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Funny! Thanks for the chuckle! I was like, "Whoa, poor thing, started young"!!

Posted By: CMT on 2005-07-23
In Reply to: oops... I'm 46.. and obviously losing my mind slowly.. nm - Old Timer that needs to Spell Check..LOL

You scared me!!!

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I started noticing Raynaud's sx when I was young.
I lived in Wisconsin. I thought I caused a problem my grandmother called "frost-nip" by letting my hands and feet get too cold while paying outside. Then when I worked in the OR down here (very cold environment), one of the anesthetists was complaining about her Raynaud's, and her hands looked like mine, so I realized I had it. I brought it up with my doctor, who assured me I didn't cause it. Since you seem to have developed it or just noticed it as an adult, do mention it to your MD. Raynaud's can be a condition in itself, or it can go along with something like lupus or scleroderma, so it might be important to discuss.
I started this string to poor newbie,

and if you will re-read what i said in the 4th and last paragraphs, you will see that every thing i said hinges upon the fact that her premise must be right and that she must weigh her QA corrections against GOOD training and with the BOS. 

It is my opinion that i am NOT steering her wrong.  IF, i repeat IF, she is being told to do things incorrectly, she will have more problems than a bad habit to break.  She will also have problems with another QA person correcting again differently, and her only source of justification being poor QA. After time, she may even forget the right way to do something. and if you lower the bar and make it okay in your mind to do shabby work because that is what your present QA wants, chances are that your work will get even worse, as the standards of excellence have already been blurred, so what's the point in trying?  I may not be doing the best job explaining this, but i am confident in the position i take.  Don't tell me i'm steering her wrong, let newbie decide what makes sense to her.


Poor Thing
Can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night with him curled up on your pillow, nose to nose with you??? Guess we shouldn't speak badly of the dead but since they embraced his ugliness I guess it's okay. 
You Poor Thing!

Rough day for you.  I think we all have been there.  

Make some time for yourself.  QUICK!!  If you can't take a whole day off, take 1/2 a day.  If that won't work....take an hour.  But do something for YOU.  You deserve it.  You need to recharge.

Good Luck.

You poor thing. sm

Dictators like that make me so angry I want to smack 'em! 

It's probably a good thing most of us don't have direct contact with the dictators.  You've heard of road rage?  If we could get our hands on some of these worst-of-the-worst dictators there might be a new term:  MT rage!  (Or maybe *going MT* instead of *going postal.*)  LOL

I'm kidding, of course.  I'm not really suggesting violence.  But I do sometimes wish I could at least get to tell them off in person, instead of doing it at home at my desk, where they can't hear me.    

Hope the rest of your day is better. 

poor thing to really believe that is right

Doctors say and write lots of things that are not proper which is why Joint Commission adopted the Pharmacists' recommendation of dangerous abbreviations.  It comes down to patient care, not trying to prove a point that a doctor or two write something that way.  For the same reason it is dangerous to write Valium 5 1 daily, I will not use the two exposed numerals together in D5 0.25 normal saline. 

Phyllis, if you are alive, thank you for educating me about normal saline and how to use it properly 15 years ago.

Poor thing, you have my sympathy. sm

Marcaine, though, is just an anesthetic.  It numbs the area so the tendon can "relax."  When my tendinitis was at its worst, the tendon swelled and compressed the ulnar nerve, causing numbness in my ring and little fingers -- it was like trying to type with a ham!  LOL

I wish I knew a good way to describe the exercises my doctor gave to me.  He said the mark of a good surgeon was one who doesn't want to do surgery, and I agree.  My first flareup was about 10 years ago, and I haven't been "knifed" yet.  

Maybe there are some examples online of stretching exercises.   Good luck to you!   

Oh Dianna, you poor thing. I am so
sorry about your pain. I truly hope you get some relief soon. I think I can muddle through my three weeks after hearing your story.

OMG I thought my day was bad you poor thing!
I CANNOT IMAGINE having a snake loose while sitting there trying to type. I wouldnt be able to concentrate. I had a spider jump in my hair once while I was typing and couldnt get it out! LOL It was horrible.
You poor thing. Good luck to you.

