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I didn't file for 10 years either and finally

Posted By: see message on 2006-01-17
In Reply to: Thanks for letting me know there are people out there - Uncle Sam

went to my accountant.  He filed all 10 years and then went to the bank and borrowed the money.  Took me 4 years to pay it off with nothing to show for it at the end of those 4 years except the satisfaction that it was done.

Right after that, I went out and bought a new truck, paid for it for 4 years and had something to show for it.  It will take a little of your time and effort to make the payments, but it's worth it for peace of mind.  I remember hearing the phone ring during those 10 years and waiting for the IRS to come get me.  Don't live in fear.  Do something to get out of it. 

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I didn't file for 10 years (sm)
and have had absolutely no consequences.

The state of california, however, doesn't fool around.
Did this for 2 years. Wore me out! Finally, gave one up.
have had own accounts for years, and CPA finally said to incorporate
I did, and really don't see the benefit....although I'm sure he does since he charges me double for my return now; one charge for personal and one for corporate.

I use IChart dictation system through Dictaphone. It is an 800 number that doctors call in and dictate to, and costs about $100 per month. I think it holds something like 1000 minutes which is plenty for me.

Picked up tapes for years for a clinic. Finally splurged
Drs wanted to try the phone system so I found a used one and it's much easier. Still drop off printed reports but have dictation instantly, especially nice for stat reports. Don't have to wait to pick up tapes anymore. I could see some of my older clients never moving away from tapes, but if you have one that's receptive to it, you might give it a shot. With gas prices now, it's easier to have a few scheduled dropoff days a week and you can always fax urgent documents to staff. I find that the local drs are usually quite loyal to good MTs so that is nice job security. They like the personal touch from someone they trust, not some big chain. My clients even offered to pay for phone system but I bought it so I could write it off.
Yes, I do. Have for 5 years. I didn't ever do SM
that well at a larger national, could barely feed my family.

I do the same rather large pool of doctors every day. I only do operative notes. These are not teaching hospitals and I don't get much weird stuff.

I worked for SS a few years ago and while we didn't have the
line count issues they were HORRIBLE.   They e-mailed me last week asking me to come back so they must be in dire straights cause I gave them an earful when I left. 
Didn't pay taxes for 10+ years (sm)
and had absolutely no trouble with the IRS, because I filed. My girlfriend, however, was hounded daily because she didn't bother to file. You just fill out their little financial hardship forms for a few years and watch your balance due melt away as the statute of limitations expires.
depends on state, I didn't for 9 years...sm
occupational with the city I live in and then the county.....florida is my state.....they didn't require it as long as you had no *traffic* - but the laws/rules changed over time.....
i resisted for years, thinking i didn't need it.
but i finally gave in and accepted the fact that some things have changed, more than a few companies go by it, and i'd better not be such a stick-in-the-mud. I have been very surprised that it has really been so helpful to me. I do recommend it. and no, i don't agree with every morsel of it, but sometimes it is better to go with the flow, than against it, and at least have it for a reference...
didn't realize this video was 10 years ago
I also saw a video of Hunter Hays when he was older, and I thought it was so weird that there were two boys with the same name that both played accordian. I missed the part on the younger version that said it was an old video... still almost too cute to be true.
I didn't increase my line rate for over 10 years!
I am an IC and have one office of three physicians as well as work for a smaller MTSO and have to totally agree with what MTSO said. You have to take into consideration so many things. Do we deserve a raise, you betcha - I think most of us do. However, if you are making good money, love the accounts, and things are working well for both sides, are you willing to jeopardize them shopping elsewhere? I haven't been, but due to the increase in gas prices which are now going to be reflected in many other ways in our cost of living, I find I really need to increase my rate and I did. I sent a memo and simply stated that in 30 days the billing would reflect a 1 cent/line rate increase. Yes, I held my breath waiting for the phone to ring or the OM asking to speak to me in her office but so far I have not heard anything. I am not sure if this is good or bad but I think they have had a great deal for 10 years and I deserve a raise and I need to increase my rate just due to cost of living. 
I proof as I go. I didn't when I first started umpteen years ago. nm
Rename your normal.dot file to something else then restart Word. It will create a new file.
I think it is the same type of file, so rename it and replace your autocorrect file with your DQS us
Help..I lost my word file. How can I retreive a file that has been changed? sm

I was working on a large file and had saved it in Word. I then went back to work on the file and hit a key that made the page go blank.  When I went to close the document it asked me to save any changes on the document. I answered yes, and now when I click on that document it is all blank! Shouldnt the previous info saved be there, even if the current stuff is not? Please help me!! Thank you

