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Shorthand ? When I type the word I the

Posted By: MW on 2007-10-09
In Reply to:

first letter in the next word is capped.   There is no period so don't know why it caps.  Anyone know how to fix it. I'm new to ShortHand and I really HATE it.   My company offers a short class in it, but they want me to have more experience with it before I take the class. 

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Shorthand users: Is there a way to type a word, use a slash and then type another word..sm

immediately following the slash and have it expand.  For example if I needed to transcribe mass/sebaceous cyst, is there a way to use my expanded sebaceous cyst without having to back space after I type the slash mark?  TIA

If Smart Type is the same as Shorthand, I think it is, there should.....
not be a problem using it with any program, it works outside programs, meaning it should not interfere. I have used ShortHand for years and it has never interfered with any and I mean any program I have ever used. Hope this helps.
I think Speed type is the same as Shorthand, if so......
I have to use this formula for each heading. Example:

This is your text: {@KEY ctrl+b}CHEST{@KEY ctrl+b} the keyword is chestbx. Then it types out bolded.

What I do is save this formula for the next one, say chief complaint (you can always pull up an already done bolded text, like chestbx, my personal use, and copy it if you are typing along and want to put another one in) .

{@KEY ctrl+b}CHEST{@KEY ctrl+b} take out chest and put CHIEF COMPLAINT, then save. I use the as the keyword chestbx, the b is for bold and the x is just for protection.

if you need to bold and underline:

{@KEY ctrl+b}{@KEY ctrl+u}CHIEF COMPLAINT{@KEY ctrl+b}{@KEY ctrl+u} you have to COPY this, put it in text to type like this and save. Your keyword (as I said, mine is chestbx for just bold and I use chestbux, bold for bold, u for underline and x).

then when I type it out with the ccbx it types CHIEF COMPLAINT bolded or bolded and underlined.

Hope this helps.
Shorthand types 62%, I type 38%. nm
I type the letter "l" in IT and the word cholelithiasis is my word selected?Why?
I want to get rid of this. Entered left again but it is still giving me cholelithiasis as the only word option to select from.

This is why I find this program crazy. Everytime I sit down for the day, there is a whole new experience with it!!! I have to stop and think before each word!!!
No, you don't type directly into ES. You type in Word -
or whatever their platform is, just like you did with your tapes.

Then you do your line count in Word or the platform.
aneurysm... love shorthand - just type anu and there it is...(NM)
for Shorthand use a semi-colon with yo... ;yo so when you type 50;yo it will become
Paste this into your Shorthand "text to type" box
x{@KEY Shift+Ctrl+-}ray

This code will give you a nonbreaking hyphen. You can give it whatever keyword you want (I just use xr).

You can copy and paste the code between the {} into any shortcut where you want a nonbreaking hyphen. HTH! :)
Is there a Shorthand for dummies type of book?

I have ShortHand 10.0 through my company.   I'm reading the instruction file on the computer and it makes no sense at all to me and I find reading it on the computer is hard because I can't see the full page.   My company will not allow me to install a printer and I guess I could transfer the file to another computer using my flash drive, but it is 136 pages and I really would rather buy a book if there is such a thing.

I've spent about 2 hours browing Productivity Talk and there wasn't much information that was helpful and no mention of a book. 

It is an older DOS-type environment - works well with Shorthand. sm
Lots of menus, especially in radiology, but ShortHand helps you get through them very quickly is you write macros to just stop where you need to.

It can be very productive with good line counts if you are paid by the line.

Personally, I loved it, but that was because I did very well with our incentive program on it.

Smart Type, versus InstanText and ShortHand, etc.
I have used all of these. I hated ShortHand. Shortcut was not much of a short cut. Smart Type allowed me to type the most in the shortest length of time, end of the story. HOWEVER, Smart Type will limit your career since you can't use it in Windows and all these strange platforms that are out there.

InstanText versus Smart Type with the same library...only very slightly less production and I am not proficient with IT at all, not yet. I almost like IT better than ST because the order of expansions is static. ST for Word will rearrange it all for you each and every time you open it. I liked the DOS program a lot better and I can never have that back. As I am learning IT I am again becoming familiar with my shortcuts. I had gotten "sloppy" about typing my actual abbreviations because ST will let you type a couple of letters and you see the word in the line, space bar and it drops in. I am working more than one job so I have enough work and I use ST for one and IT for the other. The more I use IT the faster I am getting in both IT and ST. I am thinking that once I have adjusted the IT to the best possible fit for my needs I'll switch completely to IT.

Ladies, it is not really about the expander, it is about the library/glossary. If you only have a few hundred entries you are working way too hard. You need thousands of entries to maximize your efforts (I have about 22,000 of them). This is one of those times when it is different strokes for different folks.

There are many libraries/glossaries out there, some you can put into more than one program, some are program specific. Some are free and some you have to pay for (I give mine away). Get a good one, learn to use it, "think" in it and stick with it. That is how about any of them will pay off.
is every word you have in shorthand like that?
Does anyone how to enter a new word into shorthand sm

without using the mouse?  I clicked on

add new entry  (still trying to figure out what the 'key' is that opens this so I don't have to use the mouse)

keyword/text to type/ and then there is an okay butten.  I am use to doing this same operation in autocorrect but without using the mouse (where i use the tab and enter key once I program it.) .  The O on the okay button is underlined but I can't seem to use the alt/o to have the program OKAY my new entry.  I am trying to read this help guide and I am really struggling.  I wish someone could write instructions that weren't in computer languange.  sigh.  Thanks once again

Shorthand word expander -
Tech board is down.  Need to know how to stop word from expanding.  Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks
Word shortcuts to Shorthand -

I'm dreading if I need to start some 13 or 14,000 abbreviations all over again on another expander.  All you do is go in and out of a new Expander putting all your abbreviations in when you could be making money already. 

