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Does anyone know where I can find a conversion table for cpl rates?

Posted By: sm on 2007-12-18
In Reply to:

Like if you make 13 c/70 character line how to figure what that would be at a 60 character line, etc.  Thanks for the the help.

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Has anyone kept a list of line rates, report rates, benefits, etc for sm

the different companies out there?  I feel lost and confused.  It seems like everything is changing daily, and I am not being organized enough to keep up.  I am about to actively look for full time employment again but if there was a list, I would be able to sort through a lot more quickly. 

Can anyone help?  I am going to start keeping a chart myself in case anyone needs this in the future.

Line rates in the Northeast - can anyone advise as to what the going rates are in the NE part of the
country? Specifically Connecticut. I want to make sure I am on target here. Thanks.
When I first started, it took about an hour to do 10 minutes of dictation. Now I can do 10 minutes of dictation in about 20 to 30 minutes, depending on if I had to do the demographics, research medications or words, or locate doctors addresses. I would say a good average would be 20 minutes for 10 minutes of dictation. Good luck. I also would offer to take some work, if he would agree. I could use a little extra for a month or so. thanks. KPS
Conversion of wav files - sm

I got a wav file that opens into Windows Media.  I want to be able to get this into my Express Scribe.  Is that possible and if so, how?

Thanks for ANY help.

Conversion of WAV files
Yes, you should be able to play the WAV file in Express Scribe. What you need to do is find where the WAV file is located (such as c:, which file folder, etc. etc.) If you don't know where the file is located, try using windows explore and search that way. You will then need to open up Express Scribe and do a MANUAL load. This will give you the opportunity to specify where the file is located. You should then be able to find the file and load it. You may, while in windows explorer want to move the file to a location that is easy for you to remember,thereby making it easier to load in Express Scribe. I've had the same thing happen to me several times...it's frustrating until you get the hang of it. HTH.
autocorrect conversion to SH
I have version 8.7, below is what I found in the HELP file. For a different version, go to your HELP file and the INDEX tab, type in AUTOCORRECT and then hit DISPLAY for the instructions. When I first started using SH 10 years ago, it worked for me. I never use the autocorrect any more.

SHCNV - ShortHand File Converter Utility

Run the SHCNV utility by choosing “Run File Converter” from Shorthand’s File menu.

SHCNV is a utility to convert MS Word (Versions 6.0, 95, 97 and 2000) AutoCorrect entries, PRD+, Abbreviate!, Smartype, formatted ASCII text files and older Shorthand (v4.x and earllier) dictionaries to the Shorthand 8.x dictionary format. Files created by Shorthand 5.x through 7.x do not need to be converted to Shorthand 8.x. This utility can also be used to merge two Shorthand 8.x dictionaries.
This would be a very inaccurate conversion.
A timed test will give you wpm for that type of skill. In truth, you probably type about 25 to 35 wpm when transcribing. Not your fault and you are not slow. You have to take time to change jobs, to spell check, look up words, listen to the pauses, go back and make changes, etc.

In a timed test, you do a straight 5 minutes of typing and its over.

When hiring people to complete forms, such as admission data, intake data, motor vehicle info, etc., the managers are much happier hiring someone who types slower but has 100% accuracy, because you cannot achieve over 25 wpm typing a form.

If you type 60 wpm (which is considered slow by those who know nothing but the wpm rate), and could maintain that for 8 hours, you would be transcribing 360 lines per hour, or 2800 lines per 8 hour shift without the use of an Expander or macros. I doubt there are many of us that can actually do that.

There are free typing tests that are timed on the internet. Take one of those and see how you do.
Typing speed conversion
Does anyone know the formula for converting lines per hour to words per minute?
Looking for conversion/comparison chart sm

I'm getting paid gross lines right now and my company is going to be using new software which will use 65-char lines.  I'm looking for some sort of chart that shows the difference in $. 

Any help will be gratly appreciated. 


