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Got that right about Nancy Grace - sm

Posted By: says that all the time on Headline News.... on 2006-05-26
In Reply to: missing - know what you mean

I can't stand her.......a former prosecutor.....

same thing with Star Jones Reynolds - a former Brooklyn NY lawyer/ prosecutor, who I grew to detest as 9 years went by on The View....I liked her much better when she was overweight and far less fake a person than she has become today!! 

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it bothers me too and Nancy Grace.....nm

Nancy Grace and Glenn Beck got mine
I also sent to Hillary Clinton's site too.

I really applaud your determination. I felt the same way 20+ years ago when I started as an MT. I hope you are in a place finanically where decreasing pay and benefits doesn't effect your way of life and it won't break you down....
I also hope you will continue to be optimistic as you wade your way through all the MTSOs that will just talk you up then you let down during your job search after you spend your time and money to graduate!! GOOD LUCK!!!
Will & Grace is on Lifetime!!! sm
Just thought I'd let everyone that loves this show know, which everyone probably already knows, but hey, I'm excited. I love the show and am so glad Lifetime is finally getting some new shows for their morning TV. 
Nancy Reagan (sm)
1. Nancy Reagan
2. Laura Bush
3. Jacqueline Kennedy
4. Barbara Bush

saving grace
being in the military may be your saving grace - from what I have read previously, government jobs like VA mandate FBI checks on transcriptionists doing their accounts.  Would assume especially at this time in the world all military personnel would need that protection.
school is a saving grace for me
during school I have 9 hours to type and I do it straight through after they leave.  I do take some small breaks.  I was up to 1600 or 1700 lines last school year at my other job.  I am hoping for 2000 this school as an average.  I like to be done completely by 4 when they get home and have the rest of the evening to do work around the house, cook dinner and help with homework, baths, hair, blah blah blah.  Like I said, can't wait for school to start!!!!
Yes, Nancy Reagan. Couldn't forget her! nm
Me too - she's great! I also admire Nancy Reagan
Jimmy Stewart, Grace Kelly, Jack Lemmon and - sm
Tony Curtis and Cary Grant.