I've been there but had to work outside the home. I had a slug of an ex who paid child support when "he had the money." I learned how to shop and ate whatever the kids left over in their dinner bowls. To this day I will not touch a Spaghetti-O. :)

First and most important is be a parent to your kids. Have fun with them,  but set limits with them and be a mom and not a friend. That's what they need. And NEVER, EVER, say a bad word about their father, no matter what, even if he bad mouths you.  My kids figured out what a slug their dad was on their own. They are both adults with kids of their own and I still refuse to bad mouth their father after nearly 20 years.


Poor thing, your negativity is showing
Holy smokes...you poor thing. How nice is it that this seeming
psychopath preys on the newbies in the business while conducting his business driving around pretending to interview you...shouldn't he be mentoring his new transcriptionists or something constructive?
Feel free...Kid found it really funny when started...sm
She was a real wimp about anything (the kind that screams bloody murder for a stubbed toe and was afraid to do anything for fear of getting hurt). I finally sat her down and talked to her about things that will heal easily. We finally came down to 1 rule in the house that can never be broken: No broken necks. Lots of blood and visible bones will usually heal (comparitively easily), but they must be attended to quickly.
same exact thing happens to me since I started coming here

I often wondered the same thing, so I started watching--sm
as to when they change to blue and I have determined that whenever you run a defrag or do a disc cleanup, the older files are compressed to make room on the hard drive. These compressed files are then the blue ones. You cannot change them back to black. If I am wrong, and I am sure there will be someone on here who thinks I am, please correct me, but this has been my experience.
I can relate. My mother used to do the same thing to me when I first started doing this -sm

she would say I am going to let you go so you can get back to work and then go off on some other topic and several minutes later I am still on the phone.  I finally would start typing so she could hear my fingers on the keyboard so she would finally let me go.  She would also call right before I had to pick up my girls from school and then get huffy when I had to tell her I had to go because they were waiting for me (tell me that I should make them ride the bus so I could stay home and get my work done - this after keeping me on the phone for over 20 minutes or more so she was the reason I wasn't getting my typing done).  I also had to do what you are doing and let the machine pick up (the only reason I answered the phone was just in case it was the school calling about my kids). 

She also told me once that I shoud go camping for the week with them (my husband could take us one weekend and come home and work the week and come back the next weekend).  This after explaining to her many many times that I only get paid when I type and if I take a vacation I not only lose the $$ I would have made that week but end up spending that and then some during the vacation.  Several years later my brother lost his job and worked sales for another company and only got paid a small salary and comission and when they only camped close enough to home so that my brother could still work she acted like that was no big deal (hello, same thing I had been trying to get through her head for several years before that).  Some people just don't get it that we are actually working and that we only get paid by production so with any interruptions we lose $$.  Good luck to you.  I certainly understand where you are coming from.  Not sure there is anything you can do or say to make him understand though.       

the prison transcription thing was squashed before it even got started = sm
At least it was in Florida. Once it made the news, I think people were quick to call around and make sure that it never took off. I, for one, am thankful for that.

Let's face it, if you are a Transcriptionist typing for a service at home, you can have access to all sorts of medical information. Take for instance celebrities. Think about this - what if a celebrity went into the hospital for "rest" according to their publicist. And a transcriptionist typing for that particular hospital through a transcription service transcribes the records on this particular celebrity, and certain information was dictated, i.e. "patient drinks 5 alcoholic beverages a day. Patient needs to start her day with such and such a drug." I could go on and on. Do you realize what a transcriptionist could do with that kind of information - sell it to the tabloids, call up People magazine, get Victoria Gotti on the phone ... blah blah blah $ $ $

Think about it. It can happen.
that whole thing is really funny, thanks I
Funny thing is
I have also always enjoyed oncology very much and at one time thought of getting only oncology accounts locally.  Maybe we should trade places for a few months ! 
Funny thing, I knew I could bait you.
Call 1-900-555-5555 for more information for just $10.00 a minute.  I can tell you your future as a sucker will go nowhere.
You are way too funny. Loved the shooting thing.

Only thing missing is the wheelchair and the O2.  Honestly, we have 100 year olds that are perfectly capable, but PULEEEZ, this new legislation was just insane. 

