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Emergency question for brilliant computers techs. sm

Posted By: searching on 2007-08-02
In Reply to:

I just had a weird experience with my computer.  The screen looked like it was shaking.  I thought it was in Word at first, but the desktop was doing this also.  It was like a wavy line was going down the screen, part of it would jump a little bit, then below it some more would jump.  It was almost like a wave pattern to the side, I could see the edges of the screen moving in and out.  I thought I saw this yesterday once or twice, but decided it was my eyes.  It wasn't, this was definitely real.  It lasted for approximately a minute.  Is this something to worry about?  TIA. 

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You are brilliant!
I did not hit the connect button simultaneously.

Thank you :)
If you were truly as brilliant as you . . .

profess to be, I doubt you would feel the need to broadcast it on a public forum.  Wouldn't your abundant intellect be satisfaction enough?  Wouldn’t you just prefer to sit and marvel at yourself in the mirror or something?  Why would you bother to come here and post among those who probably don’t even have the slightest inkling as to your enormous intelligence? 


And, yes, modesty is a good thing to be, whether man or woman.  With your massive brain power I would think you would have figured that out a long time ago. 


Now YOU are getting the idea.  I am not for hire here, however.  But thank you for seeing the point and reading between the lines.  I only try to help people and not for my own gain.  I truly care about America and American and keeping our businesses, whatever they may be in line.
Brilliant. And put 8K MTs out of work.
"I'm sick of hanging on by my fingernails hoping things will get better." -- Stop waiting. Get out.

"Every day for the last 4 years my income has diminished." -- You have allowed it if you have stayed. You are okaying and excusing how they are treating you if you tolerate it.

"As long as men have their fingers in any particular industry, you can bet you will starve doing work for them." -- What? Man hater, are we? Or, do you really believe that MQ is run only by men and there are no women in the ranks? You think women would be better managers? I don't see anything but complainers about MQ on this board -- no one is acting on what is happening. If you're wanting to have a voice and effect change, you have to do something. MQ has provided an avenue to accept complaints in a timely and professional manner. Use it. Fill out a complaint form. Get your fellow complainers to do that. Have their inboxes jammed full of those complaints -- legitimate, professional, formal complaints. That is the mechanism MQ put into place to handle problems and complaints and, by federal regulation, they must abide by their own policies and procedures. Try it at least.

aren't you the brilliant one
That was brilliant of her to strategically give herself that name!
JUST what I wanted! You're brilliant! sm
OHHH I AM SO PLEASED. Have a great day. You have your kudos for the week.
When I worked for MQ on the new platform, it wouldn't connect. I called tech support and talked to a lady there. She asked me if my phone line was connected and I told her no, I had high-speed internet. She said "But is your phone line connected?" I told her again, no, I have cable. She said, and I am not kidding, "Do you have an adapter to connect your cable to the phone line?" Where do they get these people?
Sorry, but if I have an emergency, I would rather have an
RN or RNP around than a fellow MT. It is easy to know the words to use, but putting things into actual use and practice is a different ballgame. Why do you feel so insecure that you have to challenge someone else? You know your field, they know theirs, and let it go at that. This is a child's game.
Not an emergency?

You don't have grandchildren? The only family the girls could live with was the two grandmothers. I only had one child and her husband is also an only child. The military doesn't care what happens to your kids when they send you. Oh wait...I know....we could have put them in a foster home....why didn't I think of that? Any OTHER grandmothers don't think caring for your babies is not an emergency in time of war?


mammo techs
As much as you wish the tech would give you a hint, really you shouldn't take their word. These mammograms will be glanced at by the radiologists before you leave to be sure that they can SEE all the areas that they will need to study; however, they will be *reading* the mammo after you are gone (unless you are an extremely slow dresser LOL). The radiologists I worked for took their time and used magnifying glasses and really looked these things over. So I really doubt the tech is going to be able to give you any kind of reassurance.

If I were you I would just stress to the tech that you hope you can hear something ASAP. Maybe she'll relay that to the radiologist.

Good luck, I hope the lump is just a cyst or fibrous tissue. Keep us posted.
Pharm techs
Here's a link to the Bureau of Labor Statistics explaining what pharm techs do and the salary. (Note that it says some of their duties will be replaced by automated prescription-filling machines. LOL! It sees no one is immune!)