Depends on the file format of the Short Cuts file.
ShortHand comes with a utility file that can import various formats. You can get that file with the trial download of SH.
Depends on the file format of the Short Cuts file.
ShortHand comes with a utility file that can import various formats. You can get that file with the trial download of SH.
...with your user.aco file. Save your autocorrect file to somewhere else. nm
You can save the SH file in a text file and import to IT that way. sm
You may have to do some cleanup in the SH text file, but it sure would be faster than re-entering them all manually.
File taxes under the name on file w Social Security....
Name on W2 doesn't have to match, but your tax return has to match SS records. They don't want your marriage license or anything else. Did that for 13 years as instructed by IRS. Didn't have to change it with SS until state changed rules requiring drivers license to match SS records. Still use my maiden name in some limited circumstances.
an .exe file is not a voice file
I'm no techie, but it sounds like they might've sent the wrong file by mistake. Or could it be a program you need for testing/working for them that they sent? What is the name of the file (if it is something you can say here)?
Well of course we know that now. Back then we didn't because he didn't allow unfettered access.
right we children didn't tattle to the administrator did we. BTW, didn't you think we were &#
because some half-witted idiot said everyone was jealous because some other anonymous poster said they were going to be a doctor. Didn't they call it doctor envy. Oh yeah, that was all about you wasn't it busy-body MT. You with your degree and premed but yet you still post here and acuse others of jealously. I dunno but you and dano seem so close, I can't put my finger on it but I would say you could be computer clones. Jealous indeed. Children indeed. I think you are blowing your covers) dano and busy body MT. This whole "jealously" thing makes me think that you may be one and the same poster.
I didn't go into labor until 2.5 weeks later, so it didn't work. Sorry!...nm
sorry I didn't have time to thank you, but I didn't forget!!

Didn't you tell me?!?!? No, Liza, you didn't tell me. Hooray for you! lol
MQ finally getting to me too
I can relate, MQ finally getting to me too. I'm about at the same place, just unsure where to go from here, not wanting to get in more of a mess! I was originally with ddi from 1991, MQ bought in 1997 or thereabouts - I have had ONE raise since MQ came on, that was maybe in 1998... !

I've ignored so much about this company simply out of, ultimately, fear I guess - fear of the unknown with another national co.? What's that saying, better the devil we know... My attitude was always hey, I get paid well, work on accounts I've been on for years, and as long as no one messes with my pay check and leaves me alone in general, what's to not like about this job. I can ignore all the other scuttlebutt. Why torture myself with learning it a new way for another co. and then finding out they are just as, well... Not So Great.
But, that's just not cutting it any more. There are too many glaring problems to shrug it off any more it seems, including, for me, my pay has now been messed with, and, I believe, has been for quite a while.

Well, anyway, I wish you luck with wherever you move on to and send you a big dose of courage to Just Do It! It sure helps to hear some honest MQ MTs experience and opinions. And, I'm also glad for those MQers who find the company still works well for them. It's all relative.

I used to be that way until I finally
got fed up. the company just kept taking more and more advantage of me and "expected" me to clean up the mess so instead of 5 days I was working 7.  one night my 3 yo said "mommy I want you to be with me and not work".  that was the night that I started only working my shift and that's it.  the company has taken revenge and has been switching me around from account to account more than normal and with the worst dr of course, but I only get one shot with my son and I don't need extra help screwing that up. the extra money doesn't mean enough to me.  I've turned the furnace way down and use the fireplace daily instead.  if you don't draw a line this job will control you because we all know that if we're not typing we're not getting paid but everyone needs something other than typing every waking minute! 
you know what I mean
I FINALLY had my last ..
period at age 58!  For 3 or 4 years prior to that, I noticed that I was a lot less heat tolerant.  Like you, I'd get sweaty (mainly face, neck chest) suddenly off and on for years but still was having a period regularly.  They finally started getting irregular around age 55 where I'd skip one occasionally.  Then the last year or two I'd skip several and finally had my last period at 58 (about a year and a half ago).  The biggest symptom I had was night sweats.  I'd wake up in the middle of the night absolutely burning up and kick off the covers.  Actually this just stopped recently.  I still will get a "flash" (face sweaty and hot) once in a while though.  Other than that I didn't have many other symptoms.  A little moody but not too bad.  Good luck to you.  I hope all goes smoothly for you!
I finally got
one of my docs to go digital. I had him buy the recorder (Olympus DSS4000 I believe). It came with software to load on his and my computer. I use Hypersend to email the completed reports back (encrypted). Unfortunately, I have another doc who is unwilling to have his staff download and do envelopes for his letters so I still have to go pick up tapes (but only twice a week and at least he is close).
What finally went through on the (sm)
Word Board was exactly what I was trying to put through all the other times.  Anyway, thanks for the response and I'll just keep plugging along. 
Finally someone who sees my point of view.
 Well finally someone who speaks with intellect!   I agree with everything you said and what Patti said.  OK I will get everything together and now that I know how to get the information to the Admin., I will do so tonight.  Thank you for your words of WISDOM.  I am not going to respond anymore.  You are right and also you can go on forever with these comments.  Again, thank you very much!  XOXO

Best reading all day.  10 kudos!



