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it bothers me too and Nancy Grace.....nm

Posted By: says that all the time on Headline News.... on 2006-05-26
In Reply to: Went missing - Dawn

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Got that right about Nancy Grace - sm

I can't stand her.......a former prosecutor.....

same thing with Star Jones Reynolds - a former Brooklyn NY lawyer/ prosecutor, who I grew to detest as 9 years went by on The View....I liked her much better when she was overweight and far less fake a person than she has become today!! 

Nancy Grace and Glenn Beck got mine
I also sent to Hillary Clinton's site too.

I really applaud your determination. I felt the same way 20+ years ago when I started as an MT. I hope you are in a place finanically where decreasing pay and benefits doesn't effect your way of life and it won't break you down....
I also hope you will continue to be optimistic as you wade your way through all the MTSOs that will just talk you up then you let down during your job search after you spend your time and money to graduate!! GOOD LUCK!!!
Will & Grace is on Lifetime!!! sm
Just thought I'd let everyone that loves this show know, which everyone probably already knows, but hey, I'm excited. I love the show and am so glad Lifetime is finally getting some new shows for their morning TV. 
Nancy Reagan (sm)
1. Nancy Reagan
2. Laura Bush
3. Jacqueline Kennedy
4. Barbara Bush

saving grace
being in the military may be your saving grace - from what I have read previously, government jobs like VA mandate FBI checks on transcriptionists doing their accounts.  Would assume especially at this time in the world all military personnel would need that protection.
school is a saving grace for me
during school I have 9 hours to type and I do it straight through after they leave.  I do take some small breaks.  I was up to 1600 or 1700 lines last school year at my other job.  I am hoping for 2000 this school as an average.  I like to be done completely by 4 when they get home and have the rest of the evening to do work around the house, cook dinner and help with homework, baths, hair, blah blah blah.  Like I said, can't wait for school to start!!!!
Yes, Nancy Reagan. Couldn't forget her! nm
Me too - she's great! I also admire Nancy Reagan
Ya know, this really bothers me...Let us know how you are...Please
Let us know if you get help. I'm really worried about you. Please get checked. That would be so terrible for something to happen to you. If nothing else, go for your children. If something would happen to you right now, your children would think of that the rest of their lives at Christmas time.
This is something that bothers me too sm
Sometimes, I could swear it is QA people petting their egos by fixin' what ain't broke so that they have a reason to be hired and paid.

You also have to know that most companies won't put their top MT on QA, but they settle for those they feel are qualified. I worked for a company where they told me I would *never* be allowed to QA because I was too important as an MT, so they put a gal on to QA my work with half my experience, no knowledge of OPs or acute care, because she had managed to break both of her wrists in the past year working on the farm she shared with her husband!

We really DO need our QA people, however. In a perfect world, QA gals will strictly follow the BOS2 and account specifics and get off our tails about things that aren't wrong to start with. They will always know more than we do and will gently, respectfully and professionally correct us and teach us. It is not a perfect world.

When I hear stuff like this, I tend to think that if they were such great MTs they would still be MTs. I know that I would not work for the $16 an hour I have been offered to QA when I can MT at more than $30. You'd have to ask yourself why they gave up their stock and trade to *correct* your work.

My apologies to those of you who are QA gals. It is not a slam of ALL of you, just a few of you. I would not be the successful productive MT I am had I not had help from a couple of outstanding, patient, professional and extremely knowledgeable QA ladies.
If that bothers you
then you're really going to be mad when you get an Indian trained in England who has a strong accent and also calls commas "stop" and periods "full stop" and perhaps throws other British names for things into reports. What was getting to me was ESLs who didn't know you could put multiple adjectives for a single noun all together in one sentence instead of making 7 different sentences, all the same except for the adjective. Grrrrr.

Qwest never bothers me
it bothers me that YOU are experiencing this

You are so funny I expected that joy to carry over in all aspects of your life -

What has changed for me - When I was IC I felt so free - could work whenever.  Also, we are all afraid we won't have a job so everything we have invested in this may be going you know where on a handcart.  That makes things a lot less enjoyable for me.  But, have to say, I love the way you write and I agree with other poster - you should at least try a newspaper column!

I would say your post bothers me, but
I do not see how you can say the postings break your heart. You do not know these people, and whatever they say should never reflect on how you feel. If it were your family members, could understand but to break your heart the way they talk, girl you need to get a little thicker skin. I have compassion for my family, animals, close friends but the posters on here, they do not fit into the above group.
well, it bothers me a lot too anymore.
But, also as a person of faith, i realize that people in India want to work and support their families, etc etc too, as do people around the world. I don't blame anyone for taking jobs available to them. My irritation is with this government, by and for??? the people, with politicians that make it so lucrative for employers to send our jobs elsewhere. Picture yourself in India, with needs like anyone anywhere, and tell me you wouldn't work if given the opportunity. Then picture these yayhoos in our govn't, out of touch with the American people, living quite comfortably, doing whatever seems to benefit them politically or financially, neverminding the American taxpayer who is struggling. Just refocus that irritation and then let them hear from you!!
Jimmy Stewart, Grace Kelly, Jack Lemmon and - sm
Tony Curtis and Cary Grant.
yeah, it really bothers you to hear mention of God
but why is it that i should be tolerant of all your 'information' but you cannot of mine? That was a tiny part of my post. But no, if it has to do with God, there is no tolerance of that. Yet we are to be tolerant of every other ill of society and immorality, but you cannot tolerate the mere mention of God...as far as as that goes, on this board, there is the mention of food, politics, emotions, venting, company information etc -- did you notice there are boards for them too? But if i dare to mention God, i am supposed to go away...sad sad sad.
It wasn't me who sent that message, but it bothers me as well. I do have better things to do - sm

than click on messages that say sm when there aren't any messages, and now I have to click on all the ones that say NM because people don't know that means no message. 

I'm not being rude about it, I'm trying to help as I truly don't think everyone knows what sm and nm mean.