For comparison, see the salary surveys for coders at www.aapc.com and www.advanceforhim.com.

If you're so brilliant then, why aren't you in a better line of work?
1. Surgeon.

2. Attorney.

3. College professor.

oh, and yes, my brilliant one - what year exactly did you graduate with your Ph.D. from Harvard?

BUT, you are brilliant. Keep up the good work! You are my hero for today! nm
Emergency Room
I type ER notes at my current job and I get the same thing.  I bet 90% of my reports are for sore throats.  I actually had one a few weeks ago for a cold!  Come on now people!  Everyone knows there is no cure for a cold!  That is why most of us cannot afford health insurance.  I had a couple bring a baby to the ER because it spit up during the night (just once).  Come on!  Babies do spit up.  Natural.  This happens.  Buy a baby book! 
If emergency, take your PC and go live where
Did the techs say why? And do whole op notes really fit in the expander? nm
Don't think techs will tip you off, but a word of caution - (sm)

Don't get scared needlessly if they want to "redo" any of the films.  That happened to me once, and the tech left the film up on the board where I was waiting and I saw this huge spot of light and I was absolutely sick worrying about it until I heard from my doctor.  It was normal, and several times since then they have have to "redo" some of the films.  Try not to worry, and be glad that you have doctors who ARE cautious and speed things through.

scary echo techs

  doc says "However, the patient was terminated by technician who felt the patient was becoming diaphoretic and having his symptomatology associated with shortness of breath."

 scribe types "However, the study was terminated by the technician who felt the patient was becoming diaphoretic and having symptoms associated with shortness of breath."


Good luck with the techs
I emailed a question last thursday and still haven't heard back.  Time to look elsewhere. Their platform is horrible.
So tired of these support-less techs at companies.

same ole answer- I don't know, not my job.  What is their job?   I can't work, I don't get answers, and it is their software.  First answer when I call the office is call support services.  Call support service and they say it is not their job.  Who it the sam $ell's job is it?  I can't work.

Guess these wonderful techs don't know that without us they have no job and it is possible to work without fancy programs with off the shelf software. 


usually you can fight or there is a clause for emergency sm
situations that you can go to the nearest hospital for emergency and i would say it was emergency or you wouldn't have went to the ER. fight it; you pay the benefits, you should get some help.
Computer emergency. Question...
I turned on my extra computer next to my work computer and got a black screen that says "operating system not found"  What the heck happened?  It worked fine yesterday and shut down normally.
Emergency room notes! nm
emergency room visits

I have often wondered this exact same thing. A lot of people go to the ER who have no health insurance or no primary doctor. 

I had one woman bring her child in because he made a funny face after eating a sour fruit candy, I mean come on! 

Emergency room report

What sort of background do you need to learn ER reports? 

Daily emergency work as IC...

Is it normal for an IC to be called often for emergency reports that need to be completed within a short amount of time - one to two hours.  Is this normal practice?  I get these calls fequently and it makes it difficult to complete the work I was doing, and/or I may be out on my own time when these phone calls come in.  I tend to work best in the evenings so I do most of my chores, etc., during the day.   



I was told firmly by the Monrovia techs I had to have an XP computer for DQS, and that
Ask the techs where you work. Probably software issue with their program. nm
Is there a college in your area that offers training for x-ray techs?

If so, go to the college bookstore and check out the textbooks they have for the x-ray tech courses. There should be lots of good information there.

If you have any anatomy books, study them, not just the major bones, but the landmarks on the bones like the greater and lesser trochanter of the femur, tibial spines, things like that. Also study the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the shoulders, wrists, knees, and ankles. MRIs cover a lot of that.

There are a lot of online anatomy sites if you don't have any books of your own, or you can check with your local library.

 Good luck! Radiology is a great field. I love it.

True! Computer techs are all foreign. Used to be a good-
still have a tech job are usuallyh IC's, with no job security and no benefits. Lots of computer and microchip manufacturing jobs, that spawned the 'Silicon Valley' in California have gone offshore. Now even radiologists have to worry about their jobs, as some places send the x-rays digitally to Philippines to be read.

