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that's MERRIAM Webster and they show

Posted By: pled as being past tense of plead!! TA TA..nm on 2006-05-26
In Reply to: Ok, then why don't you tell that to - sm

ta ta 4 now 

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Try don and doff. See m-w.com (Merriam Webster) for
verification. It does mean put on and take off, but it's not "doss".
"eqivocal" is in the Merriam-Webster dictionary...nm
If you can show proof you did this work for them, they then have to show they paid it in order
love, love, love the show. hate american idol. this show is for real.
the only reason i entertained watching it was because of mark burnett and as usual he has such genious casting and editing. btw, don't know who anything about "metal" music but these performers make me like it. love marty and jd as performers. HATE JESSICA. susie is so nice and so emotional. it seems they all support each other and enjoy each others skills. regarding ty and bob marley, ty was excellent but he also lucked out on the song! bob marley was genious too and his music is very easy to listen to. i don't like 3/4 of what the others are given to sing but their performances make me love the music. dave navarro shines on this show, very gracious for the most part and letting the contestants down easy when they have to leave. he was great last night with brandon (?). sweet, sweet show. i am so impressed with everyone involved.
I think this goes to show you that SM

when a person goes to another place with the proper attitude (respecting the culture already there, appreciating it and being open to new experiences) you can have a wonderful time.

I think sometimes we in the U.S. have such a need to fashion everything into OUR way of doing things it ruins our ability to appreciate different countries/cultures.

I love the show. I think the people learning to dance are very brave. I love George H. too! Looks like a lot of hard work and that it is definitely outside their comfort zone. Good for them!
This just goes to show you that when the
first letters are right and the last couple are right, the mistake is easily missed. No spelling police here, right!?!
It won't show up. it says
1. How much money did you make?
2. Send it to us.

Yes, I know how to show myself as
offline on instant messenger. Sorry, I misunderstood the post. That doesn't make someone stupid because they don't know how to, though. I had never even used instant messenger until about 3-4 months ago. It is a learning process and no one should ever be called stupid because they have not yet learned something.
New to the show
Only recently started watching this show. What is wrong with his leg and why does he pop all those pills?
was that the show with the...
Dumb guy and his *polyfidelity* mumbojumbo??? I just saw bits and pieces of it, but boy if that was my husband...well let's just say he wouldn't be my husband...or anyone's husband...for long! Whatta jerk!
What a show!
That guy was the biggest peice of trash I ever saw. Sometimes it just blows my mind why people as stupid as him want to come on national TV. Does he not realize he is a complete and utter fool? His wife is not much better either. UGH - She is only staying for the children and that is a shame. Honestly, I didn't really see any love between them.
About the show
I think personally that Paula is a little flaky, nevertheless, I can say I didn't notice anything different from her last night. As stated below, Carrie started the show. It was just a regular show I thought. No exciting moments, other than that nasty Brenna going home. She was pouring that "get money" thing on really thick. Kinda came off pathetic IMO. Can't wait until next time!!
There are also MTs that don't have anything to show - sm
that feel they must tear down those that do, whether they ever show it off or not. Like people that feel they must scratch or ding new cars they encounter because they themselves don't have the money to buy such.

There are bad apples on either side of the coin. But regardless of whether we have reason to brag or not, it is best we conduct ourselves so that we care about others in the process.

It should show up now, sorry.
One can never have too many friends.........

She is, it is her show, and...
it is meant to attract viewers.  Which is obviously does.  My son was on her show and she was VERY fair in her decision.  We were all very happy with the outcome, not because he won but because justice was served!! and on a TV show no less!!
She will just show up at the ER and noone will
Just goes to show you, all the

high-falootin' education in the world doesn't give you class.  LOL

This is my new favorite show...
I can't wait to see it every week, big fan of INXS, and the reason why the performances are so good is because these singers were professionals to start with, what a great change from the Teeny Boppers of American Idol.  Love Mig and JD.  The show is like watching a mini concenrt and when Jordis sang that Bowie song last week, I watched it at least 10 times more on line.  Glad to see someone else loves the show.  Sadly it has not gotten good ratings, so much for class acts getting their just deserves in this fickle society we live in.
Not in my office, but just goes to show you that nothing is
especially when there's only bad stuff to show
I noticed that Shepard Smith on Fox (not considered a liberal news outlet) was not especially impressed with the government response to the disaster. He was desperately begging for help for people stranded for days on a bridge.
His policies seem to show that,

Great show!