The "clicking" of the O2 machine will just scare the deer off anyway.

funny thing...this is my spare I've never used. sm
I just pulled it off the shelf to let a friend borrow it. I figured it may just be dusty...?
Funny how we can read the same thing and come up with a different interpretation.

I don't see the message "lie down and take it" but rather, "change is coming". The above idea that we have to change with the times is paramount but sometimes I think there are those who want to stop all change from occurring and that's just not realistic.

However, I think we do agree that there is change in the air and it's up to the individual to find the best way for them to adapt to change and still be of benefit to their employer and self.

The FUNNY thing is that in the amount of time it takes for them to post a message
Funny thing I see the same errors repeated for over a year now of training no matter how many times
you correct it. I think you had better get your facts straight HON.
poor, poor management
Line count stealing, no help, rude management, you name it SS has it if it is bad!!!!!!! Run, run, save your life.
I used to laugh and think people were wackos until it happened to me while working in a bank. One other time was five years after my father died. I never cried but missed horribly. I was his "little girl." Five years later marriage was in the toilet and I awoke one night and saw him at the foot of my bed, never said a word, but I went back to sleep. I felt so much better in the morning, but I think that was because I was in such despair and needed him so much that I wanted to see him.
had to chuckle!
When I read your post, I had to chuckle because even though I do visit this site and I'm pro-AAMT, I'm in the minority.  I think that the reason why you see so much AAMT bashing is because most of the people on these kinds of sites do tend to complain about this, that, and everything with regards to this profession.  In other words, I don't see a whole lot of positive about anything!  I think the movers and shakers are out there doing their thing, trying to make a DIFFERENCE, and not wasting time posting on chat boards and thus why you don't see a lot of people jumping to defend AAMT here.  Again, just my humble opinion from an old MT. 
Thanks--got a chuckle about this--

7-year meeting, huh? 

Needed a laugh, too.  I just went by to drop off/pick up work, 10-12 miles one way, and the office is closed.  OM told me someone would be there until noon, even though they are closed on Fri afternoons!  Received no notice they were closing early today.  To clarify, I did work there as an employee until November 30 and been at home since then.  I guess I am a pushover--I've always tried to be cooperative and "nice" until I have a reason not to be.  Also, I don't have any other options right now.  However, I am going to present a short contract--I don't have any hope that it will be received very well, but I should stand up for myself, especially in the light of today's inconvenience.  Appreciate it--


Thanks for the chuckle!
You have no idea how funny that was to me. THANKS.

I hear people really tormented about trying to get down the impossible. You are exactly right.

:Blood out of turnip" is priceless!

Now back to the mind-nunbing ....

LOL! That was cute. Thanks for the chuckle.

ROFL! Thanks for the chuckle.
I needed it today.
Thanks to all... I did manage a chuckle or two
from your stories.  But why does it have to be like this?  Just because we work at home?  I think I will go on strike.  Just keep my office clean since that is the only place I get to be these days.  I have a reprieve from my second job tonight so I think I will just close my eyes, close my ears and shut off all other senses to the slobs I live with and leave for night for my women's group party I did not plan to go to.  Thank to all.
Re: Zero Samantha...I know, I got a chuckle out of that too..I must

be more boring than I thought!!

That episode was a hoot!  I loved it when she used the uh...new neck massager...in Brady's vibrating chair after it broke when she went to watch him while Miranda got her hair done...LOL!!


It did make me chuckle, though! nm
Chuckle, okay, now thanks for the support!
These posts are scary, are they not? I am now disinterested in this line of posts as there is nothing productive going on...just more complaints and whining about how awful MTs are and how high and mighty many QA people think they are.

Enjoy the air up there...and remember to have pity on us low-lifes once in a while because we are just too inane to know anything other than what you would tell us...
Dictation chuckle
"Her vision is poor.  That is why she does not see well."  Really!  That's what he said!
These are making me chuckle
I had a PA who would give us his name (he was Iranian), spell it, give his name and spell it again and then go on to the patient's name.  He'd spell that and give it to us three times.  Then he's give us the medical record number.  Something like this:   "MR # 123456.  That's 123456.  Again, that's 123456."  His dictations were office notes - for the other PAs those ran in the 3 minute range.  His were 7 or more because he repeated everything at least twice and sometimes three times.  We weren't sad when he left the practice to go work for the university teaching hospital.
Thanks for sharing that...chuckle, I loved it
I needed (another) good laugh...this is great!

