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I have. No biggie. It was really kind of SM

Posted By: Becky on 2005-09-12
In Reply to: Has anyone ever heard of or has had a chalasia scan for GERD? sm - mom mt

fun for me, because I got to watch it. Amazing to the doc AND me because he couldn't believe what he was seeing. My symptoms weren't even that bad but woweee did I have horrible reflux.

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Yes, no, no biggie either way
I dont know about it.  Two companies that I worked for were sold right from under our noses.  The rumors were there and of course the major denial.  Denial by the owners, the workers at the main office.  In one case, one week after the owner denied it, there was an email stating we were sold.  Of course no employee is going to spill the beans before corporate gives the okay to discuss it or sends out their own letter/email informing the workers.  However, the ones working with the main employees know, such as the owners secretary, etc., but they are not going to jeopardize their own jobs by telling.  I read with interest how some called their local MQ offices and asked.  Get real, do you think they are going to tell a home worker who they dont even know what is going on when corporate hasnt given the okay yet?  Like I said, I had this happen to me two times..strong denials up until the very end.  Besides, it might be better if MQ is sold, maybe we will all be guaranteed more work..and I would not worry about losing the job..In both of my experiences, they keep the employee on.
Yup - no biggie

   On your notification, you should have formal instructions about request for being excused from JD.  You are a medical professional, self-employed, and if it creates a hardship you need to state so - do not wait until you are scheduled to appear, take care of this in advance.   Usually, it's the prothonotary's office but may be different in your state.  Just follow the rules in the paperwork you received.  You may again be asked to serve again in 6 months or later on.

      You have no control over what JD pool you are in - worst case - some court cases can take months and most MTs would lose everything if required to sit every day for entire trial. 


No biggie :o). This way I don't even hit it
It's only air and I'm getting used to not straying too far from the correct key :o). Thanks, though!
Billing once a month is not a biggie BUT
do it on a Net 10 or Net 15. Never a Net 30. You could end up doing 2 months work for free eventually. No account is worth that.
Loss of Qtr. bonus not a biggie to me. Will stay. (sm)
I am only part time SE so I really don't get much in the way of quarterly bonuses, on the other hand though I would enjoy having some PTOs accrue and participation in a 401K.

I will just wait and see what comes. I understand there are some offices that don't get the quarterly bonus, so in an attempt to make everything "uniform" I wouldn't be surprised if they redid that bonus program.

Speculation and guess-timations are about all we have for now.

LOL...you're hilarious! It's mindless (harmless) fun, that's all. No biggie. NM
no biggie, Linda was class act, Heather N_O_T
When the GROWN-UP kids (in their 30s) don't like the second wife, something is not right in Glocamora.  While I wasn't all that fond of Linda, she was a CLASS act and was the daughter of Eastman-Kodak fame.  Everyone remember the Brownie Cameras from the 1940s-1950s?  That was Linda's family as I remember it or the Eastman's hooked up with the Kodak family right around then or in the very very early 60s.  My short-term memory isn't that good (isn't that the first to go after the eyes start?  *lol*) but my long-term is on target most times.  *lol* 
kind of
I feel your pain. I had been providing excellent service, never increased rates, always met TAT (usually supposed to be 48 hr, but most times office mgr would call and needed it in 24 -- a huge amount of dictation). As you did, I always put them first, above everything else. Well, the office manager decided to start transcribing it herself, and she did not even tell me that she was going to do it. I waited a little while (longer than I should have) hoping she was just trying to pay for Christmas (she had actually done that before) and I finally had to do something else. The something else did not work out either, and I am lucky to have what little work I do have right now. Meanwhile, she now has two full-time paychecks (yes, this was a full-time paycheck for me). It is a good thing that although I was making full-time money on their account (working 2 days per week) I never let go of my other work, but I still may wind up in the big "B" court as my options now are few, and I stupidly took care of things I needed to with credit cards while waiting for her to return the work to me. I also knew that she was going to call me spur of the moment wanting me to do the work when she was ready for a break/vacation, which she did, but I was unavailable to her as I had picked up the something else by then. I just wish that I had never heard of being an MT. As much as I love the work, the business is awful.
what kind of dog?
What kind of KVM do you have? -sm
I have heard that if you get a cheap one you'll have problems with the screen freezing up when switching back and forth. I'd really like to get one where you can use a hot key to switch back and forth. Can you please tell me what brand yours is?
Any kind
of sin, which is what this is, is not progressive or open-minded. What it is is sin. Go back and read the story about Sodom and Gomorrah and see if you understand then. Granted, there are other kinds lots of sins in this world also, but call this one what it is.
Usually those kind of
licenses are only for one computer. You can buy licenses for multiple computers from their websites.
A different kind of job