Free audio conversion...
It might be a trial thing, and I can't remember but is works extremely well and is an easy step-by-step thing.


Glossary conversion question...would appreciate ANY help! sm

I have been using Instant Text for quite a few years, but wanted to switch to Stedman's Smart Type.  My co-worker uses it on the same account and is doing on average 50 lines per hour more than me.  She and I type about the same speed so I'd at least like to give it a try. 

Does anyone know if it is possible to convert my IT glossary into Smart Type?  I guess I'm an old dog, but I just can't bring myself to  start from scratch with a new glossary.  Thank you!

Conversion programs (see message)

If you have an Expander program for WP5.1 (DOS?), there might be conversion macros available on line that could import your list into AutoCorrect/Text with possibly some clean up required.  I still have my old DOS PRD Productivity Plus that I used a few years ago and was able to convert it into ShortHand (currently use), which I have in turn imported into AutoC/T (and vice versa) when needed.


High-speed conversion
see link.

Pricey. Maybe there's a cheaper one out there. Guess it would depend how much of this kind of work you'll be doing.

You need to download the conversion pack from Microsoft
website and then you should be able to convert your documents. Not sure if it will convert from Word 2003 or 2007 to WP5.1; however, WP5.1 can be converted to Word 2003 and higher.

There are sound file conversion utilities out there
that you can download for free. I actually used to have the opposite problem; the doc sent me WMA files which uploaded fine but wouldn't play without glitches, so I used to convert them to WAV files (which worked well). The program I used was called BeeThink. I never actually tried to use it to convert in the opposite direction, so I am not sure it will work for that, but it's worth a try.

Conversion program for digital sound files - sm

A long time ago I saw a listing regarding a program that would convert sound files, ex. dss to wav; etc.  I need to convert a .dvf file to .wav.  Any ideas?

You could set it up as a table.
Format the box where the information is to be typed with a line as the bottom border.
Table in latin...
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Hmmmm...Doesn't say anything about haughty and high minded!!!
or you can set up your information in a table sm
so that things don't move around. Set each cell's attributes so that the cell size won't change and the information would wrap down to the next line if it needed to.

The information you stated above would be in a table with 2 rows across and 4 columns. Patient name would be one cell, @@ would be the next, dob the next, and@@ the final cell in that row. You can even set each cell to be bold, italic, whatever. Make sense?

Good luck!
ants on the table
I have heard that if you have ants and can't get rid of them you also have termites. Hate to scare you, but you might want to hve it checked out to be sure. I worked for us at one place we lived. Good luck, hope it is nothing bad.
RE: Do you actually use it on your lap, at a table, etc. and if you're in say a recliner, how (s

do you have your foot pedal set up?  I'm looking for suggestion!  Thanks!


my header is in a table and want it to list in
format in document. So my header is in table format but my document has headings can you do this that it automatically fills them in for you or do you have to do each one singly?
ants on the kitchen table
Anybody else have a problem with ants on the table.  We even fogged the house, used raid and still they come back.  Any suggestions?
I am not a total dweeb about this- they do clear the table, -sm
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Yes, they can quit their job, go self-employed or IC, and work under the table.
However, the courts aren't stupid. There is a worksheet the judge does based on the past several years' worth of taxes that XX is the amount this person is capable of making, so therefore XIX is their child support amount. It's legal and binding. There's no changing it by trying to scam the system. It is difficult to enforce but that's why our state has deadbeat parent laws. My friend's ex wound up in jail with liens against all of his property for not paying his child support.
Is this for a conference, round-table discussion, or what? nm
table of class, grades and stages
i once printed a table someone had made of class, grades, and stages.  Does anyone know where that is now or does anyone have that?  I lost mine and I forget which way to type the numbers! 
I work for MQ. Can't afford to put a sirloin on my table, let alone my neck! nm
How do you get a water ring mark off a wooden table, nm
No table/column, etc. Just typed list of names
The list is simply typed as

John Smith, M.D.
123 Main Street
Somewhere, USA 12345

I don't even know the specialty unless it's something I have looked up on my own and made my own notes with it. I think she just added each name as she came across it, and (like me) never had a chance (or maybe no desire) to organize it. So, I've done the same, and as I come across new docs, I add them the same way.