I should just shut off the Expander when not working, but sometimes I forget...

thank you for accepting that we all make mistakes!

I really enjoyed this...
Just trying to give U a chuckle in your time of
more than a chuckle, a real smile -
I've been smiling for half an hour now (since you said it was just a line and not an insult). Thanks and have a good day.
this sentence by an ESL made me chuckle...

The patient is 69-years-old and has 6 children so far.

(so far!!)

This article was worth a chuckle

First laugh, GREAT side jobs.  Mor sobering:  Avg. 13.78 per hour.  Sad:  Pays less than a dog walker.  Arghhh!



gross (no message) did make me chuckle
When I opened your message to read it, I saw something that made me chuckle. SM
At the top of the page, there was an ad defining Alzheimer's disease (with an apostrophe) from alzheimersconcern.com. We're probably the only one's following this new guideline. I wonder how many people read these apostropheless terms we are now mandated to transcribe and actually do think we're nuts. Even if it is correct, and I do understand the reasoning behind leaving the apostrophe off, it still doesn't help our image any, at least in my opinion. Just a thought.
Got my chuckle for the night, doc talking about breath sounds - sm
and how the lungs were clear, etc. then the next sentence is "the patient is currently not breathing", just funny after the previous sentences on his lung sounds.  Also diagnosed at age 2, however the child is only 14 months old, hmmm, nice trick there!  Presume he means 2-months but will have to question it though since he did not say!
never too young
I don't think you are ever too young to be worried about retirement!  I wish I had worried about it sooner...  you cannot expect a retirement check from any company, but you can do something about it yourself.  Go to your local financial institutions and start your own retirement fund - just contribute a certain percentage of your check each time you are paid and no matter how many times you change jobs, keep doing it.  It is there for you - you don't lose it just because you change jobs.  But you are right to be worrying about your future - more of us should be doing that!
ah, to be so young...
...as to have never used tapes -- what a lovely feeling that must be!
I'm sorry but i think you are too young to be on this board!
Smart Young Man

Your son sounds like a very smart young man. Not many kids these days truly care about their education. They look at high school as a party/social time, and dont look into the future what so ever, and said thing is a lot of our children are not getting the guidance from home either.

My son loves to learn and loves to be challenged and with him being home schooled we are able to do so.

And one other positive note on home schooling college intrance exams have shown that home schooled kids are just as smart if not smarter than those who go to public or private schools. The one on one they get is a big big factor in that.

Best of Luck!!!!!!!

I don't see a problem if someone does it once because of (1) young age, - sm
(2) circumstances...this girl has no clue who the father is, that is clear, (3) where they are at in life...in school is no time to have a baby. She would possible drop out, not have anything but a high school diploma for the rest of her life. How do you support yourself and a baby on $15K a year? Does she have understanding parents? Will the father pay support?(she'd have to have all the guys she slept with in the time period of conception tested). Someone that that young is not cut out to have a child....I can remember very clearly how I was then, and many are just not ready for the responsibility. Yes, many see abortion as shirking your responsibility because "you play you pay"; but you have to decide what is good and right for you and your circumstances, and the only one who can make that decision is the person who has to bear and raise the child or deal with their conscious if they decide to get an abortion. It's nobody's business but theirs. I think people who purposely don't use any form of BC then just get abortion after abortion because they are too lazy to get BCPs or condoms are WRONG for doing that. But people who are (1) stupid one time (2) get raped (as my roommate was); (3) just too young, i.e. in their teens, very early 20s--- have 1 pass. If my daughter came home and was in HS or college and said she was pregnant and wanted an abortion I would support her decision. I plan on drilling it into my kids heads never to have sex w/o a condom though and hopefully they will never have an unwanted pregnangy. I suppose you think my thinking is screwy and that is fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion, that is what makes the world go around.