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Gearplayer, Cyberplayer, ExpressScribe,Transcription Buddy, Stop/Start questions

Posted By: dixie on 2009-05-07
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When you work for yourself which voice player do you prefer?  I have tried all of the above players and all of them seem to distort the voice when you slow it down.  Why can't these players slow down files like the platforms MTSOs use? 

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If a service wants you to use GearPlayer, though, you can't substitute with ExpressScribe. nm
transcription buddy versus express scribe
Which one is better?
I had to buy this for a job but ended up loving it and even used it for a different job (a fairly large national) where they had their own wav player that was clunky and full of bugs and given to locking up. I was able to use the USB pedal I already had, so I didn't have to buy theirs, but they actually send you a CD and a booklet, so I believe you can install it as much as needed.

The feature I like is that you can program a pedal to insert a blank and a time code, which makes reviewing blanks ever so much easier.
start stop
try going to configure and uncheck variable speed it will play but you cant chnge speed

or try associate files with start stop under configure and check them all
For those of you out there who have had a problem with this program skipping while trying to type and have to restart, etc., I have found that if you will load the Start/Stop program before Word, Excel, etc, you should not encounter this problem.
Start Stop pedal best
As far as I am concerned, Start Stop is the Cadillac of pedals. Costs a little more, but worth every penny of it.
Start/stop and ExText
Is everyone using Dictaphone ExText also using start/stop? 
I use the start-stop program too, and--sm
True Speech files are supposed to be compatible with it. When I get the error message that you speak of, there is usually no file at all associated with the job number. I suspect that is more the problem, than it not being able to be opened at all. There is nothing there to open. That happens sometimes with my docs when they are using a call in system and either get disconnected or hang up. Wherever you got the file from, just tell them there is no file there for that job number.
I have had the same problem with Start-Stop..sm
I used it with my lap top and it would keep playing. At times having to step on the foot pedal several times to make it stop. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to break it at times as I would get frustrated and really give it a good stomp at times LOL. I ordered a USB footpedal from another company and it works great even when I switched to Windows Vista the pedal works fine. I think it was just the pedal from Start Stop. Hope this helps.
Start Stop pedal
You may be on a platform that will not work with Start Stop, such as Dictaphone. Best way to get an answer, however, is to call the company. I have had a Start Stop pedal for 6 years and have always found them to be very helpful and their tech people usually get back to you within a day. Their 800# is (866) 254-0714 or you can go to their web site and E-mail them. http://www.startstop.com/home.asp Good luck.

Start/Stop pedal and USB hub
I'm having problems getting my Start/Stop pedal for EMDAT to work when it is plugged into the USB hub.  It doesn't seem to recognize it correctly unless it is plugged directly into the computer.  Any ideas?  Thanks!
Stop-Start Foot pedal
I have a stop-start foot pedal and using Express scribe.  When I take my foot off the pedal I would like it to just rewind a little bit instead of constantly having to hit the rewind pedal.  Do anyone know the procedure/technique to get this to work???
Start/Stop Com Port settings
Have you played with the Com port setting under the Configure button? I have had to try mine in all 8 until I found the right one.
Start/Stop foot pedal
I want to know if anyone knows how to use the Start/Stop foot pedal with EMDAT (Inscribe).  I think I may have an older moderl.  Not sure.  Thanks.
Start/Stop foot pedal
I have the same problem, probably because I have an older model with no switch on the bottom.
Bytescribe versus Start/Stop - which wav player is better? SM

I'm trying to decide which audio player software and pedal to purchase.  I'm also looking at GearPlayer.  I want something user friendly, universal to audio file types, and compatible with whatever service I end up with should I need to have my own software and equipment.

Thanks guys and gals!


I have Start Stop digital voice player--sm
and Spyware Doctor, as well. I have never had any conflicts between the two, and I really do not see why one would interfere with the other. although, I do not leave Spyware Doctor on all the time. I leave it off while I am working, as it did tend to slow things down a bit, but I never had any problems with it. I do run a nightly scan with Spyware Doctor though. I would be careful of other Spyware programs. I have had others that claim to remove spyware from your computer but actually do absolutely nothing. I believe the one I am thinking of is Spyware Eliminator, but I am not sure right off the top of my head. Good luck.
Start n' Stop digital voice player...which is what i use..nm
Where to purchase Emdat pedal beside Start/Stop???
Emdat Start/Stop pedal trouble, Help!
I can't get my start/stop pedal to work right with Emdat.  Anyone else have trouble getting their pedal to work right?  It plays a little and then keeps starting over and quits.  Help!
If you use a Start-Stop foot pedal, please SM - I have a problem/question

I use a Start-Stop foot pedal with a PS/2 connector for an Emdat account.  I connect a PS/2 ergonomic keyboard to it, plug into the PC, and everything works beautifully. 

