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Yes, but every profession, including journalists,

Posted By: see message on 2006-05-26
In Reply to: do you fully comprehend past tense and...sm - past participles? PLED is that...

have their own set of rules that they use.  I used to know the Associated Press book of style but that was many years ago.  But since journalists always use pleaded, I am just that is one of the AP style rules.  It is really quite fascinating.  Like when referring to the president, the first time they would say President Bush, but subsequent references to him would be Mr. Bush.  Also, you never, never, never call someone a suspect  without throwing that word ALLEGED in there.

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This is our profession -- a profession which is dying, I might add. SM

So I should get a hobby so I won't care, like you?  A hobby isn't going to pay the bills.  I can't afford a hobby because in addition to working for a living, I also have to study in a different career field in my spare for fear that eventually transcription will be strictly an offshore operation!

You are right, it is not the norm at first, but including myself and many others that I know
personally, we do make around 100 or more per day working for a national. It is very possible! You just gottah look.
I still don't understand how someone can have so many years experience, be on the same system, and make less than 175 lines per hour. I don't understand.

Maybe they are not typing fast enough or know enough terms, is all I can think of.

I've switched jobs in the past few months and started off slow, but now up to approximately 200 lph - came from a job where I did 350 lph on WP5.1 and now on an internet platform. I don't kill myself everyday working either.

it usually is......including lottery...sm
one has a better chance of getting hit by lightning than winning a lottery...any lottery.....there is a 1 in 14 million chance of winning THE lottery....and a much smaller chance of getting hit by lightning, at least in Florida....*lol*
I personally know of about 5 or 6, including myself, although I'm sure there are more out there..
....but probably not a LOT more! 8-)

Including, unfortunately, our government. nm
I am not understanding- is that including
our changing, adding, etc. to get the finished report? in other words - if a VR report starts at 87 before our editing, and we have to put in say 3 extra lines, does it still stay at 87 when all is finished? Thanks.
your whole family needs counseling - including you. nm
Most veterinarians I know (including specialists) ...sm

hand write their notes on charts or have preset templates for things like procedures that the doctor inserts data into to make a printed report.  My dog sees a dermatologist and it only takes him about 2 minutes to send a note through this latter means to her regular vet, and my cat has seen a gastroenterologist who used a preset template when they did an ultrasound on her abdomen when she sent the report to the regular vet. 

Due to the expense I would say you'd have a better chance of trying to obtain some work through a specialist veterinarian, but I would think it would be a minimal amount of dictation.   Good luck on the search!

If your contract does not have including spaces sm
you can attach an addendum to it to read "9 cents per 65 character line including spaces" and sign it, mail to them and have the owner sign it and send you a copy of the signed contract. If they won't do that, it probably is without spaces and they didn't want to tell you.

My rent, alone, is $1400. Including sm
utilities and everything else, probably about $3600, and I live alone.
About 8.5 cpl 65 characters including spaces. nm
I wish she had taken the $99k including the Harley deal!
She started getting too greedy!
Happy Father's Day to ALL including...nm

I pay .108 cpl, full benefits including PTO. sm
I do not have high turnover but have had accounts stolen out from under me by offshore MTSOs charging 8 to 10 cpl. I can't raise rates because no one will pay them. I am not unhappy, just realistic that the AHDI and their support of offshore companies has made the smaller MTSOs in the USA suffer greatly.

I have employees not ICs and know how to schedule. 4 MTs that were to work did not so I picked up the slack. I was not complaining, just stating facts of why the industry is going downhill.
Just like poster below... Buy and stock it with as much as you can, including toiletries.
That's just not true... I make 16/hr PLUS incentive, including
no play naive; we all know, including you, that she was only being funny
Yes people can be rude here, including yourself. You just called
Including refusing to work effective now? nm
I've been in MT for 25 years, including management, and never
Basic 4 report types are acute care reports, which are op notes, H&Ps, consults, and discharge summaries.
donations for the relief coming from 50+ countries, including

-- India is making a $5 million donation to the American Red Cross, Ambassador Ronen Sen said Saturday. In addition, Sen said India was willing to donate essential medicines to the relief effort, noting that India has the largest number of Food and Drug Administration-recognized pharmaceutical companies outside the United States.




