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Just started podiatry, need good reference book.

Posted By: Any recommendations? Thanks. on 2006-05-12
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Need a good podiatry reference

and I do not see one on the stedmans.com unless podiatry is rolled in with another specialty and I'm just missing it. Any recommendations?

Thanks bunches and happy MT week!

Tessier is not a very good reference book. I have one but
haven't used it in years.  I would suggest getting a Stedman's.  I believe they just had a new one come out either this year or last year.   There is new equipment all the time, so an updated book would save you lots of time from searching on-line. 
Reference book
We use Radiology Imaging Words & Phrases by Health Professions Institute as one of our references - this is a great book and covers all modalities. 
reference book
I'd suggest Tessier's Surgical Words. The best book for op notes in my opinion.
oncology reference book

I don't do radiology, but for oncology I highly recommend Stedman's Oncology Words. 

Reference Book Questions

I am a new MT, I am in the process of purchasing MT reference books. I have heard that Greggs and Stedmans are good reference books. I wanted to find out the books that are used the most, please let me know which books that you use so I can make a good decision on how I spend this money on books.

Thank you in advance




Drug Reference Book
I love Drake & Drake Pharmaceutical Word Book.
reference book advice
I need to update a couple of my books, namely surgery and equipment words and lab words. I have never used an electronic reference and wondering if anyone has and find it easier to use. I just dread another "thing" I have click my mouse on, but wondering if that is actually quicker than looking up in a book.  Also.. I see there is some "wild card search" on Stedman's and has anyone used that and how does it work. Thanks!
Thank you so much for your very helpful reply. I do have and did look in my reference book but want
handling words with a combining 'o' not using a hyphen and was having trouble finding one. I have Stedmans Radiology 4th edition, which I scanned, circled the words, and faxed them to her. Her response was "The reference book I use is "Words of Radiology" by Kaye Atkinson" I did a Google and it is a 2nd edition book published in 1995, publisher no longer in business.

After re reading my OP I see that I spelled both incorrectly which is why they differed in Stedmans, but agree no hyphens.

Anyway, this QA person came with the clinic the company I work for bought, is related to every one in the clinic, sees all/knows all/does all. Her response is that is the way we have always done things. Sent a copy of our e-mails, her response, and my research findings to my manager. Will see how she wants to handle this in the morning.

Thanks to the others who responded below.
Agreed--great little reference book!
It's one of the thinner books but sure packs a whallop when it comes to saving research time!  
prosthetics/orthotics reference book needed

Does anybody have one for sale or know where I can get one for a reasonable price? I've just started doing occasional notes for Prosthetics and I'm not having much luck finding reference materials.  I've checked Barnes and Noble and ebay and have Googled like crazy, but I really don't have $150.00 to spend on a good reference book, especially as I only do this account occasionally.

Thank you!

Stedman's has a plastic surgery reference book. If

you are just going to be doing plastic surgery you might could get by with that and a drug book.  I use an electronic version of Quick Look and I like that, not sure how different the book might be, but either Quick Look or Drake & Drake are good drug books. 

The drug books are updated every year, though I only get a new one about every other year.  I believe the plastic surgery book has been updated within the past year, so should be a good resource.  You can check the classified board here and e-bay and you might be able to find books cheaper, just be sure you are getting the most current edition.  You can go to Stedman's website to verify current edition if needed. 


I second the Medical Phrase Index, best reference I had when I started out, NM
I have never needed another reference book since discovering GOOGLE. No joke.

And I am a nut about getting things right.  And I had many many books.  Don't need them.  I got a Quick Book Drug Book and loaded it on my computer......and add to it when I need to add a new drug which is just about every day.  And I got a Steadman's Dictionary........same thing.  I add to it when I need to.  They are the foundation of a notebook to add words to.


Does anyone have a GOOD reference

Site for findings doctors in any state?  I use the Dr - 411 and it's okay, but I would really love some input on any others that are really good.


Here is a good doctor reference.


Scroll down to bottom and you can search by state. 

a good reference site
docboard.org is a great site as well.  Search by name, state, gives address, speciality, etc.
Need good reference/webiste suggestions

I am brand new to this speciality and I am actually really liking it... but I am having trouble finding certain equipment... I was wondering if any of you have any favorite books or websites that have hard to find surgical tools/equipment?

I saw that Stedman's has one out--is that any good?


Thanks for any info!!

Looking for a good lab test reference site...

.. can anyone suggest some?  I'm looking for something that lists all lab tests and their normal ranges... also a description of what each test is done for would be nice, but not necessary. 


Does anyone know of any good reference sites for PT notes?