I have no idea how these things fall into my lap and don't how this will go but just met and got offered to do "formatting and editing" of finished documents for a Waste Recovery Company -- fancy name for garbage and recycling company.  This manager has to do long reports, handouts, employee manuels, etc. and just wants to type the report and all I do is edit -- not grammar or punctuation -- use a consistent outline form, do title pages, do headers and footers, make sure pages are correctly numbered for $25 an hour.  She wants me to make it have "eye appeal and look pretty."   She spends hours formatting and hates it and so I am going to try it.  Decided I had nothing to lose to try.   Depending on how fast I am probably not more than 6 to 12 hours per month so we will see how it goes.  But she did say if it worked out well, they have several other branches in Montana, Idaho, California and they might be able to use me more at those facilities also that have to do the same reports.  So guess I am branching out somewhat.   Just as one door closes, another open as had one of my most profitable account, suddenly retired due to ill health.  So was thinking of looking for another account when I got this call.    SOmething different at least. 


you are MY kind of MT
but I might have done this far sooner than you - I have almost zero tolerance for this cr____pola.

Would love to see this doc in court trying to prove a CHIMPANZEE (or even a sharp HUMAN typist) could do what we do...

Thank you very much for your kind help!!!
Can someone tell me what kind of (sm)
foot pedal works with winscribe?  I've got two Infinity wave pedals - they don't.  Any help is appreciated!
That was kind of like what I was saying before
Right to work states do that to people.

However, I am sorry you lost your job after all of that. It would have been easier if they had just told you the truth in the first place.
Yes ma'am. It's kind of cool actually..............
you can see everything they're doing and once they're done, they're gone.
what kind of person are you?????

"don't dog the people looking for your daughter and investigating the people who may have seen her last. "

okay, well maybe she feels that not enough is being done.  I mean, she did just lose her daughter.  Imagine that feeling.  I can't.  I am quite sure if it were me, no one COULD be doing enough.  I would probably be on everyone's case until she were found.  Also, are you dense?  OF COURSE they are going to investigate the people who have seen her last.  HAHAHAHAHA.  I cannot believe that comment.  Who else would they investigate??????

As far as the rest of your post, I don't believe it even deserves acknowledging.  Your thoughts speak for the kind of person you are.



What kind of advice do you want?

It's a rough life raising your kids and running a household by yourself while you worry about your husband's safety.  The kids can sense your stress, so they act up as well.  Then when your husband gets home from wherever he's been, you have to readjust to having him around again.  A lot of it also depends on what branch of the military he wants to get into, as well as active duty or guard/reserve.  If you're active duty, you never know where you're going to be sent to next.  It could be somewhere nice, or it could be a foreign country with mandatory boarding schools for your kids.  People think that military families have it so easy, but the military pay and benefits aren't great compared to what we could make if we moved to a big city.  Military housing has a lot of problems, and the old housing development with the leaking foundations, high water table, and backed up sewer lines is still being used by young military families 25 years after we lived there.  I could get into more details, but every time I do, people here think they know more about my life experience than I do, so I won't.

what kind of keyboard
Just curious, what type of keyboard do you type on?  I use the Microsoft erogonomic.  I absolutely love it!  I find that if I type on the traditional keyboards  my hands hurt.  Also, do you wear gloves for carpal tunnel protection?  I wear gloves and have found this helps me tremendously.  I have been doing transcription for about 15 years. 
What kind of software is best?
thanks for the kind words - it does help...:)
I know lots of places are hiring, but I don't have enough experience for most of them and am afraid to jump from the frying pan into the fire....