Jerry Rice is good but cannot match Drew.  What's up with the gangsta rapper?  He should have gone first. He doesn't really care.  I think he should have gone first.

Rock on Drew.

If you saw the first show, it was sorta sad...
she was talking about how she's tired of men just looking at her like a hunk of meat, and that she may have actually let herself "go" so that people might look at her as something more than a body.  She says at 45 she only wants to be at a more healthy weight.  She was actually really sweet.
Not lame. It's a fun show. nm
Some people just can't help but try to show - sm
off their "intelligence" whenever they get the chance!
Will show you my 1099's

I do make this much.  Even when married I always made more than my husband at a "real job" as he called it.  I did a little more myself this year to pay off those divorce legal bills but I did it.  On account I average 12,000 to 13,000 gross lines per month, another is 15,000 to 17,000 then I have two little accounts and one psych that I subcontract out which between them average another 8,000 lines.   The accounts that I personally type do take me about 22 to 24 hours per week and I put in 15 to 18 hours at a clinic doing EMR's as an employee.  I have a lot of write-off's and pay minimal taxes.l contributing about $700 - 850 a month to my retirement.  I have been doing these docs for 6 years.  Two are surgical oncologists and so I have a lot of consults/letters templates.   If a hernia patient came in I think I could do the consult just by looking at the chart.   I charge 11 cpl gross lines and have not raised my prices in two years but thinking about it.    I do put in 4 long days, 10 hours and then Friday is short  4 hours and Sunday is about 2.   But I have no problem showing my 1099's, it can be done you just have to find your niche.  And I know I am different than working for a national but 20 years ago I took the initiative to develop my own business, took a lot of blood, sweat and tears but the past 10 years I cannot complain.   My docs do treat me well as I have often stated.  But I just don't want anyone to think I have not paid my dues as I have and am truly honest in reporting my figures.  

Yea, I can't remember the show that I used
to see him on, he would get a copy of the newspaper a day in advance so he was able to prevent tragedies.  I thought he was hot then, but in this role he played a different character and I thought he was pretty hot too.  I'm sorry that they only gave him a cameo appearance. 
Good for you! Would she show up at
Some people just do not understand that every minute you are away from your desk is $ lost. I think the email idea was a good one. You did the right thing about your friend. You wouldn't have showed up at her job with your child begging for a babysitter, that would look ridiculous! Maybe she will see that in time!
Oh yes. This show is great.
I love Cesar.  He trips me out w/ all that dog stuff.  I even attempted some w/ our dog, though it didn't turn out to well, but then again Cesar was not here to show me correctly.  It is a good show.
I love that show! nm
He's still on here in NY, but his show is on FitTV. nm
IIt's a fun show. I printed out the
recipe for the Chipotle pasta that the judges wanted seconds on. I'll make it this weekend.
My dh lives for this show!!...sm
Coffee thing was very cool.  Had cylinder type holder for separate filters.  He explained it like a gun cylinder that holds individual bullets.  Anyway, he put filters in each separate cylinder and could make individual cups of coffee, soup, tea, etc. by rotating to the right cylinder and adding water. 
I would show them the basics...
as far as headings, which abbreviations not to use, bold or no bold, caps or no caps, etc., and I might as go as far as making a list of the account specifics or print up 1 report outlining the headings, caps, bold, etc. and basically, I would have them transcribe what they hear and set up by following the account specifics and make their own templates. I wouldn't have it to where they could get on the computer and copy and paste a template. I would print one report on paper and save all my files in a folder and set a password so no one can open it. Sounds mean... not really to them maybe..., but you had to start from scratch so that is the only way to learn is to start from scratch and there are no free rides anymore. So they could either start from scratch following the account specifics and transcribe their own templates like you did or they can just get over it!! :)
Love the show too..
Dennie is sooo cute and sweet with Izzie....can't imagine how she is going to get out of this one though.....  What a mess!   I also love Survivor and was bouncing back and forth between the 2. 
I LOVE that show!

