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Fill in the blank: You know you're getting old when....sm

Posted By: Just me on 2005-09-14
In Reply to:

1.  For me, when a person I used to babysit from infancy until school age has completed his internal medicine residency and is in a private medical practice.

2.  When I get up in the morning my knees and back crack so much that you can hear them at times in the next room (daughter asks "what's that cracking noise" will confirm this!)


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It would be just as arbitrary to penalize QA for not being able to fill in the blank. (sm)
The assumption is that all blanks are understandable.  They are not. 
Classy my ____--you fill in the blank....
--I saw the clip of Walters announcing Jones' failure to return. That was very practiced and classy, I'll hand her that; but then she's had lots of experience and people to help her craft such an announcement.

--I also saw the King show when Jones talked about what had been going on and why she did what she did. I thought that hat was very classy as well. Her being a lawyer certainly helped her craft her statement.

--Overall, I totally believe Jones' accounting of what happened, when, where, why and who knew what and who knew it when. She was quite clear, her timeline precise.

Her reasons for handling her announcement at the time and in the way that she did also made perfect sense if you listened to her closely and carefully.

I was in her situation once--unfairly "let go" and for totally bogus reasons from a large local San Francisco, CA, foundation.

I was told that I could tell anyone at the foundation anything I liked about my departure.

I was in shock at what had just happened, left my supervisor's office, wandered into the kitchen for something to eat/drink.

A co-worker (high level staff) was there and I spoke to him that I had just been let go. We talked briefly, he offered his sympathy.

After he left the room, my supervisor swooped in, telling me that it was not a good idea to talk about it the way I did...blah, blah, blah....she could only have been in the hallway, listening at the door.

Yeah, Walters, et. al. did do what Jones said they did. And the way Walters handled everything did indeed look "classy"--with time, experience, and help, how could Walters go wrong?

Jones told the truth from start to finish on King's show and the View Crew and network couldn't/wouldn't handle it and did not want to face the fall out; and, they didn't want to lose face.

The further complicating problem was that as a public personality, Jones had additional public outlets to tell the truth.

IF Walters had: Simply kept her mouth shut, just weathered Jones' early initial announcement on air that day, deferred all questions of why Jones' contract had not been renewed to Jones' (citing privacy and confidentiality), responding to all askers with a 'no comment', and referring all explanations to Jones'she wouldn't be in the uncomfortable position she is in now. Walters would not have been so exposed, AND she would not have needed to get to Larry King in advance to cover her ____, to explain anything, and trying to look good, thereby maintaining her "classy" reputation.

Yeah, it was a business decision all right, handled badly and then it came back to bite Walters, et. al. in the butt.

Whether you like Jones or not, she chose to tell the truth and, as such, she had nothing to hide. Brava.
__ husband, dear, dumb, darn, damx, fill in the blank - nm
Fill in the blank time! Today I feel ______ (for me it's good)...sm
Good work day so far, kids will be home from school in a couple of hours and the weather is nice outside. 
If you dont try to fill in blank or research, dont
If you're trying to fill several
positions, why don't you list the name of your company? If you had a company you wouldn't be on this board trying to get someone to type 3 reports. Why don't you let one of your current transcriptionists type them. YA BIG FAT LIAR!
The actual operation you're performing is Fill Down.
I should have mentioned that before. It's a shortcut that eliminates the need to copy and paste. It's one of many and is located under the Edit menu. For example, series can be used to increase in increments, like for dates.
maybe just let them fill it in?
It's a long blank for just time ???
I think she has probably just had her fill
More than hate sounds like she has had 1 too many ESLs to listen to. Know 1 plenty, every report time after time is a little much. I csn understand the feeling, some.
Can someone fill me in?
Where is the new site/what transpired?
Fill us in, we are in the dark...sm

What are you talking about, I am lost and am a Country fan.



Fill in work
I occasionally do fill-in opticianry work for local eye doctors.
We do have our QA fill in names & addresses
All of our clients provide us names and addresses of referring physicians. Our QA maintains the lists, and we only ask that our MTs spell them phonetically. QA then corrects any mistakes.