The problem I have is this setup doesn't work using my laptop.  The Start-Stop tech person told me the PS/2 foot pedal used with a USB adapter isn't compatible with the laptop.  He said I need a USB-port Start-Stop foot pedal.  He also said I would need to use the laptop keyboard since an external USB-port keyboard also isn't compatible with the Start-Stop foot pedal when used with a laptop.  (I knew that my old PS/2 keyboard wouldn't work with the laptop and have already bought an MS 4000).

I really looked forward to getting my laptop set up so I could be more portable with my work, but after years of using an ergo keyboard there's just no way I would be productive using the laptop keyboard (not to mention the strain on my shoulders/wrists/hands).

So, here's my question.....Is there really no way to use a Start-Stop 3-pedal unit with USB connector on a laptop and at the same time use an external USB-port keyboard? 

Any help is truly, truly appreciated.

Emdat links to Start-Stop for pedal purchase
Contact Start/Stop at their website and describe your pedal and ask them. They were very helpful
Start Stop foot pedal pre-programmed for EMDAT problems

I just got my foot pedal but have no idea how to get it to work with EMDAT Inscribe; much to my dismay a manual was not included with the pedal.  Obviously, even though it was pre-programmed to work with EMDAT, I can't just plug it in and get to work.  UGH!

Can anyone help me here.  I'm a real computer dummy so I need to be walked through the steps as though I were a kid.  BTW, my hot keys are F7 Play, F6 rewind, and F4 RR.


Start Stop digital player has a time stamp feature..sm...

I'm not sure if it puts it in Word or what it does.  I've never needed it. 

I think a program that would pull header information from Word and add it to a log file might be needed by quite a few MTs.  I don't know if that's feasible since everyone's needs would be different.  A lot of MTs like to keep logs though, myself included.

If I think of anything else I'll be back.

Start Stop voice file player and conflicts with Spyware Doctor

I was having problems with StartStop and talked to one of their techs this morning.  One of the bugs it was having was fixed when I turned off Spyware Doctor so I need a new anti-spyware program. 


Iím thinking of trying Spyware Blaster.  I called to see if there were any conflicts with that one but had to leave a message.  In the meantime, does anyone use StartStop voice file player and also use Spyware Doctor without any buggy conflict problems between the two softwares? 

RE: Using stop -start program, but cnanot get true speech files to play - any one with any ides it w

would greatly appeciate any advice as to why the start stop program will place the vox files but not the true speech even Iafter I told to associat wiht true speech and so on... The time flickers like it wantt to open the file but it never opens....  THe the error comes up file is too smlal to be a valid sound file or missing file"  Actually the start stop will place the Regan Speech sample audio  that is a true speech file so I would think it could play true speech files

More at-home transcription questions

Hi everybody. . . I have some more questions about at-home transcription.  Can anybody tell me the definitions to some terms or a glossary where I can find them. What is an IC? What is acute care? What are Basic 4 or Big 4 Reports? Also, when a company advertising for an employee says they will provide the software, does this generally mean just the transcription software? Does this tend to include text Expander and spellchecker as well? Thanks!

Questions about EMRs and transcription integration
Hi everyone! I am trying to understand EMR and where transcriptionists fit in, if at all. I see a lot of TASPs that claim they can be integrated with EMR systems. I have no idea what this means. I've even called them and they can't explain it to me. My impression is that EMRs work like big databases with fields that you fill in with information, but I've never actually seen one so I'm not sure. Do any transcriptionists work on an EMR-type systems or know anything about them?

Thanks for the info.
Transcription Gear user questions - sm

I just started using Transcription Gear/FTP and have some questions.

Do you keep TG open all the time? Do you keep Gear Export open all the time?

How do you send your work to the doctor? Right now I create my document in Word XP, save it, exit, and then go through several steps to paste the document to the medical records FTP site.  Seems like too many steps.

Any help with this and/or with TG in general would be most welcome.

Thank you.