What H.S. did you graduate from? including state - No.Hunterdon Regional NJ
Re: What H.S. did you graduate from? including state - No.Hunterdon Regional NJ
Malvern High School, Malvern, Arkansas, Class of 1971!
I would not work without my production software, including spellcheck sm
I think it's great that you were able to do this work in the conditions that you did. But times have changed and we have technology to make us more accurate and more productive, so why not use them??

I have several pieces of software that I use, and if I was offered a job that wouldn't allow me to use any one of them, I would flat out refuse it. i have found the combination that works best for me, and if they can't be flexible to get the best work out of me as possible, then I don't need to work for them!!

Yes, 25 yrs exp in all acute care, including Op Reports, and no response. sm
Personally, I think the companies just get so many resumes and have to weed through them. First come first serve is probably how they handle it. So, my suggestion would be, if you are seriously looking, be one of the first ones to send you resume as soon as the jobs post. Maybe that will help.

To be honest, I have been applying to ads that are a few days to a week old. I think that is probably the key to no response.
No, it is 65 character lines including spaces. The only canned text is my own.
I get mostly the same dictators on the same account every day. I do have carpal tunnel starting, so, gotta get it while I can.
Ppl are so concerned about HIPAA. Most records, including SS#, go to 3rd world countries!
Cuba, including having food poisioning as I had a private clinic,
and open weather storm doors overlooking the Carib Ocean all for $140. The biggest fee was for the doctor's "abdominal examination." He was very impressed I had Compazine with me and was an MT. The people are wonderful, friendly, honest, hard working, and other than a lack of what we consider necessities, live a rich life. Best fruit I've ever eaten in my life! I have to admit that I went first class with a private vehicle with a driver/translator/tour guide but even considering that, the cost was less than other Carib vacations for a week's stay. Don't go if you can't live without eating beef, though. That is hard to come by and flattened out by hammer to look like a bigger serving than it actually is heehee
Times change..including this policy about who is able to post. About a year ago,
this board started letting everyone post job openings, at least to what I can remember. I know at one point if they were India-based/affiliated etc..then they could not advertise but since anymore it is so rampant with companies being associated with India, they started letting them post. I could be wrong but this is what I recall.
I work Friday-Tuesday including 8 hours each Sat and Sunday.
I like it a lot, but don't think I could do three 12-hour days in a row, no matter which days they are. Someone must have done it successfully or they wouldn't be offering it, though, so go for it and Good Luck!
Signed! You should post this on all boards, including Medquist, where I'm sure a lot would sign
Average line rate including spaces these days for experienced MTs is
After living thru 3 hurricanes last year, including Tropical Storm Bonnie, EVERYONE
coastal or inland,and 50 miles east or west,should be prepared - no matter how far inland you live. Check out www.themountaineer.com to see the pics on the flooding that happened in the mountains of N.C. from the remnants. In Jacksonville,FL we first received a large tornado from T.S.Bonnie,which was nowhere near us,and it was downhill from there. After Charlie, we got our power and phone back 2 days before Frances came and knocked them out again. When the meat began to defrost, we fired up the grill and cooked everything and invited the entire neighborhood. Everyone brought something to contribute, whether it was canned beans or Twinkies. After having to evacuate for Hurricane Floyd a few years ago, I am,and will always be,prepared. You don't have to have a lot of money to prepare. When hurricane season gets close, purchase a couple extra cans of food everytime you go shopping and SET THEM ASIDE. Save and clean your milk jugs or even the plastic soda bottles. FEMA cannot always get there immediately,especially when there is extensive damage. I was a claims adjuster during Hurricane Andrew. There was debris, damaged vehicles,trees and powerlines everywhere. It took us over 4 hours to go less than 10 miles. Imagine what FEMA had to deal with to get their big trucks in. There is absolutely NO REASON for ANYONE in Florida or the other gulf states (that's right - STATES - not just the coast)not to be prepared when hurricane season starts. Do not wait until a storm is expected to strike your area in 2 days. Florida is one of the most prepared states in the hurricane zones and look at the trouble they are having. The government is there to help provide with immediate necessities - not to rebuild your life. That is up to you.
don't do annual but do big trips every few years. Last year went to Africa including safari
spent 18 days - one day traveling there, (stopping in for a day in London), then two weeks working at an orphanage and girls vocational school, safari on the weekend, then two days of travel back. Whew!
MTStars FlashType works in any Windows environment including Vista.
see link below
I think I would refuse too. I've seen some pretty silly names here, including Why Worry Lane and
Two companies, both 65 char lines including spaces, one pays 0.10/l and the other 8.5/gross line. n
Welcome to the profession. Get used to it.
Consider another profession?
To standardize testing you have to have every single company use one lone resource. What if company A is more concerned with ESL skills, company B is more concerned with oncology, and company C would like to know whether you rock at op notes? How do you standardize testing to cover every area that a given employer might want to concentrate on?
Definitely a profession. This is a
you will get a lot of pessimism and negativity.  I definitely have made tons of money in my own business.  Sounds like low self-esteem on the posters below, unhappy, depressed.
This is not just in this profession but
all over. I sat and waited on a call yesterday (my off day) regarding a piece of property I have up for sale. No call at all. I really hate to leave a message on a recording because most of the time you are ignored. Times have changed and not for the good. I think the majority of my family including my mother and my grandmother who are deceased would probably be shocked at today's life as we live it.
which profession
would you let us know what you decided to do? I'm wondering what I want to do next.
re: which profession
Dental Hygiene...usually takes 2 years but have to do it part time so I can still earn a living so is taking me 4 - I'm more than halfway done though, so can't complain...
our profession

