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Pled is listed in my dictionary

Posted By: Shannon on 2006-05-26
In Reply to: 'Pled' is not a word...If you look it up - sm

Webster's New World Dictionary

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pled guilty
I always change it to read entered a plea of guilty or a guilty plea.
yes to any of the ones listed below, PLUS
Any stuttering ESL! Is there anything worse? I had one Chinese doc who stuttered so badly it made me literally squirm in my chair to hear him. Then he would repeat himself and every other word was "uh and." It was excruciating!
there are so many a few listed below

hundreds others, literally
See, it listed on there
the vehicle, the VIN and everything else in my possession, and it said whoever's got whatever, goes to whoever (you know what I mean!! :)  THAT was what I signed.  I got a DRAFT of the property agreement, but on the final document, nothing is specified, just whatever he's got is his and whatever I've got is mine (this was not something I signed...this is what I got after going to court).  And maybe things vary in different states....I dunno, but I had to be present with my attorney, as did he, but neither he nor his laywer showed up.  But   I needed the FINAL COPY to say the VIN number and the specifics for the DMV.  That's all.
I look at the website you listed.
There a ton of great jobs there but where do they list the jobs for MTs?
If only one printer is listed...
How can you change your default? Can you actually create a default that does not exist?
Since when are CTs listed under labs?
This company is something else.  Maybe they would have more work if the editing staff could make up their minds.  For months I have been putting CT/PET scan results under "Imaging" with other places "Radiographs".  Was told by someone in QA it goes under labs?   Okay, my mother works for a mircobiology lab -- they test blood, urine and tissue samples.  Never have I heard of someone getting their CT scan from the lab!  The lab is not the source of radiographic data to my knowledge.  Did I miss something here?????????
If none of the suggestions listed here

are of any help, here is an alternate.

Use the support form available from the "Support" link on the WinZip home page  (http://www.winzip.com).  The majority of the time they respond to all inquiries within 1 business day.

OP listed several things, not just this one; I'm sure you get that.
They are listed in BOS, as if that matters.
I work there as well and they have everything listed except 3 and 6.
Regarding #2, you do need to check with your supervisor to be sure extra work is needed for your accounts, as a courtesy to the people scheduled to work those hours...there needs to be enough work to go around.
Stedman's has crepitance listed.
Taber's only has crepitant and crepitation, not even crepitus.  It's probably one of thos cases where doctors just made up a variation on a word that stuck.  They don't care if it's right or not.
Start, programs and it is listed there.
I downloaded it last week. Found it there after an hour of confusion and then made a shortcut to my desktop.
Not listed with Better Business Bureau?
I have been offered a really good position with a company, however they have no web site and are not listed with the BBB. Should I be suspicous? They are a small company, but shouldn't they be listed voluntarily or something?
Not sure on this but I think you pay to be listed with the BBB - (join a member) so many probably j
the money to do so. Search the archives or Google them. Otherwise unless they are offering some outragous pay over such as over .12 cpl, then I would not worry about it and go for it.
flocculence is listed on onelook.com-sm
and has a definition of being flocculent which means having a fluffy character or appearance. I am by no means saying in my previous statment that this is a medical transcription standard but simply stating what I have found in my research of this. I also would like to know for sure if this is correct or not if anyone knows.

I have many, many doctors who frequently state, "There is no fluctuance on palpation of the wound." I have been typing fluctuance all this time and just ignoring spell check because it is used so frequently, so if this is wrong, any advice would be helpful. Thanks.
Did anyone see the CEP Shay Reddy job listed

They are asking for someone to proof/MT for $9.00 an hour.  BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Quick, how do I sign up?

I visited the website you listed and according
to that, it is not an insurance plan. It is a savings plan. You get a membership card that gets you savings on medical care at participating providers, not insurance.
It isn't that it is MY way. It is the correct way. It is the way that is listed in reference

Do you still feel that way?  I'm afraid if I change my way of doing things to incorrect and improper ways that I may never get them back.  I pride myself in being a great MT.  I have three years of college to boot.  It is almost like starting a bad habit to please your employer and I just don't know if I can do something the wrong/incorrect way.

Actually, shoddy is not even listed in the 29th
edition Dorland's Medical Dictionary. Only shotty is listed and means " like shot; resembling the pellets used in shotgun cartridges."
it is listed under fever, but the two words are

not interchangeable.

here's a link to the instructions that someone listed here.
A few of my favs are listed inside......sm
http:// www.upinregistry.com (very comprehensive listing of doctors in all states with ability to put in specialty if it is know to narrow the search)

(This is the old "Merck" book that lots of older MTs used to use and now available on line. Tons of info and search ability for terminology, drugs, etc)

(This is a super website with terminology for drugs categorized under diseases and syndromes, etc)

(A very good HIV-related site)

Hope these help!

No old audio files listed
I don't see an email listed on her post. Elsewhere on the site? nm
The one I listed earlier does. Link inside....


Towards the bottom there is a pull down to pick speciality, and chiropractor is one of them.