I have the desire to organize but I just don't know how except to go name by name/line by line, and I just don't have that much concentrated time to take away from the actual transcribing.

Thanks for your help/and any more help you might have.
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You can highlight the entire list and use the convert text to table option in Word. You can highligh
You'll want to convert with 4 columns because you have a paragraph between each address. That paragraph will wind up in the 4th column. When you're done, you can highlight that column and delete it.
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creepy dude.
I find most of my abbreviations here. Scroll all the way down until you find the abbreviation box.
???going rates
Help!!! just been offered an OB/GYN doctor account.  What should I charge?
I am out here in Oregon.  I will be completely honest but have been told on this board that I am too low and do too much for my docs but they have been very loyal to me, all have been with me from 5 to 18 years, pay on time -- 48 hours recepit of invoice, no questions asked about line count, etc., never a bounced check, etc.  I have  just raising my rates to 0.115   for my larger accounts and 0.125 for a small account that I have that does less than 1500 lines per month.  Oh yea, my psych account is still at 0.11 cpl but he is not 24 hour turn around and going digital.But I do charge gross line, 65 charaters per line.  I pick up and deliver, provide the sticky paper, cut apart the chart notes, do envelopes.  I make about $3200 to $3500 per month depending on whether all docs are in all month or not, (6 docs) and since I have been doing them so long, I put in 25 to 28 hours per week with printing, pick-up delivery, etc.  And yes, they appreciate me and give me Christmas bonus, birthday gifts, extra time when I have a crisis, etc.   Had been working at a clinic doing about 20 hours per week in addition for the past year  but just paid off my last attorney fee from a ugly divorce and so am qutting there as of next month and taking three months to do just my own  accounts and have some fun this summer.   I had a resume from a company out here that wanted my clinic account and charged 0.18 cpl but to me that is way too high.  I feel that I average 30 to 40 per hour and to me that is more than fair.   And yes I provide my own insurance, own my own home, put $500 to $800 aside for retirement.   Patti

It definitely depends on where you live.  I'm in Arkansas and have a hard time getting 0.10 out of docs around here.  Right now I have a peds acct that is 0.08 and an internal med that is 0.9, 65 character lines.  The peds acct provides their own paper for me to print on and I email transcription to the internist, so they print it.  I do pick up tapes everyday and I am always available, never take vacations unless the docs do.

The best thing to do would probably be to talk to some of the doctors and negotiate terms.

I work full time and also do "extra accounts" to support my love to travel - live in the northeast.  I do a big GI practice (6 docs), ENT practice (2 docs) and high-risk pregnancy (2 docs).  I charge a flat $3 a page no matter how many lines are on that page.  (These are all letters).  I've been told I'm cheap, but it averages out to about $30 an hour for the most part and anywhere from 16 to 20 hours a week. All are quite good dictators, provide their letterhead and since I have been doing it for so many years, easy accounts.  They are wonderful about me taking vacation - just hold the work for me.  A bit overwhelming at times when I get back from vacation, but worth it. As all offices are near my full time job, I pick up and deliver almost every day. 
I work as an IC for a neurology group and also for a child and adolescent/family and marriage psychiatrist.  I charge 12 cents per line based on a 60-character line.  I had worked for another group that paid me 14 cents/60-character line, but they needed tapes picked up daily and I lived nearly 45 minutes away.  If you have experience, in my area you can pretty well set your own price and they will jump at it.
QA rates

Can I ask what you get per line?


I have a couple clients like this -- was way easier to just charge a higher line rate than to figure time/paper/ink/postage, etc for every billing.  My docs liked the all-inclusive flat rate.  You can write off the paper, postage, etc as business expense.  Good luck.