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You aren't alone......... :(

Posted By: Tax Poor on 2006-01-16
In Reply to: Does anyone owe backtaxes from being IC for 12 years? or am I the only one! - Uncle Sam


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See how much fun we can have? We aren't always mean!
A little fun with typos can turn into a whole new city!
Why aren't we all doing something?
I have only seen 2 or 3 people say they are happy with MQ on this board. If we are so unhappy, why can't we band together and be heard?
Some are and some aren't, just like here.
others aren't.
No you aren't the only one with those sm
problems. Sounds like you had an awfully bad day. I truly admire anyone who works at home with young children. I could never have done that when my 3 sons (nothing like the hit tv show way back when) were growing up. You name it, they did it. If one didn't think of it, the other one did, and the majority of the time, it wasn't good. I admire you for giving it your best shot. Hopefully, someone on this board can give you some suggestions that will help. Keep trying!
They Aren't the Only Ones

Technical support for just about anything is offshore now.  Call centers are worldwide.  I absolutely refuse to call and speak to someone I can't understand AND expect them to help me.  Dell actually has pretty clear-speaking ESLs and after "the job" is finished, they ask all kinds of questions about their English, knowledge, manner, etc...For once I was impressed.

When I was getting my phone line through Verizon, I had to speak with an ESL and it was a nightmare.  I get very cranky and short with them even though I don't mean to.  If I had the guts to do it, I would demand to speak to an American, but I can't bring myself to do that.

You aren't going to get 15 to 18 cpl.
profession if what you are getting paid isn't what you are worth.  I am staying here because I make more money doing MT than I could doing anything else.  I'm good at it and I'm fast.  I make $35 to $40 an hour.  The very least I ever make is on an account that I make 10.5 cpl on and that is $25 to $30 an hour.  There is no job I could get anywhere else that I could make that much an hour.  I think I am paid very well.  Yes, it's worth $25 to $40 an hour for me to do MT.  If you can't make enough, you need to find some other job.
And some MTs aren't serious enough.

Some are bad some aren't...
Acute care is not easy. Not for a beginner anyway. Sometimes on the account I am on I just want to scream because I do get a lot of ESLs and they can be challenging. But there are some doctors who aren't so bad. Some days you may get terrible dictators and you think you aren't getting anywhere or making much of anything. Then another day you may have a better day where there aren't so many bad dictators and you get more done. I work on an account with a learning hospital which is a hospital where they have residents who are learning. It is a huge hospital and there are 35 pages of docs on the doctor list. That is not counting the residents either. No I am not kidding. It is rare to get the same doctor except every once in a while. You aren't doing the same ones everyday.
Some aren't cut out
Some MLS's are just not cut out for editing- me for one. I tried for at least 6 months. My lead switched me to picking up the straight typing work on the accounts. I get the more difficult dictators which cuts my rate down but its still better than I can muster in editing. My problem - I can't edit and continue listening at the same time.
come on, aren't you going a little overboard here sm
I welcome the disagreement, I know everyone feels differently, BUT I too am entitled to my own opinion, and I simply pointed out a problem that I have seen here, and it's embarassing to ME personally to be "associated" with these negative people. I'm sorry if that offends you so much. Maybe fool was too harsh, maybe I should have said something like childish or bitter, I don't know. I just stated my own opinion, and don't care who agrees with it or who doesn't.
They probably aren't paying for it anyway---
That's why they charge so much for dues, etc., so the "higher-ups" can attend all these wonderful conventions in expensive places. I dropped them years ago. They don't have a CLUE that we are all scratching just to survive-- not with their "Let them eat cake" mentality! I wish EVERYBODY would drop their memberships and then see how often these idiots go to Hawaii when they all have to get a REAL JOB.
Maybe they also feel that they aren't the only ones going through it.
Working at home is very isolating, and just knowing that we have a place to vent,  share, and sometimes compare other experiences can be very cathartic. We can't get it off our chests to our employers because often it is viewed negatively. We can't discuss it with our spouses/significant others because they don't understand unless they're in the field themselves.  Discussing it with the puppy next to your chair helps, but not as much as discussing it with someone else who has been through it. We're all human beings and we all have differing needs.  Sometimes we just need "to let it out".
You are schizophrenic, aren't you? - sm
I have never heard of such a complete and total schizophrenic reply in my LIFE!!! You have a split personality for sure. You obviously have never had a 2 y/o, or were on drugs when your child was 2... they wake up in a strange place, they know they aren't home, they think "I want Mommy", get up, unlock the door and book on down the road looking for Mommy and Daddy. This was NOT the parents fault, the driver MIGHT have NOT realized he hit a child, and I am sure he will come forward once the news travels around... This was not anyone's "FAULT"... That baby just woke up looking for Mommy and Daddy, and went out the apartment, and I am sure it was securely locked just as the parent's apartment/home was, and the child just knew how to jimmy the locks... it happens... It is an experience that God has us endure to make us realize how much we must rely on Him... I know my initial comment on this reply was not "Christian-like", but for HEAVEN's SAKE WOMAN!!!! GET A GRIP ON REALITY!!! YOU ARE OUT OF THE ZONE!!!
but aren't there limitations?