Cardiology and sleep study transcription questions

I am looking for other Transcriptionist that have cardiology and sleep study backgrounds. I am a newer MT, I am starting a cardiology and sleep study transcription account next week and have never transcribed for this specialty.

I wanted to know if there are specific word books or websites that you find helpful and are there specific things that you could tell me about the specialty that may help me?


I would appreciate any feedback



Medical transcription is not cheap to start up
Besides acquiring a good education (not a 6-month program over the Internet), you will need to purchase a lot of expensive equipment, hire a computer tech most likely, going through a learning curve where you are not making enough money to even pay overhead for quite some time (that is if you can find someone willing to hire a newbie), and then when you are up and running and have spent several thousands of dollars, have that account go offshore or EMR where they are generating their own reports. Did I mention our wages have fallen at least 50% just in the last two years. Then there are the doctors who dictate next to an ambulance with the sirens running and the EMTs shouting, eating, putting their recorder in their pocket instead of next to their mouth, dictating in a noisy room or cafeteria, or worse, on a cell phone with a lousy connection. This field is not something you just buy a computer and go straight to work, making $50,000 a year from the start as advertised. Please do some research first.
Sounds line 11 years of no transcription that you might start with
some refresher tapes that you buy to help you get readjusted. It's like riding a bike, right? Then I wouldn't buy anything else until you get a job. You could spend tons of money on things that you might not need. I bought Microsoft Word, spellchecker, expander, etc, just to find out that company supplied and I didn't need.
You can buy just the Start/Stop software w/o the pedal if you're able to use your pedal as a VEC
I have a work buddy too.
My kitty will sleep on my desk the entire time I'm working, waking up every now and then for some petting.  I love it. He's a good companion during the day, especially while the kids are in school. 
YES SIR BUDDY!! It is time to cut out the middle man.

Most MQ offices are made up of 75% statutory employees which actually means "contractors".

If the majority of transcriptionists were men, this industry would not be running like this. 

No man would stand for his client to be telling him "I'll pay you what I want, in a way I want, and I'm not going to tell you how I come up with the amount."  Nope! it would not happen.  And it's ludicrous nationals have gotten away with it so far.  MQ is the biggest perpetrator of this practice, but most nationals do it.

They want us to be "employees" until it comes time for the risks of transcription to be accepted, and then suddenly it is all on the shoulders of the at-home transcriptionist.

I'm sick of it. 

The reason a person is a contractor is because they are willing to take on the risks of a job.  But for that risk you pay greatly.  Nationals are not paying greatly.  They are paying us as if we are employees. 

As a contractor we should expect to receive 3 x what we would earn an hour as an employee.

Now tell me, are you getting that working at home? didn't think so

I Love Peggy Sue cuz of Buddy Holly.
Next 2 the Beatles he's my fave!
Meditech questions and Cerner questions. Any input is appreciated. SM

I just recently went back to work in the office at a local hospital. We type in both Meditech and Cerner, depending on what you are typing, i.e. Medical Records reports versus Radiology.  We are currently typing blindly in Meditech, meaning we do not have access to our line counts and must depend on management to give us our totals.  In Cerner, we are able to run a line count report and print out a hard copy of our line counts at the end of the day.

We are finding that 800 lines in Cerner equals about 500 lines in Meditech.  We are not paid per line nor do we have an incentive plan, but we have a new HIM Director who would like to institute an incentive plan and the administrator over our department has laid down the law and decreed that all transcriptionists not making minimum in the department will be written up.  Problem is according to Meditech line totals that we have been given, that would be about half the department.

The transcription supervisor has taken our concerns to the new director who told the MT Supervisor to hold off on writing people and has taken home all the line counts from the last month and she is going over them with a fine tooth comb this weekend.

I am not a very trusting soul by nature, so I am doing a little research on my own.  I've been in this business for about 15 years.  I started out in a hospital and have worked for a few services at home and am now back in the hospital setting.  So I know a few things about line count and I consider myself to be pretty well informed on trends and technology in the industry.   I would like to walk into our next department meeting armed with as much knowledge as possible.  So I have come up with some questions that I would like some fellow MTs to answer, give opinions, and maybe even direct me to websites or individuals who could give me a better understanding of Meditech and Cerner.  Here are my questions:


  1. Is it possible for an MT to have access to her line count in Meditech or is strictly a management function?  Any MTs that work in Meditech on this board, do you currently have access to your line counts and if so, how do you check them?  Is it an option on the main menu after you log into Meditech?