I also like Desperate Housewives and was only able to catch the last 10 minutes of it last night.  So I went to ABC's website and was able to watch the whole episode for free.  I wish they would do that for Grey's Anatomy, too.... and Boston Legal.......LOL.

Wild horses (or cowboys) ain't gonna keep me from Grey's tonight, though.

I don't watch the show, but I saw it on CNN
Sometimes I "watch" TV while I work (sound down). I happened to glance at the TV when they were replaying that clip. That kid's expression was totally awesome... better than Christmas morning!
Tonight show
I think Taylor is going to be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight.  I just LOVE him!
what show are you talking about...
Should I know this, cause I don't know what you're talking about...
Fox is going to show the entire
fourth season this summer. Two episodes back-to-back every Tuesday night. Maybe you can see some of the ones you missed. :-)
Wow. I am definitely going to watch that show! NM
I love that show!!!
Me too i love that show!!!
ER t.v. show; is season done?

The last one I saw was the shootout and have not seen any since.  Did I miss one or was that it for the season?  (If I missed one don't tell me what happens.)  Thanks!

saw the show today (wed) sm
As was said below, Star is gone. Crossing Barbara Walters and ABC is not the smartest thing to do, IMHO. Wonder where she'll pop up next.
Bellagio's "O" show...sm

When we were in Vegas earlier this year, several locals, including one of the trolley drivers, recommended the show "O" at Bellagio.  The trolley driver said if you can see only one show, see that one.  We did not have the time to see it though as we were there only a short time; so, I can't vouch for that!  Have fun! 

I show them a sample
for example, when doing a proposal, I show them the industry standard, 65 char line.  I then take a pretty full page of transcription at Courier with 1 inch margins, and show them, for example, it is 80 lines at 11 cents per line, $8.80. Then I reformat the same exact report into their format, say Franklin bold condensed, and then it comes out to 46 lines. But the report is "worth" $8.80 and so the MT should make $8.80. And in order for her to be paid correctly, then $8.80 divided by 46 = 19 cpl for THEIR lines. So it's not 19 cents per line, it's 19 cents per THEIR line. When I bill, I bill it at 3560 lines at 19 cents per line and then underneath I put in Italics (Your line rate is 11 cents per line, it converts to 19 cents per line for condensed lines) or something to that effect...otherwise they forget their line rate is 11 cents per line.
That is awesome... just goes to show with
to give yourself a break, can really pay off.  Wow, that is a tremendous accomplishment and to be commended.  I am also a believer that there is money to be made no matter what you're transcribing really, but I think a lot depends on what is to your liking as well.  Some do really great with acute care, but I think it is definitely more cumbersome to learn new dictators all of the time and all that you have to know for the different specalities.  I commend acute care transcriptionists as well for their versatility and knowledge.  I still keep radiology in my heart, as it gave me my start, but I am definitely a clinic gal now.   
I think I remember that show.
That was where they got a whole family to live primitively, just like the pioneers did. I was dumbfounded that they could find any women to agree to do it, but they did. Even teenaged girls in the family agreed to it. After a few days, all the women were exhausted and miserable, and they put their feet down collectively and insisted on modern shampoo, which they got. It was just put in old-fashioned bottles. I'd have never agreed to do it, even if my family disowned me.
It surely does not show...sm
if you are already employed by an american company, think you are professional, etc....than why the b******* post? Just trying to stir up trouble?? nothing else to do?? bored??? Somehow I don't believe you.