This is old, but has anyone read this??  I must research further what the final outcome was.  While I totally agree with what they are doing and why, I totally DISAGREE with their final recommendation for standardizing line counts. VBC is not the way to do it.  



You ask anybody in any profession
They will say they are worth more than they are being paid. That's the way it is everywhere. I make good money sitting at home. My local hospital pays their transcriptionists 9.40/hr. Big deal! I'll rather stick with a MTSO any day.
Our profession/New job

About three weeks ago I began a position with a local health care company (transcribing for local acute care hospitals but part of a national chain).

We are not really transcribing, at least not by my definition (21 years of experience).  Rather, we are recording medical ShortHand (abbreviations [even in DIAGNOSES section], shortened medication names, slang, contractions, etc.).  On the one hand, they claim they want you to type it verbatim (no expansions, additions, etc.), yet OTOH they say to delete redundancies, repetitions, etc., which is hardly verbatim. We are not allowed to expand, add to, or correct ANYTHING except number and tense dictated by ESL docs, who comprise about 60% of the dictators.  In addition, certain dictated terms are to be abbreviated (e.g., "emergency room" transcribed as "ER").

The supervisor had the gall to look me right in the eye and deliver a harangue about how these are "legal documents, and we have to transcribe EXACTLY what they say."  (Conveniently disregarding the bit about deleting redundancies and the other "allowed" changes.)  So ALL of my previous employers, AAMT, etc. did it wrong, and THEIR crackerjack legal department is smarter than everyone else?!     Don't think so.  Cutting costs is the game they're playing; everyone can see that.

Excerpt from a typical report looks like this:  Wrote scrip for vanco 100, patient also to take aspirin 81 and will return next week. I don't think .... [blah blah blah]

AAMT taught me to create a complete, coherent, grammatically correct document that doesn't look like alphabet soup.  Needless to say, I don't feel good about what I am creating and HATE THIS JOB!!

I'm just curious if this is happening elsewhere.  With all of the emphasis on "cutting costs,"  I have to think that it is.

Thanks for listening to my splenic venting.

A - No future in this profession.
Get a 4-year degree and open up your options.
Is our profession drying up?

I'm an independent contractor and have just lost an orthopaedic clinic account to EMR.  Also, I've been sending out hundreds of letters for new accounts, and I'm hearing nothing back! 

Is our profession (clinic work) drying up?  This is getting very scary!

Could someone either (1) comfort me with "it's not true" news and there's more than enough clinic work out there to go around, or if you find that it is, indeed, drying up, write back and tell me of your experience.

Thank you `` Nancy in Alpharetta, Georgia


Good for you... and for our profession.
Find a new profession!
You never told us you had another job as a fortune teller! PUHLEEZ - your crystal ball is nothing more than an average bowling ball!
Stop trying to stir up trouble!
MT Dying profession

I don't agree with you.  I'm betting that MT is good for MAYBE 5 more years.  Maybe.  Thinking they won't perfect VR is only fooling ourselves....they will.  I wouldn't recommend MT to anyone looking to enter the field.  Money better spent on something with a better future but what that would be, I don't know.  Seems everything that can possibly be offshored is being offshored.  Maybe we should move to China   Then we can be sure to have jobs seeing nearly everything in the U.S. comes from there anyway.  Or maybe, the way things are going we had all better learn to like rice, cuz that's probably all we'll be eating before long.