Well, it kind of depends. SM
Most of the pain management I've seen strongly encourages other modalities, depending on the patient and the condition. Exercise (swimming or aqua therapy are popular), stationary bicycle, walking, physical therapy (massage), acupuncture, sometimes counseling to help adjust to the chronic pain and accept it better, diet - an overall healthy lifestyle. Whatever the patient can do to make them feel better.

However, pain medication is still a fairly normal component - it's just watched and managed carefully with an emphasis on using it appropriately.

Unfortunately, even though our understanding of pain has grown over the years, sometimes all they can do is try and medicate it.
It depends on what kind of (sm)
disability you are talking about.  SS will not consider any type of disability unless you've been off work for a year.
What kind of lip balms are you using?
Some of them can actually CAUSE chapped and swollen lips.  Skip the mentholatum and other additives.  Try just plain old Vaseline petroleum jelly instead of chapsticks to see how it works.  None of that Carmex junk either.  Also, monitor your behaviors to make sure that you're not licking, biting, or any other habits on your lips.  I used to get a callous on my lower lip until I realized that when I was nervous or stressed, I chewed my lower lip.  Drink plenty of water, skip the day-long bath of sugar or artificially sweetened sodas.  If these suggestions don't help, then I would see a doctor.
what kind of info are you looking for?
What kind of doctor.
I used to type ENT docs who treated this condition. I would definitely not go to an oral surgeon. They deal with surgery. You want your condition treated not surgically fixed.
OTI is just that kind of place. nm
What kind of pedal is it?
USB or 15-pin?  If it's 15 pin, you'll probably have to set it up.  If not, you might try going to the Express Scribe website to see if there's a patch to play the certain file you're trying to play.  They'll probably have technical information regarding Olympus footpedals there as well.
That's kind of standard, isn't it? I mean (SM)
every hospital and every MT company I've ever worked for, to be a full-time employee you had to account for 40 hours a week, either by working it, or taking PTO, unless you were covered under FMLA.

I think sometimes we expect even more flexibility working from home and forget the fact that working from home IS flexibility -- not having to go into the office, being in the comfort of our home (if we want our children or family around us, that is our option--not so in an office), etc.

The 40-hour expectation is very standard, in my experience. You have PTO to use for when you cannot make up your absence. My guess is they will offer more PTO with this new plan coming up.

Try not to panic or be upset. No one knows what the new plan will be. We will each have to decide if the new plan is what we need or not. If it isn't, thank goodness there are other companies to work for out there.

Please try to relax.
What kind of music? nm
Well that's mighty kind of you...
I am a hard worker so I think it just might...I just dread the learning curve...6 kids have fried my brains!!!! hahaa.
Seems like the best kind of drug to take...
when doing MT would be uppers like truck drivers use. Stay up all night and type really fast!
I kind of know how you feel....
My heart goes out to you....While my daughter is a lot younger at age 4 she has recently some bilateral hearing loss due to chronic ear infections and had to have tubes put in her ears. So far the hearing loss has not returned. It was a fight to have the surgery performed even though she was continuously getting infections and I finally had to switch doctors until I found someone who would perform the surgery but it was too late and she now has hearing loss. Then a couple of months later she was covered with hives and we couldn't figure out why. Finally narrowed it down to artificial food colors. Well that is in about everything. I have noticed a change in her since taking away all of her favorite foods (even though we've found a few substitutes at the health food store) but there is a definite depression factor even in a 4-year-old so I can imagine that it has to be multiplied many times over for a teen.

I previously worked for social workers for a children's center and there are definite differences between the bonds between kids and their counselors. Does your son like his? Trust him/her and want to see them? Maybe a different one would strike a better bond if not.

It sound like he was really enjoying school before and maybe I'm wrong but just needs a time of adjustment with his new sense of self.

If YOU need a shoulder would be happy to oblige...my thoughts are with you.
kind of on the same subject, but not really

Just an observation.  The ONE good thing that came from Hurricane Katrina is the pet situation.  After that, they made it where you could bring your pets shelters as long as they were in crates.  I don't know if that will be the case everywhere from now on, but it did bring this to the public's attention, at least.  Many people will not leave without their pets.  I know I wouldn't.