I finally did this......
I don't know your physical ability, but have you tried walking a couple of hours before bedtime? I began going just around my block and back and was amazed at how much better I slept. I use to run every morning but because of really bad heel spur, I can't anymore. The walking doesn't feel so great on my foot either but I had to do something. I needed sleep.

Or,try soaking in a tub of warm water before bed. My hubby does this for arthritis before he goes to bed and I notice how much it really helps him sleep.

Another one, and I know this sounds crazy, but my hubby got me some great headphones that you plug into the TV at night, so if he falls asleep, I can watch TV without bothering him. What I noticed when having trouble falling asleep, if I put the TV on something boring, turn the volume down on my earphones, close my eyes, and try to listen, I find myself getting so drowsy that I turn them off and am able to sleep. I hope you find something that works for you.
Yes, finally........someone else!
I was beginning to think I was the only one who cringed with female dictators. The um, um, um.....I WANT TO SCREAM!!!!! Stop with the um and just speak WORDS!!!!!! And if the uuuhhmmmm isn't enough, I have a Pakistani female dictator and she is HORRIBLE. The mumbling 90 mph and uuuhhhhmmmmm.....I'm sorry I just want to reach out and slap her and ask her if that took her off the uuuhhmmmmmmm and could she now please just SPEAK NORMALLY!!!!!
Finally got rid of it!!!!!
Thank you all for your help with this blankety-blank problem I had that was entirely my fault. After trying 3 different ways to get rid of this garbage, I think I have succeeded.

Couldn't have done it without you. Thanks so much.

I am WITH ya!  Why can't we stand up all together!  Been in this 15 years and made more $$ and actually had personal time years ago.  Less pay for training a "machine" to eventually give us less work and probably put us out of a job...


Seems everyone is either afraid or, like us, do not know how to begin and what to do.  If all of us that have been seeing such drastic changes because of low $$, low work and we stood together - even on 1 day just for 1 hour - WOW - what a backlog and that would speak the loudest!  It could work, too.  The majority who have these same issues far outnumber those that seemingly don't.   

Finally cools off and what do we have?

SKUNKS!   I guess it was too hot for them to come out in the past month.  Now they come out to scrounge around the neighborhood at 8:00 p.m. to pick through the trash bags that people leave out on the roadside 3 days before trash pick up. My whole house smells like skunk.

But you can't stop these people that work the M-F shift and gather up all of their garbage in garbage bags and leave them out on Sunday evening so they won't have to get up 5 minutes early on Tuesday, which is trash day, to take the bags out to the roadside.  Yes, there is a law (more like a "town ordinance" that says no trash until the morning of pickup). It's not enforced though and we just have to put up with the lazy people.

Oh well, "Eau de skunkola" is the fragrance for this evening.

I'm glad somebody finally got it right! :)

Then there is the easy man 7 course meal:  Six pack and a bag of chips.

Finally! Thank you Lord.
It's about time all of you whiners left MedQuist. I have had enough of you complainers. It is just more work for me now! Yeah!!!! Did any of you ever think that it is time to retire? If you can't understand DocQscribe, which is so basic, I love it, you probably shouldn't be a Transcriptionist anymore. I think that is why so many of you can't get your lines up because you don't know what you are doing in the program. Anyway, thank you lord that you all are leaving. It is about time you quit complaining and do something for once in your lives.
Finally leaving MQ
Finally leaving MQ.  Will miss the nice people but not the new changes.  Thanks everyong on this board for your help.  It's kind of scary to make a change, but what the heck.  It won't matter in 10 years.
Finally leaving MQ
If you do not mind my asking, what company was that test for?
For WEEKS I had this. It's finally gone. nm
Finally, we have gone digital...

I just want to share my enthusiasm and gratitude with all of the MTs on this board who provided me with information on how to go about going digital as opposed to using tapes.  It has been about 2 months in the making, and today I finally successfully and securely received my first audio file from the physician's office.  No more tapes and wasting time and gas!  Again, thanks to all of the more experienced & knowledgeable MTs on this board.  Your wisdom has helped me a great deal.

Finally someone who thinks like I do! sm

I never understood how Bucky even got in the top 12!  What drove me nuts the most was was his inability to speak clearly!  I really laughed when Ryan said "I have no idea what you just said" and when Kenny Rogers said he needed to enunciate or the song wasn't going to make any sense.

Bucky just really had a skeevy look to me...like I wouldn't leave a child alone with him.

I finally got into my mail but IM still down...nm
Glad someone finally said it
This is so true - i am courted by companies every week - all making empty promises - and I know this because of what everyone on this board says about them. We are a great help to each other - and if anyone finds that "great"MTSO who is looking for a part-timer - look me up! I want in on the deal and i have experience to back it up.
Well I finally got my check from the 15th.  It was dated for the 16th, postmarked the 24th and received on the 29th.  Let's see how long it takes to receive the final one.
thanks ER/MT - I got it finally *dense here*..nm