 10 years is being nitpicky? Shame on them..
N O T ! !
If you submit your reports on time and correctly, you get paid correctly. Pay has been on sm
time for 2 years now. 1st and 15th for employees, 2nd and 16th for ICs. If it falls on a weekend or holiday, it posts the next business day.

By the way, there is no Sophie on radiology at Keystrokes. Must be a troll.
I type the letter "l" in IT and the word cholelithiasis is my word selected?Why?
I want to get rid of this. Entered left again but it is still giving me cholelithiasis as the only word option to select from.

This is why I find this program crazy. Everytime I sit down for the day, there is a whole new experience with it!!! I have to stop and think before each word!!!
No, you don't type directly into ES. You type in Word -
or whatever their platform is, just like you did with your tapes.

Then you do your line count in Word or the platform.
type word, then alt-C


What type of word is umm, ahh, etc.?
What is the technical name for such sound phrases, and where can I get a list of them?
Shorthand ? When I type the word I the

first letter in the next word is capped.   There is no period so don't know why it caps.  Anyone know how to fix it. I'm new to ShortHand and I really HATE it.   My company offers a short class in it, but they want me to have more experience with it before I take the class. 

type it as 1 word midphalanx..nm
It is like Word in a lot of ways, with the same type of AutoCorrect. sm
But you have an ADT utility to select the patient demographics for the report you are doing. Actually very nice. I enjoyed DQS while I was on it.
If a company has you type on straight Word..
is there any way to put your own Expander software with that and if so, what is recommended.  I have always had the company supply the software including expanders, but wondered if there is a way to use these in Microsoft Word.  Thanks for any help!!!
How many WPM do you type with auto corrects/word expander?

I have never tested my speed using my Expander and have no idea how many WPM I type.  I became a certified master typist last year at over 100 WPM without my expander.  I've been doing this for six years.

I'm really curious what the average is with an expander.  TIA.

Type whatever word/phrase, bold, highlight, sm--
select Autocorrect, add.
Question for all who type on a Word-based platform.
Does anyone else use F3 to go from expansion to expansion?  For instance, I have gent that expands to gentleman, then I hit F3 to go to gentamicin, F3 again to go to Gastroenterology, etc., etc.  My question is this:  I am typing on ExText, and I have been making these entries, but in the morning when I turn the computer on they are all gone and I have to start over again.  In ChartScript they "stick" and in ExText they don't.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to get them to stay?  TIA for any suggestions anyone may have. 
I used Stedman's when working in Meditech, but I would type in Word and
copy to Meditech. 
Is there any way to type in microsoft word and then get the document into wordperfect?
open a word document, under help type in auto text--sm
and you can learn how to create, save, delete, edit entries.
How hard is it to type a word in a blank space? I'm afraid
Word will not correct two letters in caps. You must type a third letter for
that feature to kick in. You need to practice letting up on the Shift key sooner or you need a macro to go through your document to fix all of those instances.

Word 2000 and later does not cap after colons or numbers followed by punctuation even if you have that option turned on in Tools. You can use the change case command of Shift + F3 immediately after typing the first word to get a cap. I use Instant Text and there's a feature in that program that automatically fixes the cap issue in Word. Otherwise, you need a macro to go through the document and change that as well.

Cumbersome is a good word here to describe Meditech. The designer obviously doesn't type.
QT Medical. No "platform" type in Word or WordPerfect using VoiceWave. Very clear sound and
I'm going to type an acct at home for local group. What is a good word expander for

things to know on doing tapes from an office?  Is it best just to give them a disk and let them print it out at the office like they want to? 

Anybody doing an acct like this?  Thanks.

To me, it looks as if you did it correctly.
I wouldn't use a semicolon in that sentence.
You should do them correctly.
Escription can deal with a cap in the middle of a work. I type my drugs correctly but on most of the accounts I've been on (6), I've had to cap the allergies myself. The more consistent everyone is, the better the system will do.
Did I understand you correctly?

I already work on DQS, but do you mean that the new payment plan will not include headers, spaces, and so on? 


If I read you correctly
Yes, that JW (Pacific time zone)
Actually he may be pronouncing it correctly.

had the term "pis" which is French for urinate.  It is pronounced "pee."

They  dropped it from the newer ones, however.

If I remember correctly sm
these are long, long reports. Absolutely charge by the line.

not OP but mac did ya read that correctly?.LOL

It was a MS and not a Mr *LOL*

  have some lemonade on this very hot 95+ degree sweltering humid day....probably causing the negativity, eh? 

If I understand it correctly what they do it take - sm
an average of 12 months (previous year I guess) and charge you that each month. So if you spend $1500 a year, they then will charge you $125 a month for a year for a total of $1500. I presume if you are over that they bill you at the end of the year for the overage, and hopefully credit you if you are actually under. Our propane company wanted to do the same, but I just go with getting billed when they fill the tank, though that gets pretty nasty too ($300-$800) depending on price of propane and how full/empty the tank is when it is filled, plus they only give 7 days to pay the bill, how nice.
Do I read this correctly????
your HUSBAND was CRYING AND FREAKING OUT because he had not eaten????????  Please say it isn't so!!!!!  I hope you mean your 1 y/o or 4 y/o NOT your husband.
Why not spell it correctly?
I learned a long time ago that doctors are notoriously bad spellers! What is the word?
I would spell it correctly. sm
That is why we are transcriptionists. It is our job to correct their spelling and grammar errors to make as perfect a document as possible. I have one that notoriously spells Homan's sign incorrectly and she spells it every time as Homman's sign, but I disregard her spelling, do not take it personal, and I just do what I know is right. JMO
I would spell it correctly.
It's actually Homans'. ;P

I have a doctor like this too. He insists on spelling one word incorrectly and even had his office staff try to correct me. I am a very flexible person but there is no way I will spell something incorrectly in a document if I know better.
you heard correctly ............