And it is exactly this kind of attitude....sm
that will continue to keep MTs classified as clerical help. Until we start taking some accountability for our own professionalism, nobody else will sure recognize it!
'scuse me?? Before I get mad, is that some kind of jab?
kind of confused
I only thought EMR meant to push from having paper records to having all records available electronically; hence, making it is easier to store and access patient information.
Thank you for your kind words...
I am hopeful too. I really try to be good on any promises I make. But as I said earlier, I would have probably taken it easier if I would have just been fired that day rather than think things were fine and keep having work given to me for another week and then after that, when I wasn't having a problem with TAT, get fired. To me, if someone didn't fulfill their promise, I would have just ended the relationship right there. I would not have gone on for another week while I got my ducks in a row. That is almost as bad as I what I did. All she did was lie to me and keep strining me along and won't even discuss this at all. Is that right?
Saying this in a kind spirit
how can you really be surprised then if you have not been keeping up your end of the contract?
That's the kind of QA I'm lucky enough to
They are very good about giving a thumbs up on how well you are doing at the same time gently correcting your mistakes.
What kind of job did you have to be dressed up for? nm
this is my kind of relationship too
Just being comfortable and enjoying each other.  Its so hard to find that, people want you to be a certain way and it creates so much stress.  Just allow each other to "be", no criticizing allowed!  I see married couples just picking at one another, its sad.  I'm definitely a hard person to match up because of how laid back I am.  You mentioned being lazy, well I probably have you beat, i'm like a lion, i'm thrilled to take a nap.  I'm really very easy to please, if my guy found a blade of grass outside my door and attempted to tie it in the shape of a rose to hand to me, I would break out in tears of happiness.  Its just so easy, wish people would understand that.  Just cuddle and do the little things and be joyful.  Happy Valentines day.
I am kind of in the same boat as you..sm
My husband was the manager at a furniture store and made good money but he just quit to take over an irrigation business for a year and then buy it.  I am making more money right now but within in the next couple months he will for sure make more. 
Just an observation, but is there some kind of
has to stink?  I have satellite....over 300 channels.  Something like 30 movie channels and can't find anything worth watching.  I know it's a silly post, I was just thinking out loud I guess.
That is what I kind of was thinking...
that concentrating on just one specialty might be the way to go. I just don't have a lot of experience with psych work to know what I would be getting myself into :) Thanks for the reply.
Thank you for your kind words.....

Your kind words are much apprciated, and they made me smile.

I feel sorry for this poster, because I know what she's going through.  Nothing will rip a mother's heart out faster than a child, but you know there are many times that there is just nothing we can do.  To keep your sanity, you just have to go with the flow and let it go.  Realize when you're fighting a battle that you cannot win.  The sad, but true, facts.

Have a happy day.....

What kind of feedback have you been getting? I would never
ever knock an MT down. You have to give positive feedback. That's part of being a good QA person. I have seen some QA that were rather harsh in their words and I do not feel that is the way most QA are. There are a few though.
thank you everyone for your kind opinions. sm
i am kinda in a catch 22 situation. i am on the verge of quitting anyway because of issues lately with this MTSO but i am not a quitter and don't quit without backup or another acct so i am trying to hang in there for a bit. meanwhile, if i refuse, i may lose the job and put in financial crunch. i am getting 0.02/cents a word but that is NOTHING for the time it takes to train someone, especially someone who can't even get basic medical terminology correctly. training someone on the acct and training someone in medical terminology are two totally different things!! so i just decided to correct formating, fill in blanks, and that is it. although it makes me feel bad because i am a perfectionist and i hate sending that type quality in, especially with my initials too. but i also decided if the company cares that less about quality, then so be it, i will have to join in that as well until i get compensated for what i am worth. i did already send acct specifics as i have kept that up to date with every new change.
I'm kind of over Paris....
I wouldn't be disappointed at all to see Paris go home.  I think she's a good singer, but I think there are others who are better in the competition.  I hope the top 3 is Elliott, Taylor and Chris but then after that I'll be devasted when they go home one by one because I love all three of them!!!