Prior to the onset of presbyopia, my vision was around 20/825. Now, I actually require the use of trifocals ... and even with those I can feel my vision constantly changing every few months (one eye gets a little weaker than the other). 

no you aren't...he's a bad dictator
Aren't grandkid's the best? sm

My first time being a gramma and I got blessed with twin girls who are now at the ripe old age of 17 months and never cease to amaze me.  The great thing about grandkids is you can play with them, spoil them, etc., without ever having to worry about doing anything wrong.  All of the "parental headaches" are up to mommy and daddy. :)

I find that after "all these years," I'm more patient than I was as a young mom.  Too much to worry about then. 

I'm still a mom though.  I have a daughter who is only 10!  Spaced them out a bit toooooo far apart.  (I have 4, ages 23, 20, 15 and 10).  It's sad to say, but I have an easier relationship with my younger 2 as, not only do I know what to expect now, I've mellowed as I'm pushing 50. :)

But grandkids.  Wow!  They really don't expect a whole heck of a lot from you except for hugs and kisses.  I can't wait until the twins get old enough to ask me the questions I can answer with my vast experience over the years.

Gee, you are really upset, aren't you?!
The pros of working as an SE for me include such things as not having to work a set schedule--I really need and want that flexibility and as an SE, I have it!

I have a higher base rate than most employees; my incentive plan is better; and I still get quarterly bonuses.

I will be using my new computer equipment purchases and some of my rent and utilities when I file my taxes, etc.

I can still get tax breaks on medical expenses, I just have to file them differently than employees do (no pre-tax here).

I don't need the insurance through MQ; I have my own. I don't PTO, I make it up and I make enough to save for rainy days anyway.

Pros and cons will be different for different people. For me, the pros outweigh any cons.

I'm very happy as an IC/SE. I wouldn't work as an employee now.
Testy, aren't we
Nope, I am Frank and in case you didn't know, you work for me while I am loving it up in the hot, hot sun on the islands. Now, I suggest YOU GET BACK TO WORK before I fire you!
You aren't going to be flamed by me. sm
I use a reputable cleaning service which is bonded and insured.  I pay the company, the company pays their employees.  Plus I wouldn't let someone I didn't know in my house without bonding and insurance.
me too! as if the holidays aren't
stressfull enough, throw in the slap in the face thing called a pay check to ice the cake! I'm looking for other avenues to take....
Well there naturally aren't going to be many in the AM. SM

I do only ops myself. I have a different deal than what it sounds like you have, because my work is assigned manually - I don't get to go in the system in the morning and start plucking them out of there. I get a list at about 8:30 in the morning of the ones dictated the day before.

Too bad, too. I am 2 hrs ahead of the hospital. I could have their notes sitting there for them when they come in, but that's not the way they manage it. I don't like waiting till 8:30 to get my work, so I know what you mean.

You aren't alone, hang in there.

See, you aren't alone in this world
Well, aren't you a little ray of sunshine. nm
Why aren't you asking your MTSO?
They should have provided clear directions for each client on what you are to do.
Maybe they aren't all like that but the ones who move here ARE sm
Apparently our area is an "escape" for the city folks and then they eventually decide to stay.

Unfortunately for us, they want all the big city stuff that you can't have in the country. Can't have it both ways but they sure try.
There aren't enough companies to take all the MTs
that work for companies that offshore.   More and more companies are looking to offshore as demonstrated by the companies in support of the current training in Trinidad.    I'm totally against offshoring and have turned down at least 3 positions because the companies offshore, but I'm going to do what is best for my family.  It is just like the commercial says, buy made in the U.S.A., but if you go shopping for clothes it can take you half a day to find an item made in the U.S.A.   
Sorry, you aren't the only one who "knows"
It may not be the same situation and I obviously don't know this person's situation or plans to sell her/his home, I was merely trying to caution the OP and advise her/him to consult an accountant.


Paying Taxes on the Home Office Share When You Sell Your Home

When you sell your home, the home office may be considered business property, and that portion of your gain on the sale may be taxed, because business property does not qualify for exclusion from income tax, as a personal residence gain. This situation can occur if you use your home for business in the year of the sale, or if you don’t meet the “two-year test” (in which 100% of the residence was used as your main home for an aggregate of 730 days in the last five years). If this applies to you, you must treat the sale of your home as two transactions: one as the sale of business property and the other as the sale of your personal residence. The sale of business property is a taxable transaction that you must report, and unfortunately, any gain that results isn’t eligible for the $250,000 home sale gain exclusion.