  2. How is a line defined in Meditech?  (i.e. 65 cpl, with spaces, without spaces)

  3. How is a line defined in Cerner?

  4. What abbreviation Expanders work with both Meditech and Cerner?

  5. Examples of incentive plans (if anyone would like to share that with me that would be great, if not I completely understand).

  6. Measuring productivity by minutes of dictation versus typed lines.

    1. What would be the minimum minutes required for an 8-hour day?

    2. How would one structure an incentive program based on minutes?

I was thinking of presenting the idea that we keep track of productivity using minutes instead of lines since there is such a discrepancy in Meditech.  I also worry that if an incentive plan is put into place and we are still typing blind into Meditech, what's to keep management from shaving off a few lines here and there?

Feel free to email me or post here any responses.  Either is fine.  I really appreciate any input, comments, or just plain old supportive posts would be nice too! 

I too had a problem months ago and it froze up. I spoke to the company. They said it was because I had too many other programs running and using too much RAM, that it did not leave enuf for EXS. to work properly. They even suggested adding more RAM. They said EXS requires a certain amount of RAM, etc., to function appropriately. Could this be part of your problem too?
Yes, I have been using it for almost a year now and have never had any problems.
I had this problem just after Christmas when I got a new computer and downloaded ExpressScribe.  After searching through their forums, I found out that a lot of people were having a problem, there was some glitch in the program, and everyone was going back and downloading the previous version, which resolved the problem.  This worked for me as well. Good luck.
Anything other than ExpressScribe?

Am I the only one that doesn't like ExpressScribe? The audio always sounds very digitized to me. Are there any other better programs out there?


Hi. Just an opinion, but why don't you try ExpressScribe first and see if that meets your needs? It is free and it is as good, as far as I can tell. You may have to buy a foot pedal that will work with it, or may not. Mine does not. Try the keyboard controls though and see what you think.
An ExpressScribe Question
How do you set the backspace when I lift my foot off the pedal?  Mine is not backspacing at all and I can't' figure out how to set it.  Thanks.
contact expressscribe..sm
a lot of these programs were not ready for Vista yet. I would have waited at least a year before buying Vista due to just that reason. Personally maybe you should have found out of ExpressScribe was compatible with Vista prior to buying the laptop with it preinstalled. It would have saved a lot of hassle.
You might try downloading ExpressScribe.
I think it has a few test files when you first down load it that you could practice on.
expressScribe/Quicktime sm


I downloaded ExpressScribe for work but I also have QuickTime so I can use ITunes.  The QuickTime seems to over-ride the ExpressScribe and play the audio files which are dictation.  I want to use the ExpressScribe so I can use my foot pedal.  When I uninstall QuickTime ExpressScribe works, when I reinstall QuickTime only QuickTime works.  So QuickTime must be set to default or something.

Anybody know how I can get both these to work or is there another player that will work with the USB footpedal to play the dictations but still allow QuickTime on the computer for other stuff?


ExpressScribe hot keys
If you open the ExpressScribe and go to control, then hot key set up you can make it work by assigning keys.  I work in MS Word and was using F5 to open files, but when I have the ExpressScribe reduced and hit F5 it opens the ExpressScribe window instead of my Word file.  I just assigned a different key to open and close the ExpressScribe.  You can also create a new one to assign a file to "done" so you don't have to use your mouse.
ExpressScribe question...sm

I am taking a test for a part time job.  It is required to download ExpressScribe to take the test.  I also had to install some additional files so that ExpressScibe would recognize .sri files.  I did this also.  Well when I go to play the file on there there is nothing, and it says under duration of file:  00:00 minutes.  It is like the file has nothing on it.  Did I do something wrong or is that file corrupated or what? 

ExpressScribe is locking up my

Has anyone had this happened to you lately?  I have been Express Scribe for years and never had any issues with it.  About 2 or 3 weeks ago ES started making my computer run really really really slow.  I checked the Task Manager and it says that ES is making my computer run at 100%.  Why is this?  If I close ES everything runs fine.  I contactd tech support 3 times but they have never gotten back to me.  I even uninstalled it and reinstalled it and that didn't work either.   What should I do?  Are there other free transcription audio players out there?

Thanks so much in advance

You can download ExpressScribe for free.
Do a Google search for the URL.   You can use your keyboard to control the dictation to do testing.