As far as patient names, some doctors spell them for us and some do not. For those that don't, they get their reports back with their patient names spelled phonetically, and it's up to them to correct any mistakes.
But where in the world do you find someone to fill in? nm


don't care for it. too many fields to fill
in because it seems like the demo's are never there and of course you don't get paid for that, then you have to wait for extra screens to come up before you can select the dr/cc/patient name/etc.  there's no way to drop the normals in directly without using the menu, the Expander is more hassel than good.  it's straight forward to use but I feel it is a slow process since you can't just start typing without filling in numerous fields. 
Make sure you fill out those FASA forms and private colleges want the Profile which helps.  When my daughter was applying three years ago to college.  I told her that she would have to take out student loans.  She was looking into college at 40,000 a year.   We filled out the FASA and profile.  She is now going to a $35,000 a year college and we are only responsible for $13,000.  She is on grants and scholarships.  She still is taking out loans because she is a nursing student and her income will be greater than mine and my husband together.   My 18 year old who is looking in colleges will have to do the same.  I put braces on their teeth, paid for dancing, sports, activities, illnesses that we did not expect.  I feel we gave them everything they needed and if they want to go college bad enough they will.  My daughter has a 4.0 GPA.  She had a 3.4 in High School  We are there to support, we pay for car repairs, give her money for clothes etc.  She is also on workstudy which gives her $50.00 a week spending money.  Don't let the college tuitions scare you until you fill out those forms. 
I had to miss it last night..Please fill me in?

I know who got voted off last night, but the radio station I listen to while driving to work was talking about how "drunk" Paula was last night and how she was making really off-the-wall comments.  Boy, sounds like I really missed something!  Did any of you feel like she was on something or drinking too much?

HA!! This sure would fill her time, wouldn't it?
Have you tried given your life to God. He can fill the void. nm
probably place of business and that is for them to fill in. nm
Yes, it will get buggy like that as you fill it up with entries sm
It's time to think of buying a real expander. My recommendation is Shorthand. They have a web site where you can purchase it. It is a wonderful program, much better than the autocorrect/autotext.
A shift differencial would help fill some of
Me too! Working at home, I fill up every 2 wks.
I haven't had to fill up in a couple of weeks.
I don't go anywhere too often during the summer or I ride my bike. I think it's about $2.29 for the cheap stuff.
We DO listen to the dictation! How else would we fill in blanks?


was this university account you had to fill in demos for?
How do you fill out forms in Adobe Reader 8.
I am referring an MT to a company I work for and to get the referral bonus I have to fill out this form in Adobe Reader and E-mail it to HR.  Well, I don't know how to do that.  One friend said to copy it in Word and fill it out that way.  It won't let me do that. 
That's true. My parents refused to fill out the FAFSA
because they weren't going to help me go to college at all. The school counselor just blew me off after hearing that. They wouldn't even talk to me at all and I couldn't qualify for anything on my own without my parents filling out that stupid form. "Adult" children are considered dependents by the government for financial aid considerations until they are either 22, have been married for a year, or have children. I was 18 and a high school graduate but still couldn't afford to go to college working two part-time jobs for a total of 50 hours per week. I wasn't able to go to college until after I was married with two kids to qualify for student loans.
I prefer no templates. It is easier to tx as we go rather than jump around, fill-in and delete. nm
I don't know if Ephedra will make your UDS positive, but usually you fill out a form listing any
medications you might be taking and I always thought the purpose of that was rule out false positives. 
QA works on quota. Frankly, they don't try that hard, either, to fill in the blanks.
I have to disagree. Most hospitals have migrated to EMR & RNs are able to fill in online forms
My husband is an RN at an acute care facility and he loves his job.  He has dual majors.  One in computer science and the other in Nursing.  He decided he didn't want to sit behind a desk plinking on a computer all day and really wanted to do something with his life that would help people.  Being an RN is not just about the money, it is about caring for those in need.  Seriously, think about the reasons you would be entering the nursing field.  If it's just about money, you'll be disappointed.  However, if you are the type of person who likes caring for others, then by all means, go for it.  All the best!
Depending on sound quality, lookups, fill-ins, ESLs, that's
Whenever one of my coworkers asks me to listen to a report and fill in the blanks or make SM

corrections, I always put my initials on the report right after hers and I expect anyone who goes into any of my reports to make a correction to do the same and that includes QA people.  Where I work, the transcription clerk will put her initials in a report even if she just had to go into the report and delete a blank line to make the report upload correctly.  She puts an asterisk by her initials to let us know that she didn't make any changes to the text, just made adjustments for uploading purposes.

I've been told at other jobs by the QA bunch that whatever software we use automatically keeps a virtual record of each person who accesses a report, but I just like knowing who else has messed with my report.  I can't tell you how many times when I worked in the office, an irate doctor has come in saying "who's LN" or "who's RB".  So if QA went into the report and changed something, I want the doctor to see their initials too.