Let's do a poll, would you respond to help wanted ad that listed pay
more than you would an ad that did not list pay range?  I am finding myself only responding to ads that have a pay range listed.  Does anybody else do this?  Maybe if those companies out there that needed MTs badly listed pay range then they would get more of a response!
check the equipment board--several listed there--nm
Does the manufacturer have a website? Maybe it'll be listed. Or try
Well, I can't answer to the iodine content. It's not listed
on the nutrition information, that I've noted anyway. However, I believe the 5 and 1 program with Medifast will help us maintain our weight loss once we hit maintenance. On the 5 and 1 it's all about portion control and being sure to eat a small portion every 2 or 3 hours, even on maintenance and beyond.

Of course, Medifast, Slimfast and any other somethingFast, let alone gastric bypass will not work if we don't learn from past dietary discretions.

I know I can never go back to eating the way I did to put the weight on. I have to develop that mindset myself.

I may fail, but I'd rather have failed using Medifast than undergoing serious surgery and have the same result, ya know?
I have never listed my typing speed. Never prevented
here's a link to the MTSOs escription has listed.

Also, Deventure and Acetera are two that I know of.
I use Express Scribe and .dvf files are listed sm

as files that can be played -- just have to check the box.


Good luck! 



Transcription Gear has them. Listed under accessories, I think. NM
Snatched some of these. Here's one I didn't see listed (see inside)
Most all my reports have all names listed by dictators.
He also listed his cell phone number. (no msg)
Perhaps you listed it that way in your autocorrect or other expander program

This belongs on Company board and is already listed there.

All of the current CMTs are listed on their website.
And they post it very quickly, mine was there within a week of taking the test. She will get busted very quickly.
Exactly. It's not in the dictionary. That's why you need...
In order to know what verbiage is outside the norm, but is still acceptable in the profession. USE RESOURCES (and not human ones)! Does a surgeon ask 'gee, where's the pancreas again?'
shows either long haul or long-haul (as an adjective)
From dictionary

results for: oriental

o·ri·en·tal - Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[awr-ee-en-tl, ohr‑]

–adjective 1. (usually initial capital letter) of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the Orient, or East; Eastern. 
2. of the orient or east; eastern. 
3. (initial capital letter) Zoogeography. belonging to a geographical division comprising southern Asia and the Malay Archipelago as far as and including the Philippines, Borneo, and Java. 
4. Jewelry. a. (usually initial capital letter) designating various gems that are varieties of corundum: Oriental aquamarine; Oriental ruby. 
b. fine or precious; orient: oriental agate; oriental garnet. 

c. designating certain natural saltwater pearls found esp. in the Orient.   

–noun 5. (usually initial capital letter) a native or inhabitant of the Orient.

From another dictionary
o·ri·en·tal (ôr'ē-ĕn'tl, ōr'-) pronunciation

1. often Oriental Of or relating to the countries of the Orient or their peoples or cultures; eastern.
2. Oriental Of or designating the biogeographic region that includes Asia south of the Himalaya Mountains and the islands of the Malay Archipelago.
3. Lustrous and valuable: oriental pearls.
1. Of or relating to a genuine or superior gem: an oriental ruby.
2. Relating to or designating corundum that resembles another stone in color.


often Oriental Often Offensive. An Asian.
orientally o'ri·en'tal·ly adv.

USAGE NOTE Asian is now strongly preferred in place of Oriental for persons native to Asia or descended from an Asian people. The usual objection to Oriental—meaning “eastern”—is that it identifies Asian countries and peoples in terms of their location relative to Europe. However, this objection is not generally made of other Eurocentric terms such as Near and Middle Eastern. The real problem with Oriental is more likely its connotations stemming from an earlier era when Europeans viewed the regions east of the Mediterranean as exotic lands full of romance and intrigue, the home of despotic empires and inscrutable customs. At the least these associations can give Oriental a dated feel, and as a noun in contemporary contexts (as in the first Oriental to be elected from the district) it is now widely taken to be offensive. However, Oriental should not be thought of as an ethnic slur to be avoided in all situations. As with Asiatic, its use other than as an ethnonym, in phrases such as Oriental cuisine or Oriental medicine, is not usually considered objectionable.

An Asian person once corrected my brother on this point. I'd go with Asian rather than risk being offensive.
dictionary help
It has been my observation that once downloaded and set up it runs automatically if spellchecker is part of your package- I did not have to "add" only download - best way to tell is type in a medical word - also - start, programs and find stedmans for your tab to select and open for searchs in dictionary itself- you can keep it minimized.
you'd better get a new dictionary

Callus is a noun

Callous is an adjective - whether you're using it to describe a lesion on your foot or the way a person acts.  Actually, the latter use originated from the medical use because a callous lesion is "hard and rough around the edges" like some people can be.

On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Spelling & Grammar tab.

Click Dictionaries.

Select the dictionary you want to edit. Make sure you do not clear its check box.

Click Edit.

Add, delete, or edit the words in the custom dictionary.
If you're typing words, press ENTER after each word to put it on a separate line.

When you finish editing, click Save on the Standard toolbar.

On the File menu, click Close
Maybe you need it listed in a different port or as a different device? Any place to check the
Look under Control Panel/game controllers and see if it's listed there, too. nm
Site was foreign built from the beginning..just listed at top only for US
Have a look at this link, multiple doc finder sites listed in there
You might find one of those doc finders useful.