If you own your home, any depreciation taken after May 6, 1997 must be “recaptured” at the time you sell your residence for a profit, which means that the depreciation must be taxed at a special 25% rate. The rest of any gain that you have from the sale of the business portion of your home will generally be taxed at 20% (assuming you owned the home for more than a year).
gee, I don't know, if you aren't willing to invest in
what makes you think you would have the business savvy to do something like this?
Gee...a little dramatic aren't we???
The poster was simply saying the weather was being unruly and that when you have weather in the 70s for a few days and then down in the 30s and snowing, people tend to get colds and things...
It happens all the time. I really don't think the poster was trying to say it was the most "terrible" thing. Just making a general statement. Could you be a little more dramatic?
no you aren't mistaken
What I mean is that I am currently enrolled in my CMT program at my school of choice and yes, after two years of experience I can then sit for the test...but I don't know what that has to do with my question...just wanted to gain some insight since I am new to the medical transcription game...sorry if I offended anyone
Oh what a shame they aren't.
God Bless Everyone!
SAT scores aren't everything.
In my other job, I work with colleagues who are current and past admissions officers for several prestigious universities. They have told me time and time again that although SAT scores are considered when reviewing an applicant, they are far from the most important determinant of acceptance or denial.

Yes, it's unfair that someone can manipulate the testing system, but no one gets in to college based on SAT scores alone. You've got to have the grades, recommedations, achievements, etc., to back it up.
aren't you the brilliant one
Well aren't you special!!


Boy aren't we in a mood

I have too much time on my hands for asking for opinions, yet you are perusing the forums using your TIME?  

When you see a company who posts for jobs nearly every day, you wonder anyway what the deal is and this HUGE company with a person making such disgusting statements might have wanted to know why they aren't able to hire and cover the accounts. 



Oh aren't you sweet!

I do my own brand of  "redneck" venting...I go outside and split a few pieces of wood and do ESL impersonations...and yeah, it can be midnight or 6 a.m. or anytime in between when I do this.   My neighbors must think I'm on crack.     

Thanks for the very sweet offer though--it truly is appreciated!    

Well aren't you a pleasant one.

If you could get your head out of your backend and learn to read, Hayseed's comment had aboslutely nothing to do with Piggly Wiggly, she was quoting a line from a freaking movie. Now who's the stupid one?


That's awful. They aren't like that
at all where I work. It doesn't sound like you are working for one of the highly recommended companies, are you?
At least ppl in USA aren't taking my job, along with
You aren't actually typing in ES, are you? sm
You type in Word and do your line counts there, in Word.

ES is just the software that you listen to your files with - has nothing to do with you line counts.

The hardest is whatever you aren't
used to. Discharge summaries have a lot of drug names, but the good thing is that it is the last report dictated (ideally), and with with many systems you can see the earlier reports for drug names and other terms.

I would say some of the most slurred dictation happens during the physical exam section of the H&P, but if you can see the dictator's previous reports are viewable, you can make normals. Lots of times they say the same thing every time, so that's an opportunity to use a normal and save yourself keystrokes.

So these are some reasons there are no pat answers.
No they aren't , they are SH functions. My

company offers brief overview of ShortHand and she was able to automate several functions. 

We aren't the only ones wanting
more flexible chairs for work:

Sorry...they aren't make me pay for it.
They just put that it is valued at $500...they have it spelled with two Bs too...looks funny. :-)

Thanks everyone...makes more sense now.
What makes you think that many aren't doing it?
LOL aren't you the typooolice! ;O)
Well, aren't you on one today!
I never said you could not post here.  I simply said that everyone here already knows this information.  You are preaching to the choir.  Go start your own site and inform different people.  Posting this here makes absolutely no sense.
*Levels* aren't that cut and dry....
It isn't so much the MT who is a level 1, 2, or 3 or whatever, it's the work. Level 1 would be easy soap notes, ERs etc.

MTs who aren't credentialed
Every time someone mentions credentialing, no matter if it's coding, HIM, MT, or dog grooming, the people who won't bother or can't pass the test come out of the woodwork to discourage others from pursuing a worthwhile goal.

You might not NEED the credential now, in your current job, but maybe they will pay you more for it. Maybe you can use it as a selling point to get some part-time accounts from other offices like the one you work for.

Or, to get a part-time job with a company that pays extra for it. Maybe having it will help you worry less about what will happen when you need to find another job, if your current one disappears.

The only disadvantage to credentialing that I've ever encountered has been bullying from noncredentialed do-nothing coworkers.