What I'd like to know is.... What exactly is going to be LEFT in the United States for US to do? Gas station attendant? Nope... most are self-serve, unless you live in Oregon. Wal-Mart Greeter? Hmm... not old enough (or retired enough) for that. Farm worker? Nope. Mexicans have cornered that market. Waitress? Nope. Lots of eat-in restaurants going belly-up these days. Typesetter? Nope. Newspapers are going extinct. Web designer? Nope. Most people can design their own nowadays. Retail? Same as the restaurants. Teacher? Whoa - talk about an underpaid profession! Nurse? Another underpaid one. Not a good choice for us work-at-home recluses. Truck driver? One of the few jobs where they need people, but to make ends meet these days you have to pretty much live in your truck. Flight attendant? Not a good choice for us recluses who hate to fly. Rap artist? Pretty saturated field. Hair stylist? I don't even comb my OWN hair most of the time, and haven't cut it in years. So I'd be pretty useless unless someone with long hair wanted a French braid. Chef or short-order cook? Not if you only cook TV dinners. (Does that count as cooking?) Dog-walker? Nah - I'm a cat-person. Bike-messenger? In my town, most of em don't live very long. You never see middle-aged bike messengers. Taxi-driver? Nope - the Sikhs have cornered that market. Executive secretary? (What? Go back to wearing heels and pantyhose? NEVER!)
Poll for IC's - do you have emergency backups for your equipment - sm
I'm wondering how much is enough - I just got a new keyboard so I have my old one for a backup.  Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't have emergency back-ups of my other equipment - C-phone, foot pedal, etc.  Anyone else have this?
Be sure to check your local emergency services regarding 9-1-1 sm
Just saw a news story that 9-1-1 is not set up yet on these systems to pull up the home address with the phone call. Just an FYI.
Call the police...the non-emergency number
most communities have noise ordinance laws. If the cops show up enough times they will stop. Trust me, I've done it. I had a neighbor that used to blast music at the wee hours. I tried the *nice neighbor* tactic of asking him not to do that becuase I have a child and we need to sleep, etc. Well, that didn't work. He worked 2nd shift and believed it was his *right* to blast his music whenever he wanted. After I called the cops a few times on him...he stopped, and I haven't heard so much as a peep out of him since!
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The Dictaphone techs are usually great at problem solving. Have they been contacted?? nm
Techs aren't supposed to tell you anything as they are not doctors, but occasionally you'll fi
Ask the ShortHand techs. They've always responded back very promptly to my
Vista is still too buggy & not "friendly." Techs not familiar with it yet. And lots of
Does anybody understand the meaning of EmErGeNcY room anymore?

I cannot understand why I type SO many ERs with trivial chief complaints such as:

sore throat - cough - pimple - splinter - blister - farted - (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but COME ON people!)

The most recent ccx.....Can I take a laxative? Not constipated, just needs to know if she can take a laxative along with her hypertension med. Thought she better go to the ER to ask.

Why are these people allowed to be such a waste of ER resources?

Just a pet peeve....wondering if anyone agrees with me.....perhaps someone else who has spent hours in an ER waiting room for something or other.


Leave it to the drug companies - how brilliant!! Tears Again, Teargen, Teardrops, Tear Drop
etc etc etc

no wonder I'm always skirting the edge of sanity...
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When we would do xrays, would have techs holding in position and talking to soothe and quiet them.
Computer techs - I want to add undo, redo, and repeat to my IE toolbar which are not listed as an


Dinner and pets aren't the same as a medical emergency. Capiche?
Not unless it was emergency surgery for bleeding, perforation, etc. Food would contaminate the
If your SH copy is a legit purchase, ask the techs at their site. They gave me stepbystep instructio
No offense, but I hardly doubt kids 6, 8, and 9 in a real emergency would be savvy enough to handle
their cell phones properly while some creep is carrying them away.  And they're away from you with cell phones at that young age?? Oh my! Please reconsider. Perhaps you're feeling false security from a cell phone. 
Don't forget the "good Mayor" who did not follow standard emergency procedures
But he sure is quick to throw blame on everyone else.