Need good internet reference for doctors
The several places I have stored for some reason gone out of the business. Need to look up these names when not spelled which is almost never. Thanks.
Good reference site for drugs and various others -
Reference for Op reports, anyone know of any good online ones??
Having a tough time with Ops - does anyone know of some good reference sites to refer to?
Anybody know of any good sites for surgical term reference? nm
Can anyone recommend any good acute care reference books
I am thinking of changing from clinic to acute care transcription.  Can anyone recommend any good reference books that I should have?  TIA
40,000+ is good in my book
Good business book

Before I started many moons ago, I got some reading material regarding starting a business, went and saw an accountant for a consultation, called IRS and talked with them so I knew what I needed prior to doing this.  Basically you need all recepits that pertain to your business that you use as a business write-off.  Check with your city to see if you need a business license.  But do some research and ask the "experts" as each one of is different and I don't want to give bad advice.  So spend some money and time researching it.


good op note book
Can anybody give me advice as to a good op note book to buy.  I am starting a new job and have never done op notes and would like any advice anyone can give me before I buy the wrong thing.  Thank you:)
Good Op note book
Having done operative notes for over 15 years, I have found THE SURGICAL WORD BOOK by Claudia Tessier to be the best resource available. Make sure it is the third edition which just came out last year and is their newest version. It will help you tremendously.
Looking for a really good Neuromuscular book

Looking for something that has muscular dystrophy, ALS, tests, antibodies all sorts of stuff.  I am currently typing for a neuromuscular clinic that deals with all sorts of things.  Would like a good book for references so I don't have to keep skipping screens to Google all the time.  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance. 

Need a good drug book
My friend and I need to buy a new up-to-date brand name and generic drug book.  I need the opinion of some good ones to look at and maybe buy. Thanks
starting out that is really good , I started out at 5.5 c
You really cant go by the line count. Is this company going to give you a set amount of minutes to transcribe or are you able to pull what you want whenver you need it. That has a big part to play in how many lines you get.

Also is this clinic or acute. Clinic normally has shorter reports (but not always) and acute can be pages and pages or very short.

I think I was getting anywhere from 600 to 1000 a day first starting out, but it has been so long ago it is hard to tell.
My view is that the book is realy good and --sm
I do find it very helfpul. A lot of the entries can also be found by using Help in Word though.
The good days started unraveling when

The nationals started buying up the mom and pop MT businesses that started cropping up in most cities in the late-1980's and early 1990's. Most of these were small businesses with a few local doctor's office accounts and hospitals, had a guy who ran back and forth picking up and delivering tapes, and everyone got along fine for the most part aside from the expected competition between local companies. Then came Medquist, Transcend, etc. who swooped in and started scooping up these companies by the handful, and pretty soon we had what we have today. It happens. What started out as a good thing (computer networking) making us able to leave the offices and work from home, continued to evolve into what this business is today. Now it's taking off in another direction with voice rec and overseas MT's who work for peanuts. I've seen this business evolve from the IBM Selectric, a tape player, and a bottle of white-out to what it is today, and it's amazing what changes there have been in the last 27  years. Who would have known!

I am in #5. I started the poll. Just curious what others think is good.
no message
Can anyone suggest a good, up to date abbreviation book? Thanks nm


I think that's pretty darn good! I just started VR on Dictaphone
and I'm having trouble breaking 2000.  It seems like it would be faster just to transcribe.
so is a good grammar book found at any bookstore or online--sm
for HALF the price and their guidelines do not change every six months in them. You know, you people hate AAMT because of them selling the american MT out and condoning outsourcing to China, but then you turn around and buy into their money grabbing scam of their BOS book, which changes its mind every six months just to make you buy another book. How blind!!
Good grief, you started this all. You should have just waited. Xanax to the rescue. nm
3rd giveaway for Scavenger hunt started. Good luck!

Does anyone know of any companies out there hiring for podiatry or orthopedics? Thanks



Email Sharon at:  Jobs@Transcriptionoutsourcing.com.  She has just acquired a brand new ortho account.  She is based in Milwaukee, I think, and hiring at-homers. 


I am looking for a podiatry account.  My daughter did podiatary for over five years and she is willing to help me with the terminology. 

Also, is there a universal foot pedal that works with most medical transcription accounts?  I have Spantel, but I am not sure if there are many accounts that use that program.

Thanks for any input and help.



Podiatry link

A good site for podiatry would be



Link for podiatry
Does anyone have a good link for podiatry terms? 
The Dorland's Cardiology Word Book is good, too. Might find books at half.com even if a few years
I love ortho and podiatry. To each their own =) nm
I agree. I hate podiatry because
it almost always means poor quality dictation.   
Gotta get the Stedman's Ortho & Rehab Words. Wheeless encylopedia is a good site to book
podiatry terminology - sounds like "rasmooth". Anyone know what the term is? TIA.



I am looking for samples of podiatry notes typed in SOAP format. sm
I have a potential client who would like to see some samples typed up and then let him know how much that report would cost. I charge by the line, and this is something that he is not familar with. Would appreciate about 3 or 4 reports, hopefully one of them being lengthy. TIA