Not sure if I'm following your trail correctly here.

I would agree that it is not defamatory to use the company name if someone is not going to come away with a negative impression, direct or indirect, after viewing pictures or other materials that accompanied that use.

I would stand by the idea, however, that it would be libelous to use the company name on a site that depicts pictures or text that others may find offensive. I think we agree on this, right?

It is probably working correctly and at some
time you have added a misspelled word.  Look at your notes and then look at your spellcheck file.
If I remember correctly...

you can go to the Nuance Web site for Dictaphone support (maybe this is old news?).  They do have a phone number listed there.  You might try the place where you purchased your equipment and/or tech support at your job.  Also, you can search here at MTStars in the Google box.  There probably are old posts with similar questions.

also, if you are doing it correctly - point that out to QA - nm
If I remember correctly, though

laws may have changed since I last collected, they take your last 4 quarters, find the highest quarter and you get half of that in UC divided into weeks. They also take taxes out of it, which I don't think is fair. 


I may not be understanding correctly but
If you want to go backwards with the jump code I think that is shift+F11. I never have been able to get that to work correctly, but I can hit F11 and go forward in the document just fine.
DQS not calculating correctly and repaying?
Those who have gotten checks cause DQS did not calculate correctly, was it only from one regional MQ office?  Im wondering as I have used DQS for about one year and I have not gotten any letter or check.  Im wondering should I contact my TC?  I dont like bothering them if I dont have to cause they are not the nicest people and I truly believe they keep track of employees who call in, ask for time off, question things..ya know?  So, if anyone knows, is it just one MQ office or more than one...Thanks, ya'all..
Could someone tell me if I am punctuating this sentence correctly?
She had been complaining at that time of three weeks of diarrhea, which was watery Ė one episode per day. 
Anyone awake yet? Can someone take a look and tell me if I 'm typing this correctly?

There was no evidence of significant

in-stent restenosis of the RCA.  A right heart catheterization was done as well.  Right atrial pressures were 16, 12, and 11.  Right ventricular pressures were 40, 7, and 15.  Pulmonary artery pressures, 39 and 21.  Pulmonary capillary wedge pressure is 21, 19, and 17 with left ventricular pressures of 132, 17, and 26.

Sorry, here it is..it didn't post correctly
I get paid to transcribe it correctly
If I remember correctly, in this case...
...she won the lottery before they were divorced, when all of his and her assets were still considered joint. Since CA is a community property state, he was entitled to half of it. I believe she left the winnings off of the income and expense declarations during the divorce proceedings, and that's the part that was illegal.
If people would read correctly, not a
dilemma. I HAVE CHRISTMAS DAY OFF. My gosh, I asked, being as I have always been someone elses employee until approximately 3 months ago, what THEY did, just to get someone else's views. I have worked long enough, since 1973, in this field to know about confidentiality issues. I wanted to see what others do on the holidays. I am not running scared about what I HAVE to do. A person asks simple questions and gets unbelievable crap thrown at them. I, for one, can walk at any time I please without having to bow down to any company. Thank goodness I have reached this point in my life. I see so much bitterness in the people on these chat boards, unbelievable. If you are so scared about others taking your jobs, why do you not find something else to do?? Why wear bitterness on your sleeves all the time. If my animals can read my reports, then I guess I have to get worried about someone reading them. I am not trying to solve the problems of the world, just asking questions I would like to know for my OWN INTEREST.
You need to read the posts correctly, never said all
of MTs could not make it and you surely donít have to read what I say, freedom of speech, etc. I will say again, these are jobs and if working, you do your job first period, end of statement. If you want to do household in between working then do not complain because you cannot get your line count, cannot see after your kids, oh woe me. I read these day after day about how a person only goes into this field in order to stay home and then we wonder why we are not perceived as being professional? Professional what???
You said it correctly, very touchy subject
as the majority of people working from home apparently get upset when I say MTs are coming across as being unprofessional when they write about being "supermoms" and yet complaining about how to fit time in for their babies, housework, cooking, washing, etc. while doing a job. I have never complained about my salary, my hours I spend working, the bosses I work for, just do my job. I, like you, worked outside when my children smaller but if I wanted to provide for them then, that was something we had to do, had no choice, just what you do as a member of the human race. It is probably a good thing for a lot of the people writing into this board to be able to "work" from home, otherwise I donít see them making it in the "real" world of employment. I think your post was excellent and said exactly what I have been saying for some time. Try telling that to the moms who write in. I am not now nor would I ever say I was supermom nor super anything for that reason, not a "single" mother as to me that designates someone who wants people to feel pity for them because they have a child(ren) they are supposed to care for, only a woman who has raised her children to adulthood and ones any mother could be proud of and I did it, well just because that is what a mother does. I donít look for any pats on my back. I have a strong work ethic and I applaud you for yours.