Know what I mean?

Is Shorthand the best word expander?

Shorthand/Word Expander Feedback.

We are in process of revamping MTStars FlashType (Shorthand/Word Expander).


We appreciate feedback from all visitors who are/were using any Shorthand/Word Expander Software in terms...

=> Which software do you use and why? (e.g User friendly, Robust, Built-in Dictionaries etc.)

=> The features you like and dislike within software?

=> What are your suggestions for upgraded version of FlashType? Which features you would like to see in it?

This thread will be followed by our staff and 5 Free copies of upgraded version of MTStars FlashType will be given (by end of August, 2008) to best feedback providers in this discussion.

PS. It's an official thread by MTStars Administration. We don't want disparaging remarks/comments about other software providers, we respect all the competitors. The only purpose is to evaluate End User experience regarding Shorthand/Word Expanders in general and FlashType in particular.

MTStars Administration.

type word, then alt-C


What type of word is umm, ahh, etc.?
What is the technical name for such sound phrases, and where can I get a list of them?
Get a decent word expansion program like PRD or Shorthand sm
autocorrect is very limited.  If you want to make money, your really need a good expander.
Emdat users - is this Word-based and can you use ShortHand with it? sm




Does PC ShortHand work on Emdat or Word Client?
And if so how do I get it to work when using these platforms?
Need info on backing up Shorthand files. Also Word Autocorrect. TIA. nm


How do you get the shorthand word expander to work in 'word client'?
Do you have a word you can never type correctly

Mine is "initiated."  It makes me nuts.  In 20 years, I have never typed that word correctly and I keep forgetting the expansions I develop for it.

What are your least favorite terms to type?

type it as 1 word midphalanx..nm
It is like Word in a lot of ways, with the same type of AutoCorrect. sm
But you have an ADT utility to select the patient demographics for the report you are doing. Actually very nice. I enjoyed DQS while I was on it.
If a company has you type on straight Word..
is there any way to put your own Expander software with that and if so, what is recommended.  I have always had the company supply the software including expanders, but wondered if there is a way to use these in Microsoft Word.  Thanks for any help!!!
How many WPM do you type with auto corrects/word expander?

I have never tested my speed using my Expander and have no idea how many WPM I type.  I became a certified master typist last year at over 100 WPM without my expander.  I've been doing this for six years.

I'm really curious what the average is with an expander.  TIA.

Type whatever word/phrase, bold, highlight, sm--
select Autocorrect, add.
Question for all who type on a Word-based platform.
Does anyone else use F3 to go from expansion to expansion?  For instance, I have gent that expands to gentleman, then I hit F3 to go to gentamicin, F3 again to go to Gastroenterology, etc., etc.  My question is this:  I am typing on ExText, and I have been making these entries, but in the morning when I turn the computer on they are all gone and I have to start over again.  In ChartScript they "stick" and in ExText they don't.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to get them to stay?  TIA for any suggestions anyone may have. 
I used Stedman's when working in Meditech, but I would type in Word and
copy to Meditech. 
Is there any way to type in microsoft word and then get the document into wordperfect?
open a word document, under help type in auto text--sm
and you can learn how to create, save, delete, edit entries.
How hard is it to type a word in a blank space? I'm afraid
Word will not correct two letters in caps. You must type a third letter for
that feature to kick in. You need to practice letting up on the Shift key sooner or you need a macro to go through your document to fix all of those instances.

Word 2000 and later does not cap after colons or numbers followed by punctuation even if you have that option turned on in Tools. You can use the change case command of Shift + F3 immediately after typing the first word to get a cap. I use Instant Text and there's a feature in that program that automatically fixes the cap issue in Word. Otherwise, you need a macro to go through the document and change that as well.

Cumbersome is a good word here to describe Meditech. The designer obviously doesn't type.
QT Medical. No "platform" type in Word or WordPerfect using VoiceWave. Very clear sound and
I'm going to type an acct at home for local group. What is a good word expander for

things to know on doing tapes from an office?  Is it best just to give them a disk and let them print it out at the office like they want to? 

Anybody doing an acct like this?  Thanks.

SpeedType and Shorthand are the exact same program. Shorthand is lots cheaper and also has a trial.
{@KEY BkSp}-pack-per-year is for Shorthand. Using the semicolon works with both Shorthand and

;yo = -year-old

;py= -pack-year


Shorthand and SpeedType are exact same program. Shorthand will cost you lots less.
you can import your autocorrect into Shorthand.
I took shorthand too. But it sure comes in helpful for my expanders. I view words in shorthand for
i did use shorthand once in a job but i was so nervous the "boss" took pity and dictated the report on dictaphone.
If it is Shorthand, save the SPF file to a disk, then if you buy Shorthand yourself....
you can just drop the SPF file into it. That is not dishonest since you are the one who put the macros in. I am sure is it is another Expander there is a way to save the macro file and then drop it in the expander you buy on your own.
don't type double spaces. Type single. Then no one will be cheated.
I can type with wine, can't type with coffee, though...too jittery.
That is, type the code above before and after what you want bolded in the text-to-type box. nm
For me it isn't an account type but a dictator type ...
and that would be oriental. An oriental dictator (hahaha, that kind of sounds funny...hahaha) is the most challenging for me.
You should type them. I usually type them in parentheses following the diagnosis.
remind me, type what they say, type what they say, type....
"He indicated that at the beginning of the year he complained of health problems recently but has gotten better."  C'mon doc, which one is it?????