Yeah, we have no skills or intelligence whatsoever. We just fill in blanks! Geez! A monkey can le

Is that all you do, type?  It's not all I do either.  I have to know what I'm talking about, apparently you don't because you can just leave blanks!

to blank or not blank
I've taken tests like that before, and, yes, they seem impossible but point is to stick it out and put all the blanks that are needed because that is the point, to see if you will blank it or guess something st*pid.  They know what the dictation is like.  I recently took a test where one voice file was horrendous.  I had a ton of blanks but I got the job.  The other 3 files I still had blanks too.  Then again, on the flip side, I've tested for places that had tests like that too and were indicative of their regular dictation, so you had to just test it out and see for yourself because you might be pleasantly surprised that it's not so bad.
Personally, I would blank it. You should
the spelling and for other reasons, i.e. privacy, I think it would be a good idea. Some tests I've taken have asked me to put in three underscores __ __ __ when items bleeped for confidentiality. Even if not asked to, I think that's the way to go IMHO ...
Since you had a bad ESL did you blank or put what it sounded like?
Blank emails-me, too

 I have always used Spybot and Adware SE, but read they sometimes miss things, so I just bought NoAdWare. Was I surprized at the stuff it found compared to the other ones (including Norton AntiVirus, and my server software)!  I had 4 "dangerous" and 92 "severe" the very first day...that have been on my system for quite a while.

Since then, I have also been receiving blank emails. I'm now up to 5 every time I receive my mail. I've been getting a lot of junk mail all of a sudden and have no idea why. My favorites are winning the lotteries. If I believed them, I would have a bankroll of well over $100,000,000,000. The other ones where I am named in someone's will. Love it. Dream on.

Don't know what to say or what else to do about it without changing my email addess again, and I sure don't feel like doing that. I just did change it 3 months ago.

In my experience, if you don't know for sure, blank it. sm

It doesn't happen to often with my line of work as I only do clinic notes.  I do know which drugs are used for what and  the differences between similar sounding drugs. I have reference materials to help if I don't quite understand the pronounciation, as long as I have been given a particular diagnosis for which the drug is used.

If I am completely unsure (i.e. med list for PMH with no given symptoms or diagnosis) I ask or leave a QA note.  That is much safer than putting the wrong med in the patient's record and that is the extent of what MT's should be expected to do.

As far as the doctor dictating the wrong side of the body for any reason whatsoever, there is no way an MT could possibly determine in a case of it being left rather than right.  In the event of a dictator switching between left and right, that is a red flag to leave a note that simply says, "dicatator is indicating left and then right but does not clarify by end of note."

When my son had his mastoidectomy a year ago, the surgeon came in and drew a big blue circle around his left ear and looked at me and said, "This is the ear that I am operating on. This is his left ear.  Are you in agreement with me that I have the correct ear that needs surgery?"  Well, I kind of chuckled a little bit as my son looked rather strange at the moment and the doc said,  very nicely:  "In all seriousness, we are human and we do make mistakes, but I don't wish to make a mistake with your little boy."



No Blank Accounts sm

I heard about this but it sounds kinda strange.  Anyone ever run into this kind of account?  How do you not leave blanks if you don't know what they are saying?

What about when you leave a blank
and then QA goes in and "guesses" and fills in the blank? I have relistened after QA, and it absolutely sometimes is not what was said, it's just what the dictator "usually says" so QA puts that in. That makes me look dumb for putting so many blanks, and QA look good for knowing the answers.
blank lines also
When I started my surgical/oncology account 6 years ago, the gal that had been doing it charged for blanks, from first line to the last line on letters, consults, etc. All blanks were counted so I just continued, the OM, docs are well aware of it.  Also, that is why my cpl is lower than others also, it usually averages out in the wash. 
Screen blank for me too.
Take out all blank lines
Go through and take out all blank lines and count or put on your line count on your file and see how many blanks there are and subtract.  Remember if you have a header though on pg 2 and 3, it does not count those lines.  Also I think that Sylcount will count lines only and no blanks.  Also when doing your line count in MS word, it gives you the paragraphs and so if it is 20, subtract 20 lines,  date to address is 4,  address to RE is 2,  RE to salutation is 2, etc.  Usually there are ten blanks from date to Dear.    Good luck.
Leave a blank
Definitely an error on the MD's part
Always flag/blank something so odd it is likely
Mine will go to QA if I have a blank.....sm
I do sometimes put that in though.
oh, the dreaded blank

I always do much better filling in the blanks if I don't stress too much over it, finish the report, and go back and listen again after the report is finished.  So often the blank can be figured out with the context of the rest of the report available. 

oh, the dreaded blank

I always do much better filling in the blanks if I don't stress too much over it, finish the report, and go back and listen again after the report is finished.  So often the blank can be figured out with the context of the rest of the report available.