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Not at 23% interest on a repayment plan! NM

Posted By: Romey on 2006-01-16
In Reply to: Does anyone owe backtaxes from being IC for 12 years? or am I the only one! - Uncle Sam


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You're confusing the new QA plan with the new pay plan. New pay plan is still completely under wr
I am talking about the QA plan I dont know what the new pay plan is.
It might interest you to know
My friend's son-in-law works for a large tree-trimming company and was sent down to help out. However, another company that had already been there were held up at gunpoint and had all their power tools and equipment stolen, all their money, watches, etc., so my friend's son-in-law's company said the hell with them and they are calling all their people back home. These are the people who are crying for help and then they turn on the ones who are trying to help them. I would say the hell with them, too.
Kay's the one who said she had no interest

in looking up past polls on the exact topic (that are from "real" individuals!).  Or that real individuals had no interest in answering her poll, whatever.  I merely suggested that people get tired of answering the same old questions, which is why she's not getting any response.

Why you bagging on me?  She asked the question, she didn't like being told to do a little research, it's the same as on the Word board.  If you think being honest and offering a suggestion is a smart-butt reply, man, you need to get out more often.

My interest in this???
If you would have read the original post, you would know my interest, which is nothing.  I was simply asked to check this board out by a number of associates that are MTs and wanted my input as to whether or not I thought there was a resolution to all the issues mentioned here.  I simply was making an observation of all the topics.  I simply was throwing a few thoughts out there.  I simply was trying to make a difference.  It seems that the most of the MTs here are not looking for a resolution, but just a place to vent and do nothing else but that.  There is an old saying "where there's a will, there's a way".  These companies can only get away with what the MTs allow them to get away with.  If the American MTs refused to fill in the off-shore work, the company would have no choice but to change their protocol.  If the MTs would refuse to fill in VR for low pay, they would have to change that too!  Yes, there is always someone with less experience willing to work for less and they too would soon be found out.  The MTs here can argue back and forth with me about what I have to say, stating I know nothing of the history, etc., however, any person with half a brain reading here for a short period could see that if you did something about what you are complaining about, instead of allowing it, you just might see a change.  I have been helping people get results for many many years and have been very successful.  So.... with that being said, I am not the one on the losing end.
No interest in polls
I wanted to hear from 'real' individuals.  I know that polls are supposedly based on responses from individuals -yet, no interest.
I see no problem with that - seems it would be in their best interest also
No conflict of interest. sm
Obviously he is her client, and if she's not typing for him on her time with the company you both work for, there is no conflict of interest.

She is free to type for whomever she wants as long as it is not on company time.

Whatever is going on with the doctor and the company you work for are separate issues.

Hope this helps!
and then you have to pay taxes on the interest LOL
I buy I Bonds.

Not sure why everyone is so anti-government. The government DOES do a lot of things for us and to do that they need money!
what's you interest in this that you have become such a beitch about the whole issue?
Just curious?
Yes, definite conflict of interest there.
Speak to your manager and let him/her handle it.
Put it in the bank. 100 years of interest. Just think!

Give me a break! 

I needed a good laugh, thanks for posting.  Trust me, I'm only laughing at the sheer stupidity of issuing a check for one cent. You can't even rebel and send it back to them because you'd be out 36 cents.

Maybe you should frame it and label it, "My Big Bonus."

JT, and just what IS your interest in any poster's orientation? nm
Oh yes. If you are penalized, you have to pay interest rates sm
that make credit card companies look generous.  Better to have more withheld than having to owe.  I hated filing those quarterly returns.  yuck.
Especially their interest in CHINA, of all places. -sm
Look at what's been coming out of there already - poison pet food, poison people food, badly made and dangerous children's toys, flimsy everything else, etc. They try to bend the rules on just about everything they make & export.

Imagine the quality of their medical transcription.....

[* SHUDDER! *] :/
Do you have interest in this site or what?! - No Message
You'll see them as they appear. It's not just companies, it's topics of interest

We will be adding constantly to give visitors opportunities to find information that they may be seeking.


which credit cards have the lowest interest now?
Looking to consolidate some bills, looking for the credit card with lowest interest
New credit card interest rates (sm)

Wondering if those of us on this board have noticed that credit card companies will be increasing their interest rates along with the minimum payment due soon.  How will this affect some people who can barely make the minimum payments now.  Any insight greatly appreciated. 

Easy enough to just skip over subjects that don't interest you? NM
Call around and ask. I'm sure there would be plenty of interest in having you as a client!
I lost interest when Chris left . . .
but of the two I think Katherine is the "whole package". As far as being inconsistent, she's a young amateur, get her in the studio and a couple years experience and I think she'll be pretty darn good. Kelly has greatly improved over the years.
My CMT lapsed years ago because of lack of interest. sm
in AAMT and the direction it was taking.

I've found that having been a prior CMT is quite enough to get the interest of potential employers. However, it is how well you transcribe NOW that gets you recognition. Your work will speak for itself.

It's up to you if you want to spend the money for the test and the money and precious time to maintain the CEs. For me, it's how well I get the job done now that matters to me and my employer.

IMO, once a CMT, always a CMT, whether active or lapsed. They are just letters, and I have no regrets.

Some bad grammar above, eh?, but you get the picture.

BTW, I was CMT by exam by proctor in the good old days when USA transcription was all-American (and then I became a proctor!)

I agree with your opinion about the "grandfathered" CMTs.

Hope this helps. And BTW, I admire your attitude.

We couldn't keep up interest & attendance to keep the chapter going. This was years ago. nm
Unlike a certain MTSO..the big kids don't have any interest in monitoring MT boards.
My extreme interest in all things medical/surgical keeps me loving it. nm
They are checking accounts with higher interest, minimum balance required, I believe.
I filed for an extension and paid nothing until August 15th. No penalty for that, just interest. nm
Not to mention you're letting the govt use your money INTEREST FREE

Now that said, I usually have them withhold a little too much simply because we can't take a payment hit.

This really sucks as the article said it would impact heavy users only.  My cable bill is already high but to be charged for actual using will skyrocket my bill.  I think I could spit nails right now.  I can post the article if anyone is interested.  They said it will be a trial period.  Anyone else use Time Warner?

great website for credit and credit cards, interest rates
great website
I plan to..
I knew they did that at the hospital I worked for at home but never imagined it would be done through an internet based company...that is ridiculous!!!!
Don't plan to either
THAT IS CRAZY!!!!! Those people should not even be allowed to have such access.
How is everyone doing with MQ's new QA plan?
What plan?
What QA?  WTF?
That's the question.  Plain and simple.
WE KNOW!! What IS the new QA plan?!?! nm
MQ new pay plan
It is based on a combination of your line count and QA scores, maintaining 98% or better.  I've heard "mention" of it since I'm trying to get on full time, at the moment I am an IC.  What he told me is you will get raises every six months if you produce a certain amount and maintain a good QA score.  For example, right now you are required to do 12,000 lines per pay period.  If you maintain above average, lets say you're right around 14,000 average for six months while maintaining 98% QA, your higher pay is locked in for the next six months.  So its a combo of the two.  He was very vague, didnt say how much, if it were half cent, a quarter cent or whatever, but he seemed to be thrilled to death about it.  Now I noticed on this board that someone keeps posting about the new MQ pay plan and have we heard of it.  Just spill the beans if you have more accurate information please? Thanks.
Regarding the MQ new pay plan for SE that is to come out, does anyone know or at least think that

this pay plan will reduce the line rate of those that have been with MQ for many years and have worked up to a higher base line rate. I wonder if we will all be moved to a base rate at the same level and then have a tier. Does that mean it will be starting over for those of us with higher line rates now.


New SE/Pay Plan- LM
I want to offer my congratulations also & wish you the very best. I'm sorry you've received so many negative comments, but, maybe a little history should have been included to possibly offer some insight as to where some of the
"long-term" statutories are coming from & why they now possibly feel insecure because of the new plan that has been offered to you.

Around 1999, at "my" office, at-home employees had a minimum production of 12,000 lines/pay period 65- character line that they had to meet. At home statutory employees had a minimum of 4,000 65-character lines each pay period; 10,000 lines or more a bonus of $50; $10 for each 1,000 lines over 10,000; 11,000, $60; 15,000, $100.

The new incentive pay plan for a statutory employee has obviously raised the standards beyond what was at one time expected of their
"employees." Medquist is obviously raising the ante quite higher & those that only wanted a "part-time" job with flexibility with fewer hours & minimum lines are going to find this new minimum impossible to meet unless they work full-time. This, coupled with the fact that many are making 6-8 cents/hr & have been there for years, is going to cause tremendous resentment on their part.

I believe most statutory transcriptionists who have been with Medquist for years will feel this is their way to effectively "weed out" part-time statutories and, in fact, gain full-time "statutory employees" while still offering no benefits. Many, many transcriptionists chose Medquist because they had the flexibility to work a few hours a week, pick up maybe 4,000 lines/pay period - just enough to help them through their rough times while caring for their elderly parents, etc. I now see this as impossible for many & part-time work for them nonexistent! Their income, no matter the amount, probably helped fill a void that was absolutely neccessary due to their circumstances. Medquist, as far as my knowledge, was the only National to offer this flexibility in earnings for a statutory at-home employee.

Mind you, I may be wrong in my perception, but I feel this is why you've gotten the negative responses that should be directed to Medquist & not to you!!

Just thought a little background from my perspective might help you understand why you've been bombarded, albeit unjustly.

Again, wishing you the best!
new pay plan
You will be offered squat diddly. I have 20 years exp, am a CMT for many years, also asked for a pay raise and told I'm already above the highest level for an MT, (.875)so raise declined. Instead, they reduced by base rate to .0700 or ASR reports, so that is your answer. Don't get too excited
new pmt plan
I'm confused. I will have been with MQ 6 years this Nov, and I do Nuc Med, Uro, Cardio, Pulmo, Neuro, Psych, Ortho, Specs Rad, Onco, you name it. Does that mean I'll get a 100% rate increase from my base? Yea, right. PA'LEEZE.

I'll be sure to mention all my specialities and the fact that I have been a MT for 18 years now. Sure that'll make a big difference.
new pay plan
This letter of 9/2/05 states nothing really! I thought our pay rates were already supposed to be based on skill and experience. Daily incentive pay? I'd like to see the bookkeeping program they wrote for that one! Evening and night premium pay - nothing new (they just didn't want us to know about it). What is the difference in an MT/ME, an ME who does QA and QA? Already looking for another job in a totally different field!

new pay plan
How do you know you are a level 3? I did not know that MQ even had "levels." Is there a way I can tell on the F9 statistics page? Also, what is the difference in an MT, ME, QA/ME, and QA? How does one become an ME. I am still a lowly MT.
what do you mean, new plan, they don't pay
for that stuff NOW
Yes, I know of plan sm

1-1/2 years ago we did massive home improvements and racked up about $25,000 in debt.  It is on 2 no interest credit cards and I have it paid down by about 1/2 by putting every extra penny towards it.  When I seen something I might want to buy, I just remind myself how good it is going to feel when I get this debt paid off.  I can't wait until the time that my money is mine again.  I am working 2 MT/ED jobs, which is getting tough, but you do whatcha gotta do.  Btw, we are putting out DD through commumity college and also have 15 yo son. 

Yes, you need to plan for it - sm
If you are married, you can have you husband either take less exceptions (thereby having more taxes taken out), or have additional taken out on top of what he normally has taken for his taxes. My DH takes less exemptions and is taxed as "single but married" and instead of 4 exemptions we do 1 or 2 (forget which it is). Or if you are not married, then you need to do estimated SE tax payments, either quarterly via the mail with a little booklet they will send you ; or via this electronic system I mentioned above. Go to irs.gov to check it out. Someone else mentioned it here a while ago and that is what put me onto it. If you don't pay anything throughout the year and owe (which you probably will), it is said that they will assess penalities against you. I have never owed so I don't know about that. Remember to right off anything and everything pertaining to your job on your Sch. C, I usually have about $2K in write-offs a year, though I do not write off my home office, but everything else pertaining to it, electric, phone, internet, heat, office supplies, etc. Have fun.
Well, here is my plan
if India takes over the MT world to the degree that I cannot make a good living MTing in America then I will become a legal Transcriptionist specializing in medical malpractice lawsuits. BECAUSE when all of the crappy work these Indians are putting out become major medical errors (unfortunate for the patient, I know) then I will be ready to be a part of the action plan that does something about it!!!!!!!!

They let you set up a plan?
The rep I got said that I owed too much to do that (roughly $4000.)  I got on their website and found that unless you owe over $10,000, they have to work out a plan if you can get it paid within 3 years.  I guess I'll have to keep trying to get a person with halfway decent manners....if that's possible with the IRS!!!
Which plan?
I am told that DSL is coming very soon to my neighborhood and I am wondering which plan I should go with.  Verizon has 2 DSL plans.  One is the "Starter Plan" and it is 768Kbps/128Kbps and the other plan is "Power Plan" it is 3 Mbps/768Kbps.  OK this might as well be in another language because I really do not know what these numbers mean.  I am going to be doing VR/SR MT work so would the "starter plan" be good enough for VR/SR work?


Your plan is my plan
I explained to my doctor everything that you said in your post. That I could do a better service for THEM if the dictation was digital. Then a tape broke and he had to redictate 4 patients. Then I got a little behind and I told them I'd be typing right behind his dictation if it was digital. A day or 2 later, I brought it up again and not only was he in agreement but he bought the 2 recorders they need and some software, all told more than $700. Take a typed tape in there, pull its guts out and tell them that this could happen tomorrow! but would never happen with digital. If you have to, go buy one, put it in his hand with some very simple instructions and let him play with it. Then gently remind him/her that tapes are an old, unreliable technology. :-) I want about 25 accounts this way. My wrists hurt and I probably need to stop typing in the next 2-3 years so its my plan to build a small company that I can run/edit/shmooze the doc's offices....